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2010 Horoscope: Great Revelations

The 2010 horoscopes are out, and 2009 was a trip, was it not? So what's in store this year, you ask? Well, put on your ponchos and dig out your acid rock, because the vibe and energy of the late 1960's is upon us again for the first time since. Transformation, liberation, revelations, giant leaps. The energy is amping up and there's a slight tinge of "revolution" in the air.

"For the past few years, the astrology has been gradually ramping up. We left behind the challenges that defined the Cheney-Bush years: aspects that came along with the stolen election and Sept. 11 and the big hurricanes of 2005. With those aspects came plenty of crisis and growth, but even more deferral of the real material we need to be addressing. That is twofold: one, our inner struggle for healing and awareness; and two, taking part in a creative solution. Most of the cost we’ve paid is pretending we can put off taking care of inner problems that delay our lives, and pretending that we don’t make a difference."

"The last time we experienced anything vaguely resembling this was the summer of 1969: Woodstock, the Moon landing, the Manson murders and much else changing, not just the world, but our cosmology. We know the cultural ethos back then was more about getting involved; getting together; thinking in terms of potential and not just survival. The energy of 2010 is the first experience that makes the Sixties astrology look like a walk in the park. Our survival is indeed at stake, but we need a creative approach. We need to face our own challenges and those of humanity with the idea that we can, if we try, create a much better world than the one we now know of."

"Borrowing from Timothy Leary, the current map says: tune in, turn on and get involved. Surely some revelation is at hand."
~ Sasstrology, Eric Francis

2010 is the Year That Conspiracy Theorists Will Get to Say "I told you so!"

Predictions across the board state that matters that have been hidden, secret or brushed under the carpet by world and religious leaders will reveal themselves to the light of day. Things along the lines of aliens or alien technology revealed, religious secrets kept by the Vatican revealed (for those interested, the Vatican just announced last year after secret United Nations meetings, that the possibility of alien life exists), and military secrets kept by our government could be a few of those themes.

In line with that, are the web bot project predictions. (For those of you who are unaware of the web bot project, you can read up about it here.) The last web bot ALTA report that runs into the summer of 2010 predicted things along these lines:

- A collapse of "The Powers That Be" through discovery of their nefarious doings (keywords: revolution, riots, mobsters, devaluation of the dollar, Vatican involvement, secrets revealed, refugees)

- "The Powers That Be" suffer secrets revealed by rioting mobsters which leads to participation in the "alien wars" theme that keeps repeating itself within the ALTAs (late 2010, early 2011)

- Breakdowns in infrastructure (food destruction, food hoarding, climate collapse, Vatican looting, hyperinflation, breakdown fuels, food deliveries, health care system, public meetings)

The Current Atmosphere is Coming To a Slow Boil

Our future is literally in the palm of our hands right now, folks, and the atmosphere is coming to a slow boil. It's palpable in the air. Remaining passive is no longer an option. Action is needed. Do not follow without questioning, do not be judgmental of others, show compassion for your fellow man, ask questions of others and those in authority, make sure agendas are kept pure, and take action when necessary - take control. Make sure that the leap we take, is going to land mankind in the best place possible. Steer the wheel with good intentions and check man's ego at the door.

We are at a pivot point in history - these can be the best of times - or they can be the worst of times. You decide.

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Anonymous said...

I can feel it. Big changes are on the way and if big revelations came with that it wouldnt be surprising.

Anonymous said...

Ian xel Lungold is the next step to truly understand whats really going on. Its a consciousness shift, what we see outside is merely the side effects of the inner change.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

For anyone interested in reading up about the information that Anonymous mentioned above:

Ian Xel Lungold: http://www.mayanmajix.com/Ian_datapage.html

Marina Caruso said...

I was born at the Uranus/Pluto conjunction, so I'm perversely really looking forward to the coming square in May.

I go with Tim Leary too. And I hope there will be some kind of counter culture renaissance. The music scene has got way too commercialised. I'd like to see what is underground on the internet go overground.


Anonymous said...

i have been feeling this for a long time and since i'm a light worker i feel this intence connection that moves me in tears of hope

Anonymous said...

My brother seen a UFO when he was young he has spent his life in fear that they will someday return... I hope we do have someone tell us what and where they are... I know they are real and I will do what ever I can to show they are. My brother will not talk about it just to family he was in the paper and people can to talk to him when it first happen then he said there would be trouble if he talked. I know they are there... I will talk... I have much to tell..... nahaward@yahoo.com

SITL said...

I was startled to read that you felt the need to do so many rewrites for 2010, and that you were glad you had plenty of experience to be up for the task. You took the words right out of my head, when I was writing my psychic newsletter with horoscopes for the same time period. Daunted like never before by the complexity and contrasts this time period presented, I couldn’t put it in the format that’s served for a couple of decades. I ended up writing it in two parts, plus another separately-published section about what would change our fate in the next decade. It’s the juxtaposition of the cosmic urging we can feel to go for what we want like never before, while the walls come tumbling down around us, that makes it hard to nail it in 2010–is it going up or going down? There’s a Native American tribe that sees the past as what’s before us and visible, already created by our past intentions, and that the future is what’s inside us. We need to nurture it so it manifests. I think that’s a good way to view the incongruous-seeming hope we feel
in the face of so many depressing headlines.

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