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Web Bot Project: Over and For Sale

Well, this is bittersweet. It seems that copywright infringement and numerous online publishing of the "Shape of Things to Come" ALTA reports from the web bot project - have brought it to a screeching halt:

"There has been so much ripping off of the "Shape of Things to Come" report in torrent sharing and on web sites out of places like the Netherlands, that we're being forced to shut down the whole project. While it may appear to some (low-life types) that file-sharing of the reports wouldn't be noticed, not only has it been noticed, but it has driven a stake through the project.

The reason is that the costs of the web bot project run in excess of $20,000 per month and we'd been counting on revenue from sales of the web bot reports to pay for bandwidth. Since the rip-off artists have effectively killed the paid downloads by giving it away free, Cliff is forced into the position of shutting down future web bot prediction reports unless we can find another way to cover the $25K/month in project costs.

Moreover, since that's the road Universe seems to be kicking us toward, might as well harmonize with it and put the whole web bot project up for sale, executables, source code and all. If you're interested (and have a relatively deep pocket) send an inquiry to george@ure.net or moon@halfpasthuman.com and we can talk. Yes, we will talk to any country that wants it and no, we're not interested in 'cooperative ventures' with two-bit players. Cash talks and BS walks. Cliff's sick of the whole thing anyway and knowing the personal toll that goes into the interpretation of the web bot data, can't say as I blame him.

Want to roll your own web bot predictions? Fine. Lots of luck, don't bother us. We're trying to figure out what to do with an $850 electricity bill, a room full of servers at Igor's place and how to get out of a $16,000 data services contract. . ."

You can read the entire article at the Rumor Mill News Room. And if you'd like one last "hoorah" to support Cliff and the web bot prediction project, you can visit Cliff's site, Half Past Human, and purchase "The Shape of Things to Come (2010) - Issue Two" for $10. It covers a period from August 2009 until November 2010. You can also puchase the "Last ALTA Report" which covers the period from the summer of 2009 until the summer of 2010 (120 pages) for $36.

UPDATE: Cliff has had a change of heart and I am proud to announce that the Web Bot Project is still going strong as of January 2011. You can find the latest reports at Cliff's site, Half Past Human.

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Kim Marsh said...

I have no idea what all this is about i am new to your blog. You sound pretty cool and interesting though all the same.

Anonymous said...

Did webbot predict this? I dont understand. Im new to this also and dont know how it real works. but i would see or ask if webbot can predict its own future.

Rachel Breet Richmond said...

I support(ed) Cliff and his project.
This is very upsetting to say the least. I just get word of the web bot project (because I was living under a rock) and it's gone...This is horrible news.
Cliff and crew -- thank you --

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Hi Rachel,
With any luck, Cliff and those guys will have a change of heart. Had those that purchased the ALTA reports not published them online . . . this may have been a different story. But the simple fact is, running the project has some major overhead expenses and without the income to support it, it's just not feasible to go on any further.

Thanks for your support of this site, Rachel. We really do appreciate it. (Although, we do not have any affiliation with Cliff or the web bot guys . . . other than our support of their brilliant project.)

We, too, are sad to see it go. . .

Anonymous said...

You are gonna get some spikes in your web site due to The History Channel - In January 2010
- Decoding The Past: Doomsday 2012, The End of Days - Whewww Here we go !!!!

Unknown said...

Yeah I saw some history channel episodes and noticed the web bot stuff is becoming known too normals. So I went to the site and bought thier product. I also bought the subscription to peoplenomics. So far I found it somewhat accurate in predicting stocks.

Anonymous said...

i dont worry ahbout all this be cus the bible
dont give and end time and jesussad thos who tell
and time run...... from them we that belive
and trust in god dont worry god only now....
for it was god who made the hole earth
trust in him only.. and the bible says FEAR NOT

Anonymous said...

sorry cliff it really sucks you have to sell,Im sure bot will someday come back twofold

Anonymous said...

Why didn't the web bot predict this>?
good luck
b obama

Anonymous said...

the end will come in 2012 by a moon exploding or being hit and exploding, sending rocks towards earth. only it will happen on the 24th.

Anonymous said...

Lol didn't see that one coming did ya web bot?

Anonymous said...

Well whatever happens, we can't do anything to prevent it. If it's the dooms-day it's the dooms-day, if not fine. But still it's kind of a comfort that all the assholes in this world will die with us.

Anonymous said...

lol good, it should have been illegal in the first place

Anonymous said...

George if you are getting out because you know how it all ends please tell us.

Anonymous said...

will the world end in 2012 or not

Anonymous said...

Nobody knows if the world ends in 2012.But I believe that in a case like that all the SUPER RICH people has allready a solution for their survival

Anonymous said...

well if people expect doom and destruction that's what we'll get regardless of predictions

Anonymous said...

Someday our world will end anyways .Who cares.

Anonymous said...

