"Mirror, Mirror on the wall . . . where did he go, and why doesn't he call?"

The Secret of Ancient Wisdom and Quantum Mechanics

“Humanities future lies in harnessing the energies that lie hidden in the spaces between the particles, atoms, molecules, planets, stars, and galaxies of the physical universe.” ~ Dr William Tiller

Many of you have heard about the Law of Attraction, a universal law that states “like attracts like.” This is a concept that mystics and spiritualists have been teaching for eons. Many deny its existence; however, the study of quantum mechanics has actually found scientific proof of its existence. Quantum physics is the study of sub-atomic particles; particles that we, as human beings, are essentially made of. The formal definition of the study of quantum physics is, “a branch of physics dealing with physical phenomena at microscopic scales. . . quantum mechanics provides a mathematical description of much of the dual particle-like and wave-like behaviour and interactions of energy and matter.”

When you think, you actually produce a measurable form of energy called a neuropeptide. The formal definition of a neuropeptide is, “small protein-like molecules (peptides) used by neurons to communicate with each other. They are neuronal signalling molecules that influence the activity of the brain in specific ways.” So when you think, you produce a measurable form of energy that is then emitted, much like a radio wave, out into your immediate surroundings – and out into the universe.

This is the basic basis for the Law of Attraction. As Henry Ford once said, ““Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” And spiritualists and mystics have always taught the theory, “If you think it, you can be it.”

And now, the study of quantum physics is finding proof that supports what the ancient mystics and modern day spiritualists have always taught.

The Vacuum That Isn’t A Vacuum

Now we all know what a vacuum is - it’s an empty space full of a lot of, nothing.

Or, is it?

No, in fact, as has been shown in quantum mechanics, to have a vacuum is impossible. In quantum mechanics, a vacuum would represent a complete absence of any particle matter, but in reality this cannot be the case. Even in the extremes of space, we only have a model of the “perfect vacuum.” In reality, no matter how close to that model we get, we still have a space filled with an extremely low concentration of hydrogen atoms and background radiation at the very least.

But is that all it is? Is the space between the very building blocks of the universe just an empty void?

Since the time of Plato, it has been known to ancient mystics that there can be no complete “void.” In the 6th century BC, it was central to many ancient “atomist” philosophies that although there may be some level of empty space between atoms - this space would eventually be filled with “continuum.” What we now know to be a form of very dense “energy potential.”

Let us be clear that this vacuum is simply empty of “physical matter.” It is this that is central to the idea of “free energy.” Science was later to discover that this principle was central to the overlapping metaphysical ideas of “intention, attraction, manifestation” and other eastern mystical concepts.

Quantum Genetics And Your DNA

Over the course of past 60 years, Russian research has surpassed western DNA knowledge beyond any proposed model discovered by research from Western Europe and the U.S.A. Not only did the Russians believe the current scientific ideas of the West to be too fixed, they believed them to be wrong. While western science focused research only on 5% of the total human genome, Russian research would focus on the whole human genome in a project that would bridge the gap between ancient mystics and modern quantum physics. The quote below from a report regarding DNA cross intelligence provided the following conclusion of the significance of the research conducted:

“In truth, DNA is not just a blueprint for constructing the body; it is also a storage medium for optical information as well as an organ for communication. Scientists have been seeking the ancestral human language for centuries – we believe we have found it.”

Explanations to some of humanities most ancient beliefs were found everywhere they looked - even by accident.

In one experiment designed to test the effect of single DNA strands on particle level space, results far beyond the expected would illustrate an ancient manifesting power buried deep within us all. And for those of religious faith, consider Psalm 82: 6:

"I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High."

In one study featuring an experimental “perfect vacuum,” where our human DNA was added to measure the effect of light at a particle level, the results proved shocking. Not only did our DNA manifest light particles into synchronization, correlating with the shape of the strand itself, it produced unforeseen effects much like “mini space” in a jar.

Scientists observed tiny wormholes constantly manifesting around our DNA along with what could only termed “fluctuations of the light.” In further experiments, human DNA could be found to retain the light itself, providing a glowing vacuum creating a test tube “bulb.” Ancient beliefs of clairvoyance, healing, rapid intuition, aura energy, light manipulation even weather manipulation had now been proven possible on a quantum level. (Again, bear in mind, the quantum level refers to the level of sub-atomic particles - the very same particles of which we are all made of. So if this can happen with those particles in a lab test, one can easily deduce that it can happen within YOU.)

These tiny wormholes would later be found to be the key to unlocking our manifestation potential.

