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The Web Bot Project and 2012

Maybe some of you have heard of The Web Bot Project, but for those of you who have not, it's quite intriguing. The web bot project, developed in the late 1990's, was created to assist in making stock market predictions.

The technology uses a system of spiders to crawl the Internet and search for keywords, much like a search engine does. When a keyword is located, the web bot takes a snapshot of the text preceding and following the keyword. This snapshot of text is sent to a central location where it is then filtered to define meaning.

The web bot project's concept is aimed at tapping into the collective unconscious of the universe and it's inhabitants. As well, there is an interesting time concept involved and an unusual concept of a "tipping point" regarding the past, current, and future times.

You see, this goes a bit deeper than simply viewing what those of us on the Internet are saying.

In 2001, the web bot operators began to notice that stock market predictions were not the only matters being accurately predicted by the web bot and they began to take notice of the coincidence with occurrences and explored it further.

One of the first accurate predictions from the web bot took place in June of 2001. At that time, the web bot predicted that a life altering event would take place within the next 60-90 days. An occurrence of such proportion that it's effects would be felt worldwide. The program based it's prediction on its filtered web chatter content which, I guess you could say, ultimately represents the collective unconscious of society.

Regrettably, the program's prediction proved accurate and the Twin Towers fell on 9/11/2001.

This is where the web bot starts to become interesting. The web bot program also predicts a worldwide calamity taking place in the year 2012. For those of you who study astrology, prophecies, and the like, you may already be familiar with this date.

The Mayans are Considered Great "Seers" by Many

The Mayans built a society that focused it's studies on time, synchronicity, and consciousness. The Mayan calendar predicts that mankind will end in the year 2012. A period which also signifies the end of the current era in the Mayan calendar. But before you start hyperventilating, just relax. Because this end may represent a symbolic end more so than a literal end. A shift in consciousness, such as a societal shift into a spiritual age from a scientific one - an "evolutionary leap" if you will - by mankind. (See Humans View of History graph depiction.) Many have derived similar predictions from the I Ching or China's "Book of Changes" which was written in 2800 B.C. and is revered to this day in China.

A gentlemen by the name of Terrence McKenna studied the I Ching intensely and began to see a pattern emerging. From that pattern he produced a time line graph and called it the "Time Wave Zero" theory. Terrence's time line derived from the I Ching ended in the year 2012 - December 21, 2012 to be exact. The winter solstice.

More intriguing is the fact that many suggest that there is scientific evidence that points to a very rare astrological occurrence taking place the year of 2012. For millenia, the Mayans believed in the existence of a dark rift in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy and considered it fact.

Only recently did modern scientists discover that it actually does exist. (Previous to that, modern man was skeptical of the ancient society's belief.) There it is, right smack-dab in the middle of our galaxy - a black hole.

In 2012, it is Suggested That the Sun and the Earth Will be in Direct Alignment with the Black Hole

Big deal? Yea, kinda. . . maybe. You see, scientists speculate that magnetic shifts could take place as a result. In essence, it is theorized that the poles could reverse. The poles have shifted before and Einstein, himself, had suggested this pole shifting theory in 1955.

I'm sure many of you have heard of Merlin the Magician. Merlin was believed to be a Celtic shaman that many of his day considered a "crazed man of the forest" and during those times he was referred to as "Merlin the Wild." But what many don't realize is that Merlin was considered Europe's greatest oracle or "seer." This "crazed man of the forest" predicted that the planets will "run riot" through the constellations completely off their normal paths of rotation. Scientists speculate that if this were to happen it would be a result of the earth changing it's rotation - or the poles shifting.

Merlin predicted that the use of "talking stones" would be taking place during this time of planetary rioting. For those of you who don't already know this - stone is the basis of our modern technology. Quartz stones in particular.

Quartz technology is used in cell phones as well as computers. There's a little quartz crystal in your cell and the computer you're reading this on right now. And that little stone is the reason you can retrieve the information stored on your computer.

Quartz stores information that can then be retrieved at a later date.

Have You Ever heard of the Mayan crystal skulls?

Referred to as "talking skulls" by the ancients, the Mayans coveted the crystal skulls which were carved from natural quartz crystal and they claimed the skulls talked to them and gave them information.

Could it be that they actually did?

Based on our knowledge of the capabilities of quartz crystal and it's uses for technology - it seems quite possible. Hewlett Packard studied the skulls in 1970 and their results were startling (check them out).

The Hopi Indian Tribe believes the world has been created and destroyed three times previously. The Hopi's believe that we are living in the Fourth World and that we are on the brink of the Fifth World and they predicted that this occurrence would be preceded by submersion (rising waters), the sun getting hotter (global warming), and earth occurrences (hurricane's, tornadoes, and mass flooding). The Hopi's also predicted that the world at this time would be criss-crossed by a spider web (the Internet). They believed that the end of the Fourth World would be followed by the beginning of the Fifth World and that the evolution of life requires violence. Sad but true.

It seems that all of these beliefs are in line with predictions made from one of the greatest book of prophecies ever written - the Holy Bible - and the Book of Revelation, in particular. The History Channel created a special that touches on this very subject titled: Doomsday 2012, The End of Days. It further explores the significance of this doomsday date in ancient prophecies, texts and writings. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out and think on it for a while.

Want to Know Who Invented the Web Bot Project?

Curious to know where to find the Web Bot data runs, a link to the web bot subscription page and a link to free daily web bot updates? Start by checking out, "Who Invented The Web Bot Project: The Story Behind."

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Anonymous said...

Interesting read. Time will tell if these prophecies are to come true.

Anonymous said...

I have found your posts on this particular subject very intriquing and informative. I'll be watching to see what happens regarding future events!

Rich said...

nice post. i've done some research myself and this topic is very interesting.

i'm still a skeptic though. how could a web bot that's designed to predict stock market activity be able to predict anything not directly related to the stock market? sounds crazy but i guess crazier things have happened..

Lulu said...

CoasttoCoastam.com aired a program tonight on 7/4/07 that interviews the Web Bot guys. Check out/download the show - the "how" is explained in technical detail. Very intriguing!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to first disclaim any credibility in my opinions, and ultimately, my belief in any of this whatsoever. I'm only making intuitive assertions based on the information I have (and in some cases, personal opinions.)

I watched the program myself. It was fascinating; though, I'd like to make mention, and this has been annoying the hell out of me, that nowhere does the calendar "predict" the fact that mankind will end in 2012. We as people have placed that interpretation upon it without any evidence whatsoever except for our conditioning to believe in an ultimate end. Perhaps the Mayans themselves placed that interpretation on it...

The bigger picture as I see it, beyond all catastrophic events, is this: If the polar shift theory is true, and such an event is to occur in 2012, then the Mayan calendar in all of its precision would no longer apply after 2012 (the calendar is based off of planetary cycles, and from that new frame of reference, those cycles would change rendering the calendar useless!) It would effectively be FORCED to end, am I wrong? To make a new calendar with similar precision would require a hundreds of years of observation from that new frame of reference... I'd venture to say that if the polar shift theory is true, then we've solved the mystery of the calendar's end. There's nothing supernatural about any of it.

If anything will be worse than mass destruction brought about by natural phenomenon, it will be the aftermath. Maybe I'm just cynical, but I foresee people retreating to their religions and mobilizing against the "heathens" who allegedly brought about this destruction by angering their god, effectively bringing about an Armageddon scenario: the popular yet profoundly stupid "final battle between good and evil" theory.

In the end, though impractical, my theory is that if we were all able to abandon our superstitions and see the bigger picture, our knowledge and achievements as man would live to see this "new age."

Anonymous said...

I Believe In Jesus Christ so when 2012 comes along just pray and hopefully we'll get through this!

Anonymous said...

Im not really sure about all of this.
I kinda believe it and i kinda think its all fake. Our minds are very powerful things. Mabey we have just been believing all of this for so long that our minds are taking our bodys over and making us believe so strongly that the world is going to end in 2012. Group Hysteria, its very true.

Rich said...

Ok, so i watched the documentary on the History Channel last night and that was pretty nice... i guess we'll have to wait and see what happens...

and in response the post by "anonymous":

I'm not a very superstitious person myself, but there are scientific theories on the quantum level that explain these "hokey-pokey", metaphysical occurrences.

however, there are many unanswered questions about quantum physics, but the metaphysical aspect of this topic and any other topic could still have scientific valdity...

Anonymous said...

"Effectively bringing about an Armageddon scenario: the popular yet profoundly stupid "final battle between good and evil" theory". As A Christian I am so tired of these "know it alls" who think they are smarter than God. Revelations says that there will be a battle of Armageddon. If you don't believe God's word then you probably have not studied the Bible. King David predicted the coming of Christ hundreds of years before it happened, and no it was not a close guess or a coincidence because King David goes as far as to mention the casting of lots over Christ's clothes, the crown of thorns, nails in the hands. All of which were recorded as what actually happened when Christ died for us on the cross hundreds of years later. And that is just one of several detailed prophecys in the Bible. The good news is that Christ did not stay dead. He is risen and alive and all who put their trust in Him do not have to worry about any type of doomsday scenario.

Alex said...

the guy who posted july 5th at 9:44 brings up a great new perspecitve, one that i had not previously been exposed to. could the end of the mayan calander in 2012 be based upon the fact that their brilliant system of time would not work following the pole shift? not the end of the world, just the end of their calander. excellent point

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: I read your article, it is interesting. One thing you might of overlooked for the 2012 prediction is the fact that a large asteroid will pass between the earth and the moon Friday 13, 2012. Close enough to see it with the naked eye. If the asteroid comes too close and a window of exceptional gravitational pull in the earth will hook the asteroid and change its path to return 2033 game over.See the info at the Naval Observitory.

Anonymous said...

when you see the post, "It ends now..." It will be time.

Anonymous said...

The end of the world...im doing a research paper on it..Of course it will happen one day..but what if the bibles predictions are true..read revilations...scarry...i only wonder if we are ready?...

Anonymous said...

... Im kind of skeptical about all this, but it is very interesting, too bad I missed it on TV, I was hoping to catch it again, but.. Anyways, this is very interesting, but i don't know... it all just seems a bit too weird for me, this web bot is the harder thing to believe, but both the mayan thing is too... Maybe Im I just don't want to believe it, but I'll just live life and see if everyone was right when 2012 comes. ^ ^

Anonymous said...

It ends now...

Anonymous said...

No.No it does not.

Anonymous said...

The questions seems to be..If you believe it, what does it mean to U? What are we meant to be doing? If OUR physical ends in 2012 how are we meant to be preparing for it? Surely,it's sumthing spiritual...I'm certain we'll survive in some form. All I know is I don't want to be born again in the world as it is. I feel there's alot of people who believe they will be saved by Jesus alone, I beleive they should be asking whether they need to be active in their progression to enlightenment. I myself, believe OUR enlightenment will happen together...for all mankind & not just those whom subscribe to Jesus. GOD is much bigger than that!! Smallmindedness wil hold us all back. I'm optimistic & I dont fear what's coming. I just hope that people have enough love & care to seek the truth,the challenge & the strength to witness the awful events we'll witness in our lifetimes.

Anonymous said...

I found the HC doc riveting but...
Merlin & Mother Shipton are legends and likely not real. The Oracle at Delphi and Sybiline prophecies are vague and open to many interpretations. The I Ching is the father/mother of fortune cookie slips. I'm a Christian but I look at the bible as one of the greatest works of fiction in history. I'll go with Einstein on the polar shift and with the previous posts suggesting that would explain the end of the Mayan calendar. Changes coming? Perhaps. The end of the world? I'm a skeptic.

Anonymous said...

You know through out the ages man has always been predecting the end of the world.counless genarations have live and died in fear waiting for the end..i think its time we start to focus of the development of mandkind..the universe is vast and the knowledge held within it is beyond our current ability to understand.i belive that 2012 will pass just like any other dooms. let us all focus on becoming a collective consiousness that will expand our knowledge and understanding of this planet that we live on and in extention the universe that we exist in. Than continue to predict our demise..NB there are so many world changing events that happened in the past that many persons failed to predict.

Anonymous said...

just to add a few things to the 2012 prophecies and predictions. the mayans never said the world would actually end in 2012 but rather it would be a great time of change, that would in turn lead mankind into a Golden Age. yes there will be great disasters, whether it be from the sky, the polar shift change, or from mankinds inability to live in harmony with one another. but after these things, mankind will reach an era of true peace. if ur familiar with the book of revelation in the Bible, then u know that it too talks about these times when there will be great distruction and such forth, that will ultimately lead to the return of Christ. alot of people think that once Christ returns this time that the world will end, but that is not so. the bible says that Christ will come back and at that time he will cast satan down to the bottomless pit for a thousand years. and during that 1000 years there will be total peace and harmony on earth, kinda like the Goldan Age that the mayans speak of. and then after the 1000 years of peace on earth the devil will be released from the bottomless pit to decieve the world one last time. and at that time he'll gather his army and rise up against God, and then God WILL defeat him. and that is when God wipes away the old earth and creates a new heaven and a new earth. so there u go, 2012 will not bring an end to earth. it will be the beginning stage of a transformation that must begin to cleanse the earth of evil and wickidness. once the earth cleanses itself, alot of people will die, but ultimately those who are left will prosper and will be blessed by God, for they will get to see a new age for mankind, an age that will see and do great things. an age where wars are a thing of the past. where the knowlegde of the universe will be given to us, for it will be a time that we can handle the knowledge without the fear of destroying ourselves with it. an age that will go on for another 1000 years, giving the world at least until 3012 before its actually finally destoyed. so don't worry, but rejoice, for we live in a time where we will see great things. i just hope and pray that whoever reads these words has salvation through God, for unless u come through Christ Jesus, u will not see the great days of the Goldan age. my name is dennis, i am 24 years old, and i hope that my words have somewhat enlighted u.

