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Web Bot And 2012 - Answers

I'm just amazed by the amount of comments received and discussions that are taking place here. That's just what I intended for so much thanks to you all!

In light of all the discussion, I've read through the comments and decided to try and provide answers to some of them. So, I'll just jump right in . . .

Ben stated: "The Earth will line up with the galactic center of the galaxy in 2012? No. No it won't. It already did, in 1997. I don't know about any of you, but I didn't change that much. So any effects that you expect to take place in 2012 already did, in 1997."

Answer: It is not the Earth that will align. The 2012 alignment is that of the Sun with the Center of the Galactic Equator, which is the precise mid-line running down the Milky Way Galaxy, where we now know a massive black hole exists. (Yet somehow, the Mayans have always known of it's existence.)

Rlowe said: "I'm still a skeptic though. how could a web bot that's designed to predict stock market activity be able to predict anything not directly related to the stock market?"

Answer: Here's how it works - as provided by the bot guys at Urban Survival.com . . .

"A system of spiders, agents, and wanderers travel the Internet, much like a search engine robot, and look for particular kinds of words. It targets discussion groups, translation sites, and places were regular people post a lot of text.

When a "target word" is found, or something that was lexically similar, the web bots take a small 2048 byte snip of surrounding text and send it to a central collection point. The collected data was then filtered, using at least 7-layers of linguistic processing in Prolog, which was then reduced to numbers and then a resultant series of scatter chart plots on multiple layers of Intellicad. Viewed over a period of time, the scatter chart points tend to coalesce into highly concentrated areas. Each dot on the scatter chart might represent one word or several hundred.

To define meanings, words or groups of words have to be reduced to the their essence. The process is like looking for least common denominators among groups of words. The core of the technology, therefore, is to look at how the scatter chart points cluster - condensing into high dot density areas which we call entities and then dissolving or diffusing over time as the entities change. Do a drill down into a dot and you get a series of phrases.

What becomes obvious when reading about the technology is that it sometimes reads a bit like the I Ching (the Chinese Book of Changes) because the technology doesn't come out and say "go look for a terrorist attack over there" What it does is it gives phrases that would be associated with how people talk about an event, or more accurately, how they change their speech to reflect their thought processes because of an event.

The web bot technology apparently taps in to an area of preconscious awareness. Dean Radin's paper "
Time-Reversed Human Experience: Experimental Evidence and Implications". The mind-bending evidence in Radin's work is that in a laboratory, people begin to react to an event as early as 6-seconds before it takes place. In other words, if you are about to show someone a horribly grotesque picture of something, they will already be physically reacting to it before the picture actually becomes visible. Up to 6-seconds. In quantum terms, Radin's work demonstrates that people are physically able to perceive 6-seconds into the future.

It's as if changes in language precede large emotional events. The larger the emotional impact of an event, the more advance notice the bots seem to give. If you picture some pin holes in a piece of paper - and you imagine being able to look through each pinhole for a fraction of a second - with the objective of seeing the future on the other side of the paper - that's where the web bots are today."

PHP Encoder asked: Could it not just be that this web bot is picking up LOADS of references to 2012 and that's why its coming up with this prediction as they're all talking about the same thing?

Answer: Sure, that counts for something. However, there's much more to it than that. Please refer to Dean Radin's paper: Time-Reversed Human Experience: Experimental Evidence and Implications.

"Ever since Plato's Allegory of the Cave, people have sensed that odd things go on at the archetype level of consciousness. The web bots are an attempt to use the high data density of the Internet to sample language and seek linguistic shifts that we believe may precede events. The initial results suggest that language shifts on a macro level begin to occur 45 to 90 days before society-changing events. We believe we've demonstrated that changes in language do indeed precede events - on a far grander scale than Dean Radin's work first suggested - and these language changes are available by sampling routine Internet traffic." - Urban Survival.com

"People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." – Albert Einstein

Annonymous asked: Where can we get FACTUAL information about the "Web Bot Project?"

Answer: From the bot project operators, of course! Visit Peoplenomics or Urban Survival.com and go grom there . . .

And for those of you fearing the end of the world - stop doing so - and try to consider this. Could it just be the end of our world "as we know it" rather than a literal end? That's what I believe it will bring about. A societal movement into a higher consciousness. And it's possible that the catalyst for this movement will be devastating earthly events that will remind us of our ignorance as earthly beings. Because we are unappreciative of our surroundings and slowly destroying the environmental gifts placed here for us. It is not logical to think that there are no consequences for this ignorance . . . .

