"Mirror, Mirror on the wall . . . where did he go, and why doesn't he call?"

The Significance Of The Year 2012

I recently came across a site, Experience Festival, that has many articles surrounding the year 2012 with regards to it's spiritual symbolism in a section titled: Even More Wisdom: 2012 - Year 2012.

Kalki, or Sri Kalki Bhagavan, is the founder of Golden Age Foundation. Kalki was recently posed the question: What is the significance of the year 2012?

Here is his response: "Most of you know that the earth has got a magnetic field. As the earth's molten core is rotating; the magnetic field is created. The thought sphere of the human mind is located in the earth's magnetic field. This magnetic field has been weakening dramatically over last ten years.

Now, in physics there is a parameter called Schumann's Resonance. Using that we can determine the strength of the earth's magnetic field. While for many centuries, it was constant around 7.80 cycles per second, during the last 7-8 years, it has risen to 11 cycles per second and is continuing to increase dramatically.

If you work it out mathematically, it appears that, by the year 2012, the "Schuman's" is likely to be 13 cycles per second. When this resonance is 13 cycles per second, the earth's core would stop rotating with magnetic field gone, your mind is gone. When I say "your mind", what I mean is your "samskaras".

The pressure of the past 11.000 years of samskaras will vanish. In the Dharma, we also say, Mind is Karma. All actions start from your mind. The mind is nothing but a storehouse of samskaras or past life vasanas from which all action emanates. This is stored in the earth's magnetic field.

So in the year 2012, it will become zero for a few days. After that the core will start rotating again. This would be a fresh beginning for man or the dawn of the Golden Age.

This is the significance of the year 2012.

How do we know, it will happen? The study of fossil records has shown that, it happens roughly after 11.000 years. Man will enter into a new state of altered consciousness. As I told you already, the earth's resonance is increasing which means the earth's heart is undergoing a transformation.

The earth has got a physical body, like you have a body. It has got a consciousness as well. As the resonance is increasing the earth's heart is functioning very differently from before."

I'd like to take a poll here and I'll post all your comments, positive and negative. Let's see what people - real everyday people - have to say about this. There are many views, theories, and concepts surrounding the significance of this date - and we will all form our own opinions about it - or simply have no opinion at all. So, can you tell me. . . . . What is yours?

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Anonymous said...

I really don't consider myself extremely spiritual or interested in these matters, but in this case I prefer to think it will be a shift in consciousness as opposed to an end of the world.

Honestly, I see it happening already with the increase in interest in such matters. It's like everyone is beginning to realize that we have somehow lost our faith. One can only hope that the world will be a better place as a result.

And it is plausable, to me anyway, that whatever earth energies take place as a result of the supposed alignment could somehow affect the earth's inhabitants as well.

Rich said...

i got a question.. i know that everything in the universe is connected in some way according to the Big Bang Theory, quantum physics, and some religions. but how does magnetism have an effect on human thought processes? is it direct or indirect?

by the way, great blog! you never cease to amaze me with your perspective on topics like this.

Anonymous said...

I have never thought 2012 means the end of the world. I like the perspective I have read here.
If year 2012 is about spiritual enlightenment then I'm all for it.

Anonymous said...

Opposites attract, such as planet magnetic poles, north and south, east and west, man and woman, up and down, left and right, dark and light, on and off, etc.

Mathematics opposites also exist, answer is either true or false, logic is used in binary coding by the characters "0" and "1", programming Boolean as "no" and "yes".

So if the planetary poles shift, will the planet turn on its axis?

Or, will mankind stop thinking about the "negative' conscious and be reborn into the "positive" ways of living and thinking?

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Liber777. . ."will mankind stop thinking about the "negative' conscious and be reborn into the "positive" ways of living and thinking?"

Me, personally, I'd like to think that you are correct here. I'd like to think that society will shift it's focus to more spiritual, positive matters. A better way of life with priorities "in check."

And rlowe1980. . ."how does magnetism have an effect on human thought processes? is it direct or indirect?"

I'm working on that for you. If anyone here can help shed some light on his question. . .by all means - please do so.

Vince Wylde said...

