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GoDaddy CEO: Guns Down Elephant

I, along with many others, am outraged at the latest antics of the GoDaddy.com CEO, Bob Parsons, who is very unapologetic about his nightime slaughter of an elephant. Bob seems to think that the end justifies the means here - hundreds of villagers were fed. However, upon further investigation, another video has been uncovered that features Bob gunning down a leopard. And I highly doubt the leopard ended up on anyone's dining table.

Apparently however, there is hope for mankind as Bob's slaughter has caused some 20,000+ people to leave GoDaddy.com. Could it be that justice will be done here once it hits ole Bob in the pocketbook? One can only hope. It's almost as bad as Sarah Palin, who gunned down a mother bear with two cubs trailing behind her from a helicopter. Wow, that's some real feat there, Sarah. She saw the two cubs, shot the mother - and then the cubs were gathered and sent to a sanctuary. Gee, thanks Sarah. You've taken two wild bear cubs and relinquished them to a life of captivity. You can see Sarah's love of nature here.

I don't know about you, but I am outraged and what is taking place on our planet. After all, this is MY planet, too. I am a member of the NRDC and I have just recently been notified, along with thousands of others, that Congress has recently behaved nefariously regarding the gray wolf population here in the states. Somehow, in the dead of night mind you, Congress managed to override the endangered species act and opened up the gray wolf population to slaughter.

Additionally, the buffalo population near Yellowstone National Park has also come under fire as well as the wild mustang population out west. They are now rounding up hundreds of buffalo that wander outside the sanctuary of the park and slaughtering them. They have also just rounded up some 400+ wild mustangs and sent them to China. Their future? Dog food.

Again, reminding everyone that this is OUR PLANET, too . . . do the people not have a say in this senseless slaughter beginning to take place in this country and elsewhere? Personally, I do not have any children, however, if I did - I'd like for them to see wild buffalo, wild mustangs and wild gray wolves roaming free. Do you not want the same for your children?

And for those complaining about damage being done by these creatures, which they feel somehow justifies their slaughter, might I mention that if we did not continually encroach and spread like cancer across this planet into these creatures free roaming territories - we might not have this problem. If you're going to farm in gray wolf territory . . . why do you feel that you should not have to deal with the gray wolf repercussions of that? Why is it the wolves fault and not the fault of man? Why are the wolves bearing the sole responsibility instead of man - the one's encroaching upon their territory?

It's a sad day when wild, free roaming creatures that have every right to be here, just as we do, are being slaughtered to make man's life easier. Not only are they being slaughtered, they're being forced to live their lives in very small territories where it's safe - which is usually park lands.

You know, there once was a day when the buffalo roamed the entire western territories free. There once was a day when witnessing wild mustangs frolicing on the prairie took your breath away. There once was a day when the gray wolf roamed free and wasn't on the endangered species list. And who is responsible for all of these devastating changes? Man. Plain and simple. Mankind. If it's in our way, if it's hindering us and our cancer-like spread over this earth, if it's creating any kind of problem - we simply do away with it. We don't look for remedies for everyone and everything to live in harmony - we simply push the delete button.

I firmly believe that it is possible for a society to live as one with nature and I can only hope that I live long enough to see that day come. And again, I don't know about you - but I am sickened by all of this. If you'd like to make a difference, please consider joining the NRDC as they fight the good fight to keep man and this planet in balance. And for those of you that believe that money is necessary to do so, well in many cases, you're correct, donations are needed.

However, YOUR VOICE is sometimes all it takes. Speak up, be loud, be heard - power to the people, folks.

Our power is in our numbers and our voices can rise above the din. I've included this video in a previous article, however, it seems fitting to be included here as well. Power to the people . . . stand up and be heard.

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Anonymous said...

