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Extraterrestrial Intelligent Life: Fact or Fiction?

Unfortunately, the topic of the existence of intelligent life (other than ourselves) in this universe has become one of tabloid fodder and ridicule. But the reality of the situation is this. Our universe is relatively unknown to us and still holds many mysteries yet to be discovered. And just when we think we're starting to gain an understanding of it, we are reminded of our humbling, minuscule presence within it.

Take, for example, the Hubble Deep Space project. In 2003, astronomers aimed the Hubble telescope at a single, one-inch square of absolutely dark, empty space (or so they thought) for 11 days and what they found absolutely astonished them.

When the image was reviewed, astronomers discovered that over 10,000 galaxies (galaxies, not stars) existed in that seemingly empty one-inch of space in the farthest reaches of our universe. A universe that is 47 billion light years in radius. The video below is a nice portrayal of just exactly how large our universe is and discusses the Hubble Deep Space project in detail:

We can understand the size of our Galaxy, The Milky Way Galaxy. But can we truly understand the size of our universe? Apparently, some cannot. Unbelievably, many people still believe that we are the only form of intelligent life that exists within it regardless of what logic may reveal. If you do the numbers and then look at the odds - you soon come to realize that it is completely ignorant to perpetuate that belief. It becomes more believable to agree with those that claim the government has known of the existence of alien life for years, but simply chose to develop the campaign of ridicule that began in the 1950's so as to not spread fear and paranoia amongst the masses. If you're still convinced that our government doesn't accept this as fact themselves, then try the video below on for size. This is NASA footage of two orbs visiting the Space Shuttle in flight. You can hear the discussion (or lack thereof, due to amazement) taking place between mission control and the Space Shuttle. Many consider these orbs to be probes. Unmanned alien aircraft that have the ability to bounce inter-dimensionally thus allowing them to disappear and reappear in our 3 dimensional material world at will. And much to the surprise of many, the Vatican just recently acknowledged the possibility of the existence of alien life and there are also recent reports that world leaders have attended United Nations meetings on the topic and that the Vatican's announcement followed shortly thereafter one of those meetings. It's quite possible that our world leaders are now attempting to reverse the ridicule that began in the 1950's and are now trying to figure out a way to slowly divulge this information as fact to the public at large. But for those that are logical thinkers, I don't think that will come as any real surprise. Many thanks to The Breet Report for catching the NASA video below:

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