I think the more interesting point to this whole idea is the number of similar prophecies about 2012 from different faiths. Granted, collective positve or negative thinking can influence everything from digestive disorders to personal effects, but I am banking on a more spirtual end result than anything else.

Anonymous said...

That is one good explanation of 2012 but im not so sure i heard that on 2012 when the sun, earth, and a part of the milky way which is full of darkness and no light at all i heard that the earths vertical axis will change to the opposite way thus changing everything around and the weather of earth also thus resulting in major destruction.There has also been facts to support this.

What do you think of this and what is your opinion?Answer as soon as you can.

Anonymous said...

My grandaughter told me when she was only 11 that she knew what was going to happen in 2012. She said that everyone thinks that something bad will happen but the truth is that the vibration will be lifted and all the bad people will be left behind and all the ones that lift their vibrations will be ok as we lift the planet .
I am present writing a book about our relationship with Earth and have had visitations from a higher source where i have reiceived messages for us all.Love & Light x val

Unknown said...

Based on what I have read and watched (Decoding The Past) I definately think something is going to happen in that year. Throughout my life I have always studied and learned from many different sources and have found that the "collective" is always far more accurate than any singular belief system.

With that being said, all of those fingers (religion's, prophesies, programs) point to the same thing. And while I can see that we are not disputing that fact here I just needed to say that. I personally believe that the events that happen will do both things. Change our consciousness, and be massively destructive.

You can see evidence of things of this nature in the past. Spiritual awakenings almost always happen at the end of disasters. Even the way humans are, seem, to me at least, to prove this fact. We are far more succeptable to spiritual insights after personal disaster. And while I hope that it is more formal than the latter, I think the world is ready for something to happen. That is a very negative thought but, you know... things always get worse before they get better.

Also I would like to say that I love the insight and the information that is posted on this website. Thank you for putting all of this information at my finger tips. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I began becoming interested in the year 2012 after I saw a History Channel episode on Bible Code. One of the predictions mentioned a comet and 2012. Later that night I Googled 2012 and the first page that popped up was all about the Mayans. I spent quite a bit of time reading about that and concluded that something was going to happen in 2012. I tend to be sensitive to things around me and can sense energies. For lack of a better way of describing it I tend to have a sixth sense about things. When I learned about the year 2012 I can't really explain it but that year just resonated with me. It just seemed to make sense as the truth at a core level that I can't really quantify or explain...

Anonymous said...

A great time of water and the winds. This shall be as a sign to those of hearts and soul. For they shall pack and leave the lands that are low, nor shall they stay in the lands on high, for these shall soon be no more, nor shall there be life on many of them. Yet he be lost and not given safety, nor food.

See the lights on June and yet no one need wait this long for they shall reveal themselves many times from the dark and light of day and night. They whom have been watching and waiting and have been here before man. Look to them and ask for understanding, they shall show themselves once and second time before the summer of 2009 and once in winter and spring of 2008. When one sees their light, for it is them not a machine. Those whom have seen them no that this is a sign and go and find and make a safe place and leave this world behind for it shall not last, nor shall it be saved. By the 6 month all shall hear and think of what these travelers from far mean, nor shall they hear truth. For these are those which can not hear, nor take part of life, soon this moment shall bring change to them and all.

Anonymous said...

The actual experience of what could occur in 2012 is certainly speculative, but if there is a signicant natural event, I think that humans will be equally affected both spiritually and physically. I don't know of any significant natural event (earthquake, volcano, hurricane, etc) that has left people more arrogant or "negative", so it's a pretty safe bet that resultant changes in human perceptions/actions will be positive. Good news if we survive.

Anonymous said...

I think this could be a real good prediction of what might happen. Noone really knows for sure whats going to happen. I know I've been reading up on alot of Mayan Code books and other significances relating to the year 2012. Whatever happens I do think it is going to move us Humans into another level of conscience.

Anonymous said...

"The thought sphere of the human mind is located in the earth's magnetic field. "

Say what????

I was with you up to that point. If our thought processes are indeed affected by magnetism, then surely we'd all think completely differently in MRI machines and suchlike - which have a far far stronger magnetic field that the Earth does. I personally have had several MRI scans and have not once felt any sort of shift in my thinking patterns.

The "Pole shift" theory and the "Geomagnetic reversal" theory seem to have been bundled together here.

