"Mirror, Mirror on the wall . . . where did he go, and why doesn't he call?"

The Law of Attraction: Vision Boards

Many of you are, most likely, already familiar with the Law of Attraction. For those of you who may not be, here's a brief explanation of the Law of Attraction.

One of the many useful tools to help enable you to enact the Law of Attraction is a vision board. A vision board can help you drill down to your ultimate needs, goals and wants in life. But there are a few things to remember when activating the Law of Attraction. You need to be asking "spirit" for unselfish things in an unselfish manner in order for it to really work. Simply asking for "things" won't cut it. Additionally you must always remember that the Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working for you, whether you realize this or not. So if you carry daily thoughts of worry, fear or anxiety . . . by the laws of nature and the universal Law of Attraction - the universe must give that back to you.

You see, you are like a radio transmitter. The thoughts that you carry subliminally throughout your day are constantly being broadcast to the universe. If you are at work sitting at your desk attempting to focus on your daily routine, but in your mind you're thinking, "I have so much debt. How will I get rid of all my debt?" Then "debt" is what is being transmitted to the universe. The Law of Attraction must balance this out by giving you exactly what you're asking for . . . debt, debt, debt. Or, if you're embroiled in constant negativity or in a toxic relationship and your daily thoughts are that of anger, fear and negativity. The universe and the Law of Attraction will balance this by giving you what you're requesting from it. . . more anger, fear and negativity.

You must be very, very careful to monitor and control the daily thoughts rolling around in your head. You must make a conscious effort to make them positive and not negative.

Many say, "This is all crap and it sounds crazy." Well, truth is sometimes stranger than fiction and let's face it. . . we're simply a monkey with a brain. We cannot even begin to USE our entire brain let alone EXPLAIN AWAY all of the mysteries of our universe. So before you're quick to judge, think about this for a moment. The study of Quantum Physics has recently discovered that it is utterly impossible to pinpoint the location of a sub atomic atom. Now, mind you, we're all made up of sub-atomic atoms, folks.

As it turns out, sub-atomic particles are able to be in more than one place at one time. They bounce in and out of form chaotically. Scientists have also discovered, after watching quantum particles under a microscope, that they do not "react" or kick into gear until "intention" is placed upon them by the viewer. When "intention" is sent towards sub-atomic particles - they begin to manifest into the intention placed upon them. Here's a bit from "Understanding Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction:"

"After a few double blind slit tests using sub-atomic particles as subjects, scientists soon discovered that they could change from particles to wave form - then back again. These particles could leave our dimension - then pop right back into it again. Scientists discovered that these sub-atomic particles were changing from particles to wave form, depending on the intention of the scientists. They also discovered that they could not remove themselves from the equation while testing the particles. The scientists directly influenced the particles - by thinking about the outcome. Scientifically, there is a lot more to this."

Again, I will say that life is truly amazing, is it not? We are all made of sub-atomic particles, folks. And sub-atomic particles do react to our "intention" being placed upon them.

Psalms 82:6: "I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High."

Brings to mind another phrase, "We are not human beings having a spiritual experience - we are spiritual beings having a human experience." God, Buddha, Allah . . . whatever you prefer to call the Creator (the spirit), it's all the same. We're all hailing to the Creator and the Creator has given us the power to manifest our realities as we see fit. It's a gift and it's a test all the same. We hold the key to our own happiness but our ignorance blinds us to it.

We have the power . . . now what will we do with it? Will mankind fail the Creator?

Here's another interesting understanding of it from SelfGrowth:

"The Law of Attraction states that we attract into our lives anything that we give attention to, regardless whether it be positive or negative. From a psychological view, the Law of Attraction can be best explained by the information filtering system of the brain known as the reticular activating system (RAS).

Vision boards serve the role of programming the RAS to tune into external stimuli that can help us move closer towards our intentions.At the base of the human brain stem, in between the medulla oblongata and the mesencephalon, there is a small finger-sized control center called the reticular activating system (RAS) that sorts and evaluates incoming data. Your RAS is responsible for filtering all the incoming information that your brain receives and it also acts as receiver for information that is tagged as important.

