"Mirror, Mirror on the wall . . . where did he go, and why doesn't he call?"

Mayan Crystal Skulls and Quartz Technology

To the Mayan civilization, death was the giver of life. It was through the act of dying that one transcended through life into other dimensions. Legend has it that 13 life size crystal skulls exist carved of natural quartz crystal, some with movable jaws, that are said to "talk" or "sing." The skulls were said to be remnants from our earliest ancestors and that they contained information and knowledge.

Information on a grand scale. The skulls are said to contain the answers to human evolution, universal information, planetary information, and most valuable of all, humankind's destiny and true purpose. The legend claims that at a time of great need, the skulls will be discovered and reunited. The information they provide will save the human race. The legend forewarns, however, that mankind must be able to accept the knowledge morally and spiritually.

Variations of this legend exist in Native American tribes ranging from the Mayans, the Navajo Indians, the Aztecs, the Cherokee Indians, the Seneca Indians. These legends have been handed down through generations for literally thousands of years.

I'll skip right to the facts here. Frankly, the skull pictured shouldn't even exist. This is a photo of the Mitchell-Hedges Skull. There is a bit of mystery surrounding how this skull surfaced. Some, like the owner, claim that it was found in the jungle. Others have found record of it's sale at a well known auction house in the early part of this century. However it came to be discovered really isn't important. What is important is that we are discovering that what many thought to be mythology - is now becoming reality.

For generations, the Mayans spoke of great visions, prophecies, and wisdom obtained from "talking skulls." They claimed the skulls shot fire, sang, and spoke. Now, it seems, that may be somewhat true. The Mitchell-Hedges skull was sent to the Hewlett Packard labs in the early 1970's for intense study.

The results were absolutely startling and the scientists made the claim that "this skull shouldn't even exist."

Natural quartz crystal grows in the ground and can take billions of years to form. Intense heat and pressure is required as well as a "seed" crystal from which to grow from. As a result, impurities can run deep. As a matter of fact, much of the earth's natural quartz crystal contains impurities and retains no value to the electronics industry.

For those of you who don't know, quartz crystal is the basis to our modern day computers. However, the purest form is required and, as a result, scientists now must grow their own quartz using a natural seed from which to grow it from.

So now that you have an understanding of the rarity of a large natural, virtually pure, piece of crystal - let's get into the astonishing results the HP scientists reached. The skull was submersed into Benzyl alcohol, having exactly the same refractive index of pure crystal. When this was done, the skull "disappeared" indicating it was of the purest, natural, form.

A polarized light test concluded that the piece was one large, natural, piece of crystal. It was not created by fusing several together. Amazingly, the detachable lower jaw was carved from the very same piece of crystal. Pure crystal is a hard material, being only slightly softer than diamond. But it has a very brittle quality and shatters rather easily. The scientist determined that carving the skull using modern day tools could take up to one year.

The scientists felt that it was not even possible to do so using these tools. The heat and vibration would surely crack the crystal. The scientists took particular note of that with regards to the bottom jaw and the teeth. There was simply no way modern day equipment would not damage the piece. The scientists magnified the skull and found no tool marks, tool chatter or scratches. As a result, the HP scientists had to conclude the skull was carved by hand. This was a phenomenal discovery to them. This would have had to have been done by rubbing the crystal with sand and water. According to the HP scientists. . . .this would've taken 300 years.

They also concluded that the sand used would've had to have been graded down from finer sand to more coarse sand. One wrong rub and it all could have been over. Not only was this one rare, large, pure, piece of natural quartz crystal, but for those of you who don't know this - crystal conducts energy. It's what is called piezo-electric crystal.

This is precisely the type of crystal that is used in modern electronics, computers, time keeping devices, radios, radar and sonar.

This means the crystal has both positive and negative polarity similar to that of a battery. If you apply pressure to the skull - it generates electricity. As well, it changes molecular shape if you apply an electric current to it which affects its density. It can carry a current in six directions. In any other direction, it becomes an insulator. More interestingly, it is also vertically oriented as well. The axis runs directly through the center of the skull. If you apply an electric current to the top, it changes shape and the current passes through the bottom. If you reverse the direction, the polarity reverses.

The skull is capable of channeling light through the bottom and directly out the eye sockets - like a laser - due to its incredible optical axis. And it can generate enough heat through its optical qualities and can start fires by directing beams of light through the eye sockets. This must've been quite a sight to the Mayan people during rituals.

Here's where it gets really strange. Light travels faster in one direction through the skull than in the other. If you direct polarized light at the skull, it passes quicker through one area and, as a result, the skull rotates the light traveling along its axis. The skull is resistant to chemical damage and can hold an electrical charge at a constant frequency. The skull can hold energy. What does this mean? It means that the skull can send electrical impulses and vibrating waves of information.

Technically, the skulls CAN contain information - just like the Mayans have claimed for thousands of years in their mythology. Could it be that we have discovered the Mayan equivalent of a modern day computer?

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Anonymous said...

May I have any scientific reference.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Scientific references are listed in detail (along with photos of the scientists actually performing the studies on the skulls in the 70's) in the book:

The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, Unlocking the Secrets of the Past, Present, and Future.

Authors Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas

zac said...

In the late 60's and early 70's I read about the crystal skulls as a young teenager. The skulls then faded into oblivion until maybe 3 years ago when I discovered the internet. I've found many reads about the skulls and I must admit this was the most interesting and informative. I certainly hope to see more here.

Anonymous said...

Just let the world die already. we are not ever supposed to be here. let it go.

Anonymous said...

man does not deserve to exsist, the end of man kind will be a new beginning of something so wonderful & pure & I await for the end in hope life will for the first time be as intended. Intellagence has destroyed & will destroy every exsistance of hummanity. Meditate & be thankful for the nature of the human race will be upon his own desire to control which he has not seen & play GOD. By all means play, playtime is almost over. Accept life as what it is & not what it should be & just maybe inner peace will save the race of man but if you ask me its to late for fate is couting down to zero.

Anonymous said...

it is either pure luck or raw destiny that the humans even have the slightest glimmer of hope for survival. may it be their choices that determine their fate.

Anonymous said...

the age of man and his greediness, his unwillingless to admit that there is someyhing greater than him, is absolutely nearing the end. it only takes a small measure of intelligence to understand that this cannot continue at the rate that it does. the earth is sorely vexed from mankind's abuse of her, and a great cleansing is about to take place. I pray that it comes godspeed. "how long before the blood of the innocents is avenged?"

Anonymous said...

First, the hardness assertion that quartz is one of the hardest minerals in the world is not true. On the Mohs Hardness Scale http://geology.about.com/library/bl/blmohsscale.htm quartz is the standard for "7" on a scale of one to ten. Diamonds are 10.

Second, ALL quartz is piezoelectric: if you apply pressure to it, it generates a weak electric charge. It's nothing special about the skull that makes it do that - it's the fact that it is made of quartz in the first place.

Don't get me wrong; the skulls are interesting to me as well, especially since modern tools probably could not duplicate them - but that doesn't necessarily mean that they possess mysterious powers.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... isn't new Indiana Jones' movie about the crystal skulls? i think most of you are just jealous since mayans weren't anywhere near your ancient civilizations

Unknown said...

have there been any more skulls found? Where can I get more information on the crystal skulls? I have been fascinated by this article and would like to pursue with greater interest

Anonymous said...

Okay the studies were done in the 70's and "interesting things" were concluded. With the advances in the technology of the early 21st Century, especially with nanotechnology couldn't an "interface" be developed to read the information contained within the skulls? I read recently that data could be stored at the molecular level, basically infomation could be stored with in the leave of trees or upon the wings of a bird. If the Skulls have knowledge, then let them speak the wisdom so humanity could learn from the wisdom therein.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever thought that the Mayan. Might have been visited by a time traveller and given the skulls as a communication device. The mayans calander run out on dec. 21, 2012. maybe they know something to helps us change but it seems were not changing.

Anonymous said...