Yes, we are about due for another geomagnetic reversal - but "about due" in geographic terms means "sometime in the next couple of millennia." There's no way of predicting this. And this has happened billions of times before, with no apparent effects on the human mindset.

Pole shift - It is now established that true polar wander has occurred at various times in the past, but at rates of 1° per million years or less.
I'd say it's not going to happen overnight.

I'm not even going to begin to explain what's wrong with this interpretation of Schumann's resonances. Go here (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schumann_resonances) to find out what Schumann's resonances actually are.

Anonymous said...

I dont believe 2012 is an 'End Of World ' date, but then again that day could be tommorow, who knows?, but my close friend still practices his ancestors traditional aztec way of life. I practice my mayan ancestors way of life and from what traditions show and from what traditional elders can remember, it is a date for GREAT CHANGE... CHANGE, not an END. But who knows, in the end, if you're ready now, then you've always been ready, if your not and never have been ready, changing now wont make a difference. It will just come. Everyone has already decided.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to offend anyone with my opinion, I just want to share what I have found over the last few months.
I can't put the website for some reason but google "eclipse Tetrad" for detail. it's easy to find
(This is a complete watered down version of this theory. Go to this website with an open mind for greater detail)
A tetrad is where we view four consecutive total lunar eclipses, which can make the moon appear blood red. This has only happened twice in the last four centuries in 1967 into 1968, which related to the recapture of jerusalem by isreal. The 2nd tetrad happened in 1949 into 1950 on passover and suucoth, which followed isreal becoming a nation in 48'. Hebrews think of the blood moon as a symbolization for a big event for jerusalem, and a solar eclipse as a judgement upon all nations.(I'm getting to my point with 2012) In revalations it says 'near the end the moon will turn blood red and the sun black.' This guy named mark blitz who made these connections looked for future tetrads. There will be six tetrads between 2008 and 2015 on Rosh hashanah, passover, succoth, and other jewish hollidays I know little about, but according to a gregorian calendar, or God's calendar. If the blood moons do coinside with major changes for jerusalem, then the last couple of things that need to happen before the 7 years of tribulation could happen in the next couple of years.
Subtract spring of o8' from spring of 15'...7 years with dec.21, 2012 about even middle. In revalation it says the half way mark of the tribulation is when the antichrist would come to power. The mayans say that on 2012 dec. 21 a serpant's head would reach the bottom on the pyramid(Symbolising the serpant satan in genesis, or just pure evil maybe)that would definately be a dyer experience for the world and a spiritual change possibility

I know this is a bold suggestion; to say this and to put a possibility that Jesus is coming back in less than a decade, but I have been researching 2012 for over a year and this web page explains everything. what still needs to happen with jerusalem as well and how it's all lined up just waiting to happen. It's the only thing iv'e found that doesn't have any loop holes or unanswered questions except for will it really happen. Plus it has fit with a whole lot of little things from other theories and prophesis. I threw in a few of my own opinions and facts as well so please check out this website and give me an opinion because I want to learn more...

I liked the information on this page too I just need to do some more research because i'm alittle confused and uneducated with most of it, but this was a new and interesting theory to me.
Sorry, this is my version of watered down

Anonymous said...

"I practice my mayan ancestors way of life"

Do you cut out people's hearts at the top of tall buildings?

No really, I'm interested

Anonymous said...

----- Original Message -----
From: 2hampton4fun
To: 2hampton4fun@sbcglobal.net
Sent: Sunday, June 01, 2008 6:30 PM

From Wars, Past to Present. Knowledge gathered by the medical / intelligence community, passed, in various forms of communication. Gathered an used, for understanding, processes, of interactions, of life forms, here. This Wisdom, allows, a cohesive existence, of acceptance. Actions & Interactions, bound thru the Nature of our existence, placed in a context of intellectual study over Time. We have developed, tools, of manipulation, of all species. adjusting, hormonal balances, enzyme interactions, chemical exchanges, trauma levels, events modification, action or event. Science has achieved a higher form of perfection in controlling individuals, groups, companies, organizations, Governments, & societies.

