"Mirror, Mirror on the wall . . . where did he go, and why doesn't he call?"

Revenge On An Aries?

Getting hurt stinks, and getting even isn't always the answer - but it sure can feel good sometimes, right?

When attempting to exact your revenge on an Aries, consider the astrological landscape in the Aries profile. For that matter, consider the Aries themselves. Take a look at the depiction here in this picture. . .understand now?

Being a fire sign with great force and energy, you have to do this right. Aries male is the leader of the zodiac. The first, the one, the one and only (according to them). As the leader, and the only cardinal (initiator, starter) fire sign in the zodiac, Aries like to start things.

As the "babies" of the zodiac, Aries can be likened to an age range of 0-7. Thus, an enraged Aries can be much like a 7 year old throwing a temper tantrum. And they'll stoop. They're not above it. They can be very selfish, self-centered and truly insensitive.

Will They Feel Bad About It?

Only if you point it out to them in a subtle way (via your actions, not words). You see, very rarely does Aries take the time to think about others.

I'm not trying to be harsh here, it is what it is. Aries men in particular are so driven, so determined towards their own goals, that when they've behaving selfishly, they don't even realize it. As a result, they can be viewed as cold and very cutting. They also absolutely love to play mind games. I don't think they realize how painful that can be as they are doing it for pure enjoyment purposes.

An Aries male can tinker with a woman's head like no other. Spend enough time with one and you'll find that they're doing that with everyone. As a cardinal (initiator) sign, they love to start things - particularly little battles, being ruled by Mars, the God of War. Then they'll step back and enjoy the show.

And most times, they're only interested in hearing themselves speak. Take Marlon Brando for instance, an Aries male. (He's also a first week of April Aries male whom I personally think are THE worst when it comes to a warrior personality.)

Marlon Brando, on the set one day reportedly was caught saying:

"First it's my line. Then they say blah, blah, blah. Then it's me again."

I'm quite sure that when an Aries male doesn't have the floor and the spotlight isn't on him, what he hears probably sounds much like the teacher speaking in the old Charlie Brown cartoons . . . "wah, wah, wah."

So What's The Best Way To Exact Revenge On An Aries Male?

Start something first!

Keep your Aries one step behind you and you'll send them spiraling out of control. And what could be worse to the Aries? Yep, you got it - loss of control. Loss of leadership. Loss of power and strength. Poke a hole in the proverbial Arien's sails. Or his air mattress, for that matter, huh Michelle?

When you yank power and control away from an Aries, it's like taking candy from a baby. Without it, they're lost, confused and questioning themselves and their actions. Perfect!

Over at Seduction Central, a knowledgeable astrologer by the name of Jeffrey Kishner, wrote a post titled: How to get even with an Aries.

Here's An Excerpt From The Post

Aries is ruled by Mars, the warrior planet. This sign is also at the start of the zodiacal wheel, signifying beginnings, the burst of new life corresponding with the Spring Equinox. But that's not why you are here. An Aries man (or woman) screwed you over, and you want revenge!

An Aries man wants to initiate, to pioneer ... and what better way to get even than to stop him in his tracks! Saturn is the planet of obstacles and delays. Frustrate him by taking the wind out of his sails! Anything you can do to throw a brick wall in front of him will suffice.

Calling on an authority figure (ruled by Saturn) like a judge, the police or a boss will work wonders. A restraining order, some disciplinary action ... imagine how aggravating it will be for your Aries to get punished, when all he wants is to get ahead. . . . .

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The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

And let me clarify in my comment above - that I am not insinuating that all gay men carry viruses. What I'm simply stating is that it's a known fact that the risk of "transference" of a virus is generally higher between two men than it is between a woman and a man - because the risk of tearing and bodily fluid exposure is higher in that situation.

Add to that the number of women he's most likely sleeping with in addition to all of these men and the two of you - and the risk shoots sky high.

You can't turn a whore into a husband dear :-(

Anonymous said...


cazknits said...

Hello Mirror!

Update on Aries guy I like.

LDR is done! *dances* She is totally history. I think she left the picture awhile ago. Just as I predicted. He's reappeared again, to me. I am not going to pursue him at all!

I want to avoid any angry messages from him. I think he was taking it out on me...some test of some sorts, a trust thing. I'm not going to let that stop me from getting to know him, just I will avoid his cranky moody self when something goes wrong in his life. Let him deal with his problems on his own. If he acts all upset, I'll tune him out again.

I am now completely divorced 7/29/2013 as of this date.

Today at church, I let the Aries guy come to me. He is missing his two kids. I can tell. He started talking about them and talking to my kids. I'm not going to do anything but continue to feel him out and avoid him when he gets cranky. Is being intuitive going to help me?

Aries/Sag pairing usually intuitive? We have Pisces and Scorpio in our chart as well. He has a Libra moon and I have an Aquarius moon. His Pisces Venus and my Capricorn Venus are sextile. He has an Aries Mars and my mars is Sagittarius.

caz xxx

I'm letting him come to me. I'm still kniting those hats for his kids.

Anonymous said...

I never met an Aries male with all those traits at once but my ex-fiance definitely posses most of them, and me being an Aries female had been so loving, patient and forgiving that it took me a while to realize that he was constantly starting unnecessary fights purposely, wanted to be the only one talking and yes he was very self centered. Well I never sought revenge on him and now three years after we broke up, he still can't get over me. In the midst of rage they don't seem to care about anything, and they literally go crazy when they cannot control the way things happen around them.

Anonymous said...

Hello APHRODITE!!..I Im a Leo Girl who just lost her Aries man!.. As I read these post I see a lot of similarities in my Aries. I have know him since the age of 17. Met thru my Boyfriend at the time. We were always cool..he was funny never looked at him tht way..lost touch since my boyfriend moved and he found both of us(ex boyfriend) on facebook.I am 29 now. We all group chatted for a week..then tht was it..so he started messaging me just starting random converstation..and we talked everyday and all day at tht via IM and email. we did that for about 6 months..finally he told me he always had a crush on me since the day he meet me..he would tell me about the times when I would come visit my boyfriend at the time he wished I was coming for him..tht was the end of 2011. well I finally let him come over..and he chased me for another couple of months then we finally had sex...we had to end it quickly because at tht time I was talking to a guy and he caught wind of what was happening and I denied...I could not resist him..so we started back up a again..and it was hot and heavy..we have been going strong for 2 years now with a scuffle here and there..fights about who will be the boss, and flirting with the opposite sex (me included)..but we have always been so connected..mentally and physically and emotionally..he told me he loved me first..he has never stopped chasing me..and I knew when to chase him and stroke his ego and vise visa ....and I could tell within the last 3 to 4 weeks..he was getting a little distant..he never skipped a day without talking to me..but the conversations were getting shorter and shorter..but he always said something first..i made it a point to let him...i would ask him if things were okay he would say yes..but I knew something was occupying his mind...so I finally asked him what the deal was this is weird this is not us..whats the issue..he gave me a long drawn out story about him being super busy and focused..he just started his own business and he was in the process of hiring people and he is very money drivin..so I said understand..he appreciated my understanding we saw each other two days later..didn't hear from him for 2 days..I never said anything because I always wait on him..he finally chimmed in and said his he was not ignoring me and his house got broken into..he is stressed right now..i simply said if u need me im here..the next day I text him askin is every thing okay..he said he was good..he started to explain to me what happened..and then he just stopped...5 days passed he said nothing I said nothing..then on day 6 I was fed up and tld him I was concerned and is there something tht needs to be discussed..his exact words.."lot going on..sorry!!!..have not even been staying at home..I don't have time for others..getting shit together right now..i cant cater to others..its to much."..Remind u im a Leo im very head strong and don't tolerate any type of bullshit but tht killed my heart..he referred to me as others..i was confused..i cried he has never been so cold..I will admit he is rude, demanding, pitched a fit about any guy I flirted with(my nature)..but he has never treated me in such a harsh way..my pride would not allow me to say anything to him..the day went by. The next morning I get a text at 7 am saying ".We should prob just cut it here..I have wayyyy to much going on..didn't wanna just leave u hanging..sitll wanna remain friends..if thts okay."..I just sat there In disbelief..I never responded..and I have not heard from him in 8 days now..My pride wont allow me to say anything...he did a 360 in a matter of days..and I don't understand why..I realized at tht moment how much I loved him. As A Leo girl its hard for me to show my feelings..and he brought them out..im trying to keep it cool..but when I leo is rejected its death..once I get over this I want revenge(my nature)..im just confused..please give me some insight if u can

Anonymous said...

The only way to deal with a man who is just preying on you is to remember, once he's turned you into a bloody corpse you will wish you'd never been fooled by his camouflage. So don't be fooled. He's not after you as a person. He's not looking for mutual love and satisfaction. He's using you like prey in a video game.

Walk away and let him crave you forever. He will. But don't hope he will continue to love you. He never did. Hunters don't love their prey. They are just hungry for your blood. Wakey wakey. Don't hate them. At best pity them, or better still, remember how gorgeous they were when they were wearing good guy camouflage, skim the cream off the top, and when they think they have you, walk away before they rip your throat out. They will love you all the more for it believe me. Now move on and find a man that does not view you as prey. If you find one, treat him like a king. If you don't find one, stop blaming yourself. There aren't enough men who don't view you as prey, to go around. They evolved as hunters. It's barely even their fault. But we both have to evolve or this cycle of agony will just continue. Both the hunter and the hunted experience ecstasy and agony in this cycle of abuse. And be sure, being hunted with the false delusion that once he's got you, he will cherish and appreciate you forever is...usually just a delusion. I assure you,, the minute he thinks he's got you, he will start chewing on your bones. That;s what predators do. They don't hunt down a deer and then when they catch it, love it. They DEVOUR it. They desecrate it. They discard it. You are PREY to them. Walk away, hunt the hunter, skim the cream off the top, Do whatever you want, but these hunters mean you no good. Wait for a real man who is evolved or learn to be alone and enjoy just dating for the superficial romance and sex of the courting\camouflage stage of the hunt. But never come within range of their kill shot. They WILL shoot you. That's the end game. Not everlasting love and respect lol. Check the statistics and all these sob stories if you don't believe me. Thinking like this doesn't mean you are jaded. It means you are experienced. It means you will survive.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous October 26, 8:32AM,
"Thinking like this doesn't mean you are jaded. It means you are experienced. It means you will survive."

While this is true to an extent, I fear that your recent string of comments on articles here stems from the erroneous mentality that all men are predators. I realize that you do differentiate them from confident, good men, but I also sense that you're leaning more towards "most men are bad" type kind of thinking here, which is sad if that's been your experience.

"That's the end game. Not everlasting love and respect lol."

That's not true in every single situation dear. And I also fear that your somewhat mocking tone towards the emotional pain shared from other women in the comments here is a bit sad as well, "Check the statistics and all these sob stories if you don't believe me."

Sob stories is an odd way of referring to your fellow species pain, as if you, yourself are somewhat mocking of them and minimizing true emotional pain and scarring down to a "sob" story. And I also find your recent comments somewhat mocking towards me and my opinions as well, which then leads me to ask myself, why then, are you here? I'm sensing a strong feminist tone, almost to the point of extreme.

"Thinking like this doesn't mean you are jaded. It means you are experienced. It means you will survive."

While this is true, the tone with which you're delivering the message does contain anger, bitterness and a jaded overtone - whether you realize this and accept it or not - that's how others are most likely perceiving you. If that's not how you wish to be perceived by others (including men), you may want to soften that edge a bit.

We've all been hurt dear. We've all been burned. I've been cheated on, more than once, and I've been betrayed in more ways than one. But - I do not wear that like a badge of honor and I do not carry that emotional baggage with me into my future. I realize the vast difference between good men and bad men and I don't start out with the assume that all men are bad and have ill intention for the women of the world.

Because if I did that, if I spoke like that, I would indeed be perceived by others as jaded and men would run as far from me as they could - which is only self-defeating, isolating, emotionally damaging behavior :-(

Many women follow the comments thread here, all of the comments on all of the articles. And I imagine that they too will see and sense this energy in your string of recent comments on various articles. I'm not saying this to mean or single you out. I'm saying this because honestly, I feel like you need to talk. I feel like you need to "cleanse" in a sense. And maybe this will compel you to do so.

Is there anything you'd like to talk about dear, that's happened to you in the past, that may aid you in releasing a bit of this pent up frustration I'm sensing? And I don't say this mockingly, I'm serious. If you need to talk, know that you're safe in doing so here dear. And that I have provided the cloak of anonymity for you to do so freely :-)

Anonymous said...

What about "Revenge on a Taurus?"

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous November 2, 8:53AM,
LOL, that wouldn't be too difficult. Just make them do something they don't want to do - "force" them to do something. Taurus can be very stubborn, I should know because I am one, LOL, and they like to move to the beat of their own drum, at their own pace.

Forcing them to speed up and/or do something they don't want to do or aren't ready to do - and they'll "dig in" their heels and come to a screeching halt. Either that or - CHARGE!!

Anonymous said...

So basically ask them to get with it and make a commitment? What about if they walked away how do you get revenge on them? I have heard that making them jealous will only backfire. So posting pics of you and other men on FB or whatever is not a good idea.

Great great point. I noticed with my Taurus when I don't ask for something he gives :) Like send me a pic of what you are wearing to go out "No"...then a few weeks go by and boom he is sending a pic LOL.

Anonymous said...

I'm 41 and only just at this stage, texting an Aries male.
He is divorced, 37..was married 15 years..I'm going through a divorce.
The texts were non stop for the first few days..then..nothing..when I asked him if he was still interested, he said he was..that I need to relax and go with the flow..but his flow had stopped & I was stagnating..!.
I am a Taurus...and I tree with caution and don't like to rush...this guy was off to NY soon..and well..just basically forgot me...I don't want to stroke his ego..think i'll just let this guy go...I don't need mind games.
He's just so magnetic though...I picked his profile pic out of hundreds..because of the spark I felt....oh well.

Anonymous said...

I need advice...

Was dating an Aries man seriously for 3 months. Met his friends/family, and vice versa...took me to important events, always pursued me, never canceled on me, always did what he said he was going to do, etc. Then a week or so ago I noticed he started to get distant. I began to become the one initiating everything. He never ignored me if I called or text, but his initiation dwindled unless he saw that I wasn't hitting him up...then he'd contact me. He'd still maintain some contact by sending me a pic of something and leaving it at that, or sending me a Snapchat of something. So even though we'd go without talking, he'd still maintain some contact. However, I also noticed he would act a little cold and harsh towards me when we were together during that last week. I asked him if he still wanted to be w/me and if we were ok...to which he replied yes.

On the 26th, I hit him up to make plans to spend the night with him after I got off work, which would be around 11pm. This was something that was normal for us due to our schedules. He stated he wouldn't be home till around 3am, which is normal due to his job...however, he never stated yes or no...which left me wondering if I should waste my time to even go. I hadn't heard from him all day the 27th (except for a snapchat), and I didn't contact him, and when Fri rolled around he didn't contact me either, nor did I contact him. I ended up getting off work early but never let him know and decided it would be the wrong idea to go see him that night. I felt like I should fall back and give him space.

I was dog tired and went to bed around 1030pm. I woke up to two text from him at 1130pm, which would have been around the time I got off work. One stated, "I love how you text me when you get off work to let me know you're ok." The other one stated, "You never email me to say hi. If I never called or text you, we would never speak to each other." I was like WTF?...he's playing games. So I text him back at 830am when I woke up and stated, "Sorry got off work early and fell asleep. I'm trying to give you space because it seems like that's what you need. You say I don't contact you, but you haven't called me in over a week, you don't text me good morning anymore, you haven't emailed me at work in over a week. I'm trying to give you space." Then I sent another text stating, "Maybe this is the time to ask you what you want out of us and our relationship. Where do you see this going?"


Anonymous said...


For some odd reason, something told me to just go over to his house and wake him up. I have the code to his garage and he knows it. I'm in and out of his house all the time when he's not there. I drive over there and see a car parked in his garage. Needless to say, I walk into his house and find him in bed with another woman. I woke him up and stated, "If you wanted out, all you had to do was say so." He acted cold and stated, "What are you talking about?" I just walked out and drove home. I called my Aries guy friend and cried to him about it.

