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Metaphysical Matters - Awareness Is Spreading

I have begun to notice a trend while surfing the Internet - the trend of awareness. As we all know, the year 2012 approaches. Many think it's an apocolypse, although, I do not. Many of my readers already know that I believe the year 2012 will signify a societal movement from that of an industrial age into that of a spiritual age - the age of awareness.

I'm seeing this trend unfold daily in television shows, publications, retail shops, software - the list goes on. Metaphysical matters that were once mocked and chalked up to "voodoo hokey pokey" are now being embraced by a much wider audience and even surfacing in some surprising places - like the world of business for one.

While searching for audio podcasts on metaphysical matters I came across several on a popular small business podcast site, Small Business Trends Radio:

- Renowned astrologer, Rick Levine, appeared as a guest to discuss the use of astrology in business - particularly on Wall Street. (Yes! I said Wall Street)

- Lynn Robinson, Author of "Trust Your Gut - How The Power of Intuition Can Grow Your Business," appeared to discuss the importance of relying on your intuition when making important business decisions.

- Lastly, Jimmy Vee & Travis Miller appeared to discuss the topic of attracting more sales using the Law of Attraction.

And it seems that they're not the only ones in the business world embracing such practices.

A general query can provide additional similar results. Forty years ago, I don't think we would've seen topics such as this embraced by the corporate world. It seems clear to me that we're evolving as a society, as a race, and that our awareness is building and evolving.

Have a listen to the audio files above and see for yourself. Astrologer, Rick Levine's interview was particularly compelling to me and his perspective and explanation of astrology was one of the best I've heard to date.

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Rich said...

Voodoo Hokey-Pokey is becomming more realistic and the crap that we all thought was "real" is becomming more hokey-pokey.. lol..

you may be right about 2012.. it would be nice if more people "awakened" and unlocked their actual potential.. all of us humans are running around acting like I-Phone's with just voice service.. lol. we're not taking advantage of our potential..

hopefully i'll have a gut feeling that the Spurs will win the NBA Championship in 2012.. haha!! that will be nice too.. i guess we'll have to see what happens..

i'm reading that article on Time reversed causality.. good stuff..

Anonymous said...

Thank the Lord (male and female)!!!
I have seen this coming since 9/11. I self published a book called "The Vision of Mary" available on Wordclay.com. I spent the last several years hearing the inspiration to write it.

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