"Mirror, Mirror on the wall . . . where did he go, and why doesn't he call?"

Experiences With A Taurus Male

Taurus males. . .smoldering, sexy and attentive. But can it really be that good? Well, based on my personal experiences of 13 years spent with a Taurus man, I can say yes - and no. I guess it just depends on how "progressed" your Taurus male is and how submissive he may be to the stimulation of his five senses.

So before I begin, I'd like to state that there are many, many Taurus men out there that are wonderful husbands, lovers and friends. That being said, I'm sure that you are now guessing where I'm headed with this. . Yep - I'm delving into the "dark side" of the Taurus mans nature as many of my personal observations over the years centered around such activity. So my apologies to all you wonderful Taurus males out there.

Taurus folks, as many already know, are all about the stimulation of the five senses. When these stimulations are of a positive nature, they love music, good food, the outdoors, sensitive touch and all things sensually related.

However, Should A Taurus Fall Prey To The Stimulation Of Darker Senses


It's a folly of gluttony, abuse and self indulgence. Taurus males, in particular, can become steeped in drugs, alcohol, casual sex, gambling and the like. He may cultivate relationships, both sexual and platonic, outside of a committed relationship as a Plan B of sorts.

Taurus men are passive by nature and, being ruled by the planet Venus, that of love, romance and money, have a natural tendency to draw people to them rather than seeking people and relationships out. Taurus is all about security, I should know - I AM one.

Nothing pleases a Taurus, male or female, more than stability, a cushy living situation, and security, both financial and emotional. Due to that nature, a Taurus man generally will not act aggressively towards people or situations that secretly they wish to attach themselves to.

Rather, a Taurus man will somehow manage to draw those people or relationships to him. And our Taurus males, in particular, are very good at doing so.
Sextrology refers to the Taurus males motto being one of "I WILL". . . .have you in the palm of my hand.

And For Taurus Men, That's It In A Nutshell

Strong yet quiet, masculine yet sensitive, sexual yet unaggressive, these guys have mastered the technique. And once he's caved to stimulation of his darker senses this becomes one of his favorite pastimes. He'll spend many a day and hours of time cultivating "situations" that he will ultimately reap rewards from at a later date. Thus making all his time and effort worth it.

A Taurus man will place himself into environments where these situations are more likely to happen and he'll simply sit back and wait. He'll show up time and time again and do this repeatedly until he finally achieves the rapport he's been attempting to build. All the while, he'll be acting coy and clueless in an attempt to disarm you of any agenda you may think he has.

You see, for our Taurus male, that IS his agenda. . . .to disarm you (especially women) and make you think he has no agenda. He wants you to relax and feel comfortable around him, not threatened. And in order to do this he realizes that he must repeatedly make his presence known time and time again so that those around him drop their guard.

And once your comfortable and your walls are down, that's when the real work begins. His plan is now in motion and it'll brew at such a slow and steady pace that you'll be none-the-wiser.

Here's a Tidbit of Insight Into Your Taurus Man

He operates behind the scenes, always keeping his intentions guarded and others in a constant state of guessing. He is a man of reaction - not one of action. He forces others to play their hand before revealing his own, all the while, he's working his angle behind the scenes.

By doing so, our Taurus man leads a rather stress-free life. He hangs back in situations, being the master of all he surveys. This ones like a kid in the candy store of life. A huge appetite for pleasure, but lacking the inability to exert abstinence or self-discipline, he's all about the stimulation of the five senses. A come hither kind of guy. His lifelong goal is to be idolized, idolized, idolized - and worshipped by others.

Therefore, Taurus men play a rather submissive role in life and in relationships. If you ask a Taurus man where he'd like to go for dinner that night, most likely, his response will be, "Wherever you'd like to go." He's not much of a decision maker and, honestly, doesn't prefer to wear the pants in a love relationship. This behavior gets Taurus men farther in life and without much effort having to be placed into it. He finds that he usually doesn't have to fight for that which he wants. He waits, he watches, he evaluates. He's a strategist.

Once his goals are securable and within his reach - he charges straight for them. He's not a risk taker by nature. He plans and plots, waiting for his desires to ultimately reveal themselves to him. Our Taurus male tends to build his own small harem of worshippers in life. He may pal around with younger individuals that look up to him in some way.

He may develop a harem of female admirers on the side, of whom he will always refer to as only "friends. A dating pool of sorts, from which he can pull from at his leisure, if need be, or if his preferred stable relationship should happen to sour in his eyes.

And by souring, I mean - if you stop worshipping him and the idol that he envisions himself to be. So ladies, if you find yourself involved with, or gunning for, a Taurus male you may find one of the nicest, most attentive and sexual guys on the planet - or you might find yourself trapped in a sea of confusion and self doubt.

When dealing with a Taurus man it might pay to ask questions and study body language. Most important of all. . . .find out where's he's spending most of his time. That will give you a glimpse into his motives and the situations that he's attempting to attach himself to.

I'd like to hear from women who have had experiences with Taurus men. Where they positive or negative? Can you relate to any of this?

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Anonymous said...

oh my god...so true!!! i married 2 Taurus men and dated a few others and a former best friend was Taurus...for some reason, i just could not get away from them (i am a Leo woman)..Leos and Taurus's DO NOT GET ALONG...if it is kept on a friendship basis, it works fine...there is initial attraction, intense attraction at that..i targeted them both (my husbands) and found out later that they targeted me!!! LOL..i totally agree with your article...they scheme and plot for what they want..i just couldnt take being in a marriage with them...they want TOTAL control (you know Leos are the Kings/Queens of the Jungle) and total worship...Leo women are meant to be worshipped not the other way around...Taurus men are great providers, and pretty much if you appeal to their senses (especially sex) they are yours for the taking but is it worth the trouble?? no....i also thought he was loyal but thats not true..i had to chuckle when i read that they have Plan B's with women and that is so true...sad and true...thanks for your great article..i love Taurus men..trust me...but ill love them from afar for now...give me an Aquarius anytime!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a virgo... and i am currently interested in this Taurus male. I enjoy his company and i find that him being hardworking and goal-oriented is veryyy sexy. We click. On multiple occasions i have found my taurus male expressing to me "how comfortable" he is in my presence. He also texts me at random times just to say hi and to see what i'm doing. And when he sees me on the days i work he never fails to ask me how my day went. But like other comments that ive read, woman have found themselves confused with their taurus men. My taurus male has told me he wasnt ready for a relationship. So i took it as just that and automatically distanced myself. Even tho i still have very strong feelings for him i respected him and gave him space. What guy likes a girl who is jealous that he sees other girls when they are single. I have no place to say anything. And thats totally fine...I didnt talk to him for a couple weeks until he suddenly started hitting me up again. With time and patience... he will come around if he truly cares.Thats what i believe. My laidback approach has worked wonders so far. Even tho he isnt "officially" mine i've def. enjoyed just the whole "getting to know you" game. It def. still is a working progess tho... we have no commitment to one another and we never talked about being with one another either... but we act differently. We take our time to get aquainted and understand one another.& the Attraction is there NO DOUBT...but yet we have never done the deed. Keeps the excitement going! and besides... good things come to those who wait. but bottomline.... i'm a virgo who doesnt mind working at getting what she wants. and what i want is this taurus. and i will get him. All i have to do is think he has the upperhand in the situation... and just go with the flow... Being patient pays off!!!

he'll be mine... sooner or later...eventually... but either way... he'll be mine. lol

Anonymous said...

Virgo, you and I have alot in common.. a Taurian Male, who plays games.lol

I'm an Aries.. yes OH MY GOD!!.. how did I end up with a Taurus male?
Well truth be told I have to best friends and they are both Taures "The BULL". Iam in the same situation as Virgo, but have been for the past 6 months, he says almost a year but I didnt give him the time of day for the first couple months. He has me at a distance, although I need my freedom there are many times when I just want to throw in the towel and move on.. Thats what I do move on to GUY #2, or #3.. I cant help being so impatient.. Funny thing is that this Taurus male is more then worth my time, and patientice has been something that I am slowly learning. He is infact the sweetest, most attentive, sexy, funny, and STRONG man I have ever met. Most of all he can handle my temperments, for example, I got really angry at him and for about 20 minutes was yelling at him while he was holding me and smiling.. what is that??.. I threatened to through him out of my apartment and he smilingly replied that he would still like me..lol.. he is SO MUCH.. but SO WORTH IT!!.. With my best friend "The female Taurus" by myside, I THINK I can wait to see where this goes... (if not there is always...) LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh my lord...Says this Libra female. I am in a very tricky situation indeed with my Taurean man who i happen to have fallen for...i am also in betwixed my own very tricky situation...Guess..? All and above which has been mentioned about a regular Turean man relationship type with a female really strikes a chord with me, but if you can imagine that ten fold, you might understand where i'm coming from...it's very very difficult and almost obsessional..(he's turned me into a predator)and i am not normally this type...I am always in control and have my head screwed on. He has got me bad and the whole come hither attitude drives me crazy...i know he loves me..he wants me all to himself..(that's a taurean man for you!) but him wanting me calling the shots when i really know he wants to tighten the reigns once he has me..(if) (probably)what is this....someone help, going insane...he is irrestistible, ps. fate played a massive part in this...almost lottery stakes..

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with these Taurus men posts. I'M IN LOVE WITH ONE!! Holy &*!@, I'm so in trouble... lol. The truth is is that he really gets me and I get him. I'm glad I've gotten to read up more on this sign so now I can figure out this guy some more (5 years in the making). Thanks everyone.

Anonymous said...

I am also a Virgo interested in a Taurus male I've just met on a singles site. I never understood the attraction I had for him but have learned why since. We email but sometimes it takes days for him to get back- I sense his attraction for me although he has admitted he is seeing someone else who may or may not be a serious relationship- I still can't tell. In any case, I intend to be patient-from all I've read, that is the key. My feelings for this guy are incredible- I hope I'm not wasting my time should he decide to continue with his other woman- I live somewhere else and will be relocating in the same area. He has been very expressive when he told me he was a one woman man. I wasn't sure why he told me that at the time but maybe just trying to tell me moreabout himself. This will be tough!

Anonymous said...

It's funny the way our personality is being elaborated in this forum. ....yes that's right, I am a Taurus male, and i have been carefully reading everything being said about "Us" and the way we seem to respond to things. All of these personal description do fit us perfectly. We do like to play a lot of games to attract the person we like, but that is simply because we value love and affection differently and think of an approach in a more intimate level because we don't like to be bordered. We generally tend to express our selves through artistic mediums very well ex... I draw, paint, play music, write poetry, abstract art, architecture etc. We also are very attracted to very beautiful things i.e, nature, landscapes, pretty women. We are generally quiet but sometimes we don't even know we are like that unless told by someone else. Yes we do plan a lot. we like to hang out with mates who understand what's meaningful to us. I for example prefer a woman who is much smarter than I am, who has goals in life, independent, and who loves by caring as well. We are very crazy about our security.

Anonymous said...

where are the geminis?

Anonymous said...

I recently fell in love with a Taurean guy who, like me, is shall I say, taken already. I definitely agree will all the stuff you said about taureans especially about that thing that they play coy and their philosophy of "I will..." And I fell for it really hard. I tried to stop myself from liking him but he is just so likeable! Now he's overseas but I'm still hooked on him!

Anyway, I remembered I have this list I did of the things I hate about him. I hated him probably because...well you know. I think this list tells much of all the experiences I have with this taurean.

More Than 10 Things I Hate About Him

1. He is such a flirt and a sweet-talker. I don't know if he is aware that he is a flirt, but he is. Though he thinks he is just being nice to his lady friends with his gentlemanly, open-the-door-for-the-girl thing (just like what he also did to a lady boss of ours), his being a flirt is sometimes taken the wrong way. I should know, I fell for it!

2. He is a load of contradictions. He would show you he cares and loves you but there are times when he acts like he is just being civil.

3. When his ego is hurt, he hurts you back, and you don't know when the joke ends and the truth starts. It's a good thing that when he does this to me, I just let it pass and laugh at it as if I wasn't really hurt or anything. But boy, It really hurt! Just read my story up there and you'd know what I'm talking about.

4. He is good at camouflaging his feelings. This really confuses me because I don't know what I really am to him.

5. He is just so brilliant I hate it! We could talk for hours and we won't even run out of topics to talk about.

6. He would sometimes act as if he is chronologically older than me.

7. He can't actually stay in one place and that he even brings me along with him. He would drag me even for his errands. The funny thing is, I can't say no to him.

8. He sometimes tend to be controlling. I once told him he just has this influence over me that I just take his crap wholeheartedly.

9. He is just so cute and smells so good. Even if he thinks he stinks already, he still looks as if he wasn't messed up or anything, and he still smells sooo good! And I just hate it when I recall his smell because it just reminds me of him.

10. He tends to become laid back when he knows you are already under his spell.

11. He made me fall for him and I hate him for this! I was minding my own business trying to do what my boss wanted me to accomplish and then he comes in and just turned my erstwhile quiet life upside down.

12. He left me sooner than I expected. He doesn't even know how painful it was for me and for this, I truly loathe him!

Anonymous said...

i'm a virgo having luv affair wid taurean man...n acc to me he is a true lover...so much caring..sweetest..lovable..trustworthy.. romantic..honest..yes a little bit understanding lol etc..yes but he is a guy wid many small mistakes..stubbornnes..but fogivable..bcz everytime his small mistakes gets lesser than his love for me..he apologies for his mistakes very sweetly n which shows his deep luv for me..tht is y i oftenly get angry wid him whenever i want to see him dying for me..n i luv tht feelings of him..i really appreciate his tolerance power..i luv his way of expressing his love for me..m very happy n lucky to hav a lover like him..i really respect his feelings and his love for me..hey m luckier than u all..bcz i hav'nt nythng to say wrong abt my luv..i luv him a lot..n i trust him a lot n i m sure he'll never cheat me n specially he'll never leave me in ny situation..he is my everythng...he is my life..my luv..my lord..i really n truely luv u my love..

Anonymous said...

i am so surprised to read each and every word that this article says as it clear my delimma against the bull as whyand how he did things.

i need suggestions from u guys:-
i am leo and try to give this taurian a back who play games with me because i told that i got strong crush on you. he has no feelings for me (i think) bt then after 6 months he brough flowers for me,took me for movie but never said anything that make me think that he likes me,i totally agree from the article and guess he like people admiring him. but i am a leo who don't like to waste their time.though we play games with a person we got feelings with bt hate ppl playing games with us when they misuse our feelings.......as a result once i didn't appricated what he said and gave him a back as a result he finished everything.though i still like me and got very strong attraction with him and want him to km back bt guess its too late

what you think???

Anonymous said...

Interesting post on Taurus males. LMAO! Sorry J, you're busted! Meaghan

Anonymous said...

like they say "sounds too good to be true"
im a taurus female, just so happend to fall for a taurus male,lol his fault("says im perfect for him")can i believe him now?...seriously ive got strong feelings for him who ive only known for a very short time...guess its like love at first sight. So far were ok, but after reading this article.. ohh boy. hmmm...??

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

You're absolutely right, Meagan, Jay was busted :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm an Aries female interested in a Taurus male, and I REALLY dig this guy... But based on some of the articles I've read, I'm not sure I will be able to trust him. It seems these guys have a penchant for being adored and will indulge in other women fairly easily. Anyone have any relevant experiences or advice? I don't want to pass him up over astrological predictions, but I don't want to deal with infidelity either... Also, his birthday is April 25th, so I believe he's on the cusp?

Anonymous said...

i have been married to a taurus male for 23yrs and for the most part i find what you said to be true. they are very hard to get away from. i have been trying to leave but my love for him is just to strong. i dont know what to do because when they shut you out of their lives you are just shut out.

Anonymous said...

Im a Cancer female and have been with a Taurus for over a decade but less than a decade and a half,lol. The rollercoaster ride is a never ending one so no need to get into specifics, its a constant perpetual roller coaster ride with ups adn downs, swirls, loops, the friggin rollercoaster breaks while your still on it but somehow, the gods put it back together again. It's like hot and cold, there is never a lukewarm, no inbetween. As much as i "love" him i "hate" him. As much as he is "good" is as much as he is badd. And if this makes no sense to you, you must have one of those "Angel" Taurus's. And may i add, no pun intended, that Taurians are NOT the brightest lightbulbs in the box. They are practical and wise even, but nowhere in thier description do you ever read "extremely smart" or dare i say "genius". Yet thier controlling whoah is me and my shyt dont stink attitude always gives off the vibe that they know something you don't. And they do, just only about half of what they think they do.

Anonymous said...

I just got out of a relationship with a Taurian male that I've had for 8 months (3 of which we spent openly dating). Things went downhill and, inevitably, ended, when he told me he had cheated on me. Almost directly after (as I am a Scorpio female) I went after another Taurus. The contrasts between the two are shocking, the first being timid in revealing his emotions to me, especially in front of others, and unwilling to invest all of his feelings in the relationship, often concentrating on himself rather than the both of us. On the other hand, the second is much more open and supportive, dismissive in what others think of our relationship, as it matters to him only and that's all the matters. The only thing they seem to have in common is their red hair! Red haired Taurians are trouble, I tell you. Yet being a Scorpio I can't help but love the bulls. Stubborn yet sensual men, so strange.

Anonymous said...

with the right woman taurus is unquestionable faithful! goodluck everyone.

Anonymous said...

I am a Taurus male and you are so right it scares me.

Anonymous said...

Well ladies this cancer woman has been with her "Taurus" Male for 13 years, who fathered her two children, who in the past 3-4 years has gone to the darker side. What is written above is so bang on. I'd love to tell you how I handle it etc., but this cancer woman although my gut tells me to take control and let go, hasn't yet but is getting so much closer.

Anonymous said...

this is so true..... I'm and aquarius and being with a Taurus was quiet the expierience as we both wanted something totally different out of the relationship. i knew he was tryin to second guess me and it frustrated him that he couldn't because i changed my mind so oftern. At frist he was very sexual and very attentive and nice, and so submissive but then he became very scheming....i think he was very close to being my soulmate. we took pleasure in trying to figure out eachother as we looked at like in totally different ways. but it eneded because i was no longer giving him as much attention as i used to :( .....

Anonymous said...

I'm a Libra and have dated many guys all signs but the two Taurus men Hmm,, What attracted me the most or maybe I should say, the spell they had me under, was amazing. Taurus men are just great when things are good but get them mad look out!. I can walk away from a bad relationship no problem but the Taurus men have a way to take you in and you can't let go. I'm still very good friends with one but I broke it off with him the rollcoaster ride was too much for me.The other one I think about now and then, those brown eye's my oh my!

Anonymous said...

Imma sagittarius female &&' i really do like this taurus dude but i swear hes concieted;&&' wow hes like 3yrs older thnn me but he thinks im cute just to young.!
but he really does interest me;
&&' from all ive beeen hearing and reading it isnt gunna
Work but ;Imma do all i can to make this shit work lol

Anonymous said...

I'm a sag and dated a taurus man, even though it was years ago, and i've dated plenty of men since, i can't forget about him and i don't know why.
these posts are right on the money, he told me he was ready for a relationship and wanted to fall in love, then poof! he disapeared. only to reappear again months later talking about how much he missed me, so we went out, had sex, and poof! again, gone, it's been years and i still think about him...

Anonymous said...

i'm currently with a taurus, and i'm confused as to what his intentions are..

at first i thought i knew - he says he likes me a lot, during the very beginning when we were just chatting and things weren't on the physical level he even asked me if we're 'exclusive'..
your article was right on the money about taurus having a small harem of dating pool..whom he'll refer to as 'friends'..recently, while we were on vacation together i found him buying jewelry (souvenir bracelet or necklace) for a 'friend'.. does this mean he's dating another? i don't know. he's so confusing..

i thought we have it so well as we hit it off so good and have so much in common but i can't help but be a little jealous when his 'friends' (girls supposedly) are getting jewelry gifts when i wasn't even getting flowers at the very beginning.

am i just a passing diversion while he's wooing another..or secretly hoping to get the others while keeping me dangling...?

what is this taurus doing?

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

I can't speak for all Taurus individuals, however, being a Taurus myself and having several Taurus friends - I can say this . . . when a Taurus is purchasing gifts for you while not in your presence . . . they like you - alot. I'm sorry, I know that wasn't probably what you wanted to hear :-(

Male Taurus = A "Charmer and a Disarmer"

Charmer - "he says he likes me a lot"

Disarmer - "he even asked me if we're exclusive"

Taurus male motto - "I Will" . . have you in the palm of my hand (manipulation masters)

Honestly, if I had to use my gut here (and you should be paying attention to YOURS, too), I'd venture to say that he kinda has a "steady" already or at least someone that he deeply cares for - and you are possibly "the other woman." Taurus individuals generally do not buy gifts for just anyone. But they DO buy gifts for significant others, loved ones, family, etc. People they deeply care for. Especially with him being a man, he cares for whoever is receiving that bracelet and chances are, they've been involved with one another before. Men have a funny way of wording things to their advantage and I'd say this woman isn't simply just a friend - she's likely an ex lover. BIG difference there.

My friends aren't my lovers, and my lovers are more than just friends. Capish??

If my friend becomes my lover, they are now bumped from the friend category into the lover category. If we break up, that doesn't downgrade them to the "friend" category again - it moves them into the "ex" category. Ex-lover, ex-boyfriend. Being an ex takes it beyond just friendship. If they're an ex and we remain friends, I will still now refer to them as an ex lover. I'll say something like, "We used to date but we're still friends." But I WILL NOT refer to them simply as a friend, because there's much more to that story than "just friends."

But see, most men like to gloss over the gory details. Men aren't as complicated as women. That whole thought process above . . . that's too complicated for a man. I'm sure women can relate, but men, they'll be like, "Huh? All that? Why not just say you're friends? Isn't that easier?" Yep, it's easier (a man's favorite way) but it isn't necessarily truthful. Men simply bump the ex back into the friend category and call it a day. So then someone new comes along and really does think they're just friends. Meanwhile, this whole entire history is shared between them and in reality, they're much more than just friends.

And if he's buying her gifts . . . these two are much more than just friends.

And you don't need confirmation of that. If you are uncomfortable with his behavior and this isn't sitting well with you - that's your gut trying to tell you something. You should listen to it, it's generally never wrong. (Whatever your impression is in the first 3 seconds something happens, that's your gut. After those 3 seconds, the logical mind kicks in and rationalizes the situation, which usually isn't in the persons best interest. It's funny, but logic doesn't always serve us well. Many times, our logic blinds us.

Listen to your guy, honey - before you are in too deep, find out the truth later, and get hurt by the results of his "lie through omission."

Anonymous said...

I was with a Taurus for 17 years. He has four retrograde planets. If this is the case with anyone else's Taurus, run and run fast. This was bad relationship. I am a scorpio with libra rising.

Anonymous said...

I am a Taurus and have been close friends with this Taurus man for over 20 yrs, we are a lot alike and can talk about any and everything. I never knew he liked me until my sister told me a few years ago. He and my sister are best friends and she told him that I was unhappy in my marriage and possibly getting divorced if he was interested. My friend and I talked everyday over the phone b/c I lived in one state and he lived in another, not far though. Although, we never got together intimately there was a connection, a very strong connection. We did go out one time and kissed the whole evening and boy the connection was unlike any I had ever felt, it was a very deep and spiritual connection. I find myself to be very intuitive, for instance I could feel things and sense things about him and then he would call me and tell me that the same things I was sensing or feeling had happened. In any event he told me he liked me a lot and that he wanted to wait for me. Long story short, he lost someone very close to him and made the decision to get married out of the blue b/c he felt he didn't want to be like his friend and die alone. Meanwhile I hadn't heard from him and he never told me he was getting married and stopped calling, but I already felt it and when my sister called to tell me I told her before she told me. She couldn't understand how I already knew, I told her that I don't understand this connection that I have with him but I just felt it. Anyway, months had gone by and I heard nothing from him meanwhile I still felt this strong connection to him and sensed he felt the same. He finally called me for my birthday this pass April which I knew he would. I don't know what it is but I sense he feels he made a mistake and I sense that he still feels something for me. Not sure how he will handle the situation he's only been married a few months. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I am an Aries dating a Taurus male. We dated briefly several years ago and it did not work out at the time due to issues outside of our relationship. However, I have been given a second chance with him. After my experiences without him, dating other types of men, It has taught me how to appreciate him, With patience and allowing him room (I also need my space). It feels as if we balance each other out perfectly. I know not to take it personal when he is quiet. And right as I start to question his intentions, he does the most perfect loving gesture that pulls me back in. He is very honest and easy to be around. I have come to appreciate him more than I'd ever imagined.

Anonymous said...