A few hours later he text me the bullshit..."I know you'll never believe me, but it's not what you think." I never responded and he never wrote anything after that. I was sad, hurt, and confused about it the rest of the day. I deleted him off FB, and unfollowed him on instagram, to which he did the same after. I realized later in the day that he WANTED me to be mad, and bitter towards him. Earlier in our relationship, I asked if he had every cheated of gfs and he stated yes. When he knew he wasn't feeling it anymore, he'd cheat and be sloppy w/it so they would break up w/him because he didn't want to be the bad guy. I felt he had done the same to me...I think he feels it's easier for women to move on when they've been hurt and they're mad. Plus it gets him off the hook, because it makes the break-up swift and permanent. And he doesn't have to explain much of himself.

He's a coward, bottom line. I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of thinking I was mad or angry w/him. So I emailed him and told him: I didn't hate him...I can't and won't. He's just not the guy for me. I wish he would have just told me he wanted to date others, wanted out, or was honest when I asked if he was seeing other people and he said "no." I wished him the best and thanked him for the everything he had done for me..and to take care.

He never responded and I knew he wouldn't, nor did I care if he did. I don't want him back and I'm done. Haven't contacted him since...but weirdest thing is that today I wake up to a notification saying he made his move on Words w/Friends....LOL. WTF?!?! Are you serious?!?! The man had the audacity to continue to play me in Words LOL! You can't say sorry of give me some explanation but you can play me in Words?!?! Please tell me why he did this!!

I thought about it, and figured that was his way of trying to get back cool again, if I continued to play w/him then maybe he could weasel his way back in, to which I thought oh hell no. I looked at my letters and played the word "HO" because that's what he is LOL. Then I resigned from the game altogether. Now he has no choice but to txt or call if he wants maintain contact w/me...but unfortunately he will be ignored in those attempts too....or he'll receive cutting and cold responses depending on what he says. He will not control me or this situation anymore, and I am not the same woman I once was to him.

Advice on how to continue this situation so he gets a taste of his own medicine and falls weak to his knees....??

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Dec 30, 9:10 PM,
One stated, "I love how you text me when you get off work to let me know you're ok." The other one stated, "You never email me to say hi. If I never called or text you, we would never speak to each other." I was like WTF?...he's playing games."

Yes, he is. That's manipulation in an attempt to "guilt" you into chasing him so that he holds the power.

"I know you'll never believe me, but it's not what you think."

Oh really? I don't think so. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck - it's a duck. You don't stow away "friends" in your own damn bed when they can easily spend the night on the sofa. Combine this with his recent distancing behavior - and you have your answer, this man's a player and a manipulator :-(

"I asked if he had every cheated of gfs and he stated yes."

Generally, particularly as people age dear, they don't really change. Yes, their circumstance can change, however, deep down inside, they tend to repeat old patterns of behavior, particularly when under stressful circumstances. Much like an alcoholic won't touch alcohol for years, but the minute they suffer a life setback and/or a traumatic situation, their recovery is in jeopardy because when they're under stress, their tendency to cope with it via alcohol resurfaces. And when an admitted cheater is under stress, many tend to have those old patterns of coping with it resurface as well, which is cheating :-(

"WTF?!?! Are you serious?!?! The man had the audacity to continue to play me in Words LOL! You can't say sorry of give me some explanation but you can play me in Words?!?! Please tell me why he did this!!"

Because he's a game player dear that's attempting to manipulate you into chasing him and contacting him and pleading and begging him to come back. This man clearly is insecure, uses cheating as a coping mechanism and uses emotional manipulation to gain the upper hand. I honestly do NOT think this man is relationship material at all. He doesn't appear to be capable of it and his emotional maturity is that of a 17 year old boy it appears :-(

"Advice on how to continue this situation so he gets a taste of his own medicine and falls weak to his knees....??"

SILENCE and NO RESPONSE. He wants you to chase and hand over your power to him. Do NOT give him that satisfaction after the way he's treated you and taken you for granted. Do NOT engage him in any conversation as he will only manipulate you and guilt you - next thing ya' know, it'll be YOUR fault he cheated. Trust me on that. He will spin this into a situation where somehow, you did something that signaled to him that this was over (it'll be some minor bullshit situation) and that's why he cheated - because of something YOU did or didn't do.

Do NOT give this man that satisfaction or that opportunity. Let him stew in your silence and let that silence work on his mind. If he's even half a human being, guilt will eventually creep in the longer you remain silent and HE will have to LIVE with what HE has done to another human being.

The best revenge dear - is moving on and DOING WELL :-)

If you circle back and engage him in conversation, explanation and/or confrontation - regardless of how that goes - inside he will be smiling because as long as your responding and talking to him, he's going to view that as him still having an emotional hold on you (because if you didn't care, you wouldn't respond) and he will work that angle like the pro that he is.

Permitting a man like this in your life in any capacity will only bring you pain. Take out the trash here and leave him at the curb where he belongs.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Sag girl who has been unfortunately get connected with some Aries and my Ex Aries of two years lied to me,betrayed my trust,disappoint me & ...

I do not know why we get attracted (me and Aries),specially the Aries man,I hate this kind of attraction,just seems too fake..i won't do the mistake again....

"In my terms and considering ONLY the Aries I've been in contact and relationship with "

,If you want to live in a mature way or have a mature relationship,then Aries wont be the answer
It doesn't show on the surface but in deep connection I have found this out at least about Aries I've been with.

Badly hurt by my Ex Aries man,can't forgive him,just seeing how WRONG he was

They are child,sometime pretend they are adult,I never want to live their world

All the love he was showing also was a game and I knew deep inside he can be with someone who also is in the game of games

For marriage and long relationship ,A girl who loves to play games and is in love with playing games in the name of love would suit my EX and other Aries I know

By the way I hate any thing immoral,from leaving a bf to connect with one another to pretending being loyal or bright minded ,I believe loyalty and love( if are real) are attached to dignity

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for all the great Aries out there.......But Every one really hates Aries, I think a lot has to do with what signs they were raised with(parents)if the parents were positive, and when they saw this behavior it was not tolerated.Most Aries know that they are off, most of them if you are close to them they will tell you and i had one confess to me suicidal thoughts. No one is ever happy with them in most cases they are always tolerated and i believe they know this as well. I know a lot of Aries women who are in relationships with men (Taurus) for more than 10yrs and are not married, but the (Taurus) has had another child with someone else. Another Phyco Aries women who flushed her fish down the toilet because her boyfriend would not answer the phone. Who knows what they do behind closed doors.....They need help at any stage in life.

Unknown said...

I've been reading all these posts and its disgusting all these tales of cruelty done by so called Aries men. I hope these men will realize their mistakes and ask for forgiveness. Please please be afraid of that wrathful God !

Anonymous said...

I am an Aries female! I think there are LOTS of things that are said here that just AREN'T true about Aries!
FOR ONE ARIES ARE NOTHING IF NOT COMPLETELY HONEST ALL THE TIME!!!!! We simply cannot tell a lie! Also getting revenge will NEVER help any of you people!! Your only hurting yourself in the end!!

Anonymous said...

I am an Aries male! Always positive and straight forward. It's true we simply cannot tell a lie, we are fearless! It's nearly impossible to hurt us, so don't waste your time. My ex tried many time to upset me, even hurt me. I know what she does, it never bothered me. When she silent treatment me. It does put me down at 1st but actually she is really awaking me. Min, hours or days goes by. I overcome them easily and end up ahead of her. I never look for attentions, they come to me. I tried to be negative but positive always find me. She says she have moved on by the help of friends, family and the positive reading "Be the change, make a difference" but I am the one who have completed transformed. Every time you’re to hurt us, you are making us stronger and smarter. It's like adding more fuel on fire. At the end of the day you made us better than who we was.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Aries Male,
Spoken like a true Aries my friend LOL!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

This tread is bullshit. There is no such a thing "Revenge On Aries"

Not every person born in the month of Aries are true Aries. There are good and bad people out there, why create a site like this to make us look worse?

I don't play games, I don't cheat. I am hard to read and don't give as many signals that I am angry, depressed, lonely, stressed, frustrated and sad, whatever you call it, as other people. I am very laid back, always smiling and happy. I am loud when I must but most of the time I am a very quiet but not shy, very quiet but very confident, I don’t show sign of fear. I have the worst temper! Amigos gets really scare when they see the other side of me, they don’t see it very often. My temper even scares me. I don’t realize my own strength until my temper comes out. When I "explode" it's a complete surprise. This is because you have pushed me far enough. I will defend my out of desperation. I know most people says Aries are easy angry, I’m not and when I am angry someone have to get hurt. You cannot just angry me and walk out.

I've read all these posts. Everything is almost the same. "Women problem" "love problem" "cheating problem"...etc. Most Aries are tough and not for weak heart. I have been in relationship with Pisces for 4 years. She’s weak, dealing with worries, fears…all that emotional but being with me, made her stronger, like, my likeness.

She silent me over something I said that hurt her. Space is an easy thing for me. I don’t need to tell anyone of even my family what I am going through. I can do things alone, it’s not like that with her, and she needs friends and family to support her. It’s been a year and months we have not spoken or seen each other. I am in my 20s, I don't need any other women. I don’t see the reason, as all women out there haven’t given me a reason, so I ignore them like a blink of an eye.

I believe my Pisces loves me. I am not the type of male who need to go through many relationship. One woman, no matter what she is, is enough for me. The more she ignores me the better and stronger I gets. She's forever in my mind. My door is open like now and when so ever she wished to be with me again.
Everyone argues and everyone makes mistaking. Cheating and abusing is something else.

If your Aries treats you bad. Keep in mind you caught the bad one. Real Aries are faithful, loyal and easy with forgiving and forget.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous Aries Male (August 20, 2014 at 6:54 PM)

I don't believe this post and the other one about Aries is about making Aries look bad at all, but I am sure that even you can't deny that some of the points made in both Articles holds true. As always though and with everyone, regardless of star-sign we all have our goods and our bads.

I am a Pisces Female and I'd like to share a bit about my experiences with Aries males, feel free to share your feedback on it.

I was married to an Aries male for seven years, and Yes, he was very loyal, did not play games, he is a last week Aries and I believe them to be a bit milder...He is however a real warrior in his ways, extremely confident, competetitive, a go-getter, outgoing and charismatic, always an extreme perfectionist with his looks, his hair and outfit always had to be perfect and in fact everything around him had to be perfect etc. etc. He actually always took longer to get ready than I did, and that is with me having to put make up on... The side of him though that I, being a sensitive Pisces did not enjoy at all was his little tantrums when things did'nt go his way, my, oh my, it was indeed like watching a todler throw a fit for as long as it took to get his way, even about the most mundane things.. (a true child of the zodiac indeed) I can imagine that Pisces women may look weak to an Aries at times due to our sensitive nature, we can immediately tell when things are off, in any situation, and we will voice these feelings to those we trust, but believe me, we are very strong creatures and simply don't appreciate insensitivity and too much drama, and we like to take our time with certain things and decisions, so as to be guided by our strong intuition, which, I know can drive a headstrong, goal oriented, go-getter Aries completely off the wall! :)

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Anonymous said...

Continued from previous page...

Then, as I was transitioning out of that marriage, another Aries walked into my life, a first week Aries (in my view probably the worst ) and this one was like no other I had ever met before... He started out with the typical over exaggeration of his abilities and life achievements just like mirror wrote an example of in her one article about Aries, same story with my ex-husband also, by the way ;) He showered me with affection and swept me off my feet, made me believe that I was all he wanted etc.etc. etc. Until I gave in, he got what he wanted and then... Poof! he was gone! Nothing but ice cold silence as I tried a few more times to reach him... About 4 months later I reached out to him once more, and he was over me like a hot biscuit all over again, although I held strong and held way back, it eventually ended with him sending me a text, inviting me over to his place for a 'booty call' (which I graciously and proudly declined), so I decided not to engage in contact with him anymore... Few month later though he started this sort of 'liking' game on social media, where he would like a post of mine, sometimes several until I would like something back and the... poof! Again... this went on a few times until I eventually just stopped completely. Shortly after that there was a parade of posts about his new relationship, he was now the perfect, loving romantic boyfriend, perfectly in love with his Angel... The poor girl left all her firends and family behind to move 1500km's away to go live with him after only a few months of dating... they have however been togehter now for about 8 months, so I guess they have something... Shortly after the parade of his new found love, I posted some photos about my recent travels (to a place we once dreamt of going to together ) and he stone-coldly unfollowed me... So I then decided enough is enough and removed him from the remaining social media that we were still connected on... The devestating part for me was that I really cared about him and wanted nothing more than just to spend some more real time with him to see if it could be that something special, but, it seems he was only ever interested in one thing, and when he didn't get it, the games were on!

So, all and all I find relationships with Aries males a very tiring roller-coaster experience... and both Aries males have a very beautiful, tender, sweet side to them that I loved... however, also many traits that are very Arien in nature!

If you really believe your Pisces still loves you, but more importantly, if you still love her, then man up a bit (I mean that nicely ) and contact her... go get her! Because I can tell you that once a pisces stops all contact for good, she certainly wont be the first one to brake that contact!

Dear Mirror, I would really like to hear your thoughts on the situation with Aries nr 2... Thank you ;) x

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Aug 22,11:06 AM,
"Dear Mirror, I would really like to hear your thoughts on the situation with Aries nr 2"

Well, your entire experience is somewhat of a "textbook" Aries male experience in my opinion LOL. And yes, I have found first week of April Aries to be a bit more intense than the others for some unknown reason. With many of those Aries, not all but many, you can almost predict their responses and their love of competition seems to force them into "battle" much sooner than the others. Meaning, the games begin almost immediately with those fella's LOL.

I realize these posts can be misinterpreted by some as hating on Aries males. But in fact, that's not the case. Honestly, I find them rather humorous. Frustrating at times, yes. But overall, I find humor in watching their antics, predicting their next moves and then frustrating THEM as a result LOL. I am surrounded by Aries males, many of whom are very close friends. Their heads are always generally in the clouds, high above others, and me being a Taurus female with her feet firmly planted on the ground...well let's just say conversations get interesting and when my practical side ends up predicting correctly that their lofty ideas needed some tweaking before being put into action...a lot of "ego-entertainment" then seems to take place as a result of their tantrum like reaction.

I always say this to my rambunctious, restless Aries male friends (37 year friendships mind you)..."You love to hate me, and I hate to love you." And then they calm down and we all have a laugh LOL ;-)

As a matter of fact, even when I first saw our Aries male's comment come through the moderation cue here...what was my first thought? I chuckled and said to myself, "Oh boy, here we go..another fired up Aries" LOL. The worst thing you can do is actually engage them in whatever battle they're striking up with you. The most frustrating thing for them you can do when that happens is use humor to deal with it. They have no problem laughing at you or mocking you or making an example out of you. But boy, when you use their same tactic right back on them, lookout - the 5 year old that's stomping their feet suddenly appears - and that can go on for literally weeks LOL. (And they'll stoop too...to very low levels just to win once that competitive drive kicks in - they can be very cutting, cold and calculated).

We all have the dark and light within us and that includes me as a Taurus. Taurus tend to be very stubborn indeed and yea, I am, and I will be the first to admit that LOL. If I don't want to do something and I'm not on board with the idea...I simply dig my heels in and come to a screeching halt, until I'm ready to move. And with Aries, their intensity, competitiveness and passion can be misdirected at times - and if it's directed at you...you better prepare yourself LOL ;-)

Take this for instance, "This tread is bullshit. There is no such a thing "Revenge On Aries" There's no polite, mature disagreement here...it starts off childlike and intense, immediately stooping to curse words. And then it instantly moves into the grandiose and glorious proclamation that "there's no such thing as revenge on an Aries." It's the epitomy of Aries energy - intense, competitive and invinceable LOL.

And mind you - this was AFTER I referred to him as my friend LOL ;-)

And that was most likely because he didn't get the reaction he was shooting for, which was probably an expectation of engaging me in battle and delivering some blows, for which I was probably expected to apologize for, or explain myself for LOL.