These are just more examples of humans thinking we are at the top of the food chain. Dominating nature and forcing it to fit our wants. But remember nature always finds a way to reign in an "out of control" species, and humans are not exempt.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this information about the Godaddy Founder Ms. Mirror! I happen to have a Godaddy account and am cancelling it. I am switching to another hosting company because I do not want to support this kind of company with a 28% shareholder that thinks this kind of assault on wildlife is okay. As you say, wildlife really belongs to all of us (not just Parsons) living on the planet. We humans ought to be protecting the fragile ecosystem and the remaining wildlife trying to live on it, not attacking and killing them! I didn't like Godady anyway so it's time for a change, and I am glad to do so!

Thank you for caring and writing about this matter. I share your concerns and agree with you 100%!

Anonymous said...

Wow, so I have been trying to leave Godaddy but since I had "private registration," cutting ties with this company is not as easy as it should be. They have a separate company called DomainsByProxy (which is owned by Godaddy) that "claims" to have sent you a login number or name but I never received it. Now they want my state ID to supposedly try and update my e-mail address they have on file for my account but it may only be a waste of time since I have already been going back and forth with them on this issue for waaay too long. They say I might have to pay $80 or renew to keep my domains past the expiration date while I try and get this sorted out, but the truth is that they make it impossible to transfer domains out of their system.

This company is VERY unethical. DO NOT sign-up with them under any circumstance. And DO NOT get private registration with them. It is a TRAP. I'm prepared to lose the domains if necessary to get away from this company once and for all. But if anyone with any advice on how to get out of the Godaddy trap, please advise!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anon January 17, 2015 at 4:50 PM

I've heard way too many horror stories from people using Godaddy; I would NEVER touch them even to get the $1 domains and later transfer them out. Not worth the headache.

If I understand correctly, you tried to transfer your domain out close to its expiration? Why would you have a login number and name sent to you...shouldn't you have gotten this when you first registered?

Try tweeting them to get the issue looked at. With some companies, tweeting them gets me a faster response than e-mail.

Or you could head to some active marketing forums like WarriorForum.com and see what they advise.

I stick to Name.com, Namecheap, and InternetBS.

InternetBS is almost always cheaper than the first 2 (btw their private registration is free), but sometimes there are coupon codes or major deals so the others end up cheaper. But I don't stray from these 3 companies...been with them for 7 years.

Anything over $9ish for a .com is a ripoff.

Hope you get get out of Nodaddy!

- Vivian

Anonymous said...

Hi Vivian, it's Anon January 17, 2015 at 4:50 PM. I have the domain registrations through Godaddy but the private registration (though purchased through Godaddy) is under the control of a company called Domains By Proxy (which, as far as I know, is actually owned by Godaddy.) To make the domain transfers out of Godaddy, I've already unlocked my domains in Godaddy, but the problem is when I try to shut-off privacy. Apparently, I have to do this through DomainsByProxy. And I need to have a separate login name and pw to get into this separate account that I apparently have on DomainsByProxy. Godaddy says I should have received e-mails with my login info for DomainsByProxy when I first ordered the domains, but I see no such e-mails in my inbox.

So the next step was to update my e-mail in case it got sent to another e-mail address, but to do this, they want my driver's license/state ID, etc! I don't know why they have to make this so difficult. They know it's me, they talk to me over the phone as the 'official owner' of these domains, they know I have privacy on those two domains, yet they REFUSE to update my e-mail without documentation. So I am stuck right now because I cannot turn-off the privacy via DomainsByProxy (the company for the private registration), thus I cannot get the EPP codes for the domain transfers to the other company I already have hosting with. What a nightmare! I think this might be set-up this way on purpose to prevent anyone from leaving Godaddy because the Godaddy agent I was on the phone with was like "Well, you know, if worse comes to worst, and you can't get this done in time, you'll just have to renew your domains with us. And you'll have to renew in time otherwise you could get charged an additional $80 to get your domain back." Yeah, right. I bet this company is just wasting my time and energy and bullshitting me with all this nonsense. I'll try the twitter route and see if they're willing to cooperate more. Thanks and wish me luck...

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon, wow that sounds frustrating as hell.

Apparently your experience is fairly common (ie not receiving the email from Domains By Proxy). I was talking to friend about it since he used to have domains with Godaddy, and he said he also didn’t get the e-mail.

