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2011 Horoscope: Personal Growth

2011 Horoscope: Personal Growth

The skies are indicating that this is the year for major leaps and bounds of personal growth for many of the signs. Jupiter (luck) and Uranus (surprises) are on the move and in the picture bringing along with them some surprising good fortune.

And when it comes to horoscopes, I know that many of you are seeking the love and relationship aspects above all else. Therefore, I've decided to touch on the love and relationship patterns trending for each of the signs in the year 2011.

So without further adieu, let's get on with it!


The pattern of stagnation that Aries has been in the past few years is going to lift. Kick off those cinder-block shoes, Aries! All those foundations you've laid? This is the year to build upon them. There are big and very fortunate surprises in store for your career this year as well as love and relationships. However, nothing is for free and you will need to learn to slow down, think things through and take notice of others around you - taking their feelings into account as well. If you want the big payoffs that await you this year, you have to take the big risks involved in attaining them. That means opening up to others, revealing your true self, and acting with good will and honesty as your guides. Challenges will appear in the early part of the year and the key to overcoming these challenges will be to work things through - not to bolt and run for the hills as you normally do.


Friends are key this year for support and encouragement. And the good news is that this is the year for Taurus to shine! Taurus is entering a "golden phase" in June of 2011 that will be one for the history books. Love and relationship matters will be flourishing at an all time high. You are now acutely aware that success depends upon your ability to open up and connect with your partner and trust is critical to this matter. It's time to begin trusting, Taurus. The key to overcoming this challenge will be to take it slow. Remember, a bull only moves when it wants to. You can't push it, pull it or run it over. Slooooow. Plenty of new faces are headed your way this spring so steady and ready yourself for the influx. Be prepared to shake some old faces to make way for new ones. This year, the choices will be yours as you now take control of your destiny rather than grazing and waiting for what comes along. Use all that you have learned, to make wise decisions for yourself.


Decisions, decisions. . .isn't this familiar territory for you Gems? Indecision abounds and fretting may be the name of the game this year as you ponder pros and cons. In the early part of the year, there are pangs for major transformation but what to do? Stress will run high but every cloud has a silver lining. Friends and family provide great support and it's high time you take notice of it. Try something drastic and invest in these relationships. Stop daydreaming in unrealistic manners, life isn't a fairy tale. You have all the love you need right in front of your face. If you take notice of that this year and learn through those relationships how to invest yourself genuinely and show your appreciation - your other relationships will follow suit.


Please hold on to the bar! The first part of the year will have it's fair share of challenges. If you've been trying to repair or breath new life into a deteriorating relationship, stand back! It could all blow up in your face. Your reactions are the key to overcoming these challenges. The measure of the man/woman is not by how he/she acts, but how he/she reacts. Capish? And if you want true love, you've got to make a large and risky investment to see that it happens for you. This is the year to toughen up, soft Cancers. Life will seem intriguing and slightly scary at times, however, if you shine up that hard shell of yours and place your bets appropriately - the rewards reaped will have been well worth the risk taken. Come out, come out, wherever you are Cancer!


Mirror mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all? Tsk, tsk, Leo. Everyone knows your great, but you know that you have to be the greatest of them all. The bad news is that the first part of the year will contain challenges along this theme and the key to overcoming these challenges is for you to take the spotlight off yourself and shine it on your nearest and dearest - it's time to give back. While you've been a bit preoccupied with matters of self, your significant other or possibly those closest to you are feeling an empty spot where you once stood. It's time for you to return to your pride and when you do, all that admiration, accolades and kudos that you so love and live for will come back to you and the kingdom will be set to rights again. This year, it's all about balance and restoring your fan base of admirers.


In the early part of the year, rocky roads are the name of the game. Stress and challenges abound in your closest relationships and the key to overcoming these challenges is for you to take the time to aid in resolving them. Perfection is a thing of beauty to a Virgo, however, we live in an imperfect world and it's high time you acknowledge that. Things cannot always be your way and sometimes, Virgo, you are wrong. Your friends and group associations will be key to helping you maintain the walk on this tightrope. Lean on them for necessary support and ask them for direction at times. By June things will be restored to a harmonious pattern again. However, 2011 is not the year of much excitement for Virgo. There won't be much to write home about. But that IS the good news - there will be peace in the valley again.


Peace and stability abound and that's just the way you Libra's like it. But love and romance is hot, hot, hot! Sometimes so hot, you get burnt. Keep 911 on speed dial, you may have to call the fire department once or twice as the tendency this year is to cling tightly to passions that run deep - control. The key for your to overcome these challenges is to "hold on loosely" as .38 Special puts it. This year, you may find yourself overwhelmed by love and trust is necessary for you to see the success you'd like to see in these realms. Many paths will present themselves and you need to be open to each and every one of them. Regardless of which you choose, if you use the tools given you, the later part of the year shows that good things come to those who wait.


It's a pleasant year for Scorpio this year. Someone, somewhere along the line this year, may ask you to open up. If they do, you better do it. This year your creativity and passions run high and it can take your personal relationships soaring to new heights - if you let it. As uncomfortable or possibly dangerous as this may be for Scorpio, you need to ride out the storm to reap the rewards. Someone will come along and the connection will be electric. Connection is the name of the game this year for Scorpio and it's high time you make some. Don't be scared! Remember, you're the black widow and anyone squirming in your web this year is, most likely, happily doing so. Show your appreciation and you won't believe what happens next!


Same old, same old just isn't going to cut it this year, Sags! It's time to shake things up - namely, how you handle and react to things. This is a year of great personal growth and if you play your cards right and avoid nefarious behaviors, by the end of the year, you just may find yourself in a loving, supportive relationship. You're coming into yourself and as a result, you will shed many friendships and relationships that you've outgrown. Stresses in relationships or friendships may result as they fear being left in the cold, however, by the end of the year - you will know who your true friends are. Pick and choose wisely, Sags, and with only the best in mind. Shed that dead weight you've been dragging around and as the pounds fall away, the new you will sparkly shiny and new.


This is the year things finally begin to take hold. However, Mars is making you cranky and introverted. Life may seem dull and boring but this is a time for regeneration. It's time to recharge those batteries from the beating they may have taken in 2010 in terms of the stresses and challenges that were imposed. This is the year to work on balance in your personal life and your relationships. You may desire much more alone time this year than you have in past years and, as a result, hefty social pressures may exist. The key to overcoming this challenge is to expel some of those demons that are hanging on. There may not be tons of forward motion this year, but the work that is done is necessary for the brighter years to come.


You remain an enigma this year and seem preoccupied with mystery and analyzing data to unravel secrets or obtain information. But be prepared, this is the year to rise! As independent a creature as you may be, this year, you find yourself longing to be in a committed relationship. Passions run deep and pleasure abounds in the form of intimacy. It's so strong that this fall, some of you may consider "taking the plunge" into very serious romantic territories. Risks are required so be prepared to take a few. And if you feel like someones pecking at your brain with a pick axes, don't fret. Why not try simply letting them in rather than expending your energies fighting them off? Just sayin, Aquarius!


Your social relationships are sparkling this year. Your intimate, romantic relationships? Umm, not so much. Come July things get a bit bumpy. It's time to assess the situation and reevaluate your circumstances. Challenges are coming from within and your job is to figure out where they're coming from and to determine if they're worth fighting for. If they are, put on your gloves and get down to some serious work - on both the relationship and yourself. If they aren't, then it may be time to compose Plan B. And while you're at it, this time, think about what you need and how you need to go about getting it. Remember, you get more bees with honey and vinegar only makes things sour.

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