The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

And many aren't even aware of their tendencies. Take for instance, the contradictions here:

"I don't play games...I am hard to read."
"I am very laid back...I am loud."
"I am very quiet...I have the worst temper!"
"always smiling and happy...Amigos gets really scared...My temper even scares me"
"most people says Aries are easy angry, I’m not...I "explode...when I am angry someone have to get hurt."
"I don't need any other women...I ignore them like a blink of an eye...She's forever in my mind. My door is open"

Ahh, the Aries male...gotta' love em' - cause it's illegal to kill em LOL!!! ;-)

"Real Aries are faithful, loyal and easy with forgiving and forget."

This can be very true, however, you have to ride the roller coaster of intense emotions and competitive situations this sign loves to deal out first LOL ;-)

And to my Aries male friend, please understand that none of this is said in hatred. I was chuckling as I wrote this. I have a sense of humor about myself and I can be very sarcastic with it at times, so please understand that this is all meant in jest - not with malice. If I truly hated Aries males, I wouldn't have 37 year friendships with several of them...I'd have buried them a long time ago LOL.

And just admit it....you love the battle anyway ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous Pisces (August 22, 2014 at 4:31 AM )

Thank you. That means a lot to me.

If you were my ex-girlfriend. What would be the best way to make you forgive me?


The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Every woman has different "needs" when something like this takes place, and those needs generally result from the occurrence that upset her in the first place. Meaning, if you lied, she'll "need" complete honesty and she'll need it to be believable, which may require you to be vulnerable to appear authentic.

If it was cheating, she'll "need" security from you and that may require you to make sacrifices (i.e. refusing to hang out with anyone associated with the other woman, not being able to go to places the other woman frequents, etc.)

If it was you being neglectful to her (i.e. not calling, not making time for her, etc.) then she'll "need" your complete and total attention and that may also require sacrifices on your part (i.e. not joining male friends on boys night out for a while, doing things you don't necessarily want to do but SHE does want to do, etc.)

If you were being a bit ignorant to her and maybe too harsh or critical, then she'll "need" to see your softer side and this may require you to do things you don't think a manly LOL (i.e. buying flowers, opening doors for her, complimenting her, etc.)

If you were being selfish and not taking her into consideration, then she'll "need" to see you being self-less towards her AND others and this may require you to experience humility and a humble side (i.e. making time to help her, asking about HER feelings, taking HER into consideration instead of thinking of yourself, and generally making her the center of your attention).

I didn't mean to interject as your question is geared towards our female Pisces contributor here...but the situation is a bit vague, so narrowing down what your girlfriend may really need right now in order to forgive you could be a bit difficult.

However, each zodiac sign has their tendencies and Pisces is very compassionate and empathetic, so our female Pisces contributor here can probably add more insight than I can by placing herself in your GF's shoes. But maybe what I've shared can at the very least give you a starting point to think about what your GF might "need" from you to forgive you :-)

Anonymous said...

@The Mirror of Aphrodite

She wants trust and equal. Sometimes I'm harsh and a bit ignorant to her. That's because she made me be. Basically we broke up on Whatsapp. We misunderstood each other, I had no patience and horrible things to her.

We have not spoken for a very long time. Few months ago, we randomly met in the same event. I asked if she would ever be with me again or be friends. She gave me this weird smile and said "I can't see the future". She tried hard not to laugh when I gave her, what the heck look.

I can't see the future could mean anything but what is she really trying to say? She blocked me on mail, Facebook, Xbox....everything but, she is not trying to ignore me face to face. As much I want , I can’t randomly turn up her house.

In our 4 years relationship, I have given her nearly everything accept a flower. Everyone buys flowers, I don't know if that will make any difference. I don't even know if I have soft side in me. I always cares without showing.

Why am I such a hard one to forgive? It was not that hard for her, when she forgave her close friends for terrible things they did.


Anonymous said...

@The Mirror of Aphrodite

Why hate what you’re attract to? I mean everyone loves Aries...right? God even put us his number one zodiac sign. I don't know if many religious people realize Jesus is an Aries son of God LOL

So...do you still date Aries male?


The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

First of all, the fun stuff...because you are cracking me up LOL!! "Why hate what you’re attract to? I mean everyone loves Aries...right? God even put us his number one zodiac sign." THAT is SUCH an Aries statement, I almost don't even know what to say LOL!!

Ladies...are you seeing this LOL??!!

Okay my friend, that seriously did give me a huge laugh, and again, I'm not being mean - I'm just getting a kick out of that pure male Aries persona LOL ;-) You're a true Aries indeed.

Okay, now onto the serious stuff.

"She wants trust and equal. Sometimes I'm harsh and a bit ignorant to her. That's because she made me be."

I'm not sure what to say to this either because I can't get past this part "That's because she made me be...I had no patience and horrible things to her." (It's never an Aries fault, right...cause you guys are perfect, right LOL?? ;-)

Okay well..here's the thing with that. Even though people push our buttons in life, they always do and always will, YOU have to maintain some form of self-control and BE the BETTER person, ya' know? If you want the respect of others, you respond like a LEADER - you don't come unglued. Because if you come unglued, male or female, people tend to give you less credibility. Because when you let your emotions get the best of you and you respond emotionally (by exploding), folks don't feel that's credible. Instead, they'll start to look at you as if you're a loose cannon that goes off at the drop of a hat. And you don't want that. You want to show that you ARE a LEADER and as such, you remain calm during turmoiled situations and you LEAD both parties OUT of that turmoil through your ACTIONS (not your WORDS).

Does that make sense?

Picture it like this, maybe this will help. Let's say you're in the military okay? As an example, you're in the military and you have a drill sergeant, a platoon LEADER, calling all the shots and leading you and your platoon into battle, a turmoiled situation. You trust this leader, he shows credibility and you trust him to lead you safely through this turmoil on the battlefield because he remains calm, thinks first, and then takes the appropriate action. And each time he does that, you develop even more trust for him because he's PROVED HIMSELF a LEADER by successfully navigating turmoiled battlefields while keeping everyone safe by being smart, remaining calm, thinking fast and then instantly taking action.

Now...let's explore what the opposite of that would look like. Let's say you're on the battlefield and you're looking to your platoon leader for guidance out of the situation. And your platoon leader, faced with whizzing bullets and bombs going off...comes completely unglued. Instead of leading, he starts being emotional and yelling and screaming at everyone, creating confusion and delivering no real orders, and then starts calling everyone names and freaking out because he's frustrated that THEY are not leading HIM out of the situation, even when it's really HIS job to do so. As a result, everyone on the battlefield gets separated, the entire platoon is in disarray and when it's all said and done, there are only 4 survivors as a result.

Now..you tell me...whose the better leader? Who's "THE MAN" here? Which one are you going to take seriously, respect, admire and follow? Which one are you going to look up to and follow into the next battle?


The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

The situation is much like relationships my friend. Women WANT LEADERS. That's the energy that they respect, admire...and follow through life. A woman will be unwilling to follow a man's lead through life that comes unglued. She'll have trouble finding him credible. If women are going to submit to a man's lead, couple up with him, and follow him through life...he's going to have to know how to lead. A woman won't submit to a man's lead if that lead is going to steer their life together into a ditch, or leave them bleeding on a battlefield somewhere ya' know?

So that's the concept of leadership...and it's a BIG ONE with women.

"I can't see the future could mean anything but what is she really trying to say?"

As a woman, what that means to me is - that's not a NO. Meaning, when you asked if she'd ever be your friend or be with you again...she did NOT say no. And honestly, to me as a woman, I believe she's kind of issued you a bit of a challenge there. That's like saying, "Hmm, I dunno. I guess that depends on YOU. I guess that depends on whether or not you can impress me enough to overlook what you've done to me."

She knows how to handle an Aries, I'll give her that LOL ;-)

"I don't even know if I have soft side in me. I always cares without showing."

Aries are a bit gruff, I understand that. They're a bit rough around the edges and somewhat caveman-like in that respect LOL. But that's okay, because I'm sure even a caveman picked a flower once in a while to make his cave woman happy and show her a soft side ya' know? If you care without showing if, how will someone even know you care? How will that person feel special and desired by you? What if she never showed you she cared? What if she never said nice things to you, complimented you, hugged you, bought you gifts for special occasions, cooked for you...would you feel appreciated then? Probably not. So just remember, that works both ways and if you want a relationship, you have to do the WORK involved to maintain one. And part of the work of maintaining a relationship is being vulnerable, showing you care, making the other person feel special, doing things you might not want to do to make them happy - those are the sacrifices that become the work necessary to maintain a long lasting relationship. And both parties have to contribute that to the relationship. If only one does, then the relationship will become off balance, one will feel taken advantage of and unappreciated, as if they don't matter at all.

Which leads me to this, "She wants trust and equal."

If SHE is the only one doing the work above to keep the relationship going, and YOU are NOT contributing those things to it...then she's not going to feel like she's your equal - it's going to feel unfair, as if it's all about you and not about her at all. She's going to feel used, unappreciated and taken advantage of...because you're not showing her you care, you're not going out of your way for her, you're not making time for her, you're not making sacrifices for her, and when she needs you to lead her, you're coming a bit unglued and letting your emotions steer the wheel instead of steadying yourself and leading her out of that mindset she's in at the moment and back to a good place for both of you mentally.


The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

"Why am I such a hard one to forgive? It was not that hard for her, when she forgave her close friends for terrible things they did."

Because she gave you a VERY valuable thing that she did NOT give to her friends, that she felt you mistreated and took for granted....her HEART.

She trusted you with her heart. She trusted you to handle it with care and to treat it lovingly and to look after it. And instead, she probably feels that you abused it to an extent, dropped it on the ground a few times, maybe ran over it with a car, broke it half...and then handed it back to her, all beat up LOL.

I'm not saying these are all of the things that have happend, but I am using these as examples so that you can get the general idea of what I'm talking about here. It's the best peek into a woman's psyche I can give you, and hopefully, using these examples can help you grasp onto a bit of what she may be feeling about you right now. Because if you can understand what she's feeling right now, it'll help you decide what the best course of action to take with her is.

As for me dating Aries..I have dated many in the past, but I'm not dating one now. Needless to say, the bull and the ram literally buck heads -the ram gets exhausted trying to push the bull over to no avail and the bull bores of the rams constant antics of bang, bang, banging on it's head LOL. So no, those situations didn't work out for me. But as I said, I DO have many male Aries friends and these friendships go back a long way. I love them as family and yea, they drive me nuts...but I give them a run for their money, I help keep them on track and keep them grounded...and somehow, they manage to really appreciate that and it all works out LOL ;-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Nelson,

I do second everything that mirror has said :)

Basically, if you are willing to keep reaching out to her and keep proving that you really and genuinely want her in your life and is willing to apologise if needed and set things right with clear communication. Then it seems there is a good chance that she will eventually open up to the possibility of letting you back into her life, it really is up to you :)

and perhaps, once you do get talking again, invite her to spend the day with you, put a lot of thought into it and then plan a really fun day with her somewhere, where you both will feel relaxed and where there is lots of opportunity for laughter (and no, not at your house ;) ). She will appreciate the effort you have put in, and having fun and laughs together is usually a great ice breaker and way to remember what it is you loved and appreciated so much about one another, which is a good way to re-start a friendship and that is really the first and most important step... Just and idea :)

Hope it all works out!
Anonymous Pisces Lady

Anonymous said...

@The Mirror of Aphrodite

Ha ha ha ha when it’s my fault. I don’t say anything. It’s safe to be silent, it helps me get away from what I started. At the end it looks like it was her fault. I guess I play smart but I do apologies….always. It’s not like that with Pisces. She like to play one way but the other…Are all Pisces women emotional? I guess I can handle every rubbish she throws at me, and one thing I do back, it’s like she need medicated to heal….Yehee GOODNESS


I am always ahead of time. I don’t think about future. I think about now and having it now and when I don’t have what I want, I fake till I have it. 99% chance I always get what I want. It’s always about me. I think only about me and no one else. Because…it’s quick that way and not waiting for others. I see how it makes her feels less or like if she’s worthless :-) Oops :-( you’re right. I need to sort myself on this one.

"Hmm, I dunno. I guess that depends on YOU. I guess that depends on whether or not you can impress me enough to overlook what you've done to me."

That made me laugh. The thing is, she, her friend and her father all saying different things. Her father said, if it’s meant to be it will happen. Her friend tells me she does not want to see me anymore and I should stop writing to her and go away. Pisces tells me “I can’t see the future, we will meet again”. I swear I don’t work in a circus because I am not a clown. We broke up, that is 1 problem. She is not talking to me that’s 2nd problem. I think if I come and knock for her that will be a 3rd problem.

I am really confused. When she spoke to me she looks happy and surprised. I did not say much, it was like our first seeing and talking in a year.

She live 45min away from me. I used to write her letters every week (4months of writing) and my post them myself. However I think they are on her friends hands. I wonder what it got to do with them. They are the one doing the mean talking but Pisces is silent. I stop writing to her and private everything such as FaceBook, Google+ and Instagram. Sometimes when I play on Xbox and randomly she is on the same game map ( Black Op 2 multiplayer) I’m playing but then her friend makes her to leave the group. Her friends are always at her house like every day, guarding her from me or something.

I don’t know what to do. At this point I am afraid of what to do next. Her friends thinks they have won. One day I will surprise them and make them realize they are not above of what I want.

“SHE is the only one doing the work above to keep the relationship going, and YOU are NOT contributing those things to it...then she's not going to feel like she's your equal”

I am never tired of anything. I don’t mind if she wake me from sleeping and have me to do something for her. I will do anything, it’s my natural, and I like doing things. It just I move too fast and she like to deal with one thing and next. We never personally fought or argue, I mean like real one. I don’t think that will ever be possible for us to argue face to face. When I know she’s really angry with me but to take it out on me, she will burst with laugh and she’s no longer angry. I do annoys her and upset her sometimes. Texting is our only problem. That’s where our communications breaks down and all this.

“Because she gave you a VERY valuable thing that she did NOT give to her friends that she felt you mistreated and took for granted....her HEART.”

Why Aries are so easy to forgive? She can be mean too. I move on fast like nothing happen, I guess she feels less sad of what she does to me. I guess everything I gave her, she already thrown them off, or exchange them for money and I am not angry about it. What is wrong with me?


The Mirror of Aphrodite – Do you have a name? I mean, what is your name? :-)


The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

"it helps me get away from what I started. At the end it looks like it was her fault"

Umm, careful there - that's VERY manipulative, which is not attractive to women. And yes, they're smart enough to figure out what you're doing there.

"I always get what I want. It’s always about me. I think only about me and no one else"

That's fine but guess what? When it's always about you, it can't be about anyone else. And when it can't be about anyone else...you end up alone. That's not the type of energy that draws people towards you. Instead, it will repel them from you. So try to be a better version of yourself and think of others.

"What is wrong with me?"

You're on a journey, like the rest of us here on this earth. Constantly experiencing, growing, learning, changing and evolving. Everyday, we all learn new things...about ourselves, and others.

"Do you have a name? I mean, what is your name?"

I have a name - it's the Mirror of Aphrodite LOL. I don't publish my real name. Never have, never will. There are a lot of folks out there that find my discussions controversial, offensive and they disagree strongly with my thoughts. There are a lot of folks that run PUA (pick up artist) forums and sell products, books and seminars...that do not agree with my opinions. As a result, I blog anonymously. Additionally, my full time job is in a pretty conservative field, so I don't openly disclose that I run this site.

Anonymous said...

“VERY manipulative”

How is that manipulative? (sigh) I don’t think I realize when I am controlling her. However, it’s easy for me to come out of any argument. She will keep going on and on about it till she feels like…Yeah I have said enough. I don’t have time to apologies till she is calm. Sometimes I do go on and on about sometime LOL
We are in our 20s. She’s deaf, we communicate by sign language. Pheew, you know when parent argues and the mother is whispering/mumbling and dad goes, what did you say? Bang bang bang again….It’s really different with a deaf person.

When she does not talk to me. I can’t say anything till she wants to talk to me. I cannot stand her when she does that

“So try to be a better version of yourself and think of others”

When I think about myself, I don’t think about others. When I think about others, I don’t think about me. I don’t know how to explain it. But, I am very good around people.

