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Twitter Astrology: Your Zodiac Twitter Style

The Mirror Of Aphrodite has finally joined the Twitter revolution (I know, its a bit late). Everyone seems to be twittering these days so why not us, too? In astrology, as we all know, each sign of the zodiac has certain tendencies and behaviors that they will likely display - a "style" if you will. We can apply these zodiac styles and behaviors to our careers, relationships, reactions - you name it.

But have you ever wondered what your Twitter style may be based on your zodiac sign?

For some fun, check out JustinSMV's Twitter Zodiac Signs and see if your Twitter style matches that of your zodiac sign. I have included a sneak peek of the first two signs of the zodiac below:

Aries - The Ram (March 21 to April 20)
This Tweeter is quick-witted, creative and adaptive. They are very enthusiastic in what they tweet and full of energy when tweeting. Often they highly over use exclamation points and “omg”. Being full of energy also comes with being quick quick to anger. This stems from being very impatient but overall they have a good sense of humor and can get along with all their followers.

*Famous Aries on Twitter Chris Brogran

Taurus - The Bull (April 21 to May 21)
Just like the Bull this Twitter user is very strong willed and stubborn. It is very hard to convince these Twits with Retweets and Hashtags if they feel like people are driving them to do so. However if the right Tweet and Hashtag shows up as a trusted leader they trust then they will be loyal followers. They are natural born instructors/teachers but can be very self-indulgent so watch out for one sided tweets often with these guys.

*Famous Taurus on Twitter Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook)

View all of the profiles by visiting Twitter Zodiac Signs at Social Media Vision.

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