"Mirror, Mirror on the wall . . . where did he go, and why doesn't he call?"

Experiences With A Taurus Male

Taurus males. . .smoldering, sexy and attentive. But can it really be that good? Well, based on my personal experiences of 13 years spent with a Taurus man, I can say yes - and no. I guess it just depends on how "progressed" your Taurus male is and how submissive he may be to the stimulation of his five senses.

So before I begin, I'd like to state that there are many, many Taurus men out there that are wonderful husbands, lovers and friends. That being said, I'm sure that you are now guessing where I'm headed with this. . Yep - I'm delving into the "dark side" of the Taurus mans nature as many of my personal observations over the years centered around such activity. So my apologies to all you wonderful Taurus males out there.

Taurus folks, as many already know, are all about the stimulation of the five senses. When these stimulations are of a positive nature, they love music, good food, the outdoors, sensitive touch and all things sensually related.

However, Should A Taurus Fall Prey To The Stimulation Of Darker Senses


It's a folly of gluttony, abuse and self indulgence. Taurus males, in particular, can become steeped in drugs, alcohol, casual sex, gambling and the like. He may cultivate relationships, both sexual and platonic, outside of a committed relationship as a Plan B of sorts.

Taurus men are passive by nature and, being ruled by the planet Venus, that of love, romance and money, have a natural tendency to draw people to them rather than seeking people and relationships out. Taurus is all about security, I should know - I AM one.

Nothing pleases a Taurus, male or female, more than stability, a cushy living situation, and security, both financial and emotional. Due to that nature, a Taurus man generally will not act aggressively towards people or situations that secretly they wish to attach themselves to.

Rather, a Taurus man will somehow manage to draw those people or relationships to him. And our Taurus males, in particular, are very good at doing so.
Sextrology refers to the Taurus males motto being one of "I WILL". . . .have you in the palm of my hand.

And For Taurus Men, That's It In A Nutshell

Strong yet quiet, masculine yet sensitive, sexual yet unaggressive, these guys have mastered the technique. And once he's caved to stimulation of his darker senses this becomes one of his favorite pastimes. He'll spend many a day and hours of time cultivating "situations" that he will ultimately reap rewards from at a later date. Thus making all his time and effort worth it.

A Taurus man will place himself into environments where these situations are more likely to happen and he'll simply sit back and wait. He'll show up time and time again and do this repeatedly until he finally achieves the rapport he's been attempting to build. All the while, he'll be acting coy and clueless in an attempt to disarm you of any agenda you may think he has.

You see, for our Taurus male, that IS his agenda. . . .to disarm you (especially women) and make you think he has no agenda. He wants you to relax and feel comfortable around him, not threatened. And in order to do this he realizes that he must repeatedly make his presence known time and time again so that those around him drop their guard.

And once your comfortable and your walls are down, that's when the real work begins. His plan is now in motion and it'll brew at such a slow and steady pace that you'll be none-the-wiser.

Here's a Tidbit of Insight Into Your Taurus Man

He operates behind the scenes, always keeping his intentions guarded and others in a constant state of guessing. He is a man of reaction - not one of action. He forces others to play their hand before revealing his own, all the while, he's working his angle behind the scenes.

By doing so, our Taurus man leads a rather stress-free life. He hangs back in situations, being the master of all he surveys. This ones like a kid in the candy store of life. A huge appetite for pleasure, but lacking the inability to exert abstinence or self-discipline, he's all about the stimulation of the five senses. A come hither kind of guy. His lifelong goal is to be idolized, idolized, idolized - and worshipped by others.

Therefore, Taurus men play a rather submissive role in life and in relationships. If you ask a Taurus man where he'd like to go for dinner that night, most likely, his response will be, "Wherever you'd like to go." He's not much of a decision maker and, honestly, doesn't prefer to wear the pants in a love relationship. This behavior gets Taurus men farther in life and without much effort having to be placed into it. He finds that he usually doesn't have to fight for that which he wants. He waits, he watches, he evaluates. He's a strategist.

Once his goals are securable and within his reach - he charges straight for them. He's not a risk taker by nature. He plans and plots, waiting for his desires to ultimately reveal themselves to him. Our Taurus male tends to build his own small harem of worshippers in life. He may pal around with younger individuals that look up to him in some way.

He may develop a harem of female admirers on the side, of whom he will always refer to as only "friends. A dating pool of sorts, from which he can pull from at his leisure, if need be, or if his preferred stable relationship should happen to sour in his eyes.

And by souring, I mean - if you stop worshipping him and the idol that he envisions himself to be. So ladies, if you find yourself involved with, or gunning for, a Taurus male you may find one of the nicest, most attentive and sexual guys on the planet - or you might find yourself trapped in a sea of confusion and self doubt.

When dealing with a Taurus man it might pay to ask questions and study body language. Most important of all. . . .find out where's he's spending most of his time. That will give you a glimpse into his motives and the situations that he's attempting to attach himself to.

I'd like to hear from women who have had experiences with Taurus men. Where they positive or negative? Can you relate to any of this?

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Anonymous said...

I'm a Virgo female and I have a male friend who happens to be a Taurus. Before reading, and learning more about a Taurus personality I was so confused. I'm not sure if I am in the friend zone, because I'm always spending the night at his house for weeks straight. He loves having me around and seems a little sad when I decide to go back to my house. He pick me up stuff from the store while he's out I mean the signs as far as his actions are there. Although he's not as affectionate as I would like , every now and then he slaps me on the butt or rub my shoulders... Touchy feely type of gesture, but I'm so use to guys being all over me so this makes me doubt and question if he likes me more than a friend. Before I started staying over we would talk all day everyday for hrs straight. I mean until the sun rise knowing we both had work in the morning. I'm so confused and think it's me because even though he doesn't express his feeling verbally his actions speak louder. Please help!

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Sam Eshtia,
"Could you please tell me how to treat him when we are arguing to make him understand he has to apologize and do the right thing if he makes a mistake?"

I wouldn't engage him in those arguments dear. Instead, I'd calmly and without a display of emotions, look him in the eye and tell him that as a husband, he is not providing the security to his wife that he should be.

I'd explain that my actions and behavior are the result of his secretiveness and that if he wants things to change between us, then he needs to be present in his marriage as a team - instead of acting as an individual and hiding part of his life from his spouse.

I'd explain that his secretiveness sabotages the marriage and that his behavior is self-destructive. And by doing so, he is not fulfilling his role as a husband and he is destroying his own marriage through his selfishness. I'd explain that his actions (hiding things) do not align with his words "He is also telling me with you are with me you should feel safe and secure." And that if he wants me to feel safe and secure, his ACTIONS also need to line up with that - because when people are hiding things from others, NO ONE feels safe or secure in that situation....because the person doing the hiding is breaking the trust.

And then I'd sit back - and listen and observe what he has to say dear. I'd closely watch his reaction to that. And then I'd remove myself from the situation, so as to not argue further, and I'd leave him alone with some quiet time to reflect on that and see if any of it sinks in.

In otherwords, I would not react emotionally (crying, tears, pleading) because many men tend to be dismissive of that type of communication. Instead, I would communicate in a non-emotional fashion and I'd be 100% percent logical instead...and I'd hit him with the FACTS.

Because it's incredibly difficult for people to argue with the facts dear ;-)

Anonymous said...

Its might be late comment.. but all the characteristics mentions in both the post n comments are true. I am a married Taurus who's in love with a Taurus male. He's very sweet and I think we have lots in common due to our star sign.. shhh.. He's divorced and I am in not so good marriage.. He has disarmed me and one night I was so nagging till he ignores me, for the night only because he's too sweet. After that moment, I felt like a fool.. then start to ignore him.. and guess what? Like a normal guy, we are back in a correct position (men - hunt/chase; women - run). At present, like a strategist, he's gone MIA.. so I think I have to gone from the surface of the earth.. ssshh... but I am starting to like the mind game... I will make him crawl to me :D

Anonymous said...

taurus men ale especially good in insulting you and making you feel good at the same time... I remember he did this thing infront of a company of people...he said "you know people who are too smart tend to be/seem retarded." lol... and this kind of attitude the whole time... first time he expressed his feelings for me "I love you, but you're weird." .... and other than that it was a painful rollercoaster of tears, pain, depression and absolute despair with a taurus man who was married with 2 children and me an aries woman who fell for him, lost my virginity, my dignity, my self-esteem, my confidence and reputation to him to be lost devastated and lonely... but then again my best friend is a taurus female so I don't think signs have to do a lot of why a guy decides to play games with you...it's rather psychological...

Anonymous said...

I absolutely fell head over heals for a Taurus guy and everything you have just said is soooo true as I think back on everything.

The minute I revealed that I am starting to feel something for him that is more than casual, he nearly crusified me because he is not ready to do anything else but casual.

I did the only thing I could do - walk away from the situation.

Anonymous said...

I am a Scorpio and he is a Taurus. We spend time together like once a week. He is nice and sweet. I feel like he is playing games with me. He told that he does not want to be in a relationship with me but then the next day he says how he is starting to really really like me. Of course I call him on all of his bullshit. I can say that he pisses me off but I still like him. He is really open with me about everything and I hardly share anything with him because he is always talking about himself. I feel like I want there to be more but it wont happen anytime soon.

Juleemango said...

OMGGGGGGGG this is the bloody nail on the head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish I had read this 8yrs ago!!! I honestly don't know how to play and win at this cat and mouse game he plays... And I want to because he ignites my passion for everything, he inspires me .....

Anonymous said...

forty three years married to a taurean and am on medication to cope...he is chaotic, disloyal, unfaithful, a liar, controlling, penny pinching, a lousy uninterested parent,moody, yet charms every female and goes out of his way to charm neighbours wives and the ladies in our accountants office and the supermarket checkout girls and i thought he would grow up...but no...he has never matured, emotionally ...have known two taurean men and both needed the harem....both were liars...both were unfaithful....but should you question them re their behaviour they look at you so innocently....a tauren man is cunning and an ultimate liar....run run run

Anonymous said...

Libran woman....and, well., I am older and met a married Taurus man in a professional situation and didn't really pick up on the flirting and personal questions until I realized what he was doing was actually unethical.
He is charming and has qualities I do enjoy in a man but married is married and that is that.

Maybe we will meet some time in the future if he gets divorces..

Anonymous said...

I'm soooo deeply. In love with a Taurus man I am a Leo. And. I jus broke up with him because. We are in to diffrent times in pur lives. Iwanna be married to him one day but after we both are stable. I want him so bad and I know. He cheats so we are good friends. He always come by and I always let him lnow I'm still in lpve with.him

Anonymous said...

I just removed myself from a dating experience with a Taurus man I met online. He was very confusing to say the least. He asked me to go off the dating service after one date because he was so into me. Made plans for the future, etc. After our second date, he didn't call as he said he would. So I told him I would be going back online as I felt he was not that interested in me. Well, that really upset him and he has played games with me since. We only dated for 3 months, with nothing physical, except a few kisses and hugs. I went through an emotional rollercoaster with this guy. I am a Gemini, so it probably would not have worked.

Anonymous said...

I am in a serious relationship with a taurus guy for past 5 years at first i used to fight with him for silly reasons as i was testing whether he truly loves me or not but he showed so much patience and loved me more and more. He is a very hardworking and charming guy. Now i am truly into him. He understands me and my madness :p Its been a very stable relationship and we are very close to each other. Sex is amazing. We will be getting married next year. Yes he is stubbern but i think its cute :p I am a female pisces.

Anonymous said...

Oh and how can i forget to mention about the fantastic sex :p We started with just touching hands in our first meeting and later slowly our physical connection started improving with every meeting :) And now it has turned into wild sex :D We meet once a month but he calls and messeges me each and everyday like 5-6 times or more than that. I dont know what might happen in future after we get married but i have lived best moments of my life with him. and i want to spend my whole life with him by my side. He is one year younger than me but he is much more matured than me :D Taurus male and pisces female is a perfect match.

Anonymous said...

Wow. There are a lot of comments on this page about the Taurus man. I'm not even sure if mine will be read, but here goes nothing. I am an AQUARIUS woman. I met a man 4 months ago that didn't take me very long to fall head over hills in love with. I met him online and agreed to go on a spur of the moment date with him. the night was, uhmmm.... extremely interesting to say the least but we both did get a bit wasted, and ended up passing out together in the midst me fighting him off of me. He says that he doesn't remember that part of the night (hmmm...) but all in all, I agreed to go on a second date. he swept me completely off of my feet. On every date we went on since then, he opens every door for me and is just the most polite and respectful man I've ever known in my life. He is very down to earth and old fashioned. Now, me being Aquarius, we are a little bit spontaneous. Maybe that is why we got so drunk in that bar on the first date (haha) but we had so much fun that night!

Since I've met him... I've wanted to know everything there is to know about his zodiac sign and just.... EVERYTHING there is! He fascinates me to no end! He's sexy, charming, respectful, intelligent, responsible, considerate, AMAZING in bed. But, sometimes I feel that he is two-sided with me. It's like he is a different person when he is around me then when he is texting me. He's always saying that he is "busy" and usually is not the first to text. Sometimes I feel as if I am a nuisance. He scares me so much. But then when I am around him again, I'm back to feeling as though he cares for me. He says that he likes me and he misses me when he isn't around. It's SO hard to have patience with a BULL!!! Our compatibility, according to our zodiac signs doesn't look too promising. But I'm willing to make him happy any way I possibly can. And being Aquarius, when we love, we love with our whole hearts and will do just about anything to make our mate happy.

I am really confused about how he feels about me. But after everything I've looked into, he does like me. I just want him to feel the way I do about him. And I am scared to tell him that I am in love with him.

Anonymous said...

Taurus people are mostly dull.

Anonymous said...


I just finished reading the comments in this section. Firstly, I commend MOA for all the free advice she has given to people in relationships with (darkside) Taurus men. I cannot believe how patient and generous you are in giving all the help you provide to your readers.

Many years ago I was involved with a Taurus man who did everything written in the original article as well as ticked most of the boxes in the Don't Date An Insecure Man article.
The relationship left me broken and all these years later I don't believe I could ever put myself through that again.

It actually painful to read these stories because I remember the feelings like it was yesterday; but I'm glad to be over that mountain and know that was youthful learning experience in what not to do. (I did everything wrong).

I am sad as Capricorn, that a sign I'm extremely attracted to and supposed to be compatible with can turn so damn ugly but I have to remember there are other placements in my chart that in Synastry make this pairing a near impossibility. i.e. Mars square Sun.

I wish I had this resource when I was getting played, and my ass handed to me.
Turns out my saving grace was that I didn't have kids or marry him like my successor did.
Cheers to you MOA and the service you are doing for some many good women out there.

Anonymous said...

My Taurus WAS (just ended) terrible to me. My friends warned me. Every Taurus male we knew or dated played the same games. Most likely just because we weren't compatible but still it should've been enough for me to know...

He toyed with my mind, saying I was all he wanted and we would have nice conversations about life and our futures... Then bam. "I just want to be friends. You like me too much." uhhh ok.... I told him unfortunately things don't work backwards. We can't go from sparking something up to being friends. I would need more time I told him...before I could be his friend. Then he will flirt with me and then get angry at ME saying I need to stop trying things and that we can only be friends. Yet he is the one asking to cuddle or watch movies. Honestly. He probably just has issues.

Anonymous said...

I am a Taurus and got along well with a Taurus co worker. We used to laugh and indulge in harmless flirting...mostly word play and nothing sexual. He was always very respectful. He told me he was divorced. We clicked instantly and used to get each other very well. We used to work in different cities but whenever we met ,there was an instant warmth and laughter. I could tell that he was very interested in me. He used to touch me on my arm and shoulder and was always playful. I reciprocated the flirting and laughing though we never said anything to each other about our feelings in words. I met him in non work environment couple of months ago and he took me out for dinner then coffee and then to his place and he sang songs for me. All the time he was a thorough gentleman and was respectful. We were laughing all the time. He had a smitten look on his face all the while and I could tell from his happy smile and touching my arm or back once in while that he was interested in me. I thought may be he would say something about how he feels about me before we part ways but he didn't say anything. We spoke yesterday and he said he got married few weeks ago! I didn't show my surprise and wished him well. He invited me to stay with them whenever I visited his city. We joked about few things and put the phone down.

I am still surprised about why did he spend so much time with me couple of months ago. He would have already been engaged to be married at that time. What's the deal with Taurus men?

Anonymous said...

