"Mirror, Mirror on the wall . . . where did he go, and why doesn't he call?"

Saturn's Journey Into Virgo

Whew. . .after a two year stint in Leo, Saturn, the planetary taskmaster, is finally departing for Virgo on September 2, 2007. For those of you who may not know, Saturn is a serious and stern enforcer. By shining a spotlight on our limitations, Saturn expects us to rise to their challenge.

Saturn's influences can be referred to as "tough love." Saturn's stint through Cancer, beginning in June of 2003, spotlighted areas of emotion. The message there was this: If emotions are unbridled, it's possible that others' feelings can become our own. If we are too restrictive regarding them, it's quite possible that Saturn's chill can then freeze others out.

In July of 2005, Saturn trekked into Leo to bring seriousness to issues of ego and of oneself. So during Saturn's stint in Cancer we began to understand how we feel. And during it's stint through Leo, we were then asked to stand up as a living expression of how we feel. Saturn's message in Leo was this: Project our true inner feelings into our outer world.

And what do you get for all of Saturn's influential grief? Maturity and wisdom.

That brings us to September of 2007 and Saturn's crossover into analytical Virgo. A place where, thankfully enough, Saturn isn't too uncomfortable. Therefore, after September of 2007, we may all be breathing a big sigh of relief.

However, the transition has already begun with Venus retrograde occurring right alongside Saturn's shift on the Leo-Virgo cusp. Venus has been kicking around in Saturn's turf and cojoined Saturn three times as a result. And our lady Venus is trekking backwards or retrograde. So she's not really herself right now and is lingering around, kicking up dirt and rocks from the past. And where does lady Venus focus her influence? Romance, love and $.

So for slightly more than a month or so, we have been served visions, thoughts and feelings from the past and have had some decisions to make. It's a time when past loves may reappear suddenly and the influences of past relationships may be revisited in the mind. It's a time of review. What failed? What worked? What associations are positive? Which one's aren't? What made me happy? What made me sad? What did I do wrong? What did I do right?

We've been reviewing some unfinished business, haven't we?

In addition to the Venusian influences above currently taking place, Saturn will also be exerting it's influences on Venuses retrograde phase as well - by offering this to you: That which is deliciously tempting and feeds the ego (but is self-defeating) vs. that which is so downright responsible that it's simply boring.

It's a time to "clean house" and get rid of what is no longer working positively or remaining healthy. And it's nearing it's end, so hopefully, you're tidying up and waxing the floor of your house right now in preparation for Saturn's next area of spotlight in the sign of Virgo - discrimination.

Saturn will ask us to take advantage of Virgo's analytical capabilities and narrow down our findings through the use of discrimination. We are now going to put what we have discovered from the past 4 years under a magnifying glass and further whittle it down to ultimately construct greater happiness for our future.

In Virgo, very little happens by chance or through randomness and serendipity. Virgo is analytical, dutiful, refining and service oriented. Virgo is focused like a laser beam. That means the work will be done on a level of intense focus on details.

So, you may be beginning to see that Saturn is indeed stern, harsh - downright tough . . . .The planets lessons may, at times, be so harsh that it eases us through them by working in baby steps over long periods of several years before eventually dishing out the end result.

Saturn's trek through Cancer asked us to identify with our true selves and get our emotions in check. It taught us not to permit the influences of others to reign over our own thoughts and feelings.

Saturn's crossover in Leo asked us to "publish" our emotional findings and express them in the outer world so that we project that which is our true self.

Then the Saturn-Neptune opposition came along and revealed large gaps between hopes and dreams vs. reality.

Venus moved retrograde on the cusp of Saturn's transition into Virgo which asked us to wrap up some old unfinished emotional business in areas of love and romance and the residual effects from days gone by.

And now it's time for Virgo to step into the spotlight and do the actual WORK of creating whatever it is that we've finally decided we want.

Be your true self, let your true self be known, rid yourself of emotional baggage, and share your life with the positive people and influences of your own choosing. . . . .

and then breath a big sigh of relief and pat yourself on the back for hard lessons that were well learned.

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Jacqueline Bigar said...

I really appreciate your concise but strong interpertation of Saturn travel through the sigbs.
Will be back to read more of your thoughts.

Rich said...

Damn... when are the Capricorns gonna catch a break!!!

can you write an article on Capricorns? pretty please with a cherry on top? :-P

Anonymous said...

Capricorn Queen
Dear rlowe1980, we Caps will be seeing our due when Pluto goes into Capricorn at the end of this year. I currently am experiencing my Saturn return in Virgo and a Jupiter return also around my birthday in January. Few! I am carring no struggling on with old past karma since the last Eclipses of Aug/Sept.This Eclipse magnifies your karma and demands pennance or correction wether I'm ready to pay up or not. So hang in there Brother our days are comming forth. Peace

Anonymous said...

