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Stonehenge: A Spiritual Transcendence Tool

Interesting theories abound from individuals all over the world that have attempted to decipher the mysteries of Stonehenge. One of them that I find most interesting is a theory claiming that Stonehenge is a center for spiritual transcendence.

I'm not talking about transcendence metaphorically. I'm talking about transcendence - literally.

You see, it has recently been discovered that Stonehenge has some pretty incredible acoustical properties. So what does that have to do with transcendence, you ask? Let me explain. For those of you who may not know, altered states of consciousness can be reached through beat tones and rhythmic sessions at certain frequencies. This is why monks chant, those of Jewish faith rock back and forth (davening) while praying and indigenous people incorporate drumming into their rituals. This is also why Rave participants are easily induced into trance-like states. These rhythmic actions actually produce a clinically measurable effect on the brain.

Through rhythmic sessions and beat tones or binaural beats, the brain reaches a state called "coherence." Coherence is reached when waves in phase and of one wavelength simultaneously are generated in the different parts of the brain. This synchrony between the waves make the brain run like an optimal brain and a deep state of altered consciousness can be achieved.

The frequencies that generate these altered states of consciousness on the human brain are known as Alpha and Theta waves. Alpha waves occur at a frequency between 7 - 12 HZ and Theta waves occur below 7 HZ. Here's a bit of an explanation from Wikipedia:

"The brain produces a phenomenon resulting in low-frequency pulsations in the perceived sound when two tones at slightly different frequencies are presented separately, one to each of a subject's ears. A beating tone will suddenly be perceived, as if the two tones mixed naturally, out of the brain. The difference between the two frequencies must be small (below about 30 Hz) for the effect to occur; otherwise, the two tones will be heard separately and no beat will be perceived."

A "beat" doesn't necessarily have to exist (although it helps considerably). Your brain perceives the two separate sound frequencies as one, thus creating a "beat sensation" in the brain.

Now, back to Stonehenge. Researchers noticed that the side of the rocks facing the interior center of the circle were carved out somewhat to produce a concave "dip" in the face of the rock. This was done purposefully and for a reason, therefore, researchers started to investigate why this was done and what they discovered is quite amazing.

It appears that the acoustical qualities of Stonehenge are such that, when the proper rhythm is achieved through beat tones (drumming), Stonehenge actually begins to produce Alpha wave frequencies at 10 HZ to such an extent that it actually begins to ring like a glass. You know the old trick, wet your finger and run it around the lip of a crystal glass and it'll turn into a "singing bowl." Apparently, Stonehenge produces the same effect only on a much grander scale and in low Alpha wave frequencies. Frequencies necessary to achieve altered states of consciousness that allow for astral planing or astral projection (out of body experiences). Combine that with the mind altering substance of the day, Henbane, and you have yourself one hell of a party.

Not only did Stonehenge begin to ring, but researchers also noted that rhythmic beats produce forceful waves - waves that can actually ignite the flame of a fire or bring it down. When they were near the center of Stonehenge holding a flickering flame while beat tones were being broadcast from a speaker in the center - the flame rose and sank with the beat. The further away from the center of Stonehenge you moved, the less effect this had. So for those participating in the center of Stonehenge with fires burning while chanting and drumming was taking place with the Alpha wave acoustical effect kicking in, it must've certainly seemed spiritual as they danced in rhythm with the flickering flames.

Researchers reproduced the acoustical affects of Stonehenge using binaural beat tones and played them for research subjects and then studied their brain wave patterns. Beat tones that were played with the Stonehenge acoustical properties produced near perfect brainwave patterns conducive to producing altered states of consciousness for the individual.

Imagine an ancient ritual at Stonehenge. The entire circle is literally ringing loudly in Alpha wave frequencies producing binaural beat tones in the brain and beat vibrations in the physical body that can be felt. Your brain is entering a state of altered consciousness, you are dancing in rhythm with the flickering flames of the fires burning - and the Henbane you ingested earlier is finally kicking in. It's no wonder human sacrifice was a part of the ritual. I found this tribal, techno alpha wave beat video to give you an idea of what that may have been like:

This is the stuff that gets me to thinking. Because if you believe in the science of quantum physics and that sub-atomic particles can "bounce" in and out of different dimensions, then things get pretty interesting. Because we are all made up of sub-atomic particles, therefore, if sub-atomic particles are scientifically proven to have the ability to "bounce" inter-dimensionally . . . then that means that, technically, human beings can do the same. Theoretically, human beings possess the ability for dimensional travel. And Stonehenge seems to be a perfectly composed mechanism for producing the Alpha waves necessary to reach the altered state of consciousness for astral transcendence. Which begs the question, what happened to the people of Stonehenge? For that matter, where did the Mayan race disappear to?

Just some food for thought, my friends . . .

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Anonymous said...

great story-- truly inspired me to look deeper into quantum physics

Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing.... Speechless actually. I'm ready to go there!

Anonymous said...

best hurry up... the 6th trumpet has already started to go off... the 5th of course was the bp oil spill... read the revelations...

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