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Worldwide Extraterrestrial UFO Landings: 2012

Seattle Expoloitics Examiner, Alfred Lambremont Webre, wrote a very thought provoking piece on Examiner.com regarding potential "Wild Card" UFO landings worldwide leading up to the year 2012. The piece is Part I in a multi-part series on possible "wild card" extraterrestrial UFO mass landings.

Alfred (and, as you will soon discover, possibly even President Barack Obama) believe that it's very possible that in the next coming few years . . . society and the human race may be in for a real shock. One of universal proportions. But before we get into that, let's take a look at "wild card" events themselves.

Alfred explains, "John Petersen author of 'Out of The Blue - How to Anticipate Big Future Surprises' defines "wild card" events as "Low Probability, High Impact events that, were they to occur, would severely impact the human condition. A low probability event does not mean, however, that the event cannot be identified and predicted within the parameters of scientific research or expert-based opinion."

By this point you may be wondering . . . where would he get this ET idea from? Well, the piece gets even more interesting and goes on further to say:

"On February 20, 2009, this column introduced reverse speech evidence of a future extraterrestrial UFO “wild card” event by Canadian speech recognition expert and former CBS radio producer Jon Kelly in an article entitled, Barack Obama’s inaugural speech predicts “extraterrestrial event” on scale of Iraq war says expert.

With over 10 years of clinical practice and hundreds of publicly witnessed demonstrations Jon Kelly is one of the world's most sought-after practitioners in the field of secret backwards messages. Jon's professional speech recognition experience includes a F500 President's Club, member national board of directors for non-profit UN NGO, CBS radio feature producer of The Secret Message Report, BBC, DR Berlin, Fox News, Coast to Coast and #1-rated US television shows. Using reverse speech, Jon accurately reported the "Shock and Awe" strikes that opened the Iraq War 2 years in advance.

In other words, Jon Kelly has a public track record of accuracy using reverse speech to predict public events of some consequence, including extraterrestrial-related public events and/or public figures. Jon has appeared on a number of past radio shows as my guest, and has objectively used reverse speech analysis with remarkable accuracy on former President George W. Bush and his Shock & Awe illegal invasion of Iraq; former U.S. president Bill Clinton, 2008 U.S. Republican presidential candidate John McCain, and former astronaut Edgar Mitchell, PhD.

My February 20, 2009 Examiner.com article was followed by a March 7, 2009 interview with Jon Kelly on ExopoliticsRadio.com in an interview listened to in 81 countries and all 50 states of the U.S. on our EXOPOLITICS RADIO affiliates.

In that interview, Jon amplified on his interpretation and comments of the secret messages he had found encoded in backward speech in Barack Obama’s inaugural address of January 20, 2001, using the science of reverse speech analysis in the mode of an expert in that science."

". . . In the 35-minute radio interview, Jon Kelly reviews how reverse speech analysis of Barack Obama's inaugural address reveals secret, subconscious messages about large-scale extraterrestrial events during the years of the Obama administration. Obama’s first term of office runs through January 20, 2013. If re-elected, he will be in office through January 20, 2017.

The interview covers Kelly's analysis of how George W. Bush's inaugural address of January 20, 2001 revealed subconscious reverse speech secret messages about war - the Iraq war, 2 years before the illegal invasion of Iraq. As opposed to Bush, Obama's subconscious messages are not about war during his administration. Obama’s secret messages are about predominant extraterrestrial events during his presidency.

Kelly states that the same way that the George W. Bush presidency was characterized by war; the Obama presidency years may be characterized by large-scale extraterrestrial events or extraterrestrial impacts in our terrestrial society."

I'd suggest reading the article in it's entirety - and keeping an open mind while doing so. It's titled: Will there be 'wild card' extraterrestrial UFO landings worldwide in 2012 or beyond?

It's obvious that mankind is on the brink of something big. Now, what that "big" is, I do not know. But I DO know it's coming. A new way of life for mankind is going to emerge. Alfred's research suggests that Obama's secret messages can be analyzed to show that the "something big" that's on its way may be "alternative possibilities: a large-scale extraterrestrial event, the emergence of extraterrestrial-derived energy, and/or large-scale extraterrestrial disclosure by terrestrial authorities and/or by extraterrestrials themselves."

Sound crazy? Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, folks. And this part, "large-scale extraterrestrial disclosure by terrestrial authorities" is already beginning to happen. The Vatican recently disclosed their acknowlegment that the possibility of alien life exists and apparently, the United Nations has held several somewhat secret meetings about the matter with various world leaders.

I guess you could call it "damage control." They did damage control in the 1950's to keep fear and paranoia from spreading and created a smear campaign against any and all thoughts that alien life could exist. They turned the topic into a household joke in order to cover up the reality of it. Now, years later, it seems that they are yet again, performing damage control. Only this time, they're trying to figure out how to undo their last attempt at it. Now they have to figure out how to get the masses to accept the idea, indeed the harsh reality, that we are not alone in this universe. Ah, the wicked web we weave . . . when we attempt to deceive.

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Ivy said...

I find this article EXTREMELY interesting, as it completely corresponds to Terence Mckenna's theory of 2012. He believed we will leave the planet earth, as 2012 is related to the time/space continuim, we may even be able to travel through time. Nostradamus predicted the same thing! Great article :)

Anonymous said...

Here's an Explanation to Obama's reference to "extraterrestrial event" in his Speech played in Reverse:
Look on the Right hand side and 'Click' "Jesuits", on that page simply scroll down to: NASA Project Blue Beam and you have your answer to his reference in Reverse Speech to "extraterrestrial event"

Anonymous said...

Scientists claim breakthrough in antimatter hunt


Might this be the extraterrestril energy source the article talks about

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