"Mirror, Mirror on the wall . . . where did he go, and why doesn't he call?"

Reader Comments Featured In Fox News

We have had some great discussions here but there's no doubt that our most popular topic has been the web bot project and the year 2012. To date, over 100 of you have participated in a lengthy discussion on the topic and your voices are being heard.

Several reader comments from our discussion here at the Mirror of Aphrodite have been featured in a FOX News article titled "Dec. 21, 2012 - Doomsday?." There has been much speculation on the significance of the year 2012. Will it be the end? In my opinion, probably not. Will it be the beginning of a period of enlightenment and increased awareness? Most likely. Isn't awareness building already? After all, we are bearing witness to a possible oil apocalypse of sorts right now. And as the prophecies predict. . .the significance of this date will change life as we know it.

So let's imagine for a moment, what would life as we know it be like without affordable fuel? And what will life be like when it comes time to adopt to a new fuel source that prompts an entire redesign of the existing "grid system" that's in place for our current fuel source? Just think about that for a moment. It's a process that would take years to develop and complete. And in the meantime . . . . life goes on. What would the quality of that life be? Most likely, it will not be life as we know it and it will involve hardship and struggle for many.

The ground work for "doomsday" scenarios with regards to the current fuel crisis are already setting themselves up to play out. This is evident in several articles I found on the subject. The New York Times is reporting a doomsday moment in Beirut. Independent News and Media is reporting a doomsday scenario looming regarding the hauling industry where protests have been staged by hauliers in Spain, Britain, Belgium, Germany and Ireland. And books such as Vernon Coleman's, "Oil Apocalypse: How To Survive, Protect Your Family And Profit Through The Coming Years Of Crisis" are written.

So what do you think? Do you think that our current fuel crisis could change life as we know it in the very near future and what are some possible scenarios you see in the days ahead? Does this tie into the significance of the year 2012?

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Anonymous said...

First, I have been watching your blog for a bit and have found that we tend to be focused or thinking about similar things quite a bit.

2012, web bot, and the current economic crunch/bailouts - I think the best way I can put it is at this moment if we "we" were a pot of water waiting to come to a boil - we are in the stage of condensation on the lid and seeing very small bubbles beginning to form along the bottom of the pot. I hope the Oct 2008-March 2009 events of horror do not occur as well as the Pleidaen race descending to Earth around 10/12/08. I believe - currently - that in 2012 something VERY significant is going to occur that is going to set the stage for a rapid, horrific time of problems that will pretty much end the world as we know it.

Anonymous said...

this is your imbredded reporter with the Chuck Norris Nation , deep in the heart of Texas,, we have tactical nukes now .. Chuck has parted the red river, and heals many of the swine flu ..the great bowflexerwill lead us all to the promised land..maybe utah..

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