Try not to forget, as an Aries I always try and help people understand our way. First and foremost the energy of an Aries is Compassion and Love not War...
The first thing an Aries does is to produce a burst of positive cosmic energy(Creative). This cosmic energy is reactive that in a way makes us out to be great catalysts. This is a plus and a negative, as this burst of creativity will go no where, if another sign does not carry it on. All in all we all need each other. STOP THE GAMES it is time to stand together as HUman.

Anonymous said...

Ive dated a male Taurus for 2 years. Im finding out the dark manipulative side of him recently..
At the beginning of our relationship he was very attentive and sexual.
I got sick with breathing problems a couple months ago, Now I get cut off frequently. Im getting better every day, but it doesn't matter. He is more distant and cold. He just told me he mainly likes sex in the summer not winter...this is all new to me. So I guess last year he was really struggling to make it happen in the winter months.
I clean his home, buy groceries and other things for him and his home. Im good to his grown children. Now he doesn't want to go see my family with me. I have no idea whats going on. He has totally changed.
He wants to get married eventually but he needs me to sell my home, move in with him, almost an hour away from my hometown. And he wants me to help him remodel and sell his home...Then get his home put in my name... And then get a business license and purchase a business property so he can run it. Prior to marriage. 😬😠😭 😱
Im a Sagittarius ~> 🔥+🐂=??

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Apr 13, 1:52 AM,
To answer your question, you're more powerful than you think. Fire (Sagittarius) has the capability to scorch the Earth (Taurus).

"I clean his home, buy groceries and other things for him and his home."

Why have you invested more than he has? Why have you committed yourself to playing the role of his wife - when he has not committed himself to being your husband?

You weren't born on this earth to become a servant to man.

"He just told me he mainly likes sex in the summer not winter"

I'm sorry to say this, but that sounds like nothing but an excuse to me (to cease being intimately involved with you). Particularly if it only started this past winter, and was not the case the first winter you were with him (since you've been together 2 years).

"He wants to get married eventually but he needs me to sell my home, move in with him, almost an hour away from my hometown."

NOPE. Do NOT make ANY further investments into this man, until he makes an investment into you (marries you). He does not need for you to sell your home and move in with him BEFORE he marries you.

You get married FIRST (commitment in place) and THEN you can uproot your entire life for him - once you have the security of a commitment from him in place.

"And he wants me to help him remodel and sell his home"

Well gee. . .isn't that nice? I'd like for someone to make an investment into my home too, without me having to make any investment into them. Who wouldn't want someone to make an investment into their home without providing anything in return?

But I'm sure you've heard the old saying, "Wish in one hand, sh*t in the other - see which fills up first." LOL ;-)

Cont. . .

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Why would you make monetary investments into property that you do not own, and have no monetary claim to? How is an investment like that going to pay off for you, when you have absolutely NO CLAIM to it's increased value after your investment?

That's like asking someone to help you fix your car - so you can turn around and sell it for a profit. Do they own your car? No. Do they have any legal claim to the profit? No. Do they have any way to get their investment into your car back? No.

You might as well dig a big hole, throw your money in it and light it on fire and watch it disappear. Because you will not have a leg to stand on in the courts if you invest into this man's home. . .when your name is not on the deed and you do not legally own it or have any claim to it whatsoever.

This man could decide to break up with you after you've just dumped $20k into his home. Then what? You will be out $20k, that's what. Very bad investment without the guarantee of a payoff. In the business world, that's called "bad business." In the business world, you never see an investor make a monetary investment into anything without FIRST receiving a percentage of ownership in what they're about to invest in, to protect their investment.

"Then get his home put in my name"

If he wants you to invest monetarily into his home, then he needs to make an investment into you first. Either by marrying you (giving you marital claim to any equity built in the home after marriage), or by placing your name onto the home BEFORE you invest into it.

"And then get a business license and purchase a business property so he can run it."

And does he have a business plan developed? Has he written a business plan? And what percentage of the business will you own? As I stated above, investors in business ALWAYS receive a percentage of the business BEFORE investing into it. And without a written business plan, he will NEVER get investment from a bank or lending institution.

So why would YOU invest into his business without seeing a written business plan for how he intends to make money first? Before a bank or lending institution grants a business loan, they need to see a business plan on paper that shows them exactly how the business will make money, how much inventory the business is holding, the monthly expenses for the business, and the projected annual profit the business will generate.