Anonymous said...

dennis, thank you for your last post. im 16 years i just came upon december 21 2012 some how an hour ago so i started reading about it on different sites. i must say i was pretty darned scared. i think now that what happens happens, and we should all just try to make the best of our lives, and have faith in ourself and god. i just hope i have a survival kit on 12-21-2012, okay maybe not, but only god knows what will happen!

gerald said...

Such garbage, we use and create web bots.
This is like saying they can wash your car, just nonsense.
All they can do is search what someone else has already wrote.

embarrassing trash, to have history channel includ this is an example of their slipping professional standareds.


Anonymous said...

I saw the special on the history channel this afternoon, and I must say that I think that this entire mindset is more than a little pretentious.

For the practicing Christians in this forum, I will quote scripture:
"Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour when you do not expect him." Matt. 25: 44.

Consider the implications of this scripture: are those of you who are claiming that the world will end in 2012 NOT expecting it? I think, my friends, that you are. One cannot truly know when this time will come, and to say that you DO know for various reasons is to commit the deadly sin of pride. Ponder this contention.

This one scripture alone should say it all for those of you that are trying to be mindful of a possible Armageddon.

Now let us turn to other matters. I think it just as likely that aliens will rain down from the heavens as I do that "the world is going to come to an end."

These are matters of great import, after all, but from reading on official astronomy websites, the astronomers who have been in these mountain observatories for several years are claiming that we are only a few degrees from the center of the Milky Way than we will be in 2012. These pole shifts are eventual changes, according to CREDIBLE scientists. So let's drop this entire catastrophic mindset--it's both ridiculous and unhealthy.

Moreover, I've got something for all of you that I think is worth saying. Armageddon often comes on a personal level, when someone dies, or even when a religious movement dies out. You've much more to worry about in the hands of the overzealous individuals that practically worship the idea of the Apocalypse.

You know what? I'm not worried as much about these vague scientific theories as I am about the people that will spell a worldwide panic in the name of a possible end of days. Things are likely to be fine if we "leave well enough alone."

Anonymous said...

I just watched the 2012 documentary on the history channel tonight. I first heard about the Mayan calendar about seven years ago, right after Y2K failed to amount to anything, so I was pretty sure that as 2012 approached, more and more people would become interested, but, hopefully not fearful.

I was trying to find some information about this web bot program that was brought up in the show. How does it work? Is it just a spider, grabbing catch phrases from websites?

If that is all that it is, then I would have to wonder at any credibility this program may even potentiall have. After all, how many websites are actually picked up by these programs? The websites that are shown, I assume, are news sources. And what is our modern day news source - TV and their websites - used for? A product to spread fear. The "news" that gets reported is ghastly, horrible stuff. Rarely do you find anything good happen - maybe on a slow news day, your local news does a fluff piece on the kitty who rescued her kittens from a burning building.. No. News today spreads doom and gloom. If it bleeds, it leads, so they say. I think that the "phrases" that any program can pick up from these websites can not accuratly be a measurement of current human conciousness - much less a prediction of the future. When what is on the internet is fairly skewed/offers a limited perception of the world.

Anonymous said...

Could it not just be that this web bot is picking up LOADS of references to 2012 and thats why its coming up with this prediction as they're all talking about the same thing?

Anonymous said...

I found that documentary a bit stupid - and intentionally wrong. The worst was the story about Mother Shipton. They've read a poem that and told it would have been from her or the writer from the 17th century. It talked in cloudy words about cars and planes. Well, not only was this poem written in the 19th century - they also didn't read the last line of it - which said that the world will end in 1881. This makes all the other stuff kinda void for me, since they probably lie more than once.
Well and then to the date: The only time it comes up is from the Mayans - but they dont say the world ends, it's just that the cycle of their calender ends. That could mean anything - in the least sensational case the start of a new one :)
Most of the other stuff - like the bible, the Native Americans, Mother Shipton, Merlin and so on, did not have any reference to 2012 (even if they made it sound like it). The bible itself was often interpeted to hint the end in 1999 (666 rotated) but that didn't happen :) So all these stories are about the end of the world - but not really realated to the topic of the show.
Then there is the webbot - which is straight away stupid. It looks for "end of world" in the internet - and guess what it will find?
The only thing I know nothing about is that I-Ching thingy, which they say also adds up to 2012 if you do some complicated mathematical games ... but well, with the right formula you can bend this to any date you want.

Well, bad luck for us then - no end in sight :)

gregrysoule said...

this event has me scared out of my mind and is now effecting my life mentally, emotionally and finacially! I also have 2 children and 1 on the way. I am worried I will not be with them on the week of Dec. 12 2012. I am now making arrangement to have them with me on this date as well as my close friends and family. This seems VERY real the more time moves on.

Anonymous said...

I am suprised no one has discussed the concept of a second sun star, which even S. Hawkins has suggested my cause a catasrophic shift in polarity, spin, or position at some future point in time.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the reprodcast on the history channel.One has to be intrigued, but also keep a grip on reality for 12/21/2012.I remember reading the predictions of Nostradomus and his claim that the world would end in 3797 through collision with a cosmic entity.I think this is healthier, since it is 1800 years in our future rather than 5.Hopefully, like the others have commented,this date will signify a possible polar shift with the only "end" being to the calander.

Anonymous said...

PHP Encoder got it right in August - there is so much 12.21.02 content on the web now, it has become a self-fulfilling prophecy detected by a web-bot that searches for information on - that's right: 12.21.02!!!

Code Rancher said...

It is not the end! It is a new beginning, a harmonic convergence, a higher conscience, a new wonderful world. Do not fear and be ready for a new way of life.

Anonymous said...

interesting, But what I want to know is. Will the end come at eastern standard time or central time or mountain time or pacific time. I want to be one of the last ones here on earth. who's going first?

Anonymous said...

Soooby Doo pow wow wow!

smott said...

afte seeing the documentry and reading all these comments ,ppl come on its all entertainment,i dont beleive any of it ,the world ends for somebody everyday, so get your heads out of ur asses or emailme for a reality check ......... smotppoker22@yahoo.com

Fallout Diaries said...

I love predictions that prove true and are validated only through hind sight there by lending sketchy credibility to other crack pot predictions.

Anonymous said...

I love skeptics like you - who claim to have no belief in these matters - yet spend your time coming onto sites like this and reading up on the matter - and then hiding your profile for us to see.

Anonymous said...

VERY INTERESTING(especially with all the recalls this yr more then ever toys...food etc makes ya worried & wondering!!

Anonymous said...

Im the year 1582 most of the world changed from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar, a grave error was made by 6 years. So in reality this is the year 2013. Hey we made it. orrrrrrrr do we have to wait till the year 2018? What catastrophic events are predicted for that year?

Anonymous said...

I honestly find all of it humorous. All religions, prophecies, thoughts or ideals and calculations aside. Wether it's the end or isn't the end, everyone is worrying about something that is out of our hands, seriously, what, if anything, can we do about it if 2012 is the end?

What is more interesting is you have well known seers, prophets, etc that say 2012 is the date. The most well known among them, Nostradamus is now being said to have seen it end on this date. I remember, which I can't remember what the show was called, maybe someone else remembers the name of it, another TV show based on his Quatrains where he had apparently said a date in the late 90's, so this is suddenly wrong? Or has someone reworded things to make things convient for a time that has yet to come?

I do believe there is a time coming that will be a great change for mankind, for earth... but it'll be just that, great meaning good.. Spirtually, mentally, and physically.

Whether or not something "bad" must happen in order for the good to happen, is irrelveant and beyond any ones control. Live for today, not yesterday, and be prepared fo the future. That's all any one can do to the best of their ability.

Anonymous said...

Well, if I were God, and I built all this stuff, I would not let it get wrecked. Maybe all this is not going to happen, it's all a test of our faith. If your not religous, well, we create our own reality by they way we think and project ourselves and self worth. So if the earthlings think positive, or negative, things will happen in that way. Not to forget, American culture is based on fear, so it get's sold by corporations. No even know's if any of those people or predictions ever really existed. Either way, who cares, we all die sometime and so we might as well have fun, live one day at a time, and be excellent to each other.

Anonymous said...

I just recently watched the program myself and im Athiest so i find it hard to belive in anyone being able to predic when the world will come to an end..i mean the flooding was predicted but that was cause of mankind, so if there will be a doomsday it will be becuz of mankind not some cosmic god or theory. just my thoughts the world was predicted to have doomsday many times be4 and when it came round noting happen'd only time can tell if the mayan and web bot program are correct ofcorse we belive only what we want too...logic is key!

Anonymous said...

I have spent the last 3 hours trying to find information on the "Web Bot Project", and the only thing I can find is a web site that sells a report that is described as follows:

Be advised that your subscription is taken as proof that you have read our warnings, and that you are explicitly agreeing to hold us harmless for anything that may ever happen to you which may or may not arise from reading the ALTA reports. Further, your subscription is an acknowledgement that you are desperate for bizarre entertainment and are purchasing this subscription to satisfy that urge.


Where can we get FACTUAL information about the "Web Bot Project"

Anonymous said...

ira said...

this prediction is true because this universe and our bodies were created by the summation of our imperfect minds and is meant to self destruct and be recreated again by us. Our minds did this to know and try what it is like to live outside of GOD. This creation and destruction will be a vicious cycle unless we learn to be like Christ and be one with God. Only FORGIVENESS and LOVE, knowing that this universe is an illusion created by our sick mind, will end this cycle for it is only God that is real. GOD IS... and nothing else is.

Anonymous said...

ira said...

this prediction is true because this universe and our bodies were created by the summation of our imperfect minds and is meant to self destruct and be recreated again by us. Our minds did this to know and try what it is like to live outside of GOD. This creation and destruction will be a vicious cycle unless we learn to be like Christ and be one with God. Only FORGIVENESS and LOVE, knowing that this universe is an illusion created by our sick mind, will end this cycle for it is only God that is real. GOD IS... and nothing else is.

Anonymous said...

If you had a more advanced knowledge the poles, then you would then that swap every 50,000-100,000 years(I think). However, supposedly we are overdue for this to happen.

Anonymous said...

check out the trailer for a new documentary on 2012 including Patrick Geryl, Gregg Braden, John Major Jenkins, David Icke, Annabel Burton, Adrian Gilbert, peter Taylor looks cool.!!

Anonymous said...

in my opinion i truly believe something is going to happen in the year 2012... but realy matters is can we predict what is realy going to happen..? lets take the 11/9 disaster, there was a number of predictions of the event all around the world with by well known people like nostradamus but no one were able to predict the disaster or stop it from happening. ..in my own personal opinion, whatever happening in this world is the act of god whether it is creation or destruction, bad or good because if he is the one who created us then he is our destiny.. just believe in him and his teaching and treat every human on this planet with same level of respect , i believe everything that happens will be understood by man. thus harmony divineness will fill the earth. remember god is in the heart of each and everyone of us the matter whether we want him or not???

Anonymous said...

Though the Mayan calender will not work after 2012, its is still astonishing that they were able to predict that the sun ,the dark rift
(the dark rift has recently been discovered as a huge black hole located at the center of the galaxy) in the center of the milky way, and earth would all align on 12/21/2012.

We now know that that alignment could directly cause a shift in our poles. The pole shift could have a dramatic effect on the earths environment.It could have an effect on how many of us live our lives and ,in essence, could "end" the world as we know, the "end" of time as it is now.

Anonymous said...

It is clear that in the past few years humanity has begun to move in the direction of a higher consciousness. NGO's, foundations and enlightened individuals that seek to work for a common good have been gaining momentum with the help of the web and the new (and wonderful) era of communication that can no longer be controlled by special and powerful interests. Those who can relate to this new consciousness and understand the need for radical change essential to the survival of our species, will welcome with joy the transformations that will come about in the next few years. Those who continue clinging to old materialistic values will experience great suffering, but in the end they too will ascend. And all who have already tapped into a higher wisdom are grateful to be living in such an interesting time witnessing collective enlightenment. Namasté.

Anonymous said...

ok no matter what anybody else thinks on this matter. I do believe that even if it doesn't happen it's better to be prepared for any of these possibilities than to not be. or as I like to say, "luck favors the prepared mind."
I've also been doing a fair amount of research on all of the "supposed" end of the world theories and predictions. As I do already believe in a simplistic version of the "collective conciousness" theories, I believe we have already become a collective conciousness without even realizing it.
I mean consider the truths of Yamantau mountain, and the norwegian doomsday vault. The entire world is preparing for the possible eventuality of the end, and why shouldn't they. I mean that if we're all even slighlty prepared for this possible eventuality won't there be less casualties or shock when it does arrive...

Tyler R said...

I haven't seen the documentary, only read on the subject through the internet and such sites like this.

After reading all of the previous posts it became very difficult to place myself in a belief or non-belief place. Most importantly, any theory based on a direct date such as this one (12/21/2012) can not, and should not be regarded as true. As mentioned earlier, calendars have been changed throughout the passage of time up until the present. (This also touches on another point; "time as WE know it". I will get to this later.) It can absolutely not be proven that the current calendar of time we live in is indeed accurate. When the mayan calendar was made, they based their predictions on the calendar they lived with, not the one currenty used. Now, I'm not educated on these subjects nearly enough, but at 15 years of age I can say I have hightened logic.

"Time as WE know it"... time is often regarded as the 4th dimension, invisible to the naked eye; something between us and objects around us from one point - to another. I'm not sure how long exactly, but post-Mayan times, time was viewed through numbers and dates. This is time as we know it to be, not how it actually is. The true meaning of time should not be thought of as numbers and dates, but as a long string through which our lives start, end, and perhaps are reborn.