Hi scorpio here having a heaven and hell experience with my Taurus lover. I have been dating him off and on for 8 months, after having made crazy eye contact which made me so shy I could die, like he could see into my soul before we ever spoke more than small talk... Eventually that led to conversations, which increased his intrigue, i remained cool. I even introduced myself to his friend whom I thought was cute, and as soon as I did that, he put himself in my path and said, hello there, I haven't introduced myself properly to you, my name is T. What do you have planned for this evening? I thought he was asking me out, so I gave him my number with my name. Our first date was the very next night, and it was electric. If you believe in that, I think it was love at first sight. This crazy connection on all levels... I've never felt anything like it with anyone, and it has continued to move through phases of this intensity between us exploding into fights that caused break ups, make ups, him blocking me, ignoring me, me chasing him, love crazy, all for him to come around with the full moon and bring me back to heaven. There is no other way to describe being in his arms. Finally after 6 months he tells me he's ready to open up, as I had asked him to open up and it had exploded into an argument that caused a month of silence... So he invites me over to his place, shows me his world lol, and this continues beautifully over the next two weeks, where we get together 4 times in which he told me he loved me, and I said don't say it unless u really mean it. He grabbed my face and said it again. Days later on his birthday I give him a small handmade card which touched him ... We made love and as it had been of late, he held me all night.
The pattern of ignoring began, being busy sweetheart, seeing his friends only and having no time for me... For 3 weeks began getting to me, and I lost it on him and got emotional, starting doubting myself, getting angry and then apologizing.. All the while he wouldn't budge from his stance to give me what I needed... More than words.
It ended for me when I found out my parents! saw him eating breakfast, the same resto he brought me and apparently all his past conquests, with another girl! I lost my shit, sent some nasty texts, put a box on his doorstep, and went on vacation for four days. When I came back, I was blocked.
We argued on the phone a few days later, and he said he wasn't in love with me. I tried to talk to him in person a few days later but he refused.
Now as the universe would have it we have crossed paths inadvertently twice, the first time was two days later while I was driving and he was walking, strutting rather, and I was trying not to laugh my ass off at his smug ass. I was feeling smug myself, pissed, but deep down know I did things that made him want to give less love, because I was carrying excess baggage and drama into the affair. And I felt sad that I lost him... And when he saw me his face turned pouty and he stopped looking so happy go lucky. I just wish we could reconcile and I could bring him joy... But I'm not sure this relationship can work long term. I don't know if I should just move on. I've been moping for two days, just tryin to process everything. And then I'm out driving and see him driving the other way! Two days later! So we both turn to look at each other... But will one of us give in? I guess the question is do we want to, is it worth it? And will we really be able to stay away for good? I feel like the only solution is to move across the country to forget this love, because, turns out we are neighbours, living two blocks away from each other most of our lives.

Anonymous 1881 said...
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Daniel said...

As a Taurean male (May 6), I feel this article and comments leave us quite misunderstood. You must know that Taurus is ruled by Venus, which means we hold love above all else. Indeed, at a young age we learn to put women on a pedestal (for me it was in preschool and at a heartbreaking distance). Our sense of security comes from ourselves, and our partners. We are not resistant to change but slow to it, since it is on our own terms, as we carefully plan a more beautiful and practical solution. Taurus men are typically loners, although we may have a few friends who we are loyal to, we usually feel quite alone in a crowed. If you can imagine the bull in a bull fight, or locked in a cage, you will understand that society does not meet our ideals, and thus finding a solution out is important to us, even if it takes a long time. We long for nature, home grown organic food, and especially intimate love. Part of the reason we may seem attractive is because below our hard exterior is a burning passion for touch and intimacy. We can be very hard to get close to because we are usually on guard. We may seem stern or aloof, because we have probably tried taking the initiative with one or more woman in vain, only to have wasted our time and heartache. Indeed, we spend an excess of our time thinking about her, dreaming about her, and imagining romantic scenarios with her. Our love is sensual, based on here, now, in the care of body and mind. We long to touch and to be touched, in a loving and wholesome manner. We are smoldering because we are never truly able to fully express ourselves until we are engaged in a trusting, one on one relationship.

If it seems like we have a circle of girl friends, it's because we are not in a committed, trusting, or fulfilling relationship. We are cautious and like to dip our feet in the water. When we have found the right woman and know her love is obvious, we will slowly and gracefully glide into the water, with our hands caressing the surface of her delicacy. As we become fully submerged, we feel the need to surrender fully, thus our intense need for mutual trust. We also want people to feel beautiful, and because we don't talk much, we express our affections to our friends through soft touch (even guys get a loving smile and hug) and eye contact. We are classic, kiss-on-the-cheek types, who can't help but have gentle hands.

We are most likely very secretive, not because we are ashamed of anything, but because we are at our best when we are alone, when we don't have to worry about judgment. We have felt hardship of the past and probably would like to keep it there. I for one enjoy rapping myself up in soft cloth as a monk would, drawing, painting, and gardening. I often sing and hum slowly and deeply when I am out walking alone; always about my love, who is like an abstract and spiritual entity, deep within a breath.

Many of us are considered quiet. We enjoy being in the moment, with our senses engaged. Sometimes we enjoy looking closely at things, other times we like to take in the whole picture, thus seeming aloof. A lot of times when I'm in a close social engagement such as a party or get-together, I listen to the hums of the many conversations, and become aware of what is beyond mere vocation. Many times in these instances I shut my eyes to try to let go of all the tension and distractions that would cause me to forget my body, but I don't want anyone to call me out. When you feel a Taurus is stubborn or unmoving, it's because he treats himself with careful discipline and is trying to avoid strain or overexertion. A good motto for us would be that we can neither lead nor be led, because we are always the slowest walking! Most likely we enjoy being barefoot, because we think of the world as our home, and we enjoy the nurturing feeling of the earth.

Daniel said...

When a Taurus guy is interested in you, it may be difficult to know, especially if u do not understand the subtleties of body language. For instance, he will definitely stare or give you passing glances, to admire and comprehend you. He may be by your side while turning his head in your direction. You may get the feeling that he wants to touch you. You may see that he looks at your hands when you're holding something, or you're feet when you're both walking with friends. If we have been admiring you from a distance are typically less touchy with you than the rest of our friends then it definitely could mean we like you and don't want to show it, because we would become vulnerable, as we haven't established trust yet. we are very guarded and jealous when we love someone. We may retreat or stop looking at you if you test him in such a way. So, at that point, you must reassure him that you like him by either whispering this fact in his ear, or touching him affectionately (an especially long hug, or simple hand-holding will do). Ask him for his number and just text him when you want to see him. Take a secluded walk in nature, go on a picnic, or start a garden. You should call or text him, because it probably doesn't happen much to him (he is passive and not very fond of pointless small talk). Don't bother asking him "how are you" because he may not be able to express it unless he trusts you. He will just say things like: "Good, thank you", "I'm OK", or 'I'm well, how are you?" If he likes you and knows you like him, he will pursue you. With that said, if he is going out of his way to schedule things with you then you know he's interested. He's not the type of guy to tell you he loves you because this is a feeling beyond words.

If you are unsure of the Taurus man's feelings for you, the only way to confirm that he loves you is through jealously, unfortunately. If he sees you flirting with other men he will probably retreat, become more serious, or awkward. He may stop paying attention to you, even though he's burning inside. Don't do this every-time you're with him, because you will literally be causing him heartache.

We understand our weaknesses, especially when we are possessive of the woman we love. We need to feel intimate, which is not achieved if we don't have your attention. If a Taurus has become distant, then it's most likely a trust issue, or he feels his love is not reciprocated. He likes strong, yet feminine types who compliment him; not someone who is fake, ego-driven, or who comes off as desperate. Someone who will be there here and now, who doesn't mind giving up small talk for sensuality. If you feel that you need to address a weak-point in your relationship, you must bring it to his attention. Do not let an issue boil-over with him, as he will not respond well to manipulation or passive-aggressive behavior. If you feel an awkward silence, just resort to touch! If you're not yet comfortable with that, just breath and enjoy your environment. He doesn't mind silence at all, for the world is always buzzing if you practice opening your ears.

With that said, when a Taurus advances, he means to be sincere and hates to be misunderstood, which often knows he is (also a reason for his caution). If a Taurus spends time with girl friends, it usually means that he doesn't have a true girlfriend to be intimate with.

Daniel said...

If a Taurus guy says he does not want a relationship, it's because he has not built a stable foundation to support you, let alone himself. If that's not the case, he may be afraid that you are going to compromise his freedom, which is a big part of his security and comfort. Or, that there is something he sees in you that is incompatible and thus he could become hesitant to let you in.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Taurus male...The master head f*ck. Lol Im a Scorpio woman and me and my Taurus just clash and lock horn and pincer constantly. He is impatient, very! Possessive and dominant and stubborn. This is where the problem lies. I am patient to the end, he doesn't like my casualness, I am independent and don't let anyone control me or tell me what to do - such is my water sign, i'm a free spirit, I am also dominant and stubborn. The problem is he drives me crazy! I mean crazy! I have never wanted a man so much! We fight, I walk away from him, and a few days later he sends a little message and I am sucked back into to this vice of desire. Up until Friday we had never met - just text for months. Friday went disastrously wrong! Which resulted in him walking out on me because I wouldn't sleep with him then and there. Impatient from the get go, nothing was happening fast enough for him. I wanted to savor my delicacy and engage mind, and body. If only he gave me a little patience he would have had the night of his life. Alas ...he burst out the room in a tantrum referring to how others men got it from me - why didn't he? Needless to say I haven't been back in touch, and nor has he. The terrible thing is, that I still would. He is under my skin big time and I want badly to be under his. I want him to think about me all the time, the way i do him. I cant achieve that because I am a pretty poor seductress and he has hundred foot high issues. I've told him before, time and time again that I want more than just sex, he says that's what he wants too. When he is nice - he is adorable, but a lot of the time he is arsey with me and tries to push me. I think he would love a submissive woman...which I am not and never will be. The sad truth is we could never work out because he is so aggressive and impatient and I seem to annoy him more than make him happy. Taurus men...I wish I knew how to work my sorcerers spell on you.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Jul 26, 9:52 AM,
"Up until Friday we had never met - just text for months. Friday went disastrously wrong! Which resulted in him walking out on me because I wouldn't sleep with him then and there."

THAT right there tells you that this man is a complete entitled asshole. Seriously. He's flat out seeking sex, nothing more, and has basically all but just admitted that. Which means that if he gets it, most likely he'll disappear shortly afterwards.

He wants to USE YOU and has pretty much basically admitted that - very rude, very disrespectful of women to treat them like sexual objects that are there for your use - instead of the human beings that they are.

"he burst out the room in a tantrum referring to how others men got it from me - why didn't he?"

WHOA. So again, he feels entitled to use you sexually. And he's insulting you and disrespecting you by signaling that since other men have had sex with you. . .you should just let ALL men USE YOU sexually.

Complete and total jackass - who needs to go see a prostitute, because that's what he's treating you like. There are women who provide sex on demand for a living, but you're not one of them. This man is seriously effed up.

If it were me - I would NEVER speak to this man ever again.

Anonymous said...

HI MOA.Thank you so much for your website .I need your advice,please.

I meet a taurus man online and we had nice first date.However on the second date,after dinner at the restaurant we passed by to his house to get something and asked me to go with him,i refused in the beginning but accepted when he asked again.When we were there he offered me a drink and we talked then we started to kiss and cuddle but he noticed at some moment that i pulled away so he stopped.At the end of the date i told him that it was a nice evening,thank you and give me call.

Then after 5 days i didn't hear from him.As i remember he contacted me the day after our first date to tell his plan for the second date.I was thinking that i didn't give enough green lights to this taurus guy so i texted him to say hello.Then he replied after 5 hours and said that he is happy to hear from me and he invited me to have dinner at his place but i refused and suggested a restaurant or a movie instead.He accepted.

We had a very nice 3rd date and he set a schedule for our next date.Then he sent me home.When i arrived on my place he asked me if we can go to my apartment to just hug and kiss but i refused.

Then our 4h date arrived,like before we had a formal dates, like (dinner,movie,walking to the park,etc) and he hold my hand while walking ,kissing me,asking about how was my day,telling future plans,etc.I can see that we both like and attracted to each other.However again at the end of the date he asked me to go to his place.I accepted though.He first offered me a coffee and cake,then we talked about my family then he hug and kiss me afterwards.I think this guy if i am ready to have sex with him he will do it.He noticed that i removed his hand when it touched my chests or down.Till he asked if i do like to make love ..i said "yes but not now ,am not ready for that".He said "he respect it though it so hard sometimes to not be tempted with me".He said sorry and he respect my choice.

At the end of our meeting ,he then set a schedule for our 5th date.But i was confused ...is this guy after one thing ?
Also there is no contact in between dates (3rd to 4th ) and even till now.How would i feel connected to him if he doesn't talk to me in between dates?What should i do?This guy have told me that he is looking for a relationship.He also showed his picture of his family form his phone.I can feel that he likes me a lot when i am with him and interested to see me again but there is no contact in between dates.If i text he will reply for sure.Also i don't know how to make him call me instead of texting.

I would love to hear your advice MOA.Thanks in advance :)

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Aug 18, 3:20 PM,
"But i was confused ...is this guy after one thing?"

I share your concerns. He's been trying to get you alone and into a compromising situation since day one, and that's cause for suspicion. Particularly when, in the meantime, he's not taking any action to get to know you better or showing any interest in YOU as a person.

"i don't know how to make him call me instead of texting."

Well you can't control others, you can only control your response to them. Next time he texts you can suggest that a phone call would be better (or you can refuse to respond to texts entirely and see if he picks up the phone).

But the reality is that when things like this happen, instead of thinking about ways to get them to do things - it's best to spend that time thinking about whether or not this man can truly make you happy. Because if this is his communication style, and you're not into it, chances are he's not going to change it. So what happens if say 9 months down the road you're still seeing him but he's never bothered to call and see how you're doing or have small talk in the meantime? Is that going to fulfill your needs or make you happy? Probably not.

So rather than try to think of ways to change that or him, it's wise to instead think of whether or not this is truly the RIGHT match.

"How would i feel connected to him if he doesn't talk to me in between dates? What should i do?"

You probably won't, and neither will he. You're free to do whatever you feel is best for you here but if it were me, and things don't change in the next few weeks. . .I'd probably move on. Because if he's putting effort into formal dating as a way to receive sex or get you alone with him, but he's not showing any interest in YOU as a person in the meantime. . .it's a red flag :-(

Anonymous said...

Hi mirror of Aphrodite, met this cancer guy online, we have a few friends in common,took my number started texting me ,a kind of attraction developed , just texts , one or two calls , then when I thought we were getting close he suddenly disappeared , I thought he was busy , n I asked if everything was alright he said he was struggling with his finances. So I just left it at that although by now I liked him. Then I had to go to his city as I had work there and we met , didn't think much of him but he was OK.
After that we were in touch but very little. Then suddenly he started texting me again, so this is a pattern v obviously. This went on for a month and then honestly I just wrote him off but I was traveling again so I mentioned that I would be in his city again, then he started texting me a lot. And asked to meet up with him, I said OK, he stood me up that day and wrote an apology text an hour after the time he was supposed to come.he wrote again asking if he can meet ,I said no and he said let me make it up to u so I said OK .he came the next day 3 hours late, we had a fight and I was upset , but he hqs driven 2 hours to see me.Finally we went out and I do t know what happened we ended up kissing. I know this was bad , the next day again he said I m coming to see u and layer said he can't and apologized. This guy is a joker and a jerk , but he keeps messaging , now I don't answer...bad thing is why am I still attracted? I m a Scorpio he is a cancer , Taurus rising , I think I am an aquariuis moon

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Aug 27, 5:28 AM,
"This guy is a joker and a jerk , but he keeps messaging , now I don't answer...bad thing is why am I still attracted?"

Watch this short video and see if anything she says here rings true:


Anonymous said...

