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One Scientific Theory About Ghosts

I am a subscriber to a great magazine publication by the name of "Spirituality & Health." The March/April issue has a really interesting article titled, "The Anatomy of A Haunting." The piece is written by, Michael Jawer, as he explores a particular case study and his scientific theory about ghosts and apparitions. What makes it a really interesting theory is that it makes some significant scientific sense.

Here's a bit of the background on the case study as Michael writes, "In 1973 and 1974, something odd was evidently taking place on board Eastern Airlines L-1011 jets. Passengers and crew on those planes saw, heard and even spoke to solid looking apparitions of two crew members, Captain Bob Loft and Second Officer Don Repo, who had perished following the crash of Eastern Airlines Flight 401 into the Florida Everglades on December 29, 1972.

The apparitions were readily identifiable as Officers Loft and Repo. The appeared and disappeared in front of pilots, flight engineers, or flight attendants completely unexpectedly and usually in flight. According to a meticulously researched book that came out a few years later titled, "The Ghost of Flight 401." Passengers who did not know either of the men identified them without hesitation from photographs."

Now, here's a bit of background on the scientific aspect as Michael writes, "About a year and a half ago, Luc Antoine Montagnier, a French virologist and Nobel laureate for work identifying the HIV virus, found that some supposedly sterile solutions, which were carefully filtered to remove pathogenic bacteria, turned out to have bacteria colonies after two or three weeks of incubation. The holes in the filter were much to small for any of the bacteria to get through, yet somehow, the bacteria reappeared."

Montagnier soon determined the cause - filtered dilutions of the sterile solution carried electromagnetic traces of the bacteria and "these electromagnetic traces contain genetic information."

The Implications of This are HUGE

Jeff writes, "If bacteria leave behind measurable energetic traces that contain significant information, shouldn't people be capable of the same thing? The next question is how energetic traces of some people might sometimes become amplified to be detectable as apparitions." However, Jeff wanted to add a very important and extremely powerful ingredient to the mix - EMOTION. Emotion plays a huge role and the energy that emotion generates and accumulates is said to be able to leave it's mark on physical matter, time and space.

You see, Repo and Loft did not immediately perish in the disaster. Both survived a time before finally perishing. And in those desperate hours, their brains were in panic mode. When the human brain is in panic mode or "flight or fight" mode, " your amygdala will instantly activate your body’s fight-or-flight hormones and prepare your sympathetic nervous system (heart and lungs, muscles, and gut) for possible action."

It's important to note Michael's mention of the gut here as well. You see, recent studies have proven that your gut contains more nerve sensors than your spinal chord does. So when people say, "listen to your gut," there is plenty of merit to that statement. It's a built-in, primal survival element. Your dog can sense danger before you do - and before seeing it - because your dog is not as far removed from it's primal survival instincts as we humans have now become. We no longer live in caves or are stalked by other species besides ourselves, so we tend to not use these primal instincts as much these days. Modern man tends to live in a world built upon false securities. But the simple fact remains, the system is still in place.

And what happens when a living creature enters "flight or fight" mode? First of all, there's a moment of hesitation. A brief split second in time, like a deer caught in the headlights, before your amygdala will direct your next action. This brief split second in time is what Michael refers to as a "flash point." In that moment of time, frozen with flight or fight, your body begins accumulating enormous amounts of energy. Your body begins to "rev it's engines" and fire up it's internal resources of power in preparation for the next action. But where does all that accumulated energy release to if one is unable to take the next appropriate action because they are injured or incapable of doing so?

Michael theorizes that that energy can actually be released into the immediate environment. Forever imprinting the genetic code to reappear when the conditions are right. Just like the electromagnetic genetic trace of energy in the petri dish granted the bacteria the opportunity to reappear weeks later when no bacteria should've appeared at all - so too, it is theorized, that the human body can leave an energetic trace genetic imprint in the environment, thus allowing oneself to reappear at a later time.

