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Horoscope Look At Michael Jackson's Death

It's been a rough week and the celebrity world has been hit - HARD. Tragically, Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and then . . . Michael Jackson. They say these things always happen in 3's.

When loss is suffered, people tend to ask, "Why?" They begin to search for answers and insights. So . . . let's ask ourselves that very question here. Why? Many can theorize, many can speculate - but only a very few know the real truth.

To gain a bit of insight into the mind of Michael Jackson, take a look at this excellent piece written by Lynn Hayes of Astrological Musings. Lynne writes:

"We don't know Michael's time of birth, but his astrological chart (born August 29, 1958) reveals a conjunction of the Sun in Virgo to Pluto, a planetary combination that can be quite difficult. There is a tremendous amount of power locked in this combination of the god of power and transformation (Pluto) and the Sun which represents the Self. But there can also be a self-destructive tendency if the sheer force of the planetary dynamic isn't handled well. Often (but not always) there are abusive experiences from the past with Sun/Pluto and we know that Michael suffered greatly at the hands of his father. The Virgo Sun desires perfection, and the presence of Pluto there makes that perfection impossible yet at the same time urgently necessary.

Venus is in Leo, revealing his love of performing and interacting with fans. It conjuncts Uranus which incorporates the principle of rebellion and eccentricity into his relationships with others. Venus/Uranus combinations sometimes (again - not always) denote androgynous relationships (the word "Uranian" is sometimes used to describe a transgendered person). Chiron, representing wounding and healing, is in a challenging opposition formation to both Venus and Uranus which suggests a wound (Chiron) to his sense of attractiveness (Venus) and hence his addiction to plastic surgery.

The Venus/Uranus conjunction forms a challenging square to Mars in his chart, and Mars is also square to Chiron. This is a complex planetary combination that denotes a great deal of inner conflict and difficulty expressing anger and setting defensive boundaries which is what Mars is all about.

In addition, Michael's Moon is in Pisces, an extremely sensitive placement and one that generates tremendous creativity. That tender Pisces Moon is squared by Saturn, the Celestial Taskmaster, suggesting a deep inner loneliness and sense of isolation that could not be broken through by legions of adoring fans."

Lynn ends the piece with this statement, "While we mourn the tragedy of his death, the planets tell the story: his death was a liberation from a life that was painful beyond measure."

Read Lynn's full article: Michael Jackson Dead at 50.

Michael Jackson was a Virgo. For those of you not familiar with the inner workings of our Virgo males, you may enjoy reading: That Confounding Virgo Male.

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Anonymous said...

Another tragic ending to another tortured life. The whole thing is very "Anna Nicole" like in nature.

I feel for the children and I hate to say it, but it's going to be very interesting to see what people are going to say now - if any "truths" are going to come out into the light. Past employees, maids, chauffeurs, doctors, friends, family . . . you name it. The stories are going to spill now.

This piece has actually helped me to understand the "man in the mirror" a little better now. . . I feel sorry for him and maybe this was actually a blessing if he was, indeed, truly tortured and unhappy.

Anonymous said...

i hope that elvis was there to welcome him on the other side.

Anonymous said...

Верю,что сейчас он наконец-то примирился сам с собой и обрел покой.
Америка уже никогда не будет прежней.Она потеряла свой самый главный символ.Не уберегла,растоптпла !!!

susana said...

hi aphrodite...i was wondering why you don't have all the signs of the zodiac from Sextrology up on your blog? these are fascinating and i'd be interested to see the libra woman, leo woman and the capricorn woman!

WinkGamer said...

Thanks for the post. I never knew all that stuff about the Virgo male. It makes a lot of sense.

Anonymous said...

Why the opposition Sun - Moon is not mentioned? It's very important. This definetly shows disagreements between his parents. The mother was the one to sooth the injured soul.

His Jupiter and Neptune are also in conjunction, which I would say gives a lot of immagination and together they make sextile to his conjuncted Sun/Pluto.

Saturn in Sagittarius shows hmm, problems with the hips, skin, bones... Did he have artritis?

I agree that his death was a liberation for him but for us this was the worst day ever.
I also believe that his death was cosed from the medications... R.I.P. Michael

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