Hi Mirror of Aphrodite,
Part 1 of 6
I met this guy around this time last year. We meet through some friends at a party. I was at the time in a relationship and going through a divorce. So when he came to me I made it clear that I was not interested due to the fact I had so much going on in my life and I needed to resolve some unresolved issues with my soon to be ex husband. I also had to deal with the fact that he was much younger than I by 7years but that it's a big deal in a relationship for me, its about the maturity you have. So one night I decided to go over to my friends house and he was there he then asked me to give him a hug and he whispered in my ear to please call him, he then gives me his number again for the 2nd time. I would say maybe a month or so went by and every time my friend would have something at her house she would invite me over and he would be there. I decided to call him and let him know a little bit about my life and explain to him the whole situation about the ex husband. He said that he really likes me a lot and that he is in no rush and that he will always be here for me if I ever needed to talk. I was also having some problems with my now ex boy friend at the time. As time went on in Nov I decided to ended with my boyfriend. Me the Aries and the Taurus had been talking off and own only through text or when ever I had some free time alone. I then call him to let him know about the breakup, I was so sad and I was really going through a lot. I explained to him I had two tickets to a dinner and I let him know that I ask my ex boyfriend to go with me and he refused. He thought that it was selfish of him and he completely excepted the offer. The day of the dinner was in Dec. The Taurus and I had been talking on the phone and texting every since. In the beginning he would do the typical not answer his phone and do the not show up until I got tired of it and I explained to him that it was selfish for him not to call and not show up when you have plans with someone. We didn't have sex until like the the end of Dec but the first time we tried it became really awkward. He was really nervous and I ask him if he was ok, he explained to me that I made him nervous.The time before he would just come over we would just watch a movie or just hang out.On New Years my mom can into town and he was able to meet her and my boys. We celebrated together we took pictures together. We took pictures of us kissing and it was so amazing. We then became really close it was like we would call each other every hour on the hour just hear each others voice. Then at the end of Jan I finally signed my divorce papers. I called him and told him that I was a free women and I wasn't in a relationship or was I married he said he was going to work late and asked if he could come over. When he came over I showed him my divorce papers and he said to me that I wasn't a free woman and that he and I was more than just friends. He explained to me that we needed to see each other more a least 3times a week. I explained to him that I was cool with that. As I write this I think I made some huge mistakes. He then introduced me to his mom but only by phone as his "baby" and he introduces me to his sisters. With one of his sisters we both became really, really close. She is now one of my good friends. Things became really intense with us up until the first week of Feb. In Feb he went from answering my phone to nothing completely ignoring me. We went from Nov to Feb with no distance between us completely into each other. He stop calling me and I start having phone issues as well. I didn't understand what was going on. He explained to me that he was not feeling well and he had been sick he apologize for his behavior. So I went to the store and bought him a care package and then brought it to his job. He said that he wanted to come over and spend some time with me that night.

Anonymous said...

In Feb he went from answering my phone to nothing completely ignoring me. We went from Nov to Feb with no distance between us completely into each other. He stop calling me and I start having phone issues as well. I didn't understand what was going on. He explained to me that he was not feeling well and he had been sick he apologize for his behavior. So I went to the store and bought him a care package and then brought it to his job. He said that he wanted to come over and spend some time with me that night. The same night I called him and text him and guess what nothing again. I was completely mad at him but I wish I would have read this post and know what I know now, I would have handled it differently. I sent him a text and let him know that I didn't want to have anything else to do with him and that I was done with the relationship he has been ignoring me and I can't take the lying from him I said much more and it was hurtful I know it now. After I did what I did I called him and apologize and let him know that I apologize for my behavior and I really didn't want to end the relationship. He of course never answered me. I then text him and said I needed to talk but I was having phone issues and explained to him that I will be at his job later today if it would be OK. I got dressed went to his job and we had a long talk about what happened the last few weeks. I showed him my phone so he knew I wasn't showing up just because I wanted to start something and I was really have phone issues. I told him I missed him and never wanted the relationship to end and I made a big mistake he agreed that he felt the same way and that he didn't want the relationship to end. After I left I didn't hear anything else from him for two weeks. I finally got knew phone and a text message from the date I went to his job and it said no not today don't come up here. I felt like an idiot and felt so bad about everything. I think I apologize over and over again. Then two weeks later sends me a text message saying nothing but "hey". I responded by saying hey back to him because I missed him. He never responded back to me. In March two weeks later I was out with a girl friend and she asked about him. I explained that we haven't talked and what went down. So she convinced me to text him and I did. A while back I sent him a special video. I texted him about the video to see if he still had the video and he answered and said that I told him to erase the video. I told him I needed a copy of the video and he said he didn't have it anymore he asked how I was doing. We text for a little bit he called me couple of days later explaining to me that he one day want to be able to meet my dad. It was out the blue. I tell him that I was going over our friends house and he said to me that he wasn't ever coming over there again. I said to him I understand. I called him to let him know I was going over there. So me and my friend was sitting there and guess who shows up. He tell her husband to tell his wife to don't tell me that he was there. Which was very odd when I already told him I was going over there. I went down to him and we talked hugged and kissed. I told him I was tired and wanted to go home and I will call him later. He said ok. I sent him a text when got home and asked if he wanted to come over. He never responded, the next week I told him I was going over to our friends house to watch a movie and he shows up a gain. He buys pizza and ordered wings I went down to speak to him and I just gave him a hug no kiss because we haven't talked in over a week. I was confused about the situation and our relationship. A week or so goes by and he comes by my neighborhood, then calls me and let me know that he was in the neighborhood and he asked what I was doing.

Anonymous said...

Part 3 of 6
I explained that I had a girlfriend over but I am guessing he thought it was with a male at first simplie by how he text me. As I was walking my friend out he was sitting in front of my house. He then ask me how I was doing and we talked about the last time we saw each other. He asked me why I didn't kiss him that night and I explained that I thought maybe he didn't want to kiss me. He said he always wants to kiss me. He said he came over to our friends house to see me. I told him that it would have been rude of me to go spend time with him when I told him that I was going to watch a movie with my friend. He said he understand, I told him I missed him and wanted to see him. He said he would come over later. He never called nor did he show up. I called him the next day an he said something happened and he apologize. I told him that I was leaving to go out of town and explained to him that his sister and I was going to go visit my sister at the beach. I didn't hear from him until the date of our road trip for my bday weekend. He calls his sister and asked how was she doing and to be safe on the road. She was like that was my brother calling, she said girl I haven't heard from him in a while. I looked at my phone and I had a missed call from him. I then I started to text him. He let me know he wanted me to send him some pics. He then text me and wished me a "Happy Birthday". We texted all night. I told him that I wished he was hear with me. He said he wished he was here too. He said to me that he wanted me! I told him that I think he is playing with me. He said no he is not playing and he seriously wanted me. So we started talking everyday again for a month. Until his bday. His birthday was around mothers day he text me Happy Mothers so I called him and thank him for the the text. He said he missed me. I explained to him that I missed him too. We flirted for a little while. I tell him that I was going over our friends and that we was cooking seafood which is his favorite and he should come over. He said he would try. The next day I called him to see if he as coming over he then gives me this long story of how he had to walk home from coming from his baby mothers house and that they had a big fight about the baby and he didn't feel it was a great idea that for him to come over. He let me know that he cares for me deeply and he has feelings for me but everything is so complicated. I was upset but I let him know that I understand and to enjoy his bday. He said thank you and I sent him a bday gift and let him know I much i care about him as well. I let him know I was meeting his mother and sister to go shopping. He said his mom loves to shop and have a good time. So we never talked again and then the weekend came. I finally meet his mom and we had a long conversation about me and then she explains to me that her son really likes me a lot. So she calls him on video chat to let him know that we were together and we was shopping. So I speak to him and I notice that he is not home. He was at his baby moms house. I was so very upset I didn't know what to do. The baby mom gets on the phone and she speak to the mom she explains that they were getting their sons bday party together. They hangup and at the end of the shopping day I was so angry I just wanted to go home. I was so hurt, I then planned a road trip that weekend to go see my sister. I needed to get out the house and drive to think. He called me the whole weekend and I ignored him I couldn't talk to him. I decided to continue the trip without having to think about him or what happened. He continued to call and text me. He said to me we need to talk but I felt like he had been lying to me the whole time. When I got home I called him he answered. He asked me how I was doing I said to him that I was upset and that if he wanted to be with his baby mother and they be a family I will understand. I'm not trying to come between anything that they have going on.

Anonymous said...

4 of 6
He said that that's not what he wants and why it took me so long to call him. He says that when all of that happen why I didn't just call him. He said he is not that type of guy and everything he has said to me about her is true. He said he would have just simlie let me know and he wouldn't do that to me. What happened he couldn't bare to face me. He said but he knew he needed to talk to me and he called me several times. I said that if she is not what you want why do he deal with it. He said that I am on the outside looking in and that He said that I won't understand what he has to deal with, with her. He said he don't want a relationship with her. That he wants nothing to do with her and that he was only over there to help her with his sons party and it was his son 1st birthday and he had to use his dad's truck so he borrowed the truck to help her take some stuff to the park. I told him that he is trying to be a player and I don't have time for that. He said that was the old him and He didn't want to deal with the headache that comes with the territory of being a player. He then asked if he can come spend the day with me. I told him yea because I wanted to continue the conversation. He came over we joked and laughed. I accepted his apology and he asked me if he can continue being my baby and that he didn't want to loose me. Then he started talking about that video I asked him about a while back. He was like who did you need that video for. I looked at him but acted liked I didn't know what he was talking about. I'm thinking why does he still remember that. Later we decided to have sex. He then start asking me am I his and only his. I said yes I could only be with him. I care for you and that I will always be his. We continued our relationship but I'm not really calling him as much even after that. if he don't hear from me in about week he will then call me. We won't let it go longer than a week of talking. So one day I was sitting out on my balcony and I saw a car that looked like his and he then calls me. I had a girlfriend over but missed his call. I woke up the next morning and I called him to see if everything was ok he explained to me that he was over by my house and he wanted to stop by. I explained to him I had company but he could have just came and knocked on the door and that he is always welcomed at my home. I think he thought I was with someone else but I don't know. I would start calling him everyday but if I don't call him he won't call me. In the last week in July he completely stop answering my phone calls again like really ignoring me. I didn't call or hear from him in over a month. I think it was bothering him because, when ever he wanted to talk to me which was in Aug he called me so much. Trying to make me feel like I was the one who stop calling him. He sent me a text saying " hello" me no response, Then he sends another text saying " its like that" it was the next day, me no response again. Then later on that evening he send me ? marks. Im thinking to myself I haven't heard from you in over a month. So I text him back the next day once I got my thoughts together. I said " no it's not like that but confused? He says back confused about what? I say seriously??. He explain that over the last couple of months he has been going through a lot and If I don't want to talk to him anymore he understands. I'm like when you say you care about someone you don't treat people the way you treat them by not answering the phone. He then say he is so sorry he said when he is frustrated with life he completely shuts everyone out and he shuts down. He said that its nothing personal towards me and that he gets all my text messages and they always put a smile on his face. I explain to him that I pray for him when we don''t talk and I only want the best for him. I'm no trying to add to anymore frustration in his life

Anonymous said...

5 of 6
when we don''t talk and I only want the best for him. I'm no trying to add to anymore frustration in his life. Then he proceeds to say he misses me through a text message,but I was working so I didn't get the messages. So he started calling me I missed his calls . Then he sends me this text message that says " I told you that you don't miss me", like I was hurting his feeling, but I was truly busy So I text him back to reassure him that I was working and that I would text him when I was done. Then he started to texting me again asking me what I was doing and if I was still working? I said No! So I called him to make sure I let him know I miss him. He then ask if he can come over. I said yes he called me the whole time up until he came over he let me know everything. When he left I didn't speak to him for about week again. I called him to let him know I was going to visit his family in his home town. He told me to drive safe and his sister and I went on a road trip. We had somethings to do there and I got a chance to meet his grandmother and grandfather. It was nice I didn't talk to him the whole time I was there but once. So he calls his sister to see what we was doing he then ask his sister where is my baby, his sister what like "huh" what baby, she didn't know what he was talking about then she looked over at me! she didn't know that's our nick name for each other. So he kept calling her she was like why is he keep calling but I didn't say nothing, the reason for me not calling him while on the trip, had nothing to do with him I actually had a lot going on in my life and I was frustrated about somethings that was happening while on the trip and I didn't want to bother him with my situation. When I got home I let him know we made it again no response from him. Then when I get back I go over to our friends house, it had to have been about two weeks since I had spoken to him and So she tells me a story about how he called her husband the day before to see if he can come over she said yes but he never showed. He then says to tell her husband to don't tell me he was coming over. So I'm thinking to myself that I haven't talked to him in two weeks and I had so much going on these last couple weeks that I was not really thinking about him. I was dealing with my own life. Plus where did my name come from on top of that I ain't never came over to her house even if he told me that he was going over there. So the next day I send a mass text to my friends and invited them to join me on this group chat I purposely put his name in there. As soon as the text went out I get a text message from him wanting let me know he misses me. I act like I didn't know what he said the previous day to our friends. He was so nice to me wanting to talk not ignoring me so I invite him to a party. He said he had to work and if he wasn't tired that he would stop by. But of course I knew he wasn't going to come. I didn't bother myself in calling him nor texting him. I call him a couple days ago to talk, we talked, then I text him, he sent me a text about my video and that he really enjoys watching it and I should make another one. I told him that he owes me and I think I should get somethings from him. He was like I can have what ever I liked. So I told him I wanted more than one thing from him. He was like what? Then when I name them he hasn't responded. I sent him a text to let him know I wanted to see him again no response after a couple of days. I know he has been going through a lot. I know more than he thinks I know. I just keep quiet and just be supportive of him. I know he bury his self in his work so he don't have to deal with real life issues. I just want what we had prior I truly care for this man and have deep feelings for him. For

Anonymous said...

6 of 6
some reason I can't shake him. The way he acts it's like he want me to fight for him. I can't really explain it. I remember in the beginning of the relationship he would react when ever I scold him about what ever he did to me. Sometimes I think he does things to see how I will react to him. Its like he don't understand why I don't get mad at him. In reality I am really pissed at him I just won't let him know I am. I did those things when I was younger. Where I am now in my life I don't want to deal with the drama. The problem for me is when I see him my mind is not mad at him anymore. Then I'm mad at myself because I let him do it to me again and he charms me all over. Sometimes I feel I need to be my old self again. Dang whyyyyy!! I am so confused!! He always says to me that I supposed to miss him he knows how I feel because he misses me that same. I don't understand why we have to miss each other like this. Please help any advise on what I should do. I'm sorry about the long post.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Sep 22, 5:32 PM,
I'd suggest that you give this piece a read first:


And then this one:


I think they'll both give you some insights :-)

Anonymous said...

Seriously! And I thought I was the only one following the mind games of a taurus men I fell in love with, but my story is common with a lot of the things you are describing. I can tell their loyalty is a relative concept, while they make a clean game with you superficially (by saying that you are not in a relationship with him, or they are still going with the flow), they undermine your mind behing the scenes. They are capable of having that sweet conversation that every lady loves to hear, like they are the perfect men, they even talk about events of their lives (but be careful with this cause they select very carefully what do they say to you and what they do not want to say, that is why they are not liars but omitters), however, underneath there is this plan of catching you under their spell. In my case I think he is lucky that I am a very busy person to actually mind the way he appears and then disappears from my life from time to time. I enjoy him a lot, he is a very funny and charming person, however, I have the notion he is not perfect. Time will tell how things will evolve and if eventually i might be with him or just move on. The best song to describe this type of man is "ready or not" by the fugees! Seriously hear that son! It will make you laugh at the whole situation!

loretta said...

I read all six chapters and the epilogue above and all I have to say is, IF You Like Drama, keep it up! If you don't like drama, get out. My daughter had a similar relationship with a guy with 2 or 3 "baby mommas" in the mix, and he jerked her around for a long time. She was best friends with his sister. Every relationship in that group was damaged because of his behavior.

It's like a bad soap opera. Take a looooong break from it. Cut off all communication and focus on yourself. This is guy is not only bad news, he will waste the best years of your life.

Just my two cents. lol

Anonymous said...

HI Ms Mirror ! It's not the first time that i asked your advice here :) I can say that you are the best ever.You never know how much you have helped me.I removed myself from a guy who is a player....a taurus guy.I saw the red flag (just always texting) but i was blinded by my emotion.Without your advice i would have exposed myself to hurt and pain again after my divorce.Thanks really to you.I've gained clarity.

So i have again another question to ask.Is Tinder a good dating apps for a serious relationship?

Do i wait a certain number of dates before sleeping with a guy or i should wait till there is a commitment and exclusivity.Also some guys are pretending to have a commitment or saying what they want you to hear so that they can sleep with you.How would i know if he is not lying about commitment? I would appreciate again your insights Mirror .You are my role model . Luv yah !

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Oct 10, 5:34 PM,
"Is Tinder a good dating apps for a serious relationship?"

I'm not sure any one particular dating site is better than the rest for something serious. No matter which one you're on, you're still going to have to "filter" through the men to separate those that are serious about dating from those that are treating it like a "sport" or a game.

"Do i wait a certain number of dates before sleeping with a guy or i should wait till there is a commitment and exclusivity."

The choice is yours, but statistics show that if a woman waits at least 30 days, the chances of the couple being together are much higher. You may want to give this book a read, which is basically the results of a study done that concluded that:


"some guys are pretending to have a commitment or saying what they want you to hear so that they can sleep with you.How would i know if he is not lying about commitment?"

You'll know a man is lying when his words do not align with his actions. If a man says one thing (that he wants a relationship with you), but then does something else entirely different (disappears on you for weeks and runs around with his friends instead) - then that's a red flag.

Anonymous said...

