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Psychic Kids: Witnessing An Evolutionary Leap?

This has been a topic that's been on my mind for quite some time - psychic kids. I'm specifically focusing on the children born within the last 15 years, from 1995 onward. For lack of a better term, supernaturally gifted children are commonly referred to as "indigo children." These are children that posses special abilities or supernatural gifts such as clairvoyance, precognition, telepathy, healing abilities and the like.

We all know that mankind is due for an "evolutionary leap" of sorts. But what will that leap actually be? What type of a leap does Mother Nature feel would benefit mankind, particularly, it's survival?

As for me personally, I feel we are witnessing an evolutionary leap right now - particulary, in the last decade and a half. We've all seen the rise of paranormal popularity and we've witnessed New Age thinking take some serious roots in the last 30+ years. What was once easily dismissed by the masses is apparently becoming more difficult to ignore. And why is that? Lets think about that for a moment.

Bear with me here, but could it be. . . could it just be, that because people have been cracking open their minds in the last 30 years - they've created a catalyst of sorts for this evolutionary leap to take place?

By that, I mean this. Say 35 years ago, a man and a woman started expanding their minds during the late 60's era. This couple then bears children. They have already expanded their thinking and therefore, they will pass this expanded way of thought down to these children. Because they are children and because they are children of expanded thought, their minds are really much more wide open than the previous generation. So lets refer to them as "generation one" here.

Now, years later, two children from "generation one" become a couple and bear children of their own. The grandparents are open minded, the new parents are open minded and their children, whom we'll refer to as "generation two," are really open minded.

Years have passed and now "generation two" is coupling up and begins bearing children of their own - and in comes "generation three." This generation is very special because they are hailing from three previous generations of expanded thinkers. Three generations of people who have not closed the mind, but encouraged opening it. These children hail from a generation that was told "that doesn't exist" or "this isn't real" a whole lot LESS than previous generations. So for them, topics that were completely dismissed 40 years earlier are on the table - being discussed openly and explored honestly.

The human brain is like a computer. If you load a program into a computer, your computer runs it. If you never loaded the program, your computer won't be running it. Get what I'm saying? If you tell someone "they can't" or "that doesn't exist" then their brain is immediately programmed with that code - and BAM, the door is shut. Even though they have the ability to run that program, they never will, thus the birth of the closed mind. However, encouraging expanded thinking and believing that anything is possible can yield some astonishingly successful results - purely because you believe. At that point, your mind is open and anything is possible. And if you're like me and you believe in the Law of Attraction, if you believe that when you think - you produce, then you get where I'm going with this.

If you have three generations of "believers" and expanded thinkers . . . and if you believe that when you think, you produce . . . then it only makes sense that by the third generation, we'd begin to see those open minded thought results manifesting into being. We'd begin to see the results of three generations of open minded, expanded thinking and believing.

And What Might the Ultimate Outcome of that Be?

A new generation of mankind. A new generation that is a group of open minded believers and expanded thinkers. Their brains can do more because they've not been curtailed in any manner of thought. Their brains are allowed to form the neural connections necessary for an evolutionary leap - the leap into the precognitive era of mankind. (If you'd like a visual reference to what I'm speaking of, check out this graph and notice that it moves into the "emergence of the precognitive era" of mankind leading up to the year 2012.)

It probably comes as no surprise that I watch "Psychic Kids: The Children of the Paranormal" on A&E. And while I watch, I'm always making note of the age of the children. And what I've found is that the group born from 1995 onward really seems to be making the big leap, the children leading up to the new millennia. These children are beginning to experience their gifts as young as 3, 4 and 5 years of age. And unlike generations previous, their parents aren't scoffing at them and telling them "that's a bunch of BS" or "that doesn't exist." Their parents are witnessing things that can't be denied and many want to help their children. Particularly, many want to help their children help others.

Ahhh, compassion. It feels good, doesn't it? I watch that show and I feel the compassion in these children. I sense their desire to make sense of their gifts. I sense their desire to make use of their gifts - in the form of helping others. Finally! A generation that's focused on compassion and helping their fellow man. It's about time.

