"Mirror, Mirror on the wall . . . where did he go, and why doesn't he call?"

When You See Your Ex With Someone New

Yea, it happens. And it usually sucks. But let’s face it, life is full of challenges and obstacles to overcome every single day, this is nothing new.

Seeing an ex with someone new can hurt. It can cause jealousy, increased anxiety, over reaction and lots of sleepless, worrisome nights. However, in spite of all of that, it can also be a fantastic growth experience. One that can make you look like a shining star in your exes eyes.

Yes, I said it. Seeing your ex with someone new can be a fantastic opportunity to make you look like some kind of superstar to your ex. How, you ask?

Let’s explore, shall we?

When an ex is with someone new and they see an old flame in the same room, their heart skips a beat, too. Don’t be fooled by their calm, smug, outward appearance. Inside, most times, they’re trembling, too. So know that going into it. Ignore their smiles and the happy, laughing experiences they appear to be having. Inside, they’re experiencing an emotional overload.

And you’re about to kick that overload up into over drive – and come out smelling like a rose.

The Story of Jack, Jill and Cruella DeVille

Sit down ladies and gentlemen. Because you’re not prepared for what I’m about to say.

When you see your ex with someone new, what should you do? (Men, this goes for you, too, so just reverse the roles here.)

You should approach them. Yes, that’s right, approach them. Stick with me here, this isn’t about confrontation, it’s about rising above, becoming enlightened. It’s about looking like a fantastic, well-adjusted human being. It's about strength and composure. And most importantly . . . this is about impressing the hell out of your ex.

Yea, that’s right – what do ya’ think o’ me now!

That’s what you’re going to be able to walk away and say to yourself. And you’re going to look like a star here. Your ex isn’t even going to see this one coming. They’re going to see you approaching, and they’re going to have an accident in their pants. You’re going to see the sweat on their brow.

So let’s use Jack and Jill here as examples of how to properly pull this off. Jack and Jill broke up. They have mutual friends in common. They’ve both been invited to attend the party of a mutual friend and you’ve heard through the grapevine that Jack is dating someone new. (Or vice versa for male readers.)

Ok, fine. You’ve got this.

You come in the door and who’s the first person you see standing there, laughing, and for all intents and purposes, appears to be having a great time with . . .hmm.

Okay, let’s call her Cruella. You’re exes new girlfriend’s name is Cruella (Yes, as in Cruella DeVille.)

So ole’ Jack and Cruella appear to be having the time of their lives. That is, until Jack sees . . .YOU. You know Jack well and you see him stammer a bit as he pulls his gaze away from you. He’s fidgeting and looks like he may be becoming a bit uncomfortable.


Jack is now thinking, “Crap. She’s here. Wonder what she’s going to do? She’s going to make a scene, I know it. But I’m going to ignore her. I’m going to look as if I’m having the time of my life with Cruella.”

Ok Jack, whatever. It’s a ruse and we all know it.

Rather than have everyone feel awkward, waiting for a scene from Fatal Attraction to erupt, you’re going to let ole Jack know – he was wrong about you. He doesn’t know you. You’re a new woman. You’re independent of him. You are so over him, it’s not even funny. He meant nothing to you and you’ve got this.

So off you go, through the crowd, weaving your way towards Jack and Cruella. She looks a bit like a deer caught in the headlights and you hear her let off a nervous laugh. Jack has a look of genuine concern on his face.

Again, perfect. This is about to go your way and these two, even though they don’t know it, are going to play right into this.

You’ve arrived. You have a drink in your hand, you’re looking better than you have in years and you’re feeling confident (and if you’re not, fake it). You turn to face Cruella (the new flame should always be approached first). You extend your hand and you introduce yourself, “Hi, I’m Jill. I’m Jacks old girlfriend. It’s very nice to meet you.”

Cruella looks like she’s about to barf on your shoes. And Jack’s heart has stopped, he is now in a catatonic state of disbelief.


Cruella extends her hand and gives you a wimpy handshake. You now turn to face Jack. “Hi Jack, how are you? You look good.” Jack can’t believe his ears. He’s caught off guard and he’s feeling extremely uncomfortable right now.


Jack replies in a soft, confused voice, “Hi Jill, I’m doing well, how about you?”

This is where you begin to shine and radiate white like, like a supernova.

“Oh Jack, I’m doing great! Things at work are going really well and I’ve been very busy lately. There are a lot of good things happening.”

Jack can’t believe his ears. He’s thinking, “What! She doesn’t miss me? She’s not crumbling? She’s not in therapy?” And the next thing that will immediately spring to mind is, “She’s over me. I can’t believe it. And she looks stunning.”

Perfect. But you’re not finished yet.

You now turn to face Cruella once again. And this time . . . sit down, it’s coming. This time, you’re going to compliment Cruella. Yes – you are. You’re going to pick something out that you like (or pretend to like) about something she’s wearing, her hairstyle, her makeup, her shoes, her bag, her jewelry. Pick something out. And then you say to her, “Wow, I really like your __________.” Fill in the blank.

“I really like your haircut, that looks so cute on you.” (Yes, I've used this one before.) Or, “I really love those shoes, where did you get those?” Or, “That’s an awesome bag, is that new?”

Listen for it . . . crickets chirping in the silence.

These two are completely thrown, so an immediate response may not come. You stand strong, you smile and you wait for the response. Cruella will finally spit something out, like a weak, eensy teensy, “thank you.”

Pefect. That’s good enough for you. You’re work here is done.

Before you go, you look both of them dead in the eye and you say, “Well, it was really great meeting you Cruella. And Jack, it was really nice to see you. “

And off you go.

Once you’ve done this, the only job you have for the rest of the evening is to circulate this party, laughing, socializing and having a great time. The confidence and positive energy you’re going to be emitting are going to impress everyone who witnessed this.

Including Jack – and yes, even Cruella.

Speaking of Jack and Cruella

Cruella's mind is now racing and she is seriously questioning things. Why? Because chances are, Jack has spent countless hours talking about what a crazy nut job you were. How you were jealous, unreasonable, emotional – a loose cannon, basically. (She expected to see you in a straight jacket, not that hot little black dress you showed up in.)

But now, all of that looks like a bunch of lies to Cruella and she's seriously questioning Jack as a man. She’s not stupid. She’s standing there saying to herself, “She seems nothing like what he said she was. Was he lying to me? Why did he make her look so bad? If it wasn’t her, it must’ve been him. Who the hell am I dating here? Do I even know this guy? Does he say all women are crazy? Will he say I’m crazy if we break up? Will he try to make me look bad, like he’s attempted to do with her?”