I am a 23 y/o woman who was felt a rough hand. Both parents passed away etc so I provide for myself and love my independence but have a lot behind the scenes of pain, confusion etc. I am a bartender for my family's restaurant and met a Taurus as a customer. To me no big deal I was dating a Virgo - one day we had a conversation and I decided to come work for him. Compatibility was there, friendship phenomenal - always a good time. Non stop laughing --- he is married 2 kids. 6 months into working for him he made a move on me I backed down - we never spoke about it. A few months later I broke up with my boyfriend and me and Taurus were closer then ever. He became my best friend. Truly beautiful friendship. He was unhappy and talking separation and exhaustion ...... From his wife but she's going through a really hard time and they have kids. I told him he can't leave her. Day by day working for him is getting tougher because something there.... I tell him we keep it professional it brings us closer- I tell him to fix his marriage he says he's not happy and he'll figure it out. Safe to say we are completely in love with each other and it is the hardest thing to deal with sorting out our emotions. He is older. ....... So many complications. He talks about the future of us. It's all an insane story I always say your my best friend I don't wanna loose my best friend.

Anonymous said...

Part 1 (Lost in NY)
Hi Miss Mirror:
I read a lot of the stories on here and was shocked to see the same running themes/traits all these different women were having with (almost) the same of Taurus male! A Leo woman myself (early 30's in NYC), I recently had my first experience with a Taurus male over the past few months and am left completely dumbfounded.

We met back in early November and went out on a great first date (it lasted from 8.30 pm-4am which isn't usual by NYC standards). However, at that time I was still pining over an previous lover and needed to meet new people for a breathe of fresh air. Little did I know I would fall HARD. This Taurus was passing thru NYC on business and seeing friends when we happened to meet. This first date was great: chemistry/spark, banter, similar interests, physical chemistry, etc. When he expressed interest that he wanted to see where this would go (he lives abroad so it would be a bit of a challenge to start off with but was willing to try), I made up a stupid excuse that because he didn't speak this one Indian dialect that I couldn't be with him as that was important since I had that with past affairs. (At that time I felt put on the spot and needed an out so thats the stupid excuse I came up with - I know its completely silly!!!!). He of course called me out on it and we had a not so great good-bye/end to an otherwise great date. I sent a 'thank you' text the next day saying that I would like to stay in touch as friends etc but deep down inside I couldn't shake off 'a feeling' I had - there was something about our time together just felt right. I reached out to him 2 weeks later when I knew he would be back stateside and he was responsive & gave me his international mobile and said he would like to stay in touch.

Anonymous said...

Part 2 (Lost in NY)
I reached out a few days later and it kicked off a texting/calling storm over the month of December. I was in NYC and he was on the other side of world (for work) but we were calling and texting with each other all hours of the day and night. We spoke about a range of different topics and the banter and chemistry between us was just kept growing. He was due back in NYC over the holidays and we made plans to spend some time together to see if there some thing there in person again. We only really had 2 days together - had a great first night with dinner, drinks, talking, etc. Even though we hadn't seen each in a month, we picked up right were we left off. And it felt right/good/natural/butterflies-in-my-stomach feelings. The second day didn't go as completely planned due to his work commitments getting in the way but I handled it with maturity and grace. It was here where I saw a change in his personality (not sure if it was due to work stress and things that were coming up for that caused the mood change) but he all of a sudden became a little distant. And the 'talks' we had about where this could go and how we would manage the long-distance etc took a 180 turn. (It went from 'one of us will make trips to visit the other,' do calls/facetime/etc to I can't make promises, feel free to date other people, 'work is my first priority right now') I was stumped at how 24 hours could create such a huge change.

2016 arrives and our communication in January was very limited (he was upfront about this in December that maintaining the intensity we had would be difficult given work demands). And it completely died out at the end of January - I waited it out in February and haven't heard from him at all. In this mean time I dated other men to keep my sanity but always kept thinking about him, comparing these other men to him, etc. I completely fell for his charm, intellect, personality, the sexy way he carried himself, basically everything I'm looking for in a partner. But I am absolutely stumped as to why he went dark and hasn't reached out?!

Anonymous said...

Part 3 (Lost in NY)
From reading other people's experiences on here it seems that Taurus is known to disappear and reappear when its convenient to their lives but why are we left like we've been used and abused by their charm and power? A part of me wants to reach out to reconnect? get closure? i dunno what? But the Leo Lady in me has too much pride to make the first move and feel like I would be succumbing to him (again). I also feel that if I do make the first move, it might be my only move with him so it has to be rightly executed. I'm so conflicted as I miss our conversations, getting to know each other, and just being able to be myself with someone I feel comfortable with. As a Leo, I'm extremely selective about who I like/fall for - but when I fall, I fall HARD for that man. And in this case, this Taurus is who I've fallen for. I just need something from the universe (or the internet) to guide me in how to proceed with this Bull. Deep down inside of me, I of course want something more with him. But given what everyone else has written, it seems like getting together with a Bull is almost next to impossible (is it true with the Leo female - Taurus male combination?).

Thank you in advance for listening/reading and good luck to everyone out in world of dating & love!

Lost in NY

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Lost in NY,
"I am absolutely stumped as to why he went dark and hasn't reached out?"

Before really digging into this, I suggest you read two articles I've written about the topic of disappearing men:

The first is here:


And the follow up to that article is here:


I think those two pieces can answer a lot of your questions and clear up some confusion for you ;-)

Mary Silva said...

Dear Mirror of Aphrodite, i am in a pretty weird situation with a Taurus guy. I met him a few months ago. I saw him starring a lot, He has that look in his eyes. I felt that he likes me. We begun to talk, small talks at first. Two months ago, i ve sent him a message, where I wrote "you know, i like you". His response what an emoticon with a kiss. I asked him what it means, he told me that he was intimidated, and he didn't know how to react. He told me that he likes to talk with me and he feels that i understand him very good. And that he also wanted to meet me at a coffee and speak more stuff to me. After this, he never opened this subject again. He started to write me messages every single day, since i told him that i like him. We speak every day and he is telling me about his job, his friends, about his childhood, and about his past relationship. But still nothing about me, or us, or that message. What do u think? What it is up? How can i find out what does he want?

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

"What do u think? What it is up? How can i find out what does he want?"

His ACTIONS are already telling you something. When a man's words and his actions do NOT align - something is not right.

"He told me that he likes to talk with me and he feels that i understand him very good. And that he also wanted to meet me at a coffee and speak more stuff to me. After this, he never opened this subject again."

So when a man says "he likes me, he wants to meet with me" but then he takes NO ACTION that aligns with that. . .then that means his words are just words :-(

The only way a woman can know if a man is genuinely interested is to see if HE pursues HER. If he does, and he takes action, then you know. If he does not, and he takes no action, then you know.

Either way, you know - by observing the mans actions and determining if they align with his words ;-)

Anonymous said...

(epilogue Aries 1of6)
Hello I wanted to give you guys an update on Taurus and I. I also wanted to say Thank you Aphrodite. I really enjoy reading these post and they have helped me deal with my situation.
In Sept, I took all of you guys advise and stop complete contact with him, for 30days or more. He proceeded to send me text messages and wanting to talk to me but I tried so hard to ignore him. End of Nov came and I decided to contact him. He wanted to meet to talk and we did. After that his normal routine started again no contact and nothing from him. In Jan he sends me this long letter, pretty much apologizing for not being apart of my life. He explained to me that he has had a lot of family issues and wanted me know that him disappearing has nothing to do with me. He explained his feelings for me and wanted to keep in contact with me. He also asked me to forgive him for the way he has treated me in the past. When he sent me the letter. I really didn't know what to do, say, or anything. I was just lost for words. So it took me sometime to respond to his letter.
In between my thoughts," his sister and I kept our friendship as normal. We would go out of town together, we would go shopping, go out together. So one night the sister asked me to go out with her. That night his baby mother was in town and we got a chance to meet. The sister knows about our past relationship but the b-mother don't know me at all. I didn't mention our relationship nor did the sister say anything to her. The sister thinks that we no longer talk anymore which at the time we haven't really talked at all. I kept everything friendly and I didn't mention a word to them about any of this."

Back to the letter part. Okay so since hanging with them I thought it would be a good time to respond to the letter. So I sent him a long letter as well explaining my feelings about him disappearing for months at a time and he expecting me to just open my self up to him and forgiving him for the way he treats me. I explained to him that it is not fair for me to have to deal with him disappearing on a regular. I let him know that I do care for him and respect him at the same time and I feel I deserve it in return. I told him that I appreciate his honesty and the apology. He responded back to me immediately. I was surprised because I had waited so long to respond to him. He really didn't have much to say in returned. He let me know that he thought he wasn't going to hear from me again. So I left it at that and moved on from the situation. As time has moved on he calls me now to check on me to see how I am doing. We have been talking a lot more. I think I am pulling back more because of our past and he lets me know. He has says that he understands, with our history, why I am holding back. He just want us to be able to move forward. I guess right now I am so scared of being disappointed. But he has been on it. We haven't seen each other only by facetime, which I think is a good thing because we have a very strong connection when we are around each other. We did make plans to see each other, but he called to let me know he couldn't make it. So, I told him that we should wait to see each other so we can build a better friendship. But, he keep saying he don't think it's a good idea for us to just be friends.
I think if we keep away from each other it will work and there will be no expectations. I don't know at this point. I need some help with making this decision. He is very slick, Which scares me. I don't know if I should take any chances. He is putting it on heavy too..

Anonymous said...

Virgo girl here-

So I've known this Taurus guy for a while, but have had a little crush on him for maybe 4 years now. He's been in my extended circle of friends and is from my hometown. We were coworkers and I always thought he was sweet and shy and we both had this down to earth chemistry. He had a girlfriend at the time, so I really couldn't do that much. But she ended up cheating and breaking his heart, ffwd 2 years later- and they broke up. Anyways we went to different colleges so I ended up not seeing him around much. But this recent year, our friends groups collided again. Back during Thanksgiving I felt like there were some flirty vibes, and then winter break was awesome too. Unfortunately, those events were all pretty spaced out from each other. I've tried to text him in the past and such, but I feel like he's not big on texting and that I bored him or something. So me and my best friend invited him and his friend up to visit us at school. We were seriously planning since February, but things kept getting rescheduled. We FINALLY hung out this late April.

And things were so great! I always had some reservations about him, but the Taurus-Virgo chemistry was undeniable. We have the same interests in music, and both are pretty outgoing and sociable. It was so fun being around each other, but also very mellow. I felt like we complemented each other very well. I made him laugh a lot and I thought he was a very considerate man. He was being so sweet that night- he held doors open for me, bought me a lot of drinks without question, always wanted to be around me. I honestly felt like he was my boyfriend for the night. He stuck by my side the whole time. Every time I had to use the bathroom, he would accompany me. At one point there was miscommunication and we went to the bathroom, but the girls bathroom was twice as full. By the time I got out, I couldn't find him, and just assumed he went back to his seat. Later he comes back and was really worried about where I was, apparently he was waiting for me the whole time to get out. I was like what?? Sorry, boyfriend! It was sweet that he was concerned though.

Anyways I had a great weekend with him and I felt like we were moving closer to each other. After he left I actually missed him a little bit. My best friend also said she was pretty sure he is into me. Next weekend was his birthday but I couldn't go to his party because it was off campus very far, and I didn't have a ride. Also, it was finals week.

FLASH FORWARD.. Today I find out he just got in a relationship! Which is so odd because no one really knows her- his sisters, his friends, everyone is surprised. WHAT?! Literally 3 weeks ago we had this magical weekend together and I felt as though things were finally rolling. I was excited to spend the summer together, as we are from the same hometown and we'd be off from school. I am so confused, because I thought he was into me based on the last hang out. Also, I didn't think Taurus jumped into relationships- but this girl seems very new. If only three weeks ago we hung out and he was so flirty. Also, back in March he invited me and my best friend to Florida with him and his friend. We couldn't go because I already had vacation plans. But they couldn't find another person to join them so this girl obviously wasn't in the picture then. Could he really be dating a girl who he has known for less than a month?

Anonymous said...


I am just really disappointed. I was going to try things out and see how I feel about him this summer. Actually in literally 5 days when my finals are over. I hope I wasn't too reserved, my shy Virgo self. I tend to not make first moves and I know Taurus don't either. Also, I hope he wasn't upset that I missed his birthday (I didn't have a car and asked my friend but he was being stupid and pretending to be mad at me). My friends are also very disappointed, as they thought we had something going potentially. I'd like to think now that if things are meant to be, they would happen and its not completely over, but I am not sure. I don't want to be in denial either and I highly respect other people's relationships. I am just so upset that I feel like an opportunity was missed by so close and this doesn't feel real to me.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

"I am so confused, because I thought he was into me based on the last hang out. Also, I didn't think Taurus jumped into relationships- but this girl seems very new."

Most likely, that's probably not the case - she's probably someone he's known for a while, and could have even been speaking to for months now. And it's quite possible that 3 weeks ago when he visited, they were speaking. It may have even been the reason for the delay in him visiting :-(

"Also, back in March he invited me and my best friend to Florida with him and his friend. We couldn't go because I already had vacation plans. But they couldn't find another person to join them so this girl obviously wasn't in the picture then."

Not necessarily - she may have been unable to go for a variety of reasons as well.

"Could he really be dating a girl who he has known for less than a month?"

I suspect he's known her longer than that in a casual manner, or they could've been involved at one point previously off and on at times and she's resurfaced.

I wouldn't sweat this one too much. This may or may not last and who knows, he could end up single again in a month or so. In the meantime, keep moving forward with your life. If he ends up single again and he's interested - he'll seek you out ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, both good and bad. He spent most of his time with me, BUT had 3 other women he saw on occasion. I found out one disappeared shortly after me, but the other two were in the background. They had many problems, from mental issues, drinking problems. With me, he talked about moving in and marriage and love. He was always kind and gentle. I was his equal, they were not. I broke it off. And the others mutually dumped each other. I found it sad, as this particular one was badly abused as a kid and had really low self esteem. Thus, adoration from women, even if they were clueless and had massive issues. Starting to date a Leo now, even though Taurus are my love sign, I haven't had any luck with them.
A Romantic Cancer Girl

Anonymous said...

Hey I need advice about this taurus guy I work with.

I'm 24 and over the past two years I've been running into the same taurus guy. When I was 22 I went to a bar with my best friend and he came in with his friends and sit across from me. He just stared at me, I mean all night but I didn't say anything to him because I was having too much fun. Two months later, school is in and that same taurus is in my class and he just stares at me but I never said anything to him, but when the class was finished we had small talk about school but nothing major. I kept seeing him during summer  term at school as well but I kept it moving while he stared at me plus I was dating a Capricorn who I was so happy with ( I'm a virgo ). Me and my capricorn broke up when I was 23, which broke my heart into pieces. He had to move away so we decided to end the relationship. So when I seen the taurus I most definitely didn't make eye contact with him or anyone at that. Now at 24,  I got a new job at the mall and I was signing paperwork but I forgot my bag in my car and in the parking lot I see the same taurus guy, but I was in a rush so I kept it moving. The next week at my new job I'm walking down stairs and I see that me and the taurus guy works together and all he does is stares at me as usual. He did that all day until it was time to leave he approached me asking me for my name and etc. Our job was having a party which he told me I should come, I didn't because I had to go to my 2nd job. So over the weeks, he talks to me when we work together, he's funny and very cute. He started asking me questions about me and I did the same. When he was leaving work one day, we had a very nice conversation and I asked him why does he keep staring at me, he said he's trying to figure me out. After the conversation was over, I went to my department and he came to me and asked for a hug, which was random to me but also nice. I'm very attracted to him!! One day, at work a customer started flirting with me and I was flirting back and the taurus seen it and he pulled back from me. I started joking with him about how I should work in his department because of all the cute guys, he got really annoyed with me and told me to ask someone else and walked away from me. I was like wow!!! He stop talking/looking at me for a couple of days, and I didn't say anything to him. Than one day he started back talking to me,  He told me his birthday was coming up and I love birthdays ( weird I know lol ) so I asked him did he want a gift, he said yes, he told me he wants candy. He kept reminding me so I wouldn't forget but I didn't. After his birthday we talked more and more, he asked me something but I forgot the question but he said I lied to him and that was my first lie I told, I was like huh? & he smiled and said yes you lied. I still don't know what I lied about. Than he told me he wants to buy me a gift for my birthday and he wants it to be special. Than I told him he looks cute today and he told me I always look beautiful, which made me blush.

But one day I needed him to carry something to my car, he told me he had to get something from his friend and he'll come back, he didn't come back so I was backed away from him. And this virgo guy came back to me saying he wants us to work out, so I'm dating the virgo guy. One day after work the taurus seen my phone and see I had alot of text messages and he said who's texting you, I said my friends, he said yea sure, I said who's texting you he said no one and showed me his phone.

A few days later me and my coworkers was having a group chat and someone asked him what was his type, he said someone honest, beautiful, nice and have goals. Than he asked me what's my type, I said the same thing. Than he started joking/flirting with my coworker saying she's cute and I started texting the virgo.

Anonymous said...