He went looking for a solution and found the following:
“1. In the GoDaddy product overview page, select another domain name and start the process to add Private Registration to it (click "Add" in the Private Registration column for a domain that doesn't have it).
2. In the modal window that pops up, near the bottom is a prompt that says "Select your Domains By Proxy account"
3. There should be a choice that contains your customer number (8-ish digits). Use that customer number to log on to Domains By Proxy, and use your GoDaddy password.”

It’s from the post here if you want to read the whole thing:

Btw, he tried this about 2-3 years ago, so not sure if the solution still works… but if it does, let me know.

- Vivian

Anonymous said...

@Vivian, It's Anon from above. Thanks for the info. I went ahead and read the whole post, but unfortunately all my domains already have private registration on them.

Any other suggestions are welcome!

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! Great news everyone - I DID it! I finally did it. I got all of my domains (even the ones that aren't anywhere near their expiration date) transferred out of Godaddy. It took a damn long time and was waaaay more of a hassle than it should have ever been, but I did it without having to renew or jump through all the Godaddy hoops. I will write more on how I finally managed to escape them. YES!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon - so glad it worked out for ya!! Would love to know you did it, so if someone asks me in the future I'll have an updated answer.

- Vivian

Anonymous said...

Hi @Vivian and Everyone,

First of all, getting rid of Godaddy was like trying to get rid of a pesky virus or an annoying persistent stalker. Yes, it was that bad/difficult. And I've been spending the better part of the week just trying to 'recover' from my Godaddy/Domains By Proxy ordeal.

What a ****ing pain in the a** it was to transfer domains out of Godaddy!


All I can say is, if any of you ladies or gentlemen reading this happen to have a blog, own a business, or run a website, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM GODADDY!!!

I just can't emphasize this one enough.

Please, do NOT under any circumstances, get involved with them. By avoiding them, you will save yourself a lot of grief plus tons of money and time down the road.

My experience - and it sounds like the experience of many, many others - was this: Godaddy makes it virtually impossible to transfer domains away from their company especially if you, like myself, had the misfortune of signing-up for their private registration. It's as though Godaddy relies on their customers forgetting the original e-mail address they signed up with, and when it comes time to leave their company, Godaddy/DomainsByProxy plays a serious game of keep away! Even though as a customer you originally
purchased the private registration through Godaddy, most people aren't aware or made sufficiently aware, that their privacy is now under the control of a separate Godaddy-owned company called DomainsByProxy. Your Godaddy customer number is NOT the same as the number you need to login to the DomainsByProxy account to turn-off the privacy feature, and ohh, do they looove emphasizing that it is NOT the same. WTF. And what is further infuriating and rather puzzling is that Godaddy will NOT give you the login information to go into your DomainsByProxy account (which, btw I was not even aware existed until I wanted to leave) to cancel the private registration even though you originally bought it from them! So if you've forgetten your old e-mail address, you're essentially outta luck. If you are desperate like I was to transfer out your domains to another company, DomainsByProxy (a.k.a. Godaddy) asks that you send in very private documents to prove that you are who you say you are. And if you refuse to follow their policy, they basically tell you "TOUGH LUCK! You're stuck with us!"

Well, after hours that turned into days that turned into weeks that eventually turned into months of dealing with Godaddy/DomainsByProxy, I just wanted to scream and throw a tantrum. And normally I consider myself to be a calm and patient person. And that's exactly what I ended up doing. I threw a ****ing tantrum after patiently listening to hour after hour of the bullshit advice Godaddy agents fed me over the phone which literally got me nowhere. And it became clear that they weren't gonna play nice, so I flung it right back at them. And no, I don't feel the least bit sorry for taking it out on a Godaddy employee because it was HIS decision to go work for this stupid, unethical company, making long-time, paying customers' lives like mine miserable. And I am sure that I am not the first nor the only person ever to yell at him for all the nonsense he kept throwing at me. After all this time and money wasted, Godaddy succeeded in doing one thing:


Anonymous said...