Emotion Is The Key

This theory again reaffirms, at least for me, the enormous potential that emotion plays in the lives of living, breathing creatures. Take, for instance, the Law of Attraction. Many try it without success. Further research into the matter will soon have them find that "emotion" is the KEY to making it work. Pure, selfless emotion or intention is the key. Further research into the world of quantum mechanics has also rendered similar facts. Take, for instance, the double blind slit test where the scientists themselves, through observation, influenced the particles by placing their "intention" upon them. The scientists, their emotion and their intention had a direct effect on the end result and what they determined - was that thought creates and thus manifests the outcome.

When you think, you produce a measurable form of energy called a neuropeptide. When you place emotion or intention behind that thought, it's possible to influence the outcome and this is because we live in a quantum world of possibility. Ever constant "possibility." And sub-atomic particles, of which we are all made of, can bounce from particle form (solid matter) to wave form (energetic matter) and back again.

So if a thought can produce a measurable form of energy called a neuropeptide, then imagine if your brain were in panic mode and your body began producing enormous amounts of energy and your intentions and emotions were running on high. I would agree with Michael and say that, in those instances, leaving a measurable, permanent affect on the immediate environment - is very likely.

This Begs the Next Question

What if someone didn't die under those conditions but is still seen as an apparition? To me, this would indicate that large amounts of energy may have already been accumulated and imprinted on the environment by the individual in a "flash point" moment. Maybe the individual was grieving heavily in that space? Or maybe the individual was heavily reflecting in that space? Or maybe the individual carried a hidden desire deep within them on a daily basis that was left as "unfinished business" but had huge amounts of emotion involved?

At some point, maybe - just maybe, this individual created "flash points" of high levels of emotion regarding situations in their life - during their life - that left the imprint while they were still living? And these "flash points" of high emotion in those particular spaces thus enabled them to leave a genetic imprint and reappear at later dates.

It's all just theory and speculation at this point . . . but I think the advances in the realm of quantum scientific studies are going to prove some very amazing and hard-to-understand truths for all of us in the very near future. Have you seen an apparition or experienced a haunting? And if so, would you say that there was a certain emotion or emotional feel related to it? And what do you think about Michael Jawer's new theory?

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Anonymous said...

This is very intersting and makes logical sense to me. Emotions can definitely make lasting impressions - and it appears that they can do so to more than just those experiencing them.

Anonymous said...

Okay, yeah. I see what he's saying. It does make sense, but this is still theoretical. I'm not saying that he's wrong, but I need a little more proof to fully believe. I think it could be legit though.

Pierre Sosa said...

Read Jeremy Narby's "The Cosmic Serpent". He explains a theory on how the brain can recieve the light-based electronic blips released from the phosphate in DNA - basically that people are capable of reading DNA like it was a telegraph - and that this is how Shamans know what plants to use in their medicine.

Anonymous said...

If you have experienced a 'flash point' moment and managed to survive it, what is the explaination for the manifestation occurring only after death? isn't the intention of the article and theory to explain and thereby seperate the actions of the apparition with the possible state/reality of the afterlife. in other words, its not who you are seeing but what?

best psychic said...

This is amazing. Finally, science has a bit of solid information regarding the existence of ghost through bacterial. I'm truly dumb-founded.

Anonymous said...

This interesting theory does not explain how the apparition appears in a totally different area such as a different aircraft in a different location. This seems to have more validity in a "haunted house" type scenario. I have no doubt there is some science behind the theory and certainly anyone who has experienced a truly gut instinct feeling in a high stress or grave situation knows the phenomena well. But, I don't buy it as an explanation in the situation described above.

Anonymous said...

As I remember from the detailed description of the story above, some parts wre salvaged from the wreckage and had been built into the planes where the sightings occured. This might be the answer for the long suspected theory that ghosts can attach themselves to objects, not only scenery.

Unknown said...

I believe that a theory needs to be explored on a deeper level of physics.

Anonymous said...

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