Because if you don't sit down and do the math, and you're starting a business on a wish and a prayer without giving any real thought to HOW you will do business and HOW the business will become profitable. . .then you're likely to fail at that business within the first 5 years.

I know this because in my day job, I'm in the small business / entrepreneur industry.

Cont. . .

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Have you seen startup failure statistics? They're not pretty. And the reason they're not pretty is because people tend to start businesses on a wish and a prayer, instead of sitting down and doing the business of figuring out the math first, doing competitive research first, and mapping out how they intend to scale the business for growth first.

90% Of Startups Fail: Here's What You Need To Know About The 10%: https://www.forbes.com/sites/neilpatel/2015/01/16/90-of-startups-will-fail-heres-what-you-need-to-know-about-the-10/#24d7a5fa6679

Startup Failure Rates by Industry: http://tech.co/startup-failure-rates-industry-2016-01

23 Scary-but-Exciting Startup Failure Rate Statistics: https://www.creditdonkey.com/startup-failure-rate.html

I'd suggest that you start researching by reading the 3 articles above before you EVEN CONSIDER investing in a business - any business. Next, I would then research what makes a good business partner.

3 Characteristics of a Great Business Partner: https://www.inc.com/logan-chierotti/3-characteristics-great-business-partner.html

Then I would research the characteristics of great business leaders. Because without a great captain steering the ship, it's bound to run aground. And before you invest one dime into ANY business, you need to make sure that the one running it. . .is actually capable of doing so and has what it takes to make it a success.

Top 10 Qualities That Make A Great Leader: https://www.forbes.com/sites/tanyaprive/2012/12/19/top-10-qualities-that-make-a-great-leader/#3a6e57f27754

He wants to purchase a physical business (one that isn't online). That means monthly utility bills. That means weekly payroll. That means annual property taxes. So let's say those amount to $15k a month roughly. You open your doors on the 1st of the month. Does he have it figured out on paper how he's going to generate not only the $15k needed to stay in business that month, but ALSO profit on top of that, so that HE can earn a salary?

Cont. . .

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Let's say he'd be okay sacrificing some salary to be his own boss. Many do that. So let's say he'd be okay with $1k per week. (And let me tell you, there are a gazillion entrepreneurs out there who have been in business for years that would LOVE to be making $1k a week doing what they do. . .but they aren't.) That brings us to $19k per month needed to stay in business and turn a profit to earn a salary.

Does this man have his mathematical equation figured out in a written business plan for how he intends to generate $19,000 by the 30th of the month, after opening his doors on the 1st? Does he have it figured out for how he's going to generate approximately $4700 per week to accomplish that?

My point here isn't to discourage you, or him. My point is that while being your own boss and running your own business sounds dreamy, the harsh reality is that it's MORE WORK than actually working for someone. As a result, if you're serious about it -- you have to get REAL SERIOUS about it. You have to do the work to make it work. You have to invest the hours to make it work. And you have to make the sacrifices to make it work.

If he's doesn't have the character traits to do that - then chances are, unfortunately, he'll fail within the first two years. And your money will be gone. And you may even end up with lenders and suppliers chasing you down for monies owed.

It's not unusual for small business owners to work at their businesses 60, 70 or 80 hours a week. Sleepless nights, enormous stress (because now you have staff relying on you for their income), serious money issues, daily operations, etc.

If this man does not have a TON of chutzpah for the long haul (and he may, he's a Taurus so who knows). . .he may crumble under all that strain. If he does not work well with others, he may fail at managing a staff. If he cannot set his ego aside, he may make very bad business decisions. If he is not willing to live on a meager income for at least the first 5 years in business, he'll be miserable. If he is not a good leader, he may leave the ship to steer itself.

That's the reality of small business ownership. Is he ready for that reality?

"Prior to marriage."


You'd be better off taking your money to Las Vegas and taking a gamble with it there, than taking a gamble on this man, his home and his dream of business ownership. If he hasn't done his homework, doesn't have what it takes, isn't going to give you a percentage of ownership in a business he's asking you to invest in, and isn't placing you onto the deed of his home before investing into it. . .then his actions are telling you that he's not in it for the long haul.

How do we know this?

Because he's not willing to TAKE A RISK and PUT HIMSELF ON THE LINE by MAKING INVESTMENTS AND COMMITTING HIMSELF to prove he's in it to win it. Instead, he's playing it safe. . .and expecting YOU TO TAKE ALL THE RISK.


What's the number one characteristic of a successful entrepreneur? They are WISE RISK TAKERS. They are willing to take risks - but they do so wisely, in a very calculated way ;-)

Entrepreneurs Are 'Calculated' Risk Takers -- The Word That Can Be The Difference Between Failure And Success:


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