This comment goes to the Taurus female with the male Taurus friend for over 20yrs. I'm a Taurus male that seriously dated a Taurus female for about 5yrs. We were always butting heads and one day I heard a song on the radio that got my stomach wrenching. I knew she was going to break up with me from hearing this song and it ended up being true, exactly how I thought it would. She married the guy she broke up with me for and we talked every now and then to say Happy Birthday, but it wasn't anything more than that. Well, when I came here to Iraq, I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled and with her being a dental assistant she gave me some pointers and whatnot. Anyway, we've been talking ever since and she's unhappy with her marriage. She is stubborn and won't give up on him (I would expect nothing less of her), but I know there is still something there with us. We have this chemistry with each other that I've never felt with anyone else. She understands me really well and I understand her. Sexually, we are on-point and being with her just makes sense. She's the only person I've ever seen myself getting married to and I want no one else but her. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I am also Taurus male, and its not that we crave attention or adoration, it's that most of us are self indulgent out the ass. I see myself as a catch and I deserve good things and people around me. So why waste my time with someone who isn't that crazy about me? The truth is most other taurus people I meet, including myself, do not trust people at all, and are always in our minds wondering about your motives, even the ones close to us. So as an act of self preservation we may keep alot of women on the side who we know we can have at any moment without even trying. This doesnt mean we arent trustworthy, and it certainly does not mean that we intend on cheating on you with one of them. Its a way of saying "hey, im a prize to be had, and ill give you all of me and be great and loyal to you, but if you screw me over or decide you dont like me, its no big deal because we have the next girl lined up" (and most of us do have a magnetism about us). We will never completely put all of our cards on the table or completely be open with our emotions. WE HATE FEELING VULNERABLE. big time. We rarely let ourselves get in situations while we are at someone elses wims. I would never put myself on the line unless I knew for sure I could get what I wanted. Alot of people think that is due to fear of rejection. It's not. We dont care one way or the other about what people ultimately think of us, we just would rather spend our energy bringing ourselves and others around us, comfort and joy, then wasting our time for a chick who will turn out to be crazy or illogical. Why take the effort to jump off the diving board headfirst to find out the pool doesnt have any water in it? lol It's also best not to play games with us because we are EXTREMELY perceptive and always know whats going on around us and what people are really thinking. It's best to be direct and know what you want. If a girl cant make up her mind about me, it doesnt matter how attractive or funny she is, I lose interest and fast. My ideal meeting situation would be spotting a women from across a room, giving her certain glances and looking away and pretending im not interested, lead her over to me, make her so curious she cant resist, and she would be DIRECT. If we know for sure without a doubt that you are into us from the get go, it makes US more comfortable to let our strong silent gaurd down and be our normal charming funny comforting selves. Especially in sexual scenerios. If the right kind of woman walked up to me and said "look, this may be forward but I cant take my eyes off of you since I walked in and I can barely restrain myself from jumping your bones right here" I would say "well whats stopping you?" hint hint. best scenario. The "thrill of the chase" is illogical to us and NOT PRACTICAL. If I'm interested in a woman and I want to date her, or just hook up, the end goal is...do DATE or HOOKUP. If I'm hungry and I want to eat, I make dinner because the end result means FOOD, not because I enjoy dicing the veggies and baking the bread. If I'm interested in a woman and we go through the whole dance of meeting and hooking up or dating, the most enjoyable part is actually getting what we wanted. Not the chase or fight to get it, we dont want to fight for anything but virtue and truth. ESPECIALLY sex. Sex with a taurus is an enjoyable experience for both people involved. If you really want me then I wouldn't have to sell you the idea of being with me like I'm a used car lol. Either you want me or you dont, and if you do then take what you want like I would and stop the games and be real.

Anonymous said...

I think the statement about Taurus men having a dating pool of sorts is absolutely correct!

I have had very strong feelings for a Taurus for a few months, after he initially attracted me totally with the use of all the five senses, and pursued me quite aggressively.

All of the attention from him has been through quite obvious physical actions.

It is also absolutley right that they do not reveal feelings verbally but do it with actions instead which is so damn confusing for us ladies!!

It would not be so bad if those actions were just directed at the one woman. Some of the Taurus men are actually blatant in giving attraction signals to more than one lady at the same time, which makes it very difficult for you to feel safe in revealing any feelings for them in case it turned out that you were wrong.

They say that Taurus men like to assess, analyse, and be sure of the woman before they make a move, they want YOU to be attentive, loving , show you like them,tell them how you feel, be persistent in your actions of interest,and so on, but it is very difficult for women to carry this behaviour forward for too long without giving up if she is not sure which of those ladies are his actual goal!
After all if he won't tell you how the hell are you expected to know?

For the Taurus men out there

Are there any different behavioural patterns that you direct at the lady you have feelings for as opposed to the ones you may show for the ladies who you just want to be friends with/flirt and have a laugh with?

Do you really try to attract the ladies with charm just to lavish in the attention, therefore giving you your dating pool of sorts in case you feel the need need to dip into it now and then?

For the poster above

If it is about getting what you want rather than the thrill of the chase, why all the pursuing for months on end, but not actually verbalising anything?

I just don't know where I am with this guy and am certainly ready to give up teh yes he does, no he doesn't game!!

Anonymous said...

I have been very strongly attracted to a married Taurus man for over a year. I don't know what it is with him, except to say that I agree with the above poster.CONFUSING!!!!!

This man has a quiet charm, he is the strong silent type who never reveals much about himself, and he likes to touch! He flirts with other women, usually younger, even right in front of me.It's as though he does it on purpose to get a reaction.

He has been casually touching me and staring deeply at me for months. He follows me around as if he needs to be near me costantly, and has slowly been bulding up a 'connection', with me which has had the desired effect for him.

He lowers his voice when talking to me to almost a whisper, if he can't sit with me, he sits near me just watching me.

He is territorial, and slightly possesive of me, slams and bangs things around if I as much as speak to another man, and interacts with me as though we are an item when around other people.

He makes small but seemingly sincere compliments to me, and everything he does gives me the impression that he is really into me (there is more).

Because if they are it is really overly intense and very misleading!

All of these signs should be really good, but on the other hand, he has never even told me that he likes me! I know what you will say, "I should just know by his actions"
I don't know though!, is he playing me?, is he attracted to me but can't do anything about it?, is he enjoying the attention for an ego boost and doesn't want it to stop?
I am in a situation where I daren't ask him how he feels because I am petrified he will say it's all in my imagination.

I have put all potential dates on hold because of my intense feelings for this man.

Is he waiting for me to ask him out or what?

It's a kind of push me pull you thing.He may be feeling that I am playing him, I don't know where I stand with him at all and it is so confusing.
Some of these sites say to let him know how you feel and he will do the running, I have hinted and this still goes on and on!
All I can do is wait it out and if he wants me he will let me know, but I think by that time I will have had so many up and down feelings that the feeling will be lost forever.
I'm scared to death I'll just be another notch for him, so I won't make a move myself.

If Any Taurus man can give me some insight as to what to do, I would be very grateful!!

Anonymous said...

Waaaa im so in trouble

Anonymous said...

I am a Taurus female and have dated two Taurus males. UGH...when it's bad, it's really really bad. I don't think Taurus and Taurus are a good match. One was "dark" and the other was the laziest most boring man on the face of the planet in EVERY possible way. Talk about controlling in about THE most passive aggressive way you can imagine...always playing a victim and having women play the rescuer and woe-is-him game. He acted like an idiot, but I believe it was all a game. The whole game plan on having alot of women on the side as "friends" is so true...all to feed his ego of what a great guy he is. UGH...never again.

Anonymous said...

Someone help me! I am a Taurus woman and ended up sleeping with my previous boss' manager who I worked for, for a few years - both of no longer work there - but we could always talk at work etc., and even non work related things. Well he he hit me up via email, texted, etc., talked, and I ended up at his house after much lavish words of talk and action to me, etc., and I was interested or I would have never gone there --- well it was nice, much needed and he used the word "phenomenol" afterward -- now I feel like I am getting the brush off, even tho the night could not have been any better, candles, drinks, hot tub, awesome conversation, etc., I get an email from him stating "you are a fantastic lady...lalalala" etc., can't wait til the day I can visit you in Florida...which is quite the years away (8) when I move there - BUT before this night, he was making plans of taking me places, etc., so now I am confused as H*LL and not sure if he wants to still pursue a continuation of things such as going out, etc., or what? Help me Taurus men...I know me as a Taurus woman, and we analyze the crap outta everything -- so gimme you opinion, please!!!! Is he scared he got too close? or just got what he wanted?

Anonymous said...

I was totally into this Taurus male, we flirted and he would text me, we even went out a couple of times. He is such a tease, I told him at some point that I was attracted to him he said I was to nice for him and that he was to guarded. He was very moody at times and so confusing. He would get very touchy feeling at times, joke about us being intimate, then totally distant. This went on for months, so he asked me out a couple of times more, I never gave him a yes or no. Then a week later he made a huge point of letting me know he had a date with some girl he met. Then the following week he was talking about his date with everyone and even asked my advice. At this point I truly hate him. Who rubs that in after knowing that I was attracted to him. What happened to being guarded? I wish he would have just left me alone. I think Taurus men play head games, until they have something better come along. I never show how hurt I am and how much I hate hearing about his date, but inside I feel really sad. I will never attempt another Taurus male again, too many games and they are big flirts and will tease you to confusion.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Hey Girlfriend (Anonymous),
Let me say this to you. . any man, regardless of his sign, considers dating a sport. A competition. And one way to topple your competition and get the upper hand is to get into their head. You need to read a great book, "Why Men Love Bitches." It explains this psychology and you'll find it a real eye opener.

Men do that kinda stuff to get a reaction from you. Your reaction tells them loads. A woman will say, "Honey, how do you feel about me?" Not a man. He won't come out and say it. Instead, he'll pull a stunt and your reaction tells him all he needs to know. Capish?

Here's how I would've handled the above situation. "Oh this will be fun! I'm GREAT at helping my male friends win women over. Hmm, let's see. Tell me a bit more about her."

Get it?

Give HIM something to think about. Why isn't she upset? Maybe she doesn't like me. Why doesn't this bother her? Maybe I was wrong. Take a lesson from men. When you're in someone's head . . .it's hard to get out :-)

Keep your dignity, NEVER play your cards, NEVER let em see you sweat - and remember that a woman can outwit, outsmart and outthink a man any day of the week :-)

Anonymous said...

I could really do with a bit of advice about a Taurus guy please.

They say that Taurus when married will be faithful unless he is missing something at home?
I have been getting pretty close to a Taurus guy for some time now, at least months, and he is married .
I am feeling very, very drawn to him (frustratingly), normally he would not be the type I would go for because he was very secretive and sometimes abrupt when I first met him.
Over the months, I find I am enjoying his company,(he seeks me out to talk)I look forward to seeing him, and miss him when we do not see each other. He has been very, very attentive towards me, starting with checking me out, deep stares (constantly),and casually touching me for a while.The touches, since we got closer, have now become a little more intimate.
I can't understand why he follows me to a secluded spot to talk alone with me, and then says nothing.
I've reached the point where I feel he may have some feelings for me as he usually goes a little red faced around me and he stutters when he talks to me.
I also feel though, that he is waiting for me to initiate something more as the talks are never anything more than general stuff, there are awkward silences in between.He has been a bit of a playful flirt in my presence in the past, I always felt it was to get a reaction from me as he always watched me whilst doing it.

This has led me to think that he is playing games with me. He does, now and then, mention one other woman casually with whom he has flirted for some time(although he does make out it is casual). Everything he does tells me he is really interested in me, but also that he is trying to force my hand so that I will come on to him. It is taking all the willpower I have not to do so, I want to tell him how I feel, but something is stopping me, and my thoughts on it all are consuming me.
He does know that I like him, but has never given me a verbal reaction.Just all this following and touching stuff!
Are his actions to be considered an interest in me?
One day I want to tell him to stop messing me around with me, and the next day I want to tell him how I feel.

Is he dropping this other woman's name because he likes her, or is he doing it to get a reaction from me?
I just can't make out why he really pursues me all the time, but then mentions someone else.It's like he is rubbing my nose in the shit.

Like I say, playing games. I have tried to back off from him, but when I do, he pursues me more and I just melt.I also think that if I ask him how he feels, he won't give me a direct answer anyway and tht's why I haven't!

My gut feeling is to back away but it is really hard as I do see him a lot.
What would be the best way to come out with it and ask him what he is up to?
He has me so confused and I am usually straight to the point with all men.
Any advice fromTaurus people would be good.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Again I will mention, you need to read a great book, "Why Men Love Bitches." It explains all of that type of behavior in detail. And YES, he is gaming for a reaction from you.

Here's the deal. A guy won't come out and say to you, "How do you feel about me?" Sure, some do. But not all do for various reasons (weakness, confidence, macho, fear, etc.) So rather than run the gammut of all those "scary" emotions . . . they pull stunts. Because your reaction tells them all they need to know. Get it? Yes, it's a game . . although they don't see it that way. His intention may not be to play games, but it IS to get a reaction out of you.

He wants you to come to him. Taurus people are "come hither" types. I am one and I was with one for 12 years. They don't assert themselves generally. They wait. And place themselves exactly where they want to be for however long it takes. Time is on their side :-)

So yes, he's interested. Yep, he wants you to initiate. (Many guys don't like to "work" or put any effort into relationships these days. They think it's all up to the woman *Sigh*). Yea, he's mentioning the other woman to get a rise outta' you. He's placing himself in situations with you that he feels will easily allow you to comfortably make this happen.

But here's the rub. If you give in, he's got your number and he may resort to games. I don't know his personality, so I cannot say for sure. So here's my advice to women in situations such as this (and I don't know Jack, but I'm learning LOL). . .if you really like the guy. Wait him out. Don't compromise yourself. Make him WORK at it and make him PROVE he truly does like you. Otherwise, anything you start with him will have an expiration date on it. If men don't work at getting something hard, they don't appreciate it as much.

If someone throws down a deer in front of a guy and he shoots it. Wow, that was fun. But it he hides out for 3 hours, spots the deer, takes a shot, hits it and it takes off. He gives chase. He'll chase it for a mile, then deliver the death blow.

And he'll tell that story for the rest of his life as if it's one of his greatest achievements ;-) Men love a challenge. If you want a temporary relationship with him, give in and have fun while it lasts. If you WANT him, don't give in. He has to appreciate you and if he truly likes you, he will prove it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the reply!

I totally understand what you are advising and will go along with it.

All I can say is that I do know he likes me already,his actions clearly show that he does and he surely wouldn't be wanting to be around me this much if he didn't. Unless of course he craves adoration!

My own idea is that if you really think a lot of someone and decide to pursue them, then surely you would only want to pursue that one person?
Are all Taurus men like this, is this what is referred to as a dating pool of sorts for when one's stable relationship goes sour? (a just in case woman)

I think what I'm trying to say is that this guy already knows for sure I like him, yet he still waits for me to say more, sometimes when he seeks me out to talk, he actually speaks to me as though he is just being civil, other times it's as though we are already a couple, BUT, he still does not say ANYTHING to me. At one point I thought he was a bit of a stalker what with all the staring!

He has already started showing the same signs towards someone else now,as well as me at the same time, and that, I can't live with whether it's for a reaction from me or not!

I would never be able to trust him or believe that it was only me he was interested in.

Are they all disrespectful like this? or do they really not realise they are doing it?

Do they actually think that a woman should be happy sharing their attention and not be just a little jealous? Do they like to make women jealous?

What a cheek coming from a guy who is supposed to be possesive and jealous in his own nature!!!!!!!!!!!

No, I think this Taurus is an attention seeker who needs constant reassurance that he is still able to pull the women.

I'm afraid he won't be pulling this one,once a flirt, always a flirt!
This lady needs to feel secure that she is exclusive!!

Anonymous said...

I am a Gemini who likes a Taurean male. We have been intimate but he never pops the question of are we dating or not? I am confused. He likes to come over to have sex only and he would only visit e if my son is not there. He has me all stupid cause he calls me two and three times a day. I need help!

Anonymous said...

Wauv this is the lamest explanation ever of male / female expectations toward each other, and all the misery that they muster, I've ever read. As a Taurus I can speak for myself - You guys are looking at the stars when you should look at yourself. Stop questioning the guy - seems like that is the usual case for girls with Taurus issues (WTF), like him or leave him. Stop making things complicated - jeeesch

Anonymous said...

I can relate to the above post.
I am also very deeply drawn to a guy I work with, he is a Taurus and I am Sagittarius.Not supposed to be a good mix, but the physical attraction and intellectual connection is amazing.

I have never felt this way before in my whole life the way I feel when he is around me! I don't know what it is (chemistry I guess)if it is WOW!
I just want to touch him all the time and have to stop myself.I can't take my eyes off him!
He never says anything to me either, but he does touch me A LOT and I just know that he feels the same! It can be frustrating, but I am willing to hang on and see if anything happens, simply because of the way I feel about him, I'm sure he wil be worth it if it happens.

Anonymous said...

This is to Anonymous (Oct 26, 2010; 6:53 am).
I'm a Taurus woman. My brother is also a Taurus. With both Taurus men and women, it's black or white, either or, all or nothing. As for a relationship or a f**kbuddy, Tauruses do NOT attempt to combine the two (ie, merging the two into a FWB relationship).The traits of a Bull only applies to a Taurus in love within a fulfilling relationship. If we're sleeping with you sans relationship, our relationship status will remain 'Single,' and we will be free to roam to date other people. We're not the 'go with the flow' types. If you're unsure about whether or not you want to be with us, simply don't waste our time. Our time is valuable, and we have very little patience for head games. I don't think Taurus men or women are confusing...just misunderstood!
If you want to get closer to a Taurus, be honest, consistent, KNOW what you want, and avoid head games. We will be 'putty' in your hands, trust me(:

Anonymous said...

I am a Sagittarian woman who has just met a Taurian man on a singles website. I sent him a message that if he weren't spoken for, I'd like to chat with him. We are in our 60's, and are both looking for long term relationships. Final one I hope! He stated on his essay that he wants to "share his life with someone." He came right back to me the next day saying that if I was serious, no games, that he would like to meet with me for breakfast. I liked his immediate directness," and he was extremely communicative. He wanted the date the very next day, but I was busy so had to postpone it for a few. I read up on the Taurian man before our initial meeting so I would know what to maybe expect from him. Alot written about him, and a Sagittarian is not quite the ideal compatible partner for him, but it said that if each one understands the other, then compromise can take place, and it could be good. Definitely steamy in the intimacy department! So off I go to meet this Taurian man. Instant attraction; friendly, talked alot which forced me to be quiet which is hard for a Sagg. His blue eyes mesmorized me, and a gentle, sweet kiss that he gave me later "sealed" it. We got together for a 2nd date. No full connection yet, but his kisses are sweeter than wine and quite passionate between us. And he actually told me that "he liked me." I told him the same. Great start. We were all ready for a 3rd date, but he was called away unexpectedly to care for a sick relative. He'll be gone a month, and I am hearsick. We are talking by cell and messaging. The anticipation seeing him again is overwhelming. And I am quite sure what our third date will hold in store for me. I know this man is interested. I just hope I don't lose him because I am truly saying my feelings for him in so many ways because I want him to feel secure with me; that I am a one man woman. He is definitely interested but somewhat guarded. I know we have to move thru the "trust" issues. I feel that once that is firmly established, we can easily move on. He has been hurt before in relationships so I can't blame him. So have I, but my last relationship was good; the man passed away, but I feel I can bring some positive things into this one for the two of us. He is absolutely a Taurian profile; silent but strong; masculine, yet soft as a Teddy Bear, and definitely knows who he is and what he wants in a woman. So I hope I'm the lucky one who ultimately lands him because I think we deserve each other. Definitely has portrayed a strong, positive side of him, but underlying all the "Bull" I know is a sweet, gentle, caring, loving man whose only security in life is making others comfortable and pleasing them. And I know if we continue, he will please me in more ways than I can imagine because in doing so, it will aid him in his insecurities as long as I am true to him and appreciate him. I know now these Taurian men do not stand for any "bull," literally. They are not possessive to a point of jealousy. They are "Earth;" grounded men who cherish trust, loyalty, and fidelity in their lives so you better not mess with him, lie to him, or play games. That is not their game. And who really wants to treat another human being like that anyway. If you do, then you are barking up the wrong tree. It is in the word "kiss." Keep It Simple Stupid! Wish us luck!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, and as a footnote to this Sagittarian woman talking about her new-found Taurian friend, I have to tell you that I think he is a "hidden jewel" of a man

Anonymous said...

I am an Aquarius with an unsettled attraction to my ex who is a Taurus. Everything mentioned in this article is very true to his personality. I met him my first year of College and he patiently and passively pursued me via flirting & late night phone calls until the following year when I decided to spend some time alone with him and he seduced like never before. Our relationship followed and it was full of passion. A year later I wanted us to just be friends because my appetite for sex with him was beyond my imagining and I wanted to try abstinence and being with him was TOO tempting. He really didn't understand my logic and took the break-up very personal. Although we NEVER ever really lost touch, that was 7 yrs ago and I have regretted it for years. He cheated on his girlfriend of 4 yrs with me and even now, if & when we see each other, the chemistry is just the way it was in college. I live in NY & he's in SC so there's really no urgency for a relationship, but I try to let him know as often as I think of him that I do want him to be mine. After doing much reading on his sign, I'm wondering if I'm a victim caught up in his web of desire and feeding his ego. Could he STILL seriously want me the way I want him or is it just a flame that needs to be extinguished. Of course, true to his sign he does not express much to me about his feelings and given the distance there isn't much room for action. Now that he's single, I've been actively pursuing something deeper from him, but it feels like I'm begging & pulling teeth. IDK what to do with my feelings. I either want him to tell me it's over and/or he's over me, or tell me he feels the same way, better yet show me, cuz he has said it but he doesn't show it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ive read all these posts and just had to add mine, I hope someone can advise me too as I am going nuts with my Taurus!

I am in a relationship with a guy with whom there has been some amazing chemistry for nearly two years. Things took a while for us to get together as we are, unfortunately both spoken for and we both avoided the attraction until, I think we could bear it no longer!

He has also been quite a flirt with the ladies, he says he isn't even though I have seen him actually touching one or two of them on the butt and even getting quite flustered over it, and boy does he stare!!.In fact this was the main reason I would not let my feelings known to him, I was sure he was just playing with me for a long time.

In the end we just kissed and it was pure heaven, his touches melt me. His compliments are lovely, and everything feels very intense between us although we have not been intimate yet.
I do however, have a real problem with the attention he gives the ladies, they are all drawn to him (the same way I was)because they all take his actions as a valid interest(not surprisingly) and that makes him flirt even more. He has expressed his future intentions, his feelings for me and how much I mean to him,He tells me I'm beautiful, sexy and he loves everything about me. I really do love this guy and would give up all I have for him.

Can anyone tell me, do Taurus men mean the things they say?, are they sincere in their words when they eventually do express themselves verbally? (It didn't take him long)
I am reading that Taurus men are players, and the flirting thing is worrying me, I suppose it took so long to get him, I don't want to lose him.I also understandably don't want to get hurt.
On the other hand, I also read that once the Taurus man decides she is the one, he will not be interested in anyone else?
He sounds sincere but the things I've seen and read have made me very cautious.

How will I know he means the things he says to me and is not just with me because I made it easy for him?

Anonymous said...

I like this Taurus guy but he is married. For some reson I cannot break my attraction to him. I am a Scorpio so maybe that plays a part, but no matter how hard I try to move forward I can't . When I check my chart and his chart my moon trined his moon .

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous seeking advise on if her Taurus means what he says.. As a Taurus male myself, I am very careful with what I say and what my intentions are. This is very common among Taurus males. Ladies always tell me that I am a big flirt, but honestly most of the time I don't even try to flirt, it just happens so. If he spends time with you, takes you out, talks to you on phone, he's sincere about you. We are very analytical and will think twice before investing ourselves to someone else. FYI, it took me and my girlfriend more than 3 years to really get going. We would talk for sometime and get into argument and I wouldn't talk to her for months. However, inside I always kept on thinking about her and knew that I really liked her. I had many girls approach me and ask me on dates, but we are not that easy. Yes, we may be contradicting, confusing and pain in the ass, but its really to protect ourselves. Just know that if he spends time with you, and goes out of his way to see you or do something for you, you really mean a lot to him. He won't tell you everyday that he loves you, but the next time he sees you, he won't stop touching you or give you his full attention. Thats a Taurus, the quiet and calm one from the outside, but inside rages a constant fire that will make him do anything to keep you happy.

Anonymous said...