At 15, I can not firmly believe in the Christian religion my family was brought up to believe in, for I was never baptised or forced to go to church. I do plan on reading the Book of Revelations in the Bible however. I, and I'm sure many others believe in the creation of Earth and the universe (however it was infact created) to be entirely scientifical, and not through a cosmic entity such as God. My beliefs may change however, and weather or not the day comes where God and Jesus are indeed the passage to the "Golden Age" I will most likely not be alive to be a part of it.

I recommend that no one be afraid of any Apocolyptic type theories or predictions and truly view them on a deeper level than just "Oh no, I'm gonna die." However anything happens in this world, weather it be good or bad, consider it part of your undetermined path in life - which in the end, creates what you can choose to believe as your personal meaning in life.

I won't get in to planet X or the web bot just yet. Anyways, Merry Christmas every one.

Anonymous said...

All I know is that I'm not gonna bother paying down my mortgage or credit cards until 2013!!

Sam Christie-Sgro said...

My thing is, if everyones already up in arms about the mayan calendar and the end of the world in 2012, then whats so significant about the bot hitting on that?

Anonymous said...

Wow.. This really makes you think, because in 2000 all tech. was supposed to crash.. and well, it didn't. Like honestly, if the world was going to end in 4 years wouldn't they let people know at least? I can see why not cause it could cause a global scare. but i dont know weather or not to take all this seriously.

The mayan calander for example. It can't go on forever, maybe it ends at 2012 because thats as far as they got with their 'predictions'. This whole topic is pretty out there, most people think im crazy when i bring it up.. But i dont know, Its pretty screwed up.

Anonymous said...

I really dont know about this 2012. It may be in the bible about armageddon, but it does not give a time. Every prediction I have heard of like The Y2K totally didnt happen. So why do we think this is?

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I have been keeping up w/ this type of subject for some time now. I do plan to spend a bit more of my time and focus on this now that we are in the year 2008. I am thankful for this website and a few others I have found here recently. We can all develop our own opinion and that should always be the case. Most folks seem to be very content watching their BIG SCREEN TV's w/ LED and PLASMA. At least they are able to relax.

Anonymous said...

I had been aware of this 2012 date as far back 1980...saw it in some movie, I believe. I do think something will occur. For a very long time now, and not infrequently the number 12;22 has been appearing in my life. The total at the grocery check-out, the amount of change returned, the time on clocks when I'm not thinking about it, etc. More and more frequently lately. Also, the number 11;11...same deal. Anybody else been having this experience? Comments or opinions. Please be nice...i'm not a looney and I know what's been happening is not just "coincidence". Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Monday night on the History Channel.... talks about Dec.12, 2012
(airing on January 21, 2008)

Anonymous said...

I have known about these events without being able to name them, as visions, since I was a teenager. I'm not sure why or how.

Anonymous said...

spiactor - YES! Yes! Clocks and 12:22 and 11:11. Myself and a friend at work both experiencing...


Anonymous said...

let not forget about Planet X and its orbit in 2012. Look it up, this is also real and based on scientific fact.

Anonymous said...

It's possible 2012 is the year we stop using paper (fiat) currencies, and revert back to gold and silver as wealth. The prophecies do hint the Golden era will emerge....maybe this is what it's implying.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most people who say we'll have to see what happens in 2012. As far as the web bot project predicting the future and in particular how it predicted the event on 9/11/2001, it's not a surprise. Didn't the hijackers plan the attack for a long time, and didn't these same terrorises communicate throught internet? If Web bot scans discussions found on the internet to "predict" stock prices, it will also "predict" terror plans that were communicated. These are not mysterious predictions, they are just an analysis of business discussions, some of which are the business of violence and aggression.

Anonymous said...

My name is Loki, believe me 2012 won't destroy us all. But many will kill each other. The worlds technologies will cease to exist. Nukes will launch but not all will die from it . EM blast from sun will switch the worlds poles, which will cause serious enviormental bounce backs, such as giant hurricanes, wickedly mutated animals, and worse the same for insects. The reason for this is that we are reaching the other side of our galaxy which will have a different magnetic pole than the side we are on. We have not prepared for this and no one will listen to anyone who believes this. WE are fools to our protectors, and any thought that they aren't in control or thoughts that say major changes are needed to keep on surviving in a advanced world are dargerous to their confidence, and like children they wil throw their fits. Our ignorance is truly what will be the destruction of our fourth world. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

MOG, I just discovered something horrifying! The world MUST end on December 31, 2008!!! I just got a new calender down at the mall, and when I looked in it, the very last day is 12-31-08!
Oh...wait...The calender has to end somewhere. The Mayans calender had to have a end too. Not an end as in end of the world or anything, but the the calender couldn't just continue on indefinitely...no more than the calender I bought at the mall could just keep on going......

Anonymous said...

Eric said....
How about this.. the myans said that the quartz "talked to them" Maybe since we use quartz now to in cell phones the information being transmitted through the quartz is being relayed through it and is disregarding time and what they heard was us now or in 2012 and they have actually heard what really is happening or is going to happen.

Time is really just an illusion humans or God have created for us to make sense of the world we are aware of. We dont think time travel is possible because we can only grasp beggining and ending but time doesnt really exist . everything just is.. so our voices being transmitted through the quartz is entirely pluasible.. maybe .. something to think about.

Anonymous said...

OK, so if "God" says no one will know the time of the second coming, if we all guess the time at a different minute, second, day, etc, it will never arrive. There are always Christians and other religious folk, non-religious types, well, "people" guessing the end time. By that definition, the end will never come. Someone is always expecting it. Another biblical myth busted. I agree that the bible is one of the greatest books of fiction ever written.

Anonymous said...

First off.. To all you who question the Mayan calender and why it ends on 2012. Its because the Mayans calculate time in Baktuns (about 5,125 years). The Mayan calender is a calender of the current Baktun we are in, which ends in 2012. Then starts a new Baktun. Of course they didnt use the Gregorian calendar we use. But, using math we can figure out what date in the Gregorian calendar is the end of the Baktun. This is true with all the predictions. People have recalculated the date the prediction has given so we can understand it on a Gregorian calendar. Its not like Nostradamus said 2012. We just had to calculate what Gregorian date he was talking about. The Maya just happen to believe that the end of the Baktun is significant and that life/world changing events will happen. They believed in a life cycle. And a new cycle is to start in 2012.

This website talks a little about the Mayan calendar and how they calculated the Gregorian date of the end of the Mayan calendar:


I agree that its a bit odd that a stock predicting software would be used to hint on this. As another poster said, just cause there is a lot of web-chatter about 2012 could lead the program to deduce 2012 as a doomsday. But then again, most programmers and scientists expect this sort of web-chatter and to obtain accuracy they filter it out of the program. So, we dont know either way. On top of that, it is interesting that the web-bot program has already predicted some major events including earthquakes and 911 to name a few. samxcore said, "whats so significant about the bot hitting on that?" Its significant cause the web-bot program has already been quite accurate in predicting major events on this planet. So, no matter what the "logic" or "math" is behind the program, it has made several accurate predictions. Leading to more credit on the significance of 2012.
I'm definitely gonna wait on paying off my mortgage in force until 2013. Just in case, why not?
Americans love reasons to procrastinate.
If all we are seeing is predictions to a polar shift. Then I would be scared. A polar shift would be the biggest catastrophe that could happen to us, tied in rank with a VERY large asteroid, or total nuclear destruction.
Group Hysteria can be a catastrophe in its self.. but that doesnt mean its the only catastrophe to happen soon. If a real catastrophe is going to happen then Group Hysteria is also going to happen.
About Y2k... There wasnt supposed to be the "end of the world" for Y2k. Tabbi wrote, "2000 all tech. was supposed to crash". Thats wrong. ALL tech wasnt supposed to crash. In fact most of the technology we have/had was ready for Y2k. And, most of it was tested to be Y2k compliant. The "scare" was that there are thousands of microprocessors that run the power grid. These microprocessors were not built to be in operation today. The engineers figured we would of redesigned the power grid by now. They had no way of testing all the various microprocessors in connection with each other to see if the year 2000 would cause a malfunction in their operation. Thankfully, the power grid was basically unaffected. Then again, the power companies were working on updating their systems for the Y2k for years up to 2000. They obviously did a good job.
There has been various doomsday dates that have seemed to pass without problems. But, none has had so many predictions from so many walks of life. And from completely different eras and cultures as this 2012.
I gonna add to this credit of 2012. Im suprised ive not heard recently about the Egyptian pyramids. This discussion is mainly based in Christianity (tho im not Christian). In the great pyramid there is a tunnel (or hallway) that goes from the outside to the middle of the pyramid. It has been known that this hallway is actually a timeline in stone. Where December 12,2012 is the mid-point of Last SEVEN YEARS of Daniel and the point of start of the Great Tribulation.

Go see these links for some more information about the Great Pyramid of Giza and this hallway time line:



Anonymous said...

You know all this 2012 discussion has been about natural phenomenon but what about other causes. the one thing i keep thinking of is the summer olympics in london. when 9/11 occurred, it took about 2 months for the US to respond. its possible that there could be a terrorist attack at the olympics that brings about another war. because of the international nature of the event, the response could be world wide. perhaps world war.

Unknown said...

I too have been getting time things like 11:11.. 9:11 and 4:20

I think mother earth is gonna clean herself up ..
2012 why not?

Anonymous said...

The History Channel show was good, it's how I found this site. Only time will tell. The Polar shift and the alignment theoryare interesting, seeing how it only takes place every 28,000 thousand years or so, it would be interesting to look at ice core samples from the alst 300,000 to 400,000 years and see if there is any correlation evidence for the pole shift theory.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Paul from Jan 22nd. I love that show mythbusters...but anyway...you haven't busted any myth from the bible...in that statement you made you must assume that everyone "knows" the date or time that they are guessing or expecting...the keywords you used there are "if everyone guesses" they don't truly "know" by the definition of the word "know"....then everything else that you conclude in that statement is wrong....No one truly knows the day nor the hour when the son of man is coming back.. whether you believe it or not... I can stand in the middle of the road and say that I don't believe in the wind...that doesn't mean the wind won't come and blow me over...I may not be able to see God with my eyes but I see Him working in my life everyday..."Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen"

Anonymous said...

I dont know if i could believe this prediction, because Bible said in Matthew 24:36 "Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the Son, but only the Father"

even the son of God does'nt know the exact date of the end of the world.

Unknown said...

Believe it, or not!

God the Creator is Sovereign in His dealings in matters to do with His creation.
He has given us His life's manual the Bible for us for our good where only a loving God could do.
He directs mankind to accept Christ Jesus as i) Lord so that there would be blessedness all around, ii) as Saviour to save mankind from what...??? ...that only the power of God can do if we only allow Him to take over and run our lives for only He knows what is best for us.
God's word says that He knows how to save His people from destruction that is coming upon the whole world. What time is He taking about here?
Here's something to think about from the Bible:
-The apostle Peter said 'the heavens will disappear with a roar and the elements will melt in the heat'.
-Book of Revelations says 'There will be great catastrophic events worldwide cause by both man and from natural causes'.
But God made available a wayout for those who will only believe that He being a Creator God can also be a Saviour God for them too as well.

In conclusion, believe it, or not!
There is only one Spirit of Truth in this world, where all the rest are false. Ask Him to show you the Truth. As the saying goes, 'truth hurts' or blesses (whatever the case may be).

Anonymous said...

I see the face of God in everything.... people, nature, even myself. I like the wind analogy! Hopefully 2012 will bring an enlightened new beginning to the world and not winds of fire and destruction. As for busting Bible mths, you are correct. It is impossible to prove or disprove anything from the Bible. Considering all the times it has been translated, rewritten, added to and taken from, perhaps it is the greatest myth of all time.

Anonymous said...

the web-bot project is just what people made of it like if u askd someone to read a book off the street would thary thak the same about it as you did i dont thak so so why is this diffint?

Anonymous said...

iwant to know something about web bot project.if anybody knows then tell.
what type of programming is used in this technology like programming language or any thing else.

Anonymous said...

I recently watched Decoding the Truth and was intrigued by 2012. The one person that they left out, who has a pretty good track record for accuracy, is Edgar Cayce. One of his predictions is the reversal of the magnetic poles, which could be happening currently as the magnetic field appears to be weakening. (Check out Nova's page on the Magnetic Storm for more info.) If the field weakens, or flips, because of the alignment during 2012, that could be very bad as it is the peak of the solar cycle. A hotter than normal solar cycle with more intense solar flares could send some serious radiation our way. With a weakened magnetic field it could mean disaster here on Earth. This could accelerate global warming to the tipping point much sooner and cause a feedback loop which melts the polar ice caps. The rise in sea levels would change what the world looks like and the survivors would be in a new world. REM said it best, It's the end of the world as we know it...I feel fine.

Unknown said...

Hello people of the internet. I'm trying to learn more about the physical and geological phenomena that the Earth will have due to the polar shift change described in the theory of the galactic alignment in year 2012. Will this cause natural laws of physics to reverse or something? And what was the part about human thoughts having electromagnetic impulses that form together as a type of consciousness around the Earth? I know there must be other people who have heard of the law of attraction and things of that nature, so if anyone else can add some more info about those things it would be very helpful and insightful. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Here, here to Anonymous of July 25, 2007.

The predictions of doom and gloom are all the same. It's just the date that keeps getting moved forward.

Anonymous said...

i refuse to think that we have 4 years left on this earth.intresting yes but i would not go as far as saying that we are all goin to die.

Anonymous said...

The Mayan calendar does nnot say the world will end but it does say it will change. Several cultures around the world including christian and myan alike say tere wil be a period of peace. do not read too much into what everyone says. search your heart and you will know the answer.

Anonymous said...


