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Well, it's been a while since I've written. But there's been so much interest in the post regarding the Web Bot Project and The Year 2012, that I feel that I must address this topic again. Not the Web Bot - but the significance of the year 2012.

After reading through the many comments on that post, and sorting through the nasty one's received from skeptics, it has occured to me that there needs to be some clarity with regards to the year 2012. Because I don't envision is as "the end of the world" perse. Maybe the world as we know it, but not the world itself.

One thing that always amazes me, however, is how adamant and truly downright nasty some of the skeptics can be regarding this issue. Here's a tip for you. . . .if you are a skeptic and want to leave a comment, please do not use profanity or I will not post it. (By the way. . .what are you all so angry about anyway? Is it because the entire world doesn't see it your way?)

But what really amazes me is that the skeptics are even wasting their time searching and reading up on the issue. I'll never understand that. And if you are a skeptic, this isn't the blog for you. And as far as a conspiracy theory. . .forget it. Whose conspiring against us?

Ok, now that I have that out of the way. . .on to my real topic here. In my never ending quest for understanding, I have recently come across a great book that sums up the significance of the year 2012 pretty nicely in theory. Key word here being "theory" for all you skeptics. Not fact.

And before I get into the nuts and bolts of this, I know there are some out there who will search information about the author I'm about to mention. If you do this, I'm going to tell you right now, up front, that you will find he has a very interesting, colorful past. My personal opinion of his past? So what. We all have colorful pasts if you ask me. Some of us just don't admit it and life is all about experiences.

And I'm glad he took the journey that led him to his own personal understanding. Yes, at times he used drugs to get there. But hey, he had to break down the socially imposed door somehow. So if you are offended by this and, as a result, will not find his opinions credible - read no further. But for those of you who live and let live, and retain open minds. . .he's got some really interesting concepts for you to digest.

The book is titled: "2012, The Return of Quetzalcoatl" and the Author is Daniel Pinchbeck. He runs a blog named Reality Sandwich and is also the author of "Breaking Open the Head, A Psychedelic Journey into the Heart of Contemporary Shamanism."

Now, I'm only a few chapters into his book, however, the introduction summed up the information provided quite nicely. I'm really looking forward to see him bring it all together. And when it comes to the year 2012 and what we can all expect from it, I can relate to Daniel's perspective of it.

Based on that, I'm going to be providing some excerpts from the intro in the book below. Think on it. Digest it. Remain open to it. The reality of it is that it really doesn't sound that impossible that this could become fact.

So here we go. Take a ride with me for a while:

"Our civilization is on a path of ever-increasing acceleration, but what are we rushing toward? Anxieties are multiplying. The environment is disintegrating. The heat is rising as the ozone layer thins. Jihad faces off against McWorld in senseless televised wars and atrocities. Populations are displaced as cities disappear beneath toxic flood tides.

Rogue nations stockpile nuclear arsenals. Presidents assure us they will "make the pie higher," while increasing inequity and rubber-stamping torture. Military analysts prepare for resource wars fought over water and grain; indigenous prophecies point to an imminent polar reversal that will wipe our "hard drives" clean. Technology advances according to the exponential curve described by Moore's Law, it's unforeseen consequences following Murphy's Law.

. . .This book advances a radical theory: that human consciousness is rapidly transitioning to a new state, a new intensity of awareness that will manifest itself as a different understanding, a transformed realization, of time and space and self. By this thesis, the transition is already under way - though largely subliminally - and will become increasingly evident as we approach the year 2012.

. . .According to the sacred calendar of the Mayan and Toltec civilizations of Mesoamerica, this date signifies the end of a "Great Cycle" of more than 5,000 years. The conclusion of one world age and the beginning of the next. (Enlarge the photo for a better understanding.)

. . . .The hypothesis I propose is that the completion of the Great Cycle points toward a shift in the nature of the psyche. If this theory is correct, the transformation of our consciousness will lead to the rapid creation, development and dissemination of new institutions and social structures, corresponding to our new level of mind. From the limits of our current chaotic and uneasy cirucumstance, this process may well resemble and advance toward a harmonic, perhaps even utopian, situation on Earth.

. . .I will argue that the quantum jump into a new context has been carefully prepared by our history when viewed from a certain perspective. At the same time, our active engagement is required to make it happen.

. . .Liberals and skeptics still expect that the future will follow the pattern of only the past century: sleeker machines, more submersive virtual worlds, longer life spans and further ecological deterioration. They accept economists' projections of limitless growth and ignore other figures indicating depletion and devastation. They ignore or avoid the underlying aspects of our situation that contradict their hopes and plans for the future.