So I pulled back from the taurus and focused on the virgo guy, but I decided that we should be friends.

Taurus guy noticed that I pulled away and he came to me and put his arm around me asking me am I fine, I said yes and continue texting. So he walked away and came back asking for my chips, I said no. Than he left and came back and he asked me am I cheating, I said cheating on who, I'm single. He walked away and went to my coworker and Put his arm around her and started joking with her. I just shook my head and decided to focus on other things.

But a few weeks later my dad passed away and I wasn't at work for two weeks. When I got to work I seen him eating with a group of friends at a restaurant. He seen me but I was walking away. Now I'm about to work and he just walked up to me and gave me a hug saying he's sorry about my dad and asking me do I need anything and if I do I can ask him. I thought that was really nice, he told me his aunt passed away recently and he was close to her so he knows how I feel.

Since my dad passed away, I haven't been talking as much as I use too. He still talks to me and stares at me but he won't ask for my number. The mixed signals doesn't help me neither, or him getting mad if I flirt with another guy but he did the same thing.

Should I give up on him? I read that taurus guys are very slow but how slow?

Two of my coworkers know I like him because of the way I look at him but still nothing.

Advice please

Confused One*

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Confused One,
"he started joking/flirting with my coworker saying she's cute. . .he came to me and put his arm around me asking me am I fine"

He's running "game" on you. And the "game" is to trigger your insecurities to come to the surface, so that you're "weakened" and thereby, more attainable and more easily manipulated.

Flirting with your friend openly, and then "checking in" with you afterwards to see if you're bothered by it -- is a game that's meant to make you feel bad about yourself, and not good enough. It's meant to trigger you to feel insecure so that he can gain the upper hand.

Why does he need to use manipulation and games to gain the upper hand? Because he's an insecure guy:


And what's the game that many young men are now taught to run on women to trigger their insecurities and make them easier to manipulate and gain the upper hand on? It's a game commonly taught in the PUA community (pick up artist):


"The Game advises men to approach a group of women and lead/lean on every woman there by telling them a previously rehearsed exciting story (Phase One: Attract) - every woman that is, except the one that the man is truly interested in. That woman, yea he’s supposed to ignore her and insult her with what is called throwing a “neg.”"

"Once he’s undermined his intended target’s self-esteem and self-confidence, he is then instructed to move into Phase Three: Seduction. This phase basically involves charming the woman with a bunch of bullshit so that he comes off looking like some kind of savior and the woman is so grateful to finally receive the man’s withheld attention that she just can’t help herself and she jumps right into bed with him."

"It’s basically a roller coaster process of “deconstruction” – tearing a woman down (negs), then lifting her up (comfort) and then pouncing when she's in this confused, weakened state (seduction)."

Give that article a read - and you will then be able to see right through the childish game this boy is playing. And he's resorting to playing childish games because he's emotionally immature and lacks the self-confidence (insecure) and social skills to go about winning a woman over in a straight-forward way (so he uses manipulation instead).

It's all a game - don't fall for it.

😔 that extremely sad lady. said...

Hi everyone. I need your full attention and help.
I'm a Pisces lady...who's in a relationship with a Taurean male. Everything started out cool and ever lasting but for almost 7 months now ... I've been having zero tolerance towards him. Not even accommodating his mistakes anymore because he believes strongly that he's in control of the whole relationship and makes it look like a script that I have to follow. He makes plans for me although with good intentions but i have to be completely someone else to follow those plans... He's so stubborn that he can't even adjust to my level of thinking or cannot even understand me 😔 it's almost as if the sex is the only real thing we have. Now we've been breaking up and coming back and in our recent break up ... I fell for a Pisces man like me 😔 not too good looking but he completely healed me *tear*.
My mum loves the Taurus guy and was begging me to get back with him. She was even in tears.
My heart wants me to either be alone or be with the piscean
I promised my mummy that I would get back to the Taurus man and make everything work so we would come out of it and be happy again but I couldn't do anything
I even get more pissed at anything he says
I don't know what to do
I've never been this indecisive in my life 😭😭😭 please help me

Curious Taurious said...

I am a Taurus male......apparently, I haven't crossed to the dark side....yet. Yikes!!....It looks like I will turn into a manipulative ass hole..... I apologize in advance, i guess.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Taurus Male,
"I am a Taurus male......apparently, I haven't crossed to the dark side....yet. Yikes!!....It looks like I will turn into a manipulative ass hole..... I apologize in advance, i guess."

LOL - we all have the dark and the light within us. And every sign has dark tendencies as well as positive "light" tendencies. And at various times in life, we lean towards exhibiting one versus the other.

If we were perfect, we'd be Gods - and we're not, we're only human and therefore, flawed.

But yea, if you find yourself swimming in a harem of women and a few of them are ticked off at you about it. . .you might be living through your darkside for a while there LOL ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a scorpio Woman, and here is my story...
I work in the same company as a taurus man for the last 6-7 years...we were never really close. I knew him more through my other collegues and friends. Until 2 years ago I went through a very difficult period in my life...and unexpectedly...that taurus man was very supportive. I don't know why, when or where all of that sudden support was coming from... He invited me out for sports to take my mind of things, he was always there whenever i needed to talk or whine...he listened to me very carefully and always give me very good insights...I felt really good around him and really appreciate everything he did for me. Everything he did, felt really honest and respectful... he never tried to extract anything from me... but always manage to ask that right question at the right time that allow me to talk and talk and talk...then he started to give me little present here and there....I didn't think much of it at first until christmas... he gave me a lot presents (all stuff I like and talked about with him) I started to feel a little uncomfortable so I sent him a tex message to thank him and ask him... that we are friends right?
His answer shocked me quite a bit...I receive a quick reply telling me that "He would be lying if he says yes? But I understand what you mean..." I really didn't expect such a straight answer... Then things got really weird between us...we stoppe seing each other... whenever we cross each other at work... he kep giving me a sign like to say "hello" but I felt so uncomfortable that I sometime just ignore him... and after a while even those "hello" stopped... We didn't see each other or talk to each other for a year and a half. Around february this year... I poke him on messenger at work to ask him a question work related... to which he gave me the information I was looking for and then asked me how I've been doing lately and that he didn't get any news from me for so long...We talked a little bit and I told him that I thought he didn't wanna talk to me so I stopped saying hi to him and all... he said he felt the same way... then we laugh it off.

Anonymous said...

Then lately since mid april...He change project and work on the same project as me... (I'm in human ressource and he's a production manager, but we work on the same project now). As soon as I get the news... Welcome him to the project and when started to talk to each other once again...I dropped by his desk every now and then since he always have chocolate and candies to share... Everything was going well... we even started to see each other again... doing sport together once again...but by the end of june things started being weird again... I felt like he was uncomfortable and all and asked him what happened and that he's acting weird...He asked me out and told me that he need my advice on something.. to which i agreed...that evening, He brought me to a fancy dessert restaurant and paid for everything...then we went to the park for a walk... and there he told me... that he's slowly getting back those feelings he had for me...he said to him... what was true before are still true today and will most likely be true in the future...He told me how addicted to my laugh was and still is, how lovely my scent was and still is, how he enjoyed doing sport with me and still does...Once again I was shocked and didn't know what to do nor what to say...I told him that I don't feel the same way and that if he ever needed me... that I wouldn't be far... I asked him if there's something i could do to help him...he just said not really and drive me home.

We exchanged a few e-mails and then he ask ed to see me again...So we met and I asked him if this is the right thing to do? He told him he don't know...that he only needed to see me. I started feeling uncomfortable so I told him if he has nothing to say then I'll leave... that I don't think seeing me is doing him any good... feels like it's hurting him. He reassured me that it does feel good to him... that he just wanted to see how he feel with me around now...we talked for while and he asked me over and over and over again... what would I do now? how will I act with him around? what will I do with everything that happened? That he's a little sick of me telling him that everthing depends only on him...So I told him everything will be alright and that if I ever wanted to see or talk to him... I'll contact him...

Anonymous said...

2 weeks passed and then he drop by my desk at work bringing some candies for me and asked me if I wanted to go for some sports... which I declined... he went back to his desk and send me a message asking me if everything is ok... if he's disturbing me? I said no... that I was just a little surprise that's all. He replied that "he thought he made all of this clear on our last discussion" He said that I told him that I wouldn't be far if he needed me...and now I left him dry. He said he has been trying to do his best to keep what we have... but he feels like he was the only one trying... and ask him he he should just stop bothering me? I got mad and told him that I'm fed up and that I'm currently uncomfortable and that I need time to digest everything...then he just told me he understand now. and before we end the conversation, I reassure him that I'm not angry or anything... and that I'm sorry to be this cold to him but that I'm not just comfortable and that we would talk later once I calm down and we're not at work...
Since that day...he's been completely shut off... no words from him.... he doesn't drop by my desk anymore, he avoid me whenever he see me... even when I'm right next to him... he acts like he doesn't see me. I understand that I hurt him really bad... that I broke my promess to him to be there for him... that I kinda abandon him by himself... but I'm still very uncomfortable, but I really don't want to lose him... for everthing he did for me...when I went trough that really tough period of my life... he was there all along for me never asking for anything...I helped me so much, and spoiled me so much... and now all I did was hurting him and leave him by himself... but I just don't know what to do... what to say to him... I'm feeling so ashame..what should I do?

Unknown said...

Im a leo n my hubby is taurus i find were very very alike we know each other super well although i have moon in
Capricorn and his is in Scorpio it does help mostly in bed........ the sex is addictive in my case. Altough patience does pay off we we're strictly friends for 2 years before I fell for him, and we started dating . I made the first move by kissing him first I thought we'd eventually brake but 4 years later here we are married. RIDE OR DIE WITH MY MAN. taurus r so loyal n dedicated theyre possesif and jealous in a unhealthy way . Hes very stubborn but im not as much with him he usually gets his way ! He can be really passive agressive. Oh and taurus man only cheats if he knows your too weak minded for him.

Unknown said...

Wow this post is so true. It's 2016 and I'm an Aquarius who found myself intrigued by a Taurus. Unfortunately, I've been his plan B, which sucks because we clicked. It's only been about 12-14 hours since I called it a quits but the doubt is lingering. I have to stick with this though. My heart aches because I feel like I've lost my best friend. I'm not usually one to express my feelings for people. I'll let the tears flow for now. Keep my distance and hope love finds me.

Anonymous said...

I'm an Aquarius woman and I have been with my Taurus man for 2 and 1/2 years now and I am head over heals with this man .. in the beginning of our relationship we did not get along at all !! Because we had a polygamist relationship where he had three girls living with him including me I had no respect for him I thought he was so selfish and didn't care about anyone's feelings but his own and he was so controlling and I hated how he would always want to have sex with us right after another and that annoyed the hell out of me but then as the months went by they other two girls have left and showed their true colors to him .. one thing he hated about me was that I was brutally honest and I would always talk back to him during arguments but this is also one thing he fell in love with from me , this is because he realized the other two girls where dishonest and unfaithful and I was the ONLY one always keeping it real with him , when the other two girls left and him and me started spending more time together we noticed how much love we had for each other , he can be stunting at times but the good always out balances the bad in our relationship .. there is nothing in this world he wouldn't do for me and I love that trait about him , I know that he will never cheat on me and will always be honest , and he spoils me to death , I secretly love that about him , and that is why I will always stay loyal to him .. I know our love will last until the day we die .. him and me both agree that we have never felt this deep love for anyone and that we will always stick by each other's side and we do ... we had our arguments and ups and downs in the beginning of the relationship but as time went by and we got to understand each other more our love grows stronger by the day .. despite what people say about Aquarius and Taurus having no compibility , I feel the exact opposite , we are perfect for each other in every way possible .. we have never been more in love and I know this is something that will last a lifetime , and our love is something that a lot of people haven't yet experienced , and forever will I be grateful to have such an amazing man by my side , he is my lover, soulmate , teacher , and life partner , as I am to him .. our love is mutual .. that's why we will always stay strong and love each other no matter what ... I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with my Taurus man , I couldn't have asked for anything better ... and I love how he feels the same exact way towards me ❤️

Jflower20 said...

Hi I am a cancer and my taurus partner just recently left me as he said we got together to young and he wants to have fun but we have to children together, I know he still loves me but my question I'd because you said its a rollercoaster, did this happen to you at all? If so did he come back?

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am a Taurus man hopelessly in love with a Leo woman…Any help would be much appreciated.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Taurus Male,
Can you give a bit of background of the current situation with your Leo Lady?

Anonymous said...

U hit the nail on the head!!!

AScorpio said...

Make him feel that he is your Prince, the center of your Universe when he is with you. Let him be the man with you. BE very feminine, elegant, loving, kind, mostly joyful around him. Be aware of his actions toward you. That's how they show their love. They are very physical. He will hold your hands, so caress his hand. He will cuddle with you, so massage his back. Just simple things but very important. Look at his body language, if he shows emotions with you, HE IS YOURS.

Anonymous said...

Strange creatures those Tauruses ;) Hard to deal with them!

I'm Libra girl and had recently finished a relationship with Taurus man. (if we can call it a relationship..). I decided to share it here as I see many of you have the same problem with T as I had , so it's to tell you you're not the only one :)

We worked together and he was my boss. From the very beginning we had very hard time working together, we fought a lot. He was very harsh on me always, always questioning my qualifications and performance. He was having fun of me in front of my colleagues, etc. So that I truly hated him and i was avoiding him at any cost. It slowly developed into some kind of obsession. He was following me at work, asking my colleagues about me, always checking on me, etc. He was trying to always be near. After like 2 months he asked me out. I obviously said no. I told him it's no good to date my manager (which I thought was true) plus I wasn't attracted to him at all. I despised him for what he was saying about me. He continued his typical behavior, like talking how bad i'm at my job, how bad girl i'm according to people say about me, he called some other girls in my presence ;) but he got kinda milder to me in public. Once his best friend at work told me he's in love with me. I knew very well he had a crush on me by then, bcs he was all over me all the time, but additionally to all his „qualities”&nasty behaviors towards me, he had an opinion of Playboy., so just I turned this into joke and said i'm sure he's in love with me, as well as 2993 other girls.

My contract was slowly coming to an end. Once he ordered me to sit with him at lunch. I sat with him and we chatted, maybe 1st time without fighting. He asked me out once again. I knew it'd be our 1st and last date so I said ok. We agreed to go out the next day. He took me to some restaurant with live music. We ordered some drinks and chat. He couldn't resist touching me all the time. You can really see the love in Taurus' eyes, 100% correct. He was very sweet. I've never seen him like that before. We went out for a walk near beach. It all got very romantic and we started to kiss. It was perfect, the connection between us was super strong :) Anyway, he's not the kind of innocent Taurus, so he immediately wanted to take things further. I said no and asked him to get me back to the hotel, where we both worked. The next day was my last day at work, so I came to say goodbye. We kissed and hugged again and he said „he wants to be only mine”, he likes me and maybe even more than likes, he wants us to have kids and stuff, that I'm his dream girl and „i'm very cool”. After that we met again and this time I didn't resist him. It was perfect night but I got somehow scared and left him in the middle of the night (trust was broken 1st time). I left home to another country and didn't expect to hear from him any more. Holiday romance was over for me.

Somehow I kept thinking about him all the time though. Tauruses are truly magnetic :) I had very mixed feelings about him. I missed him but there were periods of time I didn't think about him at all. Didn't know what to think. Was he really such a playboy or a nice guy? No clue.

Anonymous said...

part 2 :)

We continued to exchange messages, but it wasn't on regular basis. In meantime i saw on one social portal that he got close to one girl. He even changed his status to „in love”, apparently for her. But at the same time i saw from her posts that he neglects her and communication sucks, as she was all the time posting things like „she looses her time with him” & „guys who don't call should be killed”. (typical way of Tauruses - no communication :) ). I wrote him I saw he has new gf now so I won't talk to him and disturb his relationship any more. He said nothing and we stopped texting. Just before summer they seemed to break up. I came to his city for holidays with my family. I saw the break up so i texted him if he wants to meet (stupid me...).. We met and it was amazing again. Sex and all. He was more distant though but still affectionate. Kept talking about us being together again. I was kinda calm and made no promises. W made no further plans to meet up again. I left and we continued texting again. I saw on his fb that he traveled then and got somehow cold towards me. It was bcs he wanted me to come to him asap. I had other issues, work and no money for such extensive travelling so we didn't meet for a long time. Again him liking other girls' pics, but never mine! :)

Finally we decided to meet. I was gonna come to him again, this time just to see him. He wrote on his fb that 'he's sooooo happy”. But at the same time he asked me to share the costs of the meeting, hotel and all. (so cooooold). I agreed bcs I didn't see the reason not to split the costs. This time wasn't so nice though. He behaved very cold. Sex was rough. He didn't do any effort to please me. I got mad and I called my long time male friend to meet up. I told him that i want to meet my male friend and possibly his gf if she can come. He said nothing but didn't protest. I went to meet my friend. I told him where we'd be. I sat there with my friend for a coffee. I saw he followed me to the place (OMG) but I said nothing. Then my friend walked me to the hotel and we said goodbye. He came in too and started to accuse me of cheating on him, kissing, etc. He said i'm Casanova girl and all he heard about me at work is true (right. I have obviously never done any of these). The atmosphere after that got totally crap. He went back home earlier.