For an example I am athlete (martial art & sprinter) I train 3xa day and rest Sunday. I have friends telling me. Help me, we need to work together. Alright, I will see you 6am. I get a message 12am in the morning. I am sorry I can’t make it 6am. I already knew this will happen, this probably the reason I think less about others. My ex, friends and people I know, they don’t always do what they say or want. I always do what I say and what, sometimes I might not do it at first but hours later it’s done.

“We all learn new things...about ourselves, and others.”

Yes, the more I learn the better I become. My beliefs does not make me a better person. My behaviors does so I change all the time to match everyone. Actually I’m easy around most people. The only thing I change is my behavior.

Do I sound like a naughty Aries?

You know since we broke up. I am the only one who have actually change. She said she want to move on and friends I know that knows her tells me she is still the same. So, what does she really want to move? Move on from me? She brought a SuperDry jacket, exactly the same as mine. I wonder if it she want space or is move on is the wrong word to use.

I am not saying she did throw away all that stuff I brought her. That’s negatives thoughts of mine. I don’t really care about the items, I will have more. When I saw her wearing that jacket, it made me think completely different. She could buy anything but why exactly my jacket? On that day I met her. I said, why are you wearing my jacket? She said, no, it’s mine. I said, you look lovely, I have exactly the same. You know that don’t you? She smiled a bit and went all blushed….ha ha ha When we were together she would wear my jacket nearly all the time indoor and outdoor.

Any way my friend

If you love someone The Mirror of Aphrodite would you do anything? Anything even if he is not talking to you and his friends are trying to push you away? Everyone have their stories but what would you do if you were in my situation?
Whoa, I guess you go through a lot, dealing with good and mean people. So far I agree with nearly all your opinions. I feel like you can help me. I think you can. Right?

Anonymous said...

Pisces Lady - August 25, 2014 at 10:40 AM

Thank you so much. I hardly have any ideas what to do if she opens up to me again.

Up to me? That’s the same thing my mind keeps telling me. I will follow my truth.

I pray things will work out. I don’t believe in time. I’m always head of time but this time, I have to work with time LOL


The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

"it helps me get away from what I started. At the end it looks like it was her fault"

"VERY manipulative” How is that manipulative?

Well it sounded to me like you have a way with words - a way of wording things to defend yourself so that, in the end, the person you've offended or slighted in some way...actually walks off believing it was THEIR fault...when admittedly, it was yours. So basically, that boils down to manipulating someone to believe THEY were responsible for something YOU did. Technically, that's called "emotional manipulation."

"Do I sound like a naughty Aries?"

Well, you sound like a classic, typical one...and yea, many of them play mind games LOL (due to their love of competition and err...big egos LOL ;-)

"Anything even if he is not talking to you and his friends are trying to push you away? Everyone have their stories but what would you do if you were in my situation?"

If I felt that I could trust that person...then I'd try my best to go the extra mile. Because it's better to have tried and failed...then to never have tried at all, ya' know?

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently." - Henry Ford

"I feel like you can help me. I think you can. Right?"

What I might be able to do...is help YOU help YOURSELF. Meaning, I may not have all the answers, but I may provide thought provoking information that can help YOU decide what's best. Conversations like this may help you to see things differently, through the eyes of others, so that you better understand your own behavior and the behavior of those around you. I'm no professional, so take what I say with a grain of salt and do what you will with it. But my intentions are good, and I've "been there, done that" a lot...so I simply try my best to help compel others to see things differently, to think differently...so that the answers may then slowly reveal themselves in time :-)

Sia said...

@Mirror Aphrodite

I needed an advice from you. Me and this aries guy used to be partners and we were very good friends and he used to tease me a lot. He liked me (I came to know through his actions) but never confessed it. I liked him too. We flirted with each other until I confessed that I liked him to which he said "not now"and I didn't force him. Then, for 1 year we didn't see each other. After that, I texted him but he reacted as if he doesn't remember any memories of past we shared.

I want him to regret letting me go. I know I can't control him but I still have feelings for him. I miss the memories of past. What should I do? Any sort of advice would be helpful.

Anonymous said...

Hello MOA, where have you been all my life? LOL I need your help, I wish I would of found this blog before I met my Aries, I would still have him, i did everthing that I wasnt supposed to do. Here is my story....I am currently going through a divorce, I was with my husband 7 years, 2 kids. There was alot of drama at the end, but that can be expected. Anyway I meet my Aries and he was effin perfect! had been seeing 3 months, exculsive fwb. Gentlemen to the core! Kept his hands respectable took me straight home after our dates, opened doors, paid for everything, always texted me. he said he loved my laugh, loved the fact, i would be excited, told his family about me, talked about me to his friends. I felt this deep thud in my heart and all the anger and bitterness of my divorce melted away. he doesnt have any kids, and it always made me feel bad, becuause i have 3 and my tubes are tied and i would tell him to go find someone that he could have kids with, he wasnt having any of it. When it came to sex he was aggressive, and i loved it, i would get all cloudy brained..I would spend the night at his house and we would just lay in the bed cuddle and talk. He was in the Air force and he said that theres isnt a woman in the world like me, he knows because he looked and that we were on the path of eterinty. Well it came time for him to do his reverse duty 21 days and he has a full time job at lockheed martin. So for the month of Sept i seen him 3 times, but I knew why. I would get up at 4:45am to get ready for work and get my kids ready for the school bus. Then stay up until he got home at 12/12:30am. I was supportive as much as i could be through text. So a week and a half before 10/3, I said ok you will be done with reserves and it your of day, I want to spend time with you have after work and the next afternoon and you will still have a day and i have to chill...He says what you want my first off day? I dont even know what i will be doing that day. I got offended because he was saying other things and basically broke up off our friendship.(his ex-wife walked out on him while, he was at work, and i know he never got over it.).YYYYYYYYY!!!!! So he comes to my house and takes back his dog tags and walks out in the middle of our convo. So they next day for the first time I show up at his place and we talk it out, Yes I cried like a girl and i told him if he didnt want to see me anymore just tell me. Well he said he couldnt get over it. we hugged and i told him that the problem, was i was starting to love him. So i leave and tell him he at least could of gave me some for the last time. He tells me to come back, and when I say wow!!!!!!! Then next day i do the samething, YYYYY str8 ice! which i understand i dont like pop up either, both times I was in a sexy nighty. So after being froze out I leave him sleep and he texts me the next morning, i said he was sorry becuase he was sleepy. But we would press reset and start over, we could still go out like we did, we could hold hands, but no kissing and no sex..????? I thought he was bssin, what man doesnt want sex? On day I was having a bad day and I asked him to take me for a ride, well he took me for a 3 hour ride, then took me to his home and cooked for me, but kept making crown royal drinks, i had 3, while he had one. OK

Anonymous said...

cont; So after 3 drinks, I am in my feelings telling him how sexy he his and how i feel about him..blah blah blah. Ok so i am ready for lovin right..I text him and tell him to come in his room.So he hugs me to keep from kissing him right. Start worshipping his body with my hands right and all this other good stuff. well i get in the bed and say forget it lets cuddle. IDk, but tha flipped a switch and it was on!! He did everything he always did, excpet he didnt kiss me, he kissed my cheeks like he always does. and i felt his emotions, these werent pecks. ok fine w.e. So two days later i text him and say I felt you struggling with yourself, do you regret slepping with me? He says no, but it wont happen again. Wow! so i say you say that like we are ex's and it permanet. he says no its not. So at this time he is slipping alittle bit, but his work schedule has changed so i am still cool. I wanted to go out for sweeties day, he said we could be no gifts and got upset because i had order his already, and he didnt want anything special. Then i was havin a bad day and wanted some. he flat out refused and threw a phone bomb at me. So I told him i was taking a knee and wasnt talking to him for a couple days and that i erased his pictures, texts and his phone number. So days go by and I want to go to the haunted house and i send him this mission (because he relates to the dark knight) telling him i want to go in 5 days. So he says yes. I had a fake phone number and i texted him and told him we had met 4 months ago and asked was he seeing anyone. This MF'er says no! WTF so he asks for a picture and when i sent it (of my Friend) he got mad becuase my info popped up. I was so tickled, he was pissed..lol my dumb self starts apologizing and saying i wasnt even mad. Silence... So the next morning, I am P.o and I let him have it...This is what I sent him: contd

Anonymous said...

The Realist thing you have ever said to me is that you are nothing special and you are not. There is nothing great about you either. You play the same games as all men do. Dishonesty, cheating, selfishness, cold heartedness, these are the traits of an Aries. I do not believe you havent been with anyone in 3 years, I believe you keep going through the same cycle when the real you shows up. And you are not worthy of my love or my friendship. Thank you for saving me heart ached down the road, because you can not be trusted. You are a coward, being trurthful and honest is not built into your character. Thanks for not having' AVERAGE' sex with me anyone..the first time was the only decent time..other then that it was rountine at best. And no you cant have your gifts,Demotions arent a reason arent a reason for rewards. I will save them for a better class of man. I am a loyal and loving woman and can not deal or love a child who throws a fits and wants everything his way. So basically i hope you end up with someone just like you.That made him mad!!! And he said that i was being childish by doing that( i was but my woman sense were tingling so i had to find out) and it was like lying and i was trying to force him in a relationship! BRRRRRR??? excuse me!!!( You were stringing me along) He said all you had to do is asked me if i was seeing anyone, and i am like i did asshole! Then he says it none of my business and it is what it is. Silence---(Aquarius in me) and i say that i was sorry and took responsibility of my part in the break up of our friendship and he was just as guilty but just less humble about it...and when he was done being mad I wont be here for him because he took his friendship and i dont want it back. (I told him to block me on facebook, becuase i didnt want to unblock him at some point. it took two days and mutli times asking and he did. but stayed friends with my sister--I am going to have to talk to her about that)(I do throw words like daggers) So thursday he goes out with our friend Ed, and I question him a couple days later He said he was mad about what I did, but he was going to forgive me. I asked if he had found anyone else yet, ed laughs and says he hasnt found anyone, he doesnt want you out of his life. i am like ok. I wait a week text him and say i am sorry about SOME of the things i said. I do hurt people when I am mad....nothing... So another week passed, and i texted him asking if we could go to the haunted house. He texts back in 5 minutes and says No. So I am like can we sit and talk..I still respect your opinion and my kids will be gone with their dad for two years(alittle tibit, for him to think about) and i wanted your advice. i dont want to talk about what happened.. it is what it is.he texts IDK, So i dont text back for like 2 hours, so he texts me we dont have anything to talk about. So I text you have that much hate that you cant sit at a table and have drinks and a laugh with me? i still consinder you a friend and good night. Silence--The next day I text I hope you are having a good day... Silence..So I delete his number again. Then I read all these comments... everyone..And I am like dang it!! lol Ed keeps saying wait for him to come back then ignore him. But it has been two weeks, i cant sleep i am upset. Two days i prayed about it, and I have felt better. What do you think about this? Give me some advice for my situation. I know he cared about me, i think the first i broke it off that hurt him and thats what shut him down. i am not going to contact him, but he is the first guy that i felt was my equal. i need help on this one.. Thank you!! Amber

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

"What should I do?"

Regretfully, there's nothing you CAN do here dear, except try to move on as best you can. You can't force regret onto somebody. They either regret their actions or they don't, and all of that is out of your control :-(

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

"What do you think about this?"

Well dear, as much as I hate to say this, this is a classic example of why I don't advocate casual sex for women. Because the reality is that sex for women, leads to a desire for commitment and "relationship" type communication, dates, activities, behaviors, etc.

But the cold, harsh reality is that FWB - is NOT a relationship.

And as a result, you cannot expect relationship type treatment (exclusivity, daily/regular communication, formal dates, gifts, commitments, etc.) Because FWB is casual. And the definition of casual is "relaxed and unconcerned, not regular or permanent, irregular."

So what happens is women tend to agree to FWB, but then start expecting "relationship" type treatment (because the sex makes the woman bond emotionally to the man). And many women enter a FWB situation assuming that it will lead to a relationship, which more often than not - never happens. Because if someone is getting the milk for free, they're never going to feel the need to buy the cow, ya' know? :-(

I'm sorry that this happened to you dear. At this point, I think space is needed. And I'd also suggest this as well:


That may make him circle around again (IF you ignore him and any contact from him for a while, to see if he makes repeated attempts and "desires" that which he suddenly cannot have) or it may not. But either way, it will help you to detach emotionally from a man who never intended to commit to a relationship in the first place - and apparently still doesn't intend to, to this day :-(

Anonymous said...

@Mirror Aphrodite

HELLO. Aint you missing one of your Aries? ? yuk yuk hahahaha I guess you have been waiting patiently for me. It’s been awhile but any way. I saw ex-partner in this club. She is dating this guy. However when I saw him I thought to myself. How possible can she date someone low? I was expecting her to go out with someone a lot better than. Stronger, taller and rich, you know? But he is a marshmallow.

Before the night club I message her month’s age. If she is dating anyone, I understand and it will not affect me. She did not reply. When I saw her in the club she was like guilty or embarrassed, like if she did not want me to know she was dating someone.

I’m happy for her. I ignore it like I saw nothing and went dancing with strangers, I had a great time ;-) But, wherever I stood for drinks and chat with friends. She and her boyfriend were around me. But when I went and dance with random ladies. She left with her boyfriend. I caught her sitting with him in the chilling room like a little disappointment or something.

My friend was odd telling her your ex-boyfriend is still better than your new boyfriend...etc However he made her laugh instead of giving him a slap. I caught them talking about me. I stood right next to her. Her boyfriend was panicking when she looked at me and said hi with a wide smiling face. I smiled back and said hi.

I wish we said more than hi but that was all said and 6hrs in the club, staring at each other. That was the best we could do.

I don’t know what is tomorrow. I am not expecting her to leave him for me but what do you think?


The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

I can honestly say my friend that it's a rare day that I miss an Aries in my life LOL ;-)

Well, it sounds like she's still probably got lingering feelings for you. And I imagine now that she's seen you, and you didn't act too much like a typical Aries during that interaction (showboating around and flexing your feathers like a peacock LOL), you're probably on her mind. So I'd let those thoughts germinate in her mind for a while, and then see what happens.

If she realizes she's still got feelings for you, she may begin having troubles in her relationship. So if you catch wind that things are not going well all of a sudden in her relationship, my guess is that'd be why. However, if she's happy where she's at, that may not happen. Either way, be prepared for any and all possibilities because sometimes encounters like this have a strange way of turning things on their head for a while, so you never know.

Anonymous said...

I have three aries children two girls and a boy my eldest is the easiest to deal with content to do her own thing and only complain when I ask her to do something she doesn't like but will do it anyway grumbling all the way she was born april 11th, the other two are a different story they are so beyond my control I feel like I'm running an insane asylum with no meds to sedate the patients, the middle child a girl born on the 3rd of april and youngest boy the 7th of april, my son is overly affectionate to the point of smothering and in a violent manner with pinching under my arms and kicking me while laying next to me, he wont take no for an answer and sees every thing as a declaration of war, my youngest daughter is my problem child not only is she an aries but suffers from middle child syndrome and a dreadful case of the me me me's she too is violent with her affection jumping on me and strangling hugs, she is the instigator of every fight that breaks out among the three of them and doesn't seem to care if I'm sitting right next to her when she starts her shit, my children have zero patience and zero respect most of the time and start crying and screaming and boxing on at the drop of a hat I'm losing my mind, I'm a capricorn I need order and respect to have harmony in my home no such luck with the aries child, sad thing is I have a fourth on the way due on the 14th of march but if my last three pregnancies are anything to go off it will arrive two weeks late and be a late march aries god help me prepare for battle i have a life long fight on my hands

Anonymous said...

@Mirror Aphrodite

I hope you had a fablous christmas and a "happy new year"

I think it is time to let go and go after something else (I'm not quitting, I'm just saying). In the mean time, I am focusing on myself, sorting out important things I want this year.

However, thank you for your advice....Not so fast, I will come back ;-)

I should leave you something?