So this basically means they're sociopaths? At least that's been my experience. The suddenly disappearing, threw me for a loop. He radomly pulled away and got mad at me for trying to undertsand why. he said i was "making it about me..." well hello, if you stop calling, texting then what else am I supposed to think. It's like he had no conscience. he broke our New Years Eve plans 2 hours before midnight...saying he was going through rough family time. I was hurt but i wanted to be the supportive girlfriend and "be there " for him. That did nothing but allow me to lose my self esteem. He didn't appreciate it, he resented me being there I think. It was all very sick and emotionally abusive. Didn't what the right thing to do. Then he pulled teh disappearinng act again. thsi time I let him do it...for 3 weeks. I finally reached out via text and he did not respond. What a ride...get me off it please. I really thought he was the one. HE brought up marriage!! and within a few weeks he disappears? WTF???

Anonymous said...

do taurus men cling to the past? My ex-taurus has recently gotten in touch with me but he still has a girlfriend. Its like hes checking up on me, or was it just a booty call given that he sent it at 230 am. i cant get over him and its been a year :(

Anonymous said...

I have to start off by saying wow! And speacial thanks for the taurus males who are clearly agreeing with this article. A lot of things to think about. I am a taurus women and am currently dating another taurus. I seem to be drawn towards them. This is the 3rd or 4th guy that I have either dated or been interested in. These men are sweet hearts untill it time to break up....They can be complete no hearted monsters. No Calls, No text, No Email, nothing They can go from making you feel like a queen to making you the dust underneath their feet. Im sorry but my fear is going to cause me to grab my nikes and haul ass. I cant take the thought of being with someone knowing that they have a pool of possible canidates that are waiting for them openly. Im starting to think that the charmer is not for me. Maybe some quiet guy who is just average works and comes home. Its like taurus men dont make comments or actions for nothing its always for some big PAYOFF! Good luck ladies this is my fourth taurus so I really need to stop being naive. This seems to be a part of their characteristics. Women taurus's are faithful and loyal and the guys are dogs. Thanks Im enlightened now.

Anonymous said...

I need advice. My friends are sick of hearing about it and I just... I'm lost. I'm a scorpio/sag. My manager is a Taurus and I am 100% infatuated with him. The funny thing is, these feelings I have for him, literally came from out of no where. As a matter of fact, when I first started working for him, I could not stand him and I know he couldn't stand me. We would go through an entire eight hour shift not saying a word to each other and we work at a coffee shop where space is limited. It got to the point that I reported him to the "ethics hotline" for favoritism and racism. lol

Here we are two years later... I swear up and down, he is the one for me and I'm 95% sure that the feeling is mutual. We talk, he investigates about my life. He knows stuff about me that I had no clue he had paid attention to. I.E. purchasing my favorite snacks for our store meetings, taking interest in my school choices and goals. He teases me... my favorite line was "Just give her decaf, she'd never know the difference."
He touches me. Wether it be light crazes on my hands, touching the back of my shoulder, and I'm pretty sure he copped a feel of my bum. We have monitors in the back that watch the registers up front. The other day, each time I was talking to a male longer than the transaction, he would come running out of the back, no real reason.
He asks me questions if I had any intentions of moving back home, to the midwest, or down to LA for school and I tell him no because there is opportunities for me here. He challenges my answers, but then retreats. And when we do get into arguments at work... they are nothing serious, we know when one of us is clearly upset and/or in the wrong, and in a matter of time, we apologize in our own way. And we move forward. His way of apologizing is making sure I had my final breaks, or taking me to the side and talking to me comforting/coaching me on why I did was incorrect and how to improve. I haven't had an extended break from this place in almost two years. I finally took a weekend off and I have schools on Mon/Wed... generally he schedules me to work tuesdays... this time he didn't. I was assuming that it was to extend my time off. To test my theory, when we were alone I thanked him for giving me the Tuesday off, and that it was almost like a mini vacation from... he cut me with and with a big smile said "everything"... and said your welcome.

Then... there is our co-worker. I've always assumed that she has a crush on him. And the better my relationship gets with him, the more she retaliates on me. I've gone to see two psychics and had a card read and all of them said there is a brunette "working against me"... talking behind my back... to a gentleman. I am just happy that she will be gone for almost an entire month. I'm hoping during that time, he will see things differently from all the stuff she tells him. I know he is torn.

As I type this, I see everything points to yes. My idea was in May, I will have my review. At my review I want to tell him I want to transfer to another store because I have had feelings for him since December and they only get stronger. I want to tell him that I want to take him on a date... and tell him everything that I feel. But I will only do this if I knew for sure that the feelings were mutual.

So... what do you think? Should I go for it?

Anonymous said...

Hey y’all- Sagittarian gal here, and I’m in the early stages of dating a Taurus guy. It’s only been 5 days but ooooooh, have I got it BAD. He’s charming (of course), sexy as hell (naturally), and sweet talks me until I swoon like the heroine in a noir film. The last relationship I had with a Bull lasted for 7 months, and the first 3 were blissful, but eventually it turned pretty sour and ended bitterly. I DO NOT want that to happen this time. This man is everything I’ve dreamed of and more: heart-stoppingly gorgeous (sea blue eyes and a smile that would melt butter), sensual and smoldering (we CANNOT stop kissing), and, being from North Carolina, has a soft, curl-my-toes sexy Southern accent (I have a real thing for country boys, even though I’m from SoCal). But all this adds up to my biggest fear- that I’m going to be played. The Taurus guy’s theme song should be that old CCR classic, “I Put a Spell On You”… am I right? Hahaha =) So, for now, it’s going so well I can hardly believe it’s real, but I think I’m waiting for the rug to be pulled out from under me. I’ll update y’all in a few weeks, if I’m not too busy either weeping and feasting on ice cream or making the earth move between the sheets with my Taurus… =)

Anonymous said...

Ok I have been reading all of these things about Taurus men and I am another victim of this. I met this man about 3 months ago. I am just getting out of a 6 year relationship and he is getting out of a 3 month relationship that ended badly. The first couple months were good some a lil testy because I am a libra and if I dont feel like I am getting enough attention I will move on to the next even if I like you a lot. I started to feel that he was not paying enough attention to me when we would meet out. He would stare at me but not make moves to be near me we would just look at each other. Now mind you most of the time i would be with my girlfriend and he would be by himself sitting there just looking. So I would talk to the next man. We would have conversations later about this and he said he does it sometimes to push my buttons because he knows how to and I am goin to get angry and cut him off. But in the meantime we would make up and i would talk to him every day but he would stand me up sometimes when we make plans. he would of course always have excuses, like he is tired or he has something to do. But when we do hook up he would come over and we would talk for hours and hug and kiss and give each all the attention that can be given. we communicate so well. He tells me that he cannot communicate with any other woman like he does with me and that we are very close. He even told me that he likes me a lot almost loving me. But he does not want to commit and said he is not sure if he can meet my expectations at the end of the day. He has made comments of children to me and me having his baby. But he still goes out and get numbers so he knows this pisses me off but he said at the end of the day he always come back to me. That I am a priority. But when I ask him when are we going to meet he would make an excuse he is busy that day. I do feel that he is going on other dates. I am not sure what to do. I am feeling I like I need to leave him alone but I have such feelings for this man. I know I have fallen in love with him. He is the sweetest and most kinds and down to earth man I have met. he gets me in everyway. He knows my moods and he knows how i am going to react to him telling me no he cant come over. But alwasy tell me to stop acting sensative and getting mad when he says no that I have him. But I am still confused because he goes out every weekend and I feel that I am just being used till he finds the one he really wants. I know he said he does not want to settle down right now because he just got out of a bad relationship. But I am wondering if I am wasting my time. Please help

Star said...

I thought I was the problem with my Taurian. I was positive it was me who had done something wrong. This guy went from being a friend, to fall in love with me (it took a while). I went from looking at him as a friend (not even close friends), to being completely smitten. I did not know how it happened, but suddely everything changed. He became irrisistable, and oh so charming. He's very attractive, but the real charm didn't hit me until later, probably when he channelled it on me, haha :p

But then I got to see a different side of him. He could suddenly ignore me completely! He had this new dark energy, sort of, that made me shocked. How cold and distant his behaviour got. It was like a different person. I was in shock, and immediately thought it was because of me! That I had done something wrong. But then the next day, he was back by my side, flirting with me, being charming again. The transformation was out of this world, I tell you.

Men ignore women to make women think WHY they would ignore them, right? It's a game, that works, and is very much used in dating. This wasn't it. This was a disturbing experience that I can't figure out.

Very moody!

The hot and cold game continued, at his speed. He made all the shots. When he turned cold, I turned cold. A few times I was so pissed, that I turned cold on him, wanting him out of my way. The next day, this would be forgotten, and he would go back to being interested in me again once I let him near. He wouldn't mention my anger.

He's messing with my head. I've never been so confused about anyone. I've always been good at reading a person, but this one falls under my radar. No logic.

After over half a year, his games continues. He can't let me go, yet he can't let me in. He's very jealous of nature, always watching me when I'm talking with men. He's possessive, always acting like my boyfriend, and scaring off guys that are interested in me.

Watch out, they're manipulative. He gets under my skin.

Taurus rules the throat and neck. This guy was nearly obsessed with mine. He always had to touch/massage and kiss my neck and throat. This behaviour was what made me Google him, actually.

He is controlling. He needs to show who is in command. Often showing off how much stronger he is than me.

Why do I keep up with him??

My Taurus has this...amazing charm. He can make me forget every thought if he wishes to. Later on I will "wake up" and wonder what the hell just happened :p

He is VERY patient. He moves very slowly, and doesn't rush things.

He treats me with respect. He wouldn't dare push me, and is always careful. He asks me if I'm okay with whatever he's doing. He is in no rush what so ever. When kissing, there seems to me a stronger meaning behind it.

It's weird. I don't think I'll ever get over this confusion with this guy. Never has a Zodiac sign been this clear in a person.

I'm Pisces.


It's a love/hate relationship. And a good one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Star, I am going thru the same exact thing. I am a libra and very sensual and passionate when it comes to my taurus. Our connection is like magic when we are togther. He gives me all of him when we are in each others presence. He is definately a charmer and we as well have a hate/love relationship. I am not sure what that is. I cut him off every week. I thought maybe I want more and he is not ready, maybe I am rushing. I told him I want to see him more than once a week.

He has mentioned that he like me a lot all the way up to that he does love me, but did not want to rush anything. He has turned cold a couple of times. I dont know if he is trying to turn me off to just seperate himself or what. He actually came and met my family and then two days later act like he did not want to be bothered with me. I stopped calling him for a week and I felt week and called to see how he was doing he picked up on a half of ring and talked to me for a while but he will not call me. I dont know what to do I am confused. I realized that I love him. I have expressed to him and he knows that the more time we spend together the more I love him.

But I cant take the on and off again thing with us. I am always the one that tell him I cant deal with it Than I end up calling him. its almost like he sit back and wait for me to call and then he will ask me, did you miss daddy.

Confused and tired.

Anonymous said...

it's kind of true i.e all that's been said of the taurus male. Scheming? not really, it's just to make sure we get what we want without having to force the issue. Most of the time we get it. hahaha that's not being evil, if I like you i'll just watch you for a while. That's just to observe who you really are. Hey, at the end of the we are all human who want the same things regarless of birth date. PEACE!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow all of this stuff applies to me!!!
I'm in love with a Taurus guy, he is the only person ever in my life who had this effect on me.

I googled Taurus traits too because of my confusion with him.
The chemistry between us is so strong, but some days I feel like Im just casual to him. Then if I act that way too, he will be full on, by my side constantly, telling me how beautiful I am, etc, I also got to the point where I thought he was playing some kind of head games with me. He did a few things to test my loyalty to him,and I came to the conclusion that he must be very insecure. Then out of the blue he told me he loved me! It sounds mad but somehow I just knew he did, and he meant it. He is very jealous when I talk to other men ,yet he stares and makes eyes at other women when I am actually with him! He tells me he is obsessed with me, and I think he is by his behaviour, but it is still confusing me with all this watching other women. I am completely in love with this guy and I suppose it's natural to be a bit suspicious, I never know if he stares at other women to annoy me(and get a reaction) or if he actually fantasises over them or not. Personally I wish I hadn't googled his traits because I've read they can be players, womanisesr, when they get bored with you they go after other women, etc, etc, etc, but what would make him want to watch others if he is newly in love?? it really beats me. I'm having to try to ignore this behaviour because it really is hurting me and leaving me confused,if I go quiet on him, he bombards me with declarations of love,as if I've just told him its over or something.
I wouldn't have ever put up with this with any other man, so why do I allow this damn Taurus to do it to me? Oh yes, that Taurus charm!!!

He has got very complacent with me since telling me he is in love with me,until another man speaks to me of course and then in the next breath it actually feels stifling having him next to me, behind me, in front of me,touching me, kissing me and so on(especially when he knows I've just seen him staring at a lady). There is no in the middle, its one or the other all the time.

Is this usual for a Taurus guy? Or do they tell women they love them for the sake of it???
I'm sure I will find out where I stand with him, but not before I go mad with confusion and frustration!!!!!!!!!!
Has anyone else gone through this?

Star said...

Wow, Taurus men are messed up :p

I cannot give any advices. I don't think the best of the best within the dating-world could give advices on this :p It's too funny how many are having problems with a Taurus.

I think I might give it a try to get out of this carousel. To see if I really do like this guy, and if there is room for change in his behaviour. Even though he's stubborn as hell.

Good luck everyone. Seems like a handful :p

Anonymous said...

Ok Guys I am a Cancerian and I am quite smitten by my Taurian I need help as well because I have been hurt before i try to look up everything possible about this Taurus so I dont be surprised when or if it happens.. So I my Taurus has a girlfriend but we have been getting closer as the days grow... I have been there for him in many ways and explained that I love and respect him and he has said the same to me...He Talk and text everyday no disappearing act yet..but he is so busy I try not get take it personal when we cant be together..We havent been intimate yet just alot of kissing and making out a little talk about it but nothing major... I just NEED to know what should I do and how should I take this because I dont want to waste my time because he has a girlfriend but he does text me all the time and we have cute names for each other...But I heard that it is not likely for Taurus to leave his girlfriend.. and its not like its just a girlfriend but he has children with her as well so should i just slowly back away and kind of get going because I dont want to keep getting attached to him and he did say that he feels like we have something... I get the looks and soft touches and kisses forever when we are together but is he just saying these things and do you think he will leave his family.. it sounds so harsh because i dont want him to leave his family but just rather let me know if i should play strictly platonic or future girlfriend role? Please Help!!!

Anonymous said...

Girl run.. As soon as he do become intimate. you dont have to worry about running he will do the dissapering act. He has not done it yet because it has not be a win for him just yet. Its about concurring. Tauruses are good men but yes they are not into leaving their families. I dont want to bust your bubble but you are waisting your time. Even if he did not have a family it is hard enough to get them to commit to you and you only. If and say he does leave his family he will not settle down with you right away. He will end up just dating for a while and have you in waiting. Just and believe usually men that does this usually just does not do it with you but they may have others that they are dealing with as well. And you can believe you were not the first and will not be the last. I know because I have been on both ends. I am seeing a taurus and he just got out of a relationship. Trust me it is hard to stay focus to deal with him. We have broke up many times in just 4 months because he is not ready to do much of anything but just give that attention that we all need as women but there will not be a commitment anytime soon. On top of I am sure he still has feelings for the ex. These men are possesive and they will not let the ex go that easily either. they will just end up having their cake and eating it too. run please.

Anonymous said...

Im a Virgo. Dont have any real experience with a Taurus man. I dont actually know any but apparantly they are my best match. I find it weird coz I expect complete respect and loyalty. Id never be okay with my man flirting with other woman so why does it say were so good for each other?? It doesn't really make sense. Plus id get bored straight away of the mind games. I prefer people who are straight up, honest and trustworthy.... Iv read a lot of good things about Taurus men and the good sounds really good but the bad just seems too bad for me...

Anonymous said...

My ex boss was a Taurus. Worst boss ever. He thought we were pure monkeys who should worship him and be grateful that he was giving us work! no integrity whatsoever! He refused to pay us the right wage, would not give us holiday money which basically meant no holidays.. but at the same time he was polite to us, wouldn't let customers treat us badly or anything.. very weird! confusing man!to be honest i do think that man is a sociopath! I think Taurus men can go one way or the other depending on their childhood. If its good they are good people, if its bad then they are bad people. look at Hitler for example! my ex boss has already had one divorce and it wouldn't surprise me if the marriage hes currently in broke up also.. To all you Taurus men out there. Do some psychology. Learn about yourself and what you really want.. Thats the only way youll ever find true love and be happy with what youve got. Smiles from Virgo. Secretly I want a Taurus but not the bad ones...

Anonymous said...

thank you... I was thinking the same thing like this is all a game and it makes alot of sense.. I do know that taurus are possesive and he prob. would still be doin his ex. or whatever and I know im not the first... I think sometimes we just get caught up in the cute lil sentimental moments that seem so real but in actuality he is just puting in his time to get his job done... Im so glad we havent had sex yet So I can begin to play the game as well! Thanks for your help!

Anonymous said...

No problem, I wish you luck. I am still dealing with my taurus and at the point I am ready to just let him go for the 10th time. I am a libra and need a lot of attention. Of course when we started he gave that, but now as a taurus guys does, for every step he takes towards me he takes two steps back. I am literely waiting for when he is ready. The sad thing is I was married to a leo and an aquarius and I am so use to being treated like nothing matters but me and all the attention I can handle. But this guy when he is with me he is mine all mine and gives me everytyhing I need and want but when he leaves it is like pulling teeth to get attention until we meet again. I read that taurus men are calculating and what they do is not just make you fall in love with them but make you fall in love with them over and over again. I find myself doing this. But I am tired. Everytime I decide to leave him alone he calls saying he misses me but yet just asking for my patience. I realize in the last two years I have attracted 7 taurus men and they are all the same. Some can be a little different but when they feel like they are getting close to you they take two steps back. I know it is said that you have to be patient with tauruses because they are slow and very cautious but damn. I could be married and divorce again by the time he get it together.

Ms. Virgo, yes it is mentioned that you are compatible with them and maybe that is because Virgos are a lot more patient. They are good men and can be loyal when they are ready to settle down but it is when they are ready to settle down and you have to have patience with that. Now in saying this I do not some taurus men that have successful relationships but it really becomes on their terms. There are not other signs like this. I have never met a man more challenging than a taurus male and maybe that is what is driving us women that love taurus men.

As women we are so use to men chasing us that it is very new to have a man that we began to chase and that is what keeps us going back and interested in them even more. Everytime he gives us a break and then come back into our lives like nothing ever happen it makes us love them even more because they do everything they are suppose to when they are with you. All I can say is good luck. I have never read so many post in my life about dealing with Taurus men and that is from all of the different signs of women. Amazing.

Jen said...

Everyone is having problems with Taurus, but they still not ready to give up. They still say he is sweet. That tells the secret about Tauruses I guess. Taurus are one of the best signs of the zodiac with great charisma.

They don't intentionally do all these stuff mentioned in the article(plan B, dating pool and all the BS), it just happens (like an autopilot) when their Lady Love is not up to their expectations.

In fact, when Taurus guys read this they actually get scared. They are THAT SWEET.

Anonymous said...

Im a cancer and I met this wonderful Taurus guy. He doesn't have no children, however he works all the time. I like him in so many ways. We haven't been intimate yet, but we have kissed and hugged a million times. We have been talking for 2 months now and I still don't know where this relationship is heading. He has told me he likes me(but im still in the friend category). Lastnight I was over, he cooked for me, we watched a movie, sipped on wine and just relaxed. We connect mentally like i never have before with anyone. Im completely smitten, but I'm afraid of rejection and being hurt. I am so confused with him, somedays I think hes my knight in shining armor, others just a friend. What is a girl to do??

Anonymous said...

To the above,

I am a Taurus and trust me honey if he cooked for you and watched a movie with you then he definitely loves you. We love privacy and it is not usual we spend watching movie and cooking food with any random girls.

You were with him in his place or yours? If it was in your place then he loves you for sure. Also he would have made moves(that are sexual) to make you 'be' with him. Never mind. But he wont do that if it was in his place(because when you're in his place, he wants you to trust him that you're protected *Taurus attitude*. You're under his care and he would not do it).

Call him over to your place.. if he spends a night, it won't be a normal night if he loves you!

Anonymous said...

Whoa, wheww where do I began, Well i am a Taurus lady born in April, My Taurus guy must have dated a couple of you all cause our stories sound all to familiar. My Taurus guy althought i love him 4 life , began way back when i visited him with a friend at his home when we were teengers. I literally saw sparks when r eyes connected. Okay i admit i was so tranced by this handsome striking cocoa-cure guy i felt myself melting off of the intense stare alone, watch the eyes ladies i think they (taurean men)have the X-ray vision thing down to a science. We exchanged numbers he was very warm smelled wonderful, well groomed all the things that made me fall in love with him. We talked religiously and passionately until our bedtimes(he would soothingly tuck me in with that voice).We were HS school sweethearts,and our first kiss wet like soul on ice. MY Taurus Guy was older than me,so after his Sr. graduation he went to the military, he called like clock work, i always had the "Young love smile" on. With him i mean synergy was on point. He proposed to me...Now pay attention cause it gets dark at this point....i said yes yes yes, but im 17 i can't get emancipated. My mother answered my sacred quetion ppl with a No response.( im still livid with my mom 4 this). Regretable we never married he went off to the war, only to return to a cheating preganet ex-loser he married somewhere in TX. throughtout the years i would seem to never shake our relationship out of my existence since 20 years had past , thanks to a very popular site i recently reconnected with Mr. Taurus, It was one of the most exciting yet emotional connections, i can feel his vibrations. We talk consistantly that first month playing catch-up on old times, however i kept getting these quirky innuenedos and snide remarks, I tried to inquire or rather clear the air, but Mr. Taurus wanted to really get at me, cause he felt a way...his agenda as i finally figured out was to swooon me in his web. by re-opening old feelings. At first i was relunctant, since we both live out of state,but i was still mind, body& soul-emotionally feeling him i decided to take a chance.

The Rollercoaster Ride began, not for nothing this man totally disappears one month, i got sooo depressed behind him, i just cried inside & out i was hurting. Then reappears 1 month later, like nothing happened, okay then he likes to txt rather than talk , no communication skills no compromise, just i rule attitude....see "stubborn" notes. Since Oct-Present i put up with Mr. Taurus, weird yet moody individual for self... Going from Hot to Cold them back to hot. He tells me Im his Queen and he's not short on I love You's but i don't feel it , He's still bitter from the past, of which most of our issues steam from, i try to be supportive and hang on in there, but from one Taurus to the nxt He's operating on a sub-level i just can't lower my standards....someone pls give some good advice, Recently Mr. Taurus for my April B-Day he stood me up one night claiming he's in a no contract no base job..so he had to earn $$ only to act like nothing happen ..he says i love you and the thrill 4 me is standing @ the door waiting 4 the cab cause my heart can't take the socio-physcio-deviant antics, the part that wants to stay is still in love from like 20 years to infinity. God please Clarify and sanctify this Union... Help!!!

Anonymous said...

To the Cancer, May 6 2011----

With Taurus individuals, you will have to learn to speak our langauge. We speak with our eyes. Pay attention to this. Walk across the room and shrug it off as if you're ready to get him something. Look at the corner of your eyes. Observe the way he looks at you. This stare can be almost hypnotic. You will feel as if he just placed you in his comfort zone, and you will find yourself smiling. This is the only time you will know how he feels about you. If we could capture that moment, we would take it with us. In the beginning, we verbalize NOTHING! We analyze your actions, and do some ''fact-checking' on you when we're not with you. We take our time. We're confident on knowing that patience is a good virtue...if it was meant to be, then things will happen when it feels right.

But my advice, don't be a timid Cancer. Be bold and persistent if you want your Taurus. Don't hold back. If you do, he will do the same.

Tauruses are hopeless romantics, and quite territorial. Remember our motto, "I have." He wants your heart. No compromising or bargaining necessary....And he will wait patiently until he has it! This also includes the overwhelming PDA's you get when you see him. He can't keep his hands off of you, right? And yet, you completely forgot why you were mad at him in the 1st place. Yes, we're masters at seducing you. We want our traces to linger in the absence of you. How does he kiss you? I bet you feel like the sexiest individual on earth. He's probably also very nurturing, where you seem to feel co-dependent when you're with him for some reason, even if you're the most independent person on the planet. We want you to feel safe with us. This is how we reel you in. Remember, you heart? We want all of it! How else can we pull off the hot and cold moments? LOL>

I hope this explains it...

Anonymous said...

I would like to also add...
Your Taurus man needs to only know 3 things...

1) Who are you? (don't be pretentious, tell us and show us who you really are). Why are we slow to initiate? Simple. We're cautious. We don't want to settle for one persona, just to find out that we're stuck with somoeone who is completely different from the initial person we met. Yes, we hate change!