I think that it could be quite possible that the New Age era of the 60's and 70's was the seed that planted the catalyst for mankind's next evolutionary leap into it's precognitive era. Humans have always had the gift of sense buried deep. However, with those gifts now being encouraged over the last 30+ years, we're seeing a whole new generation that's quite different in their thinking from previous generations and most importantly, a generation that's motivated to help others.

Once again, just some food for thought, folks. Have faith in the future . . . the best is yet to come.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with the manifestation theory. You've clearly thought long and hard on this! I think it's true that people are becoming more in tune with things now. 2012 could be a huge psychic leap for us, for all we know. (I really don't believe in the end of the world.) Although, the kids on that TV show? Parents are coaching them. They're only eager because they want the money from the shows, and they want their kids to be famous. I can't watch those shows. Too unbelievable.
By the way, where are the horoscopes? I miss those.

Susan Gale said...

What you have described with the generations is exactly how tribal culture is. A whole culture of people being open to what you term "supernaturally gifted."

So little is understood about the Native American culture, but suffice to say that this "evolution" has been a part of their way of life for thousands of years.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Hi Susan,
Your comment brings to mind one of my favorite quotes:

"Indians live as if they are their souls and Americans live as if they are their egos." ~ Ram Dass

Unknown said...

I think the human soul is reaching out in any way it can, and one way is evolution of your kids. When you look at the world you can see how the younger generations are being molded into a newer,smarter,race. I just hope that there egos don't get in the way!

Anonymous said...

I think this article was well meant, but its a bit blind in one somewhat obvious way when you think about it.

We're not really a society of people who are thinking bigger and really using our expanded consciousness, governments are cracking down on this sort of thing very hard, and instituting educational systems that condition children that "There is only one way, and here is how it is", and conditions people to think that everything they can see is how they see it.

These powerful institutions do not want people to be thinking outwards, because that renders much more unpredictable people, and they'd rather an army of controlled clones.

This explains why, educationally, the arts, the core of the part of education that encourages creativity and exploration of form, are getting more and more cut-backs, and why the rise of popular culture is ever-present and overwhelming.

People are taught to think not in terms of "How can we explore more possibilities", they are taught that everything must go through rigorous scientific testing before you even are allowed to think beyond one step.

And while I love science, and understand its use in terms of validating theories, and verifying their practicality, it stifles creativity, because often, you find a very very valid practical destination by going down a very illogical path, but then backtracking via another logical path that you could not have seen without first finding the destination by the illogical path.

( This process is known as lateral thinking ).

Parents don't really even factor into the picture really, because children only really spend age 0 to 5 with their parent, and even that is becoming a diminishing part of their education, with more and more child-care institutions popping up. These institutions and schools, all are more-or-less regulated by the government, and it teaches them not what the parents understand , but what the government deems important to learn.

20 Years of your life in an education system regulated by a government body is a lot of very well tuned influence, a much much greater impact than I think any parent ( who is flat out working ) has the ability to offer.

In my experience, people do not even learn the idea of thinking for themselves until they're both a) out of home and b) outside of education and having to look after themselves in the real world, because until people find themselves in a situation where their mind is challenged with opposing views, or they're in a situation where they have no choice but to think for themselves, it is very easy to just be lazy and let somebody else do your thinking for you.

Its a nice idea to think we're a world for free thinkers, constantly expanding our consciousness and growing, but I think that is a very convenient illusion for us to believe when we are being lead down the path to total complacency and controlled thinking.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Thanks so much for you participation in the discussion here. I hear what you're saying and I do agree with you. (That'd be a good issue to explore in another follow up post here, too.)

The logical side of me agrees with all you say, but the spiritual side of me just wants to believe that the "illusion" will persist and eventually overtake and become the norm :-)

As a matter of fact, this topic was explored in a fantastic DVD I own by the name of "The Quantum Activist" (http://quantumactivist.com/). Dr. Amit Goswami mentions all that you speak of here, our institutions, and how it contributes to a close minded mentality for society.

You may want to get your hands on a copy of that. It's wonderful, thought provoking stuff.

14thCentury said...

