"Mirror, Mirror on the wall . . . where did he go, and why doesn't he call?"

Is There Really An End Time?

Most civilized people throughout history have predicted "End Times." This, I believe, is due to the linear thinking of mankind - always a beginning and always an end.

History tells use that most people have deduced that a greater energy is responsible for all that has been created in the universe. I have pondered that a supreme being in the image of man is logical in order to retain our ego status as a higher form of life.

But could it be that the creator is both male and female and that God has no human image at all? "I am that I am." Could it be that God is everything - in every form - in the universe?

Nature is full of rhythms or natural laws in constant flux. Many life forms have thrived and perished . . . even evolved into other life forms.

Therefore, what is doom? Is it a change or a shift of consciousness? I think therefore I am? Why should the gift of life be tainted by the "end of time" - when we all have a physical end time?

We all have a rebirth into another form of energy or consciousness . . . so is there really an "END TIME?"

Light,Love & Laughter
Rev. Tommy Hammerbeck, Sr.

* * * * *

Tommy Hammerbeck Sr. is a healer in the art of Reiki and attained Reiki master. He is a Intuitive/Medium, an Ordained Minister in the Spiritualist church and has taught several workshops on metaphysics. He has been blessed with six children, several grand children and 2 great grand children. Learn more by visiting Rev. Tommy Hammerbeck, Sr.

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