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Psychometry: A Mystical Phenomenon Or Logical And Explainable

To introduce you to Psychometry we should start with a brief explanation of what it is and what you can do with it so let's get started. Psychometry is the ability to obtain information for an object such as impressions left by the owner or surroundings. There are many opinions as to how or why can this be possible. Some will say it comes form other dimensions such as spirits, others will tell you it is a vibrational imprint of sorts.

Most will accept that a person, for example, has a scent and can be smelled and even tracked by an animal such as a dog. Science tells us that light, color or radio waves vibrate at a particular frequency rate - virtually all things vibrate.

Vibrations such as radio waves are captured and converted into audio frequencies that we can hear. Our eyes capture and convert vibrations or frequency into colors that we can see yellow, red, blue, etc. so information can be obtained. So lets ask ourselves, "Why then, would it not be possible to hold or touch an object and obtain information or leave a vibrational imprint or scent on the object?"

No, we are not radios, in the sense of the word, so how would we obtain that information?

For starters, we have senses such as hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling and tasting. By using these, we can extract information from our surroundings. A good analogy would be pizza. We smell it, we instantly know what it is. And, very likely, this is then confirmed shortly thereafter by sight, taste and even texture - all senses that ultimately confirm "yes, that it is pizza."

So, let me run this by you - have you ever watched a container of water when bumped or sitting near machinery ripple? Depending on the excitable motion around it will make several big or many smaller ripples or vibrations.

Now let us go one step further and ask what the body's volume of water is? Science tells us the answer is somewhere around 90%. Why then, if we are of high volumes of liquid, would we not ripple or vibrate? Now, if we touch or hold an object, would it not transfer that vibration to the object? An object in motion will remain in motion until stopped by an immovable object.

We now know that all things are made from atoms and atoms have components in constant motion, protons, neutrons, etc. Although we perceive mass, such as a table as solid object, in reality it is not. Without scientific tools, we can only sense and perceive with the tools Mother Nature gives us. If I bumped the table with my knee, I would dispute the fact it was not solid.

I guess it is sometimes hard to except what is over what is perceived, but we find ourselves depending on what is perceived to guide our decisions. Ok, if you can accept my attempt to logically approach the possibility of reading the footprint or residue left on an object - how then do we go about extracting it?

First, I think it is a must to place ourselves in a receptive state. In doing this, we must clear our mind and raise our vibration through something like song or meditation. Song. . .sound. . .water. . .ripple. . .vibration? Does this all make some sort of sense with the preceding explanations?

Try Extracting information from a friend or relative - obtain an object. Holding the object or touching it, ask these questions and wait for a few moments for the perceived answer.

1. What do I feel while holding? Happy, Sad?

2. What do I smell? Pizza, ocean?

3. What do I hear? Car, machinery?

4. What do I taste? Coffee, food?

5. What impressions do I get about the owner or surroundings? Tall man, trees?

6. What do I see? Water, birds?

7. What is my general over all impressions? A happy man who loves the ocean and worked on a ship.

Perhaps the man was tall, liked pizza and enjoyed his coffee?

Many find it surprising just how accurate one can be with the first try. But like all, shall I say "skills" . . .you must practice to become proficient. Don't stop. There are many questions that could be asked and many more perceptions can add much more detail to the overall outcome.

Could it be that as we have evolved. . . we tend to rely too heavily on newer technology to guide us in our every day actions and perceptions? Because in the days of yore - when we were hunters and gathers - we had to rely on using our expanded senses to survive. You know, those "gut feelings."

Do they stay with us to some extent? Do we use them from time to time without realizing the "what" or "why" of it all? What do you think?

Light,Love & Laughter
Rev. Tommy Hammerbeck, Sr.

* * * * *

Tommy Hammerbeck Sr. is a healer in the art of Reiki and attained Reiki master. He is a Intuitive/Medium, an Ordained Minister in the Spiritualist church and has taught several workshops on metaphysics. He has been blessed with six children, several grand children and 2 great grand children. Learn more by visiting Rev. Tommy Hammerbeck, Sr.

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Anonymous said...

This is an excellent overview of psychometry. It certainly gave me a better understanding of the matter. I'm seeing this more and more on TV now and I find it quite fascinating. Thanks for helping to explain it in such logical terms!

Anonymous said...

100 years ago ppl laughed at going to the moon, creating (storage based) computers and so on.

All things true will be analysed and documented, and this goes for physic abilities like this.

Can you honestly expect to catch an electon with a fishing net!? And such is the state of technology, just becuase we cant at the mommet, does not mean that we wont in the future - because we will!

Anonymous said...

We can do anything we set our mind to do.We should listen& hear the wind,& ocean.Take a walk in the woods,hear the wind thru the tree's.Sit on the beach watch the ocean,the wave's,feel the sand on our feet.Stop,look,& listen,then you will understand what the world trying to tell you. Thank-you,Lorraine.

Anonymous said...

What was once fantasy is today reality. What our collective conciousness perceives will come to be, albeit not exactely as perceived.

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