Further studies provided more detailed information than we had ever thought possible. These miniature magnetic wormholes were “two way communication links to other parts of the known universe.” Our DNA is more than the sum of us - it is a “quantum bio wave computer.” Our tiny, individual wormholes take information and pass it too our consciences - resonating it back to us at a frequency on a genetic level found to be around 150 megahertz.

This would later lead to the conclusion that our DNA was an ancient “harmonic oscillator.” Our DNA was attracting information on a quantum level and organizing it as consciousness.

Stonehenge As A Spiritual Transcendence Tool

It seems that the ancient builders of Stonehenge had knowledge of this concept of DNA as a “harmonic oscillator.” For many, it is believed that the Stonehenge structure is a large spiritual transcendence tool:

“For those of you who may not know, altered states of consciousness can be reached through beat tones and rhythmic sessions at certain frequencies. This is why monks chant, those of Jewish faith rock back and forth (davening) while praying and indigenous people incorporate drumming into their rituals. This is also why Rave participants are easily induced into trance-like states. These rhythmic actions actually produce a clinically measurable effect on the brain.

Through rhythmic sessions and beat tones or binaural beats, the brain reaches a state called "coherence." Coherence is reached when waves in phase and of one wavelength simultaneously are generated in the different parts of the brain. This synchronicity between the waves makes the brain run like an optimal brain and a deep state of altered consciousness can be achieved.”

Researchers of Stonehenge noticed that the side of the rocks facing the interior center of the circle were carved out somewhat to produce a concave "dip" in the face of the rock. Further study revealed that:

“. . . the acoustical qualities of Stonehenge are such that, when the proper rhythm is achieved through beat tones (drumming), Stonehenge actually begins to produce Alpha wave frequencies at 10 HZ to such an extent that it actually begins to ring like a glass. You know the old trick, wet your finger and run it around the lip of a crystal glass and it'll turn into a "singing bowl." Apparently, Stonehenge produces the same effect only on a much grander scale and in low Alpha wave frequencies. Frequencies necessary to achieve altered states of consciousness that allow for astral planing or astral projection (out of body experiences). Combine that with the mind altering substance of the day, Henbane, and you have yourself one hell of a party.”

Ancient Light Workers and Their “Familiars” (Cats)

Ancient “light workers” have long been held sacred, but believed by many in modern society to be another part of outdated thought from our primal past - but this was about to change.

It was later found that our very own DNA could influence ultraviolet photons in an aura directly affecting human metabolism. In extreme cases of “environmental manifestation,” accounts of black ghosts, energy fluctuations, extreme intuition and more could no longer be ignored.

To further add curiosity, science in other areas has produced evidence linking cross species manifestation and influence to our DNA. Cats have been found to emit, and also become sensitized, to human electromagnetic fields and our surrounding “fluctuations.” Not only this, but other studies that have confirmed evidence of the effects of cats on the lowering of human heart rates in the presence of them, has added value to the ancient beliefs in our favourite "familiar." The formal definition of a familiar is:

“. . .supernatural entities believed to assist witches and cunning folk in their practice of magic. . .the main purpose of familiars is to serve the witch or young witch, providing protection for him/her as they come into their new powers. . . according to the records of the time, they would appear in numerous guises, often as an animal.”

And remember, in ancient times, a witch was actually a healer – a man or woman who studied herbal medicine (much like a Shaman) – and not the demonic, evil, modern portrayal of what we commonly refer to as a witch.

Many are the recorded incidents of spontaneous, unexplainable behaviour from our feline friends, giving firm support to the supernatural power of cats put forward in ancient human history. Light workers of all periods were said to be drawn to cats and surrounded by cats as protectors, cleansers and guardians of their own “light side.” However, this still left many ancient blanks.

Genetic Empathy

In research conducted in the institute of heart math, involving the isolation of DNA and the focused power of human emotion, we find answers to some ancient riddles.

The aim of the research was to study why the heart produced a greater electromagnetic field influence than the brain, not just with us, but in our DNA. This research would look to go one step further in investigating the effects of transmission of emotional “intent” on DNA. Trained emotional subjects were each given an emotional “intent” to transmit, and the results were surprising.

In the presence of negative emotions, the isolated DNA became strangled and tight. In the presence of positive emotions, the DNA became extremely relaxed.

Confirming that an empath can not only feel your emotions, but is actually able to manifest them within themselves, on a genetic level. Further military research has since confirmed these results. Donors were tested and emotionally stimulated in order measure changes in samples of their own DNA. What they discovered was that an emotional peak in one room - lead to an emotional peak in our DNA in another room.

To test this, further research continued at a variety of distances that further confirmed these earlier findings. Modern western physics was unable to provide an explanation for how our DNA could manifest these changes at distances of over 350 miles in instant, real-time speed that was synchronised by atomic clocks. Further, they could not answer as to why there should even be any such existing connection at all.