The longer I live the more I have come to beleive that mankind is an experiment created by a being or beings greater than ourselves-perhaps coming from another time or place. It seems to me that perhaps the "experiment is drawing to a conclusion" and that we may have been allowed to determine it's outcome. It would be no surprise to me if these skulls existed as a remnant of a far greater technology than we as humans have experienced. Perhaps we still have time to save ourselves, but it would require a radical change in consciousness to do so.

Anonymous said...

The longer I live the more I have come to beleive that mankind is an experiment created by a being or beings greater than ourselves-perhaps coming from another time or place. It seems to me that perhaps the "experiment is drawing to a conclusion" and that we may have been allowed to determine it's outcome. It would be no surprise to me if these skulls existed as a remnant of a far greater technology than we as humans have experienced. Perhaps we still have time to save ourselves, but it would require a radical change in consciousness to do so.

Anonymous said...

the fact that most believe that we are "doomed" as beings may be the whole premise for a conscienceness change deemed neccesary. the fact that the human race as a whole overwhelmingly believes this may be the cause for this predicted demise in 2012. I know that all humans can tell the difference between hate and love. The problem is that some have a different perception of the two and would disagree with each other's definition. Plato will tell you this in just about all of his writings. There is no definition, it is universal. Those that are truly "good" are on the opposite "pole" than those that are truly "bad". If these poles change or reverse who is either good or bad? it is all perception. Those that think they are good may be on the way to realize they are really bad and vice versa. The change in polarity may be in reference to the change in the perception of the way that we live, separated with boundaries and borders, dominated by tangible things such as pieces of land (which is the basis for wealth if you really think about it). More specifically the "Holy Land". This is where this way of thinking all begins and ends?

Anonymous said...

ANONYMOUS SAID:The longer I live the more I have come to beleive that mankind is an experiment created by a being or beings greater than ourselves-perhaps coming from another time or place.


Anonymous said...

I think John Mccain is the anti-christ

Anonymous said...

Well...has anyone considered aliens creating this? Its thought that some civilisations have been visited in the past by aliens...maybe these skulls were made by some advanced alien civilisation and if we could read the information stored within them maybe humanity has a chance to redeem itself. "The information they provide will save the human race. The legend forewarns, however, that mankind must be able to accept the knowledge morally and spiritually." Maybe this knowledge is that we are doing something wrong.Humanity could be morally wrong as a race or just stupid and aliens knew this long ago and decided to pass these skulls to us.Maybe aliens even led us up to this point in time.Maybe in 2012 humanity will be judged...

Anonymous said...

Yes, many believe that aliens could be the ones responsible for providing humans with the skulls, although there are other explainations that would remain unadressed. I am aware although have limited knowledge on the subject of dark matter. Could this be the rift through which a change in dimension? What about black holes? Aliens could very well be our judges, but what of a single being? Could a single being with the ability to convey a larger message exist? And what of the various civilizations? How is it that not all civilizations are not known to have crystal skulls but are on the same page of the Mayans?

Anonymous said...

If anything, based on biblical descriptions of the anti-christ, Barack Obama would be far more likely than McCain. Though I doubt either of them are the anti-christ.

Also, what people don't ever seem to point out is that perhaps we were meant to change and avert our own destruction...but maybe we've already done that. Everyone assumes that we are heading for disaster but its also possible that we're actually far better than a previous version of society that ended up doomed.

There are two truths to every generation...The world is always getting better and everyone always believes the world is getting worse.

Anonymous said...










Oreste said...

Hello Aphrodite. A salute from Rome. Ciao

Anonymous said...

Those who seek power lie and cheat their way to the top. Those who have power submit to greed. Energy demands increase while supplies are coming to an end. All of us are becoming or have already become empty. We see the problems ahead, and yet we do nothing. Our recent President elect won because of a single proposition, "Change"... Though it is unclear what will change, people have shown the willingness to back that play. The problem is, most who would back that policy, have no idea what they are changing.

So I ask all that read this post, what secrets would you hope to find within the skulls? Whether you know it or not, I will sum it up in one word "Power".

We have not reached a state of being as of yet to handle what they may contain. Though, those who do not deny there inner desires are probably still trying to figure out a way.

Finally, we are not all either good or bad by design, we are both. Equally capable of choosing to be either. That is free will, that is your experiment. We, since the beginning of recorded history as a people have failed. Our choices have led us to destruction, hate and seperation. We have never taken the step to push ourselves to become a better society. We only take cosmetic steps to blind us of the reality.

I hope, great leaders will surface in the world. Not one, or two, but many, willing to lead us in to the era of mankind.

Anonymous said...

how come you have to by a book so you can see the pictures of their experiments with crystal skulls why can't someone just put the pictures on a web site.

~j0zy~ said...

Everyone wants to go out and whine about how the world is the worst ever and humankind sucks and oh woe to me civilization is doomed.
Thats not true.

"Finally, we are not all either good or bad by design, we are both. Equally capable of choosing to be either. That is free will, that is your experiment. We, since the beginning of recorded history as a people have failed. Our choices have led us to destruction, hate and seperation. We have never taken the step to push ourselves to become a better society. We only take cosmetic steps to blind us of the reality."
from ^ ^ ^

1. There is not just good and bad, everything is not all black and white. Things are not ALL bad or ALL good. Maybe your house is on fire but you can look in the tree and see a chrysaliss opening to reveal a butterfly and you can't say that every moment of that day was "bad".
2.Are you saying we were better in recorded history? We have not "failed". We as a species have acheived amazing, wonderful things. We've had to adjust ourselves, its all trial and error, but imagine, we've invented governments, and religion. We've harnassed lightening and we can predict natural disasters. We've been to the Moon! (unless you think thats a theory too, and considering everyones cynicism I wouldn't be surprised.)
3. Yes we have tried, and sometimes we have succeeded. People right now and all through the past have tried to fix what in their eyes was a failing world. Currently, we have our president-elect to try his hand at it.

It's not easy to be optimistic, but even though one might think 'tis much nobler to sit in a corner and wallow in the sorrows of our failures, its not. Thats the lazy way to go. Suck it up and look on the bright side. When the world explodes and Bambi and mermaids come out to sing that we're gone then you can say "I told you so, we do suck!".

Until then, have a heart.

Anonymous said...

It has come to my knowlege we have awakened the beast within, the crusaders trough the centuries have engulfed a subtle yet very exotic culture and beings with nothing but violence and hatred. The simplest of man yet the most fierce when it comes to defending their mother land and beliefs. Now as dooms day approaches, the remdamdts of a humble and simple society have collided with technology. The Arab countries have pieced the Nuclear Bomb trough the decades. Human nature will be obvious as we corner the "beast", a great attack will be felt, and it will echoe worlwide. The beggining of the end WW3 nuclear holocaust is almost inevitable. Beliefs collide as man seeks power and uses religion as an excuse, we have chosen this path. God has shown his wrath by sendin grief upon us, change was not subtle. As the president elect rises to power turmoil is felt worlwide. May GOD have mercy on our souls.... P. Rodriguez Seqouia HS

Anonymous said...

I seek not power but knowledge. Power is useless to me. Kowledge is wisdom to know what I can change and accept the things that I cannot.

Unknown said...

anonymous, who ever you are, your beliefs concur with my own. i have been very intrigued in the possibility of the 2012 judgment day and the pile of evidence is astounding. i have also read books about consciousness and revealing the true self. i try to convey my limited knowledge on these topics to my friends and family but they are so absorbed in the material world that they dont even want to hear me out or just dont understand. every civilization, religion, and culture has predicted that the day is coming for a global shift in consciousness and i hope that somehow all of mankind can successfully evolve our universal understanding and avoid becoming extinct

Anonymous said...

The Mayan calender says the year 2012 is a part of some great event in the Earth's cycle.

Edgar Cacye "when the year is 7 and the dead rise from thier graves"

1-1-2012 = 1+1+2+1+2= 7
1-1-2012= 1+1+20+12=34= 7
1-1-2012= 1+1+2+12= 2+14= 16= 7
No matter how you add up New's Year's Day's date 1-1-2012 it will come back to 7. I am taking notice.

