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25 Zodiac Astrology Horoscope Blogs

I'm a big fan of astrology and all things mystic and I know many of you visiting here are, too. In otherwords, many of you are "seekers" of knowledge and insight. Whether that be for love and relationships, dating, familial interactions or psychological insights, you are here seeking knowledge.

I decided to create a list of astrology and horoscope blogs for you that are definitely worth checking out. If you're looking for astrological insights, look no further. Below are 25 astrology related blogs for your surfing enjoyment. Peruse this community of great sites, make some new astrology friends and feed that mind of yours. I hope you enjoy these sites as much as I do.

For all of my astrology friends on this list below, a great big thank you for maintaining such wonderful, useful and inspiring sites.

25 Astrology Blogs For You

Big Sky Astrology - With April Elliott Kent:
From the author of Star Guide to Weddings, April has some great articles but my favorite thing about the site has to be her Wedding Date Service and her Choose a Wedding Date with Astrology tutorial. How cool is that?

Sasstrology - With Jeffrey Kishner:
One of my favorite astrology blogs with a focus on sex, love and relationships. Surf through insightful blog posts, participate in the forum community and join them on Facebook.

CafeAstrology - With Annie Heese and Adam Banks:
One of my favorite things about this site is the breakdown of monthly horoscopes by approximate 10 day spans for a very personal overview of your month. Features daily horoscopes, articles and more.

Astrology Zone - With Susan Miller:
This site features 'cosmic tools,' very nice monthly profiles and some great reading under 'life and love' including stress busters by sign, vacation tips by sign, fitness by sign and more.

The Astrology Room - With Sarah, Peter, Jane and Claire
A visually beautiful site and the information contained within is equally inspiring. The Astrology Room is chalk full of interesting reads and insightful information and offers horoscopes, charts, relationship advice and personal development from 4 astrologers.

Starcana Insight - With Suzanne Dronzek:
A nice site featuring monthly horoscopes, a blog, and lots of good reads. Titles include, Elemental Power, Evil Psychic Myth, Wisdom of Tarot and more. Be sure to check out the elemental power source for your sign.

Elsa Elsa - With Elsa Panizzon:
I like the way Elsa features "Flashback" pieces for another look and updated comments on the matter at hand. Elsa develops some great discussion pieces such as her current "Memory is Queer" series.

Your Zodiac Forecast - With Jonathan Cainer:
This site has a lot of great stuff to offer but my favorite thing about it is the Secret of My Sign under "Check Your Sign." Its an insightful look from a fresh perspective that debunks the many myths surrounding your sun sign.

Insightful Astrology - With Maria DeSimone:
A fellow Taurian and Twitter pal, Maria offers free natal chart generation, podcasted radio interviews, writings and unique sun sign profiles based on personal experiences with the sun signs in question.

Aquarius Papers - With Robert Wilkinson:
"Using Astrology, Spirit, and Archetypes to move and groove through the intersections of fate and free will." I really like the way he shines aspects of astrology on mankind, nature and spiritual evolution and he has some very thought provoking pieces.

Living Constellation - With Dave Mock Mockaitis:
This is an interesting and creative astrology blog that features imagery and symbolic collages to interpret the stars and their current placement. There's also some cool "audio by sign" posts as well. A very creative site.

Serennu - With Tracy:
This site includes some very cool calculating tools like the Eclipse Finder, Aspectarian and Astrological Ephemeris which gives major planet position, centaurs, asteroids, Uranian points, galactic center and great attractor.

Julie Demboski's Astrology - With Julie Demboski:
Lots of information here folks. A great place to educate yourself about all things astrology. A nice astrology blogroll and lots of useful categories to surf through. Writings are not short snippets; they are in-depth, very detailed insightful pieces.

Astrology Mundo - With Monica Starr:
A nice astrology blog with "a cosmic take on current events." Topics include, Top 10 Predictions for 2009, The Stock Market and Venus Retrograde, Swine Flu and the Jupiter/Neptune Conjunction, The Fragile State of the Union and more.

BemyAstrologer - With Nancy R. Fenn:
I really enjoy Nancy's Dark Side of the Zodiac posts. We can all laugh at ourselves every once in a while, right? For an entertaining look at the not-so-nice qualities of the sun signs, be sure to check this one out. Its one of my favorites.

Astrological Musings - With Lynn Hayes:
Lynn has her finger on the pulse concerning current events and their associated astrological significance. She stays on top of politics, planetary aspects, skywatch, retrograde periods, celebrities - you name it, she's on top of it.

Collaborate With Fate - With Kathryn Cassidy:
An enlightening blog that touches on all things astrology along with spotlights on celebrities, missing people, asteroids, the NY plane crash, personal responsibility, self improvement, self reflection, world points and many, many more.