The answer that was deduced in the conclusion of this genetic research conducted, in both the above and previously discussed area, was provided by the head the of the Russian research team at the Academy of Science in Moscow:

“After duplicating experiments many times and checking the equipment in every conceivable way, we were forced to accept the working hypothesis that some new field structures is being excited from the physical vacuum. It appears that this substructure can be excited from the physical vacuum in a range of energies close to zero energy. Our only conclusion is that the DNA itself has manifesting powers through the vacuum separate from deliberate human intention.” ~ Dr. Vladimir Poponin

The DNA Phantom Effect

This is part one of a two part series. In parting, consider that when ancient mystics and modern day spiritualists make the proclamation that God lives within each and every one of us, perhaps what they are referring to is the ability for human beings to tap into the “creative force” of the universe – to manifest heaven right here on earth:

“Thy kingdom come, thy will be done – on earth, as it is in heaven.”

* * * * *

About the Author: Peter is a specialist in Biomechanics and Periodization Science. He is also a qualified Teacher. Peter has an extensive background in Sports Science and due to his Military skills, he is in demand to a wide range of clients. Currently working as a SOF Performance Trainer while running his own personal training business, Peter is an enthusiastic reader of many subjects with an interest in outdoor pursuits and sports.

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The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Fantastic Peter. Absolutely fantastic. Ladies, I'd strongly advise you to watch the short video clip inside the piece (I just watched it a second time, LOL).

It's PROOF that what you THINK - you BECOME. Literally, your DNA structure becomes aligned with your thoughts - particularly your EMOTIONS.

So ladies, keep those emotions in check. Do not live in the low frequency vibration of fear (as depicted in the video). Because when you do that, you limit the number of experiences or "possibilities" that exist for yourself.

Let you emotions stem from a place of "love" (again, as depicted in the video) and by doing so, open yourself up to the possibilities that the universe can offer you.

Love, ladies. Not fear ;-)

Sista'Taurus said...

Brilliant piece,Peter.Thank you for sharing with us all.This is so funny,I'm spending my time lately watching documentaries on Quantum Physics and educating myself into becoming more self-aware and POOF,all this fountain of info has been opened here,on this blessed blog,where I stumbled because of some guy.

Synchronicities-so beautiful and once you open your mind's eye to them,you start seeing it everywhere.Patterns,beautiful,mysterious links between random things-yet nothing is random.

Align your mind and heart and trick your brain to believe that anything is possible.And everything will be.

"You will attract everything that you require" :)

Alana said...

Love it - especially the video - thanks Peter! Can't wait for Part 2!


Peter said...

You're all very welcome,and I'm happy you all enjoyed it :-)


It really is a great feeling when that kind awakening happens and all becomes clear.I hope you continue to move forward and be postive :-)

Thank you :-)

Ladies I hope this gives you some enjoyment and help in any way however small :-)

Amot said...

One think I believe about quantum power was within us in the early first we born. And they still have potential to grow but we couldn't knew when exactly this would produce more or effecting our whole life. Those idea prove that we can be anything that we want too. This is like psych.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this amazing article! I think anyone that also liked it, will definitely also enjoy a book called "The Divine Matrix" by Gregg Braden. I read it a few months ago and I can really recommend it.


raw said...

I disagree that there are only 2 emotions, & that the average woman lives in fear. More emotions may be measured in the future, but for now hatred is a very strong emotion in MEN & needs to be dealt with. It is closer to love than fear, & stronger than either. Man overcomes both love & fear to act out his hatred, which then becomes evil. & there's so much more of it, at least that's what shows through more often than not. The news shows every day all day, not random acts of kindness, but random acts of evil. I know that's a bad example...nevertheless, it is a force to contend with & should not be underestimated.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is stronger than LOVE !!! ;-) <3

Baba Omkar said...

Great post.I love to read the blend of science fiction and astrology, because they are interrelated with each other.Thanks for sharing this interesting post.

Gemini50 said...

@Peter and Ms. Mirror, I just read this again and looking for the second part. Is it here? thx

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten the second part up as of yet, but I do have it. I will attempt to post is very soon :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to watch the video posted within but it's telling me "video does not exsist".

Is there somewhere else i may be able to watch it or have i missed out on it altogether..???

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous March 16, 4:29AM,
I believe I have located it again on YouTube and it's been replaced.

Fire&Water said...

Wow - just found & read this! The ramifications of quantum science are amazing...even though we've only begun to scratch their surface. Peter, if you're still around, thanks for the article - I wasn't aware of the Russian research and it is fascinating! Def will re-read this...and look around for Pt 2.

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