A simple way to conceptualize the RAS is to think of it like a radio. You are surrounded by radio waves from various stations and your portable radio can pick up those channels, but only one at a time. You have to tune your radio to a specific frequency of your favorite radio station in order to receive it properly. Your RAS is not much different in this regard. Imagine you are in a meeting room talking to several people and out in the distant corner of the room you hear your name. All your focus gets diverted in the direction that you heard your name because that bit of information is tagged by the RAS as important to you. Your RAS is responsible for having the ability to sleep through the noise of traffic outside your room, but waking up suddenly at the smallest cry from your infant child. Another example of the RAS at work is when you go and buy a brand new car and then suddenly you notice many more people around your city have that exact same car.

According to Hans Morvec, the principal research scientist at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University, the human brain can handle up to 100 trillion bits of information at any given time. With all that information coming in, how does your RAS know what to filter? Your RAS is naturally programmed to prioritize information that is necessary for survival, like listening for a the particular sound of an oncoming vehicle when walking close to a street. The RAS can’t distinguish between a real event and a contrived reality, however, and we can exploit this weakness to program it to seek out stimuli in our environment that resonate with our goals.

The process of creating a vision board is one of the best ways to program the RAS. It programs the RAS to pay attention to certain things in your environment that are in frequency with your goal or vision, in much the same way as you are able to pick up your name being mentioned in a conversation on the other side of a room while talking to others. This selective attention filter makes you aware of daily things that can help you achieve your goal and it’s your job to take action on those opportunities when they present themselves."

Ready to begin enacting the Law of Attraction in your life? Start with a vision board. Visit: "How to Use a Vision Board to Activate the Law of Attraction." And if you've used a vision board yourself and it's worked . . . please share your successes with us.

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EJMalyn said...

I started one going into it with a very positive attitude. I understand that some of our most successful people out there have been doing just this for many a years. Stay positive!!!

Susannah Lorenzo said...

My radio started broadcasting in the wrong frequency when I was born, I've never found out why. However I have worked hard to change that and I have read what ever may help me to expect the best and then see the very best happen. Mind you, it is difficult to change that when you were "programmed" wrongly.
I got a CD with a copy of "The Secret" almost two years ago and it remined me of the Law of Attraction which I had studied before. I cut pictures of a nice loft or apartment thinking of the place where I would like to live, of my own of course. I should have included some other things but I was shy at first. I keep those pictures with me. I have moved to a new apartment recently, not mine but rented. When my daughter looked at the pictures, she said: Have you realized that the bedroom in this picture is quite similar to this bedroom?
So, let's go for it. It means we're on the right direction.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

I'm happy to report that I've had my own experience just yesterday! I can't give away the itty-bitty details. . .but an "intention" that I had for this blog manifested itself yesterday.

Chalk another one up to the Law of Attraction :-)

Tommy said...

I think this was very well written and truly a blue print of sorts to attract the blessings of the cornucopia from the universe.
On of my favorite quotes is of Rene Descartes “I think therefore I am”.

Ankur Sancheti said...

Hello Mirror of Aphrodite,

I loved reading, the way you have complied all the information, so beautiflly.

I appreciate you, for refering my site for "a brief explanation of the Law of Attraction.".

For me, Law of Attraction has been way of life. Its indeed been a wonderful journey.

Ankur Sancheti
Power Law of Attraction

Chaz said...

Yes! Awesome idea. I made TWO smaller (more manageable!) vision boards – one for my office and one for home. I found that using more pictures and less words worked the best for me. I’m also going to try to ‘change the landscape’ of the boards from time-to-time to keep them fresh.

For extra inspiration I went for some good-looking cork boards with custom frames on them. FWIW, I picked them out online at http://www.wholesalecustomframe.com/ . I’m sure there are other places as well, but this place was pretty cheap.

Anonymous said...

Ms Mirror, Gemini 50 here.

Last year, one of my "failed" dating experiences was with a self-centered man-boy, and without going into it, I'll just say I left that experience realizing that I was still keeping my home with the rules of a man I had lived with for 15 yrs (and ended 3 yrs prior).

I had wanted to make changes, but he wouldn't let me. And three years later, I was still going by his rules... CRAZY!

From the fall-out of man-boy, it dawned on me that I could make my own rules in my own home. One thing I did was use chalkboard paint on my kitchen wall... It's 8' wide and 4' tall from ceiling.