Ahhh . . . what’s that? The sweet sound of success.

And wait, what’s this? Jack is now staring at you, hard. His eyes are following you all over as you work the room like a rock star. He’s never seen you in this light before and now he’s thinking, “Wow, maybe I was wrong about her.”

Yea, that’s right Jack. You had me all wrong.

Two weeks later, you hear through the grapevine that Jack and Cruella are no longer together.

And Jack is now ringing your phone.

He gets your ringback tone (please listen to the music until your party is reached) and hears, “Hit the road Jack . . . and don’t you come back, no more, no more, no more, no more.”

And Cruella?

She’s so disappointed in her experience with Jack, that she decides she’s done with men . . . instead, she just adopted 101 Dalmations. (Or cats ;-)

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miss_sunshine said...

needless to say you have a very inspiring way of putting things! :) i feel i am attending a sort of "school for smart ladies" whenever i read your blog .. and it feels great. it's a lovely community if i think of it and i like it.

it's a challenge to try and put to practice some of the things you mention in your articles and responses but, even if it seems to have a slow effect, it WORKS! way to go there Mirror :D

it's funny... any woman on this planet is much stronger emotionally than any given man, and yet somehow she loses herself on the most insignificant details until she learns to build herself strong and confident. those are probably the most attractive traits a woman can ever have.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Miss Sunshine,
I try to keep it fresh and give everybody a glimpse of things from a different perspective - by taking a good, hard look in "the mirror."

Notice I said hard? ;-)

That's because, no, it isn't easy. Change isn't easy, changing isn't easy, and sometimes life's lessons are a bit hard to swallow, as is truth many times.

But in the end, it's for the best and it will enrich you life and help spurn positive growth.

Believe me, I've got plenty of bumps, dings and bruises along the way myself. And the thing to remember is this - none of this is meant to have an immediate effect. It's no "magic pill."

And what I recommend, to make it easier to change and to begin using much of what I suggest here in your life is . . if you can't do it all right away, begin practicing little bits and pieces of it here and there. You'll have some trial and error along the way, that's to be expected. But if you begin making small attempts at new behaviors, you become familiar with them, you become comfortable when them in time.

And as time moves on, you add more to your daily routines and relationships. And you then become comfortable with those. And before you know it, you're there - you've incorporated all of these new behaviors and responses that you are now ultimately comfortable with and begin using regularly, without even having to think about it.

They become part of your natural responses eventually. It's simply a matter of getting comfortable with the change, comfortable with the behavior, comfortable with asserting yourself and comfortable - in your own skin.

You become stronger.

So don't drive yourself mad or get discouraged if you can't make all of these behavioral changes at once . . baby steps, sweetie. Treat it as a gradual build up.

Start small with a few changes here and there. And once you begin to see them working to your advantage and you begin getting comfortable with them - it all just falls into place.

Because honestly, much of what I say here is simply pure logic, common sense. Nothing complicated it you break it down. And much of what I say, even if you don't realize it, actually aligns with what women instinctually feel.

For example, when a guy blows a woman off - she feels insulted. Her gut is saying to her, "He's a creep." But instead of listening to her God given instincts - she tends to make excuses, "Oh he's just stressed is all."

And then I come along and say, "No. He's not stressed. He's a creep." Many women then say, "Yea, you know, that's what I was thinking at first, too."

So you see, you already have the answers many times. But rather than apply logic and follow them - emotions get in the way that blind things.

So when I say, "He's a creep, just leave him" - because this resonates with the woman, as it was the first thing her gut was telling her, she then can align her behaviors with her instincts - and it all becomes rather natural.

Always listen to your gut. And if you're not sure what that is or when it's speaking to you . . . I'll give you a little insight into that.

Your gut is speaking to you in the first 3-5 seconds of a thought. After 3-5 seconds, emotion and rationale move in - and push gut instincts out of the way.

This is how psychics tap in - flashes and quick images and thoughts that pop up for brief seconds and then disappear. They're tapping into gut instincts, and listening to them. While others are out there, rationalizing them away.

Whatever you think about a guy or something he's done - whatever pops into your head in the first 3-5 seconds after - listen to that, it's your gut speaking to you. Don't ignore it.

Anonymous said...

What I did in my case was flaunt my new awesome boyfriend. :p He was all over me and my ex and his gf got super uncomfortable. :D

@Mirror of aphrodite...I have been reading all your posts and they are simply superb. I don't just read them but try to follow them as well. I read your post on aries male as well..wanted to post a comment, err, rather ask a question there but couldn't...the comment list is too large for my poor cell phone. :/ do you mind if I ask you here?

Anonymous said...

I really like your advice!!!! What if you are not really ready to introduce yourself? I think I would only be able to smile at them and then keep it moving. What are your thoughts?

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Maybe then a smile and a "Hi, how are you?" would work. But the introduction here is what really knocks the ex outta the park. Without it, the impact is gone.

Anonymous said...

So when your ex leaves you and he finds out your doing better than him, He regrets it? Say a woman starts a business or something like that?

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Well, that wasn't necessarily the point. The point was that there was no show of emotion. No freaking out, no melt down, no hurt feelings, no jealousy, etc. And when a man can't get the reaction from a woman that he expects, that tosses him for a loop.

However, to your point, there's an old saying:

"The best revenge is doing well."

Which goes back to the fact that - if you're doing well, that isn't the reaction a man is expecting from a woman after a breakup. So yes, that may toss him for a loop.

You see, when men and women breakup, the man expects the woman to crumble, for her entire world to collapse. Because generally, women when in relationships make their entire world about the man - they lose themselves in a man. Men know this, so when a breakup occurs, they expect to see the woman fall apart - because they know they were her world and know they're gone.

And when a woman stands strong, they don't get the reaction they were expecting and it's a blow to their ego in a sense. They start to question themselves about their decision, wondering why they've had to negative effect on the woman.

A man on one of the articles on this site once said something to the effect of, "that's how I know where to strike to do the most damage."

He didn't say, "that's where I strike to win her heart" he said, "strike to do the most damage."

Men look for a woman's weak spot, her vulnerability, and then they zone in on it. Don't ask me why, they just do. I imagine it has something to do with gaining the upper hand and control. Which is why women need to protect themselves.

But yes, when a woman moves on and does fine - does even better - this tends to eat a man up. It's insulting to his ego for him to think he had no ill effect on her or her well being. So then he begins to question himself and doubt himself.

Again, "Doing well is the best revenge." ~ George Herbert, English clergyman & metaphysical poet (1593 – 1633)

Anonymous said...