2)What are your intentions? Relationship? FWB? Friendship? Be direct and precise in this. No BS. The more certain you are. The more certain we will be.

3) Where is this headed? If you can't answer this question, then don't waste our time. We hate head games. Don't expect us to decide for you. Or pursue you for that matter....You won't win, trust me! We're masters at being stubborn. Even if we're really feeling you, we won't budge!

Anonymous said...

"Even if we're really feeling you, we won't budge!"

True. My friend is a Taurus, he is madly in love with this Sag girl. But he treats her like she is just another person. He cuts her call short, he don't talk to her more than a few minutes.

But inside he is madly in love with her. When we ask him why, he says what if she think of me as clingy or bugging type. LOL

Anonymous said...

"Even if we're really feeling you, we won't budge!"

Oh my God you are so right about the Taurus when you said he is in love with sag but treats her like just another person.

I am not trying to toot my own horn, but I have a lot of men that are attracted to me but i tell my Taurus guy that i love him and want us to be more. he says he loves me one minute then say in texts i got love for you. i would have people telling me how beautiful I am and he will never give me a complimant. he will just stare at me. he will give my cuzin or my friend a complimant but will say nothing to me. we have been dating for 4 months and he said he is not trying to have sex with anyone but me and that i have him but he makes me feel like i am buggin him when I ask him to come over or lets go out. he makes excuses. I cut him off every week becuz of this and dont answer his calls. When i dont he will keep calling and text me why am I ignoring him and he wants to spend time. It seems that he wants to spend time when he wants it. i told him I will have to date like 2 dudes to be ok with what he is giving me. he keeps saying to be patient but I am a libra and I need attention all the time or at least make me feel like you giving it when I want it instead of when you want to be bothered. His friend tells me that he is really into me that i should not worry about it. But he does things to get me jealous like if i see him at the club he will watch me and if a guy come up to me he will start and dance with a chick to piss me off. So I give it right back to him but worst then he throws it in my face that i am talking to guys. I get mixed singles he acts jealous but refuses to show me more. I am ready to give up. When he realized this guy took me out on a date and bought me food he asked me to come over and lay with him. I did and he got up and made me breakfast, we ate had a good morning but after I leave I call him later telling him I am coming over then he said no that he is going to be busy. I am like so is another woman coming over he said why does that matter your going on dates. But honestly I know there is no woman he just want to piss me the hell off. I dont get it. why cook me breakfast and want me there but then tell me no dont come over right now I am studying. wtf is that

Anonymous said...

I don't understand Taurus man either. I'm a Sagittarius and I dated him for about 8 months, until he ended it last week. I was really devastated and heartbroken because I was really in love with him. The problem arise when I asked him about his feelings. He doesn't really tell me about his feelings and he feels that 'action speaks louder than words'. But after few months dating, I just want to know where I stand and ask some reassurance from him. And he has never said 'I love you' to me. That doesn't really bother me as long he treats me nice but being a girl, sometimes you just need to listen from him about how he feels. Anyway, we had big argument last week and he took it too seriously and broke up with me. He said that he's afraid that he cannot meet my expectation in the future and doesn't want to hurt me as he is unsure what he wants. He said that its better to get hurt now than later. But I convinced that I'm willing to risk it and just see how the relationship goes in the future. Being a stubborn Taurus, he ignored me and was being so cold towards me. Nothing can ever change his mind and decision. I haven't spoken to him for almost a week and I miss him terribly. I want to give him space but I'm afraid if too much space given, he'll draw apart. I don't know what to do. This is the first ever argument we had throughout this relationship and I took it as a learning experience to make me become a better person. But him on the other hand, just simply ended it without even considering what I want. What should I do?

Anonymous said...

Just Leave him ......this is just a feeling..and feeling will end after sometime....Think Intelligently.....If that TAURUS ,loved you then he will be Back......otherwise if he leaves you....then also its very good coz in that case ur away from such an Narrow Minded TAURUS.....who leaved you in a small Fight.....
If its your mistake....then apolozise it....in the sense that it is not to make a relationship stronger but to appolozise for the mistake done....this will show that you are not insecured.....

and if you want him back ,then urself take 2 steps back.....n wait for him...if its not your fault.....This will increase your respect in his mind.....or if you reacted like an emotional Butterfly.....It will add to his advantage...

n just be enjoying n keep yourself busy...read good books.....this will attract others to you as well......or if you remain hurt then you will be at the centre of unattraction.....

If You think ,you can do.....if you give this to you mind a very big picture ,it will accept it as a big picture.....

In this World ,lots of people are doing lots of powerful things.....n what ur doing is so common.....do diffrent and get diffrent.....

bbyee good luck :)

Hehe ,I dont Beleive on all this.....but to tell you
I am a Taurus BORn on 18-May....

Anonymous said...

Hehe Sagitarius......Well First of All i dont Beleive in this....but b4 i used to .....

I would advice you , if you are faulty then you shud go n appolozise not in the sense to make up relationship but to show that you found urself guilty and are not insecured to appolozise...

Just leave him ,if this is His Fault......n wait for time ...if he really loved you n liked you....then he will definetly return....else leave him coz he is so narrow minded and insecured ...that could not even return to say Sorry...!!

See this is a Feeling ......n ofcrc feeling is not permanent...it will disappear after some time for sure....as it does for everybody.....

Think Practically....n do Big Task......live life like King size.....There are Many peoples on this PLanet that are doing Wonders.....they have devloped themselves like that.......If you show patience you will definetly learn Something....n this will increase ur character.......Enjoy the Life.....this is just a very small and common issue....which u shud not give so much space.......

If you remain hurted...then you will be at the center of unattraction.....n others will also remain unattracted to you.....just show humor,enjoy...the life as it has more to offer...
n people will follwo you..........

Well to say...i am born on 18-MAy ....a TAURUS..

bbyee Gud Luck

Anonymous said...

Hehe Sagitarius......Well First of All i dont Beleive in this....but b4 i used to .....

I would advice you , if you are faulty then you shud go n appolozise not in the sense to make up relationship but to show that you found urself guilty and are not insecured to appolozise...

Just leave him ,if this is His Fault......n wait for time ...if he really loved you n liked you....then he will definetly return....else leave him coz he is so narrow minded and insecured ...that could not even return to say Sorry...!!

See this is a Feeling ......n ofcrc feeling is not permanent...it will disappear after some time for sure....as it does for everybody.....

Think Practically....n do Big Task......live life like King size.....There are Many peoples on this PLanet that are doing Wonders.....they have devloped themselves like that.......If you show patience you will definetly learn Something....n this will increase ur character.......Enjoy the Life.....this is just a very small and common issue....which u shud not give so much space.......

If you remain hurted...then you will be at the center of unattraction.....n others will also remain unattracted to you.....just show humor,enjoy...the life as it has more to offer...
n people will follwo you..........

Well to say...i am born on 18-MAy ....a TAURUS..

bbyee Gud Luck

Anonymous said...

june 15 2011 saggi...

i think it's over. im a taurus and i broke it off with my saggi gf not to long ago. very similar situation to yours. im pretty sure im not your ex bf btw. anyways, once a taurus makes up his mind it's done. he liked you, but not enough to take the relationship to the next level. he probably wasn't ready for it.

we have veery great foresight so he probably saw something in the relationship that could of been a problem down the road. maybe he thinks you'll get bored of him and leave him. i've dated a few a saggis and that thought crossed my mind quite often. thats life try to move on and be positive.


Anonymous said...

I am a Taurus man very much like the one described in the article.

To the Saggi - June 15, 2011
I recently broke up with my Saggi gf not too long ago. The situation was so similar to yours it's scary (btw I'm sure I'm not your ex bf). You should move on because once a Taurus makes up his mind it's done. You'll be ok though just stay positive Saggis are good at that.

Us Taurus observe everything around and have great foresight. He probably saw something in the relationship that could be a problem in the future that you didn't. I've dated a few Saggitarius girls and I can never feel safe with them. I feel like they will get bored of living my safe and routine life and leave. They can be careless with their money and my money and it bothers me. They feel the need to always go out. They flirt with other guys with out realizing it. Please notice all those things listed threaten our sense of security. If we don't feel safe in a relationship we are not happy.

I don't mean to rag on Saggi females because they are fun people and easy to get along with. They are always dressed well and very stylish. If they want to be with a Taurus they have to learn to make them feel secure.

To one of the Libra ladies:
We do not like to play games but if we perceive that you are playing games then we will also play games to be on the safe side. If you are seeing other guys and flirting with other guys we will feel like shit and in return will try to make you feel like shit.

Tip to some of the other ladies:
When it comes to relationships Taurus guys move VERY slow. If you got yourself in a "sea of confusion" about how your Taurus guy feels, sometimes you have to take the bull by its horns but before you do this you should make him feel like it's safe to move forward by giving him subtle hints.

Now I'm kind of pissed because I tried to write this up 3 times on the new iPad but kept hitting the wrong button.

Anonymous said...

Taurus Guy, Thank you. My Taurus guy is driving me bonkers but I understand now. I am tired of the games and over it already. I feel like he keeps so much in and wont discuss much and when he does that he keeps me at a distant and sometimes dont want to be touch and seems cold. But at the same time he wants me there with him. He constantly ask me do I love him or want a relationship, when I say yes he will say I got love for you and say he cant do a relationship right now. So I am like why are you always asking. Its almost like he needs to be reassured that I still love him and want to be with him but say he cant be in a relationship now. Crazy. This is the most confusing relationship I have ever been in.

Libra Woman

Anonymous said...

im a virgo women i have been seeing this taurus guy for a month now and everything seems almost perfect to good to be true to be exact except im struggling to come to the terms of his undecisive behaviour one moment he all into me the next he is distant,s till there but distant- does this guy really like me, is he feeling the same as me... the sex is amazing truely amazing and when we together we cuddle and kiss eachother feels like a match made in heaven on my side...im just not sure if im wasting my time coming across to strong because i run after him mostly, should i back off and let him run or must i keep chasing after him....

confused confused virgo girl....what to do what to do :) :(

Anonymous said...

I am needing some taurus advice. My taurus and i have been doing yhe back and forth thing for awhile. Almost a year. The short story is we dated for three months then i get an email where he tells me he doesnt want me to vanish from his life but cant give me the 110% i deserve. So i try to make sense out of it. Two days later he is textinf me. So months go by and i still hear from him from time totime. Text message. Then out of no where he asks me to meet him for dinner. I do and its as if no time has passed. We started spending more time together. He got a job transfer and we spend teo months together before he left and moved to florida. Also i need to say we work for the travel industry so this is not a huge thing. So he moved and things seemed ok. He would call and we woild text. Then two weeks after the move an ex cowork texted him and asked how serious we were. He freaked out and i got another email. Saying he didnt think what we were doing was dating since he lives 1200 miles away. Blah blah. I wrote him back and he said he liked my style. Then about a month ago i went to florida for business and saw him. At the business dinner he sat by me. Work people who didnt know joked and said we looked like we were on a date. After dinner he texted me to let me know he got home. Which i did not ask him to do. The next day he and i went to.dinner alone. It was pretty, dinner on the beach. He wasnt very touchy. But he did feed me some of his food at the table off his fork. He then drove me around. Didnt take me to his apt but when he took me back to my hotel i did invite him up and he did comd with. I gave him a massage. After he hugged me kissed me, put his arms around my waist and patted my butt and left. The next day i was supposed to stay longer but something came up at work and i had to leave in a hurry without saying goodbye. He texted me and said he wished i would have seen him to say goodbye. Once i explained it was work he was fine. Now he hasnt really been contscting me. If i contact him he responds with lighting speed and will return calls but he isnt starting much. Why? Help so confused? How do i handle this? Please explain his behavior?

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm a gemini female. I noticed you didn't have a Gemini perspective. I have been dating a Taurean for the last 5 months. I love this article because it describes him perfectly. I have read quite a bit of material that says we, Geminis and Taureans, are not compatible. I beg to differ. It is true, Taurean men love to be in control and love to be "king of all they survey". Furthermore, they do plot to get what they want. They bait and play games. I find it funny. That's probably because I'm a Gemini and figured out his games long before he ever decided to play them with me. I play them back, which confuses him or ask him in a gentle way about why he does that when he could just say what he wants. I assure him he has no worries with me and that I will give him whatever he wants as long as he opens his mouth. He is like putty in my hands after a convo like that. Then I don't talk to him for a couple of days. I believe that is why he clings. He has never met someone that recognizes why he plays games and counters with strategically placed assurances. I know what you're thinking, "Why do they play games and act so aloof or evasive even?" It's because they want to know you are going to stay with him through thick and thin. They are fearful of losing people they care about so before they quickly induct you into their inner circle they chronicle your responses to the games they play. Once they know you're loyal their yours forever.

As for him entertaining other women, I have issued a warning. If I get wind of another women breathing near someone that looks like him, it will be a life changing experience for everyone. Then, I'm packing my stuff and leaving. I have also told him if he feels like he needs to talk to another woman he needs to tell me so we can rectify his unsatisfied desire. This did two things: (1) He hates to know his euphoria would be disturbed, so he would do anything to maintain it and (2) reminds him of my loyalty to him and my desire to fulfill his wants/needs.

So, I know what you're thinking.....,"What were you saying about compatibility?"....lol. I'm saying I recognized what I was dealing with after a couple of weeks and immediately began a counter plot to capture him...lol. Our compatibility lies in our abilities to play to each others' personalities and desires. He likes to control everything, so I let him think he's in control. Then I pour on the assurance and validation, which he also loves. Then he worships me, which I love! Compatibility!!

Anonymous said...

Leo female here. I had an affiar with a taurus man and boy was it a roller coaster! I was on the verge of a divorce and had started moving on with my life. Met mr. taurus a year prior and we were platonic friends. Out of the blue he contacts me and from there we started a email correspondence. We literally chatted via email every day all day for a month. He had a gf but it wasn't a good relationship either so we filled each other needs. Passionate, strong, best sex ever, affectionate and tender. I experienced many firsts with him, and he always went out of his way to see me...sometimes three times a day. At some point I realized I needed to give an honest effort to fight for my marriage once and for all, and so I had to cool things off with mr. taurus. He said he understood and wanted my marriage to work, but I know he was hurt as was I. He loved me and said he never met a woman like me. The issue is getting him out of my system. One minute we don't communicate for weeks, then he's emailing or calling my job, asking me how I'm doing or showing up at my job randomly to see me. The feelings come flooding back, then I miss him and what we had. After that I'll email him or call, and then he doesn't respond and disappears again for another few weeks. I'm so tired of it.

Yes they keep a pool of women. He frequents dating sites and social groups constantly meeting and associating with women putting them thru the rigorous investigation they do so well. I feel like I'm a back up for him. Like he just pulls me off of the shelf when he wants to be bothered and then it's cut off cold turkey again.

On the bad side, they are very controlling, possesive, and have a hard time letting go of ex's. He definetly had a rotation. They play the perimeter...acting laid back and quiet while they plot, and send signals to lure you in. When they get your attention and you respond with directness the roller coaster takes off! They are all in. I'm not sure why they go hot and cold so much and have such a hard time communicating effectively but I do believe deep down they are very insecure.

They are charming, romantic, sexual/sensual, will do anything for you if they love you, but will rarely verbalize how they feel. It was like pulling teeth to get him to communicate his feelings, but they do show it in actions. I'm not sure I want to be involved with another one because when it doesn't end well it's hard to break the spell.

Aqua said...

I'm an Aquarius who dated (and dumped!) this Taurus-player type who acted like a nice guy with me. I didn’t find him physically attractive and rejected him at first. But he barraged me with phone calls, texts, love notes and flowers for months til I finally fell in love.

He started talking marriage, kids at the beginning of the relationship (sweet, creepy or manipulating my emotions?). But then I caught him sending dirty texts to another girl, and he found a way to blame me for it! I thrashed his apartment (don’t mess with an Aquarian lol). He took me back and voluntarily gave me his phones and email addresses with all the other girls’ contact details.

His phone never stopped ringing - girls asking him why he's not replying/answering calls, they love him, miss him, wanna screw him, pleading to see him, blahblah. I’m talking about 20 girls per day! It was shocking. At the time I thought he was leaving them for me, but now, it just reflects what a cruel man he is. He even laughed at those girls, calling them idiots, unimportant, just for sex etc. So heartless.

I think their style is to act like the perfect guy to make you fall in love, but after having sex with you, they’ll start withdrawing and wait for you to come chasing after them. It’s about this time that they think they’ve conquered you and start looking for the next conquest. And no, they won’t tell you it’s over outright because they want you to be conveniently there when they want your body and ego-stroking again.

In the end I’ve realized I’ve better things to than to worry about an insecure man who always has to be reassured that he is wanted, so I did the classic Taurus disappearing act on him. I deserve an honourable, mature man who gives me peace of mind. And ladies, so do you.

But my god, the sex was addictive!!!!

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

To Aqua (and all other women reading here) Aqua I know you weren't acting like this but I read this and I just had to comment on this because I see it all the time.

Please note that when women behave like this "girls asking him why he's not replying/answering calls, they love him, miss him, wanna screw him, pleading to see him, blahblah" . . . here's what that translates into in a man's mind - DESPERATE.

And desperate = DOORMAT

Act like that with a man and you will instantly become a woman in his "rotation."

Here's what confident women do:

- Let a man phone YOU, it's NEVER the other way around - EVER. If he doesn't phone, you don't want him anyway, trust me.

- Men likes challenges, they LIKE to chase. Let them. (This is why women who offer themselves up on a platter receive doormat treatment. There's no challenge.)

Here's one way to look at it. A man goes hunting. Someone walks a deer on a leash out in front of him (i.e. a woman offering herself up on a platter). He shoots the deer (i.e. conquers the women sexually) and goes home a winner. Thrill is gone, challenge barely existed and the experience is hardly worth mentioning.

Now consider this. A man goes hunting. He's in the woods before dawn. After three hours of excited anticipation, here comes the deer. He shoots and misses. Now he's really amped up. He takes another shot and lands it. But the deer doesn't fall, it runs.

Now his blood is pumping and he's running on pure adrenaline. He gives chase, weapons loaded. After 3 miles of stalking, he finds his target. He takes another shot, the deer is off again. A mile later, he finds it again and delivers the death blow.

This man will tell that story for the rest of his life and that will go down as one of the greatest experiences he's ever had hunting.

MEN ARE HUNTERS, LADIES. Let them hunt . . . YOU!

If it's the other way around, there's a power imbalance. YOU have the power - use it.

Please ladies, do not act like the desperate girls that Aqua described in her comment. For the love of God, please do not behave like that or you're in for a world of continued hurt and rejection.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

I'd like to also add that it's the women who act like that that are ruining it for the rest of us.

Men don't work at courting a woman anymore because women no longer demand to be courted.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mirror of Aphrodite, I somewhat understand what you are saying but at the same time we are all grown and with any other sign when we building relationship and meaning spend time together, go out, etc and do this over months or years time, as a woman or a man we assume or expect that there is a bond or something that is growing. But when a taurus male enter into this and he accomplish what he wants and that is your heart then he decides to retreat and move on to the next challenge. Now in saying this, there has been months and years of doing this. It is not something that the woman is just putting her self thru for nothing. Each party goes into it for a reason and when you speak to a taurus male he leads you to believe he wants the same thing you want or even if he does not at that moment because he does not know how to express himself he makes you believe that this is how it suppose to be and we are working towards the same goal. But the they start to play the game, hot and cold no calls or answering them when they want to or texting when they feel like it. But if you do this to them they have fits. Then it turned on them and so you give him another chance, then the cycle begins after he has won you over again. My thing is this game can go on for months and even years. Truly it is a waste of valubale time. You may have other signs that does this as well but not to this extent the two gets tired of it and a decision is made to move on or not. BUt with Taurus they love it. With any other guy you may be married in 2 years but in 2 years your still going thru bs with the taurus male because he is insecure with himself that he has to have woman want him and make him feel special.

I know we all have things to work on about ourselves. But this is something that taurus men need to work on. No one wants to go thru life living in this manner till he gets tired of it or get burned a few times himself. So I will not give these men an out by saying we serve ourselves up when this happens over a period of time. We are all adults. It should be a disclaimer on their forehead that says "listen I am a taurus and I am wishy washy and I may whoo you over time, take you out, spend time, may tell you I love you and even introduce you to my family but I will also after I have won you over and have your heart drop you like a bad habit and then pick you up when ever I feel like it."

And this is coming from a person that have deal wtih several taurus men and they all do the same. I now ask men I meet what their signs are because I run when they say taurus. What I dont get is when you play these games with them, they are very jealous almost in a threaten manner and they hate you to play games with them. But the try to master the shit with you and you suppose to just wait it out and play it with them. The only thing is I am a libra I will also move on to the next and have them running with their head cut off but I ask for what? Grow up and say what you are about from the beginng, stop being so insecure that you need a bunch of women to validate you. We as women can have that without trying and make you want to damn near kill yourself... Truly ridiculus...

Ms. Libra

Poor Guy said...

Dammit! Its scary that everything here pinpoints my character.

Seriously I don't plan all this stuff. It just comes to me naturally. Only after reading all this, I come to know how bad this actually is.

Here is what I do: When I meet a woman, I generally try to be nice. No matter how good or bad she is.

I decide what to do next based on how she reacts/responds to me. End of the story.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Dear Anonymous,
I understand that our emotions, at times, can override logic when it comes to men.

Here's what's key to focus on with these guys, ". . . so you give him another chance, then the cycle begins after he has won you over again." If a Taurus guy tests you for a reaction, to see how you'll handle something, it will dictate his next move.

Don't believe me? See what "Poor Guy" said above?

And if he tests you and your reaction is to tolerate his disrespectful behavior and dole out second chances . . . he now knows he can take advantage of you with his next move and he'll disrespect you - because he knows you'll rationalize this via emotions and ultimately tolerate it. He now knows that you're hooked and not using your logical mind.

Basically, he's got your number and knows he can get away with murder with you - because you'll stay.

Again, read "Poor Guys" response above. This is classic Taurus motivation. (And thank you, Poor Guy, for being honest here.)

If you do not respect yourself enough to cut him and his disrespectful treatment off cold turkey . . . he ultimately feels he doesn't have to respect you by not doing it.

A man will always only treat you the way you demand to be treated. And you can't demand it in words, it has to be through action. When a man behaves badly, you should never reward him for it (i.e. give him a second chance).

Think about it. If your girlfriend was telling you a story about this guy yanking her chains, disappearing and reappearing all the time - would your logical mind advise her to stay and issue a second chance? Nope, you'd tell her to dump him. Why? Because you're not emotionally involved in the situation and can see it for what it is, with your logical mind. Problem is, when you're in that situation, you're making decisions based on emotions and not using logic.

It's always best to use your head with a Taurus male and not your heart - otherwise, the above situations that many women are describing will manifest.

Trust me, I learned the hard way. I'm a Taurus female and spent 12 years with a Taurus male. .

And being a Taurus myself, do you know what kind of men I respond to in a positive manner? The one's that don't take my crap :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear The Mirror of Aphrodite... I truly understand and I also understand Poor guy and that is why I do not really mess with Taurus men because of this reason. I have Taurus female friends as well like 5 of them for that fact and they play the same game as well. The funny thing is they also get played and the one that they want they cant have. So I sit back and watch them and how they react to a person that is good to them and it really is a shame. Why deal with someone that is just going to give you a hard time and you have someone that truly cares for you and you chose to take them for granted. I feel that Taurus men are the loser in the situation not the other way around. Because at the end of the day we as women move the hell on. I was married for 16 years and left with no problem and yes I gave my husband a second chance because you decide if the man is worth a second chance or not. But after that its a done deal,when you do see the repeated offenses. Now on that note I have never been disrepected by a Tuarus male because I dont play that shit from no sign, but the wishy washiness was played out and I would cut his ass off when he started the shit. Trust and believe I am no saint either, he had his hands full dealing with me. I am no push over by any means. It does not matter what kind of women they get, they do this to damn near all the women. Its about concur to them and to see how long the woman would put up with that shit before the woman either leaves or they say fck it I mine as well wife her she has put up with my ass this long.

The one taurus guy that I was into was very jealous and seen that I got a lot of attention from men, so he would go out of his way to do the opposite, which I looked at it as his being insecure. I tried to make him feel secure but the more I did the more insecure he was. He would try to make me jealous and let me know that women were attracted to him. Me being who I am I would just say well keep it moving to the next because that is all I am going to do. I dont like settle for less than. If you cant be a secure enough man to stand beside me than I dont need you infront or in back of me... So at the end it is Dueces.

As the saying goes for women and men. We like challenges and the only reason why I liked him is because he was a challenge for me because i was used to getting my way but when the tables were turned he did not like the challenges I would take him through.