I loved it so much, I painted another wall next to it with same chalkboard paint which is 3' wide and 6' tall. The smaller one is used for appointments and things I hope to do, etc.

I write inspirational messages to myself, and invite others to do the same. I ask that nothing negative be put on it. In the morning, making my coffee, I see these messages, and they encourage me to keep carrying on.

What's funny are the reactions of new guests; and their reaction shows me some insight to who they are.

Believe me, painting a black wall was terribly scary at first. But, I absolutely love it.

One constant on the wall is a rising sun, and this reminds me that every new day brings opportunities for something new.

I have painted a pink chalkboard wall in my grand daughter's play room, and I can't tell you how much fun the kids have writing on it.

The paint was cheap, $15 a can; the rewards immeasurable.

p.s. I understand thru our "disappearing/reappearing" comments, I have to guard my innermost "secrets" for fear they fall into the wrong hands. :)


The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Gemini 50,
That is FANTASTIC, absolutely fantastic!

I have done a similar thing, only I use a bulletin board near the coffee maker in my kitchen.

And I should tell you that this has worked for me!

I'll make a long story short here, but my ex husband and I used to do a lot of camping in a forest I used to camp in every summer as a child. Everytime we'd go there, I used to say to him (and everyone else), "I'm going to own property here someday. I don't know how it's going to happen, but someday, it will happen and I will own my own place up here."

Well, low and behold about 5 years later - BAM. The funds apppeared (literally from out of nowhere). I won't explain how, but I will say that it was in a COMPLETELY unexpected way.

And today, I'm proud to report that I've owned 3 acres smack dab in the middle of that state forest up there for the past 8 years :-)

And that's not the ONLY time this has worked.

My second example, after the divorce from my ex, I was in fear of losing my home and I had a crappy job. I used to walk around, saying out loud to myself all the time (instead of crying, I'd make this affirmation out loud). I'd say, "Someday, I'm going to live here by myself, do just fine, this will be my home and I will have a great job, working from home, doing something I love - and I will be able to support myself, have this home and have everything dear to me."

And you know what?

I started a small business online. That business eventually ended, however, it was THAT BUSINESS that caused someone to take notice of me. Someone that was starting an online business themselves.

They invited me to work for them to see where we could take it. I took a chance and I did that.

And I'm proud to report, that I've been working from home doing something I love for the past 7 years - and I'm still in my home, supporting myself and independent.

So what I'd like to add to what you're doing already is - begin making affirmations of things that will be out loud, to yourself and to anyone else that will listen.

And then daydream that those affirmations have already come true.

This "vision" aspect and "affirmation" aspect can kick the Law of Attraction into high gear - because when you place "vision" and "emotion" behind those wishes, it speeds up the process.

Much luck to you, I love the idea of that chalk paint and may consider that myself here :-)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mirror,

If one starts making ones thoughts more positive, and letting one's desires grow and grow in one's mind ---- as your article pertains above.

Does that mean, one can dream up anything of what one wants? For example: The return of a ex you know is still single? Or the man you fancy in the other sailing club house? And your wishes will come true? But you have to truly believe them day in day out for them to come true and it's the law of the universe to make them come true?

Surely if that was the case I could wish I marry David Beckham but it's not gonna happen is it....

Or does it have to be something one thinks could be within one's grasp (obviously he's not) ---- like the examples I posed above?

From Visionary

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

I believe the items need to be within reach - and the reason for that is because "emotion," "visualization" and "belief" can then be placed behind it by the person wishing to manifest the desire into reality - all of which are a necessary process to enact the Law of Attraction.

Anonymous said...


So, wanting an ex back and getting him by doing this law of attraction...probably won't work, if you were hurt then. Because whilst you can heal, it can still be too difficult to trick your mind then.

I think that's what you're saying.

I've read loads about people getting their ex's back through LOA - but who knows the in's and out's as it's not a proper scientific study just trawling the net for stories that are not verified. Plus I don't know if the partner who wanted their ex back was the one not hurt out the two.

Anonymous said...


I guess you're saying don't bother wasting your breath and attempting it, if your ex hurt you then, right?