Do you see me? https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2651/3869368349_fa7c33b947.jpg


Anonymous said...

I would like to say how horrible this seems. As a Aries women I have come to understand myself easily and other Aries (even males) . Have you ever heard the saying ",Kill them with kindness"? Well to get back at a Aries isn't to rush in like they would, you have to make them feel sorry and the best way to do that is forgive them (even if it hurts) . Aries on the outside are the strongest and most ignorant person but you haven't seen the inside , even if you think they do-they don't . To come back and slash at them will hurt them more than they would appear , they will then put the shield up and show you a real fight. I know us arians seem insensitive but it is not our fault we have such a short fuse. I know you're hurt but why fight fire with more fire? Put out the flames you most likely inflated and that's how you actually get a Aries back. Also to get a Aries on his knees saying sorry is more impressive then kicking him down to the ground , when he will easily get back up. For a Aries to stay down is the true defeat . As a Aries myself I found trying to seek forgiveness difficult, almost impossible. I literally had to train myself which I still try. For me admitting I'm wrong is like hearing someone say what I believe in was never true like a Christian getting told god isn't real. I don't know if my random babble gave understanding but so be it.


The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

I understand what you're saying and appreciate you taking the time to comment. However, the title of this piece is revenge on an Aries, geared towards fanning those flames and removing the control they love to have over others - it's not about getting on one's good side LOL ;-)

And as horrible as this may seem, please understand that this was a tongue and cheek piece written as part of a project at a site called Seduction Central that was purposefully meant to be sarcastic in nature for purposes of humor.

Anonymous said...

Well The Aries man whom I allowed to hurt me is actually a colleague of mine and as a Virgo myself I am a master in pulling a poker face and as equal in playing nasty mind games. But the only difference is that I can control my demons but that Aries M!!#F can't. Now after showing him that he means crap shit to me and he sees me happy and moving on easily and swiftly though he thought I had feelings for him, is actually killing him inside. He is in that state of not knowing what to do and how to act. He is keeping it cool and professional which I asked him to when he decided to break up with me. So yeah Taking control of the situation is killing him . One more thing, As a Virgo when I disrespect a man it is the toughest thing ever to deal with him again. It s just me or all Virgos when they loose respect to someone they just can't deal with them any more. And he knows that too. I know a Hindu Guru who told me that if I wish he can make him fall on his knees and be my slave forever. To be honest with what he has done to me he deserves this ... Magick works sometimes

Unknown said...

A aries girl got a guy to knock my teeth out. Should I get someone to knock her out?

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

I'm going to assume your comment was pure sarcasm, however, in the event it isn't because you never know - obviously physical violence as a response is not suggested. Besides, that would only let her know that she really got to you, not only physically but mentally as well.

So as the article states, ". . .what could be worse to the Aries? Yep, you got it - loss of control. Loss of leadership. Loss of power and strength. Poke a hole in the proverbial Arien's sails. . .When you yank power and control away from an Aries, it's like taking candy from a baby. Without it, they're lost, confused and questioning themselves and their actions."

So if this really did happen, besides reporting the assault to authorities and seeking monetary coverage for any dental damage done, you'd also want to do your best to not grant her any control. Meaning, you'd want to hold your head high, and show her that this little incident isn't going to affect you or stop you from moving forward in any way. It and her will not be controlling you, and she has gained no control over you through this incident. Don't react as she'd expect you to - react the complete opposite. If you do that and you breeze right past this as if it were nothing, she'll be left questioning herself, questioning why you're not afraid, questioning why you're not reacting the way she expected, and ultimately - questioning why this did not work and confused about why it did not affect you as she had hoped.

Anonymous said...

The post I'm reading have made me want to ask for advice as well. I'm a 20yro Capricorn woman born on January5 while I am involved with a 23 Aries male born April 3. We have been intimate with each since 2013 while I had feelings for him at first I lost them after he failed to tell me he had a girlfriend about it at the time. So we just were cool but we were intimate like maybe 5 months after I found out. I have the ability to detach myself emotionally from physical intimacy. That stopped when I got with a Gemini bf. But we broke up. Anyways I had no intentions on catching feelings for this Aries demon. This year around February I got into argument with about the past because did have feelings for him the beginning but he was dishonest. After that like 3 weeks later he started showing me affection. He started telling me that friends could be so much more. He started playing footsie with me when I spend the night and to want to hold hands. Anyways I started to let my guards down. After he got at me for texting a guy friend . Which was so sexy I melted when I should have been afraid. Lol . So I said he must care I must be more than a booty call because he wants me to himself. My dumb self let my guards down. My feelings are very genuine when they are there. Then he starts emphasizing that we are just friends! Smh. Yet . he eliminates my pessimistic ways . Finally a remedy to my negative thoughts. Finally something that pushes me past my boundaries. What's the price. Mental torture. Because I started letting my guards down once he opended up to me with what was probably a heart to heart of lies. He confuses my affection with clingyness but me I need freedom. And stability. Both! He needs freedom. But he selfish about it . I want him . I'll do the fight. But only because I've calculated the reward in the long hall. And I will prepare. But I don't want to waist another two years of my life on hopeless flings. I sent the last message two days ago. And I decided I'm gonna go a week without any communication to him then call him and tell him about this guy who wants to take me on a date and that he's not on my level romantically. At the same time it might be a bad idea. Shoot I just trying to challenge him .This is his last shot because I know what we could be but if this doesn't work and this man does not start chasing me I'm done. No return.   What should I do? Love Ashley .

Anonymous said...

The April ones are sneaky and can be a bit messy at times!! Narcissistic as well!! however the March ones are usually pretty coo!! I'm March 25, & i bother No One, & have never believed in tousling with anyones feelings!! Depends on the parenting too!! Suge Knight is a prime example of an undisciplined Aries, that is in trouble bcuz he never had to REALLY suffer consequences for his actions!! that mob killer "Kuklinsky" is the epitome of an out of control Aries!! As is that young man that shot up that church last week and killed those bible study members!! I know Leos , want to try to make us (Aries) into Sheep, instead of the Rams we ARE!! however trust me , ONCE we have had enough of that Leo stuff, we can go on a COLD ONE!! Huh, Leos DO NOT want this work!! Physically or mentally!! Good example of our ROASTING skills , is Claudia Jordan from RHWOA", she gave NeNe a Lethal Aries roasting!! & guess what?? Mr. ED (NeNe) closed her mouth!!lol

Anonymous said...

I've never come upon an Aries experience like mine and I'm interested in any feedback:

I am an Aquarius, Feb 2 - polyracial.
He is an Aries, March 21 - Italian.
He is 10 years my senior.

We met in a class in 2001/2. I hadn't really noticed him, but one day when the instructor was late I was sitting in a chair next to the door and I just FELT this energy. I looked to my left and went from his feet up to his head and he was just there, in the doorway, inches from me, staring at me and he said hello. Can't remember it all but noticed my and my intelligence or something like that.

He gave me his number and his card and said if I ever needed anything to contact him. I called it days later because a friend wanted me to. He offered to pick me up from work. I let him. Made it clear this wasn't ending up in a bed and told him I don't kiss people I don't know. He asked nicely. I let him but turned my head at the last moment so he ended up kissing my cheek next to my lips but not my lips. It was a while before we were intimate.

Still the beginning - he told me he was single. Then in another conversation he admitted he was married. Personally didn't care because I wasn't looking for anything committed. Hot, heavy, mischievous sex all over the place pretty much summed it up. I too was in a relationship at the time, so essentially we were both seeing each other on the side. It was understood that we were not giving up our families for each other.

Then I researched him a little and found out that he was a well known member of organized crime. Scared me a little but didn't deter me. I would say he was a big bear with me. All the things I read about him were things I never experienced. We would often speak of our time as "away" from regular life.

It was this way 2001/20-2003. The relationship was discovered by my partner because of texts on my phone. I had also slowed things down because I was pregnant by my partner.

The Aries and I were out of contact for a year or so. I was also trying to just do better in my family. Then he called me. I tried to get out of it by telling him I was fat from being pregnant. He said he didn't care and he would wait until I was healed up. We ended up back together until about 2005/6 when things really started to change.

The quickie meetups started making me feel cheap and I told him. I really was trying to purge myself of him because the entire scenario felt unhealthy. I told him. He didn't like it but he couldn't do anything about it. He would call me. I woulnd't answer. Think of him yes, answer no. I've always felt like we were connected for some reason. It's odd.

So, we stopped seeing each other. I got on with my life. He had my sisters info and apparently she began seeing one of his friends...but they all ended up getting into trouble. Big trouble.

He was in jail. Eventually I found him and I wrote to him expressing my disgust with so many things. I also sent him books. I did all this but never heard from him. For me it was what I would've wanted someone to do for me. I know what it's like to be forgotten and that easilly happens to people in prison. And like I said, regardless of what he did, I always experienced a different side of him and that's what I was trying to be there for.

I had also been trying to help my sister since she was in trouble. I wanted to know who it was that she was dealing with. I finally got a hold of an org chart of the defendants and when asked who this guy was, she pointed to the top, the leader of it all, him. He had been sleeping with my sister.

I felt physically ill then other things started to happen. Real or imagined there were knocks on my business doors at odd hours, people standing across the street watching me. Just a bunch of crazy stuff. I ended up leaving everything behind and moving 1500 miles away, heartbroken and scared. I left everyone even the father of my child who I had quasi separated from.


Anonymous said...


After leaving I had no contact with him whatsoever and lived my life, even seeing other people and eventually mending my relationship with my childs father.

THEN...maybe 6 months or so after I was gone. I get a phone call. It was him. He had just gotten out and was calling me to thank me for what I had sent to him. He said no one had ever done that for him before and all this other stuff. But what struck me most was my reaction. Hearing him, I couldn't breathe and I couldn't stand up. I told him he had to wait a minute for me to catch my breath.

He asked where I was. I told him. He asked why. I told him he broke my heart and I needed to go. He said some malarchy about he thought I knew. Of course I shut that shit down quick. I don't remember if he asked about my sister or if he asked if I needed anything...but I simply remember saying. If you ever cared anything about me you will take care of her. She has no lawyer. That's all I want from you. Nothing more. Within a day she had one of the best.

The last time I saw him was probably late in 2006. I had returned home for a visit with my partner and was also making some time to see the Aries. He was about to be sentenced and wanted to see me before everything happened. We had some very frank conversation in the car that night. Ever the strong one, he showed no sadness and said he'd call me later. He never did. I came to find out much later that at the time he came to see me he was actually on house arrest. Idiot.

Early 2007 he was sentenced to 11 years in federal prison. I observed everything from the sidelines and through the media.

In 2010 I wrote him a very short letter. It me. Gave him my email. Within a weeks time he emailed me back asking where I had been, as if he had been waiting for me. So now we are at 2015 and we have communicated via email all these years with breaks here and there when hes been an ass or when I've just been busy and remembering our issues in the past.

Recently he has said the following to me. I am cautious and I've told him so.

"I'm going to be doing so an so when I get out. I want you to take this ride with me. I want you to be a part of it."

"You are my girl and don't forget it."

"You are mine forever."

"I love everything about you but...."

Mixed in all of that he calls my way of expressing myself nutty. He's told me that I am far gone and he's told me that it was over.

I pretty much told him fine...if after 13 years of mess and now just trying to be a friend to you through your time in prison you want to do that. So be it.

He always talks about what he wants to do to me. That he was under a lot of stress before and that is gone. Things will be different. He wants me to be happy. He wants to make me happy, etc. etc. I rarely talk about "we".

I tell him I'll help him do whatever he has to to get ready and live a better life when he gets out. But I want no promises made and I make no promises.


Anonymous said...


He doesn't ask about what I have going on unless I'm not around for a little bit. He shows little interest in much beyond what involves him...I guess that doesn't change even behind bars.

He's gotten kinder with his words and I've gotten to the point where most of them don't bother me. He has laid out his rules for me if we get together again, and when I laid out my rules for him he told me I was nutty. I simply thanked him for reading my rules over and said I wanted to make sure we were on the same page.

So that's the background. Odd. Complex. Many many things. But at the end of it all, I want to know if this guy has genuine feelings for me even though he talks mainly about sex. I'm thinking it's his way of expressing his feelings. I feel stupid asking this question 13/14 years into this whole thing...but part of me thinks that with as blunt as he is. With the options that he has/had. If he didn't feel something beyond just the physical with me...he just wouldn't deal with me.

I'd also like to know your take on helping him through this situation. He's out in another 4 years and then I just disappear after that. I don't want to break his heart...well maybe just a little. But I genuinely feel we are connected to each other for whatever reason and being around him will lead to not so good things...I weaken around him. We don't even have to talk to each other and the intensity is crazy. When I went to court with my sister and he walked in. Everyone went to him and paid thier respects. I told my sister to wait and he would come to us. He did. We barely spoke. We didn't have to. Again, I almost collapsed right then and there. That intensity again.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Aug 19, 1:49 AM,
"I want to know if this guy has genuine feelings for me even though he talks mainly about sex."

Hate to say this but I'm going to - I think this guy is a user, a manipulator and a street wise guy who knows how to lay down some good game.

Any feelings he probably has for anyone most likely all revolve around "use" for that person - "what can you do for ME."

"If he didn't feel something beyond just the physical with me...he just wouldn't deal with me."

What you need to understand is that folks like this - they're hustlers. They hustle people. They con people. They manipulate people. It's what they do. And when they do it - they do it to MULTIPLE people at the same time. They're not looking for that "one special person." They'll make you think they are, but they're not.

They're viewing individuals as tools to use to gain benefit from and they're using many people at the same time, keeping the game in play always. Yea, he's got other options, and he's probably using THEM TOO. He may get emotional support from you, housing from another, money from another, sexual favors from another, ego boost from another. . .everyone has their "use" and he's benefiting in one way or another from all of them.

So there's no need to whittle it down to one individual when he's getting something different from each of them.

He WILL deal with you - if he can benefit in some way from it.

"I'd also like to know your take on helping him through this situation."

I wouldn't help him at all. No way, no how.

What has HE DONE FOR YOU? Besides interject himself into your life and your relationship, sleep with your sister, tell you it's over, disappear then reappear months or years later, accept gifts from you while he's in prison, lied to you. . .he has not EARNED your assistance.

You get what you give in this world. And when you give NOTHING - you get NOTHING.

This guy's like a vampire going through life take, take, taking from others and doing absolutely nothing in return. He's a hustler.

"being around him will lead to not so good things...I weaken around him."

All the more reason to leave him sleep in the bed he's made for himself.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh those Aries men!! I had an encounter 15 years ago with one and we just reconnected 2 months ago. The sex is like no other. He claims he is in love with me but we shall see. I am a little older now so I can handle him. I know how he likes it. The more I ignore him, the more he wants me. I do it on purpose...drives him insane but when I am with him, I treat him like there is nobody on the planet but him and he loves it! We can't get enough of each other even after all these years.sigggggh. I love me some him!
Signed: Cancer Woman

Anonymous said...

This is Raj. I wish I could have known this earlier. An aries woman played with very badly. Its ten years now. She destriyed y career. I cant believe how could i let this happen. am virgo ascendant.