I felt it was an end but he texted me sometimes still. I apologized him for hurting his feelings by meeting my friend. Communication got fewer and fewer. He kept liking multiply girls' photos on fb, making comments abt their beauty and sexiness and stuff. (hurt ego, I know but it was driving me nuts).

Anonymous said...

part 3 :)

One day he called me and we talked long. I explained my behaviors and asked if we could possibly fix it. We kept texting and he asked me to meet again. As usual i was gonna come to him but he lives at holiday resort so I said yes. We met again but it was cold again, sex and all. He was coming only to see me and eat out, have sex and he was spending most of his time at his place, claiming that he is studying for language exam and he's busy ( i saw his lessons but anyway...still so cold). He asked me to do him a favor, so I agreed bcs it wasn't smth big. At the same time he again kept talking abt us being together, him moving to me, living together etc. I had mixed feelings but we somehow made some plans. He was very jealous when we were out, driving me nuts. I couldn't even text my female friend or leave him for one minute cos he was going crazy at once! Anyway, we said goodbye and it seemed it was going to be better between us. He texted me then saying he loves me and misses me again.

Well, just to know soon after that he invited his ex (the one from that other social portal) home to meet his family! That was too much for me seeing her pic on fb (not his fb, but his brother's. He just liked the picture). I wrote it's over and i'm out of this crap. I called him an idiot on my fb. He deleted me from fb. We had to communicate bcs of that favor i promised him though, so we texted briefly talking just abt this case. Meanwhile i saw on fb he was romancing with another girl! (easy to see from her dramatic posts and photos he liked. Then again same stuff: why isn't he calling her, texting her, blah blah)). I deleted him from my 2nd fb account bcs i didn't want to watch this crap going. I was helping him on smth and he was constantly commenting on other girls' pics and putting likes all over her fb page...Then I saw on fb they broke up and she's pissed :) Another poor victim of Taurus :) she even called him as „s..t” and stuff. No good but well...

We don't communicate any more since like 2 months.
I am sure he was sure i'd send him new year's eve best wishes but i didn't. I'm sure his Playboy ego is hurt again but well....I am Libra and i can be very tough too :) The story is over. I don't know why I cant stop thinking abt this rascal though :) I know he wouldn't make good bf or husband but this doesn't stop me from thinking of him still.

Tauruses truly have smth magnetic so beware girls :) very difficult to communicate, very proud, very stubborn&jealous. Can be very sweet or veryyyyyy cold. Needs lots of patience but i think if he's in love and you prove that he can trust you, it can work. So he can be very good or very bad, nothing in between.

Good luck with Taurus guys girls!!

Anonymous said...

And now it's years later, did he ever become yours?

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous January 7, 8:42PM,
"And now it's years later, did he ever become yours?"

I married him. . .and then I divorced him LOL ;-)

Anonymous said...

and here we go again...2 moths later mr. Taurus is texting again. The fav play of them: disappearing&reappearing ;)

Anonymous said...

I am in a same situation too... please tell me it worked out In the end

Anonymous said...

hey, well, it didn't.

it has been 3 months silence already ( not including last short episode). He also liked my new profile pic on fb then (after deleting me), and now he stopped talking and deactivated his fb account. I know he has been flirting and meeting some other girls at the same time.

for me it's over anyway, bcs I no longer feel this relationship is worth investing my time. I think I can find a man that will treat me way better.
Good luck with your Taurus tho from Libra lady :)

Anonymous said...

p.s. I don't know what's your story and I hope it will work for you. Personally I don't feel i'm that desperate to run after a guy who seems totally uninterested and is so neglecting. Since the beginning there were always some other girls in the background and he never made me feel I'm the one for him.

Plus you know what they say, if you have to force it, it's usually s..t ;) Besides I started to notice there are so many nice, kind, handsome men around me :) Why would I waste more time for a guy who can't make up his mind?

I wish you all the best but ladies sometimes it's really not worth the wait. You have only one life so don't waste it for waiting for some indecisive guy, no matter how much you think you love him. Love is beautiful if it's reciprocated :)

Your Taurus-free Libra :)

Anonymous said...

p.s. 2 and just as if he felt ;) Texted me again. Wanted to meet. To have sex. Totally disrespectful. I feel like sending him some spicy text but....the best answer is no answer. Some ppl don't deserve even that ;)

So girls if you're not sure about the guy....there you have your answer. The guy who cares will do anything to be with you. I don't think there are any exceptions form the rule.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, and all the other Taurean males, who've contributed to this conversation. It's very insightful and helps clear my confusion.
I'm a Libra female (also ruled by Venus) and do tarot readings for myself. EVERY time I ask the question of what to do with the Taurean man I've been seeing for 5 months (but currently am not talking to, he pissed me off,) it says the same time: "be patient, he thinks highly of you, but the love hasn't quite developed yet. You'll get what you want."

Anonymous said...

Hey Libra, i hope it will work well for you! Taurus is a very difficult sign for us Libras... I personally lost my patience, got tired of lies and let go. But i wish you all the best and I hope your relationship will be thriving :)

Taurus-free Libra :)

Anonymous said...

(Part 1) Enter Virgo woman here…

Read this and the comments and it’s actually helping me get over a Taurus I was recently involved with. Not wanting to vent, more so lament…If things went according to plan, I had a feeling we’d have a wonderful relationship. We initially began with dating and all the sweet, romantic gestures evident of a Taurus in courtship were present in this stage. We acted like a couple, although, wasn’t officiated. Both introverted by nature, but given a gentle push from my end allowed him to become comfortable and lead the way majority of the time. The Taurus-Virgo connection is surreal; a relationship where words aren’t necessary to determine how the other feels. It lasted a couple of months and then he lost his job-started heading south from here. Queue in the distance and decreased communication. I came to terms that at the moment we could only revert to friendship. (We used to work together some years back and reconnected a couple years ago). I thought it to be a temporary setback. To my dismay, it was not. Throughout the long year, he wasn’t able to find another job. He was able to make ends meet earning money through a small side business that consisted of his passion/hobby, but not enough to keep a steady income. As a friend, I remained by his side as support to help him not enter into depression. I’d offer to take him out or buy him groceries, but ever so graciously he declined-Stubborn Taurus and their pride. And true to the Taurus nature when they seek interest, their remains consistency. We didn’t talk everyday, but a few times each week. And regardless of his circumstance, he still checked up on me from time to time as I did him. There were times where I’ll be out and about in another city or state and he will wish me a good trip and the likes-A sign that I remained on his mind. Yet, when he didn’t have money, he asked me to a Faire-one of his favorite pasttimes and still insisted on paying for me (again-stubborn). He apologized for not being able to be there for my birthday, I could tell it ate him up inside. He always alerted me about his job status and I’d cheer him on all the same.

Anonymous said...

(Part 2) The moment I knew I could be patient for him was when he asked to see me over the holidays. All he could offer was movies to watch and a walk around the park and I was more than happy to partake because it meant time with him. The little times I was able to see him meant much more to me around that year then when he wined and dined me. There was definitely something lingering that he wanted to hold onto…until the news broke out he was moving because his lease was ending. He mentioned before how it was a possibility, but it was a last resort more than anything. He had friends in another town out of state where he grew up with that could provide enough resources to get him on his feet again. And while I was happy he will be able to get out of the rut he was stuck in, a part of me was sad. I never let him see that side of me. The last week he was here I set around a day to help him move. Turned out he didn’t need my help because everything was packed so it turned into a hangout. I’m sure he planned it as such for it to be a ‘coincidence.’ Around the last month before he moved I started dating someone else. After about a week of him settling into his new place we texted. It was then when he confessed that if things had been different, we would have entered into a relationship for certain and frankly, he ‘doesn’t like to share.’ I am now in a relationship, yet, I still don’t know why I can’t get him out of my head. That even after he has given me closure on the ‘what if,’ my feelings go unresolved? He is happy we remain friends and remains attracted to me, but I can’t shake off why I can’t get over him. I’d like to think I’m just idealizing on the Taurus-Virgo union being one of the best pairings and I crave to experience it. That unless I experience it, I won’t know for certain that it’s him I wanted or the idea of a perfect companionship. I don’t know if it’s because deep down I’d wish to share everything how I felt up to and leading to the moment. Or if I’m overanalyzing that him letting me know a relationship almost happened between us was to appease my insecurity so I didn’t feel lead on as I was understanding why he couldn’t enter into a relationship. But that is my story and I’d like to think he felt as strongly for me as I did for him at the time. It was a bit therapeutic in sharing this.

To those wondering ‘What if?’ It took me one year to know how he honestly felt about me. When they say patience is a virtue, be prepared to have lots of it when involved with a Taurus man.

Anonymous said...

I have a question for you.. I have a Taurus friend who has me confused.. He texts me often but then he falls off the grid.. But I text maybe once and he responds quickly and just picks up where he left off.. He also tends to stare at me sometimes.. Like I can see your soul type of stare, what is that about.. There are moments we are OK and then he's just distant.. He paid for my meal once and it wasn't a date, he very is very sweet but he confuses me.. I tend to read emotions very well, I'm a cancer.. But I can't read him and it drives me crazy!

Anonymous said...

Tauruses like to stare...What he feels only he can tell. Tauruses, male and female, get distant sometimes. They can also get cold suddenly. or not to reply message just bcs, when they feel pressured and they want to show who's in control. They don't like to be controlled.

My ex texted me again saying he misses me and i'm his "best"& all about me is best, blah blah. I cut him short& told him I dont believe a single word any more.

Unknown said...

I'm married 2 a Taurus and really I wish most times I would have left him where I found him. I STAY confused he is just 2 much 4 my liking. To get me he was the BEST man and once he had me he is lazy unemapathetic has no romance skills and all he thinks of is sex food n tv I'm seriously considering divorce after only 3 years!

Anonymous said...

I can say the exact same thing: I wish I would have left him where I found him!

I consider myself lucky now that it's finished and never got to any serious stage. Saved me some more pain and time. Although I lost much time for him anyway...Way too much. I leave him to his multiply girls. I'll let them deal with his bull...ishness.

Same feelings about him: stubborn, unempathetic, no romance, cold, liar, stingy, proud, infallible, never saying sorry, cheater. I wish I cut that off way earlier...

Anonymous said...

Gemini here. Im in a pretty fresh relationship with a taurus man. With my sun and moon in Gemini, I am the text book Gemini female. At present my taurus man seems quite smitten and he has held my interest thus far as well. Time will tell I suppose.

Unknown said...

I am a Virgo in Sun/Moon/Ascending/Venus/and Mercury omg right? :). My Father is a Taurus. Getting into something right now, maybe maybe not with a Taurus man. I kind of dropped him once - we talked online. Than I made a new profile, and he came back again. I can see the controlling/intrusiveness, really uncertain of that. But also, all of my hangups, he's like, yea I'm okay with it. I'm sick, I can not really work, I don't think well of myself, and my anxiety is at it's worse. & I worry often that men are only after the physical. I am also too honest and open, and who knows, maybe there really is someone out there for all of us, no matter where we are at our current.

I am pretty indecisive, a bit delicate. At first, I didn't want to meet anyone, but kind of was back and forth in this. He said he has a crush on me. Which I could tell, so I gave him my #. Very flirty, funny, and a bit sexual but fearful of being a "dirt bag" his words. Also fearful of seeming "boring" his words. Wanting to know if I am okay with being hugged. Not with someone I don't know, no matter the chemistry. We've both been out of the "Dating Game" he was married, now separated. Both in our early thirties. I've steered clear of men and all people for years as well. Maybe he thought it was okay to come out of his shell with me so soon, because I didn't intend on meeting. We had some "fun" in texts - though I kept it clean. I am Virgo after all. ;p lol ;) Than I thought, why not meet. & that is when it, seemingly, the fun, came to a stand still, on his side, I still wanted the fun. No more cuteness from his side, it's gotten more serious. & we still have not met. Supposed to happen, my scheduled changed, so did his, and he told me why - pretty private though, yet he shared it with me.

He will text me, after the weekend, how was your weekend? How was your day? I answer, and ask the same, and want to play a little - he won't play back, and that is the end. No more convo. :( I backed off. & I get it.

He's interested, and showing it, but we're not playing anymore. & we still haven't met. & if we meet, and there's no chemistry, it will be easy for him to just say bye. I'm sure, no flirty fun, no emotion. Right? I'm right. & I like to know that a man is still interested, BUT when I date men, I date sometimes many at once, I don't like the idea of texting/talking in between when we're still getting to know one another. Dating isn't a relationship, dating is to figure out compatibility so that it may lead to a relationship. I tend to have too many rules, and maybe I could just go with the flow of things.

I don't really know how to do this. I jumped back in head first with another, but they were still "looking" and than I did it again. Even though, this, this slow pace, is RIGHT UP MY ALLEY. It is exactly what I need and what I want. I don't like to be rushed, especially for physical. Men, just seem to be able to jump in and out of physical relationships, and I can't do that.

Also though, I come from a background of abuse, with my father who was always - still is -but softened, more understanding, CONTROLLING. & physically abusive growing up. I see in myself that I still have a want to lean on someone, especially a man. So if I put that out there, but than I am trying to work to change it, a Taurus that hasn't matured in this area - as I can tell with this man...maybe, maybe isn't my healthiest choice.

Maybe just give it a go here.

SwaggySagGirl said...

Taurus men are like man babies. Difficult but easy once you understand he is a man baby..

Anonymous said...

Taurus men. Delete you from fb and life and then couple of moths later he texts as if nothing happened asking if you could meet, bcs he misses you. Freaks.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Taurus-free Libra here from the posts above.

I haven't seen him since like 10 months. For me its over and done but he's texting me every month or so asking to meet. Sometimes I really think he's not quite normal... Have never met a guy like him before.

I can see on fb he's still flirting and meeting two girls. Both of them frustrated like hell cos of his behaviors. I think they both know about each other and that they are part of his harem. I can't help laughing at this, so every morning i browse fb with a coffee and have fun following this never ending Taurus fb soap opera of love, hate, betrayal, MIA, lost hope, comebacks, insults and so on. Happy i'm not part of this any more.

Why can't he just chose one of those poor, unhappy ladies ad make her happy? Seems like he's like a little boy in a toy store. Can't decide what he wants. Btw they are both hot, educated, highly attractive young ladies.

At the same time he texts me that he misses me and our love and i'm "his best", calls me his baby and blah,blah. Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I just wrote him that we can remain friends and stay in touch but since we are not together i'm not gonna come to see him any more. I told him i don't bear grudges ( I don't, I'm Libra after all ;).
I'm not in love any more and I think he can sense it. Men always start to text when we are done :) I reply his texts out of kindness, nothing else. I don't feel a Taurus can be my fiend, neither lover. He has never done anything for me and I don't have any reason to keep him in my life. He never helped me in anything, never bought me a gift, nothing.

I experience one of these wtf moments now when you ask yourself "Seriously? I was in love with this guy?! I must have been retarded" :)

One question you have to ask yourself ladies is "is he worth the waiting"? I bet most cases you can honestly answer he's not and start getting out of this Taurus infatuation.

Unknown said...

taurus men? they play with words. If you are not careful enough you will miss reading their so called 'agenda' : money, stability, security apart form sex. I am also a taurus. I think I can easily play them out. Lol. I read minds. Men, they are not so hard to read. Listen closely, be patient. You will get what you want. They are stubborn, yet they will come back for more. Ladies, don't bow down to them. Act like you need them but don't ever give them what they want. They will leave you and never look back.

Anonymous said...

Right here... 9 years later. Lol. Been involved with a Taurus male for the last year and a half and it's been a rollarcoaster ride from hell. The good is GREAT, but the bad is REALLY bad. He is not a communicator. I nees communication. He has plan b's and claims they are "just friends" but I know the flirting that goes on... he's loyal, but always ready to walk out if he feels anything he assumes is rejection (which is basically anything he does that I disagree with... boom, he goes defensive like I'm rejecting him). He isnt willing to give us a title even though we've lived under the same roof for 7 months. He's opened up to me, shared his family, secrets, but he still crumbles under my... intensity(?). We're a terrible match. Should have listened ti the stars and not gotten involved. *facepalm*

Anonymous said...

So, he's just typical bull, terrible match for any girl :)))

it's me again. Taurus-free Libra here, from the previous posts.

He's texting me as if noting happened, every month or so. Still the same song: disrespectful, talking dirty, etc.