We make that mistake whether we are men or women. We love the one that is going to challenge us. The thing with Tuarus men is they do it as a sport. As time go on usually people grow out of that and start to mature in their relationship. Some of the men dont. I as a woman dont need that constantly, I love a little challenge but damn not like that because it only shows me that you are insecure as hell to constantly play these games to make a woman go thru the bullshit over and over again. And this is reading all the stuff I see that they do but it is also their character. I have nothing against them but i would rather be a friend. Now the guy i was dating is just friends with me now but trust and believe he is one hating ass when he see that my ass has moved on... I just say your loss but we still friends.

Ms. Libra

Anonymous said...

I'm a Gemini woman who is currently going through emotional withdrawal after breaking it off with a Taurus male. I had not dated or been interested in anyone for quite a while when I met him 8 months ago. After meeting and talking for a week I agreed to spend his last week of vacation with him getting to know him. The chemistry between us was instantly amazing and we both were shocked and excited about the seemingly mutual and very intense feelings. The only problem was he lived out of state. For several months we kept in touch with phone calls, long written emails and texts daily. He started telling me he was in love with me, sent me lovely weekly cards and flowers monthly on the anniversary date of when we met. He had been planning to move to my state before we met and as his move date grew near we highly anticipated our reunion. By this time after long hours of daily conversations I was hooked and he assured me he was too. He said I was all he could think of and he couldn't wait for our life together. That lasted for about 2 months after his arrival. The city he moved to is still a couple hour drive from where I live but very doable. When he came to stay with me he would suddenly get distant, withdraw and was constantly texting. I continued to completely cater to his needs, cooking wonderful dinners, planning special dates and loving him. I just thought it was due to his transition and tried to back off & give him space. The sexual chemistry and flirting between us was intensely hot for both of us but I felt something else was going on. He would sometimes go 4 or 5 days w/o contacting me & I would be going out of my mind...but didn't want to seem needy. Then last week he invited me to his home for the w/e. After a fun date night & great sex (during which I could hear his phone beeping) he went to sleep then I checked his phone where I found a stream of texts between he and another woman from earlier in the evening where he was telling her how in love he was with her and that no, he wasn't with anyone else that night....she was the only one for him. I was devastated and I couldn't believe it!! I confronted him and he said he was so confused that she was just a friend, that I didn't understand how "special" I was and that he couldn't give me up. But he couldn't give her up either! Screw that, I made the decision for him & left. Since then he has stalked me a bit trying to woo me but I'm done. Would never trust him again. Seems like a game to him. Was NOT a game to me, I had fallen and it's difficult to stay away but stay away I must for my own sanity. I had been suspicious and asked him a month before which he denied, I couldn't shake my intuition and so glad I now know the truth. Feel lucky I got away before I completely lost my heart and mind. I have dated several Taurus men and this was my second Taurus (major intense) love. The first one in my 20's nearly did me in. Our passion was so great for each other he left the state for 6 months to get away from me cause he said he knew he either had to leave or marry me and he knew he wasn't ready to be faithful. Found out later he had at least 4 woman on a string when he left but I was his priority. I got over him eventually and we remained great friends thru his life. A few years ago he wrote me a very long poem about I had been the love of his life and the one woman he regretted letting get away. What is it with Taurus men and why am I so intensely drawn to them? Once I'm hooked it's like an addictive drug that I have to stop cold turkey. I can tell you that right now my heart is breaking cause I fell hard this time and wanted so badly to believe that it was real. I miss him so very much but know I need to stay strong and stay very far away. Thank goodness we don't live in the same town!

Gemini Woman (Sag rising)

Anonymous said...

This is the Gemini (Sag Rising) again. I did buy the Kindle version of "Why Men Love Bitches" and after a quick read realized that I did give my power away. Due to the 3 months of written & verbal communication only, he never had to prove himself in person to me. I did not get to know his true character, only what he presented as true. After he arrived here and would get distant with me, I would shove him out the door and ignore him. Then he would bombard me until I gave in with me either driving to see him or him driving to see me for a few days. He loved being at my house and made himself very much at home when visiting. I understood his routines. When I went to his house he would totally cater to me by cooking or taking me out. We flirted with each other all the time and the sex was beyond amazing, lasting for hours. He would wake me up in the middle of the night and whisper that he loved me then start all over again. But even in spite of all that I still felt something in my gut wasn't right. Thank goodness for women's intuition, it never fails if you really dig deep and listen. A week before my final exit, he accidentally blurted out something on social media after I set a trap and baited him. Slow Taurus should never mess with a Gemini woman cause once we have our suspicions we will find out the truth and no matter how great the chemistry is between us, we will drop you like yesterdays news. Thanks again for "Why Men Love Bitches". I feel like I have my inner bitch back, I know I deserve better and I will never give it up so easily again. It's not just a Taurus thing but a "man" thing. I just have to be extra careful when I feel chemistry with a Taurus man cause I'm extremely attracted (addicted) to their sex appeal, quiet calm, charm and strength. Good luck everyone!

Gemini Woman

Anonymous said...

Hey there guys!!! As a Taurus female n my significant other bein a taurus male I have to say the article was dead on abt my idiot bf I've been thru some rollercoaster ride this year alone but thn again I realized I can play the same game too it hasn't made my relationship any better with him but just like him I too have a pool of male friends who are willing to anythin for soo just like his plannin or plottin I should say because I kno his alittle snake I'm doin the exact same thing n now I turn the table on him n won't stop callin n txtng me n whenever he wants to see me I make sure he's earned the right to see me because I can't let him think he can have whenever is convient for him!!! I'm happy to say his bowin down to me now!!!

Taurus Female out!!!!

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Gem Girl (Sag Rising),
WOW! Good for YOU, I'm so glad that helped someone. Personally, I think every woman should own a copy of that book. It's the "Bible" for women and now you understand :-)

And hopefully the insight that you've gleaned will do well for you. You're correct, it's not jut a Taurus thing, it's a "man" thing.

And always remember, YOU have power too, YOU have a say in the matter and YOU deserve to be respected and treated properly. So moving forward, use that power and love YOU - by making sure that YOU demand the treatment YOU deserve!

And if you aren't receiving the treatment you deserve - YOU WALK!

Go Gemmy Girl!

Anonymous said...

Everyone must check out the lyrics of Not in Love song of Enrique Iglesias(a Taurus) to get a grasp of what Taurus is all about in Love i.e. when not sincere.

Anonymous said...

That song is on point. that is definately the 10 Taurus guys I know. They are all the same. And are all single. damn shame.

Ms. Libra

Anonymous said...

I have been talking to a Taurus- taurus moon and I am a leo-virgo moon, since New Years Eve. He didnt even seem interested in me other than an occasional email, which we are 1000 miles apart, until I came back to visit and one of his friends lured me to his apartment after calling my friend and saying he would be over shortly just to ride with him. During this time his friend got the idea I was going to be with him regardless of what my taurus friend thought. He didnt want to leave me but he didnt rescue me from his friend that night either, but afterward a couple of days when I ran into him, he was constantly with me until I flew back home and told me to listen to a certain song, which now when I hear it several times thru the day, he ends up calling out of the blue.
He says he doesnt know if he wants a serious relationship and that he would understand if I moved on but then he says its not like Ive got 5 numbers I can call anytime and makes me think that Im exclusive to his affections.
I keep emailing, I mostly let him call me, on occasion I will chance calling him, if he is not with his buddies he is usually very receptive and warm, I write him poetry and always let him know he is the one that is in my heart and mind, and Im not in a hurry to find anyone else I am just looking forward to seeing him again. I think sometimes he drops subtle hints he has feelings very deeply for me, but he will not come straight forward and say anything other than after the ordeal with his friend, he was kissing me and told me he loved me and he could do this forever. Very confusing man, but my life is busy and Im going along for the ride, they say to have something you never had, you must do something you never did, so Im waiting patiently instead of being a Roaring Lion. What would be your suggestion for me?

Anonymous said...

SPEECHLESS... A Lot of characteristics you have described, I haven't run across yet because we've only been dating for a month and a half, but there is sooo much that has me jaw-dropped because it describes him to a "T". Me, I'm a scorpio...possesive, mysterious, controlling and deeply passionate. Out of anyone I've ever dated, this guy understands me the most. Like you described in your post, he comes around like clock work, he's at my house everyday, all night. Him and his son both, and he is a little uneasy if something just so happens to prevent him from this routine. Like you said, he's very private..when we're around people, he'll whisper to me. Even if we're at my place, he just rather talk soft and low so that only I can hear him. His sexual appetite is ginormous, I'm always a confident woman but with him, because of his sexual desire- it makes me feel much more womanly and beautiful. I love feeling secure, special, dined, and as if I'm the apple of his eye, and he seemingly knows this!! I'm a scorp so of course I keep my desires secret, so how does he know what I want?!?! lol. He compliments me but not with words- that is so F'ing seductive. I don't know why but I find flattery offensive most of the time, (I hear that most scorp's do) but he know's how to do it without the extra. He compliments with his smile, his gaze and sensual touches, then he kisses me and wrap his arms around me. A scorpio's dream! Honestly, its been almost 2mths, and I feel like its been 2yrs (sarcasm). This is just how comfy he has made me, now I'm wondering should I be afraid??? You know how scorpio's are, even if it isn't broken, we want to fix it anyway, suspicious of everything and eveyone. Like literally, one day we were exchanging number's and the next week, we couldn't stand to be apart. We both have seen the other's stubborn, hard headed, egotistical, somewhat cocky attitude and the funny thing is, it turns us on! He said he's never been with a chick that has bite, and I feel the same about him. I've never been with a guy that wasn't intimidated by my strong personality. And yes, I have caught him on several times staring at me, or should I say peircing through me. His deep, dark eyes always happen to land on me and I always wonder why, but I never ask. To make a long story short, what other people may consider flaws, him and I find them to be attractive qualities. I'm a huge lover of love, laughter and challenges and he seems to also be a fan of such so I think this is going to be a lovely union...hopefully. (:

Jen said...

to above scorpio girl,

Your relationship can be the best in the world or the worst. But not anything in between this, there is no neutral between a Taurus and Scorpio relationship.

And be warned that Taurus guys are always attracted to Scorpio women because they are the mysterious of all. Once Taurus solves this puzzle (scorpio woman's mind) he'll move on to solve next puzzle.

Anonymous said...

Question for The Mirror of Aphrodite:

I have had a friendship that evolved into a dating type of relationship with a Taurean male this year. It was meant to be more of a casual thing as I was really experiencing a bad time in my stable relationship during the experience. And for the Taurus he was seeing other people, he didnt really deny it or fully admit, i kind of just understood it. He definetely pursued me, even though he knew i was with someone else; all the traits mentioned in previous posts. I can see now he did it in the way a true Taurean would, and led me to him as well; however i feel that he was a little more naive in his ways.
He got possesive, jealous etc... then started to treat me badly, i think to see what he could get away with, and i told him it was over and that i wanted to be loyal to myself and not tolerate this treatment.
He found a way to appeal to my "nice side" (i am a cancer afterall) and he got me back in-i even deleted him off my msging list etc. but then added him back again.

Since then, i have deleted him yet another time only to add him back again, and recently i told him i was getting married and needed to cut him off. He simply responded that i cant do that just because im getting married and that we can remain friends as before. He was very upset when i fought him on this and i pretty much had to agree. He then wanted to make plans with me to go shopping and to help him out with a project. Which i found strange.
Last week he confesses to having a girlfriend the whole time that he was even courting me and dating me and even dating others. (dont know why he confessed really) He apparently wanted my advice because he wants to end it with her-- his whole family tells him shes not for him etc. I told him what i thought of him for lying to me and he said he knew what he did was wrong but he will do whatever i tell him to do with his current girlfriend becuase i give "good advice". BS i know! In any case he seemed very upset and said that he doesnt tell anyone things other than his brother and that this is a huge step for him. He wanted to know if he could call me before and after he broke up with his girlfriend that day. I felt bad and said of course--meanwhile im still in shock and trying to digest his confession. We then walked around a bit (we were both on break at work--we work together)and then he told me his cousin wants my contact details--something he mentioned to me several times before (apparently her and i have alot in common) then he even tried to say that he felt i was close to him like a cousin or family member...
He has also wanted to befriend my brother, but i kept brushing that off.
IN any case i gave him advice that night, he called before he went and then we spoke after. But i still felt irked inside, and the next few days i thought about it more and got very upset and vowed not to speak to him--he noticed as i was short when he was texting me and he said for me not to do that. I then had to see him at work a day later and he was worried i was upset with him and started to lie about his situation again; you see i dont think he even broke up with her that night or even saw her. I blew up on him and told him what i thought of him and went home.

We had to talk this week due to work and i tried to be civil and even nicer than i had to be. I dont know how to treat this situation and dont know what he wants from me? I am ready to move on in my life and am willing to be friends, however I dont think this is his intention.

He seems confused and doesnt know what to do...

Is he friend or foe?

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Dear Cancer Girl (annonymous above),
He is a foe my friend. This is CLASSIC Taurus stuff. Pay close attention to this statement from the piece I wrote above:

"All the while, he'll be acting coy and clueless in an attempt to disarm you of any agenda you may think he has. You see, for our Taurus males, that IS his agenda. . . .to disarm you (especially women) and make you think he has no agenda."

Classic stuff. He doesn't want to be your friend. He wants your attention and he doesn't want you to leave as an honorary member of his harem of female "friends." Understand? It's all about him. And once he gets your attention again, once you start to focus on him again, back to square one with this one.

Besides, I honestly do not feel that ex-lovers can remain friends. They can remain friendly, civil towards one another - but not true friends. One of the two always wants more. That's just the way it is and that's what will complicate the situation even further.

Look, I know emotions are involved here. You have to rid yourself of those right now. Use your logic, not your emotions. If a friend told you this story, would you advise her to buy what he's selling? Probably not.

Act like a woman - BUT THINK LIKE A MAN.

He's already revealed his true character to you. He's a liar, he's selfish, he plays women, he manipulates women's via their emotions, he's a game player - and he's not to be trusted. He's already admitted that.

Is that someone you'd like to call a friend? I think not.

And the fact that you've allowed him to roll in and out of your life once he gives a lame apology or explanation for his bad behavior - I hate to say this . . . but to a man, that translates as weak. It signals to him that you're able to be manipulated via some words and emotions. It signifies to him that you allow yourself to be played or swayed by - words. It's all ONLY WORDS.

His actions are speaking MUCH louder than his words, sweetie.

Do yourself a favor here. Empower yourself. Dump him like a bad habit and do it in a way that irritates men to no end - simply disappear from his world, without explanation.

Give HIM something to think about along with a taste of his own medicine. And don't shed a tear over this one - he's obviously not worth it or worthy of a quality woman's time and attention.

He's just spewing WORDS - again, ACTIONS are what speaks here.

I wish you much luck - you can do this and when you do, it'll feel great, trust me. Check back in and let us know how it goes. . .

Anonymous said...

I have offended a taurus male by misreading a message he sent me. I responded a little hot-headed and he said good bye. Won't answer me at all now. We were just starting a relationship and it was going great until my mistake. We were really just getting started. How do I win him back?
I'm on the cusp, Leo/Virgo, but definitely more Virgo than Leo.

Anonymous said...

I need some advise with my taurus guy please :(

Anonymous said...

I've been going out/dating with my taurus guy for 6 months now and its been a roller coaster ride. He is probably the nicest guy I have ever met. I like the idea of watching movie at his place or mine, he's asked me a few times but we didn't even get to that point. they do check on you everytime, he never fails to send me messages every morning. But they can act sweet and very much into you one day and the other you are like casual friends, he can text you and just reply whenever he wants to. I always just go with it, sometimes I wait for him to text me but sometimes I just text him myself.

We've gone past those days after he has introduced me to his family. The family seem to like me, they gave me a very warm welcome and his mom told me that I am welcome anytime. After that he's been so nice to me, texting me sweet messages everytime and has never ignored me at any cause. I actually thought for one second that this is heading towards something.

After I met his family, he texted me as soon as I got home that we wanted us to do something soon, timely its my moms birthday so I asked him if he wanted to come over. He said he'd love to. But on the day itself, he kept on texting he will make it, he might be late but he will come because it's important to him, he don't want to make bad impressions and he don't wanna disappoint me. Well he wasn't able to make it because he said he's not feeling well. It was a bit disappointing TBH, I didn't talk to him the following day but I let him get away with it. He was actually aware of what he did because he was so pleased that I'm still talking to him after the incident. Then like nothing happened we still continue to communicate.

Now came my birthday, he has asked me if he could take me out the day before my birthday and I agreed, that day came and he said can we move the dinner to the day after your birthday and I said okay. The day after my birthday came and he said, can I just come over to your house instead of us going out for dinner because Im so tired I did over time at work and so again I said okay. But guess what, he didn't came, last minute that night he texted me do you mind if I just see you tomorrow because I am really tired and I'll still be working tomorrow. but before I replied he texted me again saying pretend I didn't send that text, I've let you down before, I'll drive over soon. I don't know what I should feel, I just told him if he's not well then just don't come its okay. He replied with loads of BS that he feels like he is being a shitty person but he is just so busy right now and a lot is going on at the moment.

I think for awhile and decided that I need to say something, I can't just say its okay when it is not really okay. I mean its my birthday and I've had enough. I actually told him that he shouldn't go on telling people stuff and not keep his word for it. I told him that I'm not impressed at all. I didn't expect that his reply would be, yea, you're right I let down most people close to me. After that I feel so confused and I don't know if I shouldn't have said that or I could've just put up with it again.

We weren't in contact for 5 days now, I know its not been a long time but it is the longest time since we started talking. He have small misunderstandings before and it usually last about 3 days, he either gives in or myself. I don't really wanna be the one to give in this time. I don't know what I'm gonna do, I just so miss him but it feels like I'm doing the right thing for myself by not giving in. What if he disappear completely though? I know this is just a feeling and it will be gone in time but it Hurts!! :( Advice please!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, my tuarus is over 10 yrs older. We r both married to other ppl n each have 2 kids. He does or says nothing unless its on his own terms.
I'm a cncer ruled by the moon. I express myself completely n told him I can be intense. I understand he's not the type to express himself like me n that's ok. But he leaves me wondering where do I stand.? We agreed we r lovers. I said, I want only him and I will steal him away n keep him for myself. (joking) he tells me to do it. I said fine. I tell him I just just want to love him, take care of him the way I feel he should be. He tells me I can have all he has to give. It's a waiting game. If I wait, it def will be worth it. I tell him I will wait. But secretly I'm going insane waiting.

What is it that I'm waiting for exactly? Very frustrated. Any in sight would be great!

Anonymous said...

Hi, leo woman here (I'm sorry for my English but it's not my first language)
I met my taurus 3 weeks ago in a club. I was looking for my friends lost in a crowd and I bumped into this beautiful guy, he looked at me and told me I was beautiful and basically grabbed me and didn't let me go for the whole night. So we spend the whole night together dancing, drinking and talking and it was great, he was of course touching me and we kissed and kissed again. At the end of the night we decided to go home and he went back to my place and we had sex (I know, I know but I couldn’t help it and it was great). The next day he just stayed at my place till about 5pm, we were chatting and watching tv (his favourite program) as if we new each other for ages and he told quite a lot about himself. Then he left, he texted me as soon as he got home and it made me very happy (I had sex with him so quickly and I know in most cases it means everything is over). Then a day later he texted me again and the nest day he said he wanted to see me (it was Wednesday), I told him I had noting to do that evening if he wanted to come over, if not we could meet during a weekend. He replied that he would come over that night. He came we talked and had sex again, he slept in my place and we both went to work the next day. Then he went a bit quiet but then started texting me again and we met again on Sunday. We spent the whole day together and it was great, he went back to my place, I cooked him dinner and he was very happy and we watched a movie together and slept together again. Then he went quiet on me again and I started going a bit crazy but didn’t show it to him. I texted him a few days later and he replied immediately and told me that he missed me, and then again nothing for a few days. Then on Saturday he called me and told me that he wasn’t around this weekend and we chatted for a while. I was really hoping that he would ask to see me but no, and I didn’t ask him either. Then he went quiet again. I started reading about Taurus men on internet and I have to say I got very scared. I have no patience and I’m worried this disappearing game will make me crazy, so I was ready to give up on him especially that for the last week I was the one initiating all contact. Then I decided to try one more time and I left him a small message on his facebook, he replied the same night and said ‘I love you’ – I’m not joking! So the next day (Wednesday) I texted him that I saw his message and I would like to see him on Sunday and that I missed him. He replied that he should be free on Sunday and he missed me too and we left it like this. No contact again. I’ve decided to talk to him on Sunday and see what he really thinks. I’m going to tell him in a very nice way that he’s making me properly confused. Maybe it’s a mistake, maybe I should be more patient, start playing his disappearing game but I just can’t, I’m a very sensitive leo and not the most confident, I know it’s not for me. I have this big plan but he may not even turn up, I’ve read somewhere that is quite normal for them to make plans and simply not turn up and just disappear. If he does it I will not contact him again.
Well, I would be very grateful for any comments, any advice on how to handle him.
Thank you very much for any help :D.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Leo. My Taurus most certainly will not say something he doesn't mean. The silence thing is so true. But I have seen him make up his mind n if he is pushed to make up his mind, he down right won't out of stubbornness. Mine is very straight forward if I ask him a question that he wants to anwser. I can't judge u for sleeping with him the same night u met him. My guy is married and so am I. The magnetic pull he has over me is insane. I myself, have no way to explain that. I just know I love him and will do anything for him. If you feel strongly about your Taurus you will let him move at his own pace. As long as he is honest and you love him too.

Anonymous said...

It's kind of scary reading these posts and how parallel they are to my experience was with a Taurus. I am a Leo and did not survive the Taurus and honestly I wouldn't get so caught up in the astrology aspect of it. He is a man, unfortunately for the man it is all about the chase, once he knows or thinks he knows he "has" you game over. He will never really break it off but you will transition to more of a side girl role, and he will continue "interviewing" dedicating most of his attention to his newest interviewee until he finds the one that calls him on his bull, shows him interest, challenges him but keeps him secure and can hang in there long enough for him to fall in love, if you think he's worth it and you got time to waste have at it...The Taurus is upfront and honest during their period of infatuation you just have to listen and listen carefully, he won't make up his mind until HE'S READY the best way to keep the odds in your favor is to keep YOUR OPTIONS OPEN and don't sleep with him. Show interest, flirt, be his friend and get to know him, but draw the line, and resist those oh so irresistible sexual advances just keep yourself out of the situation to have sex, stand your ground and do not waiver, if you can manage this, by the time he makes up his mind you will not have exhausted yourself emotionally and still be around to be the one he chooses, but if you have given everything (and have self-esteem) you will not allow yourself to wait on a string and if you did he won't choose you anyway b/c you don't value yourself and he'll know he can drop back in whenever. To the Anonymous Leo, the call is not going to go the way you want it to, the Taurus is a master player, he will not turn up/disappear to test your patience and self value. He will keep you in this cycle until eventually you are so starved for attention you'll just move on, that way no messy breakup or broken heart on his conscious and it even leaves it open for him to drop back in if he decides to...the Taurus nature is to know how to please a woman so naturally he can get all those things a man would want from almost any woman without ever actually having to commit to her, so he needs you to make him work for it because that's how he defines the value of something, how hard he has had to work for it, he wants and needs to prove himself before a woman just gives her heart and all to him, if you fit into his plan financially (no debts, money savvy etc) you may still be in the running but the attention will dwindle as new prospects come into the picture. It is what it is, you do not have any commitment or exclusivity, you had sex with a nice, caring , charming guy but that does not make it any more than just sex. He's not a boyfriend, or even a friend, so realistically there is nothing to be confused about, because he called you after the sex and came back for more does not make it a relationship or put any requirements on him to do anything differently than what he is doing because YOU HAVE NOT REQUIRED HIM TO. He is behaving like a single man because he is. If you expect something different then tell him what you want, be clear and concise and he will let you know if he can give it. If you just want to see him or want his attention, say that, but I suspect you want much more. You can't expect him to behave as if he is committed to you when you have not asked for any commitment and doubtful he will give it to you in such a short time plus you have already given him everything without one. If he does come back around and you want more than caring sex don't just go back to sleeping with him without first being clear about your expectations and letting him first prove that he can live up to them...

Anonymous said...