HI,Mirror of aphrodite,i have a burning question,have you got an email address i can ask in private,i have found your advice very helpful,but i am in a situation where by if i don't get the best advice now am going to be a wreck,i have even been feeling a little suicidal i can't sleep all of this over an ex i had a child with,please help

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

I don't answer questions via email or I'd be at it all day long.

Feel free to ask your questions here in the comments section and I will answer them.

I give people the "Anonymous" comment option here because of the sensitive topics discussed on this site. So that readers can feel free to express themselves without judgment, fear of retribution and the receive peace of mind under the guise of anonymity.

So feel free to post your questions and share your story here. That way, you can also receive the support of the large female community here as well - which is something it appears you may be in need of.

As an aside to your mention of feeling suicidal, please, please do everything in your power to wash away those thoughts.

No man, nothing in this universe, is worth giving up the gift of life over. Additionally, you have a child to live for that is much, much more important than any man - and that child needs you very much alive.

Think about your child, not about some stupid man. He's just a man and the world is literally littered with them.

When someone walks away, it's not the end of your story. It's the first chapter in a new one :-)

Anonymous said...

loved it!! at this point honestly I don't even bother to look at them. I could see that he tries to make me jealous by hugging her and kissing her so i can see.I'm program he is now with someone else. It hurts but to see that his intentions are to hurt me more it shocks me.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious delivery!
Thank you!

Alexi Frest said...

This was a great post, a great site - and I *love* the fact that you, like me, adore Ms. Close.

Anonymous said...

Hi ,Mirror of aphrodite, I have been reading your post for a few days since I found you here. I love your wise advice. I need your advice for my situation. I recently (two weeks ago on the easter holiday)broke up with the man. We knew each other on dating website. we exchangd a few emails and met up in person. He gave me a good impression by his mature attitude and the way express his opinion. He is a sales manager and good at communication. We been dating every week or every other week. He did not call me every day, normally only call me to arrange a date with me. I did not call him at all for the first couple of months. I let him to lead. He only dated me on the weekend and gave us a few hours for dinner and talk. He never show any intimacy to me. Then two months later, he invited me to his friend's engagement party and introduced me to all his friends. He asked me to stay over night in the city with him on that night. I did not. Later round he told me that all his friends like me, and he was happy with that. Since then, he seems a little distant. We did not meet for 3 weeks. He was on a business trip for a week. The folloiwng weekend When he came back the from the trip and told me he catched a cold. I tired to call him and invited him to my place for dinner. He was glad to come over and he kissed me first time and everythng just happened. I was not very happy that he left that night, but he said he will stay next time. The following friday, we met up with his friend, later he drove me home, I did not invite him to my place as he kept telling me he will be busy with his own thing the next day. I don't like he just has sex with me and go. I prefer he can stay over night with me. i saw he was disappointed. He said he was going to call me but didn't. He sent me message a week later said hi. I told him that i was worried. He aplogised. The coming Friday is easter friday. He said we would meet durng easter holiday. We met up on Easter Day, he seems more distant but he paid a nice dinner. He drove me home and came to my place, we were initmate but his yrs old son messaged him to pick him up as he was drunk. He aplologied and said he would contact me next morning. After he left, i felt so upset, i called him 4 times until mid night, and he did not answer. next monring, he called and apologied and insisited he had no other woman. I was very upset with this and said to him ' if SORRY is the only word that you can say to me, then that is it". He said ok. I complained that he did not treat me properly as a girlfriend. He said family is aways number one for him. If you are not happy with me, maybe i am not suit you. I was really upset by he not caring about me. Since then , we have no contact at all. Do you think he will contact me later or we are over? Pleaes help. Sorry for this long story.

Anonymous said...

if a man did not contact me for over 2 weeks since we had the first time argument, that mean we are over?

Anonymous said...

Hello Mirror of Aphrodite,
You say some really great stuff to so many people and now i am hoping you can shed some light on my situation.
My girlfriend went on a two-week trip and got back in early January of 2013. when she got back she broke of with me, telling me she needed time and that she does want a relationship with me right now. Said that i should go and meet women and that she wanted to go out and see other people, to laugh, etc. She said that it was not a break up but just a vacation so she could sort things out herself. Her reasons for the break kept changing. She said she was confused and i guess she was. I will not go into everything she said, but i am pretty sure you know what her real reason was. the point is that it has been 4 months and i still cant seem to get over her. I think about her all the time, (not necessarily in a positive way) even though i know that the relationship is over and i need to move on.I want to move on but it is hard to just let go. I know that time will heal my wounds, which run deep. I just learned that she is seeing a guy who i know very well and who i have worked with in the past. Her, her new guy and I are in the same circle of people so i will definitely run into her and him in the near future. I know that she and him will get tight because he does some of the things i do and those are things that she missed with me, that mean a lot to her, and that she is interested in. All of the opportunities that i felt we could have capitalized on, i know that she is going to explore with this guy because she live in area close to him and in the part of town where what we all do is needed. I feel a sense of jealousy and anger.I do not call her and she does not call me. I'm fine with that. However since i learned about her new guy and who he is, i started to have heavy anxiety again. I believe that she was sizing this guy up while our relationship was getting worse.How do I deal with this state of being, how should proceed now knowing who her new guy is. Should I confront her? I am not sure that she knows i know what is going on, but there is a possibility that she might know since many of the people she now associates with are my friends,or friends of my good friends. she has to know that word will eventually get around to me, since i am well known in that community. How should i act when i come across the two of them. It is only a matter of time when i will.
looking forward to hearing from you soon. Really need your advice.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Male,
No, don't confront her. It will place you in a position of weakness by exposing your angst over the situation.

When you see them, you take the high road as discussed in this article. Read the article and reverse the roles - you're Jill and she's Jack ;-)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting post. I recently ran into an ex after not seeing her for a few months (she dumped me to go back to her ex). It was at a weekend event and I was with another girl, my ex wasn't there with anybody (I know my ex saw me with her). The next morning I was alone and I rant into my ex at breakfast. It was awkward for her, but I took the high road. She told me she had recently gotten a new job and I told her that I was very happy for her and that she deserved such a wonderful opportunity and wished her well. I could tell she was very surprised to hear this. I ran into her last week (3 weeks after the above mentioned conversation) at a high school alum event. When I saw her across the room, she gave me a huge smile. Later when she was walking to her car, she stopped and walked back to join in a conversation I was having with a friend of ours. My buddy and I were meeting up with some other mutual friends but since she had to be up early for work she said she couldn't come. However, as we got to the restaurant I saw her pull up and she ended up joining us. She didn't ask me much about myself, (I kept the conversation light and just asked her about her work). Anyway, I think my ex is single again and I am single as well (not sure if my ex knows that). I'm wondering if my ex's behavior (the second time I saw her) indicates that she may be open to hanging out again. Even though she dumped me, I still have feelings for her. What is your interpretation of everything and how should I proceed? Look forward to hearing back from you.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Male,
Being a woman and putting myself into her shoes, I'd say the fact that she showed up after stating she'd be unable to join you is a good sign. Because if it were me and this was an ex that I had no further interest in, I would've never even gone, let alone showed up after stating I couldn't go. Which tells me that she decided to rethink the situation - and make an unannounced appearance.