Today Our Government, thru, interactions, exchanges, & modifications, is developed to a level of Social interaction between its Citizen, medical community, organizations, companies, corporations, groups, individuals, such that, the plasticity, of our inter-self is being manipulated, forces, social interactions, induced, to achieve, results of a predetermined nature. This action is in affect on the World now. Drugs developed. Some now perfected, in controlling balances and exchanges within the brain. Are now being used, such that a CHANGE, of ones perception, can be achieved Scientifically with predetermined results.

Slavery is a useful, Profit producing means of service. Due to the un-ethical nature of Slavery. Advanced societies achieve similar results thru monetary exchange. Corporation's, exist out side & beyond the existence of Human kind, as a form of master, above the servant. Finding it much easier to achieve, compliance, service, quantity, quality from those that serve. Liberty & Freedom, were necessary tools in achieving control, of a Society, existing for a purpose, focused on DEVELOPMENT of the land. Our Society has managed, to accomplish control, thru DESTRUCTION. Destruction thru simple things such as Grazing , to many cattle, on a specified tract of land. (i.e. over population) Destruction, using, common since, in an un-common manor, such as urinating on the same bush to many times. Guess what ? Most likely the plant will die ! An it SMELLS. That's a CLUE ?

Our Corporate America has concluded. Rights go to, he who has the GOLD, first. Non-wealth bearing, citizens can be subsidized, thru Socialized Democracy. Moving homes ever closer together. Testing for friction & reactions from human kind. Reaching for Discovery, of just how many, of us, will this planet hold, at a given time, before achieving, a reaction of systems failure, induced. THE STUDY CONTINUES.

Government, can induce actions objectively, to reduce/increase, over all operating costs, thru situation adjustment, thru changes, in liberty, Statius, exposures, health, legislation, freedom. All can-be identified as stimunilating factors. There-by manipulating the mix, of sociological processes, gilded to steer, directionally toward objectives of some ultimate, presumed, perfection, of Law & Government. A Government, where Truth only exists by ruling, Not by the word of ONE. Time & Documentation, alter deception. Deception becomes a tool, of induced actions. Induced actions. Create Stresses, Trauma, Chemical CHANGES. The biological affects, that induce, plasticity & the thinking process. Would/Could, an innocent person be induced to accepting guilt for action they never participated in ? Could humans be induced to commit a violent act ? Could a Government/ department of, be induced, against anyone or anything, at a choosing ?

Our history of record here on Planet Earth, speaks a loud message, of induced biological stresses. Stresses, induced by mankind, and by the Nature, of all that is. Each having its own identifying Truth, of Fact. Fact which can be Ruled on. Allowing Government to identify, agreeingly, as to what is Fact..

Stresses to biosphere planet Earth, are evolving , Governmental processes, are struggling for survival. Such as humans initially sought , food , shelter, & warmth as their need for Life. The Government struggling for its survival. Utilizing, induced stresses, on population, thru monetary actions/inactions. Inducing desire for, "CHANGE" . History has records, of actions, showing alignment, with goals of socialism. A root of many branches in, Communism. Socialists Democracy, is a sprout, of Communism. Has the security of the United States Of America, been breached ? Just keep thinking, Things like that, do not happen ? , Have-not / Will-not ever, been / be, an admission of fact , by Government. Army's of debaters, are in pristine need, with desire to run their mouths off, about how incorrect the idea presented here is. All very well are, inducements, produced as stimuli, for a predetermined result, stimulated from past chemical exchanges, implanted in an exchange of memory reactions, from events pasts. Because we all have butts, does not make all of us, asses. Logic & Reality, ride together.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will happen!
Since centuries ago that people think or whant to think the end is around the corner.

People need to think that we are special, that we spend our time in a moment that will be different, to mark our passage...

Anonymous said...