I think we are already slowly beginning to realize that it's possible that we are two halves which make a whole - part spiritual being, part earthly being. But we've forgotten about our spiritual selves and I believe we will be remembering our divinity soon. That's what I believe the significance of 2012 will be, and that's just my opinion. Feel free to air yours in our comment section here.

That's as far as I've gotten so far. But that's enough to begin investigating for yourself and discussing here, right? So what do you think . . . . does any of this change your opinion at all?

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Anonymous said...

how about area 51? its been on earth for a while and a secret, shouldn't they know a little something of this "doomsday of 2012?"

Anonymous said...

Wow what an interesting article...I too believe that the changes we will be experiencing will be on a higher consciousness level. We have become absolutely ridiculous and need a shake up to bring us back to reality about what is good and right...aren't there many of you out there just tired of dealing with people in general - the nastiness - the selfishness that is permeating everything...I for one am looking forward to this change...I hope that the work I am doing on myself will help me understand the changes I know are coming.

Anonymous said...

I'm if you beleive in Jesus Christ then you have nothing to fear. John 3:16

GazingBear said...

I've been told this before, and I've only been meditating for over a year, which is not long. But from what I have felt, the earth is changing. I have read too that the earth's natural vibration is highering, cause more spiritual attunement. I have "lived" with spiritual people, and they too believe 2012 is a significent year of many things. Other than spiritual meaning, is christian's thought of the apocolypse will begin, or have meaning with 2012? Also, which may sound fantasy like, i have been in the woods, or meditating in the trees, and its more of a subconcious talk of a better way. In a way it could be the vibrations mentioned before. Mayans, chinese, many contries from many centuries apart have different ways, is possible, can you explain some? I've looked for them, and its ripped off people posting what they say(partly) and giving their opinion for it. Its not a game, mayans(no communication with the world) and many other countries come up with 2012 as some high thing.

Anonymous said...

I am a hindu and our holy texts also point to similar consequences at the end of present age. According to some calculations it is around early 21st century - could be 2012. According to our encient texts, this world has been destroyed and rebuilt several times in the past and would continue to experience similar fates - each destruction giving birth to a more advanced culture. The creation passes through several time cycles called "Kalpa" - each consisting 4 ages or "yuga"s. First age being the "Satya yuga" (the golden age. It is the longest of them all when people are virtuous and forces of evil are at their weakest), followed by "Treta Yuga" (it is the time when people begin to corrupt, but holiness still rules). Then comes "Dwapar Yuga" when evil begins to rise and equals with the force of holiness. Then comes "Kali Yug" - the darkest age having the shortest life time. Evil prevails in this age. We are presently at this age. The last "Kali Yug" began after 33years of the "Mahabharata war"- which happened around 3300B.C.As per some calculations, the life time of "Kali Yuga" is 5000 years and it will end with extreme destruction around the world. Then another "Kalpa" will begin with a new golden age. Humanity WILL survive.

Anonymous said...

This societal movent into a higher consciousness theory corralate with Nishida Kitaro's logic of contradictory ident theory in which the identitty of human being is social and individual, whas the social part of man is the nature of man and historical material of man and the individual is the absolute spirit human being or the religious spirit of human being.

Anonymous said...

The following predict a 2012 mega-event:

1) Sibylline and Delphic oracles - Cave-dwelling Greek religious fanatics high on the same psychoactive chemical found when sniffing glue.
2) Terrence McKenna + I Ching - A guy most famous for being high on mushrooms and conversing with machine-elves fixates on a Chinese magic 8-ball, creates a graph, and arbitrarily overlays it on a timeline of a small fraction of human history.
3) Merlin - Yes, King Arthur's Merlin. Yeeees.
4) Mother Shipton - Some nonexistent old lady in a cave with a bunch of hoaxed prophecies written centuries later.
5) Web-Bot - A Bible-Code for the Internet, and roughly as accurate as Sylvia Brown. Absurd because it's still humans telling it what to search for, preconceptions of whom will necessarily skew results.
6) Of course the Maya, a people well-known for their foresight, as demonstrated by their behavior toward Cortes.