As for how to proceed, that's a tough one because I'm not sure of the history here. However, I think it's safe to proceed as "friends" right now. Meaning, casually invite her along to join you and friends on outings and see if she bites. If she does, start spending time with her and paying some special attention to her and wait for "green lights" from her reactions (if she's open to this special treatment).

If your gut tells you that she's open to your advances, after a few outings with friends, I think it'd be safe to ask her on a date, with just the two of you.

Peter said...

@Anonymous Male,

When she shows up don't pressure or force anything. Relax let it happen naturally and vibe from her let her define the interaction a bit that's what I would do. That way you don't push her boundaries and you give her a low pressure situation.

She is turning up which for me means do as MOA says and treat is at friends for now.During the interaction watch how she is. If she flirts then flirt back, if she gives you good signs then do so yourself. Look for the green lights as MOA says.

But be very careful, I have seen this go the wrong way. As MOA said without knowing the full history it's hard to know if she is interested or has another agenda. So be ready for something different to happen. I'm not saying be negative but just keep it in mind. Other than that do what MOA says.

Personally I have never wanted to be with an ex again and none are friends with me at this time. I have had some women I have dated try to be friends but it's rarely the same again. So I tend to move from these kinds of situations a bit, but I wish you best of luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks MOA and Peter for your feedback.
To be honest, I have no idea what her deal is. Everything was great when we were dating...and then she went back to her ex out of the blue (I had no idea he was even in the picture)...makes me wonder if I was a rebound. I did make one play to get her back using romance (which I absolutely love)...but it wasn't well received. I guess that's why I was so surprised that she showed up. Like Peter, I never look back when it comes to relationships. However, this girl has such an awesome personality that I would like to give it another shot.

Anonymous said...

Does the above mentioned info change anything for you guys?

Peter said...

@Anonymous Male

"Everything was great when we were dating...and then she went back to her ex out of the blue (I had no idea he was even in the picture)...makes me wonder if I was a rebound"

Yes this tells you what you need to know..she was first of all most likely in contact with this guy while she was with you. That's a red flag she can't be trusted.Second yes that to me IMO indicates you were a rebound to some extent.

MOA may have different view but I believe NC and letting her no the consequences of her actions are the right way to go. If you allow back into your life she will continue to treat you this way.

A lot of the advice on this site works both ways so I suggest reading these:



Read these then follow the suggestions given. MOA may have different ideas but I think given that new information, that this is the way to go.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Male,
It's a personal decision as to whether or not to grant this woman trust and move forward. And you need to take time and commitment into consideration. Meaning, how long did you date? If it was for two weeks and amounted to two or three dates and then she went back to her ex, then she was fairly entitled to do so as there were no commitments or exclusivity in place. However, if you were dating for several months or a year and then suddenly she left for her ex, then yea, that's a broken commitment.

Each situation is individual and it's really your interest level along with your determination as to whether or not she can be trusted that will ultimately determine the effort and time you decide to put into this woman.

If you do decide to proceed, be wary, take it slow and observe her behavior. She's done it once so it could happen again. Don't give more than you're getting in return until she's proved that she's genuinely interested as well.

Anonymous said...

I have to see an ex AND the woman he left me for at a work event in a month. I still have a lot of anger about how he ended it. Instead of being honest with me, he was a coward and lied to me about why he had to end things and then just fell off the face of the earth. I didn't find out til later that he left me for someone else.
I pretty much planned to ignore him (and be professional and polite in front of coworkers) for most of the event until I read your article. If I approach him and compliment them, will he see that as me wanting to be friends and being OK with what he did to me? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

The most likely effect to come out of the reverse psychology in the article is that he will see you as emotionally stable, confident, secure...and over him ;-)

Anonymous said...

I read your article and thought it was awesome in how the "power" so to speak or the control is handed back & Im presuming that 'Jill' was the dumpee or that is how I'm looking at it, and how effective this action would be.Ive struggled with the break up&have felt extremely low and suicidal, something Ive attempted before, but can not put my child through the loss of a parent (something that I have experienced through traumatic events when I was younger), but feelings of hopelessness&despair are there everyday.
My childs Dad left mid Sept 2013 and was in a new rship 8weeks later,but played it down,as he and his mother shared Christmas Dinner with the new 1 and her family, they had been together 5 weeks!! When you wrote about your gut feeling, I feel this regularly and have an instinct of things. He left 2years ago and 7 weeks later I see him with another woman, this destroyed me.he's not perfect, nowhere near in fact, I love him with all my being, that relationship lasted 10 weeks. We rebuilt our friendship and our relationship, I believed we were stronger and would work through any problems. I'm not perfect. We'd been bickering as he has 3 children from his previous relationship, who, sadly, have a mother who is a manipulative, emotionally blackmailing woman who hasn't made things easy for my now ex and me and more importantly for her own children. My instinct of our split was that he felt pressure, pulled in all directions,he took the "easy" way out and got rid of me. My instinct says he does love me still (even after 4 months of our split and now 2 months of being with the new 1), and just thinks its easier this way as he can "keep the peace".The new girlfriend has been with him the whole of Christmas and been out with family and believe she must have met his older 3 as the middle daughter is now friends with her on social network, this does really upset me as no matter what I did for or with the older 3, it was always wrong bit it seems that the new 1 has just been accepted. She is meant to be a nice woman, which I'm glad to say people say the same about me, but I want my ex with me, I love him still so very much and am struggling with my emotions and how to function effectively. If we aren't meant to be together, why is this pain so unbearable and non relenting? I'm not a teenager in love and my now ex is 37, so I'm not blinded by things (not that I'm taking away the pain a teenager feels), but I feel I have lost my 'one' and that I won't find happiness again (not that I'm looking), but due to my childhood, I have insecurities and know that I will find it hard if not impossible to let a man near my child, and I don't have people to watch my child regularly so that I could meet someone new and my child not be there. Fundamentally though, I want to be happy with my child and my child's Dad. I feel lost and dead inside. To top things off, my now ex's parent has been rediagnosed with a longterm illness, a couple of weeks after he got with the new 1 and a couple of weeks before Christmas, which fills me with even more sadness as I love this person and knew them before I knew my other half. I'm wondering if the new 1 is a rebound and/or distraction? From when we last broke up, he was with another woman after 7weeks and this time, 8weeks so its how he does things obviously, but I'm scared that because of how serious this new relationship seems it isn't a rebound thing? But the instinct tells me it is&a distraction from the worry he will be feeling for his parent, but then I question myself and try to convince myself its wishful thinking. I do feel guilty also as I realise that the parents illness is very serious and could be terminal and I'm destroyed by a broken relationship. Am I selfish? Please help me if you can and don't mind? Thankyou for any help in advance.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Jan 9, 7:09 AM,
"If we aren't meant to be together, why is this pain so unbearable and non relenting?"