Anonymous said...

im a mother of 3 ranging from 9 to 18 my son an daughter are at the age to were they want to move out soon my husband an i have asked them no to till after 2012 passes i worry if no one else does not your cold what if this is all for real would you rather not be with family then strangers after all blood is thicker then water.believe or not i have started to prepare food water ect if this is wrong an nothing goes wrong i have lost nothing but gained a lot the lives of my children plus 4 years of food. do yourself a favor think twice.

Anonymous said...

How do these consistent pedictions of a cataclysmic event in 2012 contrast against predictions from other seers who discuss other types of events that go beyond this date ? If the world ends in 2012, what are they tuned in to...????

Unknown said...

The cataclismic predictions of the date 21 December 2012 is wrong! The alignment of the earth & sun with the center of our galaxy will not have any effect on earth until it moves out of the alignment! It makes sense to believe the alignment will mean perfection & harmony & not chaos & devastation. Yes it would be the upset in balance for the Mayans who predicted this date because they were a primitive & evil, ancient society, who worshipped murder & suffering. To them their harmony of evil in the world is coming to an end on that date when all shall be good. But beware all ye people who are too busy waiting for something bad to happen! Is this not evil? While you are doing this you shall have already missed the good & peace which shall occur in the short time that it happens!

Anonymous said...

no more bills to pay in 3 years

Anonymous said...

July 9, 2008 -- How about this for the next installment of the Indy franchise: "Indiana Jones and the Dodgy Antiques Dealer"?

Less than three months after the Quai Branly Museum in Paris discovered that a crystal skull once proclaimed as a mystical Aztec masterpiece was a fake, it is now the turn of the British Museum and the Smithsonian Institution to find they were victims of skull-duggery.

Scientists from those two prestigious institutions on Wednesday said their crystal skulls were cut, honed and polished by tools of the industrial age, not by Mesoamerican craftsmen of yore.

"The skulls under consideration are not pre-Columbian. They must surely be regarded as of relatively modern manufacture," they say.

"Each skull was probably worked not more than a decade before it was first offered for sale."

The skulls became star exhibits in all three museums long before the Indiana Jones movie, "The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," hit the movie screens this year.

The superstitious deemed them part of a collection of 12 skulls, endowed with healing or mystical powers, that dated back to the ancient culture of Central America.

Reuniting all 12 skulls, together with a putative 13th, would conjure up a massive power that would prevent the Earth from tipping over on December 21 2012, the "doomsday" in the Mayan calendar, according to one fable.

Legend-lovers had a bad day on April 18 when the Quai Branly said it had found grooves and perforations in its 11-centimeter (4.4-inch) -high quartz skull revealing the use of "jewelery burrs and other modern tools."

Doubts had also surfaced about the skulls in London and Washington, with art experts noting they were unusually large and with teeth markings that were exceptionally linear.

Seeking the verdict of science, researchers from those two museums examined the skulls with electron microscopes, looking at tiny scratches and marks left by the carving implements.

These were then compared with the surfaces of a crystal goblet, rock crystal beads and dozens of greenstone jewels known to be of genuine Aztec or Mixtec origin.

The study appears in the Journal of Archaeological Science, published by the Elsevier group.

The skull in the British Museum, purchased in 1897, is made of transparent rock crystal and is 15 centimeters (six inches) high. The Smithsonian skull, acquired by the museum in 1992, is of white quartz and measures 25.5 cms (10 inches) in height.

The investigators found that rotary wheels gave the British skull its sharp definition, a drill had dug out the nostrils and eyes, and diamond or corondum had been applied with iron or steel tools to smooth its upper surfaces.

As for the U.S. skull, "faint traces" of tool marks remain, but these too are consistent with rotary wheels or grinding pads, the authors say.

No evidence has ever been found that rotary wheels were used to cut stones in Central America before the arrival of Europeans.

The investigators also found a black-and-red deposit in a tiny cavity of the Smithsonian skull. X-ray diffraction showed it to be silicon carbide -- a tough compound that only exists naturally in meteorites but is widespread in modern industrial abrasives.

Anonymous said...

Tiny irregularities in the quartz suggest the mineral for the London skull came from the European Alps, Brazil or Madagascar, while the quartz for the Washington skull had "many potential sources," including Mexico and the United States.

The sleuths pored over the archives of both museums, the Museum of Mankind in Paris, the French National Library, the Hispanic Society of America and newspaper records in a bid to find where the skulls came from.

The only documentation existing for the Smithsonian skull indicates it had been purchased in Mexico City in 1960. The scientists believe the skull was "probably manufactured shortly before it was purchased" there.

As for the British Museum and Quai Branly skulls, the paper trail leads to a French antiques collector by the name of Eugene Boban Duverge.

Boban had a shop in Mexico City and parlayed his way to the salons of Paris thanks to the 1863-67 "French Intervention," when troops of France's Second Empire invaded Mexico.

He built up a collection of 2,000 pre-Columbian artifacts, the biggest in Europe at the time. It included several crystal skulls, including the newly-unmasked fakes in London and Paris.

The skull that would eventually be bought by the British Museum was acquired by Boban between 1878 and 1881, possibly in Europe, the study says. In 1885, he tried to sell it to the National Museum of Mexico, but was turned down.

A year later, Boban sold it an auction to the New York jeweler's Tiffany's.

Two years later, Tiffany's sold the skull to a Californian businessman who nearly a decade later went bust and asked the jeweler to hunt for a new buyer.

So it was that Tiffany's vice president, George Kunz, made a pitch to the British Museum.

He recommended the purchase of "this remarkable object," sketched a past of colorful ownership, beginning with a Spanish soldier who had brought it back from Mexico, and quoting the opinion of others that the skull was of ancient Mexican origin but no-one knew for sure.

The rest, as they say, belongs to history... and human gullibility.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

I thank you for your comment here and your participation in this site. I have heard about (and also watched the special) on the recent findings, which are interesting. But thats all they are to me - interesting and nothing more. They certainly aren't definitive evidence to me.

It may be that some of the skulls are fakes, I simply do not know. But to make a broad, generalized statement that ALL are fakes because of the discovery of tool marks and linear lines is somewhat a stretch for me.

Indulge me and lets review this for a moment.

To say that ancient civilizations didn't have the necessary tools or knowledge of certain technologies to get the job done is an arrogant statement to make. We know that the egyptians made use of the bowdrill and lapidary drills, which are ancient rotary cutting tools,(http://www.geocities.com/unforbidden_geology/ancient_egyptian_copper_coring_drills.html) as well as stone saws which created very linear lines (http://www.theglobaleducationproject.org/egypt/articles/stonetech.php). These people had the knowledge, developed the tools and understood the value of rotation and leverage when working them and made superb use of it.

The only real piece of the writing that you referenced above that could possibly indicate the use of modern tools is the finding of silicone carbide. But this too can be explained because you see, in the very writing you referenced, it mentions that silicone carbide is a compound which is only naturally found in meteorites. And I find it quite interesting that the scientists claiming these findings didn't make a note of the fact that rare meteoritic iron has been found in tombs since the Old Kingdom, the period in the 3rd millennium BC when Egypt attained its first continuous peak of civilization in complexity and achievement(http://www.reshafim.org.il/ad/egypt/trades/tools.htm). So one could look at that and say that these recent findings only lend MORE credence to the fact that some, if not all, of these skulls are indeed of ancient origin.

The simple evidence of tool marks, burrs and grinding doesn't render them as fakes in my book. One would expect to find faint evidence of this nature as our technological advances enable us to do so. Clearly, these ancient peoples had the knowledge of tools (cutting, grinding, drilling) and made use of them.

It is now known that ancient peoples even had the knowledge and use of battery power given the discovery of the Baghdad Batteries, which date from the Parthian occupation between 248 BCE and 226 CE, with their origins being traced even further back to 2500 BCE (http://www.world-mysteries.com/sar_11.htm). Yet modern man credits this invention to a gentleman by the name of Alessandro Volta (hence the electrical unit known as the volt) in the year 1800.