I lost trust in in them too. Demanding documents to prove my identity was definitely the last straw for me. I'd talked to them on the phone as the owner of these domains numerous times before. Why the **** do they need documents verifying my identity now all of a sudden? It made absolutely no sense. I didn't have to send in my documents proving my identification when I first signed-up, so why the **** do I need to send in all these documents now? Strange. Well, that's because it's just one of the tricks up their sleeves. To keep you trapped and to waste your time. Oh, they KNOW it's you alright. That's not the issue here at all. And they KNOW you're in a hurry and desperate to get out. But oops! Now all of a sudden it's the expiration date! How did that come by so fast? As if the trap weren't bad enough, they then proceed to intimidate you: they told me "You're gonna have to renew with us or else you could end up losing your domains and then you're gonna end-up having to pay 80 bucks to try to get your domains back." Supposing I DID send in all the 'required' documents to them. I'd STILL have no guarantee that they would actually give me my goddamned login ID # (what I 'supposedly' must have to cancel the privacy on the domains, get the ****ing authorization codes, and get the transfer underway.) I mean, so far they were acting like jerks and who knows? Who's to say that they still won't act like jerks even after they get all my documents? And more concerning was what the **** do they DO with all those documents?????

So I made up my mind that no matter what I was NOT going to send them ANY documents. They were being ridiculous, and I'd had enough of their silly little stunts.


So I went back to all of my old e-mails and painstakingly sifted through each and every Godaddy and DomainsByProxy e-mail I ever received from them, and came up with one possible e-mail address that DomainsByProxy could have sent the login information to. Turns out that it was such an old e-mail address that there was no such e-mail address in existence anymore. Well, if no one else had an e-mail by that name, then all I had to do was recreate the now defunct e-mail address so that Domains By Proxy would
finally send me that damn login info. At that point, it was just a matter of resetting my password for DomainsByProxy, logging into the account, turning off privacy, going back to my Godaddy account, getting the authorization code sent to me, initiating the transfer and getting the fuck outta there!

And that's exactly how I finally managed to escape from Godaddy.

The transfer was complete within the hour. Not being completely convinced however, I called Godaddy one last time to make sure that my domains were in fact transferred out of their company. This Godaddy agent, who seemed somewhat dumbfounded (perhaps this is such a rare occurence, that someone is actually able to escape from their iron grips) muttered something that sounded like he was confirming that they were: "Yeah, it looks like they're all transferred out, yeah..." I could hear him thinking to himself, "Wow, can't believe this one actually made it out, wonder how she did it...?"

So in the end, after all the trouble, I finally had the last laugh.


That's right - it was Hasta la vista, baby! Adios! Sayonara! Au Revoir! Arrivederci! Ciao! Auf Wiedersehen! Good-Bye foreva, Bob ****ing Parsons and Go ****ing daddy!

Anonymous said...

I might have sounded a bit facetious earlier, but I am absolutely DEAD SERIOUS when I say:


These guys behave like criminals. I'm surprised that they aren't all locked-up yet.

After some time, I began to realize that Godaddy had no intention of helping me, and it became clear that they were only interested in forcing me to pay and forcing me to stay, so I decided to stop going to them for help. Before I realized this, I was like the dog that gets beaten up by its owner. And goes back to the same owner for help. It was sad...

Godaddy didn't care that I was a long-time customer. They just wanted my money and to be able to continue taking my money whether I wanted to stay with them or not. And I imagine, that is precisely how this shady company makes it's money. I believe that their company, Domains By Proxy, was set up just for this purpose: to trap you by keeping your login ID # away from you, thereby forcing you to stay. As I explained before, even though I purchased privacy through Godaddy, it's under the control of this company called Domains By Proxy which is in fact owned by Godaddy.

Confused yet?

Wait, it gets even better! No matter how many times I asked for the DomainsByProxy login #, Godaddy refused to give me that information even though they KNEW it was me, myself and I, the domain holder and the purchaser of the private registrations and all of the associated domains. Don't think for a second that it was all by coincidence that this was set up this way. Be warned everyone: it is my opinion that Godaddy's set up a trap, and it was INTENTIONALLY set-up this way to keep customers from leaving!