My father used to 'open' his mind in the 60s and 70s a lot, though I never really knew him growing up. And I am now 31, since the time I came to being in this body I could think in a language. When I was in a crib, either in the hospital or at my childhood home, I remember as my first memory clearly thinking in English, 'Who is this lady, and why is she putting this stuff in my eyes?' I was being given eye-drops that immediately clouded my sight. From my early childhood, around 3-5 y/o and after I would have this recurring dream that I attributed to our future as mankind, and each time I have the dream, I get further into it... as I got older I have had it less frequently. In addition to this dream, I have had others that at the time I have them I realize they are not dreams, but foretelling of future events, for instance I dreamed the next day of class in elementary school quite often and would occasionally tell the kids what was going to happen to their delight. Although my father was 'opening' his mind in the 60s, my mother, who I lived with growing up, was not and she would not exactly scoff at what I had to say, but one could tell she was skeptical. Strange occurrences continue to happen to me now in adulthood, especially with the number 11:11, and the dream/reality clairvoyance events are still happening as well. I've seen psychic kids and I do empathize with some of them and wish there was an outlet for me as a child, however I have really cut myself off for the most part from most human contact, as I do not get along with our way of living as it is today, and see myself as a messenger for the future generations of earth and the heavens, specifically the children. This article was not what brought me to your page, and there is much throughout that I would love to discuss with like minds.
many blessings

Michael Lange Optometrist said...

Interesting theory, although I don't know that by expanding the mind via drug use can be considered hereditary...

wise owl said...

To 14th Century, the number 11 is a master number, perhaps you are an 11/2 birth number, and the 11 is telling you to go forward with your soul searching and expand your spirituality. The 11/2 person must rise above the mediocre life of the 2 and develop their concsciousness into a higher plane. They are the peacemakers of the earth- to spread their message and show others the way. Even if you are not an 11/2, you may be living under this vibration temporarily, at any rate the 11:11 flashing at you is symbolic. Study/ read religions, peace, conflict resolution, psychic protection, be a mediator for others. Your "strange" experiences will bring meaning.

wise owl said...

Oh Dear Aphrodite, I must tell you a funny story-my 4 year old grand-daughter (born 2008)had been somewhat naughty one day and so retaliated by saying to me- "you just watch your behaviour Nan or I will tell your Mother on you". I had to hide my grin. But my Mother is dead- I have told you that before. She turned around- looked me straight in the eye with a serious face- "Oh that doesnt matter, she can still hear me" as if she knew that for sure. Kids really do know so much more than we ever will- the sad thing is we keep discounting them and changing their stories and telling them they didnt see what they did, or what they believe isnt true, so because they think we are the ones who know better they loose their innate gifts. The new children are definately here- the indigos have given birth to the crystal children and are now approximately 90 % of the child population. Those born from 2000 on will have none of those 9s that all those born in the twentieth century did- all that anger, the fighting,the wars and killing all influenced by the 9 in all birthdates. The children born this century are children of peace- they are bringing in a new age, some say they have come from another place to save the earth, to ensure we survive- but first we need to deal with those born in the 1990s- oh the trouble they will cause and how troubled they will be.Please give them all the love and help they need, and seek professional help where needed. Wise Owl- numerologist

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Wise Owl,
I used to have a girlfriend whose young niece one day suddenly started talking to her about "when the streets were dirt and grandpap lived across the street." Each night before bed, she'd say, "Leave the curtains open so I can see grandpap's house." Which she insisted was the home across the street.

At first, everyone kinda blew it off, but then the details started pouring in. She'd talk about walking with them down to the town, when the street was dirt. And then she'd describe the surroundings in great detail. For years this went on.

I firmly believe the soul recycles itself. And I just watched a program on Bio Channel, Ghost Children. It was the stories of 4 children like this. One claimed to have died in the Oklahoma City bombing and one claimed to passed in the collapse of the World Trade Center. The parents of both children believe they have identified who these children were in a previous life. Their stories were utterly amazing.

I think as a society, if we had a bit more of an open mind - we'd realize what a wonderfully mysterious world we live in :-)

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