It seems the knowledge of the ancestors had been lost until finally being rediscovered again in the year 1800.

Should we say that because the Egyptians didn't have the use of large cranes and heavy lifting or hauling equipment - that they didn't construct the pyramids? The pyramids must be fakes because we discovered that tools were used to construct them? Tools we may not have thought to have been in use at that time? And that because we haven't figured out exactly how it may have been done - that means they must not have done it?

Sounds ludicrous doesn't it?

I think at times modern man is so arrogant that we underestimate our ancient ancestors and their knowledge. As time continues, we discover that these ancient civilizations were much more advanced than we had ever previously imagined (http://www.theepochtimes.com/news/6-4-1/39954.html) and the fact that we underestimated them in the first place is a sure sign of our modern arrogant nature.

Again Joe, I thank you for your contribution here and for getting a great discussion on the matter going. But the recent findings you cited really don't solve the mystery in my book.

Anonymous said...

Whoever that other depressed anonymous poster is.... get a hold of yourself.who the hell are you to judge all of humankind. Some people think there are lost enzymes or acids that the ancients used to make those skulls. There are so many lost trades that people don't perform anymore since they had been passed down to apprentices in the past. These skulls might just represent a lost stone polishing technique. Whatever their origins, they are pretty shiney objects aren't they? On December 21 2012 do yourself and your loved ones a favor and don't drink the Kool-aid. Do you really have any good reason to assume the Mayans had info about the end of the world. Could their calander have been so accurate if it didn't run out of cogs on those little wheels at some point. Always question the motives of people telling you to be afraid.

Anonymous said...

I belive that in 2012 a time of great change and clensing will come apon us, there will be many events that will kill billions but there will be a few survivours and they shall be brought together when the human race is in ruins and shall find an re-unite the skulls which may initiate a new age in human kind. How and who is yet to be determined but all else is allready decided.

Anonymous said...

Before anyone can change anything of humanity and their selves for a global unified purpose of whatever may happen 12/21/2012. We must consider who benefits from chaos? Why does the world close their eyes to a much more powerful and secret society. The Free Masons... I dont know the true intent of their Ideals of New World Order, but I can see the skulls being of great interest to them, or a great threat as well... I have read that economy and control is the driving force of The Masons. They have guild halls in every major city world wide, if not all communities of North America. It is a fact that their guild transends borders and boundaries, races and diplomatic parties. It is not just a billionairs club of power mongering old fogys, trying to prove their existentialism. There is a force behind the pupets that they are. Many of the great inventors and politicans that formed modern society were Free Masons. They own most corporations if not all, franchieses and banks. If there is power or information within the "13" (their favorite number) skulls they would be the ones who eagerly wish to possess them. There is a Masons guild in my home town. If you take the time to learn a little of them, you might agree with some of the crap I am saying. If I could I would do something to expose their true intents, but mostlikely nobody would belive me. Oh yeah they control alot of the television most people watch... That was how they got George Bush Jr into office... That is how they started the war in IRAQ... That is how they are controlling YOU!!!!

Anonymous said...

All I am going to say is that Free Masons will destory us all if we let them

Anonymous said...

Where can I get one of these?

Anonymous said...

the skulls are NOT ancient.
if they hold any info, that is b/c of the crystal, not the skull.
the skulls are man made, and basically a HOAX.
the mayans were killers, and cruel, not a group of people we should look to for enlightenment.
2012 is means nothing, if anything, it will be huge solar flares that detroy people, and crops.

stop promoting bullshit, like so many others.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

I'm really glad you showed up. You seem to have all the answers so thanks for clearing this matter up for all of us.

The Mayans may have been savage in nature, but you did not live in their world so do not judge. As for me personally, I do not think that is reason enough to overlook their great achievements as a culture and a society.

(Thanks for clearing up that pesky 2012 issue for all of us, too.)

And as for your order to stop promoting BS like so many others . . . I would like to first ask 1.) What are you doing here then? and 2.) inform you that I live in a country of free speech and I shall continue to discuss and/or promote any matters that I see fit here.

You should simply enact your free will - and choose not to visit.

Nathan, www.myspace.com/i_punch_cats said...

You're a genius, you know that right?

I've tried reading all of this, and still i can't make any sense of it.

Therefore, I have decided, that the weeks leading into 21.12.12 are better spent with a bottle of bubble, a cocktail of drugs and some friends.

Our last week on earth would be better spent with some fun, as opposed to shitting our pants.

To those of you contemplating suicide (cough, IDIOTS) Think about it, you could swallow yourself some mr sheen dish detergent, cut yourself, faint and vomit, or, die of something natural, or by complete accident!

Example, you could die of a heart attack, a car accident, a plane crash (or god forbid, anal cancer) OR you could get swatted in an instant by a giant asteroid or burned to a crisp by the sun.

Now's the perfect time to get healthy! Look after yourself, and take your pick.

I very much anticipate 2012, but if i wake up on the 22nd with a hangover, syphlis and another strange rash and the worlds still in working order... Boy am i going to feel like an idiot...

And just for the record, i don't condone the use of drugs, hell I'm too paranoid to take medication! That's just the inner 'hey dude, you'll be dead in 3 years, do something interesting!' me, talking.


Anonymous said...

2012 has to be something pretty amazing for the mayans to speak of this

Anonymous said...

We live in interesting times...IF indeed 2012 does come true, there's NOTHING we can do to stop it, so why worry?

Enjoy life and think we will see something BIG that may happen.

How cool!

Anonymous said...

OH Its a Coming.... Have you not noticed the stars at night recently?

Anonymous said...

The ancient message is simple...right in front of our eyes...but we do not see..."It is the inevitable symbol/state, of what we will become"...SIMPLE!

Anonymous said...

I'll will get worse before it will be better

Anonymous said...

If the Skulls are like a modern day computers why not let a computer company set a laser at the top of the Skull and let it read the Skull like it would a cd or dvd disc.Who knows maybe the Mayans did the same thing but using one of the other Skulls at the top of the Skull when the eyes were shooting laser like light.Back then that might have had a different effect than it would now days.It's possible that each Skull has different information.Like a book.One could be past history, medical history,farming,etc. others maybe on different times in earth's evolution.Then there is the one that could be of possible future events.I have never seen a real Crystal Skull but it seems likely that they hold information like a computer and could be read like a cd or dvd or even set up like a computer so that there would be gigs of information just waiting to be found.It could also be that this little reply goes unnoticed and no one will ever try it.
There is a slight and I mean very slight chance that these Skulls were not created on earth and the information in them is from someone that wants to help us survive or to move to the next level of intelligence.I have always said that I'm not the brightest man around but sometimes I have my moments of great thought.

Anonymous said...

There have been many end days predicted since the beginning of time. Just recently, does anyone remember December 31, 1999, or Hale-Bop Comet. I guess we just try to make it through this one like we did all the rest, what choice do we have? I plan on stocking up on wine. I mean you can keep it in huge barrels and if the world is coming to an end at least I will have a good drink! Alos, if the world doesn't end, at least I will have a good drink! LOL

Anonymous said...

I believe the children are our are future, teach them well and let them lead the way.
Show them all the beauty they possess inside.
Give them a sense of pride, to make it easier.
Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be.

Everybody searching for a hero.
People need someone to look up to.
I never found anyone to fulfill my needs.
A lonely place to be so I learned to depend on me.

I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone's shadows.
If I fail, if I succeed.
At least I live as I believe.
No matter what they take from me, they can't take away my dignity.
Because the greatest love of all, is happening to me.
I found the greatest love of all, inside of me.
The greatest love of all is easy to achieve.
Learning to love yourself, it is the greatest love of all.

I believe the children are our are future, teach them well and let them lead the way.
Show them all the beauty they possess inside.
Give them a sense of pride, to make it easier.
Let the children's laughter remind us how we used to be.