Well dear, you're emotionally attached and it's much like an addiction. And as everyone knows, overcoming addictive behaviors is NOT easy. Additionally, you may possibly be placing too much of your happiness on a man. Meaning, you're not happy alone and feel that your entire happiness comes only from a man, and only when a man is in your life.

In order to be truly fulfilled in life dear, you need to realize that your happiness comes from within yourself - not from "without" (a void that's filled). When your happiness comes from within yourself, then you are happy whether a man is in your life or not - because your happiness does NOT come from a man, it stems from deep within yourself :-)

"I feel I have lost my 'one' and that I won't find happiness again"

This is what I mean dear. . .ask yourself, why are you seeking happiness OUTSIDE of yourself (from a man). Instead, you should be seeking that happiness WITHIN yourself. If you place your entire happiness squarely on a man's shoulders dear and you make them think that without them, you'd be miserable and that your entire happiness is 100% in their hands - it amounts to a pressure cooker for a man. Imagine how you'd feel if you knew that another individuals entire happiness, entire life, depended solely on YOU? It would quickly make things very "heavy" and intense - and not fun. It would feel more like work and pressure than fun :-(

"I feel lost and dead inside"

You need to work on that dear. Forget about the man for a moment here and think of YOURSELF. It's troublesome that without a man in your life, you feel empty. That should not be. Life is full of things to be happy about and to find happiness in, with or without a man. Your child should fulfill you and provide happiness, your career, a hobby, a skill, friends, family, the beauty of the outdoors, the beauty of life, the beauty of music - these are all things that are "uplifting" dear and that provide happiness if you focus on them.

"Am I selfish? Please help me if you can and don't mind?"

No, you're not selfish dear - but I think you NEED to be. Meaning, I think you need to focus on YOURSELF here and your HAPPINESS, instead of OTHERS and the SADNESS that causes you. You can look at the glass as half full or half empty - free will gives you the power of choice. You need to make a choice to be happy with or without a man in your life and then follow through with that by focusing on only the things that make you happy and then taking the appropriate actions to follow through with those things.

I know it's easier said than done dear, but it all starts with one tiny shift. . .your perception. You are in control of your perception. If you can just shift your perception to one of "the glass is half full" the rest will start to slowly fall into line with that. If you can view single life as freedom, independence, the ability to make your own choices, the time to do the things you love and enjoy doing - you soon realize that single life provides you with many abundant opportunities for happiness dear. None of which rely on a man or have anything to do with one :-)

Unknown said...

Hey I've been reading your post and comment and they are very inspiring.

But i do need your help and your advice about things that I'm going through right now.

Me and my ex broke up in July of last year it's been about six months since we've been broken up. We haven't really spoken since so much and I have to say I did encourage him to MoveOn and pretended like I didn't want anything to do with him I gave him the impression that I have moved on with my life.
We were together for two years on and off he moved in with me I was his first love and he was mine. I have a kid from a previous relationship years ago and he accepted my daughter and everything they had a great relationship.
So two today's ago Reopend my Facebook and first thing I did I went over to see his page and the first thing I saw he was in a relationship with a girl two years younger than him and who has a kid with someone else. I was heartbroken and I relies i wasn't over my ex and I wanted him back for good.
So when I came home I emailed them and criticize this girlfriend and called her a whore and accuse him from for not telling me he was in a relationship I was pretty upset and said some really harsh things about his girlfriend and the situation.
I was really surprised how he responded he was very protective of her and asked me to respect his relationship and that I should leave him alone.

My question to you is this a rebound relationship and will it really lasts I forgot to mention this is someone he knew before we started dating. They dated before but she was too young back then and her family didn't like him because he smoked.

Ps Ivy

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

"is this a rebound relationship and will it really lasts"

I really can't answer that dear as no one can really predict what will happen. It may be, it may not be - but does it really matter? Meaning, you HAVE moved on - trouble only came when you looked BACK (into the past). And when you did that, it roused latent emotions and brought out a not-so-impressive side of you - not your best self. Which is why looking back dear doesn't really do us any good dear - it literally only sets us back :-(

I wouldn't worry about him dear. And on that note, I would NOT let this man know that I'm upset over him either as that only reassures him that you still care.

The BEST revenge dear - is DOING WELL :-)

When an ex sees you struggling, sometimes it can actually make them happy (to see you're not over them). But when they see you doing WELL - it can really get under their skin LOL ;-)

Anonymous said...

nice article

Peter said...

Hey, really nice article, I wish I read that a couple of months ago.

So this old girlfriend that I have not seen for 2 years saw me in a bar a month ago. She is with someone else now but I never really got over her (she was a special case for me). That night in the bar she was with her new (for 1+ years now) boyfriend. I didnt notice them in the bar and I never saw the guy before in my life, even from photos.

Anyways, so as they were walking by she saw me and said hi how are you and stuff. I was really cool I think, said that work is going great and asked how she is and she responded briefly. Then she turned to her bf and said "this is Chris".

This is the moment I blew it up. I turned towards him extended my hand and said nice to meet you very briefly BUT without making ANY eye contact and then immediately turned back at her.

Then I continued talking to her briefly. I was confident and cool all the time when talking to her even after the introduction to her bf, and she seemed really uncomfortable (at a point she was just looking a bit shocked and just moving her head up and down while I was talking) especially after my reaction to her introducing me to her bf.

She then said take care and they left.

I felt bad afterwards for the lack of eye contact when i gave my hand to her bf as it must have shown lack of confidence and also rudeness as I completely ignored him. On the other hand I was confident while talking to her and she seemed shocked.

A week later it was my bday and for the first time ever she did not wish me even on facebook and I dont think this is a coincidence as she had a bf the previous year when she did wish me.

I personally believe that I gave a very bad image and gave her more satisfaction rather than making her feel bad and think that I am a great personality etc as the aim of your advice of your article was.