Part I

I need advice on this one:
Sorry it ended up being very long, I guess getting it all off my system is kind of therapeutic.
We met online when we lived in different countries. It was fun, then all of a sudden he tells me that he is sorry that he got involved and that he does not want to hurt me! I respond that on the contrary that I am so happy for him, and that we are only pen pals and we have not even met for me to have any expectations of getting involved ! and that I would love to keep him as my friend.
Months later, I relocate, and we actually meet - he had broken up with the girl he was dating by then - and the attraction was overwhelming. It is like everything I have ever wanted in a man, mentally, emotionally, spiritually came to life. I was head over my heels, and kept teasing him about taking it easy on me, and that he will ruin me for all other men etc ... I was only visiting. He called a couple of more times, and we met briefly maybe one more time, usually we drive around in the car or go somewhere out doors. Most of the time after that he would call and chat about his kids ( he is divorced ) and about his plans for the weekend etc ...
One time he dropped by to show me something, and I hugged him good bye and then I felt my knees give way and I must have pushed myself into him - I guess, that is how he remembers things. I have never felt so comfortable in my life and it just felt like two pieces of puzzle that fit perfectly together. I am a Pisces female by the way.
I ended up dating some guys and when he called that one day, I was planning for my wedding and invited him over. He said that he will come to give me away and asked what should he wear etc ... and he kind of flirted with me about most likely I would marry him instead if he showed up. In all cases he did not show up to the wedding.
Almost a year passes by and I get separated; and neither one of us contacted each other for the whole time. One day I get an message saying that he is calling to check on me. I call back I tell him about my brief and miserable marriage - that ended in a psychological trauma etc - and he shares the fact that he proposed to someone he met on their 5th date ! got engaged for a couple of months, build a house together etc ... and then she walked out on him and called it quits. He was heartbroken.
I insisted that he drops by me on the weekend and gave him a very tight and supportive hug; then offered to keep him company running an errand in order to support him. The first thing he tells me on hopping in the car, is that he is not ready for a relationship and that he does not want to give me any ideas ! WTF? anyways, I care for him as person, and took that to mean he is protective of me; as he does feel responsible for me. He went into all kinds of details and started crying - and he just broke my heart. Then he tells me that he already met someone!! I was surprised and I said 'already'? – then was is the point of saying he is not ready for a relationship, something does not add up ! Anyways I knew that we will never get involved ( right from the start, call it Pisces curse the more I like a guy the impossible is it for things to work out ) because he never really suggested that, but I care for him as a person.

Anonymous said...

Part II

Seeing as I like him a lot, and I am the touchy feely type, I hug him and hold his hands a lot. I just wanted to be there for him. He first thinks that I hug him as a type of a security blanket? then he is sure that I do that because I am attracted to him sexually and I want to be with him; well I am attracted to him, but within the context of our relationship, I was really giving him supportive caring affection that is all, and I feel so at ease and comfortable with him that I always tend to want to spend more time with him.
he starts to call me occasionally to tell me about how hurt he is, then I had a death in my family so he was supportive me that too - and he would discuss the trauma I have over my marriage etc ... then he started to flirt with me on the phone? he said that he felt like teasing me !! Anyways one day I was sad, because he is planting all these ideas in my mind and I do not know what to do with them, he noticed I felt in pain and I said yes, it feels like a kind of torture what I am letting myself into. he said that he is not cruel and he does not want to hurt me, he changed topics. Disappeared for a while, then surfaced to tell me about a great weekend he had, and ask me about mine. He then commented, ah you seem happy! and I said, well yes I am. (which I was not because I missed him like hell )
Anyways, after my divorce is finalized we meet up, and I feel kind like being with him that is all, maybe watch a movie or so. So I invite myself to his place, seeing as I had to move things around mine and it was in no shape for company. I explained and after what seemed like endless phase of him driving around and around not telling me where he is heading and pulling my leg sometimes by heading towards my home, only to go a different way.
Anyways we watch a movie together, and then I spend the night and his place. We get intimate in the morning, but I am very shy, and really I was not expecting this when I asked to spend the night, I just wanted to snuggle and watch that movie. Anyways, between the shyness and the surprise and knowing that he does not love me, let us say while it was soft and tender, I just could not feel it with my heart; it was almost mechanic and I told him maybe I feel this way because I know you don’t love me and I don’t love him either (lying through my teeth – but what can I do when he keeps on telling me he is not ready for a relationship and does not want to feel like he is abusing the situation – my divorce).He said, but I really like you though. Then looked at me and said 'you only want the affection' and at one point I told him that I do not believe I have it in me to love any man – I just don’t have it in my heart (another lie as I have tons of love and care for him ) but well it is true, I do not feel I have it in me to care that much about anybody else. Anyways he said that he had a great time but that it felt awkward, so I said it is all right he need not feel sad, I am not his child and I am responsible. Asked if at least he felt less lonely, he said not really? That hurt. Throughout the night he said stuff like I love you, I want to … but well, that is men’s talk, no? then he says I am irresistible ! so he is attracted to me physically let us put it that way.
I am a Pisces and I am shy, so he wants me to be verbal in bed, I really can’t I would express my answers, and that did not make him happy. So when I went back home, upon his request gave him a call and told him all the things that I liked etc .. and the things I did not feel as much. He is hyper sensitive, so I could hear him get offended and end the call. I wrote him an apologetic message saying that he was amazing at it is all my fault, and that I do not want to lose him as a friend either, to that he answered you wont lose my friendship. A couple of days later I call to leave some data he requested and asked for him to call back. He did and he started flirting for a while, and we ended up on a laughing tone about a gift card

Anonymous said...

Part III

that he can use so as long as he is single. He laughed at the gift card part, and got really solemn as I mentioned till you are single, saying yeh I hear you! So I really do not know what to make of all this he tells me he does not want me to hurt, so I assure him that I won’t love him and I don’t want a relationship ( which I would die for ) but he gets sad and gloomy also.
Please advice – throughout our contact for almost 2 years now, I was never the one to call. He would disappear and come back tell me he was dating someone etc … Which I respected because I know how loyal he is. Now as you would imagine, I have never been with anyone around whom I felt so warm and cared for physically as well as protected and safe psychologically, but it is damned if you do damned if you don’t situation. At the same time Pisces females are extremely romantic and they are submissive by nature, so they give in to the man they love heart, body, mind and soul; and I just can’t do that with him telling me not to expect anything all the time! I just feel a mysterious connection with him, and I just feel like being his … whatever… just to be with him even looking at the horizon or staying their in silence. His possessiveness does not bother me, I kind of like it. I don’t know why?
If he does not love me, I can handle being his friend – on a platonic level as we used to – how do I tell him this without really offending him? He does not make it any easier by teasing me, then asking me not to have any ideas!
My therapist thinks he likes me, that is why he keeps on calling. I beg to differ; but at this point I am sure he himself does not know what he wants.

Anonymous said...

Part IV
forgot to mention that on a day off he calls me at 8:00 am, I did not get to answer on time. I call back 8:20 saying that I am sorry I missed his call and that I hope he is alright? and then he does not call back ! so I figued the phone must have redialed the number on its own?!
I am not going to call, as I believe I might have made things uncomfortable enough for him already ... strange. I just have no clue !
I say that there is something that I want to ask him to do for me, and then he says 'now you want us to have a relationship?! is that it?' and I said NOOOOOOOOOOOOO what gave you this idea! You asked me not to expect anything and I did not ! All what I wanted is for him to kiss me actually, to wish he said that he has to be in the mood for that, and he is not there yet! and the one time he forced himself to do it, he ended up with this woman who broke his heart ! so you would get personal with someone but not kiss them !

Oh my Oh said...

To the above,

He clearly knows what he wants. He is waiting for the right one and you seem perfect company(to his emotional, physical, sexual needs) until that.

If he really intended to marry you, he would have lavished you with gifts, taken you to the best of the best restaurants in the town and shown you his best! Did he do that?

Taurus - they want the best. You're divorced...(that disqualifies you) and he knows that you won't resist him or his sexual advances. To him, you're divorced and you're in need of emotional support. His case nearly the same. He also needs someone to cater to his needs until he meets the right one. He thinks its a Win-Win! No guilty feelings for him! lol

Be frank and ask him 'you want to marry me or not'(you'll get a straight forward answer, that I can assure!) That is the only way to get into our heads. Otherwise he would think you're ok with being like this and move on to finding the right one!

Anonymous said...

Hmm I'm a leo woman and have recently met a taurus man. Having had zero experience with a Bull before i googled as I'm just more than a little taken a back at this man.
Maybe its not a Taurus characteristic...I'm not sure so advice from a taurus would be much appreciated.
After communicating with him for more than 2 months via texts and phones calls etc and then just recently graduating to having had only 4 dates this guy is like FULL steam ahead!!!

He has not told me he loves me JUST everything thing else but!! Its like in his general conversation e.g. " when you move in " and " I want to care for you" and " all you will need to have is a hobby if you like "
He seems even be planning things all the time. Maybe he is just a fruit loop...I like him but its off putting when he talks away like this. I'm staring at him thinking is this guy for real?

There is most definitely chemistry between us and I like him alot but I'm still sussing him out and in the old do i, don't i go there phase but he has dumb founded me as he is so full on...its like he has made up his mind that i'm the one and that's it!!! AND so shockingly quick!!

Tell me is this normal??? Should i run for the hills? Or is this a bull trait and he has already made up his mind and he wants to possess? but over the top right?

soinlove said...

I am an aquarius and a emotional romantic one at that I "was" dating a Taurus male (ive known him since high school and we had a fling then after graduation we communicated off and on and he always expressed his interest in me but i wasnt really interested at the time then this past xmas after a bad break up we met back up and things went from there).When I say was as in he broke up with me while he is overseas and says we "will" get back together when he gets back if I am still available. Our relationship lasted 9months long distance and we seemed fine. then when he went overseas women started posting off the wall things on his fb page and when I kept asking about these two women and an ex that he added back onto his friends list he told me he couldnt deal with the drama while at war he needed to focus on his missions.Says He still loved me and i am one of the most wonderful women he has dated in a while I do everything he asks etc.he didnt want to get a dear john letter so he broke up with me. thinking i should live my life because he is probably going to be gone for a year and he may not be able to communicate and he wont be there at all. and says he'll love me more if we get through this. BUT i know for a fact that he flirts with other women online telling them that i broke up with him and telling them that he would like to get to know them and possibly hook up when he gets back. all the while telling me he is not trying to establish a relationships with anyone that it would be dirty of him to tell me he didnt want a gf while over there and then try to establish a relationship with someone and he was coming home to me. He still talks to his ex on skype and acknowledged he was in a relationship on fb but never who he was with not directly.I was even told for one reason or another to not post mushy things on his page.but he introduced me to his friends. he would pay to come home and pay for things but never bought me any gifts Ive bought plane tickets to go see him and bought him gifts on special occasions.when i struggled a lil financially he never really offered to help and i would never ask cause i figured he would offer if he could help.he was married once before and when he left for awhile she had gotten pregnant by someone else so i kinda think that has something to do with the situation but i dont know if im making excuses for him. and i dont know if he was flirting while we were together i trusted him but he's single and I know he flirts. i dont know what to think or how to feel i dont know if he is being for real with me and lying to these girls just cause they make him feel good for the time being or if he has no real plans on coming abck to me and he just doesnt want to hurt me even though i drop hints that i know its possible to find someone else and ill be ok if he doesnt want to be with me and he always says thats not the case he loves me and would be losing if he wasnt with me. All I know is I love him deeply or I wouldnt be writing this. but i dont want to be waiting and it be in vain.

Anonymous said...

Aries female dealing with 2 Taurus Males:

I had a bad experience with a Taurus and now I've met another Taurus that I like and I am very very weary of him. He says he will change my mind about Taurus's but I highly doubt it. My previous Taurus boyfriend pursued me at first, but so inconsistently I would even forget about him at times. All of a sudden he comes around and grabs my heart. After he graduated college, he went to Costa Rica and ended up posting picture of himself with this dumb blonde Costa Rican slut everywhere on his facebook. As an Aries, I cussed him out and tried to move on, only to go back to him a few weeks later. A few months after that, I saw the same slutbag on his phone background and flipped out. But because I missed, him so much, I went back to him again. A few months after that, we got in a huge fight one night and he left my house in the morning and I never say or heard from him again until the other night when I ran into him at a concert. Awkward. I am wondering how I go forth with this new Taurus or should I even go forth at all since they seem like such horrible, disrespectful lovers? They seem to have no attachment to other people at all and will leave at the drop of a hat and they all seem shady and have some dealings with something illegal always going on in their lives!!! What should I do?

Anonymous said...

Hello. I'm a Taurus male going through a tough time with a divorce from a Leo female after 13 years. There is NO arguing or bickering between us through this. She says she wants more. I have yet to know what "more" is. But, after all that I have done for her and her son, I can say I've given all I can. I'm hurt and angered that she feels that life with me is no longer adequate for her, but I refuse to show either emotion. I continue to be quiet and passive. Most of the above descriptions of Taurus males fit my disposition quite well. I like to flirt and I enjoy the reciprocation, but when I say ''I love you'', ''I'm sorry'', and ''I do'', then I mean it ....til the end! No games, no b.s. When i finally DO find a woman that means what she says in these aformentioned phrases, then I will be totally devoted to her and her alone. Nothing wrong with my throwing around a little ''mystery'' to keep her ''attracted'' to me. That's what we do. I've never been a cheater....just a one woman man. So, I don't know about the ''harem'' of women standing in line! This Taurus, as do most, needs a woman who has his back...24 7....who is devoted and know's what she wants...who shows appreciation for a man who works his azz off with dinner and a soft kiss on the neck....and yes, the sex is near the top of the list! Without it, we feel a break in the connection....we HAVE to have it, and will try anything to make the woman feel that she does as well.

aqaurius needs help said...

Oh my god I wish I read all this before I got with my mr.taurus.

We started as friends, he made me feel safe and comfortable, I knew he liked me but I was keeping away because he is older. I thought we were establishing a good friendship. He went on holiday and bought me gifts, he even called me from abroad. I was really touched I knew he really liked me then.

We finally became an item last summer. Did I mention I’m in my 20’s and he in his 40’s, this is my first love and relationship, his god know what number relationship and he has 6 kids. Oh he didn’t tell me about his kids until I asked 6 months into my relationship, he should have mentioned whilst we were friends, but I shrugged it off because he gave me an honest response. Not long in the relationship he was the first to say I Love You, and that was it I thought he was my Mr right I fell in love. It was then the hot and cold moods started, I thought I was going crazy at one point trying to work it out. Did I mention we live 200miles away, it was hard not seeing each other everyday and none of us were in a position to move.

So every time he ignored me I would go to his house an emotional wreck searching some answers, he would assure me everything was OK he loves me, but the minute I would return home the ignoring would start all over again.
When I fainaly decided to move in with him he told me go home. He then said sorry he felt he couldn’t look after me due to his financial relationship. I reminded him I love him and want to spend my life with him, through thick and thin.

Then he started accusing me that I’m a cheat, Let me tell you I AM NOT A CHEAT! At this point we started arguing, me an Aquarius went ballistic and slapped him, from this he would hit on me and I on him. I knew then I needed to leave, but every argument ended with I love you and assurances we would make it work.

We were getting on fine coming up to our 1 year anniversary we were planning to go away, 1 day we were discussing hotel bookings the next he went cold on me. Then rang me a couple of weeks later and told me its over because I cheated did I mention “I AM NOT A CHEAT”. This wasn’t the first time he said he didn’t want me, but then he posted all my belongings back to me. I was heartbroken, I lost weight dramatically in weeks.

He then came back in my life, I did push him away as I was scared to get hurt again, but I gave him another chance. He was really making an effort, but I couldn’t stand the acusations, so I told him to go. He drove back home but still texting he loves me, then he stopped I rang him he text saying we would never talk again. I then went chasing after him, this was the first time he beat me bad, but we still made up and before I went home he assured me we will be ok.

Three days at home the ignoring starts, he then rings me with insults I dare repeat. I’ve been thinking of going to his house, I don’t know if he’s just pushing me away, or if it’s really over, why can’t he tell me to my face. I still want him in my life I know once a Taurus cuts you off, there’s no going back. I don’t want that. I can’t get over him, I want him so bad it’s hurts. I think we can work if we live together. How do I make him realise I’m loyal I can give him the love what he says he is looking for.
Someone help.

Anonymous said...

Im a Bull by sun sign. this thread is going to far. Don't blame or accuse taureans like this way. maybe some of us have dark senses but this peoples are bound to this unjust behavior. I'm proud bec this is my birth sign. i have a good upbringing by my family that makes me a better person, i maybe a charmer but to take advantage on that by screwing ladies .that is against my views in life.And to you people have have experience or fall to the dark sides of a sick taureans it is your fault also, so good luck.

Anonymous said...

lol....i have a taurus best friend and we spend alot of time together but im a cancer and never had a boyfriend so taurus told me that im a plus cuz im not 'tarnished'....lol...we understand and cudle alot...most of the bad sides mentioned above i have learned to accept because he also accepts me as i am in any situation...yes i do have the prob with women he seems to flirt without knowing it...i like telling him exactly wat bothers him so that he gets it and hes stopped...he always expresses how he feels and says il be his even if i like it or not (scary)...and that the next man that trys anything funny will be hurt (very scary)...all he ever talks about is marriage and kids...if ur goin to be with one i guess u have to accept him for who he is....

Cancer girl

aosei85 said...

Hello guys,
I'm a Taurus Male with a Libra Moon and Rising sign. And I can safety say that the Taurus man can really be a serious mystery. For some Tauruses its bcuz they like to play games and observe results, for others it's bcuz their ability to express themselves does not match what they believe they feel inside. Our "I love you" sentences just do not fully do justice to how much we actually truly love you. For either type of Taurus the fact remains that they are very affectionate and fall intensely in love, but are also very afraid of rejection and losing the people they love and care about. Separation Anxiety is really in issue for us Taurus men (but we'd never admit it just to anyone).
Thus the "Harm of women" Or the Plan B acquisition of potential mates can either be a way for "Playboy" Taurus to ensure he always has his groupies.
Consequently for the more "Niceguy" Taurus this harm or Plan B effort could be a way to heal from a feeling of disloyalty or as a response to infidelity.
Mind you Taurus males are not perfect but in most cases if asked the right question, a TAurus male will not lie about his feelings...unless he feels he has been lied to.
I would advise any woman who may fall for a Taurus to keep in mind that he WILL play games in order to reel you in. He is focused on you and thus will do everything in his power to get you.
Despite the potential harem, a Taurus man likes to focus his energy on one potential person even if he will make many women feel special. its his...our nature to appreciate the beauty of the female form even if that means makings sure very single woman feels like a lady. He loves adoration but nothing means more to him than the adoration of that special someone.Ask him straight forward where u stand in his life..and how he feels about u. Most Tauruses will be almost always up front with you even if it comes across as mean or tactless. Subtle isn't our strong suit. We are all or nothing ppl. If your the one. You'll know even if you have to ask a thousand times. eventually he'll perfect how to articulate what he feels.

Anonymous said...

to the above....very well said....i experience that with my taurus boyfriend....apparently its like you have to be seen as "worthy" to tap into that love in store...if you blow it in any way he will definitely reconsider...i left my lovely taurean alone for four months and he begs for my return....falling out a few times over the phone i feel im losing him slowly....i love him so much and cant wait to see him again...its goin to take alot of energy to rekindle the trust between hearts :(....any advice?

cancer girl

Anonymous said...

Wow all these posts remind me of my situation!! I'm a Scorpio gal and fell for my bull a few months ago because of his sweet words, promises of being together, him falling for me, missing me, etc. However his flakiness drives me crazy. He says he wants to see me, we make plans then he flakes. At one point, I gave up and stopped texting and trying to call. Then one day (almost a month later) he texts me like nothing even happened with the exception of telling me he's been super busy at work. So while a part of me just wanted to tell him to shove it, I caved and brought nothing up. Again we made plans and guess what? He flaked. I don't get mad just show empathy and tell him that I look forward to seeing him when he's available. I reach out to him like once a week. Something light and never pushy. However he'll go weeks and not respond. I finally told him that I couldn't take it any longer and accused him of being with someone else. Again, no response. About 2 weeks later I couldn't help myself and I sent him another light msg and poof he responded! We corresponded for about 4-5 days and poof he disappeared again. Finally, I wrote him a detailed letter telling him how much I felt for him and that I would wait because he's worth it. I'm conflicted now because that was over 2 wks ago and I haven't heard back. I texted and called and nothing. I'm now wondering if I made a mistake in telling him how I feel. I keep hearing how bulls don't like games and prefer for us to be honest. They're not into the chase, etc. So I thought my letter would at least spark a response. Did I make a mistake? Should I just stop reminding him that I'm thinking about him in reaching out to him once a week? I'm afraid to think about the possible reality that maybe he just doesn't feel like that towards me however why even tell me that you can't wait to spend the rest of your life with me? We've never even had sex so it's definitely not to get me in bed which would be the first logical reason. I was always under the impression that these bulls are pretty straight forward and if he wasn't feeling me anymore, he'd just tell me. No? In the past, he's invited me over his house however I haven't been able to go usually because I don't have a sitter for the kids and he springs it on me last minute or I'm working. Could this be the reason? As you can see, Im second guessing everything I've done or said with this man. As a Scorp this is extremely hard for me as we don't fall very easily. Is there anyone that can shed some light and help me either understand or get past this/him? Oh and yes, I've read "Why men love bitches" a few times but somehow I'm not sure that this would apply to these bulls...or maybe it does. I'm extremely confused. Can anyone help?

Anonymous said...

I met a taurus guy in march not my usual type, 13 years older than me seperated with 3 kids but something about him drew me in and i fell for him in a big way. i last saw him a month ago, we had a lovely evening and were planning our next date, we spoke on the phone the next day, again everything was fine. we emailed each other as usual and everything seemed normal. i last heard from him 3 weeks ago. since then he hasnt answered emails and when i phone he cancels the call. nothing was wrong when we last saw each other, there were no clues to why he is doing this. i'm trying to keep my cool and not try too hard but i dont know what to do? i'm so upset. do taurus men do this alot? should i just wait and see if he contacts me or push for an answer? I am cancerian

SS said...

Interesting... As a libra-scorpio, I basically had no experience with Taurus emotionally until recently. We only met several times due to distance and he is extremely smart, charming and caring when we get in person. We are extremely comfortable with and open to each other. Every time we met I fell. But on the other hand I know realistically this is not going to happen, because we basically don't have chance to meet. We got quite intimate, but he's a bit into casual sex after breaking up with his ex. I know he wanted sex from me as well, but I did not give him (do not like it, can not enjoy it when things are in no way getting serious). Every time after we parted I would miss him and cry, but still rationally understands that there's no point.

In a way I think they are the kind of guys worth investing and waiting (not that I would for this one). I see that they might not be the smartest guys in early stages at school, but will definitely become better and better in the future. They are not like the fire signs (saggs and aries), who rush into relationships, tie you, and realize they want much much more or someone else later and you are not the one. Or the air signs, who change their minds and views of the world all the time, maybe just due to a slight change in life. I appreciate the way with Taurus, knowing what they want and pursuing it, independently.

For scorpion girls who ask for high purity and intensity in love, the act of dating pool might be a bit hard to accept. If you feel he is definitely a charmer and you yourself is comparatively not good enough (maybe just a bit less) for them (looks, intelligence, etc. etc.), it might be less likely that you will be able to build serious relationships with them, only out of right feelings and passions. I guess love and romance just meant different between the two signs.

Libra girls, I may say, are never determined, and due to this, they pay huge amount of time evaluating details (that may or may not worth paying attention to). Strangely, most libra girls are conservative, but easily appear to be casual, and unreliable...

I kind of combine the both...but I think sometimes there's many more things involved in our feelings for others: for instance, proud, insecurity. We got obsessed and forgot our initial attempt. If we want a happy life with a loved one (forever or at least for a long time), it is a mutual evaluation. If you re not the one for him, then he's not the one for you either. I would cry, I would have the impulses now and then to drop my career and fly to him and dedicate to him, but eventually these would not lead us to a life that we want.

Good luck girls :)

Anonymous said...