Much like everyone here. I am curious. I've watched the History channel programe and since then could not convince myself that these guys have no case.

I do also see 11:11 almost daily.

But I wanted to make this addition to your great debate:

Here is what Nasa Sais about black hole in the center of our own universe:
"Supermassive black holes

Scientists believe that most galaxies have a supermassive black hole at the center. The mass of each of those objects is thought to be between 1 million and 1 billion solar masses. Astronomers suspect that supermassive black holes formed several billion years ago from gas that accumulated in the centers of the galaxies.

There is strong evidence that a supermassive black hole lies at the center of the Milky Way. Astronomers believe this black hole is a radio-wave source known as Sagittarius A* (SgrA*). The clearest indication that SgrA* is a supermassive black hole is the rapid movement of stars around it. The fastest of these stars appears to orbit SgrA* every 15.2 years at speeds that reach about 3,100 miles (5,000 kilometers) per second. The star's motion has led astronomers to conclude that an object several million times as massive as the sun must lie inside the star's orbit. The only known object that could be that massive and fit inside the star's orbit is a black hole.

You can read the whole article here:

Here is what I found on 11:11:
http://www.crystalinks.com/synchronicity.html (I am not very convinced of the credibility of this article) but interestingly enough no authorities are talking about it...

Sometime in the past someone asked a question: so what if we cross the black hole in the center of the universe what are we supposed to fear? or prepare for?

I am hoping that someone answers this question.

Anonymous said...

i saw the show on the history channel last night, in fact. i live in Karachi, Pakistan.

this is really interesting but scary and i wish that rather than a catastrophic change it would be a spiritual one in which we would all turn to our higher natures and end all the violence we witness today.

what about books like the Celestine Prophecies or Gary Zukav?

What about the second coming of the Christ. Muslims like myself believe that when Christ does return there will be peace on earth and all people will be united. Then many years hence the world again will deteriorate and doomsday will come.

so all this is pretty scary. i would be skeptical but the Mayans have predicted other cosmic events with accuracy, i am told.

well, good luck to humanity.

the strange thing is that all over the world ordinary people still only want love and peace and we are angry at what is being done to our children, to our homes, to our freedoms, yet it seems we are helpless in the hands of the powers that be. Or Are We? Can web communities unite and like minded people find each other and realize that at heart in our souls we are all the same? we all want the same things. peace love and validation. A better future for our children.

Anonymous said...

Yvonne: As Latinamerican as I am, I think we can´t see things separated. Mayans believed in a "whole intelligence" mankind was looking for. They also believed in "eras" to be lived. Maybe the end they predicted for 2012 is the end for mankind as we know it today, the end for an extremely material people as we all are. Next Era will be for spiritual and colective intelligence. I´m pretty sure any chaos we would live as a whole world will bring us all to a trully fellowship.

Anonymous said...

I recently posted asking anyone who knew about "12:22" or "11:11", numbers that kept occurring in my life. To those who responded with articles etc, I thank you. An interesting thing came up for me about 2012...I heard a minister explain that he believed it was the year for the so called "rapture" of the church which is to occur 7 years before the second coming of Christ, the 7 years of the "Tribulation". Here's the really interesting part for me...Christ says in Luke 21:24 "the hour is coming when my people will once again control Jerusalem...the generation that is born when this happens will live to see my return". The jews finally took control of Jerusalem, not in 1948, but in 1967 after the six day war(June 5-10). A biblical generation is techically about 52 years. 1967 plus 52 is 2019...minus 7(7 years of the tribulation) leaves us with 2012!
I think that's very interesting. Anyone reading who doesn't believe in any of this, etc, please don't bother to post just to tell me what an idiot you think I am. I just found it interesting and wanted to share it with the folks on this site. Thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...

I saw some of the show tonight(3-2-08). Very intriguing. All this tends to grab virtually every part of your mind and really makes you think about stuff you almost never think during your daily life. I'm very open-minded, and open to all interpretations, but wow.....

I think, really, anything is possible. If we as a whole believe something good or bad will happen, it will. "I think, therefore, I am" type of thing.

I have many theories about how we came to be (for instance, combine science and religion; scientists say a big bang and gases, religion says a higher power. Combine them and what do you get? God lit a fart. And creation versus evolution? First we were created by God, but it didn't pan out with Him directly involving himself, so He decided to start over and just let things progress on their own, aka evolution.). A more recent one is that we don't really exist; we're just figments of God's imagination. Think about it. Eternity alone? That had to have driven Him/Her/It(whatever the higher power may be) crazy. So he thinks up trillions of "imaginary friends" so he won't be so lonely and bored. The universe is his mind, and we're each representatives of a different thought, emotion, or scenario. The whole "end of the world" thing could represent God's mind deteriorating. God's probably like a pheonix, being born again from the ashes, retaining most knowledge of the previous existance; once this universe ends, God is reborn, and thus, his mind. And with the knowledge from his last life, he makes a new universe where all the wars and that never happened(peace, the Golden Age, what have you). Thus, we're reborn into a universe w/o any catastrophies for a while(the 1000 year thing), and then it all happens again and again, forever, until God's knowledge of everything is so vast, all us "figments" gain that knowledge, and finally understand what we never did, and ascend to true conciouseness, break free of this reality, and join God face to face(the true end of days).

I'm weird, huh? Creepy, though. Almost makes sense, in a way...:)

Anyway, either way you think about it, Dec. 21, 2012 will occur, and whatever happens very likely will be a turning point in humanity's history, whether the end is truly near, we find a cure for all diseases but kill billions of test subjects in the process, or the mothership finally arrives and explains why the hell we're here. It will be interesting to find out what our paranoia has in store for us, and whether the ones who were right rubs our noses in it, telling us "See? We told ya!" or not.

I believe in a higher power, that much is certain. Whether the Bible is true or not, I think there's truth to it. A good read, in any case.

One thing as universal as math is music(math is logic, music is emotion and imagination; left brain, right brain. Nearly polar oppisities, in fact, although some math goes into music). If there's something out there, we should send songs as well as equasions.

I say what happens, happens. Enjoy the ride while you can, and hope you can get a ticket for a better one some day. This carnival called "life" never closes, but you want to keep your wristbands handy, so you can come back later.:)

Anonymous said...

Yes..I started seeing the numbers 111 , back in 1986, and occasionally see them today. It shows up on the digital clock, the mileage markers along roadways, looking up at a house with their address number 111, a car passing with license plate numbered 111, voting in an election and being told that I was the 111th person to vote that day, riding a chairlift at the ski slopes and having the chair stop with the chair coming towards me numbered 111,being born on November 1st, 11/1, at 1:11 pm. So...do you want to know what happened in 1986 that made me take notice of the number 111 appearing in my life?? I'll tell you...I went insane, literally, with manic-depression. In the psychotic stage of manic-depression the number 111 shows up all the time.

So...are number arrangements, or 2012 end-of-the world prophecies, (which, by the way, I've seen end-of-the world scenerios while psychotic, also), to be taken seriously?? I really don't know!!! My frame of thinking now is as follows: "What is...IS!"

I do believe in Jesus as the Messiah, and hope for a better future for all mankind. But it's really out of my hands what happens and when. I try to do my best in life today, and hopefully will be able to do well tomorrow. Each day is enough to deal with as it comes. I'm at peace with that.

Anonymous said...

You people are so gullible. Do some research, we are dust motes, on a mud ball, on the edge of an insignificant galaxy. Use that wonderful device that God gave you to attempt to think about the infinity that is the universe and wonder why it would all come an end just because a few dust motes figured it was about time. Go out and live, before you die, whether it's 2012 or 2112 or tomorrow, live for today, hug your kids, play that basketball game you've been putting off, buy that video game you want to buy, ask the girl to marry you.... Live. Jeesh. Give up the nihlism.

Anonymous said...

I read through the comments posted above and notice very few people caught on to the fact that these web bots are being manipulated by us posting information about 2012. I think we need to move these web bots into another trend - some other dooms day.
Another thought on noticing certain times/numbers. I once worked with a cop who I though was cute. Her badge number was 723 and I thought of her when I saw that time/number. Many others, I'm sure, have seen this number in their everyday travels, but failed to care. I only happen to remember this number because I can associate it with her. Along the same lines there are several other numbers and times I've seen throughout my life that I could care less about so I don't internalize them.

Anonymous said...

I was shocked when I saw that other people were coming up with 111. I have been seeing it here and there for a few years. I even said something to my children that I had been seeing those numbers alot. I am not known to be psychotic. Does anyone else think it's strange that several of us are seeing the same numbers. I haven't been able to come up with any formulation. What is their significance? I too have seen the 2012 History Channel Program. I believe in Jesus. I am reserving my opinion right now, and just taking in as much information as I can.

Anonymous said...

im waiting for an athiest to perform this research so we can stop hearing all of the christianity zealots poring over the "and jesus will rise again" BS -.-

Anonymous said...

I think that 12/21/12 will just be another 1/1/00 or 6/6/06, everybody was freaking out, I believe something will happen, but I don't think it will end, its probably the pole thing Einstein said.

Anonymous said...

it's a shame... now that i read your text i understand where this web bot project took the whole idea about 2012. it's not more evidence, it's just taking all these "prophecies" you mentioned. then, the world will not end and people's lives probably won't be changed so much.

Unknown said...

I've read a lot of this stuff, and most of it is based on overactive imaginations (a low level of paranoid schizophrenia - not generally recognized as pathological), just eccentric.

If assertions are checked with some thought behind the checking, it is generally found that the assertions are based on nonexistent evidence, prior speculation and wishful thinking.

However, there is enough that is correct to conclude that there are things about the past that far exceed our understanding of either the past or the things we can conclude or 'see'. One must, however, use a great degree of discrimination when thinking about these things, accepting nothing at face (or what is presented as 'face') value.

Anonymous said...

This was a great show. It teaches us to pay attention to the big picture. There are real things happening on the planet that go beyond the importance of our daily lives. Something IS going to happen in 2012. We already know this. What that is, is the question.

Will humanity have the ability to work together to get through the challenges that lay ahead? I believe that those who can work together will survive. Those who refuse to work together will parish, and they may be the detriment to us all.

It kind of reminds me of the biblical story of Noah. Everyone thought he was crazy . Believe what you will, but in that story, the crazy old man was right.

Anonymous said...

I have my doubts, not because I don't beleive that this end is too far from now, but because nor Lord Jesus knows when this very day comes...

Anonymous said...

On 2 september 2001 I dreamed 9 times that something huge crussed me to death. Some months later I dreamed that I was walking on a path to somewhere until the whole earth turns down under me... For the rest I shut my mouth.

Anonymous said...

i realize that you're all fuck up >>> "when death becomes to you and you don't have anywhere to run to"... even 50cents knows about the end of the world.

Anonymous said...

I recently saw the documentary 'Doomsday 2012, The End of Days' on the History Channel. I found it pretty much apocalyptic. I wasn't previously aware of any prophecies by Merlin. The 'talking stones' is a nice twist.

I also saw a documentary about the supposed 'Lost book of Nostradamus'. Thought provoking. The year 2012 also pops up again.

And today I watched a program that discussed the possibility of a next Ice Age happening soon.

Hopefully the transition to a next age will not be too traumatic, although the worst case scenario may yet happen. Either way, sadly the world needs to be shaken a little.

Anonymous said...

For all the religious zealots out there will you still believe if something catastrophic does happen??? Those who say I put my faith in GOD,ALLAH,YAWEH so I'm not afraid... are lying. Your whole life is lived in fear. The thought that pole shift would change astronomy so the mayan calender would not work anymore is wrong. Pole shift would just change our magnetic field not our orientation in space. The sky would still look the same. The earth does not flip... all our compasses would just point south instead of north.

Anonymous said...

apart from that.... reverse polarity of the sun has been detected by NASA which indicates starting of new age.....

Amery Kessler said...

I think ideas and discoveries such as these mentioned above are brilliant.

I believe we can make mysteries our own and form a collective consciousness that grows from our ability to think, imagine, inspire, and appreciate as individuals that have been allowed to be SEERS- of a balanced perspective.

NBC (General Electric) sales: $5 billion

Owns the NBC TV network, CNBC, MSNBC, and is part-owner of the History Channel. Parent company GE produces consumer electronics, as well as being a major manufacturer of military hardware and nuclear power equipment.

Anonymous said...

OK, let’s try to put things into perspective here. The one thing I know for sure is that no one knows when the world will end. Time, like direction, weight, and distance, is a man made tool created in an attempt to make sense of the world around us. It only has value because we give it value. How truly conceded we are to believe we can predict our own demise. The Maya may have had an incredibly accurate calendar, but even they couldn't predict that their world (as they knew it) would end almost six hundred years before their calendar ran out. My point is, even when using the best of man made tools, unforeseen variables (like the conquistadors) can change the outcome. No one knows for sure what the future holds. NO ONE. Even if someone did have the power to say the world was going to end on December 12, 2012, who's to say you won't get run over by a bus tomorrow? :)

Anonymous said...

Ok lets REALLY put somthing into perspective... The egyptians, the mayans, the hopi, the greeks, the bible, the bible code, nostradamus, i-ching, webbot, the book of enoch, merlin, agharti, mother shipton... ect all of these + much more talk of the same thing: a time of war and suffering along with natural disasters, this is no joke and neither is it a myth, for all skeptics; dont be surpised when this all comes to pass, there are even people today predict the future as well as those in the past, i just hope and pray that people believe in Jesus Christ so that they can be saved in times of trouble. It seems that within the next 5 years these forthcoming events might be upon us, but dont worry to much, what happens happens, the human race has an ability to get through anything and do the impossible, we wont become extinct though many people will die and there will be peace and love after these things which is what we all want really, Neway good luck in your future and I hope you make it through. Nick

Anonymous said...