And if by chance, that special place.
That you've been dreaming of leads you to a lonely place.
Find your strength in love.

Anonymous said...

omg...not Whitney houston.

Sigh..horrible song.
On Topic...i think were in for a nice surprise myself.
People, start loving..encourage positive thoughts and make those positive actions.
Help eachother out..Life is great


Anonymous said...

so wat is xactly da conclusion ?? hw did da mayans develop these?? is this info by ny chance authentic ?? well v ll need da hp scientists to say dis in public if v r to blive. so pls prove da authenticity of da info bfor u post it

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Again, I will say that scientific references are listed in detail (along with photos of the scientists actually performing the studies on the skulls in the 70's) in the book:

"The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls: Unlocking the Secrets of the Past, Present, and Future."

By Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas

Anonymous said...

A lot of people say the human kind is a waste. You keep complaining of how the world works right now. I think everyone can agree to some degree. You guys aren't asking yourselves the more important questions. What do you want in life? Money, nice car the american dream? The worst part of the american dream is that it came true.

You have drug dealers living more lavishly then people working 60 hrs of hard labor. You got cops doing deals with them. You got lawyers and judges, willing to change what they think because of how much you pay them. What happened to the word honor?

These crystal skulls are not to represent power. To me they represent "truth". If i could have just the glimmer of hope that even if i do die that i can understand why i am here, that is good enough for me. i don't want to be surrounded by the bs that world has come to now. I hope people do change their ways. The only way for that to happen is close to an ultimate cleansing.

How can so many people fail to realize this. It is no about death, it is about the way you lived.

If someone put a gun to your head, what would be the last thing you wish you would have done before you died? Would you have regrets? Would you have fear? Would you be a coward and cry? Or would you meet your end like a man (or woman) and be happy with the life you have had.

To truly appreciate life, one must understand the concept of death.

Now tell me.

How did that food for thought taste?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the mayans got it wrong 12-21-2112 seems more mathmatical to me. However I do agree with most here, only good can come for the future based upon what human kind has already done to mother earth.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

To Anonymous (That used curse words in your comment, which I was unable to post because of your use of abusive language, anger and unadulterad hatred. I feel sorry for you, that you're so negative and hateful over an article on the web. Gees.):

1.) The reason that they're aren't any scientific references that scientifically support the hypothesis that the world will end - IS BECAUSE I DON'T BELIEVE IT WILL, nor do I believe that I stated that it will. That is your own assumption. I am not an advocate of "doomsday" prophecies. In fact, I believe the opposite. I believe 2012 is merely a symbolic reference for an "evolutionary leap. This is simply food for thought, my friend.

2.) As far as overgeneralizing the properties of quartz - quartz produces electricity. Period. It is what it is. I don't believe I stated that only piezo-electric quartz does. Here's what I said, "but for those of you who don't know this - crystal conducts energy." And yes, the purest form is required for our modern day technology, which is why it is lab grown. The skull is made of piezo electric crystal and that's what that reference is about.

3.) "You end with the statement that the skulls "contain the knowledge of mankind's existence. None of what you say in your article is based upon empirical evidence." I like the way that you left the most important part out to support your angry rant. You make it look like I claimed my thoughts to be fact when the REALITY of what I said was, "the skulls CAN contain knowledge." The word "CAN" means it's simply a possibility, not a fact, my friend. This is my blog and those are my thoughts. I'm not here to change everyone's mind, only to make them open theirs up.

4.) "I suggest you at least attempt to provide some scientific studies that support your claim that only "pure" quartz will produce a voltage." Again, I don't believe I stated that only "pure" crystal produces a voltage . . .here's the REALITY of what I said, "but for those of you who don't know this - crystal conducts energy." Of course, any logical thinker with a brain, however, would realize, the purer - the better - as imperfections affect it's abilities. Again, which is why it is lab grown for our technological purposes.

cont . . .

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

cont . . .

5.) "I know for a fact that "baghdad batteries" are complete and utter BS" . . . well, thank you for enlightening us all with YOUR FACTS - none of which you provide any of your own scientific support for.

6.) "God I hate conspiracy theories" . . . I don't see a conspiracy theory here. I see you making one up and "twisting" this. Whose working this so-called conspiracy you're referencing? What is this suppossed conspiracy about? Whose working who in your imaginary conspiracy? Do you think our government is hiding some ancient Mayan knowledge and there's some big government conspiracy about Mayan crystal skulls or something? That's just ridiculous and you sound childish in your assumptions and the way you diced this article above apart and "twisted" everything to support your anger. The piece starts out stating it's a legend, my friend. And these pieces are merely to create discussion and "food for thought." I'm no expert nor do I claim to be. This is my blog, I'll write about what I want to write about and state my thoughts openly. You don't like them, don't visit or start your own blog and spew your hatred there. You put your "twist" on everything I said to support your ridiculous claims and facts that you provide no scientific proof for yourself.

7.) "I really find the entire Mayan Calendar theory to be an utter load of crap." LOL! This my favorite part! So know I just have to ask, why then, my friend, are you here reading about it? And not only are your here reading about it, you're so passionate over the matter that you're leaving long, cursing, abusive, ranting comments over it. If it was crap, why waste your precious time? I simply take it you like to inflame discussion forums, I guess.

Really nice of you to drop by, my friend. However, I cannot publish comments loaded with anger, negativity, hatred and abusive, immature language on this site. I will not offend other readers here with your offensive language. You're aweful passionate about a subject which you claim to have no use for. And again I ask, where did I state that the end of the world was coming in this article? You sound like a religious zealot (and you did provide a bible link in your comment, hmm). And why are you asking for scientific references about the end of the world, when it wasn't discussed in this piece? For that matter, why would ANYONE ASK or EXPECT a factual scientific reference about something that is simply theory? There is no scientific reference for the end of the world, my friend. It's all only theory and speculation and thought provoking and maybe you shouldn't take it so very seriously and get so heated and passionate about it spewing anger, hatred and abusive language across the net. Why so angry, my friend?

Anonymous said...

The Mayan calender says the year 2012 is a part of some great event in the Earth's cycle.

Edgar Cacye "when the year is 7 and the dead rise from thier graves"
1-1-2012 = 1+1+2+1+2= 7
1-1-2012= 1+1+20+12=34= 7
1-1-2012= 1+1+2+12= 2+14= 16= 7
No matter how you add up New's Year's Day's date 1-1-2012 it will come back to 7. I am taking notice.
1-1-2009 = 1+1+2+9= 13 = 4
1-1-2009= 1+1+20+9=31= 4
1-1-2009= 1+1+2+9= 2+11= 13= 4

whats the big deal????
you will find such constants in every New's Year's Day's!!!!!

Anonymous said...

or even more ignicificance demo

1-1-2021 = 1+1+2+0+2+1= 7
1-1-2021= 1+1+2+0+21=25= 7
1-1-2021= 1+1+2+0+21= 2+23= 25= 7

Unknown said...

Mayans never said anything would 'end.' They lived through 'cycles.' We do too with our clocks and calendars. When the clock strikes 12, we do not fear an 'end.' It simply starts back at 1. It's ok.

Anonymous said...

The fact is the world will end sometime within the next 4 billion years. Whether it's today, 2012 or 3 billion years into the future doesn't matter much. It's just a matter of time really. At the precession of the equinox when the poles reverse, or the Earth's magnetic field takes a beating or an asteroid ploughs into the Earth what are the odds of survival anyway?

Anonymous said...

Question: Using technology today, Has anyone or anything tried to put a face to any or all of the skulls? Are all the skulls exactly the same or are they different and unique as human skulls are? If so, who's faces are represented among them (Nostradamus,DaVinci,Einstein?)and what significance may that have to the mysteries surrounding them?

Anonymous said...

No more taxes.
No more Obama.