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Instead of shooting for something specific like that, why not shoot for a general desire such as "I will be loved, and I will love." And then who cares ho it's with. If your ultimate desire, your truest, deepest desire...is to be loved, then focus on manifesting that - and don't worry about who that will be with ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hmm, maybe you're right about just asking to be loved and to love forever with one man rather than being specific. Because if you're specific, you could be wasting your time as you can't force a man against his freewill, law of attraction or not, I'm pretty sure....even if you do it right.

I'm going to see an Alchemist to see if my ex truly is out my life for good and to ask the Alchemist to heal me. An Editor of a magazine I know went and she has recommended him and she gets invites to that kind of thing all the time, and she said he was accurate and healing and comforting. I need to heal...it's taking so long.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mirror,

I still only have a heart full of love for my ex who I'm in NC with (8 weeks), the pain of losing him has subsided because I have healed from that (moreorless)..so I believe LOA may work in getting him back. There are some sad feelings that creep in, but because I've dealt with most of them, I'm at a stage where I could push them out now I think, to enable LOA to work, as I don't need to keep going over the painful bit in my head -if that is what is required.

How can I make this work for me?

When I do my gratitude list, I say thanks for the wonderful moment I shared with Barry next to the river, when we looked deep into each others eyes, and kissed gently and he touched my face and we both felt real love.


Or, and? do I say, for Barry to return to me, or do I say, thanks for sending Barry back to me.

Do I speak in the past present or future, LOL, this is the question I guess I am asking. Or all three?

Because the wish list...that's the future, and aren't you supposed to imagine it as if it's happening now?

Do you think a guy who you're in NC with, 8 weeks, who you saw for a year, will be missing you by now, do all guys miss their ex's or do some just move on totally?

I truly love him and I think that he could be my soul mate or nearabouts, and I can see now, where it went wrong and why he pulled away and why I fell more in love with him in the end that me (I didn't mirror when he played up so I didn't create tension and make him worry about me). I would like to start that if necessary then when he comes back.


Anonymous said...

Also Mirror,

Do you put timescales on it too? Because I guess if he never came back by let's say....March....and that was on my list....it may put me off but then again I want him back soon-ish....not now....couple of months perhaps?

Also, if you put that down, would it stop the real love of your life coming to you - just in case my ex isn't.....although I believe he is! But there is a difference between reality and fantasy and I guess LOA is like fantasy making your dreams come true right? I guess wishing an ex back is not that much out of my league like marrying Prince William would be, for instance, because I've already dated my ex so he already fancies me,


The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

You're much better off forgetting about Barry here and making general affirmations for happiness and love. And you speak as if it's going to happen, and then you carry yourself and daydream as if it already has.

"I will be loved and I will love"

And then you pretend as if it's already happened and you begin to visualize and daydream about it.

There is no time frame, but most stories I've read, about a year or two is when things begin to click.

"f you put that down, would it stop the real love of your life coming to you"

Yes, it will. Which is why you leave him out of the equation. If he were truly your soul mate, he'd be with you right now.

Keep it general.

Anonymous said...


But so many people get back together months after a break up when a guy has had the chance to miss you....and still marry or have Long Term relationships.

So, if I want him back, and do LOA, surely it's gotta work?

One to two years is a long time I must say!


Anonymous said...


Apologies, another question :-)

Do I read the list out every day? It's a daily thing?

Thank you, and apologies for asking so many questions :) I just could not find a LOA website that explained it, funnily enough.


The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Sorry, I had to delete my original comment because I provided the same link twice. This one has the correct links.

"But so many people get back together months after a break up when a guy has had the chance to miss you....and still marry or have Long Term relationships."

True. But that's only because the GUY wants to, not because someone "willed" him to do so.

"So, if I want him back, and do LOA, surely it's gotta work?"

No way. The Law of Attraction is not that simple. If it was, everyone would be using it daily to become millionaires. There's a science behind it, quantum physics. Sometimes, it takes folks years to perfect it and even then, it may only work a couple of times.

LOA Described by Quantum Physicists:


And if you'd like a full understanding of it, rent the movie/documentary, "The Secret." It's also a book. This is a video clip of the first 25 minutes of the movie:


Anonymous said...

Hello Mirror,

I have a law of attraction question that hopefully you might be able to answer.

I noticed there's been a pattern in my love life... where when I start trying to manifest the kind of lover I want -- ie I'm serious and write down all the qualities he has, how we will interact as a couple, how it will feel -- the opposite happens.