It is very clear that something is going to happen. Most likely, this astrological event will have very similar effects as mentioned in the story of Tower of Babel. There are scientific markings of proof.
Read at this site
by David Wilcock
Internet Publication 12/06/00
form Ascension2000 Website
recovered through WayBackMachine Website

Scientific Proof for Ascension
A Discrete, Heretofore Unrecognized Astrophysical Event in our Near Future with Profound Spiritual Implications.
This is David Wilcock’s heavily revised and updated “tour de force” that synthesizes scientific and metaphysical data into a comprehensive thesis. Topics include:

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow I will turn 40. My daughter just turned three years old. What will happen in 2012? A new line of gas guzzling cars will be introduced, more people will be born and destroyed, the sun will rise and set, the stars will drift further away, the Earth will breath and sigh (and hiccup and burp), and so on and so on. Enjoy and celebrate NOW. Encompass hope and positive change and discourage negativity and ethnocentric thinking and actions. How did WE gain self-awareness and the ability to HATE and LOVE unconditionally? I don't know. I enjoy the mystery of the future, but LOVE the NOW. Keep HOPE in whatever means you desire. We are here for such a short time. Smile more and enjoy (not destroy) what we have.

Anonymous said...

We have a farm in Iowa. for decades we grew corn. After a while crops were not as good as in the past. We changed to grazing live stock. after a while the herd got so big stock was getting sick and there wasn't enough space.
Wer decided to kill off a few. Took them to market. Recleared the land now things are all better.
For the average Texan Moron and most of America included. (I say it this way because most shutter at the thought of killing eventhough common sence is the choice.) It is time to clear the fields. The world has to many humans. The only remidty is to kill off part of the herd.
All the induced aspects of control are not working. 2.5 million abortions a year. Not working they are still breading like rats. Hitler murdered 2 million Jews a year at the peak of crop cleansing. The public called it a holicaust. America has murdered over 50 million babies they call it choice.
I'd say the world is ready for a good job of curing the problem.
About 6 well place nucular bomms on major cities in America and around the world should be looked at as a cure. We have supplies in place around the planet. Human kind will survive. The wealthy will have their share to survive for reestablishment of "CORPORACRACY". IT IS TIME.
Consider our selfs lucky. America is going to have a great black leader to administer "CHOICE" for humankind. If, just if things go as predicted. the fields will begin being cleared in 2009-2010.
It will be a great time on planet Earth. There will be fewer population. An we will be back to the values that made this country what it is today. But we will be starting almost over again. Not quite. But it will be almost a clean field.

Anonymous said...

I have had some amazing transformations occur in my life over the last three years or so, much of it having a theme of major change. I have been compelled to get trained in Reiki healing, begin meditating, do yoga etc. I have been blessed with an Indigo child who sees auras and speaks of change coming. Just so you know, I come from a Mormon family - so all of this has been quite a shocker for me.

I am completely open to the idea of a "shift" in consciousness in 2012 because of the preparations I have been guided into with seemingly no effort on my part. Something big is coming - something beautiful and something different.

I'm ok with it if you call me "crazy". My conscious tells me I'm on the right track.

Anonymous said...

the mayan,religeous,& all these men in history have predicted this event,there is a reason why,but I need facts not faith,I believe sientifically there is somthing here,but not the end of the world,a change scientifically looks like it's going to happen,but even in science,i'm not sure,let the dice roll were they will.

Anonymous said...


sssmanyam said...

I came to know about this bit late, but felt very intresting, still i feel, it may be a true as all the prophecies, mayans, hopi indians, merlin,blackhull and even the sceince is pointing out tht something may happen on that day,21-12-2012, mostly the negative way.This article is foucsing in a different way,sounds good.But, the fact is there is no end to the world, literally, as we are aware the law of transformation of energy from one form to the other, there may be a pole shift, but, there will also be a mass destruction,according to hindu myth, 6/7 of the entire living organisms will vanish and only 1 part will survive.Ofcourse , the human mentality always proves a fact tht a human will be attracted to the devine spirit, the almighty,GOD , only when they are in trouble,and after this day, who ever be the 1 part left out of 7, will certainly be entering into a new state of mind, where everything is true and truth, and there wont be any negativeness, selfishness.Hope the day will come soon, where n when all the living beings will be showing love towards one another and love god, no selfishness, full of peace.