I am a Scorpio - 17 November

Wow people all of this sounds so spot on! I'm totally head over heals about this taurus guy. We met on facebook 2 years ago and started chatting. We live 1500km away from each other. About 3 months later we swoped phone numbers and emediately started texting. At that time he had a girlfriend and I am married! Yeah I know silly of me but I just could not resist this guys charm. He is adoreable. A week after texting he phoned me. We kept texting for months. Then suddenly he told me he broke up with his girl and I was totally there to give him simpathy. Then he started phoning me and we would talk for hours. Sometimes even 2 times a day. And there it really started. He has an amazing voice. I'm in heaven when I talk to him on the phone and we text like 80 messages a day and then suddenly he's gone for like 2 weeks. What is that???? Then he will start texting again and and we will be at square one. Sometimes we would text as if we have this afair thing going on. And he would say he likes me alot and I'm funny. And then he tells me he slept with someone and he thinks she really likes him! As usual I just stand back and give advice because I am the married one. Then the started going out and he completely dissapeared. After a year he broke up with her and there comes the text message again. Just when I thought I was over him. Last weekend I finally gave in and told him exactly how in love I am with him and that I am really prepared to leave my husband for him! DUMB i know SO DUMB! But I just can not help it. After he read the email he told me that I left him in tears and that he is madly in love with me. He keeps asking me what we are going to do but after what I have read here O MY WORD! What should I do. Is this guy for real or is he going to just love me and leave me? I am so confused especially with this silence treatment. It just does't work for me - we are to far apart to be quiet!

gemini said...

im a gemini and i was "dating" i guess u can say a taurus. we attend the same college, he is a senior and i am a sophmore. he's the true definition of a taurus. he chased me down my 1s year of college so i decided to give him a chance this year based because i was curious..at first things were cool, i didnt expect much from him and we both liked each other but things didnt become serious to me until he started wanting me over at his house when he was free, and he would tell me how much he liked me and etc...well like most of the females that commented, i started gaining deep feelings for him. when he had a serious injury i stayed with him every night and treated him like a king even though we were not boyfriend and girlfriend, i felt that if i showed him that i was there for him and loyal that he would trust me enough to give me a title. when i would talk to him about having a title he would say "i want what you want" knowing full well that he wasnt ready for a relationship, he just wanted the cake and he wanted to eat it too.. after a while he went home to take care of certain responsibilities but during that time we argued more than talked..i didnt hear from him much and he claimed he was "busy" to make a long story short, he told me he wanted to be just "friends" so when he came back to school he acted as if he didnt drop me like a hot potatoe and i went with my feelings and took him back just for him to do the same thing the next morning. smh. right now we are at a cool stage with each other..and now that i am letting go emotionally and i realize that i cant make him do wat i want, he has been calling me non stop. i always answer and i feel like i understand why he does what he does now..hes back at home now so i wonder if he will b his normal taurus self and stop calling.. but if he doesnt i wont bother me much because i see him for wat he his now and im not wrapped up in the things he says anymore.. its about me now :-)

gemini said...

i forgot to say that although we may fall for the sexy and sweet taurus guy, we have to remember that men will be men, its up to YOU to decide what you want to put up with.. im only 19 but this taurus has taught me alot and i REFUSE to be just another girl to him or 1 of many and just like him i can be stubborn and wait until the right 1 comes along.. so b strong ladies!! ps: he might THINK he still has me but he doesnt. :-)

Anonymous said...

pisces lady iagree i have this taurus male and he knows i like him alot i helped him with his bill cuz his money is all messed up due to divoice i cooked him food showed him im there but nothing in return so im staying to myself its been two wks tommorrow that i havent txed him and im not he got a loan from me but im not going to worrie about it cuz a real man wouldnt do that to a good woman

Anonymous said...

Pisces female here!:) I am currently in a relationship with a Taurus guy and the attraction is incredible! I met him this past summer. I told him at the beginning I wasn't ready for a relationship but I could sense that was exactly what he wanted from me. Being that I was in a friend with benefit status with a Virgo guy I didn't pay much attention to my Taurus. He did everything to catch my attention and still does. He wants to buy everything for me and I feel as he wants to buy me, everytime I pick an article for viewing he asks if I want it. I'm not a materialistic girl therefore there are lots of things I've refuse from him. I feel overwhelmed by his lavishing of gifts. I love gifts but to certain extend. I love traveling and so he has volunteer to pay for my trip, of course I will not accept because I want to pay for it myself. Are Tauruses always soo giving?? He treats me like a Queen!! Its nice but its gets me annoying at times. I can't complaint intimacy wise. I like his tender love and affection towards myself. He makes me feel complete in that area. Making love to him its like one I've never had before. It's awesome to know I can count on him for anything. I'm just hoping its just not a temporary thing of his. I can see myself being married to him but at the same time I'm scared due to previous experiences and not to mention the Virgo guy still wanting to be involve in my life. Is this Taurus guy the real thing or is he just a perpetrator?? Did I mention I'm still attrated to the Virgo guy, a complete opposite of the Taurus?? Deeply confused...

Anonymous said...

LOL All of the ladies here sound like Katy Perry in Hot N Cold!!!!

Anonymous said...

Im a taurus guy and i dont know much about astrology but i would have to say your description of taurus men felt like you were reading my subconcious mind. I didnt even realize how manipulative we taurians are. very interesting and insightfull. thanks

Anonymous said...

I'm a.cancer He is a Taurus that I worship. I would make him my world n I just want to love n care for him. I know he loves hearing these things n I am the vocal type knowing he isn't but I'm frustrated. I try n give him everything he could want n need, n he has said he would give me all that he can.... But I've told him I want to hear sweet things of him wanting or needing me. Call me a sweet name, n such. Some of the warmth has left in our texts but he always tells me, don't worry. I'm lost a bit, what should I think?

Gurpz Hev-n said...

You've just described me perfectly ;]

Anonymous said...

Need advice from a taurus male poin of view. I am a aries/taurus cusp (22 April) and I need advice about a taurus male (8 may). I met him because he was on holiday and I manage a beauty spa. He came in for a massage and we started chating. He was suppose to come back the following day but was late, so I had to call him and remind him about the appointment. He casual said he would not be able to make it and asked if i would not join him for a drink later. I did. We had a couple of drinks and really got along. (Well atleast I thought so). He told me alot about his family and even asked me the colour of my room and what is my favorit colour. He told me that if I decided to move to where he is staying he has contacts and will hook me up. After the drinks we left. He was all over me in the parking lot, I asked him why he asked me for drinks and he told me that he thought I was very hot. We went back to his room. I wish I could say we did the deed, but we really had alot to drink and fell asleep in each others arms. I had to leave early that morning and I think he thought I was still sleeping, because he sat up, looked at me and then kissed me on my neck. When I left I gave him my number and told him he can call me. (I knew I had his number, dont think he knew I did). He told me he would call. I called him that evening and he told me that he was actually sleeping and said "Babes I will call you later". Well that was 3 days ago. I am a taurus myself and so I know myself, but he has really confused me. Please could someone help.

Anonymous said...

If I described you,......... What should I take from all of this?

Anonymous said...

Hey I read all this and its extremely confusing...let me tell you, this is my first ever encounter in relationships with this taurus man...both thirty plus...and being taurus i always kept myself so emotionally protected from being hurt but despite of having a gut feeling that something is wrong I feel so irresitible...but despite our initial chats...he did not tell much about himself and neither does asked me...then just fourth conversation, a smaller one and wanted to ask intimate questions n all...i pulled myself back as usual and got confused.....but just couldnt give up as i did that all my life...then he opened up a little...as i asked questions abt life n all..then we had 2-3 great long online conversations and then he disappeared...then came back one day and when i said hello ....no reply....one day he himself pinged and started talking...and then again intimate too intimate talk he wanted...though i connect to him really like anything else on mental level, just like a mirror with lil differences but this hide n seek and un-taurean trait of showing closeness, talking marriage in 2-3 chats /calls is really confusing ...and when i said its too early to talk this as we dont know each other, then he started to try to know me....its seriously an emotional roller coaster....and yes i feel he is doing same with some othr woman also online.....he is sort of hidden...i dont know hat to do...currently he stopped replying again...i tried 2 times that too coz taureans hesitate much but one should leave inhibitions...but the i didn't as i too have dignity....sometmes i feel he just wants intimate sort of talks and thats it...and if i do he will go...and as i m not fulfulling his desire so he was trying hard and as he finally knew he will et nothing...he pulled back....plz help plz suggest what should i do....

Anonymous said...

Sag who recently met a taurus male and can not read whether he likes me or not...First he calls or texts everyday, talks with me for at least an hour each day on the phone, then makes plans and cancels at the last moment. It's just too much but I am so into him still. I have not had sex but did share that I really liked him and was hurt for being stood up. He apologized and stated he does not make a habit of that nor is he trying to play me but he just had too much to do that day and he knew he would not get to any of it had we met....Well, why make plans with me? It does not feel good to be on the receiving end of such confusion when you really want to see something develop out of this. I have decided not to call nor text anymore and see what move he makes next if any at all. One thing for sure, I'm afraid he could be a heart braker so better now than later if he is just being nice and blowing me off. I just don't know what to think. Any advice would be most beneficial from a Taurus male.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I wish I would of have read this sooner, perhaps you can give me more insight. My best friend since we were 13 just started dating, we’re 34 now. I Aries women never saw him in that light, but now that I had time to evaluated can see that he has, he can remember details when we were kids, like the my first day of school when I came to class. We hadn’t seen each other in over 8 years, and bumped into each other which I believe was no accident since he was looking rather dapper. We dated all summer, and in August I received a job offer in another state, and I moved he mentioned he would be here in 4 years then 2 years. I have to admit the relationship felt restricted in some ways, but we had this amazing connection like no other, I would even dare to say Karmic. When we were together but the times where we were apart it felt like I did not have that connection. I decided I want all or nothing, and so I’ve decided to step aside. I do not what to end up in the sea of friendship. I’ve had always love him as a friend and now it’s so strong I can actually see the possibilities if we were to join forces. Any suggestions I haven’t reached out to him in a month, but a day does not go by that I think of him and send him blessing.

wingless422 said...

Having been getting into astrology and learning about the signs and magnetic attraction i have to scorpios (insanely magnetic/feels like you just shot up a drug magnetic/feels like you just jumped out of an airplane just being around her magnetic/makes you actually believe in horoscopes magnetic) and learning about the tendencies of the other signs etc. I can honestly say the bottom portion of the article in italics is the MOST ACCURATE depiction and representation of my personality to a F*CKING T. That is absolutely perfect, in its glory and in its ugliness. I don't know how you did that unless you were a taurus or have a Master's Degree in Astrology. I'm totally saving that. -TaurusMale

Prince said...

To The Sag Above:

What you saying is exactly how I am behaving right now with my Sag crush.

At first I used to talk to her for nearly an hour a day. But then I felt like I am bugging her and suddenly stopped talking to her to know if she is really willing. She didn't even call, so I just ignored her. It was her birthday two weeks ago and I didn't even send her a gift. Now she is like... WTH???

Well, the point is we want to be sure whether you really love us or not. If you pretend like you have no interest then we will take it as real. Still I am trying to figure out whether she is interested in me or not. I won't give up... cuz she is like the sweetest girl i've ever met! It seems I need your help too. ;)

Anonymous said...

taurus male im a pisces so in love with this taurus male i have been knoeing him for almost a year i have cooked for him took care of important things for him gave him money when he was really in need i told him i love him he say he loves me back but he keep away from me and i think what he teels me is not true.i have learned to give him his space and also not call as much anymore i do love him i told i want to take care of him.so taurus male what should i do to make him know he can trust me pisceswoman

Anonymous said...

Me Gem aged 50 met Taurus man aged 37, he came to me, huge attraction from both sides, physical relationship is amazing, we both have busy careers (own businesses) and come together every 10-12 days, I got to his have some wine we chat, etc stay the night. It's been going on for 5 months and we are really close, not dating just see each other when we can and it suits us. He has a son in another country whom he doesn't see which would explain the empty lonliness in his eyes I see from time to time, he misses the chils so very much. I never had children but would love to think maybe one day he could develop a bond with the child. In the meantime spent christmas eve with him stayed the night it was magical he so loving towards me tells me Im amazing to him, tell such funny jokes, we laugh and giggle in bed. In bed on xmas eve around 2am xmas morning we were chatting and he just patted me on top of the quilt saying 'you know this is not dating?' I said yes of course! he said I wouldn't want you to think that I was leading you on? I said no you are not, Iv never thought that, he said because I would never want to lose you as a friend as your amazing but I will get a girlfriend one day! I said sure, don't worry you have no problem with me, I could like you more but I have a very firm lid on it, and I do. My friends thought this was a sign of his insecurity and that he probably does like you a lot but this will keep you at a distance as you are older, successful, beautiful and can have anyone he feels a little insecure - he is handsom I might add - or maybe he's being honest...it's ok really, however if anyone thinks out there ie. another taurus man that he may be interested in the future it would be good to know, and for some guidance, anyone??? :-)

Anonymous said...

Sag thankful response to the Taurus male above with his own Sag crush. Trust me she likes you more than you know but is so confused by your behavior and like me is guarding herself from being completely vulnerable to your roller coaster ride of hot and cold on and off. For me please let her know your interest...I know its not easy for you Taurus males to share your feelings but a Sag will walk away to the point of never return f you take her to that level of uncertainty. You will not regret telling her how you feel trust me! Now with that said and not to be contradictory, I reached out to my Taurus male after feeling like he was blowing me off( even though I vowed I wouldn't) and he opened up enough for me to understand that he was sincerely not blowing me off. He even shared he thought I was a wonderful woman which meant a lot to me but still I'm baffled on how he feels for me---Does he see me only as someone he can be a friend too or can he see me as something more? He has also revealed that he is working on improving himself as a man and implied that meeting me may have been a catalyst. I admire him for that and support him in that. I really like him and have made that pretty clear I hope not to my own demise. Still I have not had sex with him but the smooching has gotten pretty intense. I know that I am an emotional woman who could never be intimate without knowing where I stand first with him whereas he is probably just fine with a sexually casual relationship. Nevertheless, I think he is a good man and so far has been worth the work (whew!) to get to know him better but like most Sag women we have our limits and will walk away and not look back. I'm not interested with just being "cool" with him or just being another of his female friends or another sexual conquests. So to the Taurus male above should I just walk away in that he is "focused on self-improvement" and is not focused on as he put it looking for a woman but will just let it come to him. I'm so confused but mad about this Taurus male can you offer some practical advice. You guys are a lot of damn work...LOL

Anonymous said...

Taurus male if you like her and you took the time toilet yourself know you like her then go to her you can still take things slow but let her know something because it drives us nut when we like you. Pisces lady

Prince said...

To the Sag Anonymous (December 27, 2011 5:55 PM ):

I thought Sags are very free spirited and very expressive and have no need to guard themselves...??

What's keeping me from approaching her is that she seems way too happy even without me. She's been taking photographs with this other guy... a Jap office colleague of her! I am assuming she got other plans. So for now, i'll just wait. :)

In your case, you say smooching has got pretty intense.. lol With the word 'intense' I know exactly what you mean ;) I am sure he is soooo into you. He probably is just afraid that he can't make you stay too long. He seem to have guessed that you're outgoing and a fun loving girl who would just throw the relationship away for the sake of freedom or just because of plain boredom! Just assure him that you'll always be there for him. I am sure that'll make him feel like he is the happiest and luckiest person in the world! :)

wingless422 said...

If he's avoiding you he might not be ready. No offense but I feel emotionally smothered by Pisces a lot of the time wanting to share or be a part of your every thought process it can get aggravating from our perspectives (I know this is hard for a Pisces to grasp), but I've continually noticed the emotional attachment/vulnerability of the Pisces can drive me INSANE. I don't get along with water signs in general. Cancer's seem so conceited about themselves there's just a wall of self obsession you can't even get through it. Scorpios are super manipulative, sexually, emotionally, mentally, above all, and they dont say anything they just stare you down and read you. You ever see hocus pocus when they're breathing in the "souls" of children in order to live on. That's the feeling I get when I'm being "read" by a scorpio. Like Rogue hugging Wolverine and sucking his energy out. It's a creepy/floaty/butterfly feeling like jumping out of an airplane with no parachute. Yet they're super attractive to me. I can tell one by physical body type and eyes sometimes voice inflection it's unbelievable. Taurus loves quiet time though. Rest and thorough rest ALONE is a must and Pisces loooooooooooove to cuddle and be together and do everything together all the freaking time, but that's just their style. Don't push the bull he just pushes back with double the force. The more someone tells me to do something the more I feel a spiritual and moral need NOT to do it because of his asking, but more of to do it when he least expects or asks of it. Is it a method of control or do I just not like being ordered around I have no idea, but stubborn hell f***in yea. I hope this helps but it probably wont lol.

Anonymous said...

Prince you're a GEM:) Thanks again for your helpful feedback. I know you guys require a lot of patience so for now I'm just fine with things moving slow hoping all will work out for the best. As for you, I think she will come around but I can guarantee you that the office guy she is taking pictures with is merely a distraction to keep her mind off of YOU and to contain her impulse from reaching out to you after you did not acknowledging her birthday. She doesn't want to come off as desperate even though she's not at all. And yes, we SAGs are very fun, free spirited people but also like to protect our heart when we feel we've met someone special as to my statement above about not becoming vulnerable to him. I still encourage you to call her or send a text. Again,thanks and Happy New Year to you..don't let that Sag get away we really are the sweetest and funniest and very good and attentive to our men happy to give them space and without ever smothering them...no one will compare;)

Anonymous said...

hello all pisces is back.Thanks for that but i dont smother him he has alot going on in his life right now so i show him im there .his job is so hard it makes life a bit much for him .i do like to be cuddled and held but we know the time isnt right so when things are better if he come then fine but if not my life will go on happy as it was when i met him and sag lady we pisces women know very well how to take care of our man as well thanks again all

Anonymous said...

I am gemini currently getting involved "again" with a taurus male. I had a relationship for 4 months with my Taurean 19 years ago. we broke up because he was married then. I had to walk away because I know we have no future together. But just recently and after 19 years of separation, he looked me up. At first he told me, he just wants to know how I am doing, then after having wonderful talks for a month, he professed his feelings for me. Finally, we dated and had this wonderful time together and once again, I fell for the guy. I can't seem to get rid of this feelings for him. My problem is that now he is with someone else. He told me that he'll be leaving her to be with me instead. Even though, i can't feel the sincerity in what he told me, i can't stay away from him. I don't like what I am reading about the Taureans since it clearly says things about him but i really have this strong feelings for him. Does this mean that he has strong feelings for me too considering that he looked me up after having been gone for 19 years? Should I take my chances on him? he's confusing me..... One minute he's here and then he would be gone for several days and then comes back again as if nothing happened...... help!!!!!

gemini said...

Gemini is back!! well lets just say that my experience with the taurus i last wrote about did NOT have a happy ending.. i found out that the ENTIRE time we was talking he was messing with other females.. thanks to facebook, twitter, and his email i FINALLY kno the truth.. ladies if ur going to date a taurus man proceed with Caution!!

Anonymous said...

yes i agree ladys the taurus male can be a big lier.please dont show that you care for them couse you will become a footstool for them no matter how much you may think you like them be very careful the have great game the one i was talking to i flipped on him so now i ignore him and dont care if he dont come after me couse im 100%woman dont have time for little boys so like the gemini lady said ladys watch out dont be someones fool

lizzy said...

Hi. I left a comment on December 12, 2011 12:36 PM and have still heard no replies from an taurus men out there. Still confused. But in the meantime he has called and sent an sms saying that he is sorry that it has been so long. And when we spoke on the phone he called me "luv" and "babes". I told him that i missed him and tried to explain that it was not like i loved him just wished he was around, but he cut me short say he understands. Told me that when i moved to his area we must get together and have some drinks. In the sms he refurs to me as "gourgeous". I myself am a taurus and really dont know what to make of it.

Anonymous said...

I am a CANCER girl and right now i am talking to a Taurus boy.THey are very stubborn .he says he likes me alot and would want to be in a relationship with me but hed rather take it SLOW.but he also says hes not ready for a gf and when i ask why he says idk or he changes the subject and it makes me mad cuz i wanna know.other than that we get along well, hes nice he pays attention to me when im sad.wheni first met him he was such a gentlemen and introduced himself kindly,and i immediately felt attracted to him and we've been talking for a little more than 2 years,and he still cant ask me to be his girlfriend,im so impatient but i feel that if i wait,it'll be so worth it <3

Anonymous said...

lizzy dont let him fool you he will run that same thing on you couse he knows you like him and once they see that you give him the power so he will keep going off telling you he was busy like heck let him come after you if he really like you but dont chase him you are worth more than a game he can pull out when he wants to play with swimming fish

Anonymous said...

I'm a Libra girl (south african) wow I guess then we have a pandemic regarding Taureans. Well isn't it funny how the Taurens always stress the point of DON'T PLAY GAMES?! Yet they r the the biggest players of emotional games?! I'm dating one now, he's managed to crack my Libra hard wall, and gotten me tight in his palm, yet he says I'm the 1 doing that...he's dating 4 girls myself included, so I decided tht since I'm unsure of where I stand with him, I won't include him in my social life, well he had so much anger and threw a fit that I went out without telling him, yet he has 4 girls, I told him until I knw where I stand then he'll know, somehow I ended up asking for forgiveness (smart-ass)...but I'm Libra, we r not ruled by any living being he's slowly tipping my scales and if its disappearance he wants soon he'll get it. Bt for now I still enjoy him, trying to make me a fool, he says I'm manipulative,misleading, trying to play him in hs palm( Wow he's actually describing himself here and wanting a reaction from me) he says he been with baby momma for 7 years, 2nd girlfriend for 6years, 3rd for over 1 year and me for less than a month, hahahaha pathetic (Mr Soul-searching), the day I leave him I'll make sure to call all his pool and just make them aware! Libras r ruthless!

Anonymous said...

ok. im a taurus male.
i think alot of what is said is true... but i think an equal percentage is untrue(in my case).. i am actually a hairdresser. i work with alot of women, so from the comments about us having a dateing pool' you would expext me to be in my element here right....? well wrong!!.Alot of my collegues say to me i flirt with certain people, but to me its just being friendly and polite, and when someone is genuinely hitting on me, it will go straight over my head as i think the responce is friendly too, so recently i have met a 'virgo'girl, and boy.. i can tell you i look at her from across the room and everything around me stopped. now i felt this connection straight away but for our 'taurean' sureness, confidence,and ill admit in some cases arrogance, we also suffer from a crippleing shyness. example, im not going to tell you how i feel until you do first..
anyway after meeting the first time, she takes my number messages me later on that night, saying she had a good time blablabla, so ok seems good right, but i think a trait all taureans posses is 'caution', so we meet up again things go well and i think im getting signals from her but im still unsure. so i still am not making a move... same happens again she messages me, askes we do things again, but this time she says she wants to cook for me. so now i think ok, if this was me i would never ever cook for a girl UNLESS i wanted her. so this is the smallest sign that made me actually get up the guts and move on her. we have been dating now for a month or so and i am currently in two minds to what this is. im my mind i want her to be my partner, but my cautious side is keeping me from talking about this directly, i very much go off reaction, wether small or big it will always help you girls to give us taureans signals of a somewhat touchy nature, wether it be a poke, holding a hand ect, we react well to things of this nature. my x was a scorpio and we were together for 3 years, i thought i loved her, but she played games with me of a sexual nature, (if you want to be happy with your taurus partner never ever do this)as we will not forget) we do have patience, we are loyal when our woman is loyal and doesnt mess with us, but you really really make us see red, you will witness a side of the taurus u never thought was there.

lizzy said...

To the taurus male January 16, 2012 3:27 PM. I know how you feel about dating a scorpio. I was married to a scorpio for 13yrs. Sexually we were compatible, but on an emotional level we were not ment for each other. He had 4 affairs behind my back and each time i caught him and forgave him. But the last time was well the last. I am glad he is out of my life. Recently i met a taurus male and i have fallen deeply for him, but he shows no interest (read comment December 12, 2011 12:36 PM ) and (January 9, 2012 12:46 PM )maybe for your point of view you can give me insight. As about the virgo girl, if you play your cards right you will have a match made in heaven. I date a virgo before i met my ex husband and to this day we still have abond that time will not even break. Good Luck.

Cancer Woman said...

I am currently talking to a Taurus male and he's a little younger than I am. In the beginning he was "strange" in that he wanted to talk to my friend to understand what kind of person I am. When that didn't work, he disappeared then returned using indirect means. I think he takes everything I say and do to heart because we did fight once but not too long afterwards we made up. Anywho, so eventually he opened up to me....( in his own weird and distracted way) and told me he likes me. We are long distance so he was kind of hesitant at first...but I told him that we can date until we both get our lives together. He was cool with it and he showed me a side of him that i didn't know he had. sweet and just so cute and silly. I felt so happy with him...more so than with anyone else and with just only a few words. However, i noticed i was jealous of his friends because he spent more time with them. im normally carefree and independent and dont really care if a guy im with is out and about...but i feel as if he and I don't have a solid foundation for me to feel secure with that yet. He would text me then never reply and it bothered me. I tried breaking up with him because it hurt to bad but he ignored the break up letter and continued to act like nothing happened. Then I sent him another email explaining how his actions are bothering me but when he decides to come back Im always here for him. Still no response.

Honestly, im beginning to loose hope. I don't like when my feelings are disregarded. I just hope he has a problem with his phone, but what about laptops and stuff? i just want to know he's ok.

before this one , I dated a taurus man that was older than me and he was abusive.

hmmmmm idk...i think i might just walk away from men all together. SO MANY ISSUES.