Anonymous said...

for the one above me, your a jackass. the rest of you have seem to have good "theory's" and i agree with some of them but to say this is our own fault is not true. like one of you had said before, we have free will. we can be destructive but its not in nature that we do it. now if you were born in the world only know destruction then i could see your point but i hardly doubt most of us have had this. and where would you put in all the predictions with your theory of us all being destructive and what not? so they predicted the end of the world. does that mean we did it? no. remember the alignment of the earth with the black hole in the middle of our galaxy, are you say WE did that. no. completly impossible and irrational on so many levels. give it up guys. say all this aint gonna make a difference the the next person makeing a comment becuase theres so many of you and no way to talk to you about it. here, for who ever reads this, e-mail me. myspace,hotmail,and even youtube, its "neorereloaded2@hotmail.com" and if you want to look me up on myspace just look for jesse lee miller in lima ohio. and yes i'll give that info out besause im not realy worried about who knows me. but this kinda stuff interests me alot so get in touch with me

Anonymous said...

Has any one ever thought that recent western civilization has not been the first advanced human cvilization and that mankind a long time ago could have made these skulls? From everything I have ever seen mankind goes through cycles. Just look at all the unexplainable works of construction that have been found.

Anonymous said...

There's no doubt in my mind that we're here temporarily. I believe that we're the current civilization in a line of many. I also believe our civilization is less deserving of existence than previous ones. We've drained, exhausted, polluted and raped this planet beyond recognition. Our karma is well deserved.

Anonymous said...

Our modern calendar was not around when the Mayan calendar was made. It's simply a coincidence that their date for the end of the big cycle coincides with our own "1+2" dominated date. The Chinese calendar will coincide with the Mayan end cycle too. The numerology of this TIME is moot.

Anonymous said...

Our modern calendar was not around when the Mayan calendar was made. It's simply a coincidence that their date for the end of the big cycle coincides with our own "1+2" dominated date. Remember,the Chinese calendar,etc. will also coincide with the Mayan end cycle too.
Numerology doesn't cut it. Spiritual growth does.

Anonymous said...

i believe in time all things come to a end as it is" written and said it shall become " the future been written already by god u cant deny ur desnity ,but god wants to know how u go about it if ur good or not ur scarfices ur ablity to live good with one and other ,many evil influnces u on a daily base being able to block the evil is a real test of ur humanity most of all listen to ur heart and ur voice inside of u u know whats right and wrong, rember we are all connected by a force remember do good thats all god ask of us and yet it seems so hard for us to do

Anonymous said...

Could the 13 skulls be references to the 13 tribes of Israel?

After all, Israel has a recorded history of their ancestors right down to Adam and Eve!

"The legend claims that at a time of great need, the skulls will be discovered and reunited. The information they provide will save the human race. The legend forewarns, however, that mankind must be able to accept the knowledge morally and spiritually."

The returning of Israelites to Israel would be the 'skulls' reuniting. The information to save the human race is the knowledge of Jesus Christ, however, some will not be able to accept that knowledge!

Anonymous said...

i think its small minded to assume that sense our tools can make one of these that it was made over 300 years with the help of sand..... p.s don't bring Jesus in to this the Mayans had nothing to do with him.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, this has been a brilliant read. Thought provoking, challenging. clever, tantalising and sometimes even funny.
See life itself is being recorded on this page. Lots of different perspectives.I can thank you all, and you too The Mirror of Aphrodite. Thank you in particular for researching these and writing it up here.
I personally want these beautiful artifacts to be the real thing. I am also, a big romantic.

Anonymous said...

we haven't become more civilized we've only become to smart for our own good . the only thing necessary for evil to succeed is for good men and women to do nothing . why does it take the threat of death or apocalypse for us to give thought to life and helping each other. my what a world the human spirit could create were the thoughts of compassion on each of our plates everyday. it is a conscious choice, our poison.

Anonymous said...

Nothing in the Mayan calendar says that we will end in the 21st December 2012. I have had my suggestions to what will happen but havnt we all. I don't know what to bielieve but I want to bielieve the more acceptable theory of a evolutional leap in time and space. The leap in my thoughts is that all the lifeless planets have had life at some point. And that the same thing has happened before on the surface of there planet. We have found odd remains in different cultures such as the crystal skulls of the Maya which are said to hold info ect. Maybe in the new beginning which could be the 22nd of dec 2012 . Or the 1st of the 1st 1. Thousands of years after that they may find our stiff coins or chemicals that were not lost. Maybe secret bases that were miles underground. Maybe even area 51 Alien detention and isolation facilities. Maybe the dinosaurs were the people of there time. Ever thought that we could be written about on some sort of technical devise at somepoint maybe writing exactly what we all have just not about mayans about the so-and so's.
Lately there have been some mysterious happenings such as mass bird and fish deaths that seem to be natural. Maybe we could be the last ones but it will be mass suicide in religious places. Sacrificing them selves to let the destruction be easier for God.
God bless you all
And just remember we could just reancarnate into the next life on earth.

Anonymous said...

very nice paper... Got me thinking for a bit.. People come up with a lot of things that sound very real and convincing but i thinks we are all being brainwashed. We still have good and evil and technology is going to be used for good or evil.so we have to start standing up for our self and live a life without regrets and hope to see something greater than the i phone

Anonymous said...

How bout this ppl who gives a sh*t. If it happens it happens there is nothing you are going to be able to do to stop it so just get on with your lives and shut up

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What matters here is not about skulls or anything physical
its what you make of the moment and how u use information that u become aware of
In vibrational terms we need to love more and raise
the vibrations so that one day we cann live in a world
is not filled with greed hatred anger etc but
the opposite•
Come on people we can all up our game

Anonymous said...

My two cents.

If these things happen like perdicted the earth will be very hard to live in.

It wont be the end of all things.Like mentioned above which in my opinion it would be very hard to wipe out all of mankind from the face of the earth.No matter what the natural disaster happened.

1000 years of peace huh? Sounds to me like this could mean after this all happened mankind would need each other and thats the only time that there is going to be peace amoung mankind.

Todays world the bigger percentage of folks dont really need anyone they have money they have the pc all those things keep man from connecting which each other in the right kinda way. Like compassion understanding sharing kinda ways.

"money"buy it didnt need fellowman there.
"friendship"push a key on the pc. No when the world is in disarray thats when man will approch others in the right kinda way we will understand others through our willingness to help in a time of need will be a natural human reaction.

and it just may last 1000 years until man doesnt need man again it will start slowly again and be at a all time high again like it is today.

Anonymous said...

I have several problems with the Hewlett Packard analysis. I used to totally believe that this skull was some Atlantaen artifact, now there's too much doubt. First of all, HP said you can't cut a crystal "against the grain." Well, I got into lapidary work in the 90's and I cut crystals in any direction I wanted to with NO problems. HP were not stone cutters, and not lapidary experts either. Crystal is very hard and only shatters if it has a real bad crack already in it. Secondly you can cut a big piece of crystal like this with no problems, WATER IS ALWAYS USED AS A LUBRICANT AND WATER COOLS THE CUTTING PROCESS. I've also read much more recent analyses of the MH skull and that tool marks WERE found using an electron microscope. Then there's the bill of sale from the auction mentioned. Mitchell Hedges was a showman, not a scientist, nor an archaeologist or anthropologist. Just not very trustworthy in my opinion. I'm not convinced in either direction now. Just because there are tool marks does not prove it wasn't made 10,000 years ago when easily, advanced lapidary techniques could have been in use. We see some of this stone machining work used to level areas where the Giza pyramid lies, machining marks that supposedly couldn't have been made by technology 5,000 years ago. Obviously the Great Pyramid is much older, but you'll never get any Egyptologist to stray from accepted theories. The MH skull despite where it came from is a truly masterwork of lapidary art, no matter who made it. Eye sockets that can start a fire? There's no proof of that. Please don't believe everything you read, have an inquiring mind. Large crystal skulls are made in the thousands now, just go to Ebay and look whats being made. Don't believe everything you read by people who claim to be "caretakers" of "ancient" skulls with names. These people invariably have something to SELL to you, skull tours, lectures, books, amazing stories with no real proof. The book by Frank Dorland is a classic good read and points out paranormal qualties he observed, which he ultimately attributed ONLY to the fact that the MH skull is a LARGE piece of clear quartz, and NOT because of some theory of how old it is or where it came from. Frank Dorland was a believer that lab grown crystals were better than natural crystals, and if you google Tom Struble, I think he still cuts and sells Dorland designed crystal pendants made of lab quartz.