For the Mayans, their world has already ended, therefore their prediction seems moot. Any and all predictions were based on the culture and beliefs of that particular prophet. It has already been proven that the number 666 has been incorrectly translated for the last 2,000 years, so what else might not be quite as it seems? If we continue to emphasize this date (12/21/12), then we can bet the farm as many terrorist groups as possible will take advantage of this irrational fear and attempt to make some of our most dire predictions come true. If fear takes over the world's financial institutions, then, yes, we'll see the stock markets suffer. Get a grip, everyone....it's just a date. It also happens to be the 40th birthday of a dear friend, so, as far as she's concerned, her life will suffer enough change, thank you very much, lol.

Unknown said...

Hi All, The program aired again last night and as with everyone else I was very Interested. I would say I am a person of rational and Faith. I believe in GOD and was raised a catholic but to me GOD is more then attached to one set of ideals and principles. we all have to answer for our life when this one is over, 2012 or not. Going by the Facts...polar shift has happened before and will in all likely hood happen again. Take a look at the world around you and you can see how the strains we have put on it are coming to fruition. Human kind will survive...we are built for that...but Whatever you believe, science, religion, or nothing at all...remember that how you live each day is who you are and if and when it all comes crashing down...you will only be able to look to yourself to know if you made a positive difference.
*Jon in Eire*

Anonymous said...

There are around 155,000 people die in a day and to those people it's the end of the world as they know it... or perhaps it's a new beginning for them. Maybe there is life after death, some will go to heaven, some in hell or maybe some will be whizzed off to another dimension or time, the truth is, we will ever know what will happen until our death comes.

So until the end comes why not cherish what is happing now and those around you, the world will be and can be a better place, the time for action is now... so what you waiting for?

Anonymous said...

Hi, every one, I don't know if any of you had heard about planet x, and the Sumerian culture that also talk about 2012 and pole shifting, if you haven't I suggest you start digging because there is a lot of information that ties not only what the Mayans said about 2012 but also Irak, the garden of Eden, the bush administration, the Iluminati, time travel, UFOs, Saddam Hussein, The Vatican, the philadelphia experiment, the acorn and the Pineal gland, life in all planets of the solar system and much more.....

Anonymous said...

I think it is stupid that we think we can find the date of the end of the world through the internet. Or through some old tribe that had stupid beliefs.

Anonymous said...

None of this will stop people from being idiots and a##holes. We're all gonna die. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone actually READ these so-called prophecies? They're just as vague and all-encompassing as any you can find anywhere and thus lack credibility.

Anonymous said...

i know when life will end well most of it anyway it will be when a comet comes from the ort cloud or a astroid from the astroid belt and i believe science will give us a date when it happens and if its a astroid i think we have a 50% chance of stoping it but if its a comet from the ort cloud it will be traveling at 70000mph and i dont think were advance enough to stop it and from what ive read on pole shift it has happened before like the mammoth they dug out of the ice in russia that froze while it was grazing on summer plants hmm

Nicole.Gabrielle said...

There is no such thing as Coincidence. All I have to say. If you understand what that means i think you'll understand what I'm saying.

Very interesting but my only (?) is

If you knew you were going to die, would you want to know when?

I Don't...

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that some people use this site as a sounding board to let the rest of us know how stupid we are and how very imtelligent they are...if you don't believe in any of the discussion topics, why are you here???...because no other site will have you? For people who think the rest of us are idiots, you sure do spend allot of time reading what we've written. For the record if you believe you are the ultimate in the universe and believe you know it all I think YOU'RE ignorant...there, ..happy now. If you condiscending jerks are finished telling us "dummys" off, get your own site...this one was meant as a discussion site for a certain topic...that topic was NOT your superiority!

Anonymous said...

since there are so many signs among us, cant we just think about it for a minute? ya sure Y2K thing in 2000 came, just came and went right? but what about the allignment of the winter solstice and the equator,and the pole shift and all that? i dont know but im just intrigued by it. =) that it comes only every 3600 yrs. and im tripping out on that 13 zodiac sign, euphucius or something? kinda mind blowing for peeps knowing shit about that. i guess we will find out DEC.21 2012 11:10AM

Anonymous said...

I recently saw a TV special on 2012, and I have to say that it is pretty shocking.

If the poles did shift and the Earth's crust did move around, then after the survivors would face a world like what the dinosaurs lived in, and perhaps would slowly mean reverting to living like cavemen.

So in a way the Hopis would be right; the world would most likely begin again.

phastj said...

i just wanted 2 add that my dreams arent always literal. i can say that wed have a greater threat of astrological cataclysm if the moon moved closer or further away from Earth then some planet alignment.i had a change of heart because of my dream lastnite. an angel came n told me not 2 misinterpret what ive been shown n assured me that the Earth will NOT be destroyed although it will c great warfare. he told me the volcanic eruptions n fire represent warfare n the wild waters represent the people running 2 get away from the wars. he then told me the Earth splitting in half simply means we will destroy it from war. i then asked him about the date i seen 12/21/12 n he replied it was so i could find out about the talk about it n then correct it because till 3 days ago i knew nothing of 12/21/12. the planets will align but we will NOT see any astrological cataclysm although wars may be happening at that time. so if i were u id stop looking up n start looking around at wats going on right here on Earth.peace n lv

phastj said...

off the alignment n future subjects i want to talk bout right now. gas n food prices r at all time high. theres more foreclosed homes now then theres ever been meaning more homeless which in turn means an increase in welfare. how long u think politicians r gonna wanna pay 4 our food,n medical wit there tax dollars? if they even pay taxes that is. jobs are dwindling away thanx 2 bush. theyd rather pay a foreigner 2 dollars an hr instead of paying an average american 8 an hr. the bastard sent most of our jobs overseas! yet he claims he wants to revive our economy! he gonna sell the golden gate bridge 2 u 2? bush is a ASSHOLE!!! i hope he dies soon. maybe the web bot can predict that! all im saying is the system WILL fail IF things continue the way they r. i dont need a dream 2 c that. i have 2 decide daily..gas or food. well i guess they solved the obesity prob.

phastj said...

instead of eliminating the real threat osama bin laden we go into iraq n terrorize innocent people. can u smell wat bush is cooking? then u wonder y iraqis over there r killing our troops. we should be going after bin laden but i almost 4got thats bushs best friend. God,please strike george bush down 4 wat hes done 2 our country. if we the people went on a gas strike theyd have 2 lower the prices. supply n demand remember? they control the supply 2 control the demand. no demand, bigger supply, lower prices. we the people need 2 take back our country the good ol USA. individually we cant do much but 2gether we can accomplish anything.

Anonymous said...

I love it when people come to this blog to tell everyone here they're stupid and ignorant --- and they can't even spell!


Anonymous said...

ya i know, you can call them "HI HATERS" any ways, you guys hear of the planet "x" or nibiru? well nasa first seen this red giant 12th planet in april 2003. well this guy take a big roll in 2012, for every 3,600 yrs. it places itself between the earth and the sun, SHIT!! if you guys were paying close attention for the last few years, what would make out of our mother EART? Remember nostradamus's lost book; of that little emblem, like wheel? well he mention some shit that the earth one day will stop rotating!!! and im still researching of this 13 zodic,"OPHIUCUS" sign, and its trippy, because this fella has a role in it too!! I DONT KNOW, TOO MANY CRAZY SHIT GOING ON THIS GREEN EARTH!!!

Anonymous said...

I watched the show last night & was most intrigued. So - I started with listing for the Web-Bot. Their prediction of 12/21/12 is backed by scientific assurance that the sun & earth will align on that date. Terrence McKenna using the I Ching, came up with 12/21/12, the Mayan calendar and other oracles point to similar destruction. Another comment that was made was that 1/2 the current population would die. The planet will only sustain 3 billion people and there are now over 6 billion. One of the comments also state that (I believe it was) 300 million years ago the North Pole was located at the Equator. So it is "conceivable" in my mind. My theory is that if the axes tilt, I am not going to be by any water!!!
I look forward to reading more on this site & its links. Thank you.

turtleking said...

1.) the galaxy is a disk and the sun along with all the planets are ALWAYS in line with the center of the galaxy. its like a point traveling on the outside of a frisbee.
2.) check with nasa's planetary alignment calculator and you will find the planets will be in NO alignment at 2012 or for that matter for many many decades to come.
3.) pole shifts happen between 130,000 and 720,000 years regularly on Earth. The magnetic field would not get weaker at any time, just warped. And the pole shift would take about 5,000 years. Not like a flip of a switch.

It's scary how easy it is to prey on people's fears, but it happens all the time. I almost think that people want something to happen to break the trend of boredom and depression that occupies most of our lives. Sorry, but the facts point to the usual ho-hum and no extraordinary cosmic event. But i guess its nice to have some wonderment after we lose our childhoods. Who knows, something big has to happen eventually. Maybe it will be in our lifetimes.

Anonymous said...

Think about this lightly, in the history of man-kind one thing is true. We have always been constantly more wrong than we have been right. Our existence is reliant upon trial and error, growth and breaking boundaries. You may all sleep tonight better knowing that December 25th 2012 will be another day, yet without sounding morbid, our last day could come much sooner or into the future to live beyond stars. As long as technology remains a tool, and not an means of existence, I think we have nothing to worry about. And if you are planning on living past 2012, I would suggest possibly picking up a few commodity stocks as the world prepares for doomsday while you start your kid's college fund.

Wes Tattinger said...

I'm sure my small voice will get utterly lost in the global chatter and thinking about the so-called end of days. My name is Wes Tattinger. I live in the small town of Saint Cloud, FL and work as a counselor. I recently published a small book of affirmations entitled A Gathering of Light. To me, the future is full of greater and lesser possibilities for coming events. In trying to wrap our awareness around future predictions, we gain some potential to moderate outcomes, for better and worse. This project, in itself, is an intervention of sorts. It focuses our thoughts, expectations, and behaviors. We are feeding our futures with the energy of our collective thoughts. There is an old Cherokee story about feeding two wolves. One is basically good and one is bad. A young Cherokee boy asks his grandfather, "Which wolf wins?" The wise old man simply said "THE ONE YOU FEED." Which wolf of possibilities are we all feeding? The future is what we choose to make of it. The year of 2012 (or any other year for that matter) can be many things because both wolves are still fighting. Maybe the fight will never end. As long as the fighting continues, predictions about significant events will be made. I like to think of the dire predictions as red flags. Just because we see a red flag doesn't mean the world is going to go over the deep end. Think of it as a warning from The-Powers-That-Be to "proceed with caution" and "rough turns ahead." We all need to fight the good fight and concentrate on feeding the better wolf. The battle is not yet done and neither should our collective thinking on this matter. I know which wolf I am feeding. Do you? In more ways than one, the future is in our hands. It doesn't have to go any one way. Our collective thoughts need to be behind the good wolf of possibilities.

Anonymous said...

my god. the web bot program predicted that a large NUCLEAR WAR will begin somwhere between 2008 and 2010. well just today the united states signed a treaty with poland that will station NUCLEAR weapons in poland to protect europe. the prophecy is coming true.

Anonymous said...

Lets see, a mutual defense treaty means that a nuclear war is going to take place? Some how the logic escapes me however thats ok since I personally feel that there are just to darn many people on earth and are causing so much damage that a nuclear war should kill off about 2/3 of them and leave the rest in the stone age so the earth can recover from the damage.

Anonymous said...

We live in a blessed time and fear is something to try and avoid. Mark 13 in the Bible is pretty clear. Yet 2012 itself is surely not the end, but likely a transformation;

Anonymous said...

I love the comment about who goes first eastern time or pacific standard time? I believe something will happen on Dec 21 2012, but not the end of the world. We may lose a part of the world because of the polar shift, but people open your eyes to what is happening in the world. Even insurance companies said there has never been this many floods, etc. It's too soon for the end of the world. Possibly mother nature is needing to recycle itself. It is about that time for it to do so.

Anonymous said...

1/3 of the world will perish, 2/3 will be o.k. The question is what 1/3. Let's hope we can all look back on December 22, 2012 and have a good laugh. :) If none of this is true, then I for one will stop thinking about the possibility of the world ending/changing during my lifetime.

Anonymous said...

I just love science fiction, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Y'know, If Web Bot got all this stuff from the internet, then it might not be entirely true. Why? Because not everything on the Internet is true. Just wanna point that out.

Anonymous said...

We survive 2012 to come back in time to make a alternate time line in the past with disasteris rusults. Im talking about the Roswell insident. Aliens or Humans are here in a different time. I know you think how could this be. Have you ever heard anyone say they heard a UFO or a sonic boom from one because we are in a diffrent time. That is why people that have been ubducted have lost time. Getting back to Project 2012. We are being left in the dark about all of this the only ones that will survive are the chosen ones. Some people know in Hollywood like Tom Cruise building a bomb shelter in a mountain in CO. Our government knows whats been going on for years they dont want to panic the people we wont all be able to survive the events that will happen only the fortunate few like PIP "People in Power" our tax dollers will help them along with the gass prices. One day cash or Money will be worth nothing. That is why the price of gold is going up. Haven't you seen the commercials about government want to buy our gold. This will one day be our new Federal Reserve.2012 Is like our Planets are like the hands on a clock when the time comes to wake up the alarm goes off there will be no one to turn it off. The only way to survive is to be in a cave up high with lots of food and water and to be awair of people and animals comming to take your shelter or food. I think this whole thing will last about 7 months. Our race of man will still go on will you. The people need our governments help. They will turn us away. The clock is ticking people need to see the light.

Phil Hall said...