Gryphon Astrology - With Nina Gryphon:
I really like the overall design of this site and particularly, how the posts are arranged and the images included. More importantly though, the astrology book reviews are great and there are also guest interviews.

Horoscopic Astrology Blog - With Chris Brennan:
This is a very professional astrology blog with a lot of great reads and Chris offers astrology introduction online classes as well. He also runs the Celebrity Astrology Blog and the Political Astrology Blog.

Political Astrology Blog - With Chris Brennan:
This is the politically focused astrology blog of Chris Brennan. Again, another very professional site. Discover the planetary associations with world leaders and events, view politician profiles, birth data and review current events.

Celebrity Astrology Blog - With Chris Brennan:
This is the celebrity focused astrology blog of Chris Brennan and it, too, is a very professional site with a lot of interesting tidbits and insightful looks into the lives of celebrities. Featuring celebrity profiles, videos, birth data, predictions and more.

Astro-Pol - With Terry Lamb:
"A fresh perspective on politics based on universal concepts, including planetary and historical cycles, and the principles of the I Ching." It's exactly what it claims to be and is a great way to stay on top of the political climate from a starry eyed perspective.

Star4Cast - With Marjorie Orr:
Marjorie's site is loaded with information and has many categories to choose from including, free daily horoscopes, politics and celebrities, astrology of today's news, heavenly headlines, eclipses and more.

Astro Dispatch - With Elsa Panizzon:
Another great site by Elsa Panizzon of Elsa Elsa. The blog features news and commentary on current events, book reviews and a lot of insightful reads on the planets and their effects based on current settings.

AstroTableTalk - With Dharmaruci:
AstroTableTalk features insightful articles covering today's world events, celebrities, planetary placement and their effects along with commentary pieces. There are many, many categories to choose from.

Naturally, I couldn't list all of them and undoubtedly, there are many more great sites out there. I'd like you to leave the name of your favorite astrology blog or any astrology suggestions for addition to the list in the comments section below. And be sure to bookmark and share this page with your Facebook friends (use the button at the top of this page). I'm sure they'll thank you for it.

Keep Looking Up to the Stars!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for including me in your list--it's an honor to be in the company of some truly great sites produced by some excellent astrological minds--
Julie Demboski

Jeffrey Kishner said...

Thank you for mentioning Sasstrology,
Jeffrey Kishner

Suzi Dronzek, Starcana said...

I am most humble to be added to your astrological list, and honored to be included with such a terrific ring of astrologers.
Blessings! Suzi Dronzek :o)

Chris Brennan said...

Thanks for mentioning my blogs! I appreciate it.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Thanks for stopping by all!

Astrologer said...

Thanks i was looking for them from some time.

Virgo said...

Sharing your knowledge with someone close to you could make a difference in the long run. Thanks for the list.

Daily horoscope said...

Thanks for this astrological list!

mysticmedusa said...

Thank you for sharing this list,Hoping that you added me to.

Gemini Personality said...

Sharing what I feel towards zodiac signs. I am definitely one of the "seekers" of knowledge and insights especially concerning zodiac signs. I really do love the idea- correlating love, families, relationship, work, money and other stuff to the different zodiac signs. I find it very interesting. Anyway, this astrological list is awesome. Thanks yo you.

Ganesh Yantra said...

This list has given me an lumpsum amount of knowledge which i was in need. As i am having much interest in study of astrology from my young age, so, i always use to watch horoscopic tv channels & read such columns in newspaper. Thanks for providing such an useful list to me.

harinath said...

nice post..! very impressive

Navjot Singh said...

Perfect blog this is.. good work u do.

Anish Kumar said...

Sharing what I feel towards zodiac signs. I am definitely one of the "seekers" of knowledge and insights especially concerning zodiac signs. I really do love the idea- correlating love, families, relationship, work, money and other stuff to the different zodiac signs. I find it very interesting. Anyway, this astrological list is awesome. Thanks to you.

Best Regards!

shashankgempundit said...

It makes me more conversant about zodiac signs.I got more knowledge which i wanted to get since last years.Thanks

Unknown said...

Sharing what I feel towards zodiac signs. I am definitely one of the "seekers" of knowledge and insights especially concerning zodiac signs. I really do love the idea- correlating love, families, relationship, work, money and other stuff to the different zodiac signs. I find it very interesting. Anyway, this astrological list is awesome. Thanks to you.

Best Regards!

shubhgems said...

i checked all the sites in your list. i am already following some site.

Surabhi said...

Nice information. Thanks for sharing this post.

Zodiac Signs said...

Interesting and helful list of blogs regarding zodiac astrology horoscope.. I too believe in astrology and follow it regularly.

Kaily said...

Your posts are really different from others.It contains good blogs Thank you for sharing really informative blogs.

Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma said...

really appreciate the work that would have gone into researching and compiling this final list for us, the "seekers". I haven't gone through them yet but would surely like to do so. thanks in advance!

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