Anonymous said...

soo, I'm with this aries man of course we've been together for 3 months. Im 27 will be 28 nov 22 and hes 38, he's april 12th. we met dec of 2014 I accidentally touched his butt then avoided him because I didnt want him to think I liked him because I actually didnt. one day he caught me by myself because I dont hold convos with men when my children are around, so long story short we exchanged numbers although I had no intention on giving him mine or using his. but i did it to get him to leave me alone. we texted but then i wouldnt text him back for 3 days not intentionally but because I have CFS and had been going through relapses at the time. so for about 6-7 months i avoided him. when i would go in the store i would ignore him as if he didnt exist. then one day I saw him and thought he was handsome so I gave him a try. we really hit it off because he was a security guard and while I was in the store she bumped my 9 year old and the lady and I exchanged words when he got wind of it he for sure came to the rescue and I thought that was very gentlemen like of him. he texted me after we left to check on my daughter because the crazy lady terrified her and then asked if he could come and see me. Now before him I had been single for 5.5 years that means no dating, no sex, no contact with men intimately at all and that was all by choice. So when i agreed to him coming to see me this was out of my norm. we went out to dinner then after that we were pretty much inseparable he would call and when i asked what he was doing he would say coming to see you before i go to work. those first couple of days we spent whatever time he wasnt working together. I started to have anxiety because i felt it was moving to fast and he assured me that I was just tripping. so then we did it 3 days after our first date I know it was my fault for letting it happen so quickly but hell i had gone 5.5 yrs I wanted the action more than he did and after I made up in my mind that if he had walked away I was cool. I also told him that he was my man right after that we were now a coupe and he was fine with that he kept calling and kept coming around. I didnt normally let men in my apartment or around my kids but i felt so comfortable with him that it all happened before i could even stop it. So a month goes by were good. then he does things like not telling me hes off from work and not coming to see me until its really late. we had an argument about it because im not some booty call which is what he was treating me like. if your off from work all day tell me that and if you plan to see me i should see you before its breaking dawn. that was the start of the problems. now our issue is im the type of person who becomes quiet when im upset he hates my silence and he becomes angry if he thinks im ignoring him. its like everytime i say something to him he acts like he cant hear me so we argue about that then when i start to you he tells me im not going to talk to him like that. before when we would get into it he would come to me admit where he messed up and how he understood why i felt the way i did then we would move on now he doesnt care why i feel the way I feel. he only cares about what he thinks whether thats the case or not then he says if we dont make it itll be my fault im destroying the relationship but

Anonymous said...

its his actions that make me react the way i do. I had a migraine for 2 days and because i wasnt the upbeat smiling person hes used to he treated me all day like i had an attitude. he wanted to go out riding around so i went trying to be a good sport. he got upset because i couldnt talk as loud as he wanted me to so he said i ignored him and event though i said i answered hi because he didnt hear me he took it as me ignoring him. I made an emergency dr appt for 230 the same day so he decides to take me to a sit in restaurant at around 130 i kept asking about the time to make sure wed make it on time. 215 rolls around were still sitting in the restaurant. if you know anything about migraines u know they can be very debilitating i could barely talk , keep my eyes open and my face head neck and shoulders were numb and hurting. I had that pain for 2 days. but to him it didnt matter i just wasnt acting myself and he too the stance of i had an attitude. so he tells the waiter to pack our stuff then he leaves me at the table by myself. he never did that before. because of this i got in the car in the backseat because i was pissed from the disrespect. he gets mad and tells me were not moving until i get in the front. so he sits and eats his food knowing that he shoudl have been driving me to the dr. i became so pissed i cried him doing that made me hate him and i really dont know if i want to be with him anymore. but he doesnt seem to care. he doesnt think what he did was wrong at all he keeps saying i took you to get something to eat and we wer in the area of your drs office but he didnt take me to the drs. and when i knew we werent going to make it i said just take me home so he claims the whole time that i said i didnt want to go to the drs. Im so angry with him i just wanted to punch him in the face for not listening and not caring about how i felt all he wanted to do was blame me saying that my attitude caused the fight. Ive never been so angry before all i can do is cry. i dont know what to do hes changed so much i do everything he wants me to but its like pulling teeth to get what i want from him. he thinks because he drives me places because he hates that i dont ask for rides, and buys me groceries that he can be an asshole when he feels like it. i just dont know how to move forward right now. help!

Anonymous said...

I would love some advice please.

I am a Saggi female and started dating an Aries man 6 months ago - we met through an online site when he responded to an online ad I wrote. I liked him from the get-go and I guess the feeling was mutual. He started chasing me like I had never been chased before - long emails, texts, asking to meet 4-5 times a week. The chemistry was sizzling and our first kiss (on our second date) was crazy hot. This continued for about 3 months... and then my Aries guy seemed to cool off.

By this time, I was officially his girlfriend (or so he said) and we were meeting an average of 3 times a week. But the communication (text, emails) slowed down tremendously. And I've started to feel that my importance in his life has diminished.

The last 3 months have been frustrating for me - I feel like I am initiating dates and meetings more than he is! It also feels that he is more aloof than usual. Saggis are passionate and outspoken and I've made no secret of my affection for him - I don't play games that way - including doing things like cooking for him, buying him small gifts and even writing him a poem! He always seems very appreciative and loving in person (lots of hugs, cuddles, kisses) but when we are apart, I get the silent treatment sometimes?! It's driving me crazy.

So I finally decided to address the issue directly with him and told him that I've been feeling like he takes me for granted. He responds by saying that it's not the first time he's been accused of being aloof and he doesn't know if he can change... :( Argh. I don't know how long I can stay in a relationship that feels so unbalanced. I am open to a fault and feel that my Aries guy is walling me out, which I hate! Again, when we are actually together (in person), he becomes sweet and loving and affectionate!! What gives? I can't figure this out.

Please help!

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Nov 12, 3:06 AM,
"What gives? I can't figure this out."

Well, he is an Aries LOL ;-)

Have you read this piece:


It's natural for passions to subside a bit, given the level they start with. And for an Aries, they thrive off of fire (excitement). Have you tried disappearing? Have you considered making yourself completely unavailable to him?

Stuff like that can reignite an Aries fire. Arguments and fights for them can be like an aphrodisiac LOL. And on the same token, being OVERLY available to them can actually snuff out their flame. They like a challenge and they actually enjoy the chase. Do you give him opportunities to chase you, to hunt you down? (By making yourself unavailable to him.)

"I feel like I am initiating dates and meetings more than he is!"

Cease doing that. Cease reaching out. Instead, let him miss you and come hunt you down. Again, these guys will bore with anything "too available" to them. Aries like being kept on their toes.

"including doing things like cooking for him, buying him small gifts and even writing him a poem!"

Cease doing these things as well. Again, anything "too much" kinda' snuffs out their flame. They like mystery, they like to be curious, they like to charge off on new adventures. . .so give him a new adventure. Make yourself scarce to him and give him something to conquer (you).

"when we are apart, I get the silent treatment sometimes"

That's fine - you get what you give, so dish it right back. When he contacts you, don't pick up. When he texts you, don't respond right away. Leave a few hours go by. Let him wonder why you're not responding, where you're at, who you're with, etc. That'll bring his head outta' the clouds and back down to earth with something to focus on - you.

He'll get fired up and chances are, he'll set off to find you. This is what you want, and that's how you know you have his attention. That's how this all started off in the first place, so go back to that.

Sometimes, when women enter into a relationship, they change their behavior. They actually think it's the man that's changed but sometimes, it's the woman. She may expect more, start doing more, start initiating more, start trying to spend more time together, etc. And when that happens, it changes the dynamic that originally existed.

In the beginning, the man was the pursuer. But after some time, the woman stepped into that role instead.

And that can take the enjoyment/excitement out of a situation for men. They enjoy the chase, they enjoy the pursuit. If a woman makes herself overly available, there can be no chase, and there can be no pursuit, which means there's less enjoyment for the man to experience.

Be scarce, and see if this Aries doesn't enjoy chasing you once again ;-)

Anonymous said...

I LOVED this article and comments! And I find it funny how often Pisces and Aries get together when we are exact opposites of each other, but somehow still form a deep connection.
Regarding that, I would love a feedback if possible. I'm a Pisces girl and have been with an Aries man for 3 years. We recently broke up after fighting a lot, I felt disrespected and hurt for the millionth time by his verbal aggression and insults, he felt smothered by my "over-sensitive side" and the need to work things out by talking ("Why can't you just let it go after I tell you I'm sorry?", to which I would reply "Because soon enough you'll end up being the old manipulative, inconsiderate self" and we would rehash old fights again). The more I forgave him, the more inconsiderate he became. It was a vicious cycle, we would break up and make up, but we truly love each other even though we made each other miserable in the end... So finally he broke it off and we haven't contacted each other ever since (it's been about 3 weeks now). He said he loves me but it just can't work. I told him I agree and I loved him too.
I'm curious - is there any chance of him coming back? Being the typical Aries (8th of April)... Should I initiate contact? I was his longest relationship and we have talked about future together, but, here we are... I believe that we had something very special and after a much needed break from each other we could eventually build a healthier relationship, I just don't know how to "test the waters" with him and tell him that, because I don't want to appear weak or chase him since of course Aries hates that. But I would hate to just let him go and wait, cause I'm pretty sure his ego won't let him call first, he was utterly hurt that I said he doesn't make me happy anymore. *Sigh*

Anonymous said...

By the way... Yes, he was sometimes horribly disrespectful and sadistic even, but in every other aspect he was the best boyfriend I've ever had, so I let all of it slide, it's in my nature, and I tried to accept his nature unconditionally. Especially if I see that he's truly sorry and is hurting, I can't bear the pain of seeing him hurt. I know he tried the best he could to make me happy while still maintaining the "It's all about ME ME ME!" mentality, which of course clashed with my sensitive nature. Is there any hope for Pisces and Aries to eventually find a common language or is the relationship doomed because one of us will always feel misunderstood?
Thank you for the feedback. :-)
P.S. I'm a 8th of March Pisces, if that makes any difference.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Dec 19, 2:37 PM,
"Being the typical Aries (8th of April)... Should I initiate contact?"

I would not do that at this time. I have found that early April Aries are the most fierce. And when they're hurt, and you willingly place yourself into their line of fire. . .they will fill you full of lead :-(

So I wouldn't put myself through that just yet. Besides, you even said it yourself "I don't want to appear weak or chase him since of course Aries hates that." So either way, it appears it's best not to take that step.

It's only been 3 weeks. Instead, I'd let some of this sink in with him. After all, you did break up with him for a REASON. He's verbally aggressive and insulting, and "horribly disrespectful and sadistic" - which is VERY damaging to a relationship.

He needs more time to think about his part in this. You can't be the only one feeling remorseful and sorry for your actions. He has to reach that same place with himself and his own actions in order for any real change to take place. And the only way for him to do that, is by being forced to live with the consequences of it (you no longer being there).

I think this situation needs more time. Three weeks isn't long enough for any real change to take place. I'd give this another month or so, stay silent, see what happens and possibly revisit this again after that time.

But for right now - nothing will have changed in only 3 short weeks unfortunately, so unless you want to go back for more of the same, I think it's best to let this play out a bit more :-(

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, Mirror. I'll give it about 2 months before doing anything; do you have any suggestions how I should approach contacting if he doesn't? And should I send a "happy New Year" text if he doesn't? I feel so lost, like I know him at heart but don't know him at all at this point.

I guess he was always confusing for me. On the one hand, he was SO protective of me, but on the other, he was the one hurting me constantly. For example, I'll never forget one time my sister said something horrible to me (she's an Aries, too, so that happens often) and my now ex just took me by the hand and said "We're leaving". We left and he said "Don't you EVER let her speak that way to you. And don't call her until she apologizes". I've NEVER reacted that way before in my life, I would always just stay quiet and hurt, or would tell her she should be ashamed of herself. But his reaction - I don't remember her disrespecting me after that, and it's been years... I loved his reaction and respected him so much for taking care of me. I feel like I need that kind of a man in my life, I tend to be a pushover at times. His other strengths - he NEVER cancelled a date, missed a call, kept me waiting for a reply, always there to help around the house, cooked, cleaned, fixed things... He was just ALWAYS THERE for me, in every way.

On the other hand... He would tell me most vile things - I apologize for this - "sometimes you barely make me hard/from afar you look like a girl/is there anything you can do right?/I'm with you until I find a better one" etc... Then when I get mad, obviously, he would say he's joking and pushing my buttons. HOW IS THAT FUN?! Of course I became unhappy. His good days were the best, but his off days... I became tense, never knowing what the trigger will be and what horrible thing will I hear next that would damage my self-esteem, which, ironically, he also helped me build in relations to other people! Told me how amazing I am, how unbelievably happy he is with me, how smart and witty I am... Then 10 minutes later if he's angry he'd say "No one would be with you if we broke up, you know that?" How crazy is that?!?! Every time I wanted to break up he would fall to his knees begging me to reconsider, and I always did and always forgave him.

I'm so lost. I realize he may never change but I love him and don't know if I should "toughen up" a bit or just move on... But writing this now, I realize this may be more of a therapist issue.
Thank you for any thoughts on this.
And Marry Christmas, dear!!! :-)

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Dec 25, 6:42 AM,
"do you have any suggestions how I should approach contacting if he doesn't?"

If he doesn't reach out within those 2 months, quite honestly - I would not contact him at all. His actions (or lack thereof) are telling you something. Do you really want to reach out or be with a man that doesn't care to reach out to you? It'a quite possible that after 2 months, you will no longer even care about him. It happens often. So I'd wait until that time comes before even thinking about any of that, because your feelings could change by then.

"should I send a "happy New Year" text if he doesn't?"

No - that's "doing" something. It's initiating contact to remind him that you still exist. The entire point of not contacting him is to see if HE pursues YOU. If you step in and do the work for him to keep this thing afloat, you are not going to be able to find out if he's genuinely interested.

"We left and he said "Don't you EVER let her speak that way to you. And don't call her until she apologizes". . . I don't remember her disrespecting me after that, and it's been years. . .I feel like I need that kind of a man in my life"

You don't need that kind of man in your life -- YOU need to BE that kind of person YOURSELF. Meaning, you need to respect yourself like that so that others respect YOU. That's what made you feel good - it wasn't him, it was that you stuck up for yourself. You don't need a man to help you do that, you're capable of that all on your own. . .and now -- YOU need to take the same exact stance with HIM, in order to garner his respect.

Do you see how walking away from your sister and that hurtful comment actually caused her to change her treatment of you? That's exactly what you need to do with this man if you want his treatment of you to change.

People can only treat you as poorly as you LET them ;-)

"He would tell me most vile things - I apologize for this - "sometimes you barely make me hard/from afar you look like a girl/is there anything you can do right?/I'm with you until I find a better one" etc"

That is absolutely horrible and quite honestly, unforgivable. If you take a man back after he flat out tells you that he's using you to pass the time until someone better comes along. . .he is not going to respect you for permitting yourself to be treated like that dear.

You MUST take a stance with this man -- or he's going to wipe his feet all over you :-(

"he may never change but I love him and don't know if I should "toughen up" a bit or just move on"

Do BOTH. Toughen up and distance yourself from people who treat you poorly, and move on from them. If they are incapable of doing the right thing and apologizing or attempting to make amends with you, then they're not the type of people you need in your life anyway.

Mr Angatt. said...

writer seriously afraid of Aries man.😂😂😂😁😁

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

I wouldn't say afraid - annoyed yes, exhausted yes - afraid no. I'm a Taurus, and the ram can make many attempts to knock the bull over. . .but they're all fruitless efforts. In the end, the bull is still standing LOL ;-)

Unknown said...

"Hi am an aries and I'm not like that" Denial, aries are EVIL. Cheaters and manipulators.

Anonymous said...

After some sort of disagreement and unhappy parting followed by a day or so of no contact, the Aries man texted something casual like "good morning" and "how are you" as if nothing's happened, do we respond back? If so, what do we reply? If not, for how long?

Anonymous said...

1st time posting here. I really need some advice. My name is allie. Back in december 2015 i met a guy, i wasnt interested at first because he told me he is married and has a child. He told me ever since he first saw me (over a year ago) he had a huge crush on me. Now that we started talking he began to chase me and he decided to divorced his wife (january 2016). So i thought he was very honest and just started hanging out with him. And then i fell hard for this aries man. Fast forward to mid april 2015, we were suppose to move in together and we made love for the first time. Then he told me his soon to be ex wife is pregnant. She told him right after they signed the divorce papers. He didnt want to keep the baby at first. But now he wants it. I have canceled the apartment since then. Hes changed now, he blames it on work stress. Calls a lot less, but still calls everyday. Im scared i will lose him, just because his ex wife is having a baby. The divorce isnt finalize. He could always change his mind. I cant believe he kept this from me. But i havent fallen in love like this with anyone else. How do i keep him? She will give birth next month so i know it was conceived in september 2015. Will he stay with me? Im angry and sad at the same time, i dont know how to act around him.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous May 12, 10:49 PM,
"we were suppose to move in together and we made love for the first time. Then he told me his soon to be ex wife is pregnant. . .Im scared i will lose him. . .The divorce isnt finalize. . .How do i keep him?"