Abolsute and utter crap. Look, it's like this: I can write down or otherwise divine any random text from the Internet or Lord of the Rings and RETROACTIVELY make it fit anything I want -- just like Nostradamus. This is nothing new, charlatans have been doing this for centuries. This isn't that impressive. Here's an idea....why do these prophets never give good news? It's always bad, horrible, earth-shattering stuff. That's how you know they have an agenda they're pushing. These guys are nothing more than a bunch of speculators who are preying off the gullibility of others.

Anonymous said...

Only thing I can think of that has been alarmed since sep 22nd was Israel wanting to mess up iran.

Anonymous said...

I have been reading up on different websites about the webbots predictions and if it can predict things like 9/11 then what makes it unbelievable. I am very scared to see what will happen for the events of tuesday,october,7,2008. it seems like your crazy to prepare yourself for somthing that no one belives will happen. But at the same time if it didnt happen all you have is extra food and things that you needed nothing is wrong with that? Not knowing what to expect makes it even harder. I don't no about other people but I no that i have mixed emotions.

Anonymous said...

Truth set in wisdom words are written but not spoken 4 more look at the signs its just of matter of time My loved ones are leaving to the promised land God bless the rest who ingoantly stay to get left behind like the hurricane Katrina day. Judgement Day Nears. Demonds can smell fear. People never change greed wins love selfish is what caused this. Too late make moves before u get left behind see u on the other side.

Council of Elders said...


I trust that Life finds you Well.

Life finds me here now, as a good friend "linked" me to this topic, and asked if I might speak about this subject.

The reason for his asking, was that we had not long ago held email discussions on the same topic (2012 and the Mayan system of beliefs).

Lol, I seem to have found myself speaking with many friends concerning 2012 and the Mayan Prophecies during recent months.
It sure seems to be an area which is causing a great deal of interest in the world at this time!
I shall share for you here an excerpt of my reply to my friend, from the aforementioned conversation:

I hope that it assists you in some way with your questions.

If it is part of your path (which you chose before agreeing to come into this lifetime), these words will find 'resonance' with you. If not, you can just dismiss them as the senile ramblings of a strange old man, and forget all about it. :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ok, 2012.

Or, more accurately, (Mayan Long-Count Notation).

The End...and The Beginning.

Firstly, let's talk about "Time".

The "Gregorian" method of tracking, is not only wildly inaccurate,
it is a complete fabrication!

I want to speak with you, about Natural Time.

As I'm sure you're aware, the true nature of time, is not linear....
but cyclical.

The Universe revolves around Cyclical "Time"
and at present, we are nearing the End of a 26,000 year Cosmic-Life-Cycle.

When this Life-Cycle Ends,
"All things will pass away....
and All things will be made new".

This grand cycle of evolution will culminate, with winter solstice, December 21, 2012 AD.

And, we're only seven years away, at the time of writing (2005).

This time we are now in has been called "The Time of Trials" "Judgment Day," "The Time of Great Purification,"....
"The End of this Creation," "The Quickening," "The End of Time as We Know It," "The Shift of the Ages," and "The Great Tribulation", amongst other things.

It is foretold that the completion of the Precession, brings the Regeneration of Earth, offering Awakening to all open, willing hearts.

Many peoples spoke of these last days of the Great Cycle, including the Maya, Hopi, Egyptians, Kabbalists, Essenes, Qero elders of Peru, Aborigines, and the Navajo, Cherokee, and Apache Native Tribes.

All of these Ancient and Insightful Civilizations, most of whom enjoyed contact with their Brothers and Sisters "Off World", are not "wrong" in their understanding.
It is the Gregorian method, which is "Wrong". Not to mention extremely misleading to humanity!

The Maya use an astrological cycle we call the "Precession of the equinoxes".
This is a 26,000 year cycle in which Earth transits through each of the 12 signs of the zodiac for about 2,152 years each.
Each of these astrological ages represents one month of the grand, Cosmic Year.
The Mayans, Egyptians, Tibetans, Sumerians, Cherokees, and Hopi, All refer to this same 26,000 year cycle in their belief systems and each have developed calendars based on this great cycle.

Lol, yet, the cycle widens. :)

This "Mayan" cycle also corresponds to a 26,000 year relationship of the Sun orbiting Alcyone, the central star of our 7 Sisters Pleiades constellation.

The Mayans hold, that the End of this Cycle, heralds literally, a New World Age, and a New Creation.
Collectively, Humanity right now, is growing, and developing, into the Beings we have long been encoded to be.
As with any labor, it is not the mother, or the baby, who is in charge...
it is the Primal process of Birth itself unfolding it's own destiny.

So, December 21, 2012 AD.....
is not the day where all of the sudden the lights go out, and everything will suddenly change.....
rather, we are NOW in the process of this transition......
from one World Age to the next.
The changes are underway and will continue steadily accelerating as we head towards the culminating date.

The 26,000 year cycle is composed of 5 lesser cycles.....
each of which are 5,125 years in duration.
Each of these 5 cycles is considered its own World Age or Creation Cycle.

Our present great cycle (3113 B.C. - 2012 A.D.)
is called the Age of the Fifth Sun.

This fifth age is the synthesis of the previous four.
It is known as "Caban" in the Mayan language and "Ollin" in Aztec, and it has has several meanings.....
including: movement, shift, evolution, earthquake, navigation, synchronicity, clue tracking, and turtle (see Mayan Calendar for reference).
In the Mayan language, the word "ol" of ollin means consciousness.

The initial date that Earth entered the Fifth World, was August 13, 3113 BC, written in Mayan long count notation as

To help you understand this Notation:

13=Baktuns, 0=Katuns, the 2nd 0=Tuns, 3rd 0=Uinals, 4th 0=Kin

These are the Mayan words for periods of time:

Day = Kin (pronounced: keen)
Month of 20 days/Kin = Uinal (wee nal)
Year of 360 days/Kin = Tun (toon)
20 Tuns/years = K'atun (k'ah toon)
20 K'atuns = Baktun (bock toon)
a Baktun is 5,125 years

The Mayan Calendar has Five days at the end of the 360 day year, known as "Five Days Out of Time". Although in modern translations from the current Mayan Elders, the Lunar Cycle has been incorporated into their calculations, and they have updated to include the 13 Moon Year.

13 moons of 28 days....
equals a year of 364 days, and One Day Out of Time.
A calendar that I myself operate by.

It has none of the odd numbers of days of the Gregorian Fake.
30 days here, 31 there, 28 here, or 29 instead sometimes (lol!), and you don't need to go: "30 days has September"etc, in order to remember!
With the 13 moon calendar, you always know where you are.

Every day from that point is reckoned by the number of days passed since the event of this cosmic beginning point. :)

Within the 5,125 year cycle lies 13 smaller cycles, known as the "13 Baktun Count," or the "long count."

Each baktun cycle lasts for 394 years, or 144,000 days.

Each baktun was its own Historical Age, within the Great Creation Cycle, with a specific destiny for the evolution of those who incarnated in each baktun.

For example, almost all of the Mayan inscriptions were placed during Baktun 9 (435-830 AD).

This era is known as the time of the Classic Maya.

After this point, around 830 A.D., the great Mayan centers were abandoned and their thriving culture "mysteriously" disappeared.

Well, only "Mysteriously" if you don't happen to know the story. ;)

The Mayans were well aware of coming earth changes in their own time and left earth with their sister race who had made their home on the planet Erra, in the Pleiades constellation. This race, who are indeed very 'human' in appearance, are far advanced than we (modern earthbound society) currently understand, in terms of technology. Well, the government know what they have, but then, they don't even admit publicly that there even are other races known to them 'off planet', lol, let alone in active communication even at this point in time.

But, the Mayans made sure to leave behind enough evidence of their civilization for their ancestors and fellow Beings of the Ages to follow them, as a means of guidance, to point the way to what is to come. :)

Planet Earth and her inhabitants....
are currently traveling through the 13th baktun cycle....
the final period of 1618-2012 AD.

This cycle is known both as "the triumph of materialism", and "the transformation of matter."

The Maya predicted this final baktun would be a time of great forgetting, in which we drift very far from our sense of Oneness with Nature, and experience a kind of collective amnesia.

Like a memory virus in which we begin to believe the limited reality of appearances and become de-sensitized to the Spiritual essence which fuels this world.

We entered this baktun cycle right after establishing the world wide coordination of Pope Gregory 13th's 12 month calendar system (1582), as well as the introduction of 12 hour 60-minute mechanical clock (1600).

These are neither small, nor irrelevant matters my friend.

According to Valum Votan, (a Mayan Prophet),
these 2 instruments are what manifested humanity's "error in time", which is the following of artificial instruments of time that served to separate Humanity from the rest of nature; operating by our own false timing frequency, to the ultimate detriment of our natural world.

The Gregorian calendar is not based on logic, science, or nature.
It denies and covers up the True annual human biological cycle, which is conserved in the body of a woman.

It is the current standard world time model, because of the forceful implementation of this system upon conquered (indigenous) peoples, who lost their land, as well as their freedom and right to self determination.

The presence of the clock gave birth to the notion that time lies outside our bodies; that it can be tracked by a machine,
and that we can sit and watch it "fly" by...tick-tock...tick-tock....

as if it is something linear, containable, and separate, from the organic, flowing process of life!

Our adherence to the clock for our sense of time and timing, is one of the greatest obstacles to allowing the full telepathic abilities of Human Beings to truly Blossom!
In simple terms, we're operating on the wrong "wavelength".

And so, here we are.... :)
currently living the last 7 years of both a 5,125 year Creation Cycle....
and the last 7 years of a 26,000 Grand Cycle, the Precession of the Equinoxes!

The coming end date of December 21, 2012.... in the Mayan long count notation, is written just like the beginning date! ;)

On, the December solstice sun will be found in the band of the Milky Way, directly in the position of the "Dark Rift" in the Galaxy, forming an alignment between the Galactic Plane and the Solstice Meridian!

We are about to enter into a Literal Alignment of the Cosmic, Galactic, Solar, and Lunar Planes!!!

This is an event that has slowly converged, over a period of thousands of years...
and is caused by the precession of the equinoxes.
Kind of like a "turning" of the Universal Gears.

On the winter solstice of 2012....
the noonday Sun exactly conjuncts the crossing point of the Sun's Ecliptic with the Galactic Plane, while also, aligning precisely, to the exact center of the Galaxy!

The Synchronic Order of Natural Time, governs the unfolding of our lives.

Time's cycles are found within our bodies....
and within Nature's daily rhythms and cyclic seasons.

We have forgotten this, thinking that time is the clock, or the relentless progression of work weeks and weekends.

Time, is the ever-changing, unfolding Now, as it synchronistically coordinates the Whole living Universe! :)

I trust that in someway goes toward answering your questions, of "why 2012" my friend.

Take it easy.

My Love and Peace Be with you.

Dr. Ekahua (The Council of Elders)

Anonymous said...

Day = Kin (pronounced: keen)
Month of 20 days/Kin = Uinal (wee nal)
Year of 360 days/Kin = Tun (toon)
20 Tuns/years = K'atun (k'ah toon)
20 K'atuns = Baktun (bock toon)
a Baktun is 5,125 years

Yo, Skippy... check your arithmatic!

Anonymous said...

i see a flaw in this. im watcing the program right now and they say it predicted the flood, the anthrax attack and some other things. if so why didn't the creators of webbbot or whoever is monitoring it warn us. people just use coincidences to find something to believe in. i believe in the supernatural and all that good stuff but this just looks like some computer geeks trying to get another trivial thing to debate. remember y2k

Anonymous said...

The whole Web Bot theory along with global warming and hyped terorism is designed to incite fear. With that accomplished masses of people can be incited to agree on irrational agendas like a "carbon footprint tax" which saps money from a productive base and gives it to a few greedy people. This is happening now as there is no real money solution to global warming or global cooling as it is beyound the bounds of mankind to cause and solve. We are along for the ride wether it be warming or cooling. All of this greed incited fearmongering for global control of a greedy few will if played out will cause the mother of all wars and the greedy few with all their money will not be able to protect themselves because stupid greed is not Illumini or whatever you want to call it or frame as such. If it is a play by the Illumini some power like the Chinese or Russians will not go along with their song and dance tune and rebel against the agenda. If you are part of the problem then you are not part of the solution. To be part of the solution avoid being part of the problem. Natural Science causes weather to change from cold to warm and from warm to cold CO2 is not a posion and has not proven to be part of the problem by causing warming. A $500,000 dollar award is waiting for anyone to prove that Co2 causes warming. This is a stray from the orginal theses of scarmongering but only one example of such creating a scare and enriching a few starting with Al Gore who is getting very rich off of his global warming scaring of people by creating an immanginary problem with the help of other who are also getting very rich from the same.

Prodigal said...

Long ago I learned the phrase "Everything is connected...there is no free lunch." The Web Bot Project merely adds to a body of apocryphal evidence that points to some thing happening. Some know more about this than others. Some who know do not say what they know. Signs and portents, kids. Jung, it must be said was closer to the truth than he knew.

When looking at this stuff, Wil Shakespeare is instructive.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Hamlet Act I, Scene 5.

I can tell you this. The Web Bot Project's spiders are not the only ones crawling over the web.

This isn't about belief systems. There is something wholly different at work here and much of the truth of what that is has been lost or, worse, hidden.

The puzzle is working it all out. All the pieces are on the table or so those who taught me would say.

I take them at their word.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I watched the History channel show I recalled an article I had just read (in perhaps Foreign Affairs and or Evan's crazy book) about Ossamah BL,the Whahhabbies, and Iran. The OBL goal and (aside the the 12 Imman) the Iranian's goal was never war with the US but rather wanting to ultimately be ruled by the "umma" or collective intelligence of all Islam.

Although on a scale of 1-100 in my way of thinking this is in the HIGH 90's. To Ahmadinezhad ... and millions of Iranians and OBL this idea of being "governed" by the "umma" is real and they believe obtainable.