While I was cleaning my room, I found a notebook of intentions that I wrote last year. On the last 3 pages, I had written the qualities I wanted in a man, e.g. that we'd accept each other, it would feel effortless to communicate with him, etc.

Literally a month after I had written my intentions - the Aries clubbing guy appeared. And he is 99% of what I DON'T WANT (1% being our in person chemistry).

It's come to a point where I'm afraid to even focus on what I want because I'm worried I'll attract a really awful jerk who hits me where it hurts (emotionally).

And it doesn't make any sense to me - because in the past before I met my exes, I felt a lot of resistance to commitment. I even told my friend I didn't want to meet anyone that year, as I wanted to focus on school. Well, 2 weeks later I met a guy I dated for the entire year, LOL.

But when I feel like yeah, it would be great to be with someone who is nice and also exciting who I could potentially have a relationship with..... the COMPLETE opposite happens.

If I felt so much resistance in the past, why did that attract long-term partners.... but when I am finally somewhat open to the idea, I just get charming jerks?

- Vivian

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Well, I may be wrong about this. . .but I suspect that even though you're writing down what you WANT, in your daily living, waking life. . .you may actually be subconsciously more focused on your fears and what you DON'T want.

Let me explain. Writing down the intentions is great, it's the first step - but it's not the last, it's only one part of what needs to happen. The second part is FEELING your intention. And the last part is VISUALIZING your intention as if it's already happened. If the emotion and the daydreaming, visualizing parts don't follow the written intention then the intention cannot manifest.

So if you're writing down the intention, then placing it aside and not thinking of any further, and during your daily life and routines, subconsciously you're instead thinking about your fears and what you don't want, or what might go wrong, etc. - then THAT is the intention that you're actually giving your feelings and visualization to and that's what will manifest.

It's the tiny little thoughts, that "voice" in our heads on a daily basis and the thoughts our brains are working with morning, noon and night that have more power to manifest. So say if you write down something unrelated like, "I will enjoy prosperity" but after doing so, you do not think about being prosperous morning, noon and night (subconsciously) and you don't visualize yourself as already being prosperous, as if it's already happened, and instead all day long you're thinking, "Man, I have so much debt, what am I going to do about it? All this debt is driving me crazy. How am I going to get rid of this debt."

Then guess what message is being transmitted to the universe morning, noon and night - with FEELING and BELIEF behind it?

The universe is hearing "debt, debt, debt" morning, noon and night - so it's going to send you more of what you're subconsciously asking for which is "debt."

If you write down a good intention, but then you kinda place it aside and don't think about it or believe it's going to happen on a daily basis and place some strong emotion behind it afterwards, and instead you're focused on your fears and what you fear might happen, or what might go wrong or you think about what went wrong in the past all day long subconsciously instead - then your good intention is getting very little power. . .while your fears are consuming your thoughts morning, noon and night and receiving a lot of power in the meantime.

In the end, it's truly the subconscious thoughts that receive a lot of our emotion and feelings and it's those things that we visualize and that the voice in our heads is focused on all day that win. Those thoughts have tremendous power, which is why it's imperative to control them and keep them focused on the positive at all times.

So think about that and see if makes any sense. Do you write down a good intention, but then place it aside and instead spend the bulk of your time playing over in your mind what's gone wrong in the past instead? When you write down the good intention, are you following through and staying focused on it morning, noon and night afterwards and daydreaming about it as if it's already happened and "feeling" that it's happened?

"If I felt so much resistance in the past, why did that attract long-term partners"

Could it be that because secretly all day long, subconsciously, you were wishing for a partner instead?

"when I am finally somewhat open to the idea, I just get charming jerks?"

Could it be because all day long, subconsciously, you're secretly fearful and worried about meeting a jerk instead?

Lottie said...

Hi Ms Mirror,

It's been a while, but I thought I would post. I think Vivian's law of attraction message prompted me to write.

Last year I joined a meet up group. It was a local one, where local people could meet up and try out local restaurants or go and watch films/plays etc together. I joined following the split from the Scorp Doc. I mentioned it in a previous post and how after a few meet up's one of the ladies created our own whatsapp group. We would share things, like books we had read or things we had done, or even when someone was down and just wanted to meet for a coffee.

