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Mercury Retrograde Is Affecting Your Love Life

Oh boy. . .if a picture could speak a thousand words! Let's face it, Mercury - the god of communication - is at it again and this fella's running backwards through two partnership signs - Libra and Scorpio. Great.

That, most certainly, spells some sort of communication breakdown and a multitude of misunderstandings in a very sensitive area of the zodiac chart. Libra deals with equality in relationships and Scorpio addresses sexual and emotional intimacy in relationships. Ouch! Who needs that?

One of my favorite astrologers, Jeffrey Kishner, posted a wonderful set of quickie horoscopes on this very subject at his blog titled Seduction Central.

Here's a snippet:

"This particular retrograde is more relationship-oriented than others, because Mercury is traveling through the two signs of the zodiac that have the most to do with intimate partnership: Libra and Scorpio. The retrograde started on October 11/12 (depending on your time zone) at 9 Scorpio. It enters Libra on October 23, stations direct (meaning that it apparently stops in the sky to move forward again) on November 1 at 23 Libra, and re-enters Scorpio on November 11. The styles of Mercury's expression in these two signs could not be more different: gracious and charming versus secretive and probing."

So how will this Mercury retrograde affect you and are you sure you want to find out? Of course you do! Go ahead and have a look: Mercury Retrograde And Your Love Life.

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I love this Blog - Many thanks for all your dedication and effort.

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