If they weren't so deadly and dangerous, I'd laugh and say this sounds like a 1960's episode of Star Treck (actually I think it was an episode but of course out "there" in space.

I believe this religious world view is pure crap but the evolution of the Web Bot.... and the idea of the "umma" do sound similar but missing a few chapters.

Other thoughts????

Mr Lou mrlou78731 at or about yahoo

Bobby LaSalle said...

The human notion of attributing weird personification onto physical phenomena amazes me.

Yes, you're right old man. 5,100ish year "Baktuns" make more sense than other forms of timekeeping due to some sort of magical cyclical nonsense or some other thing.

I sometimes wonder if people like you ever actually listen to yourselves, or if you're so caught up in this feeling... like you're Gandalf the Grey come to weave spells for Hobbits... that you can't even comprehend the fact that you're on a computer and not a Wyrdstone Spiritual Integration Cairn or something absurd like that.

Good lord, people.

Anonymous said...

This site certainly is an interesting read.With many varied views & opinion`s!

One thing is "Fact" & always has been "Fact", is that "Nobody" has ever been able to predict the future as it has never happened yet!.It`s like saying "If i put my hand in the fire it will hurt & i will be burnt", this is obviously a true prediction anyone can make, but no one knows how much pain or damage, if any will be caused, also, nobody would be able to predict how long i keep my hand in there!. What if i did not have any nerves, i would not feel a thing if i did not see that my hand was in the fire!.

My point being, it is impossible to know what has not happened yet!

Predictions are guesses, sometimes clever sometimes figment`s of our unique imagination`s.After all, how far back has man been using hallucinogenic substances?, certainly for many moons!

As all books are made by man, all stories told are by man, all Internet pages are installed by man, all wars are caused by man, in to days world we see millions starving, whilst others are obese, once again caused by man, we truly are the cancer of this world, that's why i can not be getting blinded by any of mans "possible theories".

What will be, will be!!

If there is a plan for our sorry little souls, then it will take place as intended!

Just one other point to throw in the "food for thought pot".

Please read up on "Nephilims" & The "Anunnaki", if there is any truth in this line of media reports then i do believe a lot of time old questions can be answered.


nijjhar said...


I have studied the New Testament and found that the collection of Tares for Final burning is in Israel - Matt.13-24-30. So, I believe in some thing going to happen in which Israel will be the Sparking Point to Atomic War. Remember, the present destruction of Iraq was for the protection of the Israel whose Masters have very strong lobies in USA and U.K. This is the Age when money makes the mare go but what happens is governed by God. Watch my over 900 Youtube Videos on Christianity and Sikhism. Second coming of Christ was Nanak.

Anonymous said...

the planet x nearest first pass has been recalculated by sitchin in his latest book to be some 50 years later than 2012. However what appears to be more likely to occur in 2012 is the fullfillment of the mayan prophecy given by quenzecotl that extrterristials will be beamed down on snakelike appendages, which would infer microwave beams. William enry in his book "The capes of the illuminati" gives us more clarity on this scenario. On or around the solastice od 2012 9 extraterristial beings will be microwaved down to earth as peacekeepers. The term illuminati comes from the nanotechnology driven capes that are self illuminating in technicolor dispays. The capes have battery packs that send out a carrier wave to our galactic core and bring back to the capes those light/radio energies (which are quite free). The capes reprocess these energies to change the vibrational levels of the wearer giving them superhuman strength and thought processes. On previous visits the angels or announaki gave these capes to their trusted ambassadors and emissaries. Folks like abraham and jesus christ had possession of these units. The last recorded people to have possession of them were the druids. Thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...

I've just saw at the television for the Web Bot and year 2012. This is strange, do you think it is real? Where can we find information about that Web Bot? Is that real?

Anonymous said...

With a little luck 2012 will bring an end to the current era of humanities religious belief systems and the fallout of our connection with mother nature as a result. The true "Golden Age" will be the one that Jesus was really pushing for: No more mindless drones wandering around feeling safe and secure behind the lies of powerful religious leaders who preach about peace and love and then cause war and oppression in order to gain more power. The true consciousness can only be derived from realizing that as a collective whole, everything on this planet is tied together as one "living being", and our collective energy is what shapes our world, not the other way around as most people seem to operate. We are only a piece of this living world, and our world is the most efficient system that we can imagine (hence it still supporting life): the more we try to manipulate the system, the more the system will "retaliate" in order to keep itself going.
People like the Mayans had a much different overall perspective and consciousness than anybody living today, and we can't pretend that their knowledge is transferable to a generation of people who today wouldn't last 5 minutes living in their time. When they talk about cycles and astrology they knew these things without the technology we have; they had some insight or perspective into things that we can't even comprehend. I highly doubt that the "end of the world" will come, however, I would not dismiss that something will happen whether we are able to sense it or not. With evolution of some things comes devolution in other things - in our case I believe it is the sense of the connection with our own collective being as a part of mother nature that we have lost.

Anonymous said...

I don’t believe that we can make anything happen with “The power of the mind” cause if that were the case a lot more people would be hitting the lottery. The only way the power of the mind matters is when people get off their buts and take action. In the case of polar shift, there’s no action to be token . The Lord made pretty clear as to what would happen at the end of the age and his second coming in , Matthew 24:29 -37 “The sun will be darkened the moon will give no light the stars will fall from the sky and the powers in the heavens will be shaken ” Yep! Sounds like polar shift to me. But he also said that “no one knows the day or the hour” So, well see about 12/21/12 The date its self is kind of strange adding up to 3 3 3 the number 3 being the number for Christ.

Anonymous said...

The date can be found in the decimals of Pi.... or e for that matter.

Anonymous said...

we all know in our hearts this world is sick and needs a spiritual cleanse.sex with animals is even the norm now on the internet.we as a race have crossed the line and juct coincidently this date comes up.the hopi know of this with the comeing of the blue and red stars and the purification.if you believe take high ground with acess to caves no lower than 11000 ft.new mexico and darkensburg mountains south africa are good

Anonymous said...

The only part of this story I do not believe in, is the statement that states the Mayans believed the world would end in 2012 any major in ancient artifacts will recognize this false accusation immediately. Simply because most of the Mayans artifacts were destroyed due to climate change raiding etc and in regards to the Mayan artifacts what was discovered was the calendar not all of the translations or meanings behind the events. All that the Mayans calendar predicts is the coming of the Age of Aquarius 2012 (from what was discovered). Aquarius is a Latin word meaning “Aqua” or water, so basically Age of Water would be a better way to say it to the average person. Having said that there is a high probability that this will happen simply look at global warming, which is a realistic event if you do not believe in this theory simply look at CO2 emissions over the planets life and compare them to current global climate. As far as being a spiritual means of cleansing or Jesus returning, which both are highly unlikely to happen or even unlikely to have ever existed. All of those believers can pray for their god or gods to save them and I severely doubt that if you are praying and an end of the world situation develops that praying will help in anyway. You can do your praying and I’ll be in my bunker getting the generators fired up and we’ll see who makes it unless your god can put you in a bubbled force field and supply you with food etc, which I have yet to see anything such as that to happen. But more than likely the polarities in the Earths magnetic fields could possible change I severely doubt it though, because the black hole at the center of our Milky Way is so far away that if it had any effect on Earth it would completely annihilate our planet or do nothing at all (which it would probably do nothing at all). What I would be concerned about in 2012 is the fact that we are expecting a massive solar flare storm from the Sun on you guessed it 12/21/2012 at I believe 9 am Eastern time . Having said that this would explain the Age of Aquarius, because a massive solar storm worse than any in recorded history would melt the polar ice caps, thus causing global flooding hence Age of Aquarius. Then again this could all be wrong and even if the polarities did shift you physically would not be able to feel the shift, but it could possibly have some effect on our Earths ability to deflect heat from the sun. But, it’s not as if Earth will lose its gravitational pull and send everyone flying off into space. And another thing is that well if the webbot is designed to take bits and pieces of everything said in the web compact it into probabilities and there’s already been so much in regards to the end of the world being in 2012 that it defeats the purpose of even considering the webbots predictions of 2012. For example if I traveled back into time say 3000 years and published a popular book say Harry Potter or something like that and claimed that all of it really happened and the world was going to end in 2013 then we would have Harry Potter temples today and this discussion would be about 2013 instead its just common sense. Then we would also have the dedicated believers of course with no sign of logic in their minds. But the best that one person can do is if you are worried about it prepare for the worst I live in a higher region so I am not worried about flooding in anyway. What I am worried about is people losing their minds right before 12/21/2012 similar to the year 2000.

Anonymous said...

Better to create your timemachine and go to that date122112,see nothing will happen at all.
ActiveTimemachine was exist at 2040
Maybe those calculations are wrong.

Just love each other and have faith to god. tnx

Current date: March 22,3333

Anonymous said...

I believe ...

that this December 2012 thing isn't the Rapture of the church because no man knows what day that will be (not even the Son of God) and I believe that since the Rapture has to first take place before the end of man; therefore, this could very well be predictions of the Devil himself.

I believe that Nostradamus and a lot of past astronomers and so-called scientists were in fact socorers either knowingly or unknowingly and they could have received visions and signs from demons.

Because the Devil's main purpose is to deceive and continue fooling and hardening the hearts of men.

The evil that is in the Earth is unbelievable! The Lord's return is only held back but for his grace and by his grace we are saved.

Anonymous said...

If you believe that the world shall come to another World War, who would start it? The U.S.? The Middle East? Europe? The '2012 doomsday' will not happen until the world is in a fight for food, economic dominance, and military power.

UFO Blogger said...

We posted about latest development in this regard on our UFO Blogger blog too.

Last month NASA got a latest report on Sun solar Storm.Which is carried out for NASA by the US National Academy of Sciences.And it said what Hopi,Mayan and Web Bot talked about Predicted for 2012, a big solar storm catastrophe

According to Hopi prediction" Sun will get Harder".Mayans said catastrophic "Solar Event" in 2012 and Web Bot also supported the same.

NASA report concluded that"The sun operates on an 11-year cycle, with the next "active" phase due in 2012 likely to present the nearest danger."

In this video Mr.Jay Weidner's talked about what he think about Web.Bot 2012 prediction about catastrophic event's.

Unknown said...

Nearly 30 years ago in a dream I was given instruction and was told if I chose to follow them I would be "vouchsafed a vision of the end of the World". A friend persuaded me to do it "for a laugh" (fine for him - he wouldn't be the one sitting in the freezing cold in inadequate clothing!) I didn't expect to 'see' anything - or at most a mushroom cloud, bearing in mind we were still in the Cold War. In fact what I saw really scared me: a world destroyed by pollution, exploitation of natural resources, over-population - by humanity's greed and selfishness. I've seen the world becoming closer to that vision ever since.
Whatever comes in 2012, there'll be more in late February 2017 - look at the planetary aspects.

Anonymous said...

one way or another we are going to die, i dont know about you, but im enjoying every moment because i could die tommorrow!

Anonymous said...

I think it's easy to believe into a myth to search for answers about something that we know little about (like the future). Much like people used to look into religion to explain things that we can actually explain with science today. Much of the predictions made by ancient prophets and this web bot project are subject to human interpretation. I would like to know how many times this web bot made predictions that never amounted to anything.

iLLa_TiKi said...

It's slightly amusing how everyone is so fascinated with the concept of "time". Time is artificial. Time is A man made device so that we can sort our tasks and structure our lives. "Time" is constantly manipulated by humans for our benefit (e.g. daylight savings time). There are hundreds of different man made calendars in use around the world, who knows definitively which is correct; if any at all. The one we are most familiar with (the Gregorian) does a decent job but, still loses a solar day every 3,233 years. Considering how long modern humans have been on earth (theoretically) a lot of "time" has been lost when applying the Gregorian calendar. Also, one must take into account the fact that the millennium didn't occur until Jan 1st 2001, yet another anomaly created by mans attempt to control the heavens with poor time keeping. I guess I don't know what my point is but, it is important to enjoy your "time" here with those you love most, no matter what happens.

Anonymous said...

i cant say weather 2012 is the last of mankind or the transition of mankind and the world.i do know we are violent and greedy and tend make up the truth or facts as we see fit.the same can be said for religon.we tend to make god have our own morals,values and what ever we think that our god should be.if we do survive we will have to be restriced in thought and actions so we can see things one way.cyborg? dont know. we just cant go on with humans praying on ourselfs it will come to a end one way or another.

Dani said...

Here is something interesting that Islam says about the signs of the day of judgment which prophet Mouhammad mentioned and transmitted to his companions till now days with a chain of narration that is irrefutable since the muslims transmit knowledge by mouth and not thru books and the rank of the muslim in the chain is greatly considered. The prophet mentionned numerous signs, some are small signs and others are big signs. Most of the small signs has appeared and we see witness it in our every day life. The small signs precede the start of the big signs. One of the small signs is the growing number of tall buildings which at the time we very few. Another one is concerning girls being like a Queen to their mothers which we see now days everywhere mothers being treated like slaves/worker to meet the needs of their daughters. Increase in earthquakes and new diseases.

The prophet mentionned big signs which some of them are: the rising of the sun from west, the appearance of the anti-christ, etc.

We haven't witnessed the major signs yet but we have seen most of the small signs except the last small sign before the start of the major signs.

Prophet Muhammad mentionned about the coming of the Mehdi, someone from the family of the prophet and that bears the same name as the prophet, who is knowledgeable and will help unite the divided muslim world and who is the renewal of the century for that coming period.

You see after Prophet Muhammad passed away, he told Muslims that for every century there would be someone, normally the most pious of all muslims at the time, who would bid the lawful and forbid the unlawful of that time.

There has been 13 since prophet Muhammad death and the last one just passed away last september which I had a chance to meet on numerous occasions in the middle east.

