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Where Is Venus In Your Natal Chart?

The placement of Venus in your natal chart at the time of your birth can determine how we approach love and relationships. Are you flirtatious? Do you seek fairness and balance? Is your style passive or agressive?

With regards to your gender, Venus may filter through and be expressed by men and women differently. You see, men tend to "fight" their Venus. As a result, these energies that are displaced must be projected somewhere - and that is usually onto the women he admires.

Women, however, seem to freely express their Venus with regards to men. Women "own" their Venus. They ARE these qualities, while men PROJECT their Venus onto women.

Now, let's determine where your Venus is. First, visit Astrodienst and use the chart provided to determine what sign Venus was in at the time of your birth. Do to this, simply find the date that precedes your date of birth. Look to the right of that date and get the sign your Venus was in. Once you have done that, return here for your love style interpretation given below:

Venus in Aries

You flirt by being direct, daring, aggressive and upfront. Venus in Aries attempts to win your heart by impressing you with their independence and success. They are excited by energy and activity. Being vague and playing games won't win you points with a Venus in Aries. They strive for challenge and the thrill of the chase and like to be in the lead. Boredom in relationships sends them off to greener pastures. Competition is king here and brings Venus in Aries to life. Bold, aggressive, moves abound.

Venus in Taurus

It's all about creature comforts here and the physical realm. Sensual surroundings are the key to the heart. Venus in Taurus projects itself as stable, predictable, and grounded. Possessive and jealous, they are easily threatened by sponteneity. Change is strongly resisted and Venus in Taurus becomes settled quickly. Do not push a Venus in Taurus into a relationship. Move slowly and provide plenty of physical "hands on" attention. The promise of stability, comfort, and coziness wins a Venus in Taurus heart.

Venus in Gemini

Witty reparte, conversation, and open demonstration are the Venus in Gemini flirting styles. Playful teasing and playing hard to get. They are hard pressed to be pinned down in a relationship and will display flighty behaviors. They do not like to get too comfortable and require constant stimulation and conversation. They change their minds easily and quickly. To win the Venus heart in Gemini, stay communicative and keep a lighthearted approach. Remain playful and open minded and the Venus in Gemini heart will be yours.

Venus in Cancer

The Venus in Cancer heart likes commitment and predictability. The Venus in Cancer heart is very sensitive indeed. They observe, they seek safety, and they can be very emotional. The Venus in Cancer heart invented the "silent treatment" and perfected pouting and sulking. They are always concerned you'll be leaving soon and if you hurt them, it won't be easily put into the past. Snuggling, kindness, sensitivity, family, home environment - a video and the couch - that's the key to the Venus in Cancer heart.

Venus in Leo

Demanding and proud. To be courted and courting - tradition and fairplay are a Venus in Leo heart. Very loyal in love, but appreciative of attention from the opposite sex as well. Bighearted with lofty expectations from love. Boastful to the point of letting you know the advances others have made to win them over. Sex and love walk hand in hand for the Venus in Leo heart. There is no distinction between the two. If you are jealous of a Venus in Leo, let them know. They love to be admired and adored. The quickest way to loose this heart - when they perceive a loss of interest in them - coming from you. Adoration, admiration, loyalty, and truths are the key to a Venus in Leo heart.

Venus in Virgo

Dedication to you and the relationship and exhibiting the willingness to make it work is a Venus in Virgo heart. Attention to detail. This heart is quite, shy, and reserved and will slowly work it's way into yours. They are somewhat insecure and like to play it safe. The Venus in Virgo heart shows you they care by naggin and nitpicking on you. This heart is attracted to people who are otherwise not noticed. Their aim is to please. They will go to great lengths to please you subtely and the key to win this heart is through appreciation to the details. Do not let what the Venus in Virgo heart does for you go unnoticed.

Venus in Libra

Appearing somewhat superficial, the Venus in Libra heart is polished and refined. They will impress you with kindness and a willingness to assist you. They seek safety in relationships and are gentle lovers. The Venus in Libra heart will rearrange their lifestyle to accomodate yours. They possess an idealized view of relationships where the relationship becomes larger than life. Imbalance or one-sidedness in the relationship will cause unexpressed resentment to build in this heart and when this happens, they will try to even the score. No bad manners or vulgar speech is to be used with the Venus in Libra heart. Fairness and kindness is the key.

Venus in Scorpio

What's the attraction from others to a Venus in Scorpio heart? Intensity and a willingness to commit. They will flirt by intensely focusing on you. Still waters run deep. This focus provides a promise of pleasure. They possess you and, somehow, make you feel it's ok to be possessed by them. Their love is fully emcompassed - body and soul - intensity. Love with this heart can seem a very heavy experience indeed. They can slice through smoke and mirrors and see you for exactly who you are. If slighted, they do not fear being underhanded in matters of the heart. They are emotional and deep. They will have their secrets - and you must let them. They will want control, which you must relinquish. They will take advantage if given the opportunity so always walk the fine line with matters of control. They key to the Venus in Scorpio heart? Passivity towards them and complete focus and commitment.

Venus in Sagittarius

They seek a relationship in which they can grow and expand and build a future upon with you. They want to experience everything with you as one. The archer in love is a seeker and won't commit easily. Very flirtatious in nature, they will impress you with grandious stories, heavy flirting, laughing and being jovial. Generally restless in nature, they are the first to run from a relationship that begins to suffer bumps in the road. Take the Venus in Sagittarius rants and raves seriously - they are communicating important points when this is done. They key to the Venus in Sagittarius heart is expressing a love of life itself. Romping, skipping, and a desire to experience everything as one.

Venus in Capricorn

Their style of flirting is by expressing responsible behavior and self-discipline. They are competent and tend to be loners. They do not hear bells and whistles when it comes to love but a rather cool, detached emotion. They are a romantic soul at heart who yearns to for a life partner. They are attracted to serious, goal oriented partners. Being practical and possessing personal goals is the key to the Venus in Capricorn heart. They like to show you off, readily commit, and have a very detailed plan when it comes to love.

Venus in Aquarius

They will flirt by expressing open-mindedness and grandious plans for the future. They want to be seen as rebellious and dangerous and may act aloof in order to project this. They don't follow the beaten path in relationships and can easily settle into unconventional ones. They are threatened by boundaries and don't necessarily follow the rules. Their manner is rather detached. The key to the Venus in Aquarius heart is to admire them for their intellect and forward thinking. No over the top displays of affection here but they do desire a great friend in a lover. They can be likened to a liberal. Do not restrict them or be put off by their unconventional thoughts. Dream along with them, give them plenty of space, and be their best friend.

Venus in Pisces

Very romantic and poetic is the Venus in Pisces heart. Flirty, dreamy and moody. They will feel you out in a relationship and take it one step at a time. No planning for the future here. Status, belongings and wordly values have no place with the Venus in Pisces heart. They love you for who you are - bottom line. Attracted to the underdogs and those on the fringes of life, they can easily slip into the role of saving someone. Polishing a diamond in the rough. Hard pressed to commit, they may even stretch the truth at times to save you heartache. They are ok with being misunderstood. Regardless of what the rest of the world thinks of you, you'll find a place in the Venus in Pisces heart.

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