Just wanted to see what do you think about my story in terms of the signalling I gave and the reason for her reaction (i.e being nervous / shocked after the introduction, not wishing me for my bday week later for first time ever).

I wish I see them somewhere again and just go and perform your advice word by word!

Looking forward for your response! Thanks, Peter.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

I think you did pretty good here actually. While I agree that the lack of eye contact was probably noticed, I really don't see that as a big offense. It's not like you punched the guy or something, it could've been a lot worse and yes, I've seen men handle themselves pretty badly in those situations and I think this actually went pretty well because you kept it together and you were pleasant.

Your lack of eye contact with her new bf may have signaled lack of confidence or it may have come across as arrogance, but again, either way the majority of this interaction was handled with maturity. If I were her and this happened, to be honest, I would not have held the lack of eye contact against you. I'd have noticed it, but I would not have held it against you to the point of not wishing you a happy birthday - unless you were an ass about it, LOL. Meaning, very mean about it. But more likely is that I would've thought you were a bit nervous and also maybe a bit upset, and I probably would've just viewed it as such and left it at that. To me, that's not really a major infraction, like I said, I've seen a lot worse LOL.

Don't worry about this one too much. Give it some time and when/if this happens again, just try to approach it a bit differently is all. Everyone understands that encountering an ex with someone new is a very awkward, uncomfortable situation, whether you have feelings for the person or not, it's always awkward.

Unknown said...

My ex broke up with me in Oct'13 but we got back in
Dec. Things moved too fast and we had a fight on 4th mar'14 and I broke up in anger. I apologised but he didn't! Take me back. Mean time he started talking to a girl who would flirt with him when we were dating and they regularly speak day and night , she stays in another city and he told me likes her a month after the break up.I heard she's planning to come to my town for further education in June. He plans to work things out with her.
However she's coming to my town for a 2 day visit next month and we are gonna meet due to common friends. how should I play this?

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

The article explains in detail how to play that dear :-)

Anonymous said...

this just happened to me. as in i was jill and i feel amazing. it actually made me realize i have moved on and let them go. this article is pure gold :-)

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous April 29, 9:27AM,
Good for you dear!

It's so liberating to walk away from these instances feeling amazing about yourself - versus feeling terrible about yourself and unworthy - good for you!

Anonymous said...

Love this! It's like it was made for me. Exactly the type of girl that I am! To be honest, I'm more of a daring Cruella than a Jillian ;-) Any more moves to make my ex crap his pants? Keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, i am so mad! I just read this article AFTER i ran into them (him and his gf) at a party. I would have done that, (introduced myself - sounds so cool!) but i had programmed in my mind to ignore them both and just have fun. So i went in feeling confident and danced with my date all night long. I saw them when i entered but after that i had one drink i forgot all about a darn ex! ;*) oh well, maybe next time. I still feel good though. I didnt want to give them any of my attention. Mission accomplished!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha... Cant stop laughing... Today I pulled it off smartly. I was confident and radiating more energy. I approached them with a smile on my face. She was very uncomfortable to see me and was hiding. LOL!!! She must have expected me to create a scene. But I was in control. That limpy handshake... Wow...!!! Thats fantastic. Yes I got limpy handshake from her boyfriend.
Feeling Fantastic. Feeling Awesome. Feeling Damn happy and Confident than ever in my life.
Remember, You need to embrace your fear to progress. The night is darkest just before the DAWN :D

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this! Doing we'll is the best revenge. Should I handle my situation the same way ? We dated for 3 years and broken bc of distance. He been dating this women for past 2 years. But has cheated on her with me the whole time or when he's in town ( my company works with his ) ( I know that was stupid of me to do). It is ended now! Now the got married. I think she pressured him into it bc she is 5 years older. I heard she crazy jealous. I have such the urge to tell her what a cheating bastard he is but I know what good will that really do. Should I still introduce myself as his old gf ?? And handle it as you wrote ?

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Oct 8, 11:06 AM,
"I heard she crazy jealous"

That's probably because she's sensed him cheating, and instead of leaving him, she's staying...and it's doing a lot of emotional damage. And that emotional damage is causing her to act out.

"has cheated on her with me the whole time or when he's in town"

You and probably a gazillion other women in a gazillion others towns...sounds like a real prince. He's probably been doing this for years and if there was distance between you two when you were together, there's an even higher likelihood of that.

And I probably don't have to tell you this, but being the other woman never pays off, even when a marriage isn't involved and everyone is "technically" single. (And making yourself available to married men brings a world of karma to your doorstep...so now that he's married, he's off limits).

"Should I still introduce myself as his old gf?? And handle it as you wrote?"

In this case, I wouldn't be introducing myself as his old girlfriend. There's too much "stuff" here that could blow up in everyone's face, so I'd leave the explaining to him in this particular case. And while I'd still make a civil introduction with dignity and grace, I wouldn't go out of my way to poke too much because again, there's a good deal of "stuff" that could blow back on you here.

Anonymous said...

It happens that circumstances force me to work in the same office with my ex boyfriend , with whom I had a miscarriage of twins. Afterwards, he's cheated on me severally and when I asked for some time apart to allow him have what he gets from the other girl that I did not provide him, he asked that we break up. I am in so much pain, after the misscarriage and the pain I have been through, I wonder why he'd do that to me. Worse still, he brings his girlfriends (with whom he'd been cheating on me with) to the office. I have never, literally, NEVER been that crazy ex girlfriend. I am a mature lady, I come from a great family (my father is highly regarded in the countries political scenes and so is my mother). I'm not a spoilt girl though. His family and friends love me, his friends were jealous of him for having landed me.What I am trying to say is that, I felt and know I was the best he'd ever have, without trying hard. I always tried to understand his situations. He often asks me to get intimate with him, which I confess I do sometimes. As I'm writing this, his ex is in the office, in the same room with me but he's not here. I have kept my cool, as I always do. I always wonder though: I had a miscarriage, I have been understanding to him, the responsible in our lives felt I was right for hm, why would he still do things to me that he knows would hurt me? The answers I am looking for are for these questions though since I just want to erase his memory and all we had and all he was to me. What should I do to be at peace with myself and him and let go of all that? Please help me. I could understand so much and have the strength to overcome much but this situation, I find hard to deal with. I cannot quit my job which means I'll have to see him everyday, and see his girlfriend so often. What can I do? I'm begging for your advice. Please advise me.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Oct 17, 7:06 AM,
"I always wonder though: I had a miscarriage, I have been understanding to him, the responsible in our lives felt I was right for hm, why would he still do things to me that he knows would hurt me?"