What complete bastards they were!

And get this everyone: Godaddy told me over and over again that they can't give me my login # for DomainsByProxy because they're a SEPARATE company, and DomainsByProxy handles all the private regsitrations. Furthermore, when I asked what number I could call to speak directly to an agent at DomainsByProxy, Godaddy INSISTED that there is no such number to call, that DomainsByProxy can ONLY be reached via e-mail. But after some investigation of my own, I found a number that was for DomainsByProxy, and guess what? I called the number, and it went straight to Godaddy'S VOICEMAIL!

That's right. Who would've guessed?

And whad'ya know! GODADDY and DOMAINS BY PROXY are ONE & THE SAME!

Surprise, surprise!

Is anyone else weirded-out a bit by this?

Now, if this isn't game-playing, then what is?????

Anonymous said...

An uninformed person probably would have given up a LONG time ago. But since I was aware of just how bad of a company Godaddy was, thanks to this article, and was quite frankly, angered by Bob Parsons and his incredibly arrogant act of killing this poor elephant AND filming it, the more they continued to b.s. me, the more determined I became to permanently cut ties with this fucked-up company, whether it was by abandoning my domains (as much as that would suck) or by playing along with their stupid little games and eventually figuring out a way to beat them at their own game no matter how much time or effort it took. (Is this starting to sound familiar, ladies?)

A friend I'd confided in about all this informed me that it would NOT have taken this much time and effort to simply transfer domains out of a normal, non-Godaddy registrar. But because I had made the mistake of doing business with Godaddy, I ended-up paying the price, not to mention costly cell phone time. (And in case you were wondering why I didn't just call a toll-free number, Godaddy does NOT have a toll-free customer service number that you can call. Another odd thing for a business their size. Most legitimate businesses or considerate companies, certainly one as large as Godaddy, provide their customers with a toll-free number, no?)

Just stop and think for a minute: if Godaddy was a legitimate company, would it need to employ such ridiculous policies (or more accurately, as I like to call them: under-handed tactics?) Of course not. Legitimate, ethical companies compete in the marketplace based on who offers the best service. The fact that Godaddy feels the need to employ these tactics, not to mention all of their controversial ads exploiting both women AND animals, tells me that they are NOT a good company. Based on my own personal experience, their service is poor and their product offerings are shitty. No wonder they need an underhanded, sneaky, devious way to keep customers from leaving.

I'm telling you, these guys are no different from CROOKS!

I will NEVER return to Godaddy as a customer. EVER. Even if they BEG me to return and offer me FREE EVERTHING, I would NOT go back to them. For all the nonsense **** they put me through and all the headaches they've given me, I truly hope that Bob Parsons and Godaddy both burn to the ground, taking DomainsByProxy with them.

This got a little long, but hey, a girl's gotta vent after dealing with ***hole companies like Godaddy. I hope my nightmare experience will help even one person break free from Godaddy's grips. My point is this: If you don't have private registration, it'll probably be fairly easy to transfer your domains. Even if you did get private registration, don't lose hope. You can still cut ties with Godaddy if you're determined. This is a BAD company. And in the long run, it'll be worth the effort to cut ties with them.

And if any of you ever encounter Godaddy or Godaddy ads, RUN! And don't let those cheap domain prices fool you because believe me, you will end up paying for them in ways you never even imagined.


Anonymous said...

GoDaddy Super Bowl Commercial Pulled After Backlash

Wow, are these guys ever going to learn that cruelty to animals is NOT okay with the public??? Apparently not. GoDaddy was about to profit from yet another ad promoting cruelty to animals...but they had to pull the "2015 Super Bowl Ad After Slew Of Negative Feedback From Animal Advocates."


ABC News reports about it here:


Huffington Post writes about it here:


When will they ever learn? Well, apparently, they didn't read Ms. Mirror's advice that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Give us a break GoDaddy!!

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