I do not know all of the ladies particularly well either. However, one of the girls thought it might be a good idea to go on holiday. Any do you know what, I said yes. I did not think twice and booked.

I have just came back from a week away with 3 other ladies and we had such fun. We just got on, had lots of laughs, hit some bars, went sight seeing, drank Sangria and shared some of our stories [a lot of them about guys!] including our first meet up experiences.

What are the odds that you would all get on?

It's funny, I wonder if I was looking for some new friends subconsciously? But I can tell you it just happened very organically. I do remember thinking on my first meet-up where we tried out a new restaurant that I was not interested in meeting any guys.

I have enjoyed meeting the girls you know. They have kind of filled a void for me that I did not know was missing.

I just thought I would share.

Best wishes to you all.
Ms Mirror, your words still inspire me.
Lottie x

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

"I wonder if I was looking for some new friends subconsciously?"

It's possible that this was occupying your thoughts without you even really being fully aware of it. I had something similar happen in recent years.

After my divorce - I was ALONE. And I mean - alone. And it was my own fault. I had placed 100% of myself, my attention and my focus on my husband and his friends, his wants and desires, etc. And over the course of 12 years total with him (8 of them being married), without even realizing it, I had willingly tossed my own life aside. So when he left - I was left with nothing as far as a social life was concerned. (Which is why I stress all the time how important it is NOT to place all your eggs in your man's basket.)

Anywho, about 2 years in solitude went by and I used to spend many hours thinking about how different my life was then, compared to when I was younger. When I was younger I had a large social circle and here I was in my early 30's with nothing. "How they hell did I let this happen" I used to think. And so I spent a lot of time in my mind, digging deep into memories of the past for comfort and good thoughts, and most of that was thinking about my old friends and just how close we all used to be - men and women both. And I used to spend a lot of time wondering if it could ever be like that again.

And here's the interesting part. In all of this thinking, I never once did anything, took any action, to draw any of that back to me. In the end I chalked it up to the past and tried my best to let go.

But as life would have it, slowly, and without me even realizing it. . .my old high school friends and childhood friends started making appearances in my life again. I'd bump into one here after 20 years, another there, one would find me on Facebook and so on. After finally realizing this was happening, I DID finally start to take action and I'd say "let's get together" not knowing what to expect, or if anyone was even the same person they used to be.

But one by one, they'd take me up on my offer.

And as I'd meet with one and another ones name would come up and something like, "Oh, I just saw them the other day while shopping" would happen. As these singular events were unfolding, and people would ask about others, I then without even realizing it started to pull everyone together in a sense. I'd say, "You know I just talked to them for the first time in 12 years the other day. I'm going to reach out and see if they'd like to join us next time."

And that's exactly what I'd do - reach out.

Before you know it, we all started coming together again and now here it is, some 11 years later - and we're now in each others lives daily. Childhood friends, high school friends, old acquaintances that were once married and are now single and divorced. . .we're all speaking regularly again, just like the old days when we were in our 20's.

And I've often thought to myself, "How odd is it that years ago I had nothing but memories, but now these folks are all a daily part of my life again -- without me hardly even trying -- and my social circle is once again very large."

Maybe it was all that daydreaming that kick started the convoluted series of events that led me to where I'm at today :-)

Lottie said...

Ms Mirror it sounds quite plausible indeed.

Maybe we should never underestimate the power of day dreaming......and possibly we should even consider the fact that a little daydreaming is in fact good for the soul? :)

Grey said...


As a child, teenager and still today as an adult, I am amazed of how so many of my day deams were full-filled!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I don`t have a vision board. Or better said, I have it in my mind. And yes, it works.
I don`t know how, but after a while you realize that you got what you wanted. Destiny, luck, I don`t know what it is, but it does work in our favour.
On several occasions I wanted something so badly that I finally got it, although it seemed impossible to get where I wanted. And people used to try to make me be reasonable and realize some things are impossible and I would still believe in my dream. Like somebody previously said, I used to tell myself and others, `I don`t know how, but one day....`….
The recipe for this? Stubbornness in wanting and believing, I guess. Miracles do happen and they happen to us :-)

Thank you for this website, Mirror. In a few months I`ve learned more about life than I have learned in a lifetime.

Lottie said...