I'm sorry that you've had to endure this dear. And sometimes, the answers are much simpler than we'd imagine.

Why would he do this? Because he CAN. Because you PERMIT him to. It's really that simple.

He's taking advantage of you because you're permitting him to. Very few hot blooded males walk away from sexual opportunities. So when you agree to provide one, a man will take you up on that offer, whether he wants a relationship with you or not. You're the only one that can look out for yourself dear, and when you don't do that, unfortunately, situations like this happen :-(

"He often asks me to get intimate with him, which I confess I do sometimes. As I'm writing this, his ex is in the office..."

Just remember dear, as I believe you're already aware - if they'll cheat WITH you, they'll cheat ON you.

"What should I do to be at peace with myself and him and let go of all that?"

You're going to have to rely on your coping skills dear, to deal with the stress and anxiety the situation is causing. There's no magic pill unfortunately, and the only way to get over the pain is to walk through it (relying on your coping skills to properly manage it).

And the best way to begin working towards that, is to stop seeing him, stop communicating with him and stop responding to any communications from him. That's the first step dear. If you do that, the rest will start to fall into place.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your advice. I will keep relying on my coping skills. How I wish I would not have to see him another day but unfortunately we work together, and I cannot quit my job - unless I find another one, which I'm working on. In time, I'll not have to see him or communicate with him and I look forward to those days. I'll be so happy. I'll be happy again.

Unknown said...

Ok that's just brilliant but I have a question
What do I do if I haven't spoken to said ex in over a year even if we work together?? I know there has been stories gone back to his new girlfriend, from him, his friends and guys at work who I have turned down for sex and dates... So how do I approach this ? I've a party in a few weeks that I can't avoid at all...
Any advice would be great xx

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

I really wouldn't change anything that this article suggests, except for the fact that I may not be the one to make the approach. If they approach you, then I'd proceed with introducing myself. Otherwise, given that you work together but are not speaking, approaching them directly may seem like an attempt to cause trouble, so I probably wouldn't take that step.

Anonymous said...

Love this article. I can't wait to try it out. I have avoided going to gatherings because I did not want to run into him and her. It was so uncomfortable for me when I first saw them even though he came right up to me spoke and gave me a lingering hug in front of her. He was so extra and so affectionate with her and sat a few feet away from me while doing it.It was so out of character. She doesn't even look like someone he would be attracted to. I just couldn't understand why he would purposely try to hurt me. But I kept going on and enjoyed myself and ignored him, and I noticed him looking at me quite a few times and by the end of the night he seemed a little upset. But I can't wait until the next gathering so I can go up and speak to them both, oh and I'm pretty sure she doesn't even know that he and I use to see each other.......

Anonymous said...

Mirror, what do you think about your boyfriend telling you little white lies? Why would they do this? And how would you call them out on it (if you should??)

I am in a long distance relationship and my boyfriend recently told me the circumstances around the breakup with his ex whom he dated long distance for a few months. He met me literally weeks after he broke up with her, but claimed they had incompatibility issues he figured out for a while before they broke up.

I tried to listen as coolly as possible, but when I probed to find out if they were still friends (I did some snooping, and mutual friends have confirmed that they are) he claimed he simply says hi to her every now and again in the gym, but other than that, they are not in frequent contact. He also made a point of telling me he has no feelings for her, even when they broke up, because he had already realized how incompatible they were.

What I wonder is why would he tell me the truth about the whole story, yet lie about being not being in contact, when it's obvious they are? Should I call him out on this (even though I'm not supposed to know this information)? Why would he lie to me? He hasn't acted in any way like he's not committed, but who knows what goes on, after all, we are long distance also. Thanks for your advice Mirror, you are a great inspiration to women everywhere :)

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Nov 25, 4:08 PM,
Well, here's the thing. I "get" why people do this - they don't want to hurt the other individuals feelings, they don't want jealousy rearing it's ugly head, and they don't want to be mistrusted by admitting they're still in contact, because sometimes it is harmless (and sometimes the contact isn't).

BUT - that action actually UNDERMINES the very trust they're attempting to protect. Because once they're caught in the lie, they now look untrustworthy, even if everything is innocent. So in the end, what this really signals is a lack of maturity - and a lack of true "readiness" for the WORK and SACRIFICE required to maintain a relationship.

Because let's face it, relationships take work, and they require sacrifice. The work comes when we have to do things we don't want to do, or aren't comfortable doing, yet are in the best interest of the relationship. And the sacrifice comes when we have to do things like let past relationships/friendships, etc. go - out of respect for our NEW relationship and partner.

If you call him out on this, you'd better be prepared to explain that you snooped. And if he calls you on that, you'd better be prepared to explain that if he didn't tell lies, snooping for the truth would not be required. In the end, it's his own lack of maturity and understanding of what it takes to make a relationship work...that will be his downfall here LOL. HE has broken the trust through his own actions.

I'm normally not into confrontational situations, as I tend to suggest going about them a bit more soft-handed and wiser than an outright head-on collision. However, in this case, with the distance involved, it seems there's no other way than to directly confront the issue by bringing it up. But if you decide to do that, do NOT do it with an accusational tone, don't accuse him of any wrong-doings. Just be nice and bring it up for discussion, and remain cool and collected throughout the conversation, unemotional, even if you're hearing upsetting things. Because if you get emotional - he'll clam up and he'll quit talking.

Try your best to approach this as two mature adults, that can HANDLE the truth in mature ways, and create an environment that feels "safe" to "share" with one another in. That atmosphere leads to great communication. But when it spirals into heated emotions, blow ups and accusations...sharing will come to a screeching halt because no one will feel "safe" to share anymore. So do your best to be mindful of that :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mirror. I broke up with a guy 6 years ago. There was some email exchange from time to time and almost nothing in the last year. I've never really forgotten him. I haven't managed to build a new relationship with another man since we broke up. It's his bday soon, and I was thinking of wishing him and telling him that I miss him, nothing more. Do you think it's a bad idea? I don't want him to think that I wanna hook up or sth. Also I don't know if he has a girlfriend, of course if I knew he had someone I'd let him alone. Please advise.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Dec 13, 7:00 PM,
This is a personal decision dear. As for me personally, I don't suggest doing it. Nothing good ever comes from raising the dead, ya' know? Things die for a reason - because they didn't work. And if you poke a man who isn't interested, he may feign interest and swing around to take advantage and use you.

If things haven't worked or rectified in the last 6 years...I see no reason to back peddle into the past only to remind yourself that it didn't work, ya' know? I don't see any reason to revisit painful situations only to experience more rejection, hurt feelings, dredged up feelings that were already laid to rest...all of it. There's no reason to revisit it and bring it top of mind again, only to experience it and put yourself through it all over again.

