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How The Moon Affects Your Sex Life

It’s been said the sexiest organ of the human body is the human mind. It seems Vedic astrology agrees.

When the lunar position in a person’s Vedic astrology chart shows a moon largely aspected (a planet’s aspects show it’s mathematical relationship to other astral bodies) by planets considered beneficent by the Vedic system it reveals the chart’s owner as possessing vigor and equilibrium not only in the mental arena, but in the sexual arena too.

The Strong Or Weak Vedic Moon

In Vedic astrology, a chart owner’s moon largely aspected by beneficent planets is considered strong. By the same token, a chart owner’s lunar position when aspected by planet’s regarded by the Vedic system as malefic is regarded as weak. Another way to look at this is to consider a moon aspected largely by beneficent planets as positive. Meanwhile, a moon aspected mainly by maleficent planets is considered negative. Hence, though two people have the same lunar position in their Vedic astrological chart, one may be positive, the other negative, owing to the beneficent, or maleficent, nature of the planets to which their lunar position is aspected.

The zodiac position the moon occupies, along with the moon's positive or negative quality, marks the romantic life of each chart's owner.

Aries Moon

Positive Aries moon: Appreciates rapture and the seduction of his loved one.

Negative Aries moon: Tends to rush things, even to the point of impatience.

Taurus Moon

Positive Taurus moon: Is unafraid to "get down and dirty." Sexual enjoyment makes him appealing to the opposite sex.

Negative Taurus moon: Can be picky.

Gemini Moon

Positive Gemini moon: Shows a bon-vivant temperament that mingles easily with those he finds attractive.

Negative Gemini moon: Denotes a vacillating spirit, too unsure to go after the one he wants.

Cancer Moon

Positive Cancer moon: Is a self-possessed intuitive, alluring to those of the opposite sex.

Negative Cancer moon: Is moody and at times unromantic.

Leo Moon

Positive Leo moon: Has confidence and sex appeal to spare.

Negative Leo moon: Shows a distant quality allied with a tendency to pick apart the moment.

Virgo Moon

Positive Virgo moon: Appears coy, but willing, in matters of sex.

Negative Virgo moon: Has many stagnated sexual interests, or boy "friends," which may aggravate her central relationship.

Libra Moon

Positive Libra moon: Is willing to give herself over to the moment.

Negative Libra moon: Is prone to getting duped.

Scorpio Moon

Positive Scorpio moon: Is straightforward in his sexual desires.

Negative Scorpio moon: Lacks zest for sex.

Sagittarius Moon

Positive Sagittarius moon: Is loyal and devoted.

Negative Sagittarius moon: Is prone to exasperation in sexual matters.

Capricorn Moon

Positive Capricorn moon: Knows how to put his sexual needs first.

Negative Capricorn moon: May be wanton and fickle.

Aquarius Moon

Positive Aquarius moon: Is capable of sopping up every nuance of a sexual encounter.

Negative Aquarius moon: Finds it difficult to distinguish true love from the banal.

Pisces Moon

Positive Pisces moon: Is gung-ho for sex in all its flavors.

Negative Pisces moon: Is apt to flit from flower to flower with no real sense of loyalty.

Looking For The "One"

By using Vedic astrology to add some lunar depth to their astrological knowledge Western astrology buffs can garner a whole new handle on their love life, even discover that ‘one’ with the best astrological compatibility with their own moon sign, just by observing some canny Vedic moon-mapping.

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Derek is a Pisces who is an active blogger for the website Aligned Signs, an astrology matching website. Always having an interest in astrology and self-awareness, Derek is fairly new to blogging. In his spare time he enjoys spending his time with his girlfriend and family and just living a peaceful life.

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Tricia said...

Interesting that you look through this lens, the Moon and romance- I like it! Very true.

Anonymous said...

what of unaspected moons? And can you talk much more about men + moon + venus + mars status. As well as women the same, both in regards to romance. As in - a deep analysis from potential for relationship perspective, and the aspects of these planets. Eg - a man will pursue in such and such way, if his mars is aspected by (and go through the planets). Same with venus, same with moon.

Amit Lamba said...

Very Interesting and Refreshing . Something Never Attempted Before I guess.

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