Other stuff that simply points (vaguely) to an apocalypse, at some future point:

1) Revelations
2) Nostradamus
3) Black Elk of the Ghost Dance
4) Probably Edgar Cayce, too

... which are all of course used to predict all manner of things, not only 2012.

Did I leave any out? Is there any compelling reason at all to believe that this date will be of any significance?

Anonymous said...

i believe something has to happen for humanity to wake up to realization. People have to be shocked into changing their way of thinking, living in order for us to prosper as a race. We must stop thinking that money is the key to everything.If you stop to think all the bad things in this world are all created with money and how we can make more.We need to go back to basics!

Anonymous said...

December 23 2012 will bring us freedom as we will become new members of the universe. Good things coming!!!

Anonymous said...

how is it that we can achieve so much from the time we had on earth like establishing a government, and travailing to space, restoring almost extinct animals etc, but yet nobody can give a straight answer on whats going to happen on 2012, religion says its the start of Armageddon or non believers are saying its not going to happen just like all the other times that people said the world was going two end,or its a weed smoking day like 4:20 but that last one i doesn't even think makes sense so what is it true or not,whats going to happen is religion involved or what everywhere u go its always different answers.

Anonymous said...

Maybe that date will be the date that aliens from another planet will make contact with us that would be awesome! As it stands it seems that most religions are awaiting the end of days trapped in man made dogma I believe 2012 will be a change in the collective thinking as our thoughts are more powerful than we give them credit for THOUGHTS become things so choose the good ones! Anyone remember Y2K ? and nothing came of that ....Most likely those that think the world will end in 2012 will celebrate their holiday in a cave or an underground shelter only to realize that they were way off lol funny how most people will embrace the negative more so than positive....

Anonymous said...

i don't know if i will believe in your article,but honest im afraid.i want to live long i want to experience the hapiness of life.i wish it will not happen soon

Unknown said...

The 2012 - point of human consciousness,and not natural.Ends with a cycle time of human history and begin the next cycle.No more.

Anonymous said...

Four colors for the four races of man: Yellow,
Red, Black, White, same as the colors of the Four Directions. 2012 will introduce a fifth race, color, and direction. A race from the stars.

Anonymous said...

k i just want to make one thing perfectly clear if anything happens in 2012 it has 100% nothing to do with "God" or Religion i am sick and tired of people saying "Dont worry God has a plan" or crap just as useless... people if there is a massive change in the way we think and act and react with each other, then i guarantee it will be a change in everyones perception of religion. The roots of religion, or the morals, and not religion itself is the key to our survival and if everyone thinks god will take care of or problems no one will try to fix the problem for themselves. Basically whether 2012 brings unimaginable doom or simply just a new era of consciencness the only way we will ever further evolve as people is if we stop seperating ouselves between articles of faith and start concentrating on being sympathetic, caring , and more aware of our impact on other people especially the ones who cant even defend themselves

glen8p (waitwhatrocks@aol.com) said...

Alien contact is more likely than Jesus coming back. Facts: That black hole IS there and asteroids have been problematic before (ask a Dinosaur). Destructive global changes due to man (global warming, pollution-derived weather changes, and mass disease/hunger due to J-shaped population) are most likely. I would not be surprised if the world ended during my lifetime. And while I am skeptical of "seeing the future", collective unconsciousness, Radin's work, our ignorance on the mind and time, and a personal experience with an incredibly precise fortune teller make me wonder. What may be strange about my view: While I believe we need some environmental respect and changes, I personally don't CARE if the world ends. According to my nightmares, the end comes from the sky, and will be peaceful and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Like the normal December equinox, December 21 marks the first day of Winter, 2012's equinox is a marker for the first day of massive change. In similar fashion, the following months will reflect these changes. The current economic condition is a preplanned distraction, so that most people will be focused on economic survival, overlooking the approaching effects of Planet X. The excessive spending, knowing that it won't matter. And the governmental health care to keep the Docs and medical staff on the hook as long as possible after most can't afford medical care. It's all connected!

Anonymous said...

guys i want to act but personally i need more info

do u know any books, articles, sites?

Anonymous said...

iam feared by your prediction,i became disappointed,i am staudying but now i do not want to study because if it happened we all will die,i hope it would be wrong

Anonymous said...

