"Mirror, Mirror on the wall . . . where did he go, and why doesn't he call?"

Why Mars Makes Your Girlfriend a Bitch

Here we go guys, this one's for you. Ladies, don't be offended. We're taking a look in the mirror here is all. So let's have some fun with this and explore the topic in a spicy, tongue in cheek manner. Women can have a sense of humor too, no?

Well, we're about to find that out.

You see, in astrology, Mars rules the sign of Aries and represents the stage of life we call infancy. The Aries woman is honest, direct, naive, romantic, fanciful and a true believer in fairy-tales. Quick to laugh, cry, yell and act, she’s also a classic windmill-tilter - she rushes into the fray.

That the fray only exists in the land of her rose-colored glasses may take her some time to figure out, and may even result in a most unladylike tantrum.

Obviously, every woman can’t be an Aries. However, every astrological chart has some Mars (Aries) influence. Just as there are twelve signs, so too, there are twelve astrological Houses that rule twelve life sectors.

Foresighted boyfriends, husbands and lovers should check out which House Mars lands in within their girlfriend’s chart for a heads up as to which area of life may bring out her warrior princess.

So let's take a close look at the Aries warrior princess cum laude . . err, bitch - and find out what makes her see red.

Mars In The First House: The Public Face

This princess attacks projects with verve. This bitch is bossy and make things difficult when she gets bored. And by bored I mean . . not enough drama for her.

Mars In The Second House: Resources, Tangible And Intangible

This princess works hard for her money. This bitch is ambitious, acquisitive, possessive and a spendthrift. She won't be supporting you while you crash out on her sofa.

Mars In The Third House: Communication

This princess is expansive, articulate, confident, informed, direct and willing to defend her point of view. This bitch is brash and cocky, the type that adheres to an opinion out of loyalty rather than common sense. In otherwords, she's a stubborn one.

Mars In The Fourth House: Home And Family

This princess is a domestic goddess. This bitch rules the roost with an iron rod - and an iron fist . . or an iron foot up your you-know-what.

Mars In The Fifth House: Recreation And Pleasure

This princess loves sports, hobbies and romance. This bitch is an adrenalin junky. Start toying with this one - and she'll beat you at your own game.

Mars In The Sixth House: Day To Day Regimen and Livelihood

This princess runs the show backwards and color-coded. This bitch doesn’t play nice with co-workers, especially "slow-workers." March to the beat of her drum . . or she'll bash you over the head with it.

Mars In The Seventh House: Unions, Romantic And Tactical

This princess is a sexual dynamo and lives for the thrill of a challenging partner. This bitch requires a U.N. tutor to grasp notions such as negotiation and concession. Can anyone say . . hell on wheels?

Mars In The Eighth House: Support From Others, Legalities and Metaphysics

This princess attracts love and money. This bitch may experience a dearth (lack) due to trust issues. Fatal attraction comes to mind . . .

Mars In The Ninth House: Wider World, Higher Education, Travel, Culture, Law, Religion and Commerce

This princess is broad-minded, quick to grasp the theoretical, with a passion for ferreting out the truth. This bitch can wax bombastic, dismissing ideas that she doesn’t care for. Ignorance is bliss . . or so they say.

Mars In The Tenth House: The Public Arena, Career Path, One's Social Standing And Reputation

This princess is a self-starter, seeking and finding success like a duck seeks water. This bitch is smug and opinionated with a need to win that could become an at-all-costs venture. All's fair in love and . . err, war.

Mars In The Eleventh House: Groups, Societies, Friendships And Organizations

This princess is smart about choosing her allies. This bitch isn’t into teams and will receive many lumps to her ego before she acknowledges she cannot do it all by herself. She sees the word "me" in "team."

Mars In The Twelfth House: Secrets, Quietly Born Burdens, Jails, Hospitals and Karma

This princess is sensitive and works well alone. This bitch lacks confidence because her zest for life has been squashed. She's got 16 cats . . and is about to adopt one more.

Where Is Mars In Your Girlfriend's Natal Chart?

Enter her birth data at Cafe Astrology to find out. Once you generate the chart wheel, scroll down to it and click on the symbol for the planet Mars (♂), a circle with an arrow above it. You will then be given the House that Mars sits in via a Roman numeral.

