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Mayan Astrology Theories

The Mayans were an astrological and mathematical based society that attained great feats through their studies. The Mayan calendar far outweighs our modern calendar in accuracy and prediction and the Mayans were considered visionaries or great "seers."

Many people question the authenticity of astrology and consider it as only purely having entertainment value. I am sure the Mayan Gods would frown upon those of us who see it that way.

The base theory behind astrology is this: The planets in the universe exert energy forces onto the earth and it's inhabitants that affect our behavior and personality traits. The Mayans firmly believed this as I am sure their ancestors still do.

To provide further evidence to this theory, the Mayans of ancient times conducted their own studies. One of which involved asking groups of women to inhabit dark caves for several months, to test the lack of exposure to the sun and moon.

Would this have a physical effect on these women?

Intriguingly enough, the Mayans seemed to have proven their theory to their satisfaction, thus, further enforcing their firm belief in the heaven's unseen planetary forces. For it seems that only a few short months following their seclusion, the Mayan women ceased menstruating. And it is no secret that the human females reproductive cycle is on the very same 28 day cycle as the moon.

Upon this small group of Mayan women returning to their society, and the exposure of the sun and moon, they began menstruating again and their reproductive cycles returned to normal.

So, it seems that there is a direct correlation to the planetary forces and the earth's inhabitants.

This planetary force and it's effects can also be seen in the ocean tides here on earth as the moon's gravitational pull regulates them, cycles them, from far away in the heavens above.

Our universe is one full of mystery, awe, and wonder. Limitless possibilities. The greatest of it's miracles surely has yet to be seen.

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Anonymous said...

Truly astonishing. . .maybe there is something to it? I tend to believe so now.

Anonymous said...

i have a theory too about date of death.

Anonymous said...

noob. do you have any proof of this "study"? furthermore, the moon shines, whether we see it or not. if this "planetary force" (the moon isnt a planet, by the way...) could really affect us, a cave wouldnt stop it. you do need sunlight; it helps synthesize vitamin d and releases endorphins, but that is not a planetary force. people who were put in solitary confinement for months in the dark as a previous way of punishment (mostly in old jails, also thing the holocaust) had no such reported effects, and considering that they were in manmade seperation from the planet, this "force" should have affected them far greater than someone who was still in contact with the earth.
as a final note, our calandar is more accurate than the mayan calandar. our math is superior. and using that math, we are approximately .24 days more accurate per year than the mayans. i dont even want to hear about the end of hte world theory. their calandar is cyclic, and so every so many years a certain interlocking cog resets to its original position. in 2012 the last cog is reset. there is no "end date." it keeps going, but just starts its cycle again. the people who think a cycle starting over again will end the world need only look at the big "y2k" fear that plagued populations worldwide in 1999.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Thanks for adding your thoughts. I realize the moon isn't technically a planet, by our definition of a planet. But you understand, I'm sure, what is meant by the term "planetary forces." (I don't think it's necessary to speak to everyone as if they're idiots and explain the difference between what is technically a planet and what is not. That isn't the point of the piece and you're just trying to give the implication of idiocy. I respectfully ask that you check your negativity at the door please :-)

As I like to say, "Give a monkey a brain and he'll think he's the center of the universe." No disrespect, but you sound arrogant.

Our math is superior? Our calendar is superior? By whose measurements? It's all subjective.

Also, if you've read this blog, you realize by now that I'm not part of the "doomsday" brigade. I don't believe 2012 is a doomsday. I believe it will only signify a new beginning and possibly the culmination of enlightenment and an evolutionary leap for our species. (By Mayan beliefs, mankind starts an age in a state of enlightenment . . . and only declines from there.)

We are in a state of decline . . . and by their theories, during a new beginning, we will be in a state of enlightenment.

Man is so arrogant, "Prove it, prove it, prove it!!!! I have to see it or touch it - otherwise, IT CAN'T BE REAL! Without MY approval, it just can't be real."

Your forced logical thinking and rationalizing mind has you boxed in. If someone told you 400 years ago that there could someday be "information" floating around in the air - someone like you would've surely ridiculed them.

Turns out, here we are living in an age where there is "information" flying around all through the air that none of us can see(cellphones, computers, radio waves). . . and no one's laughing now.

"Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence." ~ Albert Einstein

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