I belive that you are all partially correct in a ssuming that 2012 will be a new beginig for mankind, however the changes that will lead up to a new begining are going to be castastrophic for the simple fact that people belive what they think to be real, example the anticrist armagedon the writings of scripture that are belived to be the way things need to be and therefore people as a whole will make events that they feel need to come through wether or not it would of happend that way is another topic.

Anonymous said...

I don´t know anything about 2012... Since 1985 I have read about prophecies and never, never until 2008 I heard nothing about 2012! The last december when COP15 happened in Denmark I start to read prophecies again to check History Channel 2012 campaign. Even in 1999 and 2000 I never realized this fever about prophecies we have now.
Well, I found a reference for 2011 and another for 2013 both related with Pope and church. Are the "rainbow warriors" coming?
But I become very depressive when I changed my mind from global warming warning to pre-glacial period warning. I read in Britannica Encyclopaedia (1980 ed) about glaciation and its causes: one of them is the increase of CO2 in atmosphere. English wikipaedia have several chapters about including periodic extermination in Earth, eleven year hot sun spot cycle etc. I now believe in a more or less two year error about prophecies time, So we are in the timeline now. Afterwards what is coming. My preferences fall over huge hot sun spot in 2012 (the year of maximum activity of sun in the present eleven year cycle) or a new sun (a supernova near from solar system - or (do you remember Europa, the Saturn moon that become a star in the (continuation of 2001 Odissey in Space called) "2010 the year we will make contact".
The 2012 movie has no scientific basis specially about neutrinos, but makes me suspicious about the own earth nucleous heat being generated inside the planet.
Cop 15 make mes believe that we all are going to a new state of conciousness (or conciousless) in heaven or in hell. Be luck!

Anonymous said...

Where we went wrong?



FEED HIM and he will return "enslaved"

Anonymous said...

Well as for 2012, I commented in a previous post. The END of a cycle is also the beginning of another. December 22, 2012 will come like any other. I doubt very seriously humanity will take some mysterious psychic and spiritual evolutionary step forward. It's more like the magnetics of the planet will provide us with much to be concerned about as they are right now. Also consider the sun which has much to do with the climate change currently manifesting.

And it seems we have a 26000 year cycle going on. The Mayans knew it, but they know a lot of things their stupid religion entranced counterparts from Europe didn't know.

You can't look at Puma Punku in Bolivia


and come away with the notion that human advancement can be ANYTHING BUT cyclical. It is certainly not linear. It's happened before and it will happen again. The only thing permanent in life is change.

We should embrace the change (not obama) but also learn from the change. Many will perhaps suffer but we must look to the Mayan, and the Native American people as exemplary of what humans were intended to be on this planet; not conquers, but helpers.

Anonymous said...

Clif High blames Israel in the ww3 prediction. He seems oblivious to why: Muslims around the world have always hated Jews(from the writings of Mohammed) and they would destroy Israel as part of their own armaggeddon in order to usher in the new world of muslim dominance and rule over the world. That is why destroying Israel is in the agenda spoken by Ahmadinejad.

Daniel Handley said...

Humanity will face great misery and destruction,but will live and learn from their sins and follow the path of good to a better life.

BARTY said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If the end is comming theres nothing that can be done any way, so live life wile you can and don't worry

Anonymous said...

Maybe anonymous October 6, 2010 10:20 AM can use the remainding time to leard how to spell wHile.

Anonymous said...

Maybe anonymous November 19, 2010 can use their time learning how to spell "remaining" or even "learn" before criticizing others.

Dallas Michael Reese said...

Jesus said "Do not worry about what you will eat or what you will drink. Consider the lilies of the field that neither toil nor reap and even Solomon in all his splendor was not adorned as they are and yet our Father in heaven takes care of them."

Anonymous said...

It is hypothesized that the human race is a genetically manipulated species created in the image of its creator. This could mean that a species similar to ours visited here and we are their way of continuing their (our) species. There are probably other worlds where similar colonies exist.

It has also been said that they come back from time to time to check up on us.

It could be that they know there are going to be cataclysmic changes in the earth when the poles reverse and are coming back to either save some of us as they don't want their colony destroyed or are returning to keep us from killing each other during the aftermath of societal breakdown.

So the earth will survive and as long as the planet is capable of sustaining their colony we will continue as a race.

However, there may be a significant thinning of the herd and those left will certainly be on a higher level of understanding because the truth will then be known. That is exactly who we are and what we are and why we are here.

