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Patterns In History: Time Wave 2012 Calculator

History repeats itself. You've heard the term before and many theorize that it, indeed, does operate in cyclic patterns. And when viewing history it's hard not to begin to notice repeating themes - there's much that can be learned through observation.

Lucky for us, there's a lot of great technology out there to make doing so - viewing patterns and cycles in history, that is - possible. There's an intriguing tool by the name of Time Wave 2012 Calculator.

This calculator can give you a peek into the past . . . as well as into the future.

By simply choosing your start date, end date and target date, and then "resonating" forward or backward - you can move through time and be taken to prior or future dates of similar cycles. You can then use those dates to view history and see what happened during those times. What large scale events took place? What was the overall "feeling" or theme that played out during those times? Then you can judge for yourself as to whether or not history does, indeed, repeat itself.

As I have stated in the past, I'm not a doomsday believer. I prefer to believe that the start of a "new age" for mankind will begin - and I'm hoping that we evolve as humans and begin it in a state of enlightenment . . . as the Mayan teachings state. So I'm not providing this as a doomsday calculator. It's simply being provided as a tool for exploration and thought provocation.

"This calculator allows you to view three versions of the King Wen sequence:

The Kelly version is the original set used by Terrence McKenna. It was created by Royce Kelley and Leon Taylor in 1974 as McKenna was developing the theory.

The Watkins version is based on a Criticism of Novelty theory by Matthew Watkins in which he designed a formula capturing the I-Ching transformation.

The Sheliak version is based on a revision from physicist John Sheliak, this version is the one which McKenna himself agreed was the most mathematically sound.

In addition, included is The Huang-Ti sequence and Ben Franklin’s Magic Square which have also been converted into novelty number sets for display."

Choose your preferred number set display, or choose to display all of the number sets against one another, and then:

"Resonate back or red shift: This will set the dates to a previous date range that shares the same resonance as the currently displayed dates.

Resonate forward or blue shift: This will set the dates to a later date range sharing the same resonance as the currently displayed dates."

Ready to travel through time? Of course you are. Take flight by visiting Time Wave 2012 and click the "Launch Timewave" button in the left sidebar column under the main menu.

Run the program, set your coordinates . . . and blast off through history.

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