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The New Moon in Taurus

Today marks the arrival of the new moon in Taurus. This new moon and it's placement in earthy Taurus, the sign of fun and delight, focuses on the comforts in life. Taurus is nurturing, comforting, grounded, solid, and sensual. As a result, family, friends, your home life, surroundings, and mother earth may be the focal point.

Lady Venus rules the Taurian sign and she controls the realms of love and money. This is a new moon for reinvisioning what is yours and laying the groundwork to see that it comes to fruition. This is an opportunity to gain personal wealth or begin new romantic relationships. Possibly a time to re-evaluate, and make better, what currently exists in both of those areas of your life.

If you've been having monetary problems, this may be the appropriate time to take stock of the situation and "grab that Taurian bull by the horns" so to speak. If it's love that needs focus, this is a good time to have a heart to heart talk with the one you love - or make advancements towards the one you admire.

A grounded, solid, nurturing relationship in both of these areas is what the Taurian new moon is all about. Taurus represents the desire to follow one's own will. The bull wishes to tame the ever constant push-pull in life.

Each new moon represents new beginnings - an undertaking of new directions. The new moon in Taurus represents new approaches or beginnings to areas involving finances and romances. The bull plods along slowly and deliberately through life, not being one to act rash.

This new moon wishes for us to focus on these areas in our life with patience and diligence. Results may not be immediate, but if goals are tended to and the path is steady, this new moon can bring wonderful new beginnings in the month to come.

And remember: each new moon's effects can be felt for a period of up to two weeks beyond the new moon. It may be that within that two week time frame, you will see issues regarding romance and money raising their heads for attention.

Take advantage of this new moon's power in the sign of Taurus and lay your groundwork carefully.

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