. . .A "rough beast" slouches towards us: a biospheric crisis of such magnitude that it will touch the life of every person on Earth: "We are being confronted by something so completely outside our collective experience that we don't really even see it, even when the evidence is overwhelming. For us, it's a blitz of enormous biological and physical alterations in the world that has been sustaining us" writes Ed Ayres (now retired), editorial director of World Watch.

. . .Sobering predictions have been ignored by a populace hungry for sex advice, celebrity gossip and literary distraction. Ayres identifies four accelerating developments or "spikes" that threaten our imediate future: population growth by an average of 80 million each year, comsumption of resources, increasing carbon gas emissions, and the mass extinction of species (a systemic loss of amphibians, birds, mammals, insects, plants, and marine life far worse than the sudden crash that eliminated the dinosaurs a while back.)

Ayres writes, "Global warming and bio-extinctions are all-encompassing, and the expansions of population and consumption trigger chain reactions that cannot be stopped by shores or borders."

. . .Within 40 years, at the current rate of deforestation, there will be no tropical forests left on Earth. As the 2005 Millennium Eco-Systems Assessment, prepared by the United Nations, states: "Nearly two-thirds of the services provided by nature to humankind are found to be in decline worldwide. The benefits reaped from our engineering of the planet have been achieved by running down natural capital assets. In many cases, it is literally a matter of living on borrowed time."

The UN report tells us that our oceans - until recently deemed vast beyond human influence - are 90% (yes 90%!!!) fished out, with entire food chains of aquatic life disappearing. Corporate globalization, a system aimed at short-term profits over long-term consequences, runs a "going-out-of-business" sale of the Earth's resources.

. . .China alone would need an extra 200 million tons of grain per year by 2030, an amount equal to the export capacity of the entire world in 1997. Agricultural yields are falling due to topsoil depletion, droughts, and unforeseen consequences of industrial farming. . . .Ayres writes: "In addition to 26 or more countries now water-deprived, hundreds of additional regions within countries such as China, Mexico and the U.S. are water scarce."

. . .Water and food shortages would lead to widespread migrations and social unrest, inciting short-term regimes, followed by global chaos: "Leaders, unable to deliver relief, would be toppled and governments would lose their ability to maintain order. Millions of people would depart as refugees, spilling over borders in diasporas too large to either control or support."

Ok, that's the end of the excerpts for now and this is all I'm going to share with you for the time being. I will be posting the a balance of excerpts and concepts in upcoming posts. But this is enough to think about right now. Digest it for a while and then visit again for the upcoming posts and, hopefully, the many discussions that ensue.

The Mayans believed that ". . .on the heals of death, life springs forth." Sounds like another doomsday prophecy, you say? Well, it is. But, to me, it's a rather logical one based on facts. Facts that many choose to ignore. If we continue along our current path of existence - we are headed towards certain doom. Just stop and think about that logically for a moment. . . .

Will we become a textbook case of the destructive mania that overtakes great empires when they turn decadent?

Here's another excerpt from Daniel: "We might consider ways that the current world situation - billions of people crowded on an increasingly spoiled world, facing an uncertain future - is both an improvement and a decline from the previous epoch - tribal societies with populations stabilized at low levels, living in balance, more or less, with the natural world."

Many a great civilization has peaked - then suffered decline at an accelerated speed - and many times, by their own hand. Are we really so different?

Awareness is the key. The heightened state of awareness that Daniel, as well as many others, speak of. If we are aware of the situation, we can exert our gift of free will to change it. Or we can choose to ignore it - and accelerate the consequences.

And one last word. The above information and theories are NOT indicative of a literal "end" so-to-speak, but more so, a beginning. A new beginning. One that we are ultimately in control of - and one that we have a hand in.

Aren't we all being a bit naive? Your thoughts, please?

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Anonymous said...

I dread that I agree with your major themes. The Mayan calendar stuff is kinda far fetched for a science-trend nerd like me. Stick to the science. There is enough there to make all you points.


