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Feel The Power Of Intention: Emit Change

The power of "intention" can be a powerful tool in ones pursuit of a happy life and or goals. It has been my observation during my life that few know how to use it. Thinking or longing for an individuals wants or changes does not give intention any power.

Why this is so? The answer I fear may be too complicated to enter into verbiage but I will give it a shot.

First, many get hung up on detail. In my mind, detail can be ones own nemesis. In our quest for detail, we lose the tool of emission. (Keep in mind - like attracts like.) My feeling is that detail is a left brain function and when dealing with energies, details absorb the energy that you need to emit intention to the universe.

We must FEEL what we want in order to EMIT change. Have you ever given thought to the understanding that thinking and feeling are separate and yet combined? Thinking and pondering emits erratic energies to the universe and the universe does not know how to act on your behalf - so it just shuffles the deck and deals.

Keep in mind that just maybe the universe would act on the most powerful thought. Perhaps I should try and clarify a little. When analyzing you are asking your self questions such as, "How would I feel if . . ?" or "How would I react if . . .?" In other words, "what if" type of thinking. Stimulating your thoughts expands your feelings and, therefore, expands your energy emission. Because like attracts like.

So be careful of your thoughts. Surely you've heard that old saying, "Careful what you wish for." This does not mean we should never think, although I know many who would appear to fall into that category.

When one chooses to ponder, would it not make sense to inform the universe that you are contemplating and please do not act at this time thank you. If you have ever felt a persons energy (aura) when angry or happy you will find there is a difference in the way you feel around their presence. It soon becomes apparent that thoughts and feelings really do EMIT.

What does this all mean and what is the bottom line? Well, if I want change for example I must BECOME that very change I desire - thus attracting like. In this equation, a positive feeling attracts like as does a negative thought attracts like. I must add when asking the universe we need to ask for the highest and best for all concerned and the harm of none also equal to or better.

With the experiments I have performed with dowsing rods and pendulums, thinking positive thought emits a greater energy than negative. It takes less energy to think positive and progressive than to think negative and judgmental. Even though these thoughts seem easier - they only rob or drain.

Intention for improvement or anything else must have ENERGY behind it for it to happen. So FEEL your thoughts. Being literal in your intention WILL produce for you. You do not have to be engaged 24/7. Just put a little FEELING in passing thought and then be patient.

My intention has rarely been for great wealth but more so for the opportunity to serve humanity. Not for glory or ego but for love and compassion given to me by a higher power. In my intention I have become aware that I have never wanted for much. With my intention to serve the universe it has served me well to which I have much gratitude.

I've included a mathematical equation to give a value for you to contemplate:
33 ½ Feeling, 33 ½ Attitude, 33 ½ Thought.

33 ½ + 33 ½ +33 ½ = 100% Intention

Light, Love & Laughter
Rev. Tommy Hammerbeck, Sr.

* * * * *

Tommy Hammerbeck Sr. is a healer in the art of Reiki and attained Reiki master. He is a Intuitive/Medium, an Ordained Minister in the Spiritualist church and has taught several workshops on metaphysics. He has been blessed with six children, several grand children and 2 great grand children. Learn more by visiting Rev. Tommy Hammerbeck, Sr.

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The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

I'd like to thank you for your contribution here and your valuable insight, Tommy. You make a very valid point. Behind your intentions, one must place true feeling in order to receive it's benefits.

And there are steps one can take to practice manifesting intention:

1.) Think it
2.) Visualize it
3.) Feel it

When you get there, begin to live in THAT moment.

One meditative practice I like to share with people is to pretend that which you desire - has already happened. Let those feelings wash over you as you sit and ponder the matter. FEEL as if you've already accomplished your intended goal. Feel what that would be like. How you would act. Then "visualize" what it would be like - and hold those thoughts. Those are the thoughts you should carry with you throughout the day. Not the negative, self defeating ones driven by worry and fear.

Your intentions will then become your reality if they are true, honest and for the good.

A friend shared an insightful quote with me just yesterday. I'm going to share it here as I think it's an applicable fit:

"Thoughts lead to words, words lead to beliefs, beliefs lead to actions, actions lead to habits and habits lead:

- to success
- to failure, if you started the entire process with negative thoughts

And our ultimate character is revealed."

Are you a success or a failure? Because we ALL move towards what we think about . . .

That's the power of intention.

Anonymous said...

It's very hard to rid ourselves of self-defeating behaviors and thoughts. But once you begin to understand the effect they have on your life, it's much easier to begin to forcibly control them.

When I start to feel tight with anxiety, I immediately force myself to think of a happy memory or loved ones. This replaces my negative thoughts at that moment with happier ones until I'm able to get back on track again.

And the equation that was included here really helps to put it into lamens terms for a better understanding.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you here on the Mirror of Aphrodite Tommy - welcome to the site!

I loved your post and look forward to reading more of your work. You mention dowsing rods and pendulums? Can you describe a bit about the work you do with those?

Now my curiosity is peaked . . .

Anonymous said...

I agree Tommy that when you are around a person emitting negative energy you in turn feel it too. There are certain people I have come in contact with in my life that I specifically choose not to be around because of that. After all, misery loves company.

Marly K said...

Very helpful post. Thank you, Tommy.

Gemini 50 said...

Beautiful. Thank you.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Ladies and Readers of the Site,
It is with a very heavy heart that I share with you that my dear friend Tommy, the author of this post and several others here, regretfully has left us in this world - and is now embarking on his journey in the next.

It goes without saying that I will miss him dearly as Tommy had come into my life at a very pivotal time - and touched it deeply, in more ways than he'll ever know.

I can only hope to be half as good a person as Tommy was. He was an inspiration and the compelling force that led me to do what I do here on the site - giving back to others in an attempt to become a better person and incorporate into my life helpful service to others.

Rest in peace my friend - and may your journey be a breathtaking one.

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