We cannot force someone to love us or want to be with us dear. We simply cannot. They have to want the same thing, too.

And while, yes, this is painful and disappointing, please remember - there is now a child involved here. And whether or not this man ends up with you or his ex wife, that will NEVER change. He will ALWAYS be required to be a father to this child, no matter how the cards may fall.

And please understand that this is probably traumatizing to him. He's probably trying to process a myriad of turmoiled feelings and emotions right now. And as humans, when we have periods like that in life, we need the time and space to work through them and process them properly.

And please understand that yes, there is the possibility that he may attempt to stay and have a family and be a father to this child so that he can watch this baby grow, learn and have an influence in the child's life when it comes to those things. I know that's painful, but it is what it is, ya' know? If you were in his shoes, you'd be thinking all these things right now, too. And if you were pregnant with his child, you'd want that child's father in your baby's life, too.

Because these two have someone ELSE to think about now - besides themselves.

That's the harsh reality. This is no longer even about THEM as a couple. And they can no longer only think about themselves or their own feelings anymore. That's the position he's in. And that's the HUGE weight he's attempting to balance on his shoulders right now.

Everything in life happens for a reason. Sometimes we think we know what we need and what we want, but sometimes the universe steps in to correct us by providing us with something we actually DO need - but may not realize at that moment.

Maybe the universe is intervening dear, because this really wasn't meant to be? Maybe the universe is stepping in because this relationship was actually going to turn sour someday between you two. And rather than put you through that, it intervened instead to actually keep that from happening to you? We have no way of knowing the future. But what if that was going to be the case?

What if this is actually a BLESSING in disguise - for both you and him?

I know it doesn't seem that way right now. But there have been many times in my life where something that seemed devastatingly painful. . .was actually a blessing in disguise and turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.

What if this man ISN'T "the one" for you? And if the universe knows that if it let you be with him, that would mean that you'd never meet your soul mate.

What if the universe saw this coming, and intervened so that you wouldn't make a big mistake. . .and instead, you'd be free to meet your soul mate, who is still out there waiting to meet YOU?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous May 12, 2016 10:49 PM,
Your situation is actually very typical for someone involved with a married man. They always promise to leave their wife, but when it comes time to…something always comes up! This happens so much even in movies (watch Waiting to Exhale). It is never a good idea to become involved with a married man. EVER. If he was actually planning to leave his wife he would have done so, long before he pursued you. The only way you can get him is if HIS WIFE leaves HIM; even then you won’t really have him because there’s always a chance he will become uninterested in you and leave you and that will always be in the back of your mind. If he can break his vows with his wife he can definitely break any promise he makes to you.
You already stated that he had a child when he met you, so I doubt he’s staying with his wife solely for this new child. Between January and April he had time to start the divorce process and be pretty far along in it (are you sure he filed for divorce?) and if you guys were supposed to move in together in April and his wife is due next month wouldn’t he know his wife was pregnant long before April?
You are not holding him accountable for his actions. His marriage got shaky so he went and dated someone outside of his marriage, not a good idea. Put yourself in his wife’s shoes. I know you don’t want to hear this but he’s treating you like a mistress, you know about his wife but I doubt she knows anything about you. His wife will always come before you unfortunately.
He needs time to get himself together, figure out what he want, and handle his responsibilities. Your best bet is to leave him tf alone. You don’t want that kind of heart break and inner turmoil. It’s a sticky situation that doesn’t need to involve you and you’ll be better off washing your hands clean of it.

Anonymous said...

One thing about the Aries Male - I you try to hurt us, we ALWAYS find a way to revive and come back even stronger. So go ahead, it only helps us to become stronger than before. It may take a while if you really hurt one, but trust me - they will pick up something and as long as you are out of his life - he will love life. If you keep him trapped - well - your in for a rough battle. Aries will never give up on what he really wants in life.


Anonymous said...

agree on this partly. but what u dont know is get on our right side and we care and look after u like no one else would. its not like we dont try to understand whats going on or others problems. we are not selfish like that. sometimes we really try but aries has a very personal view of things and may 'overlook' things underconsciously, leading people to call us insensitive (righteously so). personal opinion, watch his/her state very carefully, as we tend to get moody when tired/sleepy etc. and moody for aries means frustrated and angry

Unknown said...

Oh sure. Until you meet Libra, your opposite sign and we chop you into pieces with a sword of justice and leave you gibbering sheep eating out of our hands. Remember: fire needs air to exist. Air? We don't need fire. 😂

Anonymous said...

Thank u for such gr8 information ..i am leo n my husband is aries..n very difficult to live with him...but now i got some tip from this

Anonymous said...

Big pisces ..yeah we are emotional but we go extra harder than a aries.trust..im one ..and in love with my aries..he met his match with me 💯💯💯

Heer said...

Ya it's just like an over confident Aries to think that the world does not exist and they are the only best ones here..the other 11 signs don't mean anything..ya rite..keep burying ur head in d sand..

Unknown said...

My kids father is an aries and im time enough for him. I will shut everything down because im the type that dont likd to be controled. Aries men are liars and freaks. They will manipulate people to get ahead. I no the bs so i shut let the next person deal with the games and drama cause they live for it

Unknown said...

Best advice ever ...tears and clapping my hands . I'm saving this ..something I need to hear everyday

Anonymous said...

Guess I am too late on this thread its 2018 now. This is an Aries Male and trust me revenge is of no use. Its a waste of time more for yourself if you are planning on an Aries man or woman. We would hardly care and moving on for us is not difficult at all.

Instead I would suggest anyone planning to take up a revenge should try to resolve the dispute amicably. Bring us to the discussion table talk it through. See if you can work it out and resolve issues. Else you should just move on.

I know me saying resolve issues amicably might not sound the best of the options to some. But trust me an Aries male or female even after break up's have that certain respect for ex's. We would still be a call away in your worst later in future.

Aries are pretty misunderstood. They are pretty foolish when it comes to being expressive about their feelings. Most of the people in thread mentioned they keep us hanging that are we dating or is it anything more.

Well that is because of the mentality we have to keep our options open not in relationships but in general with everything. The trick is to let us chase you a bit and then prove that if you are given the control you will handle everything well. Its a few times we want to see people taking up the control and doing those things right.

Anonymous said...

Got one that screwed me over. He’s been lying about everything for the past 2 years. I am devastated. I’m love this man but he is now gone

Unknown said...

Wow @The Mirror of Aphrodite
You are a sad, sadistic person.

You call yourself an astrologer yet you're using astrology as some dating tool to get revenge on people. Wtf is wrong with you?

You can't sit here an convince yourself that this shit is okay.

If some Aries man hurt you in the past (which I'm sure one has) you need to GET OVER IT.

Stop trying to manipulate other people to cause harm to other people from YOUR OWN PAIN. Trying to get even by proxy of other people's pain is not only unhealthy it's evil! Grow up

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Thank you for your comment. But respectfully, you don't know what you're talking about.

"You call yourself an astrologer"

Wrong. The About page of this site states the exact opposite: "I am not a professional counselor, psychologist, psychotherapist, astrologer or otherwise."

"you're using astrology as some dating tool to get revenge on people"

Wrong. This piece was written in response to a piece at Sasstrology (formerly Seduction Central) and is clearly identified as such in the post itself: "Over at Seduction Central, a knowledgeable astrologer by the name of Jeffrey Kishner, wrote a post titled: How to get even with an Aries. Here's an excerpt from The post. . ."

"You can't sit here an convince yourself that this shit is okay."

There's no need to do that. The About page on this site states: "The discussions and interactions that take place in this community are meant for purposes of insightful entertainment only."

"If some Aries man hurt you in the past (which I'm sure one has) you need to GET OVER IT."

Hurt me? No. Gave me loads of laughs via their antics? Yes.

"Stop trying to manipulate other people to cause harm to other people from YOUR OWN PAIN."

If you knew anything about this site, you'd know that it's used to help people, not hurt them.

Unknown said...

"Thank you for your comment. But respectfully, you don't know what you're talking about."

I think you know exactly what I'm talking about. Like most of the Tauruses I know (my father/siblings) you're transparent as hell, yet you stubbornly deny and deflect even in the face of irrefutable evidence.

"Wrong. This piece was written in response to a piece at Sasstrology."

PLEASE! How does that change anything? Especially since I've seen your comments and responses to this article perpetuating drama/toxic behavior.

'Getting hurt stinks, and getting even isn't always the answer - but it sure can feel good sometimes, right?'

Right out of your damn mouth!! Quit the meaningless deflections, it's not convincing at all. You obviously support this information

"There's no need to do that. The About page on this site states: "The discussions and interactions that take place in this community are meant for purposes of insightful entertainment only."

"If you knew anything about this site, you'd know that it's used to help people, not hurt them."

Lol so you go from having the purpose of this piece being 'insightful entertainment' to 'helping people'? If it's the latter you're not helping anyone. I've never seen another astrology related piece encourage others to try exploit another signs' weakness for their own revenge. It's toxic.

"Hurt me? No. Gave me loads of laughs via their antics? Yes."

I'm not convinced tbh, and I don't think you are either haha. As someone who's written dozens of articles on relationships and dating you should know better than anyone that: Hurt people, hurt people (which is fine tbh)

You've obviously been hurt by an Aries in one way or another and it's one of the main drivers to the energy you put into everything that's on this page. And that's okay, but why not cut the crap of you being objective here when you're not?

To be frank,I could care less if you know that this is toxic and don't care. but at least have some integrity and own up to it, sis. lol

If you can't we'd all still love to see what mental gymnastics you'll pull to cover your own ass again.

-- With love, An individual who sees thru your bullshit.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Once again, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I've said my thoughts and I've given you a forum to share yours. Let's just agree to disagree on this one and move on with our lives my Angry Aries friend ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hes a more exerienced man who knows how to handel relationships at this point. Younger aries are naive to the whole relationship concept and act without expecting concequences. And by that i mean they hurt without thinking in their partners feelings. With time they gain experience and develpe somewhat of an understanding. You got lucky with and older experienced aries.

Unknown said...

I'm Geminiand I am the Queen of swords I carry my weapon at all times.....Aries is a fighter by nature and so is Gemini....Gemini gets ahead on their own....Aries uses others to get ahead....There is a difference.

SoRaw2Real said...

That's what you think..but in the end having g that attitude leaves you empty at the end so you really lose!!!!

Unknown said...

That's what all Aries think but most of the time that's far from the truth.

Anonymous said...

Yea, that’s just wrong. I’m an Aries male, And we don’t lead women on about a relationship. We like to be upfront and clear about what’s going on. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never cheated on a woman. Mostly, because I don’t want to be cheated on. We love hard, and I wouldn’t waste a woman’s time with games. Yes, we have our flaws, but loyalty is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

Tho it might seem like he’s playing games with you, he’s being what an Aries is emotionally; Loyal to your feelings. Being an Aries male myself, you leaving the first time for your job is probably what makes him act the way he is. He keeps calling you back into his life because he thinks he’s ready to give you the relationship you desire. But every time he tries, he feels like he failed you.

Anonymous said...

Once again, being an Aries, and married to an Aquarius, I really feel you. I don’t deserve this woman, and she deserves the world. I’m bipolar, and I love hard! I’m loyal and never cheated. With that being said, if I feel like she wasn’t being honest with me as I am with her, I snap. We Aries go psycho because when we give someone our ALL, it hurts us the most when we feel like our spouse steps on it. But that is no reason to behave the way we do. Well tell you that we miss you. When I say it, I mean it. Can’t speak for other Aries men.

Nickki said...

I have to agree with you signed a Pisces woman

Anonymous said...

Not with a LEO woman, you will eventially bow down and obey lol

Unknown said...

Run and pray. Do not enter turn around and go back the other direction or you will be crushed in heart, mind body & soul. All your money , food and hope will be taken for granted.

... said...

Crap !! Nothing of that sort u loser !

Goddess1 said...

I am a Taurus woman who have been on and off with a Aries man can I get some advice from you? I’ll be waiting on your reply. I really need advice he is driving me nuts.

Anonymous said...

Revenge is God's you're just a man blah blah blah

Carol said...

Lol I dumped an Aries for 3 years and he came crawling back dumped him again after one meet and told him he needs to sort himself and dumped again for another year lol. His back again we met up
Last week and wow what a gentleman n more open but when his left gone quiet again so I just not bother and let him be. I’m a sagg and a fire and we are very competitive so I ain’t running for no

Anonymous said...

Nah,I always get my revenge on aries.Its because I enjoy war and enjoy being manipulative and creative

Anonymous said...

I’m a 26 y/o Aries female dating a 40 y/o Aries male for last year. Initially he pursued me for 2 years but I I wasn’t interested because he looks like trouble, messy (he knew I knew he was sleeping with some girl whose an acquaintance but he still pursued me) and has a child. (I usually don’t date men with kids). Eventually I gave in and he was basically such a Prince Charming, emotionally supportive, protective helps me financially, and we talked everyday up until our breakup or argument this past Saturday. So right now I’m confused on the whole situation and how to proceed. I’ve experienced the selfishness/temper tantrums etc but maybe a milder form as he’s very educated and has a demanding job so has a better hold of his emotions. Anyways we’ve been getting along very well and spending a lot of tome together. He told me he was expecting visitors from another province last Wednesday his friend and wife. He told me that he will be busy and didn’t want me to meet them. So naturally that sounded fishy to me ? I’ve met many of his friends before and as his gf I wasn’t comfortable with him having ppl sleep in his housse that I haven’t seen. (lhe could have a woman there for all I know). He didn’t give me a real reason for y he didn’t want me to meet them. It didn’t make sense to me. So i went over there and rang the bell to see who answered while he was at work. This infuriated him and he stopped messaging me that day . The good thing is he didn’t lie, so why hide me from them. Because he wasn’t talking to me I went there unannounced the next day and I found him throwing a party for his guests with his friends and their wives. He told me to leave as soon as he saw me? However I refuses to go and stayed for the party. I stayed over and he slept on the floor cause he was still upset over me coming to meet his guests (that were very lovely btw)? At that point I got upset and the next morning I took everything I ever contributed to his households including appliances etc out of anger cause I was the one running around to help him( even though he bought them ). He was not giving me an explanation for his behaviour and I decided that another woman can come and add to his life so I’ll take my stuff. Anyways I still love him and want to start over since we’ve been through sooo much together, he never actually said he was done but it seems like he is. He says I don’t listen and don’t respect his privacy by showing up whenever I want to his place ( which isn’t true only showed up 1 other time when he was ignoring me). I just wanted to gage your perspective, who is more on the wrong ? I’m sure emotions etc escalated everything but is he worth reconciling with? If so how long should I wait before he cools down?

Unknown said...

Oh really? The temper tantrum throwing,game playing,selfish asshole humiliates other people and makes them look like fools? Makes sense.

Unknown said...

I do have suggestions,however,they would result in prison time.

Anonymous said...

Not just Aries.. It's everyone okay sis

Flwr.girl.78 said...

I wish I read all these before I dated an Aries guy again. My first experience was 10 years ago and it was horrible. But I did not think it was about its sign. As a Libra woman I always attract Arians somehow but instinctively I was staring away from them. Until now. This guy was after me for 5 months - not pushy but reminding himself time to time. Finally I accepted just to get a coffee. But then shops are closed due to corona. But it did not stop us. We got a coffee seaside taking our chairs. It was a fun romantic day.

Then we could not meet for almost three weeks - he was having cold and we did not know it was not the virus - it turned out it was not thank got. But we were always in contact. Texting all day. Then I invited him over because there was no other way to meet, it got cold outside due to winter and all places are closed due to lockdown. ( I am not from US pardon my English btw)

He brought flowers and wine, I was not expecting it to tell the truth. Because he was texting like whatever. He dressed nicely, I was also dressed up. I was expecting him to show up very casual to tell the truth. Seeing me that surprised he did not like it. Anyway we continued to see each other but I started to get more excited and he started to get colder with less messages etc. like all the stories above.

When I brought the topic up at night texting, he came visit me in the midnight - he did not care about the police or curfew- saying that no it is not true, I like my space but I really really value you I am always here for you etc etc But after that he got even colder - making me more clingy.