HST, Ames, Iowa

Rich said...

so it sounds like this may be pushing towards a new era of hieghtened awarness on the ecosystem? or maybe thats just part of it.. sounds like a good read..

of course, the ecosystem pretty much runs everything doesnt it? the economy is dependent on the ecosystem but corperate executives never really pay any mind to it.. they're only worried about pushing out products and making dough..

great post.. it's been awhile, huh? :-P

derick said...

whether one chooses to see the significance of the Mayan calender or one chooses to dismiss it is fanciful, and only look at the facts of "science"---we are heading down a path which is soon to reach a bifurcation point, of which nobody can actually see the end result of what will really happen.

the prognosis whatever one believes or chooses to believe does not look good with the present state of our planet and with the present mindset of politicians and governments around the world.
we are so busy trying to hold onto a system which is on a helter skelter daredevil collision with itself, that we are afraid to change it for fear of something better replacing it.
there is however a new groundswell of people who are tired of the "old values" and are looking at the world and it's people through different eyes.
whether the '100 monkey theory ' will be in time to save what we know or there will be a complete change of world order, caused not by wanting power, but by necessity.
thanks for a great posting

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am just pointing out the astronomical aspect of your theories.

I am a skeptic. Let's just get that out right away.

The Earth will line up with the galactic center of the galaxy in 2012? No. No it won't. It already did, in 1997. I don't know about any of you, but I didn't change that much.

So any effects that you expect to take place in 2012 already did, in 1997.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering where Ben got his information from about the planets being aligned in 1997? Everything I have read has said this has NOT taken place yet and will not until 12-21-2012. Where did you get the idea that this happened back in 1997??

Anonymous said...

Ben, It was the Planets that aligned in 1997. The alignment in 2012 is our star, the Sun, with the Center of the Galaxy. That alignment happens in five parts once in @25,000 years.

Anonymous said...

It has algeady started
you will see more eruptions more Earth Quakes.
there is planet wide wether changes now.
there will be changes in the way we live
it will not be the end but a new begening


Anonymous said...

It has algeady started
you will see more eruptions more Earth Quakes.
there is planet wide wether changes now.
there will be changes in the way we live
it will not be the end but a new begening


Anonymous said...

It will be a new beginning, but the beginning will come with birth pains, possibly waves of calamity.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note that 12/21/12 is approximately one month after the 2012 election in the U.S. After the debacle I see in the next four years regardless of who wins this year; it could very well be the time that the iceberg will sink our own Titanic civilization.
It is personally interesting to me that my 72nd. birthday is 12/22/12....
I plan on celebrating one day earlier>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Anonymous said...

The transition from a I centered world to a one world is what the new era is all about. When we do things to better human kind we help others and help ourselves. the quantum reality of our world allows us to create the stories of our existence. once all beings open up the the realization that we are all one, we no longer are bound to the lies that we are not perfect. we are creation and create new forms of evolution. In the book "The age of the spiritual machines" the author talks about the evolution of technology going beyond our human limitations, this is part of the new era. our collective conscience can be seen via the internet and will increase and soon the truth will set us all free.

Love all things. but most of all love yourself. this will bring about the shift in consience.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, no one really knows what 2012 will bring. It could be the end of earth, or just end of modern day human existence, or end of mankind. But I can't wait to see what happens. Stay tuned.

Stormbrain said...

I've heard of the 2012 prophecy by the Mayans before. But after watching a History channel show on the subject, I was amazed that there were several other cultures that also predicted the same date.
The show went on to assume that what all of these ancient cultures was pointing to is a polar shift!
There are scientists that claim that polar shifts have taken place before with devastating effects.
This seems to make the most sense to me.
Having said that, I believe the human race to be resilient. If this disaster happens, some will survive and create a new world.

Anonymous said...

I must agree with most of your analysis regarding the evolution of humanity. I believe that you are spot on to the fact that unless the human conciousness of this planet is changed to a system based on the pure love of fellow man, and unbound kindness, that humanity, as we know it today, will cease to exist. As in all evolution, the break down or death of a current flawed, or corrupt system is necessary in order to replace it with a more workable system. I feel that it is inevitable that an ordered chaos is on the way to our beloved Mother Earth. By ordered I mean that the vast majority of the world population is projecting a call, i.e.prayer, or intention for the necessary chaos that must ensue in order to equalize the concious playing field. After the chaos equalizes the playing field, then real progress can be made toward a system that is based on pure love, kindness, and cooperation. A Utopia, if you will. Wouldn't it be wonderful if one day you could awaken to a society that every individual worked towards the good of every other individual and society, as well as their own good ? After all, man must be strong physically and mentally in order to make such changes happen. The greed that now exists for money, power, and ego would be no more, and the individual would work for the good of the whole. Money in today's form would be without value, as the only value would be given to the betterment of society, and it's people. Every individual's needs would be met by the abundance of materials created by the hard working society which had been built. Every individual would be able to excel at his creator - given skills and talents, which would create great joy and bliss in life. Now, that my friends, is what I call a Utopia, or Garden of Eden ! This scenario is what I believe the creator intended for this beloved planet of ours. Not the corrupt man - made mess that we have now. Do we really live in the land of the free ? Do we really have the liberties that we are told we possess ? I would ask that you open your eyes and look around you to unvail the TRUTH ! Is our society really run by a MAGICIAN who has the cloak up so that we cannot see his magic trick that he is playing on all of society ? I say that it is time to unvail the Wizard who is performing this Houdini act upon us !! Open your eyes people !! We can collectively stop this injustice that is , and has been perpetuated on us for many years. It is time for the people who care about other people to come together mentally and figuratively to stop these evil actions (tricks) by the Magician. If you would like to stop the corrupt society that exists, then pray to the creator you believe in, and ask for what you would like for society to be in the future. Envision the Utopia that I described above if it resonates within your inner conciousness. Make it happen through the collective conciousness of this planet. Remember, chaos brings the needed change, so don't fear the chaos, as it has to happen. Many of you reading this will not survive the chaos, but you will go to your creator with the calmness and peace that is obtained by knowing that you were instrumental in the inevitable evolvement of humanity. I feel that there will be an abundance of reward for your love and kindness shown during this pivatol time in our existence. So, be a catalyst for the future evolvement of our dear planet. I feel that the creator will reward the unselfish accordingly. Rememeber to manifest every day what you would like to see happen ! You hold the key to make this happen !! One last thought: Knowledge is Light, and the lack of knowledge is darkness. Shed light wherever you tread !!