Anonymous said...

Mirror of Aphrodite...you are very informative.. when i and my brother read you're blog we were mind boggled.. (we are just teenagers lol) and then when we followed on to the comments on you're blog..we had a good laugh.
some were pretty informative..too.
But here is the point i wanted to make..
Thanks for the info. AND to all the people following the Mayans,their Skulls and those fascinating theories about the end of the world..etc.. Atleast worry about the entire skeleton!! No body thought of that! L0L

Anonymous said...

on a second thought... live your life peacefully and do good as much as you can...
atleast you will be leaving a better world no matter when you leave.. or whenever the world is changing.. or whatever the hell is going to happen to the EARTH in 2012. we still got more than 6 months to worry about it all .. but don't really worry too much.
Mirror Of Aphrodite your blog is great. :bd
keep the good work going on!!

Raneses Medina said...

Doomsday 2012: All of the Ways We're Going to Die...........

Anonymous said...

The crystal skulls are so amazing.... And I know you could go find them, but it rocks when they find you. I found myself in such a situation once, totally shock me. Just coincidentally helping out a friend in a pinch and there it was, all beautiful and sparkly! Coolest thing I ever saw. You know, for all those with a negative look on us being here, this is a gift, not a curse. As messed up as the world is sometimes, there are far more positive things to focus on. Like these skulls. wow... Or crystals -too cool! If you feel guilty about being here, then do something about it. I mean we get to do anything.. including make up our own gods, kills them, rape raze and pillage each other. . . How about we stop and try something else. These skulls are famed to tell us all something about ourselves, that quite frankly, we already know. But will we instead whine and cry like 2 year olds? . . .! and the human race will recede into the primal mists of idiocracy. Well screw that!!! You want to know what I got from that skull? It told me to get off my butt and help out- be part of the solution! It told me to stop polluting my gift of communication with anger and disdain.... and it told me that I am governed from within and not controlled from with out.... wow.... like the most powerful thing I ever did see....

Larry D said...

could it be that the computers,cellphones and modern devices that operate using crystal, are what was referenced in the legends. Could it be that since they each carry a part of what the skulls are made of that they ARE what the legends refer to and through them man-kind will be saved?

Anonymous said...

Of course the "information" we will discover will be HUGE and greaty change "our way", like other archaeological discoverys so far. hahahaha!

I find this highly interesting, however most discussions around these topics are pragmatic or deluded. Most comments here use this just to put weight on their argument of humans being bad. That's old news and off-topic _o/

Anonymous said...

If the centre of the galaxy is represented by the cross in Christian religion and the cross is the dark twin the Egyptians referred to? According to modern science there is a black hole bang in the centre of our galaxy. As the planets line up, the gravitational pull of this black hole could be enough to alter the magnetic poles resulting in a polar shift. But, as we pass through the galactic alignment, the poles will move back to their original position, what will be left is anyone's guess.

Anonymous said...

HOPE ALL OF YOU ARE READY FOR 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

freesmithy said...

Humans are not bad, we all have the potential for either good or bad and are held back by the structure of society. We accept a system that creates class devisions, wars, famine etc.. which need not be so. The ones we LET leed us have sold there soul to the devil (mass corporations) and let the devil destroy our earth and system with no penalty ie.. why do the bankers get away with causing billions being lost when someone who hasn't paid a council tax bill gets put in jail and why do corps like BP + British gas get to rape our earth of it's resources while charging extortians (and still rising) for the resources when they are allready making in excess of 5 billion a year? Our leaders are not problem solvers so why are they leading us when the real problem solvers are scientists and technicians? Why don't we stop the wars and use that money to invest in the real problem solvers creating a self sustaining society that can change the WHOLE WORLD? Because the richest can't make more money out of that, thats why. We will avoid catasrophy when money stops being an individuals power and knowledge becomes everyones power and all become equal! I pray this day arises for the potential of humans is beyond this world. One day we could be the ones experementing with life on other planets but with a system that needs money to get off this planet and only the few have it, it will ALLWAYS be too expensive.
Peace to all!

David Penn said...

Strange question, can the structured Water theory in unison with light, electrical and audible influences cause a end result, for example Chants song and prayer, we know the Egyptians had basic battery technology. My thought is that there may be an unseen importance such as the ability to carry currents, in such a way as to be a Quartz based life form be it artificial or natural. I would really like to get my hands on it for some further testing, also, do the known properties of the above statement change with temperature?

Anonymous said...

So many people that turn there nose up and just refuse to accept anything that they dont understand. Like they are too smart to be fooled by something. Skeptics try so hard to prove something to be fake. While almost at the same time doing it with a cocky smirk and looking down and laughing at people who keep a open mind and strive not just to prove things real and accurate but to understand it! Where would mankind be right now if every single being on earth was a full blown skeptic about anything that was too incredible for them to understand right away...all while thinking..if i cant prove it right away..then its not real...it doesnt exist.We truly are at a tipping point in time...just time as we know it..a thing that we had to name and number and be able to count...just so we could comprehend it. When majority of humans reach a point where we are not scared of things we cant understand or believe...we finally will understand.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. There is a lot of great reading in here.... Let me contribute my little slice.

Having been a casual listener of a certain late night radio program which featured Art Bell.. I was interested to hear of an abnormality that occurred on 9-11-2001. Stanford University supposedly has a large random number generation "farm" of computers. The moment the second plane hit the tower and all eyes on TV saw the horror at the same time around the planet, suddenly it is said, the random numbers on every one of their computers stopped being random, for just a moment, and they all churned out more or less a sequence of numbers that were nolonger random but in unison and then merrily returned to making their random numbers again like nothing happened. I can't corroborate this after a few casual internet searches. The closest I came to finding any info about this was the "Global Consciousness Project". Art Bell and the guy who knew of the derandomized numbers could not explain it.

I can. Computers are all run off a timing device called a clock. The clock paces the movement of information pulses (1s and 0s) through the computer to keep everything on a good timing basis so nothing is too early or too late and so that it can go as fast as it can without going too fast (overclocking = cooked CPU). The "clock" timing signal is generated ultimately by a circuit which generally multiplies a wavelength received from a quartz crystal "oscillator" (fancy word for a rock that hums a certain high pitch wavelength so high you'll never hear it but a computer or a cell phone can certainly use it)...

Random number generation can be done by many tricks. One of the ones I remember from software programming days was that when the computer OS is requested to return a random number, it does so based on a simple algorithm of counting the precise number of microseconds that passed from when it was last turned on to the moment when the random number request came in and was processed. This number would always be different since it is ever-expanding until the computer is turned off. Thus a simple mathematical operation like division is applied to this number to bring it down to the size of random number requested and voila, it looks truly random because the answer returned is always different!

If crystals act to create wavelengths (to run computer clocks) and they also receive wavelengths if no electricity is applied to make them emit one.. as evidenced by receiving crystals used to tune older walkie-talkies and HAM radios before the digital age came about... then conceivably, since thought works on alpha-beta-theta waves in the brain and these waves are electrically measurable at a distance from the body with precise instruments, when everyone had the same OMG thought at that moment the plane hit that building, the combined total of all those same type and frequency of brainwaves being generated globally at the same televised moment summed together was a strong enough signal that it carried distance and was strong enough to "glitch" all those computers at Stanford so for a moment, their clocks reset and for that moment, they all seemed to be on the same page again, because they were!

Thus the crystal skulls may be very powerful receiving radios, and when humanity is at its most desperate need, the aliens who seeded us here and stranded us here on this planet as part of some pet project or what have you, will use the skulls like radio receivers to send us an urgently needed message or piece of information.

It makes sense, logically speaking.....