I told him I'm not gonna meet him. I had my holidays elsewhere, without him of course. He got mad, as if I was in a relationship with him, lol! asked me how is my new bf (sic!). Then he said OK, so what can I say? wish you good luck. Silly guy.

I wish he'd leave me for good, cos I am 100% sure nothing good is gonna come from his side. Why can't Taurus just leave me in peace?

Unknown said...

EXACTLY . Im an aquarius woman and i think ive been dupped by my Taurus . OH WELL , IM NOT trying to throw this fish back in the water just yet ❗ its crazy tho its attraction and obsession and sex and smiles and dates and gifts and kisses and lies and deceit . But it feels so good . Curse Taurus

Anonymous said...

the less you care, the stronger you are. if you're not expecting or demanding from the guy - you get too much, all you are dreaming about. He is the one that will call, write, offer, you don't ask much and don't plan. you don't confess your feelings. you have your own life, you go either to the gym or have a cup of coffee with a friend. you do not allow boredom neither dependence on anyone. the man must feel threatened, feel the curiosity, what are you doing now? Is he avoiding you? then you are avoiding him, if he doesn't care, then you are not interested in him. the principle of reciprocity ... we should think more about ourselves. men should think more about how to keep us, not the other way round.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD so true. Mine is great. He treats me like a princess. The one thing we argue about is his "harem of women" he has allll these girls who he's always flirted with (he works at a bar) and still continues doing so claiming it gets him better tips, but he also seems to kind of hide our relationship. So essentially I feel like he's happy and loves me but is keeping this line up of girls in case something happens with us and it makes me feel liek a crazy person. We fight about it but he just acts like i'm being crazy...

Anonymous said...

It looks like he'll never give me a break. Texting again, although we haven't seen each other for more than 1 year now... Really patient and annoying man. He's meeting other girls but still can't focus on any meeh

Taurus-free Libra.

Anonymous said...

I am a Saggie sun / Leo moon and was with a Taurus sun/ Taurus moon man for 4 years. He was very submissive to his 5 senses - alcohol, drugs and adored being idolised. We met when I also enjoyed to party, but then I had to stop due to my health. He found it really hard to rein this in and this caused some issues. He hurt me really bad with it about 9/10 months ago (esp on New Year's Eve ) and we took a break. We caught up after that and he said that he couldn't lose me and from there he reined it in enough to keep the peace.

It has been a challenging year as he recently lost his father to cancer (about 5 months ago). Quite soon after he proposed to me while we were away and it just felt wrong to me (It had only been 2 months (aka 3 months ago) since his fathers death and was such a sad time) so while I said yes initially I later said the timing wasn't right. He said he was really knocked down with that.

I had thought that we had worked through that. Things were a bit stressful (everything was getting to him) but this was to be expected during such a sad time. We had started ring shopping and we're both excited by it.

Then about a month ago it all went up in flames. On the same wkd as taking me ring shopping he went out with his friends for 'lunch' and never came home. He couldn't control his drinking and once again was lost in the moment - and after NYE I questioned whether he would cheat on me. I lost my shit, broke shit. I have never been that angry before. I couldn't speak to him for 2 wks and then we caught up to talk and it took less than 30 min to break up. All I needed to know was
-Did I make it clear what I wanted from a man?
-Did I make it clear that I would find it hard to support him regarding his dad if he did this?
He said yes to both. He didn't fight it.

I am pretty certain that he did what he did on purpose - premeditated - so 'I' would be forced to end it. I vaguely remember him leaving the morning of the incident - I was still asleep when he left but half woke and saw him standing over me watching me before he kissed me goodbye.

It is just so hard to make sense of as he was so affectionate the night before and the ring shopping thing. He could have stopped all of that if he knew he wanted out. Is that to ease his guilt? Or as a backup in case he backed out of the plan to betray me?

What I am struggling with is why (his grief from his father? The failed proposal? Something or someone else?) and when did he make the decision? Isn't it awful how you begin to question yourself based on someone's actions. But when they are so close to you and can't even respect you enough to do the right thing it's so hurtful!

They say it takes a long time for a Taurus to end a relationship - does this mean he proposed when he was uncertain? That doesn't sound right to me.

Also why would he suggest ring shopping when he had already decided he wanted out?

Is it too naive to think he acted irrationally because he is grieving? (Not that it would change much)

Hoping someone will have some insight as I don't think contacting him would be a good idea and I don't know how clear he is on it anyway as he is obviously dealing with the grief of everything and moves slowly through this process.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Sep 27, 4:18 AM,
"What I am struggling with is why?"

Because this is who he is. You said, "He was very submissive to his 5 senses - alcohol, drugs and adored being idolized." That is who he is, and it's likely who he's always going to be. As a result, he's inconsistent, unreliable and emotionally unstable.

He was that way BEFORE the proposal. And he was that way AFTER the proposal. It's who he is. He's likely not ready for a committed relationship or marriage (because he's emotionally immature).

"When did he make the decision?"

Probably that evening, on impulse, and on a whim. . .much like he's conducted himself and made decisions for himself in the past.

"But when they are so close to you and can't even respect you enough to do the right thing it's so hurtful!"

It's hard for him to respect you dear, because he doesn't even RESPECT HIMSELF right now. His behavior is inconsistent and he abuses substances and himself. As a result, it's going to be difficult for him to respect others and conduct himself accordingly towards them. (He doesn't even conduct himself accordingly -- for himself.)

"Does this mean he proposed when he was uncertain?"

He may have thought he was ready for this. But as you can see, he's not :-(

"Also why would he suggest ring shopping when he had already decided he wanted out?"

A better question would be. . .why did he propose to a woman WITHOUT FIRST purchasing a ring? Genuinely interested men that are truly ready for marriage take these steps BEFORE asking the woman they love to marry them. That's how the woman KNOWS the man is genuinely interested in marriage. She sees that he's gone out and done what needed to be done and planned in advance to surprise her, to prove his worth to her.

This man did none of that. He took no ACTION and unfortunately, was only all TALK :-(

It's ACTIONS that tell the true tale. WORDS are just air. Someone's actions will always tell you the truth. And when a man takes no action, you can safely conclude that his words are just words. Because if they weren't, and he was genuinely determined, he would've taken action.

When a man's (or woman's) ACTIONS do NOT align with their WORDS -- it's a warning that something is not right.

"Is it too naive to think he acted irrationally because he is grieving?"

He wasn't grieving when he's acted like this in the past. He wasn't grieving when he was "was very submissive to his 5 senses - alcohol, drugs." He wasn't grieving when he "He hurt me really bad. . .on New Year's Eve."

Making excuses for his behavior will do you no favors dear. He was like this BEFORE his father passed :-(

Anonymous said...

Thank you MOA. You really are amazing to take time to write these posts and help women like me who are looking for answers. You helped me so much when we first started dating all that time ago (though maybe I should have read into it more now I know what I know!) and you comments bring me closure now.

You are so right about the talk vs actions thing. This would come up often in our arguments around the matter. I am big on actions and he was not showing me I could trust his words! It is just very sad as we had a lot of good stuff in the relationship (obviously or I wouldn't have stuck it out for so long). But no one deserves to be disrespected or settle for someone that isn't committed or doesn't communicate.

It does make it easier to deal with if he did make the decision on a whim. It was definitely on a whim in the past but the last time felt different so I never knew how intentional it was. I guess no one will ever truely know but him, but I do trust your opinion. You have been so spot on in your posts.

Oh and I got it wrong above in that he was a Taurus sun / Leo moon.

Saggie sun/ Leo moon from the 27 Sept

Anonymous said...

Somebody help! Lol I need advice. I have never been in any kind of sitiation with a Taurus. They're not usually my type. I am a scorpio woman. I recently started a friends with benefits type of situation with a taurus male that ive actually known for about 11 years. Im 26 and he's 23. Neither one of us want anything serious because of our previous relationships. But i do like him and ive told him that. He says he's only physically attracted to me but his actions speak other wise. When we're not together he keeps his distance and doesnt txt very much. Which doesn't bother me cuz im a mom with a full time job. But when we are together he shows signs of being very possessive. He makes it a point to always stand right behind me when were2 around a lot of people and stares at me when we're around everyone as if hes trying to let the other guys in the room that im his. But he's the one always talking about not having feelings. I know he likes me. He wont admit it. I know he's scared of committment and that's fine cuz so am i. But i want him to be ok with us liking eachother even tho we're just FWB. He gets so distant and i dont really have the patience for it. So Taurus males, how can i get him to understand that its ok for us to like eachother cuz im not trying to lock him down?

Anonymous said...

Wow I am a libra woman and I swear I wrote this! I am married, he is married and I am so drawn to him, and he has me on this leash like a puppy! I have tried to get over him, told myself I am not in love, even said that it was the passionate sex, but even a month without that I still want to be with him! He seems to embody everything I want in a man! The downside is his lack of communication and emotion it drives me nuts, but when I try to break it off with him he draws me back in! I feel like a fool but don’t know what to do!

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Nov 15, 10:52 PM,
"How can i get him to understand that its ok for us to like eachother cuz im not trying to lock him down?"

Unfortunately, you can't.

There are many reasons for that, but the main reason is because we cannot control others. We can only control our reactions to them. We can't make people like us, love us or want to be with us. They're entitled to their own feelings and all we can do is respect them and their wishes. Or give it a couple more months to see if the situation progresses naturally on its own. Or decide the situation simply isn't making us happy and decide to move on from it.

Those are really your only choices - accept what little he has to give, wait it out a bit longer, or make the decision for yourself that this isn't making you happy, and move on. Controlling the level of his feelings or how he chooses to display them (or not display them) isn't an option.

You also have to realize the paradox in what you're asking.

On one hand, you're saying we have a casual relationship, and we don't want anything serious (i.e. no emotional investment and no strings attached).

But on the other hand, you're saying you want him to "like" you (i.e. express feelings for you that create emotional attachement strings).

It's very contradictory.

It's also a major reason why personally, I do not think women are emotionally cut out for casual relationships. Women bond emotionally during physical contact while men do not. Physical contact enables men to release and experience testosterone, which only makes them want to mate more. Sex doesn't bond them emotionally like it does for a woman.

Which is why sexual territory for a woman can be "dangerous" so-to-speak. Because the woman WILL start to develop emotional feelings for the man. She'll secretly begin to wish the same from him (as you, yourself, are now experiencing). And if he doesn't deliver on that expectation of hers, she'll end up with a broken heart, or feeling used by the man.

It's just not a healthy situation for a woman unless she's REALLY ready to handle the reality of a truly casual relationship.

The reality of a truly casual relationship means no feelings, no commitment, no regularity, no expectations. And once a woman in a casual relationship starts signaling expectations from a man (i.e. emotional investment, commitment to regularity, etc.) -- the man will often end the relationship, or slow it WAY down (in an attempt to not "catch any feelings" and hope the distance helps make the woman's new found feelings fade away).

It sucks, I know. But this is the HARSH REALITY of a casual relationship.

The very definition of "casual" is, "Relaxed and unconcerned, not regular or permanent, informal."

Once a woman starts showing she's "concerned" (versus unconcerned) in any way or possibly becoming anxious (unrelaxed) about where the relationship is headed, or attempts to begin to take control of where the relationship is headed by placing expectations onto the man (doing things with regularity, committing to daily calls, texts, etc.) -- this instantly tells the man the relationship is no longer casual.

Men tend to interpret that as "Here comes the first steps towards relationship expectations. She's trying to slowly walk me into a relationship and this is the first step she's taking to make that happen. Now she wants me to [fill in the blank]. Now she expects me to [fill in the blank]."

Both of those blanks could easily be filled in with "start expressing feelings for her" and "be okay with having feelings for her."

Cont. . .

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Women need to understand that when they agree to enter into a casual relationship with a man, the ENTIRE reason the man is entering into it is so that he DOESN'T have to become EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED.

That's the entire point of a causal relationship for a man. He doesn't want the emotional complexity. He doesn't want to have to commit to anything like regular calls, texts or dates. He doesn't want to have to answer to the woman (about where he's at, what he's doing, and who he's with), and he doesn't want to have to explain himself to her (about where the relationship is headed, what his intentions are for the future, or what he's feeling at the time).

That's what men feel a woman is agreeing to when she agrees to enter into a casual relationship with him. Which is again why I strongly urge women to really, truly consider exactly what it is that they're agreeing to do -- and to make sure they can navigate that territory in a healthy manner, without feeling used or suffering emotional damage as a result of their decision.

I also often stress that generally speaking, hookups lead to brief short-lived affairs. Often, they've got a life expectancy of about 3 months max. Usually within about one month to 6 weeks the man starts pulling back and distancing himself after a few sexual encounters. That's to be expected. Why? Because the man knows women bond emotionally during physical contact and in order to keep that from happening, and make an attempt to protect the woman as well, they will take control and pull back on the reigns and begin placing distance.

After that, they generally begin to bounce in and out of the woman's life. They'll touch base maybe once a month or every two weeks, usually late at night, for a hookup. The woman will comply, because she thinks this means he's had time apart, he must miss her, and now he's coming back and the potential of a relationship might exist.

Problem is, she couldn't be further from the truth.

The relationship began as a hookup, it's still a hookup -- and the call is simply representative of the man wanting to hookup again.

Nothing's changed. It's just more of the same. And the man will attempt to keep that "cycle" going for as long as he can. Or should I say, until the woman catches on that he's simply in it for the free sex, she's now starting to hurt and feel bad about herself, and puts a stop to it in order to protect herself emotionally.

I've been doing this for over 10 years now. I've read literally thousands of stories shared from women on this site and in private email discussions. And I honestly cannot recall a single time when a hookup became a relationship and lead to a happy ending. They've all pretty much ended in heart break for the woman, leaving her feeling used, bad about herself, questioning her own judgement, and experiencing a lot of confusion and self-doubt. Lots of ugly negative stuff :-(

In order for a woman to participate in a hookup situation and navigate the emotional minefield it presents successfully -- she's got to be as strong as steel emotionally, and 100% without expectations from the man.

In my opinion dear, it's NOT okay "for us to like each other" in a casual relationship. Not unless you're having a casual relationship with a man that isn't dead set AGAINST the idea of an eventual committed relationship. Because if you "like" each other, that means you've got feelings for each other. Let's face it, we're not talking general like or dislike here. When we say "like each other," we're talking emotions.

You can't expect a man that you've agreed to be casual with to start expressing emotions for you. Or I should say, you CAN place those expectations onto him. But that doesn't mean he'll accommodate you. Because that isn't what he agreed to.

Cont. . .

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

When a woman starts to expect "more" from a man she's entered into a casual relationship with, she's reached a point where she needs to make a decision for herself. She needs to decide if she's going to:

1) Accept what little the man is willing to offer her, live in the moment without expecation and have fun knowing it'll likely be short lived.

2) Wait it out for a couple more months to see if the man eventually expresses feelings for her on his own, without her prompting him to do so, and moves the relationship forward on his own.

3) Decide that it's been fun for a while, but the situation is no longer making her happy, so she's going to move on from it to find someone that wants what she wants (a relationship).

I'd give the above three options some serious thought. Because unfortunately, convincing the man that it's okay for him to start expressing feelings towards you isn't an option.

A woman taking on the role of the "convincer" in a relationship never ends well :-(

Anonymous said...

Well, I've been in a hookup situation and the guy i was meeting casually developed feelings for me. But, to start, he had feelings for me from the beginning ad I didn't. So, we were meeting as FWB for about 1,5 year. No regular calls, no dates, no promises, no commitment. I was coming to see him every couple of weeks or even months to have sex and I was leaving in the morning. I know he was casually meeting some other girl at the same time. He showed no interest in developing it into anything serious, at least he never said anything like that. Then we fought on holidays which we had together abroad. it was all because he treated me very harsh and showed disrespect. I packed myself and left home without saying a word and never texted neither contacted him anymore. We haven't met since then (it was around 2,5 years ago). After some months he started to text me saying he wants to meet, to have me back, i'm a woman of his life ad he wants a life together and possibly marriage and kids and stuff. I know he was very serious about it, but he treated me badly before and I did't want to have anything with him. I admit that it wasn't fully casual for me though. I liked him as a man and a friend plus sex was amazing but I just didnt see him as a father of my future kids.
Anyway, it can happen but I fully agree with MOA that in 99% cases it will never develop
into anything else than a casual sex. the only way it could develop into a relationship is if a man really liked a girl from the beginning but she showed him no interest and he kinda waits for his chance to come...

Your Taurus-free Libra :)

Anonymous said...

Hello mirror - have a quick question.

I've started talking to a witty Taurus man off a dating site past 2 weeks.

My interest level isn't that high (I like warmer friendlier men), but I'm open to seeing what happens (I bumped into the gentleman a few months ago - and had trouble continuing to date because I kept thinking of him, but I'm doing my best to let it go.)