Then tell us, which bitch do you have on your hands right now?

And ladies, tell me . . .what do you see in the mirror?

* * * * *

Derek is a Pisces who is an active blogger for the website Aligned Signs, an astrology matching website. Always having an interest in astrology and self-awareness, Derek is fairly new to blogging. In his spare time he enjoys spending his time with his girlfriend and family and just living a peaceful life.

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The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Another great piece, Derek! I'm a Mars in the Sixth House bitch (babe in total control of herself ;-)

My drum looks like it's been through the American revolution and back, LOL.

Derek Whitney said...

Hahaha thank you! My girlfriend is definitely Mars in the Fourth House. She loves her and family and if anyone ever says anything wrong about them, she pounces right away. Typical Italian girl! lol

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

She's a pizano eh? You have excellent taste, Derek! (Italians sound like they're mad at each other most of the time - they tend to communicate loudly - I come from an Italian family ;-)

Actually, half Italian, half Irish. Translation: feisty!

Anonymous said...

Hi Derek!I came across this website a couple days ago and am so glad to have done so :) The article is so precise,a very nice piece of writing.And btw I'm a Mars in the 7th house bitch,my Mars is in Aries as well.

Anonymous said...

@ mirror, shortly after I got out of a serious relationship I met this guy. We have been dating for four months now. He told me he loved me, he cared about me, he wants to be exclusive and that he wanted me to be his girlfriend. I told him that I also cared about him and I love him too, but I just wanted to take things slow. We have not slept together yet. We talk everyday and see each other at least once a week. A couple days ago I invited him out to an event and he accepted and it seemed like he was excited to go and meet all my friends. The day of the event, he suddenly changed his mind about going. He texted me the next morning saying hello and to call him. I called him.. No answer.. Texted him and received no reply.. Repeatedly. I have not texted nor called him since. I'm very hurt, frustrated and confused. Friends of mine think that the reason for him pulling the fade away is due to the fact that I have not made things official with him. I really care about him and I'm afraid to lose him for good. If I continue on not contacting him will he contact enthalpy contact me? I need him to know that I care about him and that I am now ready for a committed relationship.

Anonymous said...


Hi again mirror.. So what should I do? He was the first one to ignore me. I need him to know I care, but I don't want to keep calling him because I don't want o be viewed as desperate. Do you think he will all me I'f I decide on continuing to pursue the no contact rule?

Edward Warner said...

Finally! Some insight into women! Thanks for the very interesting read. Now I just have to apply what I have learnt to my relationships with women.

Anonymous said...

I'm a scorpio male and I work with an aries woman. The attraction was instant for both of us. Every time I would approach her and start a conversation she would blush and give me this look like she was feeling the same thing I was.
Being a true scorpio I didn't waste any time letting her know that I was pursuing her. However, I started to notice that she is a little intimidated by me and seems to act like a shy schoolgirl when I try to have a conversation with her. I get the feeling she doesn't feel in control of her emotions when she's with me. I know she's attracted to me by the way she looks at me and the way that she acts around me, and I know the sex would be off the hook between us... but she seems to lack confidence when she's around me. Which confuses the hell out of me because she seems so confident around other guys.
When I back off she acts like I have offended her. And if I have a conversation with another girl she gets jealous.

Anonymous said...

I have an Aries in the first house my boyfriend has an aries of 5 th house. As well as I do in Mars in 5th and it is rough at times because we are both stubborn and bullheaded. We are both like a ticking time bomb. I am have a lot of emotional issues I am dealing with as well cause of my own abusive past. I thought I was over with but they do come out and it caused problems in my relationship and that was wrong of me to do. Together for 3 years and giving me a ring to prove he loves me I lost it when he wouldn't follow through with his promises I had a fit and lost it completely. It was my own fault for that but the promises he makes can't keep like the major ones like sticking by me when I need him the most. My own issues of looking for work again. And stressed to the max. It was overwhelming. I need some help and I was wrong for my own part. Just his passive aggressive behaviors caused a lot relationships problems. I know I need to change myself I am going through it and it's not easy but worth it.

Anonymous said...

I am quite happy to have Mars in everything. The world needs a bit of Mars. Too bad the rest of the world can't see it!!!

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