One Sunday he was not very responsive and at night I wrote him are you sad your team has lost the derby? He replied “very much” then I sent him my photo with my kitten saying would that cheer you up? He replied “if I was there may be. “ I could not invite him since I needed to finish a project proposal till morning. I invited him for the next day he said he has plans. I replied with an idioms meaning more or less “there is an offer here but no insistence”. He was like “yeah I am not surprised” I explained it many times I did not insist because he does not like to be pushed.

Anyway, since I was feeling guilty I asked him again if there is a change of plans or he can visit me afterwards, or we can meet the next day. Then he was like “what is this, this is not coming from you missing me.” The thing is he told me that he will not visit me home unless I ask him to, he respects my boundaries etc. But then I feel responsible for making the plans and ask him if he is available. He thinks that I am making the plans only according to my schedule. This is mostly not through, when he is not available I sometimes change my plans for the next day and invite him, he does not even know that.

Then I told him that I would like you to ask whenever you are available - whenever we can not meet I feel like it was my responsibility and I feel bad. I asked him if he can share it with me. And no answer - it has been a week. I am in a shock. I was never ghosted before. And coming from a guy who just told me he would always be there for me.

The other day I posted my pic with a lovely street dog saying that I had a good day with a friend I have not seeen for ages - then he started to act weird; liked posts of whorish girls, planning on parties openly etc etc. I did not have that intention, I always post my day on social media but I think he thinks this friend is a guy -which is true- and he got jealous. This overly confident guy disappeared and he Started acting like a small child. I still can not believe what is going on.

Flwr.girl.78 said...

I read my messages from the start, they were sensitive and sweet and all understanding, I was like did I say something wrong? May be I should have acted bitchy, not make things easy for him. I am so confused about him and about what I expect from all these. I was planning to write him but now after reading all your comments I will not.
Any help or a different point of view is welcome. I stil think he likes me but fighting with his Arian side now. I do not know, I am just sad.

Anonymous said...

Except if you’re a Scorpio. We will get revenge and always come out on top. 😎. Ain’t no messing with us

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

"After that he got even colder - making me more clingy."

In the future when this happens, stand strong in your confidence, and give the man plenty of space. There's no need to try to convince a man that you're a great person. Because YOU ARE a great person, and it he doesn't recognize that ... well then, he's not the man for you (and he did you a favor by pulling away).

"I asked him again if there is a change of plans or he can visit me afterwards, or we can meet the next day."

In the future, refrain from asking a man for a date. Men like to be men. They like to take the lead. And they'll do that in their own time. So don't try to push the relationship forward or make it move faster at the pace you prefer. Let the man lead. It's what makes them feel like men. When a woman attempts to take the lead, she's basically taking on the masculine role, and men aren't attracted to masculine energy. They like feminine energy, and they like to "win" things over. So let him win you over. And if he needs time to do that, then give it to him. Participate in your own full life and don't lean on the man to provide your happiness for you.

"The thing is he told me that he will not visit me home unless I ask him to, he respects my boundaries etc. But then I feel responsible for making the plans and ask him if he is available."

Him visiting you at home isn't a date. That's a hookup. If he wants to see you, he needs to ask you out on a date. If you invite him to your place AFTER A DATE, then so be it.

But him doing nothing but coming over to your house isn't a date.

"He thinks that I am making the plans only according to my schedule."

Are you giving him enough time to make plans himself? Are you giving him enough time to miss you in between dates?

Or are you trying to speed things up by making plans before he has a chance to miss you, or ask you out himself first?

Just give him time and space. He needs time to miss you in between dates, and he needs time to plan the next date out. Let him take the lead, so he can feel like he's a man, and in control.

In the meantime, if he's taking too long or is taking it real slow and that's not up to your liking, you can't force him to move faster. All you can do at that point is decide that you don't want to wait, this isn't to your liking, he isn't making you happy ... and move on without him.

I know that stinks. But that's the POWER you have - the power of choice :-)

Flwr.girl.78 said...

Dear Aphrodite,

Thank you for the reply and insightful comments but in the meanwhile we are completely done. I texted him after 2-3 weeks, and he replied there is nothing to talk. He got even nastier but will not mention it here. Actually I do not feel sorry for losing him after seeing his dark side and seeing how brutal he can be.

I will use your comments in my future relationships though. My shortcoming is fear of loss, I have been even taking therapy on it, that’s why I acted pushy. I should not be with someone who triggers my fears. I need a more understanding person.

By the way, in my country restaurants and coffee shops are closed for the last 3 months. Also we are on a lock down during weekends. Also weekdays after 9 p.m. That’s why we could not go on a proper date. He was working close by and we were eating or taking coffee to my place. He is on a moving process and staying with the parents for now. So it was not a hook up all the time, but this lock down situation certainly complicated things.

Anyway, next time I will be more patient and see my own value.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

When an aries man is cheating on you with a co-worker, who is also an aries woman. Do they ignore each other at work?

Anonymous said...

How is it worth it to have to put up with a man that plays so any games and only responds to foul treatment?

Anonymous said...

This sounds like you’re a sociopath. If very many of these women experienced the same from an Aries then they all can’t be liars. Aries men are cheaters, liars and manipulative. Thank God for those few that aren’t like that.

Unknown said...

For me, I guess u should tell him how u feel bad about him.i have an Aries online bf and now we splitted. He's a heck of lier. Let him feel waste towards you. That how important you are. Fix your self/improve your appearance. And make him crazy about you

Asia PiscesAriesCusp said...


Anonymous said...

Goodness! I’m dating one abs he is as arrogant as you! Most unkind sign ever.

Anonymous said...

Not generous with time or money,getting ahead means stepping on others and using people as resources. They say they're generous because they cannot see themselves truly for the harm they do taking from and using others. Unless committed to the goal of self evolving they stay like a child, and demand all attention, money, fortunes success be contributed and attributes to them and they're "greatness" head in the clouds, feet in the grave, they gamble with health, love, life if they think they'll gain recognition and glory and reap all treasures for their continued success. They are their own worst enemies if they do not evolve, and stay conceited and deluded about what true values are.

Anonymous said...

Hi I’d love some advice. I’m 38 and became best mates with a 22 year old Aries we just clicked. Started hanging out all the time then when I told him I was bi told me he wanted to kiss me - he had a gf. A lot of stuff happened the next week we hardly spoke and avoided each other. When we finally spoke we decided that stuff would never happen again. We continued to hang each day he was very physical with me always complimenting me etc etc. when they broke up we got drunk ended up in bed - a few day later he went back to her. They would fight all the time he later told me he went back to her cause of our hookup - he is paranoid about anyone finding out about us. They broke up a few months later and we ended up as housemates but said nothing sexual would happen between us. Drunk one night I said I was goin to ask a mate of ours to pop my cherry next thing we were in my room and he was trying to pop it. A few weeks later I came home from the pub n he was naked in my bed as soon as he felt me on the bed he ravaged me. Then a week later after he had started seeing a girl it happened again. We megs close mates and now it’s been 2 months with this girl he’s moving out and I’ve been reduced to just the housemate we don’t even hang anymore. Whilst I have massive feelings for him I am happy to take us just being great mates but fear the friendship will die when he moves out. He is exactly the Aries described here and in every other article, I’m a Virgo so the opposite personality. Worst thing is he admits to me he’s moving out making heaps of changes for a girl he knows is not a long term prospect. It’s driving me crazy I know ppl will say let him go but easier said than done. How do I make him want to continue to be best mates hang on etc

Unknown said...

Hai just saying that planets are in their own ways peacefully in different level but in only one solar system,they work together,no need for wars,debates,etc. And they maintain their years of balance and here we are in just a few years on earth messing with each other.Whats the point in caring for others with your mind being sick? Youre the one who needs care while in youre thought youre helping others.You know the point.....Aries is there while I am here...no need to scatter sickness to become successful,were here to know and to understand each other and no need to use failure to make the others also fail beacause whats the point,youre just adding youre account in hell and its a fantastic action anyway you have it.....hehe

Unknown said...

My guy and I been together for 15 years well I felt he was alittle different so I set up recorders in my truck because his always leaving talking about I going to my friend house we need tires for the truck and one day he came back home tired and somewhat happy I ask him what up with it he smiles he said nothing and walked away and went to the room and fell asleep. Now I went to the truck and got the recorder and I can hear him and another female having sex in my truck there was smell to the truck now I know why. And before I put the recorder in I kept smelling that in the truck that whole month. But I confronted him with the information I had and he lied to me saying I'm hearing things and Thats me yelling in the background. I tell him too leave but he refuses and he tell me you should put a camera in next time with a smile on his face. I want out this is the third time He's cheated on me.

Anonymous said...

This is strangest post I have ever seen... someone would actu all writems a whole thing on how to hurt a Male Aries.... as if the other posts on Aries wasn't negative enough. If a relationship is not working out leave. Why keep someone around if you think you are worth more. If you stay in toxic relationship someone will get hurt or worse dead and in prison. None of these people will be there to help you when it goes really dangerous. Just leave just leave just leave just leave.... think more highly of yourselves and know that a betteran is out there for you

Team said...

Doesn't surprise me that sensitive Pisces would take offense though. Don't fret tender Pisces. No one is out to get you. . .

This is so Kindergarten dude,I'm covering my face in shame for you 😅. Ok lemme be serious, if you feel the need to get back at him for his statement, then try something better. Plus y'all need to rest with all these Zodiac nonsense.😂

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

"Plus y'all need to rest with all these Zodiac nonsense."

And yet ... here you are reading it LOL.

Unknown said...

We are very vengeful but understand where we went wrong it won't be to hurt you but whoever joined you will be our main target

Unknown said...

Been there done that with mines that why he is my ex.No thank you

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Well good thing I’m a Saggitarius Women and always outlive every Aries that has ever f’ed me over. See there’s one thing an Aries male cannot do. And that is try to win a war through happiness, success and money. All it truly has taken. Is for them to watch my Snapchat stories of seeing my new job that makes a lot of money. When he found out I got accepted into nursing school it seemed like his whole attitude changed because he knew I was bigger and better than him. And what does that do? That takes away his masculinity. He even told me he feels like shit about himself because I am so much better than him. How would he feel if every women in town he wanted to date or get with knew about his little secrets? Well looks like he will be moving away because he can’t stand to be known as someone who does not have the power to get something he wants.

Anonymous said...

I'm a virgo woman who was with an abusive aries male for 20 yearsssss. At first it was all good. He was fun and funny and omg the sex was fire lol even now im like....ughh...the sex thoooo lol and i hate his ass! but I noticed he didn't like anyone in my life like after 3 months in. None of my friends not my family. He'd find little things to point out and try to get me to hate them and make it seem like I CAME UP WITH IT lol. They're soooo goooood at that shit too. Anyhoo he little by little cut me off from everyone. And I let him because he ruled every part of my life before I had a chance to grow up and realize.....this ain't a normal relationship. I was 21 when we met and very immature. He cut me off even from my hobbies I loved. He was VERY manipulative and would guilt me and gas light me allllll the time. Like for instance I'm not a fighter I'm a virgo I mean I cannnnn get there and he would litt get me there almost like he found it to be a goal to get me so mad I'd freak out and eventually break down and cry. But one time.....I said I was calling my mom to come get me .I'm done. it's not right this relationship sucks and I cnt remember last time I was happy. He got SO MAD he started accusing me of cheating cuz....goddddd knows its the only reason id have to leave him....he never did shit wrong lol. But I stopped yelling and just.....started packing my shit and ignored his ass while he went on a baby tantrum for a good two hours. when I got done I started to look for my cat and he walked down the hall way towards me and she was between us and he kicked her HARD into a wall and I screamed and freaked out like WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU??? he's like what? I didn't touch her. I LITT JUST WATCHED YOU KICK HER INTO A WALL WTF ARE YOU HIGH??? nope wldnt admit to it he didn't kick my cat into a wall I'm crazy and emotional lol. Worst part of that break up ...was two weeks later I found out i was preg w twins and went back to him. Worst mistake I everrrr made. Years later he ruined all my relationships w everyone i knew....and Hes now manipulating my kids into hating me. Like OPENLY lol. I mean he swears hes not doing it but my one daughter actually went to the school therapist and said my dad's horrible and says bad stiff about my mom and I don't know how to tell him to stop. Aparently when she says please dad....thats my mom he says OH YEAH YOUR PERFECT MOMMY CNT DO ANYTHING WRONG OR BAD RIGHT IM ALWAYS THE BAD GUY. I litt never even tlk about him because I know that its litt abuse to little kids and I finally just told him I'm going to take him to court for full custody because he's brain washing two little kids and he FINALLLLLLLY knocked his shit off enough to sit down and tlk to me about everything only cuz he was terrified of the courts. Not cuz he cared about my feelings. He also never got me a single card,birthday gift, anniversary gift valentines card nothing in all the years we were together and I being a virgo....oh I live for that crap ill take three months planning a gift lol. I in return tho am nit materialistic. I dnt....I mean I l9ve gifts everyone does but I dnt need em. I never missed one single thing I even made his ass Easter baskets and the last Easter we were together.....I said fuck this you ain't getting anymore of my time or effort and he had the biggest cry baby fit about that Easter basket lmao. It made me realize who i was with. Now I dnt believe all aries are this way. I do believe some are they just......I dunno for a virgo to be w an aries and make it work....it's gonna take Alot of work on his part and hers. I'm much better suited for Leo's and capricorn lol I love y firey Leo's ho most.I will neverrrrrrrrr even look at another aries as long as I live.

Anonymous said...

Aries are the worst assholes ever. They lie, betray your trust, don't know what genuine love is and cheat on you while playing they still care even though they already lost feelings but don't have the balls to be honest. Aries are just fackbois

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Aries male, meet Gemini female. I'll even offer some home-grown aloe for your burns. There there.

Anonymous said...

Aries is the child of the Zodiac so of course they will respond like an infant! Run and hide some where is something a kid in the play ground would say! Aries needs to think more of others and less about their egos! Their love of mind games is a sign of insecurity!

Anonymous said...

Get over yourself Aries dipshit, from a Saturn ruled woman 😆

Anonymous said...

Good luck. I'm a pisces just broke up with cheating Aries

Anonymous said...

Look, you make aries men sound like they are without faults.
I live with one. He is so selfish and topnotch insensitive. It has to always about him. Wants to control everything. Wants to do everything his way. In a relationship comprises ate expected. This one doesn't even want to compromise. It has to be his way. See let me tell you, if anybody hurts an aries man, it's definitely because the aries man has hurt them first. And most times they don't even believe that they are wrong.

They're definitely babies who blames everyone's else for their wrong doings but themselves.

If I loose this my aries, I will not regret a single thing. All he did was bring out the worse in me. I used to be very caring, loving and generous. But I decided never to be the only one giving. Aries are focused and intelligent. No matter how much they say they love you, just know that you come right behind their career. They put their career first before anything.

Anonymous said...

Please run for your life. An aries man will never put you first. They will never put any human first. They never change. Stay with him long enough, he will blame you for the same exact reason you are not accepting him now.

Anonymous said...

This is so stupid, you guys are giving the Aries what they want. Aries love fights so they can win and keep their leg up on everyone. I've always disarmed my Aries by recognizing ASAP what they are doing and then concede and go back to asking them how I can help them with their goals, and remind them that i care about their happiness. They get BORED and TIRED OF IT when they realize they don't need to take or win because you are on their side. Just be real with them and enjoy the ride or walk away.

Anonymous said...

I'm a divorced Libra dating a divorced Aries man....My ex husband is a Sagatarius(my perfect partner)was with him since high school..His ex is a Capricorn....since she divorced him and got a retraining order against him did tlrattle him it did not stop him from getting a woman that is educated which his ex isn't and he opened a business after their divorced...she gets crazy when she she's us together so the revenge part only makes them more driven to be successfull

Anonymous said...

I experienced the same thing with an Aries man. He regrets messing things up with me but screw him he should deal with his own shit that he created.
Libra woman.

Anonymous said...

Very true for my Aries boyfriend, this is so him, I'm a Pisces btw

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