For the good of all humanity,


Anonymous said...

As all said i think it may be END of mankind or begining of a new world.

I am very eager to see what happens in 2012,as everyone fear that that day the center of milky way,the sun,earth and moon come in a straight line so it may show some effect(this was my friend's idea).
What ever it may be but....ok we will see that. I pray to god that mankingd should not destroyed it should be a good turnover.

Anonymous said...

mothman26101@yahoo.com..hey im steve by my research.. this a new begining...12 21 2012 is a new age....a better tine for mankind...
it may come with pain..but better for mankind

Unknown said...

All the natural (and seemingly enough the unnatural) evidence shows the shift and the swing back to the more natural aspect of life. 2012 will be a passage from caterpillar to butterfly. we use up to 10% of our brain, and with the shift away from materialistic to pure love the fear is gone, the hate is gone the striving for the six-figure dream... we are made of energy we will return again to that state.

Anonymous said...

Ok ,supposing that these things have a strong basis,are those enough to destroy our world by 2012.no mate.not by any chance.surely we will destroy our planet but we need more ime to do this..we can't do this until 2012. So if there is any chance that this planet is destroyed we have 2 options.If this NIBIRU exists cause its not proven yet then either some meteorites from him will crush on earth or in best case NIBIRU comes close to earth and by gravity changes the EARTH's poles EITHER when VENUS-planet completes transit around the sun then the plasma from Venu's poles will cocetrate solar energy and with a blast ,solar rays will come to earth and burn us. So mate these are the possible threats i think.The point is which one might be the right and if so CAN WE DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.Here comes a story about all the governments secret technology.Does any government on the world have any power to change something of the possble coming threat?? For info and exchange of sources and of course opinions please send

Anonymous said...

Ok, Christians believe the earth will ultimately be destroyed by fire(this time). Planet Xer's, well they believe Planet X will make it's orbit and effect Earth's magnetic field, causing apocolyptic catastrophe. Then you have your black hole theorist who think we'll get sucked up, and your nuclear war doomsdayer's, and your utopians, and some just don't believe any of it. My theory is preceded by a question and well.... Here it goes: What if they are all right? And the theory.... What if Planet X is really God making his trip back to Earth to see how we are doing? When he gets here we are engulfed in nuclear war so he gets pissed. He's a galactic god so he picks up 144,000 of us, takes us through a black hole to another universe, sets us up on a new planet (with our new consciousness), those live in Utopia, and the rest of us are left hear to see the reality that all prophecies were fulfilled. Now let me tell everyone who reads the truth... Everything you know, see, hear, believe, think, feel, etc,etc,etc.... is cosmic energy. Humans are like little nerve endings of the universe. Hence, the similarities in the organic makeup of us and the earth. We will never completely reach a consciousness of our full potential, because the ONLY way to do that is 100% collectiveness by us as a species..(good luck).. IF we wake up on December, 22, 2012... I can assure you, that life will continue with very little progress until we do destroy ourselves. Then I promise you that as time passes, another grand date for the End of Days will submerge. I can only hope that on the 21st something does happen, because I'm frankly bored with the rhetoric of society. Until we all live as a people, and eliminate classes, and races, and money, that "higher state", will never be realized. My name is DAEDREVEN.

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