Afterwards there will be the resultant advancements given their technologies. Talk about the fast-track to unimagined progress, everything about the encounter will be mind-blowing. A great many will not be able to handle that or the fact that their religion is gone.

We will no longer have to direct any focus to taking our species elsewhere to survive. They should be able to answer all of that. We will be able to put all our efforts to doing what is needed here. But who knows what that will be. Big changes indeed.

Comments: tabasco59@comcast.net

Anonymous said...

Even the bible tells of bad times ahead. Not 12/1/2012 but it tells of bad times.

Anonymous said...

Meditate. Eat a healthy karmicly clean organic diet. Exercise your body and mind. Love unconditionally in all your interactions. Be positive for no reason at all.

Do these things..and you should make it through just fine.

-Pleadian teaching

Anonymous said...

Well i have started doing some research on all of this over the last 2 months after hearing so much of these predictions etc.

Seems like we may just be so dissolutioned to what is really going on that we wont even see it coming. ie the New world Order.

Denver Airports international sector has some quite graphic murals painted not to mention the layout of the airport is quite controversial and unusual for an airport. *look up denver airport conspiracy on youtube and make up your own mind" its just a starting point.

Perhaps there are powers to be above us "elites" that know things that we aren't privvy to and use this to manipulate the rest of the world.

What if our education we receive was designed to make us see things a certain way?

Everything we see on tv messes with our thinking and views on the world to distract us?

i think there is alot more than meets the eye behind the 2012 theory. Nasa recently released a report showing that there is a hole in our atmosphere and 2012 is expected to see the sun go through a series of solar flares etc that would cause lots of issues for earth with the hole in the ozone layer.

There is so much to write or consider but i think no matter what we do it cant be changed. We can only make more and more people aware of whats going on *provided we can look past all the disinformation.

Anonymous said...

As with prayer, when you focus on one thing you will actually "feel" the presence. This is what is happening now, but in multiple groups. The wealthy and greedy, the religious and some fanatics', the spiritualists, and those that don't care. As we put focus toward something, it manifests. Just watching the troubles in Egypt, Libya, Tunisian, Iraq, all over the world, and coincidentally we have a massive earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. This is evidence enough that our negativity across the board is bringing on our own demise. The best any of us can do is believe in the good of people and aim to be good ourselves and then we will see what comes next. Help one another everyday, think of your own purification. No matter what, you will feel better because of it.

Unknown said...

"Could it just be the end of our world "as we know it" rather than a literal end?" I always say the exact same thing as that is what the Mayans said. That is why this occurence happens every so many years and has happened many times in the past.

T. F. Frontier said...

The catholic church has "in its holy infinite wisdom" admitted the existence of intelligent life beyond earth. Now we have all these crazy alien shows on TV. Ancient alien theory explains a lot of unsolved mysteries. So if the aliens are going to make themselves known to the general public, why not do it on 12/22/2012. Wooooooooooo
And maybe they will call themselves.....VULCANS
Live Long and Prosper. Jim Beam me up Scotty.
Goin off to Eden, yeah brother.

Anonymous said...

In response to Anonymous of Jan 21st 2011, your post is for me, most believable. I would like to believe 'they' have left their technology here for us to discover on earth when we 'humans' are ready ... but as advanced as they are, and although they 'accelerated' our genetic code, I cannot conceive that they are our ultimate creator/s. This whole 2012 issue forces life / death issues and questions whereupon ultimately one has to trust their faith on a spiritual level. I believe humanity is going to be facing the litmus test of ones belief on this level. Whether 'they' are coming back to help us, or whether they have no choice due to their planetary orbit dictating so, I believe they will do their best to help, as they did almost 3,700 years ago ... but as we get closer to Dec 21st 2012, I'd rather be praying to the spiritual world ... our true home ... but that doesn't take aware my fear ... I'm right now, only human!

Anonymous said...

just live and let live

Larry D said...

like that country song says,"I hope you all could live like your dying"-don't tell me when the world is going to end- just let me live today to it's fullest

Michael Kinsey said...

Ala, the prime directive of Star Trek, the Command of God is Life Eternal, making the purpose of life, the process of life giving life ,to life, unto Eternal Life. There is a catch, which is do only those things that give life to life. rather than sowing destructive things. Then reap what you sow, with no choice in the matter. Easy Peesey.

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