@Grey & Anonymous June 10th - I think I have been awakened to this phenomenon now. Deep down somewhere I think I probably was aware of it, somewhere between the conscious and sub conscious. However, I never really took notice of such coincidences so I can't say for sure if I was getting what I asked for.

Certainly maybe it's time to start harnessing my thoughts.....because I now know what I want.

Lottie x

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Lottie, Grey and Others,
They're now discovering scientific proof for this. And my favorite "teacher" on the subject is Dr. Amit Goswami.

If this topic is even remotely of interest to you, I'd STRONGLY suggest you spring for the $3.99 and watch his documentary/film on the subject - it's truly FASCINATING:


He supports what he calls a "top down" theory. Most modern scientists feel that our 3 dimensional reality is responsible for our experiences. But Dr. Goswami believes that our reality manifest from the "top down."

Meaning, it's not our 3 dimensional existence that manifest matter or what takes place in our minds - but rather - it's OUR MINDS that manifest matter and our 3 dimensional reality ;-) He takes it even a step further and dips into his spiritualist background (his father was a "guru" of sorts) to support this theory as well.

Fascinating stuff to ponder.

Lottie said...

Hi Ms Mirror,

I invested in the $3.99 and watched the video on Quantum Activism. It's quite remarkable. I especially liked the way Dr Goswami links everything together. I liked the way he blends science with spirituality/religion/other world.

Oddly enough, before I went on my holiday recently. I packed a novel to take away with me. I knew I would barely get through the first chapter to be honest. Anyhow, as I began packing for my trip, I pulled out a box which I keep for all my travel accessories. As I pulled the boxed out a small book fell out onto the floor. I stared at the book. I knew when I bought it and who had recommended it for me. I had read it but I could not recall one fact about this book.

Anyway I packed this book to take away with me. It's called 'Illusions - The adventures of a reluctant messiah'
I just finished reading it.

There are some real similarities between this book and the teachings of Dr Goswami. It's difficult to put into words. Both describe a cosmic law I suppose, which is as old as the hills. Somehow we have forgotten this.

I am glad I re-read the book. I think at the time I wasn't able to accept it's learnings. I am also glad Ms Mirror that I came across your site on the law of attraction. I think it was the right time for me to take in this knowledge. I feel enlightened.

Best Wishes

Fire&Water said...

Hi Mirror,
I'd like to throw this question out and see if you have any thoughts on it. I know one of the parts of LoA is making time for the thing you want to materialize in your life. And I've been wondering: do you actually have to make the time, or is it enough to know that you *could* make the time if the situation arose? I keep myself pretty busy and booked, so at the precise moment, I don't have a lot of time to date. But if I met someone interesting, I could rearrange things so I would have the time. Is that enough? Or do I actually have to do the rearranging in advance? It seems silly to make time for something that doesn't exist yet - why waste the opportunities that do exist? But I don't want to be energetically blocking someone from coming into my life by giving off the vibe that I'm too busy, either.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Fire and Water,
What they truly mean by "making time" is. . .pretend that what you want, is already in your life.

So a few examples of that, and one in particular that I read about in one woman's personal story many moons ago on the Net, concerned a significant other. She brought a feng-shui expert into her home, and mentioned she wanted to not only make the energy in the home more appeasing for herself, but she'd like a significant other to come along someday as well.

So the first place the feng-shui expert headed to - was her bedroom, of course LOL.

And she immediately noticed only one nightstand. She immediately noticed only a full size bed. She immediately noticed closets were over-stuffed, curtains were dimming the room, there were no colors that energized love being used. . .there was nothing that would "invite" a significant other into the room.

So she got a queen sized mattress. She purchased two matching nightstands, two matching lamps, went through her closet and freed up several shelves and some hanging space, replaced all the bedding and decorative accents with colors that energize for "love," and put light and airy curtains on the windows and brought life in, in the form of living plants.

Within 6 months, she was sharing that room with a new boyfriend.

Now, if it were that easy, we'd all be doing it LOL. But you get the idea. You have to prepare yourself and the spaces in your life for the things you want, and arrange them as if - they're already there. And you're "making the time" to do so, and you're following through and making the changes, which then help reset your mind to believe these things you want are already there. . .because the space and your life are already setup to accommodate them :-)

Fire&Water said...

Thanks Mirror - great example! I can definitely work with that :)

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