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Will Indiana Jones Visit This Cave Of Giant Crystals?

Simply one word - magnificent. The Crystal Cave of Giants that is. Also known as Cueva de los Cristales. It looks like something out of the movies - Superman's Fortress of Solitude perhaps? Look closely folks, there are men standing in each of these pictures. Almost hard to believe, isn't it?

The Naica Mine in Chihuahua, Mexico, is a mine well-known for its extraordinary, rare crystals. But it didn't start out like that. The Naica Mine started out as a silver and gold mine in 1794 turning into a lead and zinc mine by the early 1900's. But in the spring of 2000, two brothers employed by the Naica Mine discovered a national treasure while drilling a new tunnel when they drilled into what is now known as the Crystal Cave of Giants. And what a treasure it is.

It's not hard to imagine that something magical could take place there. Crystals, after all, have been said to have a physical effect on the human body. There isn't any scientific proof of this so-to-speak, but here is what we do know. 1.) Crystals can vibrate and different crystals vibrate at different rates. 2.) Electricity applied to quartz crystal creates vibration - a regular, consistent harmonic pattern. 3.) Crystals illuminated with light will create energy. 4.) Everything is energy. Including you and I - and our energy can be affected by other energy.

So, if quartz can organize energy simply by contacting it, why can't it have the same effect on us? Because after all, we are energy.

Science is finally taking a look at what spiritualists have understood for centuries - that our physical universe is not really "physical" at all. They are beginning to understand, on a quantum level, that our universe and it's inhabitants are part of a mesh, a kind of force or essence that we call energy.

Science is realizing that things that appear to be physical in nature (i.e gas, solid, liquid) when broken down to their core essence at the sub atomic level are simply particle within particle - and those particles eventually turn out to be energy. At the sub atomic level - we are all just energy. Meshing, forming, moving and vibrating at specific frequencies.

Imagine a radio and all of the stations on it's dial. Now imagine the radio waves, the information floating around out there. You can't see it, but it's there, nonetheless. In order to receive that information, we need to tune into a specific frequency on the radio. We need to tune into those vibrations. We are all part of a great energy. Things we perceive as physical are just various forms of energy. In a literal physical sense - we are all one. Just because we can't see or understand certain things, doesn't mean they aren't there or aren't happening.

As I look at these pictures, I have this in mind. And visitors to this cave of giant crystals can only stay for very brief periods of time. They are said to be overcome by a myriad of emotions and hallucinations and the intense pressure and heat that exist in the environment are life threatening and can cease normal brain functions. One such incident happened when one of the workers attempted to steal some of the mega crystals. He carried in plastic bags filled with air and was later found dead, literally baked. And oddly enough, it has been known that women in particular, have been observed by others as "glowing" inside the cave.

Viewing these photos also makes me think about the ancient Mayan civilization and their infamous Crystal Skulls. Indiana Jones himself is about to embark on his very own crystal skull adventure in the new film, "Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull." Could the Mayans have created the Mitchell-Hedges Skull from such a cave? Most likely, they did.

The Crystal Cave of Giants is a mysterious and magical realm and I'm sure it has many, many secrets to reveal.

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Rich said...

i always liked Han Solo better than Indy anyway.. jk

anyway, for the longest time (like a couple years ago), i was so skeptic when it came to things like "chi", and "energy".. i used to think it was all hokey-pokey.. but then i did my research and found out that it all does make alot of sense with science.. it is part of science!

ever since then i've been able to sense things that i normally wouldn't be able to before.. or maybe just didnt pay any mind to it before. especially in people.. it's easy to sense their energy..

anyway, i dont wanna sound crazy.. Nice blog Stace!!

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Thanks, rlowe! What you speak of - your newfound ability to sense another's energy - is an ability that we all have. I believe it's instilled at the primal level for survival reasons. Like when your pet senses danger but you don't see it yet. Your pet is using this primal gut instinct. And just because we can't see it or prove it scientifically doesn't mean it isn't there. You are now listening to your gut. Which I believe is a very wise thing to do. Because we, as humans, are the only living creature on earth that senses danger - yet continues to move towards it without retreating. That's because our culture and our society has taught us that things of this nature, that you cannot see or touch, do not exist. As a result, humans tend to ignore these gut instincts. But your gut is very real and if it speaks to you - you should listen becuase it's trying to tell you something. And now that you are listening to your intuition - or gut - you will find that as the years grow, so will your intuition.

Also, did you know that science has also discovered that your skin, yes your skin, is the first receptor to another's energy? They have discovered that there is validity to those comments you've heard before when people say, "I felt like someone was watching me." That is most likely true. Because the receptors in your skin actually begin to pick up on the energy of the person watching you and begin to send warning signals to your brain that you are being watched.

I think were on the brink of making some real scientific discoveries in the quantum realm about these matters in the next 10 years or so. I also think that this "awareness" is the true purpose and meaning of the year 2012 as well. It's not the end of the world, it will simply bring about the beginning of the precognitive or spiritual age of man. We will begin to move out of this industrial age and into that new one. The "awareness" is building already. . . .

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