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Google Earth Street View: Unearthly UFOs Spotted

There appears to be a lot of buzz generating on the Net about 9 strange unidentified flying objects recently photographed flying over London on Google's new Street View, part of Google Earth.

The UFOs were spotted cruising above Wolverley Street in Bethnal Green, East London by an 18 year old woman who was using the new Street View service to search for friends in that location.

GoogleSightSeeing.com also spotted something unusual and took things a step further when users of the sight made some additional discoveries that made their find even more interesting. They discovered that there are 8 unidentified silver spheres over Florida and another 13 over Los Angeles, California. They pinpointed the locations on a map and further discovered that these objects appear to be in a straight line formation.

They also reported that the close up images taken in Florida were taken by Aerials Express at an altitude of 17,500 feet confirming that they are indeed aerial photos and not satellite images. Google has since deleted the image pictured above.

So, what do you think? Are little green men watching us? Are the pictures legitimate or system anomalies? I don't know and no one truly knows what these images are so opinions will vary and skeptics will rant. I don't know if aliens are little green men and I don't know if they were cruising the skies over London in the photo pictured here or if the flying orbs pictured at GoogleSightSeeing are anything significant or real.

But one thing I do know is that it's arrogant, ignorant and foolish to assume that we are the only form of intelligent life thriving in this universe.

It's easy to poke fun at the topic thanks to the many ridiculous interpretations over the years via the television and movies. Many of their interpretations do make it a laughing matter. But logically . . . it makes sense that there would be other forms of intelligent life out there. Statistically speaking, the odds are that there is. Even our ancient ancestors seemed to understand that better than modern man. There are many images and depictions of various space crafts and "gods of the sky" including the famed Madonna with Giovannino painted in the 15th century by Domenico Ghirlandaio and primitive Italian cave paintings dating back to 11,000 B.C.

Not convinced? Think about this for a moment. In 1995, scientists decided to aim the Hubble at what they thought was an empty one inch point in outer space for 10 days and what they discovered rocked their world. The Hubble scientists discovered over 3,000 galaxies in that one inch patch of empty sky.

But it gets better. In September of 2003, the scientists again aimed the Hubble at one inch of black space using improved filters for 11 days. It is the farthest the Hubble has ever peered into space - 47 billion light years away - and is hailed as the single most important image ever taken by humanity. The Hubble scientists amazingly discovered over 10,000 galaxies housed in that one inch of seemingly empty black space.

Galaxies folks. Not stars . . . 10,000 galaxies.

And each of those galaxies has millions of stars, any one of which may be supporting intelligent life. To boggle the mind a bit more, I'll add the fact that there are some 500,000 million galaxies in our Milky Way alone.

Now, what do you think the odds are that intelligent life exists elsewhere within our universe?

To deny that it does is the ignorance and arrogance of man. Our superiority here on earth has gone to our heads and we somehow think we're special. The reality of it is that I doubt we truly are. But man's fear won't allow many of us to otherwise accept what seems completely logical.

Still feeling superior and a bit "too big for your britches?" I'd suggest viewing the six minute video below that shows and explains the Hubble discovery in detail. Clearly, we can't possibly be the only one's here and to continue to believe that we are and that we're somehow special is just absurd.

So take a look, turn up the volume on the player below (3rd key from the right), keep an open mind - and get over yourself.

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ladybuggun said...

I am so amazed when I see how small we are, and it sure makes me wonder why we are here. I can't wait until another intelligence makes contact with us, I hope it happens in my lifetime. I would like to know what else is out there, not just intelligence, but all life forms.

Anonymous said...

stuff like this gives me chills lol. maybe we don't like to look out too much into the universe because not doing so gives us comfort.

Anonymous said...

The real question of is there intelligent life in the universe or could they be like us?

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