Anonymous said...

little late i know, but better late than never.

i believe, that if all this is true how could there be a higher being? and if there was a higher being wouldn't it be a tad bit unfair to exterminate a whole planet full of living beings just to evolve the earth?

now everything naturally evolves we know that, so maybe it's the earths turn maybe in order to survive it has to evolve. in doing so it will rid of everything hurting in to begin with. if all life ends in the year 2012 whats next?

but so you cant just say it wont happen, why has every summer gotten hotter and every winter gotten colder? either we are getting closer to our sun, the sun's getting bigger, or our atmosphere is vanishing. maybe our "god" knew we would mess up so he planned a new start. maybe these are our final years?

why sit around and wonder if they are? why can't our we change our harmfull way of living now and either we die with pride knowing we left on the right foot, or with showing our last effort be graced with another chance?


Anonymous said...

All I know is. I don't want to die young. I want my little brothers to live long lives, and not picture what will happen to everyone. I think it's scary. I mean, god says we're not supposed to know when the world ends. The whole world has opinions... but what ARE the real facts? I'm sure the government knows more than we do. I'm sure secret agents or wherever know more than us.
I'm pretty positive that even those who use more of their brain capasity can sense more as well... i can picture the world ending...
and my heart dropping, and being terrified...
I'll be with my family that day, but I also hope and pray... we enjoy our christmas and that there will be a next day.
I want that day to get here fast sometimes... so that I can know I was worrying over nothing.
Ever since someone told me, it just made me worry off and on. Once or twice, or more a month. I've also had reoccuring dreams - which I've never had - about the world ending.
I don't know why. I've just had them since I was.. about 14 or 15, and I am 20 almost 21 now.
I had one this year.
There was a beam of light that came floating out of space toward me, and god pulled it from a string and it became a star. Then our street lights started to flicker a LOT and my friend told me I had 20 seconds. I couldn't find my mom, so I went through this hole in the floor that brought me to china to find my boyfriend jeff so I could hug him before we went.
I worry.... and hope there is a heaven...

Anonymous said...

PS. My name is Allie (owlie/Owl)
the one who wrote about my reoccuring dreams about the world ending.

Lost dog said...

Planetary alignment or the coming of the planet Nibiru has happened many times in Earth's passed. Catastrophes will happen just like the floods of Noah, plagues of Egypt during Moses. will man be extincted? if we don't change our ways that will happen anyway, We have over populated to the point that we are disturbing our environment. In the near future if we keep going on this way what will be the quality of life , canibalism? I look at this does happen 2012 planetary alignment & catastrophes is do to take place as another chance. Maybe we will survive & rebuild a civilization that has learned from our mistakes. As a civilization we learn what we put in that is what we get that you reep what we sow. So if we over populate there is less resources for each & than we tax our invroment that it can no longer sustain us or life itself. In nature everything lives in balance of it's invroment or it becomes extinct & that is where we are headed . So if this happens in 2012 i welcome it. Then may be just maybe we will learn that we are not greater than life but a part of.

Unknown said...

True,mankind has reached such a point that either it would have to take a quantum leap towards spiritual evolution or it has to perish from the face of mother Earth........and 2012 has been so much talked about bby various & diverse faiths & cultures that one can only hope that this day does not fail......it would be more devastating than the event itself as it seems to be the last hope for humanity to transcend & transform.......SO WELCOME 2012....THE YEAR OF TRANSFORMATION FROM PETTY HUMANS TO HUMAN GODS.....AMEN.

Anonymous said...

the benevolent mix of feminine and masculine energy which is commonly referred to as god is not "punishing" us. those in power are.... and we need to fight back and punish them.

its time we take back our planet once and for all! too many crimes against humanity are being committed and for what? money? status? fuck the mind that told us our homes are clean and outside is "dirty". keeping clean is one of the reasons we are so susceptible to disease!! we are wild beings!! and this is beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