According to the Bibe the bare bones of the mountains will be rent and exposed, so if the super-rich think they are gonna buy a pass on this one, don't count on it. They will be the first to go cause thay all live near their precious coasts and yachts. Good riddance! Be nice to see ya on the other side, pondering your karma for the next billion years! Hope you all come back as the toads you deserve to be, into a world full of snakes...

Anonymous said...

That is the only problem with this topic. It brings out all the crazies! I am not sure if the world is going to end in 2012 but I tell you what I am going to do. I am going to buy enough guns, ammo and supplies to last until I take someone else's supplies. Orrr Nothing will happen at all and I own some cool guns and have plenty of ammo to shoot. I would rather have to much stuff and throw it away in 2013 than be like o shit I am out of "stuff"

Anonymous said...

Terrible news!! For years I've searched and tried finding WEB BOT predictions. Actually I'd given up for a couple of years. Now WEB BOT PROJECT just popped up on a completely unrelated search! ODD?!
Interestingly enough, now that the WEB BOT is shutting down there are about 278,000 results in 0.13 seconds; but when I used to search for WEB BOT, I would be extremely lucky if I found ten vaguely relevant words or sentences that referenced WEB BOT or WEB BOT predictions!
An $800 electric bill? Ouch! Whoa! Huh!? It was my understanding that international govt's, hedge funds and brokerage firms were paying tens of millions of dollars to run population attitudes and people's general state of mind to manipulate them along with constant stock market predictions with the WEB BOT?!?
I know it too late at this point, but I did finally finish the fuel-less electric generator. (check WEB BOT predictions, I bet ya this shows up!)SO, if nothing else, the generator would have AT LEAST eliminated your electric bill. No, the generator is not available to everyone yet.
We are working with extremely poor nations along with colloidal silver's antibiotic properties, our goal is to help entire cities who can't feed themselves, can't figure out how to maintain clean drinking water and who can't keep themselves healthy enough to live even a substandard life.
It will be some time before we release the generator to a nation who has to ban parents from parking too close to school gates in an effort to tackle childhood obesity!
I'm sorry to hear that you guys are in such dyre straits! I hate to hear that someone is in a tough spot, ESPECIALLY when that someone has so much to offer the world. This world truly puts way too much emphasis on money and the illusionary, monetary value of things!
We could ALL be living with every single need completely fulfilled (and then some) if people could just release all of their fear!
Anyway, I guess it is just as well that WEB BOT PROJECT is shutting down. There isn't much that the WEB BOT PROJECT can do now when the earth is about to hit the most dense part of the photon belt (2012).
One thing I surely would like to know from the WEB BOT reports and predictions, is where the safest place in the world will be over the next couple of years. Perhaps, the WEB BOT PROJECT has shown which part of the world will remain least effected after the devastation surely to come upon us? Is this something that the WEB BOT PROJECT reports/predictions; can predict?? I am guessing that Denver, CO will be one of the safest places, but that is just a vibe I've gotten from recent interaction.
Hopefully, the WEB BOT reports are still available somewhere, I am going to try to pick up a few past copies.
SURE WISH I HAD KNOWN THESE REPORTS WERE FOR SALE ALL THESE YEARS!!! What an absolute SHOCK to hear that these reports are/were for sale at $10 and/or $36 bucks!!
What a shame that the WEB BOT PROJECT isn't fully funded and that ALL the WEB BOT REPORTS aren't readily available to every single person in the world!
The WEB BOT PROJECT proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, (whether we want to believe it or not) that "We Are All One!" - ONE UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS!!
May you be happy and prosper. May every one of your hearts desires be immediately granted, and that you all live in love, harmony and joy from this day forth.


Anonymous said...

web bot is a fake they are just making all this stuff up and hope someone will believe it

Anonymous said...

I never did see a web bot prediction of the surnames of Lottery winners in six months' time. Or of the unveiling of a medical science breakthrough in 12 months' time.

In fact, I never saw a single prediction relating to "good news". Only collapse, catastrophe, and cataclysm.

Which kind of makes you wonder if The End of The World As We Know It has already happened, viz: humankind is emerging from superstitious medievalism and no longer in thrall to whatever Doomsday scenario the drama queens of Society would like others to believe in.

It's always a shame when people devote much time, effort and ingenuity to a project -- as seems to have been the case with web bot -- only for it to fail financially.

But disasters happen. As, er, web bot thinks it knows.

Anonymous said...

I have not sen one prediction the webbot has made that came true. Just a couple of guys trying to make money at fear mongering, but eventually noone wil listen to them anymore. I bought one issue for $10, and not worth it. Mabey net time george and Ure, mabey you to will come up with a better scam, LMAO, im glad you all have to sell!

lenin said...

I think 2012 is about coming to. Understand beyond our minds I studied Mayan way of seeing things we are not being destroy. We are being. Taking to a new era of understanding

Anonymous said...

Just found this after watching myth busters on the History Channel. Sounds like a valuable and somewhat logical project. Why not just put a donation option on the site. Seems like those interested in following your work or supporting your work would be happy to donate...think how wikipedia gets funded.

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