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Web Bot: Latest Report Flood Warnings

Web Bot Project

For those of you hungering for more information regarding the Web Bot Project, created by Cliff of Half Past Human, you'll be happy to hear that the next ALTA report will be available for purchase on January 25, 2011 for a minimal fee of $10.

While interpreting the latest report, Cliff was asked a question by a reader in Australia about the current floods there - so he decided to take a closer look at the immediacy data sets. Cliff explains that the immediacy data sets are:

". . . effective from 3/three days out to 3/three weeks (more or less), and as a rule contain some of the higher level emotional linguistics to be found, which are frequently the most freakishly accurate."

Here's a tidbit regarding what Cliff discovered about the floods:

"Our data sets over the past year have had lots of instance of descriptors for the kinds of flooding activity that is now overwhelming the humans and animals and plants in Australia.

The damage has already reached serious and impacting levels. The nasty part of the forecasts from both 2009, and 2010 relative to [floods in places that NEVER flood], is that we had also seen references within those same data sets for [dams failing]...and also curiously, for a [dam saved].

This last set included specifics going to [at the last minute], and [through (close/detailed) attention]."

And he further states:

". . .the data suggests yet more [torrents] will be forth coming."

To read the full disclosure of Cliff's findings on the Australian floods, visit his latest post titled, "Oy! Mate! Look over there....!"

And be sure to visit Cliff's site on January 25, 2011 for the next Web Bot ALTA report titled, "The Shape of Things to Come (2011) - Issue Nine (9)."

And, as always, please be advised that the Web Bot ALTA reports are, as Cliff states, "Not For Children of Any Age."

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Anonymous said...

Do you ever update this site?

Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Sure do. There's a "recent posts" widget in the sidebar . . .

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