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Web Bot Project: 2010 Latest Report

For the last three years, the Internet has been buzzing with talk about the Web Bot Project, a technology developed in the late 1990's to assist in making stock market predictions. However, much to their surprise, the program's operators noticed that the web bot began to correctly predict forthcoming cataclysmic events.

One of the first predictions came in June of 2001 when the program predicted that a life altering event would take place within the next 60-90 days. An occurrence of such proportion that it's effects would be felt worldwide.

Regrettably, the program's prediction proved accurate and the Twin Towers fell on 9/11/2001.

I had previously reported that the Web Bot Project was over and for sale. However, much to my relief, Cliff, the web bot project's creator, has had a change of heart and decided to continue on with the project.

For those of you who may not know or understand, Cliff has a brilliant mind, indeed. Peoplenomics reports that he was "a senior programmer with a software company in the Pacific Northwest and besides being an SQL ace, he was also heavily into linguistics and a language called Prolog, which is more like an artificial intelligence language than anything else. After looking up the patent he held for the technology, I was convinced that this fellow was for real and might be on to something with the method of looking for linguistic shift on the Internet as a tool to forecast future events."

It should be known that the web bot project's ALTA reports are being published and plagiarized all over the net and even worse, many fraudulent sites are selling fake ALTA reports. There is only one, folks. The real ALTA reports come from Cliff's site, Half Past Human. And the costs for running the project are heavy:

"The costs of the web bot project run in excess of $20,000 per month and we'd been counting on revenue from sales of the web bot reports to pay for bandwidth. . . and we're trying to figure out what to do with an $850 electricity bill."

These hefty operating costs mixed with the fraudulent sales of ALTA reports or the ALTA reports being openly published online almost brought the project down to it's knees. I know many of you are intrigued by the web bot project technology and I'd like to show my support to the project and to Cliff by directing readers to the proper source - to purchase the original ALTA reports and help raise funds to see the project continue on.

Take a peek into the "collective unconscious" that the Internet has become for mankind and check out The Shape of Things To Come ALTA Report, Issue Four for 2010/2011 which was released March 12, 2010. There's a minimal fee of $10 for a 40 page PDF report. This issue covers from July 2010 through mid 2011.

Cliff warns, "Reader Beware: Very very grim material indeed. NOT necessarily life enhancing."

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Anonymous said...

I've been purchasing these alta's for about a year now. Cliff is a genius and a dedicated man. His decision to remain at the reins of the Web Bot project is a welcome relief. I would only trust output from this site if it were to come from Cliff and George.

Indeed it is not material for younger minds.
Thanks for posting this and linking specifically to Cliff's site. He deserves all the support possible.

Anonymous said...

Cliff blames Israel for the coming war. He doesn't realize the Muslims are the only danger in the world. The muslims, jealous of the jews since mohammed, are after Israel, to prove that they, not the jews , are the chosen ones. If they would leave the jews alone there would be peace in the world. DO you expect that the first one-god religion will roll over and play dead? Do you think the muslims would? Islam is a dictatorship of the mind and body, and fanatic by nature. Israel is democracy, they are not seeking to take over anyone. Islam is putting on a peaceful face now to try to seep into Europe,the US,etc.,but the truth is all over the world, they are bombing,killing, and torturing. Islamofascism is a terrible possibility, study its history before you brush it off.

Anonymous said...

muslums are "jealous" of jews. Israel is a "democracy". "Muslums are bombing, killing and torturing" Racist and totally dishonest.
Jealous come on this is childish. Isael a "democracy" this is a flat out lie. Israel is an aparthied state where jewish have rights and all other religious groups have a subset of those rights. And if just look to the Gaza strip and the West bank as we speak to see Israeli forces murdering men, women and children in the streets. And attempting to starve and deprive those left alive.

Anonymous said...

Cliff recently put out another warning from his website. Apparently some linguistics have appeared which they have been warning about for 8 years.

Death camps in the US.

The HPH article links to this:

It's REAL and it's now time to stand up and be counted. Americans must NOW act and get up off their dead asses.


Anonymous said...

how do u know what day and time things happen

Anonymous said...

can u say what is going to happen in my country which is trinidad and tobago in 2011 and 2012

Anonymous said...

where can i find new predictions

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Follow the link provided in the last paragraph:

". . check out The Shape of Things To Come ALTA Report, Issue Four for 2010/2011 which was released March 12, 2010. There's a minimal fee of $10 for a 40 page PDF report. This issue covers from July 2010 through mid 2011."

Anonymous said...

Concerning the one who posted on September 28, 2010 11:51 AM... Israel is attempting to hold what was there’s for decades. The land was stolen; they are not the enemy the Muslims are. They are cowards who hide behind women and children and use mentally challenged people, SUCH AS YOURSELF, to carry out their terrorist’s activities. Israel soldiers are tough yes, that’s why they kicked the shit out of three countries, Egypt, Jordan and Syria in six days. If you like, take a trip to Israel then to a Muslim country. Just make sure to do it in that order or you will never get to see Israel. I will keep you in my prayers Mr. Anonymous of September 28, 2010 11:51 AM.

Erica said...

IM so glad I found your blog! This is awesome!

-newbie to Aphrodite

Anonymous said...

ask if theres a god if he knows so much he could really tell you... not that i'm an athiest or anything

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