Cagey 6r

Anonymous said...

If this is the last full year of existence, what are you going to do to help your fellow humans?

Anonymous said...

New Yorker here. I am old enough..67 to have seen a lot of changes. I remember when there were no TV's and only a few phones, nevermind the internet. We are developing very rapidly. Now the scientists have found there is such a thing as faster than light as in a particular neutrino. What we thought of as new last year, is no longer new. There's an urgency about life I've never experienced. I am from upstate and when we used to visit the city you could feel it as an uptick of energy, the closer you got. Makes sense since so much goes on there, so many souls live there. It's almost a centrifigul force of it's own. I am getting that same sense in my little town in upstate now, though around here, little has changed. If anything less people live in New York State and there is less opportunity. For the past year I have made changes to my lifestyle, not investing so much in future monetary gains but putting money into the things I will need to survive and help my family survive. If the dollar is no longer recognised as valuable currency what will it do for you?
Don't get me wrong, I still have invenstments and I'm still working but I also buy things like food, dried and dehydrated, installed a generator, invested in non hybrid seeds and stocked up on other basics a few at a time over the year. Whatever comes.. if I don't survive it, the money won't matter but if I do, I'll need to feed my family, have some heat in the winter and be able to barter for things I need. If you don't think change can come quickly look at what has happened in the past year alone. We seem to be picking up speed towards 'something' and if it's 2012 Dec 21 that seems or should I say 'feels' about right to me. I would say don't be scared but be prepared. What if nothing happens? I'll have some nice food on hand and a few things to help out when the elec goes out. The skulls seem to be part of a larger story and I do believe we are playing catch up in a universe much more complex than we can comprehend.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. there's some crackpots on here. Nothing new. Hey has anyone considered that the Mayan clock kind of runs out at 60 and goes back to 0, errr ... like resets, and goes back to 0, you know like, to errr ..., start FREAKING COUNTING AGAIN??? Yes there might be an alignment and all sorts of things might happen which unless Mayans could time travel they're not gonna have a clue. And has anyone figured that Anonymous might not be completely serious or was there another Anonymous mentioning 42 and the experiment by mice. And will the dolphins make us another of us and send us a note saying So Long and Thanks for all the Fish? You never know right! :) The reality is this - SHIT DOES HAPPEN, but unless we can travel back and forth in time at will we're never gonna predict when exactly, even if we can guess at what and a maybe when-abouts kinfda-sorta thing. Might be a run oin the banks and the markets early Dec 2012 but be well prepared to buy back in like a fiend dec 23rd.

Anonymous said...

Jesus said no man nor himself knows the final hour of man... Yes this is the truth! The mayans have made beautiful skulls and temples but none of them had the words of this man named Jesus. If you must believe in extraterrestrials then believe the one that rose people from the grave and gave sight to the blind! Surely you do not know of a greater alien then this one! Now is the time to hold on to truth and to withstand the confusion of the great liar of our time!

Anonymous said...

Jesus was just a man, not a God. This is an example of the hypocrisy of the catholic religion. Do they not claim that if you worship anything other than God, you're a Pagan? This I do NOT understand. Yet they worship Jesus and Mary all the time - two mortals, not Gods.

Anonymous said...

Think of this for a an hour or two, we by insurance to protect our car ,house and life in the even tsomething bad or even horible may happen to them or us...Why not by a little insurance in the form of rice and canned products...or dryed food such as beef jerky..if nothing happens we will all go to the food bank on Dec 22nd and help some folks that may need a little extra or go hand out our canned food and jerky to the home less on the street either way its a good idea that has some good results....

Anonymous said...

does the term self fulfilling prophecy mean anything to anyone? I look around today and all I see is a world full of people who seem to want it to end. I had such hopes for humanity, after all nothing is certain until were all six foot under.

Dr. Manhattan said...

Way too much ignorance . The Mayan Calender DOES predict disaster , great change and cataclysm. If it didnt the Calender would be just a simple marker of time . But it is based on astronomy / Therefore it is predictable = The ability to predict . From the solar eclipse on May 20, 2012 to the great galactic alignment at 11:11 am 12/21/2012 there will be enough evidence to make you notice. " There is still time ... And there is still good out there " .

Dr. Manhattan said...

"Nothing ends.. Nothing ever ends"
But from the May 20, 2012 solar eclipse to the Dec 21, 2012 galactic alignment - great change will take place . It is a great time to be on Earth. The most anticipated happening in human history? We can only hope .

Michael Kelly said...

yep still here. hope you all didn't max out your credit cards buying that dooms day crap! think of the people living underground in bunkers that cost 100kUS, just like the nuke scare of the 1950's and Cuba. Just keep on working like nothing is happening i sure Fox New will let you know if some thing happens. poor schmucks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Michael, keep drinking your coolaid, it's doing you good.

Anonymous said...

Well folks, 12/21 came and went. What say you now.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

"What say you now?"

The same thing I've always said. This was not a doomsday, apocalyptic prediction article.

Daniel said...


2015 and Crystal based storage will be here. Then all thats left is decoding!!!!

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Goes to show that the capability is definitely there and indicates that the legends could very well be true.

Excellent link, thanks for sharing that!

Unknown said...

I dug up a piece of smokey quartz..its actually a really big piece.. it weighs in at 9lbs 11oz..almost ornearly same size of a human skull would weigh..it was examined by a professor in my area that studys in anthrpology..he said the stricking marks that were made are not from modern day tool .he believes obsiddion was used....

Anonymous said...

Scientists can make things complicated sometimes, it's very simple, these skulls was made from the natural energy of the earth. The most powerful and pure energy that is similar to lighting. Lightning is form naturally for a combination procedure, that when it strikes sand fuses an amazing crystal like objects. When you compare most crop circles, they show many forms of water from evaporation, rain drops, ice solids (hail), crystallization (snow flakes), and lightning. Many of these forms overlap in circular drop. The pyramid of giza shows a clear design how this energy is created. From the water pressured at the bottom to heat/hot stones in the box in chamber to create vapor to rise up ( not sure how they crystalize, but because the upper ceiling is NOT smooth like everything else, suggests something needed to hold or collect from the ceiling) the long slender shaft leading skyward, I believe to force direction of lightning. So when we gather the right combination of elements, it will answers many questions, like how the huge stones was cut, how to harness the natural energy for every day use and stop stripping/killing the earth, use the energy to fuse and make materials mind blowing, and it's energy lightning to open portals to travel the universe. Lastly there is one skull missing, two skulls for each of the 7 continents. I hope I explained as simple as possible, even though I've collected this information/ evidence in a much better chronological form. This just my opinion. Ashani Alexander

Anonymous said...

You are aware that the Crystal Skulls were proven to be fakes made in the last century. They are fakes.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous June 1, 4:11PM,
Two of the skulls in museums sold to them by Eugène Boban were found to be fakes. This article is specifically discusses the Mitchell-Hedges skull, which passed tests in the Hewlett Packard labs back in the 70's with interesting results.

I have no clue if the Mitchell-Hedges skull is fake or not. But if I had to put my money on which one might be the real deal, that'd be the one. Not only does it look completely different from the fake at the British Museum and the fake at the Smithsonian, it has a detachable working lower jaw that was fashioned from the same piece of crystal the skull itself was carved from.

It's simply thought provoking stuff. "He who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed." ~ Albert Einstein

Anonymous said...

I only want to know which of the skulls contain a bubble, and precisely were they were found, mack622534@att.net

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

"I only want to know which of the skulls contain a bubble, and precisely were they were found"

I would suggest you read the book (detailing the HP scientific studies done in the 70's on the Mitchell Hedges skull):

The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls, Unlocking the Secrets of the Past, Present, and Future.

By authors Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas

Unknown said...

I was skimming and could help but laugh. The actual antichrist took power in 2016, 8 years later. And 14 years later he is on the verge of dooming the world. McCain didn't like the aintchrist actually lol

Unknown said...

Surprise the anti-christ was Donald Trump all along lol

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