Anonymous said...

I can not believe how precise some of these posts are. I am a Taurus female and am currently in "something" with a Taurus Male. I would really appreciate any advice from Taurus guys or anyone that knows... Here it is..

I met this guy years ago and we were acquaintances. Then last year we ran into each other and started hanging out. For the 4/5 months we hung out, I was the most lost and confused I've ever been in my life regarding a man. When we were actually together I thought he liked me but when we were just texting I felt like just a friend. He mentioned to me that his Ex broke up with him and my woman instinct was clearly he still loves her. He also was going through a lot with his family because his father had cancer and regretfully pasted while we were hanging out. All of these things put troubles for us of course.

So probably one of the last times we hung out he told me he likes me but can't be in a relationship because he't not in that mind set due to his family and all that. But I had a feeling it was because of his lingering feelings for his ex as well. He also told me he doesn't want to stop talking to be basically meaning he wants me around just in case he wants me. During this time and after we stopped talking I was so hurt and insecure and I felt like I wasn't good enough for this person and it really killed me emotionally.(as a note we never kissed or anything because he never tried maybe once but he seemed so shy but he was VERY touchy around the neck and back massages and all)

A few weeks later I had in fact found out that he got back with his ex. From that time up until a month ago he had been texting me every few months as if just so he stays in my mind. He started contact again and I found out the ex once again broke it off with him months ago. I just feel like a plan B with this guy but I can't seem to let go. We hung out a few times since and he told me that last time around he didn't try anything with me because he respected me and didn't want to ruin our relationship and is just going through a lot because of the emotionally stress with the loss of his father. Last time we hung out he kissed me and told me how confused he is after I said what we're doing isn't right and its just confusing both of us. I just don't know what to do. I don't know how to deal with this because I feel like he has a lot going on with his dad and the fact that Taurus men don't seem to get over ex's that easy. I don't want to be that girl he's just wasting some time with. I'm 24 and he is 29 and both Taurus. I'm so lost and I would really appreciate any insight or help. Thank you guys and I hope we all figure these men out.

momOfsteel said...

virgo woman and is involved with a taurus man. the connection upon meeting for the first time was obvious. he noticed me immediately & "surveyed" me from top to bottom (as he tells me) in a public pub/club. Believe it or not, he is very articulate with details of moments that he deems worthy & has the uncanny ability to recollect scenery, convos, faces, places, time, etc with ease. he tells me everyday how he feels & is very attentive to my needs. especially with my sexual desires. for i have become a woman that enjoys the great pleasurs of sex so my sexual appetite excites & motivates him too. we're alike in so many ways with culture, personality qualities, humor, mannerisms, b/g history that as if he's a male version of my ownself. there's no undenying our strong physical and emotional attraction. i do believe that we were designed to meet at this time & learn with eachother to build a strong foundation for the long-term. i do have my reservations about him and this friendship as i like to call it, but i sense that he knows where stands with his feelings towards me and has no qualms of shielding it from me. he's very open & honest with me. & i admire that about him. he's not lazy or disrespectful. he tells me everyday how beautiful and very happy he is with me. for me, ive decided to really take my time & be absolutely sure that this is my second chance at LOVE. we're both hopeless romantics, he already gone thru divorce & my own, plus, he has two kids (boy & girl) and i with my two sons that our friendship will be a modern day samoan blended family.

Anonymous said...

Mirror of Aphrodite pleaseeee help my situation out. I'm the anonymous from January 21, 2012 at 5:31pm. As you can tell I'm in desperate need of help and the past few days I've been really upset over my situation. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Deceitful is inexcusable regardless of the sign or type of men. Playing games is too subjective with a one sided conversation (You, him and the truth). Now being patient is another thing! A Taurus man doesn’t like being cadged physically or emotionally so patients is in order. I can’t give you any time limit (remember you can move on), I am no help on that, but I would say he is watching,, he is always watching. His movement towards you or away from you is 100 % on you. What’s unique about us ,,, we love to be loved. Understand one thing,, he is around for a reason….( this wont be spoken until he is all yours,, look for it and accentuate it) we don’t hang around things we don’t like!
I’m sad to say that this grail has to be found like any other,,, once found the world is yours….

Anonymous said...

Cancer woman completely smitten by a taurus man.

He embodies a great deal of charicteristics that you all descibed...

He does pull hot and cold, push and pull on me.

But, I understand him so well. I know he's working on big things in his life and once he feels secure, he sees me in his future. It is flattering, to say the least. God, I want to love him so much. Can't wait until the day...

Patience is a virtue. Worth having if you've got a good bull around. I think he's the best.


Anonymous said...

quistion to the mirror of aphrodite hello im a pisces woman and i like to knoe why is it that a taurus male will make plans then break them at the last minite what should i do about this

Anonymous said...

Response to Mirror of Aphrodite (cancer girl anonymous from September 27, 2011)
Well, I did listen to your advice finally and just deleted the Taurus from my Facebook, twitter, and messenger. However, it took a while as he definitely had me thinking we are friends the last few months. This past week though we finally met up again with a group of people we used to work with (I recently left my job-also because I wanted to stop seeing him at work). Him and I ended up alone after everyone went home, and again we made plans to meet a few days later so I can help him with a project. Of course this meeting never happened, he gave me a time we were going to meet and then said he was still busy and asked to meet later that evening and that he would message me soon to let me know the time. He never sent the message. I guess he changed his mind or perhaps had the chance to be with another girl. He knows im married and can see pictures of me on Facebook with my husband, don't know if this is his issue, but you were right! He is not a friend! And now I deleted him for the 4th and final time. Just wonder why he couldn't state in his message that he couldn't make the meeting that day at all. It's such a simple thing, but it's like he wanted me to feel rejected on purpose. He did say that if it won't work for that day he's free all day Thursday's to Sunday's, again the lack of respect for my time and making me waste a day waiting for him was what did it for me.
very strange!


Mirror of Aphrodite said...

To Anonymous of January 21st,
I hate to say this, but your gut is telling you that you're plan B and you should listen to it. Right now, you're in his "pool" of friends referenced above in the post. And most likely, that's where he will keep you if you permit him to float in and out of your life as he is, lame excuses and all. If you want to still be his friend, that's fine. But you need to take back some control here by setting boundaries with him. If he's treating you with disregard, then I'd say that's how to approach this from now on - kinda like, "Oh hey, it's you." If you start jumping through hoops for him, he'll make a circus monkey outta you, regretfully. So when he snaps his fingers, you show up when YOU want to, not when HE demands you to. And if he starts taking you more seriously, that's when you begin to do the same for him - but not one minute sooner. Maintain control and dignity here.

To Anonymous on January 28th,
Good for you! I'm glad you can see him for what he is now. Don't get me wrong guys, not all men are bad and not all Taurus men are bad. But unfortunately, what we're all seeing here are a lot of Taurus men behaving badly and disrespectfully. He is NOT your friend. Friends don't treat each other with disregard and when friends break plans, they are apologetic about it. Why? Because friends care. If someone's treating you like this and doesn't care about your feeliings, they are a FOE, not a friend.

And with this one, in particular, considering how he's treated you in the past - and provided no explanations for his behavior thus proving he doesn't care about your feelings - I'd completely disappear without any explanation as he's done to you.

I'm not saying you treat everyone or every man like this - but for the ones who treat you in this manner - I believe it's perfectly acceptable behavior.

All is fair in love and war.

Anonymous said...

Response to mirror of Aphrodite (january 29, 2011-cancer anonymous)

I agree completely with your advice and i have made myself disappear from his life (its been 2 days). Last month he even introduced me to his mother, aunt and cousin who all said he talks about me all the time. Were they in on his plan too? How could he go from that to not even caring about my feelings after we made plans? The mystery I may never figure out!

Thank you again for the advice!

Anonymous said...

lol ! i havent read everything but i am a capricorn, and ive just recently been hired at this job... turns out i have a thing for the delivery boy... he would be the taurus. he is so cute, and funny.. and hes got my full attention. i always catch him giving me these.. deep deep stares. like, sooo deep, i can feel him reaching into my soul.. and i cant help it. i can never look away. well, i do so my boss doesnt look n be like hey now ! lmao. but.. hes just so cute. hes a dork. beautiful curly hair with braces !!! but very handsome.. i love those eyes. lol idk i dont like big buff guys or nothing, those are usually the whores. this boy is just an adorable wild horse... he sparks my fuse !!! everytime he gives me that look... like if hes trying to see farther off into me.. like he can see more than my eyes. i havent felt this way since middle school (; im 18 lol. hes so adorable... i remember LOL he started laughing cause i was like oh, you know who you look like ? n he was like -sigh- whooo??? n i was like you ever seen beavis and butthead ? LOL he looks like butthead !! but a very cute, real version of butthead. lmfao. he calls me smurfette cause of my shortness. well ! i hope he'll take me under his wing.. hes character got me wrapped around his pretty little finger.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for responding! I am the Jan 21 post. I know I'm just going to not bother thinking about him in any other way but a friend. I can't do that to myself again because he really does have this powerful vodo spell as I like to call it lol. Good luck to all the women being spelled but these Taurus men :(

Anonymous said...

I want to understand how and why this Taurus guy makes me feel like he cares and doesn't care at the same time. He texts me first and then takes for ever to respond and then doesn't seem to want to continue the conversation. That's just one example and I don't understand him...please help me Mirror of Aphrodite :(

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am a 47 Pisces lady who is slowly falling for a 51 Taurus man...ans the description is perfect. We met on a dating site, he was "looking for a permanent relationship" and then found out he sees LOTS of ladies...I let him call and direct this "relationship" I am not jelous I told him, but I need to feel I am special...and he tells me everyday, but he tells me he cannot commit to a woman with two small kids (his kids are over 25) ....he text me the other night that he cares deeply for me, but he cannot let anybody dictate the way he has to live....I know I am falling , but I try to keep my distance ad see what happens..

Anonymous said...

same Pisces lady here, I want to add that I am the lady from his "pool" who got the bracelet the neckless and the earrings....does that confirm I am the special one as he says???? I really cant care less about the other ladies, I have two samall kids to grow so no much time for anything more like a vacation with him.....but still I want to belive what he text me last night, and that he likes what we have and he feels vulnerable at the idea wheatehr we can "keep it up"....is he for real? help

Anonymous said...

wow im a pisces woman who has a taurus male friend i have to say we are like milk and cookies we go together but the timeing isnt rite . i havent talk to him in a few weeks but i feel like if its ment to be it will .to the pisces lady befor me i also was told im a special person sure want to know what that means cuz i so like him older than him but its ok time will tell pisces lady i know how u feel im in the same boat lol

Anonymous said...

o one more thing pisces lady dont push him take ur time stay lady like look good smell good all that u have a power over him i know i do over the one i talk to i always be myself im loveing and giveing and he knows this about me so i have to watch not to be to giveing so i wont be vulerable to him but i would give him anything i have i think he know that to we may have to help eachother cuz as u see taurus males are men of little words i learned that i will b 47 next month he is younger than i am

Anonymous said...

I am a Taurus male.And I'm engaged to a saggitarious female.I think about 80% of those statement are absolutely untrue.The ones that are right are dead right but most of it is wayyyyy off.I was absolutely crazy about her ever since I first seen her.I actually met her through her cousin who I was having a love affair with (she was a Taurus) but anyway the first day I seen her was about 4 a.m. in the morning and I couldn't even have sex with her cousin because she attracted me so much! I just wanted to touch her so bad! Not sexually I just wanted to feel her.But anyway it went backward I did my usual game.I flirt I am amazing at word play I always have been ever since I was little.No matter who it was I have ALWAYS got whatever I set my mind to.And 90% of the time I got it through my charm and flirting my confidence.But I did this to her but she didn't get drawn in? She did slightly but she just wasn't completely in to me and I dont know why but this bothered me soooooooooo bad! It drove me crazy I spent day and night trying to impress her and make her love me! But she just didn't show me enough love.I wanted her to show me love then I would show her love times a billion.That's all I wanted to do was make her happy.And my jealousy.That is a taurians worst trait.My jealous tore our relationship apart and I almost ended up in prison.You see another guy tried to come into our relationship and she talked to him twice after she said she wouldn't so I drove everywhere looking for him with a baseball bat because I was going to break his jaw.BUT then I got arrested.And then anger management but anyway.For some reason I could not get my mind of of this women! I'm jail all I did was write in a journal mostly poems of her songs and the like.And when I got out I begged her and begged her every moment I was awake for 6 months.Then I just stopped because she said she was pregnant with another mans baby.So I started dating some random girl to get back at her and I completely blocked her out of my life.Then I waited.I waited and waited and I knew that she would come back.I was patient.And one day she texted me and said she missed me and that she lied about being pregnant.I asked her to come see me I played
guitar and sang her a song.told her I loved her.Literally had sex for 3 hours straight.We laughed we both said we missed each other.We cried We kissed and
then we cuddled all night....2 years later we are still together and we are very happy and we are having a baby together and oh joy :) it's a little Taurus male just like his daddy!

Anonymous said...

so taurus male when its said to a woman that she is a special person to him what is that what do it mean?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A taurus male told me i will always be hbis friend but both of us have feelings for eachother will a taurus male just say what he thinks you want to hear just to get what he wants

Heather said...

Mirror Mirror on the wall...
Ok, i'll play for a moment.
I'm a Pisces female. I was contacted by a former childhood sweetheart,it's been over 20 years since we've seen each other. He's a Taurus. It's complicated. Very complicated. I appreciate what you've shared. Tell me, does it frustrate the Taurus male when the Woman instinctively knows what he's up to anyways? lol...Taurus Men are so damn...

Anonymous said...

omg... so totally true. its a little scary. i became friends with a taurus. a married one at that. he was there for me no matter what and was always comforting me and entertaining me and spending all his spare time with me. as soon as i let my guard down and really trusted him, he let it be known he had feelings for me. he said his marriage wasnt the best. and that he didnt love his wife anymore. but was staying for the kids. so we had a secret relationship for over a year together. he would always create opportunities where we could be together sexually. i tried to end the relationship between us many times. i would explain to him that i loved him dearly, but it wasnt giving me what i needed from a relationship. that it saddened me he wasnt at home with me. and he would always play the passive card and quietly convince me that what we were doing was enough. eventually i did walk away. and he was devistated. and now that i look at it, he was devistated because he didnt have me idolizing him anymore. he didnt have me to manipulate and control.

its funny how every taurian always says they are an open book. yet all questions u ask them are answered extremely short and give absolutely no information ur after. they can be moody and sulk alot too. prob to get their own way through guilt.

the sad thing is also, i have since found out that i wasnt the first lover on the side he had. and i dont doubt there will be several others. if they arent being fullfilled in a relationship, they are quite happy to find it elsewhere. and are very good in decieving everyone around them for their ultimate goal.

on a lighter note. i do love a taurus man. i find them extremely sexy and alluring. i am kind of attracted to the idea they are a puzzle never to be solved. but ive learned how to identify what their goals are very quickly now. so can essentially win at their game.

i do like their sensitive side, and they can be extremely loving.

im now dating my third taurian man. and its funny how similar they are. but the idea of it is not to let them know that u know what their goal is. lol.

Anonymous said...

as we can see ladies not many of the taurus men come on to talk about anything so most of this must be true lol

Anonymous said...

Hi, Pisces lady falling for Taurus man, I am the one who found out about his harem, and that he gave bracialet then earring then neckless to...so now the fact that he taxt me last night that he feels we have something "real" and that that something is so special to him...that is all "bull"?...damn I am falling for him and he through text gives the impression he may be falling for me....and that is all "bull"??? should I stop all communication and send him to hell???? please I am so confused....reading all these post sound like this is just a game he is doing with me....and I should abandon all hopes

Anonymous said...

I don't want this site to become a TM bashing blog... but ladies in order to give you good about a TM I need both sides of the story.


Anonymous said...

tm if a woman show you that you can trust her and that she is strate out good woman cuz thats what i have done but he tells me that i will aways be a special person to him i think he knows that i want more even though i started saying we should be friends but i cant handle beeing his friend cuz i love him and want to take care of him but i kinda backed off cuz i dont want him to think i am some crazy woman but i also want to tell him how i feel when we do see each other its hard for the both of us to keep to one self he says my kisses are like wow to him i know he has had a bad relationship in the pase but i dont ask anything about it cuz the past is the past so let it stay there i ask him do he have other women but he says he cant aford it rite now im not his g/f but i wish i was i help him in his trouble time but not to much so he wont think im a doormate so with this said tm what should a pisces woman to do if we have disagreements i try and cool him off quick and i do with much respect i do know some tm have alot of woman but i see no reason to lye about it we are cool together but im just not sure help tm

Anonymous said...

one moe thing TM iknow him a little over a yr i have been intamant one time but when we be around eachother we want to but we agree that the time isnt right eventhough its hard on the both of us we want to one time we almost did but i dont like quickies

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

okay so i started liking this guy in the summer time and he had no interest in me and thought i was crazy because of my drunk blackout nights , i was really pushy and always messaging him and wanting to see him , and he was always pushing me away . Than he moved out of country , we kept in touch , but i would get drunk and message him crazy , i always wanted to talk to him and he thought i was very annoying , he blocked me and re added me many times , but this time we started talking and i let him know that i dont like him anymore even though i do , and i pretend and tell him i like someone else , and we have become freinds and talk about almost anything , he was calling me all the time and talking to me a lot ,a nd i got drunk again and messaged him a couple times and now he wont speak to me , and i dont want to be annoying so im just leaving him alone now ....

Anonymous said...

Hey, I im in desperate need with a taurus male, I am a capricorn female. he was my childhood best friend for about 3years, and still is an extremly close friend. he always used to pay so much attention to me, and act very jelous of me with other guys everyone used to tell me he liked me but at the time I guess i didnt feel the same but he never said it himself. However he suddenly started to pull away for me slowly and I was got scared of loosing my best friend. Thats when I realised how much I loved him, it drove me crazy to think for the first time I actually loved someone. I told him how I felt about him, and he was extremly shocked but sensitive and he would check up on me around those times. He was so sweet about it, problem is he never told me how he felt about me because he had a girfriend at the time.And it was just akward when the whole circle would hang out and she was with him. He would still pay attention to me but i could tell that he really liked her. But at the same time he would still get jelous of males around me.

After some months he broke up with his girlfriend and was with somebody else for a short while before that ended.
Whenever he looks at me, its like he sees through me. Sometimes he stares at me in ways I dont understand to the point where it scares me at times. He flirts with so many different girls and it kills me. We heavent spoken about me liking him ever since i mentioned it to him.

The only difference with me and other girls is the way he looks at me, I cant explain it, its like i can almost feel himlooking through my soul as he glares. This confuses me cause he asks any other girl to dates, cinema or other places but is hesitant to ask me ever since I told him how i feel.

He once saw me with two male friends at dinner, and i ended up going home with him and he was very angry about me being with those guys. He nagged me about it, and told the whole world and I didnt understand what his problem is.

He also jokingly has asked me to be his date for a wedding, asked me to be his valentine, and also indirectly joked that he wants marry me. He also remembers the guys ive been with before in detail which I dont understand.

My problem is he doesnt contact me as much as other people, and most of the time I have to make the effort to text him or call or he never does. Sometimes he does but rarely maybe he doesnt feel the need to cause he considers me to be so close. But when we are alone together i can feel that he loves me, what he says to me and the way he looks at me its just incredible he makes hints of this. BUT WHY WONT he ver tell me how he feels considering i once told him how a felt although a year has past.

Why wont he contact me as much, and why does he flirt with and give attention to so many girls!!!!

Its driving me crazy does he love me or not ?


Anonymous said...

Re Feb 14 2012 6:15

He is unsure about you. To answer the question, if he loves you ... Yes. My advice to you, make peace with this and move on. If he follows... well lets say it’s yours to lose.


Anonymous said...

I am a Leo female with an affinity for a Taurus male. I was totally oblivious that he likes (liked) me until now. He gave subtle signs, and I've put them all together finally. The thing is he's in a relationship, but there's this magnetic attraction there. He has been quiet lately, but I still send him messages to show I care. He has a large female following, and that doesn't bother me, I have a large male following which doesn't matter to me either. I want somebody with substance, which I sense he has; and I can't shake the feeling that we are... dare I say it, meant for each other. I'm not sure what to do. I'm just keeping my eye on the prize, but I want to be his prize, and not a 2nd option.

Anonymous said...

Hey ladies. you should consider their moon sign, a lot of peeps just react so bad to all us taureans. like most people don't know we are more sensual we seeks attention. from descriptions above some true some were not. proudly speaking i dont play around most loyal being on the planet. Not all taureans are player.and this darkside they brand us well its for anakin skywalker lol. All Sun signs corresponds to their moon sign and rising sign. in my opinion try to know this first maybe you'll know something new.

Taurus Sun- Gemini Rising- Taurus Rising Here. :-P

Anonymous said...

Why are Taurus men so silent and very selective as to what questions they will or will not answer? You can e-mail a Taurus 10 questions but he will reply giving answers to 6 out of the 10 questions. If a Taurus isn't ready to give you certain information, there is nothing you can do about it. Most Tauruses I know like to run the show even if they say they don't like being the one in control. You go by their rules and timeline. If you lack patience, then it would be wise to move on. Taurus men are very sweet but I think their hot/cold/silent/unresponsive bahavior is their way of staying in control of their feelings and avoiding getting hurt. By the way, I'm speaking in regards to the more guarded and jaded Tauruses.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm the Leo woman from the post above. I forgot to share that I had a 2 or so year relationship with a Taurus male before. I was dining with a male friend of mine, and I smoked cigarettes at the time, and had to go to a different section to have a cigarette after I ate. I sat down at an empty table in the smoking section, and this waiter comes up to me to ask if I need anything, in which I replied I didn't. Since my male friend was older, he asked if I was with my Dad; he had noticed us in the other section. I told him he was a friend, and he made small talk with me smiling from ear to ear, and asked me for my number before I went back to my section. I gave it to him, and I started observing him, observing me, for the remainder of my stay there. And of course he would quickly turn away when he saw me looking back. hehe As I was leaving, he waived goodbye with a big smile, and I returned it. Later that night, I texted him, and he asked to meet me somewhere as soon as possible. We started hanging out and getting intimate, but I figured that's all it was until one day, he was over at my place, and was getting ready to leave, and a male friend came over to drive me somewhere for an errand. If looks could kill, my friend would be well over 6 feet under, in which my friend commented something about it. Then I realized I meant more to him then he let on. It was something unspoken, but we eventually moved into a relationship. Situations arose where I had to move away, and I gave him my cell phone so we could keep in touch until things straightened out. The day I was able to move back into town, I went to see him, and we were overjoyed to be together again. Then, he kept on getting texts on MY phone, and anyone knows that guys usually do not keep texting, but females do. I asked to see my phone, and what I saw horrified me. He was having sexually charged text conversations with one of his coworkers. He acted like it was no big deal. From that moment on, I was stripped of trust for him, and ended up breaking it off with him within a month.

So, this Taurus male was pretty forthcoming with me, and ended up being disloyal, but this Taurus is more subtle, and is known to be very loyal, which could be the reason he is so subtle. I have now pieced the signs together, and now he is quiet. As I stated before, I do message him time to time to let him know I care for what he does, but I haven't blatantly told him I'm crazy about him since he is spoken for. I have NEVER in my life felt this way for someone, and it is driving me crazy, and I don't know what to do. I think this may be the reason he's quiet: One day, I suggested he might want to talk to a group of people because they were stirred up (me included hehe)that he wasn't socializing for a while, and he ended up doing it. I told him he made a lot of people happy today, and he replied that "A lot of people have made me happy today." I think that might have been his way of saying that about me, I don't know if I'm reading into it wrong or not.

We started talking on twitter for about 6 months before we met, although it wasn't that many times. When we met, there was this instant magnetic attraction, I was at a loss for words, and he was shy. So, not much was said; it was mostly body language, and I caught him staring at my feet of all things. lol After we met, he messaged me on a more frequent basis, and I noticed he grew more sociable during that time period as well. The day I mentioned earlier when he told me that a lot of people made him happy, I responded back to that with a joke, and he pretty much stopped talking to me after that. When he did talk to me, it was very short and emotionless. Now, nothing at all. Did I mess this up (unintentionally)? If I did, how do I restore good graces, because I REALLY like him.

Anonymous said...

Try to look on moon sign. All sun signs have darksides not only taureans. don'T brand us all like we were the most sick persons on the planet. from the description above some were true and some ain't. I may be a flirt but not to the extent i will touch them. I am loyal as hell. i love my sag GF and she will be always be mine. lol. so people out there. try to check out their moon signs and their chart an d maybe you'll learn something.


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