How long would it take for a new renewal of the century to appear and who will it be? could it be the Mehdi which the prophet talked about? that I do not know, but the time is pressing, muslims are weak and need a leader to guide us.

When the Mehdi shows up, he will unite the muslims, that means Muslims will all be under one banner, there won't be any Muslim divided groups such as the shias or wahabies, we will be One, everyone Sunni. Then Prophet Muhammad mentionned that the Mehdi and his big army will fight in the name of Islam and conquer the world under 1 year. The world would be governed by Muslims for 7 years, peace and justice will be spread in every corners of the world.

After the 7th year, prophet Muhammad mentionned that the anti-christ will appear as a king, and then as an emperor, and then he would claim Godhood. Jews, Christians, and many others would be deceived by his claim. Muslims would be living in harsh situations during his time until the appearance of Jesus, who would descend from the sky near a white tower in Damascus (that is now an airport control tower). Jesus and his muslim army would fight the anti-christ and his army and succeed.

Then a series of other events occurs.

Prophet Muhammad was always known as an Honest person and none of his revelation about the signs of the coming day of judgement were false.

2012 the coming of the Mehdi? maybe. Know that the Mehdi will appear during the period of the muslim pilgrimage. A loud voice will be heard in every corners of the world of his arrival. He will be given allegiance by his companions and named Calif of the Muslim empire.

Unknown said...

what is a web bot ? is it reall to end the man kind on 2012 ?????????????????????????????????????????????
i have interesting to know about this web.bot software what will do this..............................

shiva said...

It's not d end , it's begining

Anonymous said...

Two things are for certain.

December 21, 2012 will be the end of an era and the beginning of another.

For those of us that are still standing, December 21, 2012 will be the first day of the rest of our lives.

I guarantee my predictions to be 100% accurate.

-The Prophet

Mel said...

I believe like many say 2012 will be the beginning of a new era. I think many things will happen up until then..only 3 yrs from now.. and will lead up to something spectacular that none of us living on earth has ever witnessed before. We always see these movies like 'the day after tomorrow" and "knowing" etc that show crazy events that happen, but we always think it will never happen while we are living on this planet, but why not I believe we as society have gotten to the point of thinking we are invisible from anything happening to us that we will quickly diminish the fact that anything will happen at all its just a load of crap. I think its time we open our eyes and see the world for what it is today. The ever changing weather patterns, and economic problems and war and even im sure more wars to come. So when the year 2012 does hit im sure those who doubt will then know for sure something is going to happen especially if we experience more disasters up until that year. I'm guessing the coming 3 years up to 2012 will be a snowball effect up unto that date. I don't think there is anything we can do to prepare for such fate no survival kits etc. Its either going to be your time to go our you will be left behind to lead the world into a new age. I'm sure it will be hard for many to revert back to a way of living before technology since many of us have never had to live without it. The ones that do have natural survival instinct and can go back to surviving on the earth and not on relying on going to the grocery store or cars etc will be able to survive the ones of us that remain stuck in our ways and just cry and complain to god why did this happen to me will be the first to go. I believe the world will end up being a better place in the end because we will learn to survive together, it won't be about materialistic things since we will all have the same things. Money won't matter anymore. Celebrities will be just like normal people. There won't be gang wars etc I mean who is going to be thinking about what hood your from or color of your skin or any pettiness that makes our world the way it is today, When were all standing in the middle of nothing with no house, no food, and no idea where to start again.Lucky we have a great president now and hopefully he will guide us thru any major catastrophe and be a real leader of the people. Hopefully when the world is rebuilt we as the human race will learn to cherish the land more and treat the world and each other with more respect and not revert back to our old ways of thinking. That is my opionion of 2012, its not the end of the world as most people are thinking is what it means, it the end of the world as we know it today.

Anonymous said...

Plutoid Eris is the "asteroid"!!!!!!
This thing has a moon "Dysnomia"
The asteroid belt already has a void in it they call the Kuiper cliff.
Eris is inbound with it's moon and possible tail of asteroids from the belt.

Anonymous said...

so how is obama going to lead the country if he cant communicate. You said there will be no technology so how is he going to lead you unless you live in D.C.?

Mike de POR. said...

So we've seen the program and we don't wanna die... in a day we know of. Let's enjoy life untill it happens then. Good and evil I don't believe. That's religious stuff such as revenge is to humans. Why would any natural being "pay" for human "evilness"?

Starcrux said...

Friends just think logically ...as per the Mayan’s calendar, it ends up abruptly on dec21 2012,but it does not say anything about the end of this beautiful world. If a savant from this civilization had created the calendar, he might know the relation of astronomical event mathematically. like for example if I know the trajectory of moon around the earth and its velocity vector i can predict the position of it in the sky in the next moment..This is quite simple to understand. so these people might capable of , to predict the future events by compiling the condition of the astronomical objects at their time.

So if we decipher the term "condition of astronomical objects at their time " we can easily say that, to have our prediction perfectly accurate one should , after each prediction, must keep track of the new condition of heavenly bodies. So by predicting in this manner they suppose came to a date 21st dec 2012 and they abruptly finish the calendar. In other way it has a simple meaning that they could not predict further or in more simplified manner their system of prediction after this date could not give the condition of astronomical objects after that day so they have stopped prediction any further.

So what changes will occur. Normally our calendars are based upon considering the facts: the earth is rotating in An elliptical path around the sun, it is also rotating around it at an inclination of 22 degree. So upon this idea a person having great knowledge of astronomy can make a calendar. So if any one of these fact will change in future then it is quite difficult to make the calendar for that time by taking the present condition.

So my point is their might be a chance that something may happen, on this date, to these conditions so that we have to make a new calendar after that day. And may be this change in condition of astronomical objects is quite vague that Mayans could not predict further. This may not lead to the destruction.


Anonymous said...

People wake up this is not all just a coincidence. 3 and a half years left. I can't fucking wait!Here comes Dimension #5.

Anonymous said...

Ironically December 12, 2012 is just around the end of Obama's first term in office. Coincidence? I think not.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. However, the Mayan calendar does not synch up with the calendar we use today. The Mayans didn't take leap year into consideration. Their calendar ending on Dec 21, 2012 may just indicate a shifting of seasons and the need for a reconfigure calendar.

Anonymous said...

All predictions aside for a moment (even though they seem to coincide). Our own scientists of this time are telling us that around the end of the year 2012 we are set for a galactic event that happens evey 26,000 years and the last time it happened, some very bad things happened. Logically speaking, alligning the whole galaxy up in a line could only mean serious global consequences that won't bode well for the human race in the short run. For our time. For us. Now. In the end, that's all that matters. I sincerely hope that some part of us continues and I wish for us allthe best.

Anonymous said...

Waaaw, if the polar theory is true, it explains the big signs of the Judgment Day mentioned by the final Muslim prophet (PBUH)which were transmitted to his companions till now days. The polar theory could scientifically explains the rising of the sun from the west (the east becomes west and vice-versa)This sign will be followed by the appearance of the anti-christ and then by the coming back of Jesus the Christ (PBUH)who shall kill the anti-christ and destroy the crucifix..

Anonymous said...

hey, who ever thinks the world is gonna end in 2012 is not cool! i'm only 12 years old! that means i'll die at age 15. besides there are about a billion accurate prophesies and some of them have to pose the end of the world at the same date. i mean there some prophesies that predicted endings in 2000. but guess what? we are still here!!!!!!!

DHotKiss said...

this is your imbredded reporter- rollin with the Chuck Norris Nation, deep in the heart of Texas, we have tactical nukes now and The Great Bowflexer has parted the Red River.. leading us to the promised land. maybe utah.he heals those afflicted with the swine flu.the lone biker of the apocalypse flees before the lone wolf of mcquade.. fear not! all will see the light of his righteousness and glory..
the age of the 5th sun is arrived.. the 5th element will be ether.

Nick Nolte said...

To March 3, 2008 2:00 AM i hope u dont mind but im gonna copy/pasta it cause i liked it maybe you can throw some scientology in there.I actualy pictured homer simpson lighting a fart on fire
Behold the LIGHT
And Humanity Was Created

To bobby November 18, 2008 7:51 AM the guy was joking he was beibg sarcastic.

12.12.2012 looks alot like 9.9.1999 (the #'s not whats supose to happen)

This page came up on a web-bot project 2013 search cuz i wanted to try it out and see if it does what it says it does because its easy to take something like 9/11 and look at a program that crawls the web looking for keywords and then saying "Oh the web-bot predicted it 2 months before it happend"
I dont think the web-bot is more aqurate then deathclock.com wich says that im gona live to be well over 90.If they been using the web-bot to quess what stocks to buy no wonder wall street crashed.That must have been the Ultimate High Rollers casino game.



20/05/2011 El Planeta X sera visto a ojo desnudo por todo el mundo

11/11/2011 to 21/03/2012 ??? Posible asesinato del Papa o el Presidente de Estados Unidos.-
(La personalidad mas importante en ese momento)
(posible comienzo a WW3, por un tiempo limitado)

21/12/2012 Planet X , sera visto como un segundo sol Rojo en la Tierra (del tamaño de la Luna)

21 Y 22/12/2012 Nuestro Sol emitirá un enorme pulso solar que dara de lleno en la tierra, dejando a todos los aparatos electronicos que esten en USO inservibles, (Satelites, aviones, televisión, radio, internet, computadoras, celulares, telefonos de red y gps)... El calor generado (5º / 7º grados Celcius mas) da comienzo al derretimiento de los polos, el agua inunda playas y zonas bajas rapidamente.-

Lo que sigue es muy feo, asi que lo dejo para la proxima vez. Solomente los que tengan una fe ciega y una gran fortaleza de espiritu tendran oportunidad.
Y si es consuelo para algunos les aviso que 7 años despues del 2012/2013 sera la 2ª venida de Jesucristo,,, para 9/2019 to 9/2020 .-

SALUDOS desde Argentina...

sol said...

what I find really funny or sad can't quite make up my mind is these "end of days" statments.. do any of you understand your clock is ticking down from the moment you are born you're entire life is "end of days".

So go out there and enjoy it most likely some of the people who posted here will not even see 2012, we are all dying tick tock tick tock....

Unknown said...

i am very happy about the mankind end in 2012 because my loving father jesus came for me before that and take me with him in paradise i love jesus sooooo muchhhhhh praise the lord

Unknown said...

johnson visakhapatnam says i am very happy about the 21.12.2012 because i think jesus will come before that and take me with him in the paradise praise the lord

Anonymous said...

interesting subject wanna see what happens at that time ...

rose said...

DANIEL 12:11&12

so is it true that the numbers given above are some where nearer to 2012?

rose said...

DANIEL 12:11 &12

so are the number of days given above are nearly matched for the days of 2012?

Anonymous said...

Maybe ABC will wait until Dec 21,2012 to put "V" on TV and the end can come because Earth will be invaded and taken over by these Aliens.

Anonymous said...

Instead of survival of the fittest it will be survival of the most fortunate. By God's grace, you might make it through to see the New Era. Quite possibly, the Eskimos will survive because they have a simple way of life and live so far away from troubles.

Anonymous said...

This is very intersting htis is really happens lets wait and see until be faith on God

Unknown said...

GANESH GOUD,Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. How we can belive that EARTH is in thier last days. Why don`t we think it as a begining of next generation. I have only pain of all developments taken place in this cycle is going to end. Just think how we can save all the developments and achivements of the this cycle, If really 21-Dec-2012 dissoster will happen atleast the next generation can continue the same to increase the span of cycle. Any how god is great. What i belive

Chao2Bella said...

"It's about time...?" If you mean that it's about time for the spiritual age to be replaced by a scientific one, I think that's an asinine thing to say. Science and spirituality can coexist in harmony. For centuries, cultures have written about and built monumental structures in honor of their spiritual Gods-works that we revere today. I would not be satisfied to live in an age when no one pays homage to a greater spiritual being.

web design India said...

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Anonymous said...

I have seriously read through this entire thread and I have seen a pattern. christians continue to quote the bible as reasons that this can not be true. The Christaians have also repeated over and over that God is the only one that really knows what is going to happen. So, Here is what I would like to say. STFU. How the heck can you expose the truth if what you are baseing the truth on is a lie? The bible has been around for how long? think of it as playing a game of telephone. by the time the secret gets to the last person," Miss Sally wears socks" turns into "Charlie Brown has pink pants." As a matter of fact, I seem to remember in history class Constintine burned all the books including the bible. The bible, in my opinion is the biggest lie on the face of this earth.

Rajinder Nijjhar said...


Messianic Jews brought in the rotten written Torah full of holes and patched it with the Brand New Cloth and corrupted the New Testament as well. Watch my Youtube Videos exposing their hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

pray for the world.

nijjhar said...

Gnostics do not pray but the dead in letters Christians do as if God in not Omniscient.

Anonymous said...

Ugh...This is all BS.
People predicted the world would finish in 2000, and it didn't.
In 2004, and it didn't.
People should just enjoy their lives, have sex, enjoy friends and family and forget all this bull.

I love God!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe this article predicted the end of the world - I believe what the article says is this:

"But before you start hyperventilating, just relax. Because this end may represent a symbolic end more so than a literal end. A shift in consciousness, such as a societal shift into a spiritual age from a scientific one - an "evolutionary leap" if you will - by mankind."

You should read more carefully . . . (and if it's BS, why did you read it in the first place? Shouldn't you be having sex and enjoying your family instead?)

And I also don't believe anyone predicted the world would end in 2000. I believe they predicted that it could be a financial crisis - because all computers could possibly revert back to 00.

Nut job.

Good Bye Earth said...

There Is A Movie Called 2012

It Is Unlikey For The World Will End In 3 Years If It Did Were All Doomed Goodbye Earth.

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