"Mirror, Mirror on the wall . . . where did he go, and why doesn't he call?"

He Sees You, And Loves You Still

Have you ever heard the Alanis Morrissette song, "Still?" Alanis wrote this song from the perspective of God speaking to mankind.

I can relate to the personal journey of Alanis Morrissette in many ways. Her hit album, "Jagged Little Pill" exploded onto the scene after it's release in 1995 and at that time, it was clear . . . Alanis had been through the ringer so-to-speak.

In the album, she shared her raw emotion about heartbreaks, lost love and anger in vivid detail and the album has sold approximately 17 million copies since.

Ironically, Alanis Morissette's most creative moments - and greatest successes in life - actually came from her personal tribulations and deep sorrow.

After the huge success of that album, Alanis took a year and a half off and spent time in India where she rejuvenated herself and refreshed her soul seeking new inspirations for creativity.

And low and behold, the jaded jewel came back singing positive praises and sending gratitude. She was no longer that angry, jaded girl and that single experience changed her forever.

Alanis credits her spiritual experiences in India for the inspiration for this:

"I am the harm which you inflict; I am your brilliance and frustration. I'm the nuclear bombs if they're to hit; I am your immaturity and your indignance. I am your misfits and your praised; I am your doubt and your conviction. I am your charity and your rape; I am your grasping and expectation.

I see you averting your glances; I see you cheering on the war. I see you ignoring your children; and I love you still. And I love you still.

I am your joy and your regret; I am your fury and your elation. I am your yearning and your sweat; I am your faithless and your religion. I see you altering history; I see you abusing the land. I see you, your selective amnesia; and I love you still. And I love you still.

I am your tragedy and your fortune; I am your crisis and delight. I am your profits and your prophets; I am your art, I am your vice. I am your death and your decisions; I am your passion and your plight. I am your sickness and convalescence; I am your weapons and your light.

I see you holding your grudges; I see you gunning them down. I see you silencing your sisters, and I love you still. And I love you still. I see you lie to your country; I see you forcing them out. I see you blaming each other; and I love you still. And I love you still."

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Rachel Richmond said...

I love Alanis! This is a wonderful song and it made me cry. Her words really hit home.

Thank you for your lovely words concerning this musician.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

I love the message this song sends :-)

11 Forgotten Laws said...

One of the best female singer and song writer and this song is one of her best.

Anonymous said...

"I am your doubt....."

No, that's not God. Those thoughts are from the other side - the Devil. Doubt, Fear, Anxiety, that's all from the devil, those thoughts make us crazy and unhappy.

And regarding where war comes from....and why God doesn't get rid of the suffering from war....well, if God was to get rid of suffering, he'd have to get rid of you (yes, you the Reader), because you've caused suffering to others right? Yes, you have, because we all have in our own way.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Alanis did not write this song about the devil.

And all of those thoughts are part of the human experience, I don't believe they're generated by the devil, I believe they're generated by the human brain.

And if God were to rid the earth of suffering by ridding it of mankind - then so be it, I'm all for it.

. . what's he waiting for.

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