hi to everyone,

this to all atheists and thesists... 2012 , as u all know has got too much of significance ... am real proud to say here tat , we devotees of shri kalki bhagvan of oneness university in varadaipalayem , andhra pradesh , india are working in tandem with our spiritual guru kalki in a way to take our mother earth and our mankind to the beginning of new phase of golden age post 2012 , where love alone would grace upon everyone and every other pessimistic thing would vanish slowly..our beloved bhagvan has given his explanation regarding the significance of the year 2012..... as said by him , the coming period from july 2010 till the end of 2012 is gonna be the very worst of times that mankind has ever seen , which will start with the economic crisis once again , mostly in this july 2010 , which would be unlike last year , cos this economic crisis will be massive compared to last year and whole of our globe is gonna suffer by it. more over der,s gonna be natural calamities like earthquakes , tsunami , severe cyclones , drought , food shortage and all the worst of which can happen will happen in 2011 and 2012 , the reason being the heavy emission of solar flares and sun spots from the sun , which happens every 11 years and this being its 24 th cycle . the only solution to all us humans is to raise our consciousness so as to attain enlightment which is the only remedy . the reason being , when a persons consciousness i raised so much , then obviuosly our individual magnetic field is raised , so that even the worst of effects of solar flares and sun spots will not harm us. i here upon proudly tell everyone that all these were conveyed to us by our spiritual guru shri kalki , and i hope all people who read this would gain some knowledge by it and i also like u all to visit our oneness university in andhra pradesh , india , if possible and get to know more things and help mankind for survival ... the website is onenessuniversity.org

Brux said...


*Alien assistance or interaction, interference it is important to have no fear and be unbiased if they arrive. Looking into their eyes would be like looking into The universe they like us are the universe becoming aware of itself & it may be possible that they are us and have traveled though time to perhaps set us on the right coarse.

*The universe in another way seeing what humanity is doing, for all the beauty we are capable of and all the genius we have displayed yet not following the right path. An interference of diving understanding coming to set humanity on the right path. Or perhaps this universe force will engulf the earth in light promoting “those who abide to the laws of Mother Nature” and killing those forces that only resemble death.


There are many factors to consider when theorizing a judgement.
Judgment considerations:
-Region on Earth (places being affected different from place to place)
-Health of nervous system (how well grounded into earth/how natural the body remains.

*”It will be the end of the 7 hells and the beginning of the 14 heavens”(during this transition period)”those who abide to the laws of the land(mother nature) have nothing to fear but will be called upon as the new warriors of the light.”
perhaps these individuals will be inspired by the will of the land
(perhaps these people will be the vessels that usher in a new more pure existence)
There may be a divide in society nature & technological. A balancing effect would be enough for this to take place. At the end of each previous Mayan long count calendar cycle, civilization mysteriously had to start over.
We may just find ourselves living on a natural earth (once again) as we become enlightened we appear as balls of white light. We can now have another shot at our job here (caretakers of nature) after all this time spent living with Earth we reach global potential. The ones who understand may be able to also physically bring beauty (care for/influence)

Anonymous said...

the future brings new revelations that we can only see dimly now....we wait for that which we have yet to live....

swati said...

I have never thought 2012 means the end of the world. I like the perspective I have read here.
It is very clear that something is going to happen. Most likely, this astrological event will have very similar effects as mentioned in the story of Tower of Babel. There are scientific markings of proof.

Anonymous said...

1-1-2012, I awoke this morning with a "deer in the headlights" feeling....IT'S HERE, this is 2012!" All those things I meant to do to prepare; learn more about wild edibles & herbal medicines, start a spiritual group, teach what I know, buy an appaloosa....are all undone. Again I must rely on Spirit to guide me. Since first becoming aware of 2012 predictions I've known I would be one of those here after the changes. One of those responsible for beginning to shape the new existence of humanity. I remember feeling elated and excited watching the towers fall, knowing "it's started, my time has come" That was over 10 years ago. My fear this past year has been, What if it doesn't occur. What if it's all a figment of my imagination. What if the new-agers do manage to raise the consciousness of humanity enough to make me unneeded.
I long for change, drastic catastrophic change. I can't imagine this world going on the way it is with rampant war, greed, selfishness, judgement, grift and the such. I can't imagine anything other than catastrophic disaster changing humanity. We're lazy. I want to shout "Wake Up" to Grandmother Earth, "Your children need you now". Wake up and show us a new way of being human.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who is going to survive what is coming but Nova has an excellent video on proof of pole shifting at the present time, as well as proff it happens quickly. The evidence from the past indicates it has nothing to do with what mankind is doing, more what the earth goes through every 10,500 years. Historical records are now aligning with present earth changes and i'm afraid it is only going to get worse. There will be a mind shift but it will bee one of caos and anarchy.

Michael Kelly said...

The Apollo astronauts left the Earth and it magnetic field, There were no effects on them... why?

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