Since he's a personal trainer, I asked if I could ask him for advice on something. He replied, "Sure, but it'll cost you coffee"

Does he mean I'll need to treat him to coffee (which of course I won't do) or that it just means I'll have to meet him for coffee and when I show up he'll actually treat me?

I've been burned before when the painter didn't even offer to pay for mine, but this seems like a potentially worse situation if I feel pressured to pay for HIS coffee!

Thoughts? I have no idea how to respond, and I feel uncomfortable.


The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Sounds to me like the man is insinuating that, in exchange for the advice, you'll need to buy him a coffee.

I wouldn't respond directly to that. I'd skip the advice session entirely and simply steer the conversation in another direction and pretend like it never even happened LOL.

Anonymous said...

@Mirror - Right, that's what I figured! If he really did want to take me out to coffee, he would have phrased it differently - e.g. "Sure but you'll have to go to coffee with me. ;P"

He was the one who wanted my number and added me to Whatsapp. I'm not the one chasing him down.
Another Taurus guy would pester me with messages after messages on the online dating if I didn't reply, but after I gave him my # and we started talking on Whatsapp - same behavior, totally cooled off and takes 2 days to respond.

It's almost like their main purpose is to just get as many women as possible on their phone and call it a day.

You are right about them being passive... it's all making sense now lol. Thanks Mirror.

Anonymous said...

Scorpio woman here. I have given up on this Taurus male. He is everything you people have warned about here: the "harem" of admirers around him, the mother who cooks all his meals, the manliness and charm, hardworking, stubborn in his opinions, the running hot and cold when it comes to how he treats me, the somehow reaching way into middle age and he has never married nor had children, the overindulgence in a vice (heavy smoker) and eating a LOT. We never moved beyond long long conversations (some of which were wonderful), although he caught my initial interest by asking me out to dinner (which never happened). It's like he was happy that I was part of his admiration society and when I finally pressed him, he friend zoned me, said he never thought of me in a romantic way. But he gave me every single signal every other guy has ever given me before starting a relationship with me. I know when a guy is interested, it has never failed me - until now. You women who have actually gotten one of these guys to date or even marry you - my hat's off to you; I don't know how you did it or even had the patience to wait for one of these guys. The advice I'd give to other ladies here who are not sure how your Taurus guy feels about you, just cut to the chase and ask him. Why waste your time when there are so many other guys from other signs that won't put you through half this crap?

Anonymous said...

Virgo female here and he's a Taurus male. We met and immediately started texting. Thousands of texts in just a few months. He played it like he wasn't interested in anything more than friends because he is embarking on divorce and needs to "work on himself". He leaned on me and used me to make himself feel adored because I gave that to him ... told him how great he was and when he opened up a little about how miserable his life is, I opened up a lot. I made him laugh and felt comfortable with him and he started flirting coyly in messages. He never once dialed my phone number and we saw eachother less than 10 times always business related. Eventually I told him how I felt very attracted to him. He said he didn't feel the same. I read these stupid astrology forums too much and got duped into thinking he wanted me to chase him or "prove myself" so I sacrificed my dignity and was driving myself crazy day and night. My sleep disorder is now out of control ... I had lost the ability to pray and felt like I had become obsessed with why he was backing off when he had showed in small ways that he did like me but just couldn't do anything about it because of his miserable life. He disappeared and refused to talk to me and I sent him multiple messages after that. Asked if he was ok, offered help that he had previously accepted and was now ignoring, left one silly message, emailed him and poured my guts out. I knew I was making a nutcase out of myself and didn't care. He led me on and he knew it.

He finally wrote to me 2 days ago after a month. He said how sorry he was and that he didn't know how to respond to me because he didn't want to hurt me but that I had been sending him "messages that felt like we were in a deep committed relationship and that wasn't real". All he did was repeat the last thing he had said a month ago which was that he didn't feel the same feelings I did.

So I finally wrote him a constitution length essay on all the comments he made to me that led me on and told him he needs to think on what he did to contribute to my feelings. I told him quoted statements that he made to prove this was NOT on me. He LED ME ON and he did it in a manipulating manner. The disappearing acts, the heartfelt apologies of how sorry he was for how "busy" he was always came after seeing me in person. He was so predictable I knew that when I saw him he'd disappear.

Guess what. This guy is a well accomplished doctor and he sounds exactly like the rest of the quacks you've all dealt with. He's totally done my head in. I had started to move on until he emailed me again to "apologize" and rub it in how pushy I had been and how he "couldn't deal with it". Whoa is me. Get over it. I feel like blasting him but I am a professional woman and a business owner and don't want that rep. So I stay nice to him.

You guys think Taurus will only tolerate so much before they blow? Try pushing us Virgos to the limits after toying with us and we will make sure you feel so bad about yourself with a verbal pop off that we will leave much bigger scars. Is it worth it? Yes. Once you make us lose our bearings and then prove you were just playing games, we will only take so much before we shred you. And we will do so with a pleasant smile and a wave. He has pushed me to my limit and it is only a matter of time before his ego gets knocked down to right where it belongs. This is not me. I don't sweat men. I'm too old and I haven't had a need for a man in years. Literally. His games were played on the wrong person.

Be careful with this astrology stuff because it can mess with your mind.

Aok said...

How did that work out???

Admitter said...

OMG .... i have to admitt,, this article is perfect.
im a taurus man, when i started reading at first i thought you are discribing me personally... lol . but ladiesssssss, come on now, let's be serious. we don't care for what is what and who is who ... do we ??? we are f***ing attracktive you know it ...

Rose said...

Omg,omg thanks for the info about the taurus male lover. I never thought I'll ever read something so outright about them because the other sites gives such a beautiful image about them, but after reading the comments and advise of them i definitely know now my taurus lover is using me because his all about stability,money and his high maintenance!How can the other sites say taurus men are down to earth if he wants his partner to dress well, wear makeup all the time,he admits he likes nice and the best clothing.How does a diwn to earth person has all those demands. He asked me to help him with his sons wedding last year. I did the planning, baking and plus asking me for huge amount of money because he wasn't able to give a nice reception by himself. But when my daughter got married in Jan this year he never offered to help me with anything. And i never asked him because I'm scorpio and independent. I honestly found my answer tonight about how they plot and plan. I checked different sites about the taurus man for months to search because some how i sensed his using me for status and money but like i said above,they all speak about prince charming, prince charming my foit after reading the advise. Thanks so much for opening my eyes! I sent several emails in the past saying that I've had enough of his pulling away strings and we should go our separate ways but he refuses to leave me. I don't often see him as we're not staying together but I'm happy about it now since I know the bad traits of him. They get you hooked on them then once they have you then they play the cat and mouse games. Omg,i dont have a second left for his games any longer. thanks so much for the adise!

Rose said...

Omg I don't want to come near a Taurus man because they're all users and you say you guys are very crazy about your security. Rather say you guys are very crazy about using others because it makes more sense

Anonymous said...

i am a bull(male), don't find any real positives in this form. i would just like to say as a Taurus, i am quite most of the time, passive, loving, one woman man. was married to a Gemini who i completely loved. she love to flirt with other men. while being monogamous myself, she found this boring and always looked for new experiences. while when you this was a problem for me, later in life i grew to respect her need to explore and actual encouraged her to fulfil her needs and desires. in the end she ended that marriage. since that time i have dated a few women, Virgo, Taurus, Aries, they were all wonderful women, which i let slip through my fingers. i have never met anyone like my ex, totally controlling, in every way, believe it or not Bulls like to be lead, they enjoy the chase, deep down they have a need to love one woman deeply with all they heart. to read these comments dismissing men because they are not a match is childish, be honest for what your needs and wants are. Tell the Bull and he will love you unconditionally.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Male,
". . .to read these comments dismissing men because they are not a match is childish, be honest for what your needs and wants are. Tell the Bull and he will love you unconditionally."

Thank you for sharing insight from the Taurus male perspective. I'm sure many women reading here will find your thoughts valuable.

However, I must respectfully disagree that it's as simple as stating your needs, and then sitting back and watching a Taurus male fulfill them. Nothing in life is ever that simple, and even when there's follow through, there are no guarantees.

For example, your Gemini wife stated her needs, you fulfilled them -- and that did not lead to success. She ended the marriage unfortunately.

Additionally, when anyone (man or woman) realizes that someone is not a match for them, yet they continue attempting to pound that round peg (person that isn't a match) into a square hole (ignoring the reality that you're not a match and instead focusing on the illusion that things could change) -- that generally does not lead to success either.

Rather, it can lead to many wasted years spent trying to pound a round peg into a square hole unsuccessfully.

When people meet the RIGHT person, most times they find that all of the above isn't necessary. The two mesh, the relationship intuitively becomes symbiotic, and the mutual fulfillment of the needs of each grows organically in a very natural manner -- because you've found the Ying to your Yang. The two fit together nicely. (i.e. It's not necessary to waste precious time banging your head against the wall attempting to pound round pegs into square holes trying to force an unnatural fit.)

The definition of insanity is "Doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting different results."

Spending years of your life trying to pound square pegs into round holes can quickly lead to insanity ;-)

I'm a Taurus female. I was with a male Taurus for 12 years. We dated for 4, and we were married for 8. I continually openly communicated and made him aware of my needs. And he ignored those facts and instead, continually focused on the sole fulfillment of his own needs in any manner he deemed necessary (i.e. cheating for 5 years of the marriage). I spent years of my life unsuccessfully attempting to pound that square peg into the round hole that was our marriage without success.

In the end, he abandoned me. He told me that he did not like the "responsibility" to another that came with marriage. He informed me he had no desire whatsoever to fulfill my needs. Instead, he was solely focused on himself. Left me holding the bag for 100% of our marital debt. Made a mockery of me and our marriage. Humiliated me publicly in front of family and friends. And never once apologized for his behavior.

He met another woman. Quit his job. Did not work for 10 years. Cheated on her regularly and openly in public, just as he had done with me. And ultimately through a series of selfish bad decisions, landed himself in prison where he currently sits today.

Cont. . .

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

I'm sorry - but I would not wish that on anyone, man or woman.

I would not wish them years of unhappiness attempting to pound a round peg into a square hole. If it's not a fit, and the person isn't mature enough or ready for a real relationship and all of the sacrifices and commitments that go along with it, wasting years of your life ignoring that reality and instead living in a world of illusion where you fool yourself into believing they're going to change and things will fit someday. . .is an absolute waste of time. Not to mention a very unwise decision for oneself.

It's akin to finding an injured snake (i.e. something that's not a match for you, something unlike yourself) on the side of the road, taking it home and spending your precious time nursing it back to health (i.e. spending your time trying to make them a match for you, trying to make them a fit). . .only to watch it turn around, bite you one day, and then run away from you.

You shouldn't be surprised when that happens. After all, it was a snake from the very first day you met it (i.e. something unlike you; not a match or a good fit).

On the flip side, when people come along that are a good fit and you continually let them slip through your fingers -- that may be a sign from the universe that you're not really ready for a real relationship, and all of the sacrifices and commitments that requires.

Sounds like all of those wonderful women stayed, attempting to pound that round peg (i.e. someone that wasn't emotionally ready, or a good match) into a square hole (i.e. a committed relationship) -- and that did not work out for them.

I would NOT advise anyone, man or woman, to waste precious years of their life on someone that's clearly not a match and doesn't want what you, yourself, want.

To me, that's the very definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again (with someone you KNOW is NOT a match for you) yet expecting a different result.

I believe it's a bit naive to think we can control others and bend them to our will when meanwhile, the writing's on the wall the entire time and there are red flags all over the place telling us they're not a match, they're not ready, and they do not want what we want.

When you're in that situation, it's wise to accept the reality and let go of the illusion.

Otherwise, you could end up investing years of your life that you'll never get back into something or someone that never delivers any return on that investment -- and has absolutely no problem walking off. Leaving you high and dry with nothing but pain, confusion and heartache to show for your efforts and devotion to them.

Anonymous said...

I am a Taurus woman in a relationship with a Taurus male and this is 100% FACTS!

Anonymous said...

I'm actually going thru the same thing with my Taurus guy. He's been ignoring me playing hot and cold with me. At first it was so very disturbing and I felt bad about it but now I'm getting used to it. Infact I'm thinking of leaving him but I won't tell him just ignore him as he's been doing to me

Midwest13 said...

Hi! Gemini woman here, I’ve been dealing with a Taurus male off and on for over eight years and to say it’s been a rollercoaster is a damn understatement. We have had so much history together, drama etc. when we first started talking again after three years of no contact, he was the sweetest guy, we talked literally every day on the hour. After we ended up becoming intimate again he turned into a complete different person! He’ll say extremely mean things to me for no reason whatsoever, he’ll openly discuss our sex life after I already told him how I felt about him doing that. It’s been a month since we have spoken and I’ve basically given him the cold shoulder after he had the nerve to talk to me the way he does. He’s caught on to it and as of now he’s been ignoring me, doesn’t like anything of mine on social media although he stays liking other women’s every move lol. I’m done with it. At this point I don’t care if we ever speak again, it hurts because of the history between us and once what was but, it is what it is. Use caution with them

Anonymous said...

Hi Mirror,

I wanted to share my victory with the other ladies out here dealing with a Taurus/man in general in hopes to help my peers realize how super important looking out for yourself really is and what you (Mirror) have been saying all along is truly the best route to take - because you never really know what someone is truly up to behind that cell phone!

To start off, one of my good friend's brothers got out of a relationship and while I knew certain details about the relationship I responded to his texts when he reached out to me. After a while, my friend's brother started hitting on me through text and I was very lady-like about it.

After several days of talking he stopped talking to me and at first it stung my pride but I didn't reach out and chase him down to keep the conversation going. A few days go by and just when I start doubting myself, I got confirmation from the universe that I did the right thing much like what Mirror said would happen.

My friend and I face-timed and she informed me her brother was off the charts, meeting woman left and right and immersing himself in the darker side of Taurus to try and escape the pain he was feeling. As soon as she told me about the most recent events with him that's when it hit me - I could have been one of those many girls to serve as his distraction from feeling the pain and anger he was going through!

Honestly Mirror, you saved me so much heartache over the past few years and this was one of the most recent dodging of the bullets I managed to pull off thanks to you! I cannot express enough how satisfied and grateful I am to you and the other ladies here. We are all in this together and I hope we all embrace the value each one of us has.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Nov 20, 11:44 PM,
Way to go, looking out for yourself!

I understand this guy is hurting and he may be a nice guy. But the reality is that he's going to leave a lot of hurt women in his wake because he's using them.

Thank your lucky stars that won't be you.

As they say, "Hurt people, hurt people." Sad but true.

Rose said...

What's the use being attractive and using other people for your convenience uh? That's not what life is all about. All i can say is what's goes around, comes around. When it comes around your way then please be so kind as to keep us informed, no matter how long it takes (i would like to see a bull when it comes around his way)

Anonymous said...

Hi anonymous, I'm Scorpio and I'm in the exact same boat except that my Taurus guy's wife is sickly for over 15years. To be honest, I've been through the same as you until I got fed up. I've sent him numerous emails and WhatsApp messages saying that it's not going to work between the 2 of us, but his not accepting it. We're sending messages to each other for most of the week but I guess one can't do anything to this bull unless his mind is made up.Most times it feels as if his using me and i would cry and cry until I had enough of all this a month ago. I sent him a message saying that i want to move on with my life as things are not working between us. After 2 days, when he messaged me, I asked how's he doing and he replied that his been crying since he got my message. When i asked him why he was crying, he said he cried over me. He would say that our hearts and brains are connected. We Scorpios are open books and this guy to me is a definite schemer. I'm not sure what he has up his sleeve but to me it feels like he wants to eat the cake with the cream and wants me hanging onto to him until i don't know when. We've known each other for few years as friends only, and suddenly i found myself in a relationship with this man whose thoughts can't be trusted. To me, in your case is to weigh the pros and cons because he will never leave his wife unless the wife finds out about both of you and she will leave him. I'm not saying for you to make her find out about you, don't get me wrong here. If you do that, it could easily backfire so don't. You'll also find that they will speak to you about some of their problems, but that's only for you to say that you'll assist them. Otherwise when his gone cold and not messaging you and you ask him what's up with him today, he'll tell you something like - honey, it's not fair to speak my problems with you. Dumb reply because when he needed help like I've mentioned before, he was eager to accept the financial help. I hope you know what I'm trying to get at here. I think Taurus men are the worse to get involved with and I'm still trying to figure out a way to get away from this plot and plan trait of his. They also say that they're down to earth fellows, but what i can't understand about it is that they want you to dress up for them whenever they come by, the like the table to be layed with perfection when having a meal amongst other things. So how can they be down to earth if their expectations are high. They must get real as most times I feel that they're not real. What a pity more and more people find them out. I wish you the best with your Taurus guy as you going to need it at all times. Take care

Anonymous said...

Same here

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