Anonymous said...

I love this...it's just what I needed to hear!

Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you thank you--this was a great help, and I managed to do just that today at a party where he and his new gf were. He kept trying to kiss on her in front of me, and I just acted busy talking to other people, complimented her and gave her a hug, etc. She doesn't even know we had a relationship, but he knows, and looked awkward at times. Later, when leaving he tried to put his arm around my shoulders when she wasn't looking but I just ignored it. Gave them each a hug goodbye when they left. I feel a feeling of freedom know, and I know that I will move o with my life, free and happy, done with his games. I now am able to feel sorry for her, and was kind of amused when a guy friend of his called him out on some stuff that surprised her. I didn't have to do anything, but act regal. YES!! Thanks again...

Anonymous said...

Thank you i hope i can do this in time. My bf for almost 2 years dumped me, he leave and replaced me with my friend. He's back and forth to me when they are fighting. Im such a stupid girl because i took him. But then again and again he left. I dont know how to handle this everyday we are working together in one company.

Anonymous said...

LOL...this post is funny--I love it! I will definitely remember to use it if necessary.


Anonymous said...

Obviously this seems fine if your ex is with someone you don't know, but what if your ex is with someone you were friends with for years. Not particularly close friends, but friends. This friend saw me with her, I mentioned how we'd been going out for a while and it was going great and she was awesome. Instead of telling me they had some history together, he instead decided to be deceptive and tried to talk me out of dating her. Not really the respect I would expect from someone I had know for years. I also found out he was saying "bad things" about me to her as well since he was jealous, I have no idea what he was saying since I tend to be a nice person, and I did not ask. He had turned down a committed relationship with her previously, but became jealous seeing us together so decided to try to get her back. And so she ended up breaking up with me since she wanted to give that relationship another go and not because of anything I did, we always had a great time together, I treated her very well, she always told me how amazing I was, it was pretty much because she knew him longer and I guess people want what they want. She initially said she still wanted to be friends and we could hang out and talk all the time, but that changed since he did not trust her being around me so we basically just talk online now. I'm upset about that, since I do care about her a great deal, and another one of my ex's is actually one of my best friends, so it can be done! I feel like I was basically cast aside so she could cater to his insecurities and mistrust. I am likely going to run into her due to shared friends, and I can't introduce myself to him since I know him. He acted immaturely and spitefully, and it's a bit hard to want to be friendly to him. Any advice there? Just suck it up and be civil I suppose?

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Aug 31, 1:08 PM,
"what if your ex is with someone you were friends with for years"

Well unfortunately, while that changes things slightly for US as people (our feelings), it doesn't change the situation. Whether an ex is with a friend or not, the bottom line is that exhibiting your best self is always the wisest choice. And it always proves any bad-mouthing that may have taken place wrong.

If the ex has been bad-mouthing you, and you show up and start acting out. . .all you do is prove the ex right. However, if you exhibit your best self, you prove the ex wrong and you make the new lover think, "Huh? Wow. They were nothing like I thought they'd be after all I was told about them." And then the next natural step for the new lover is to begin to wonder if what the ex has told them is even true.

"I also found out he was saying "bad things" about me to her as well since he was jealous"

LOL, see what I mean? Be your best self and make them second guess what they were told.

"He acted immaturely and spitefully, and it's a bit hard to want to be friendly to him. Any advice there? Just suck it up and be civil I suppose?"

Pretty much - yea.

Because know this. . .the more CONFIDENT you are, the more INSECURE he becomes. And the more insecure he becomes, the less attractive to her he will be.

Your confidence will actually make him more insecure. He'll start to think, "Why does he just walk in here like he owns the place? I'm feeling very intimidated by that." And he'll start to act like a jerk - which could work in your favor ;-)

lui wen said...

Hey i been doing some research and came along this website , im 19 i been dating this guy we graduated from the same high school he graduated a year before me but we just reunited this year in june we been dating far as relationship wise since june and just stop talking because he had a gf the whole time. I had no idea we would have conversation about relationship and ge would tell me im the only one he called me his higg school sweetheart... So when i found out i contacted his girlrand showed her everything. But she still stayed with him and they been dating for 5 months now.. smh and website been dating 3 months smh... Im glad i found our because i was having unprotected sex with him i would ask him daily like who r u having sex with he would tell me lies.. So im now celibate.. NO MORE SEX FOR ME.. that situation really scared so i haven't talked to him since September 3rd after i told his gf. Idk how she could forgive him so easily our connection was everything i still love him oh yeah and i had got his name tattooed on me smh.. she forgave him tho she's 17 her birthday was sept 1 he was with me 2 day's before her boyfriend he's 20 i love and miss him but haven't talked to him life isn't fair: (

Anonymous said...

I REALLY hate having to admit THIS but my most recent ex, looked like he could be the next James Bond. It's slightly hilarious, but it makes it all the more difficult to move on, when they're so good-looking. And if you're wondering how I even managed to meet someone who looks that good, it was coincidence. We met at a group home. A retirement home. It was a bit difficult hiding our relationship from the carers, as you're not allowed to have sex in retirement homes. However, he'd say stuff to me like "They expect us to live like nuns, in here". I now have a place of my own, which made it far easier for us to finally make love, without the carers knowledge. It was his flirting with other women that broke me. I always go to bed feeling upset and confused. He'd tell me how he'll take me to different places, and do stuff with me. It never happened. No wonder I think he's a liar. I hope he goes bald, and gets fat, really soon. Then he won't look so dashing. At least I don't have curfews to live by, anymore. He does because he has to live at that care home, for the rest of his life. *doing an evil laugh*.

auctionpro1 said...

I could care less about what he or she thought. I was there with a friend to have a good time. I bet he did say I was a nutjob..but not over him. I was happy for him but felt weird since we had a past and I didn't know if his new gf was a crazy nutjob who might get ticked off so I left. Oh well...

Anonymous said...

I broke up with the guy that I was seeing for about a year and some change. We had communication on the telephone etc. And I saw him with another women. That appeared to be loose and easy. Anyway he tried to tell me that was his cousin.

Anonymous said...

That was an interesting read but it's a LOT more effort than I'd put in for my narcissist of an ex. No games. The 'ignore' manoeuvre would be my go to - no contact. If he had a lady in tow, I'd feel no contempt, just pity for her.

Anonymous said...

I feel very disheartened right now and still hurting. I see my ex almost every day (hes a cop) with his new court clerk girlfriend, in their happy happy world..she is always smiling and over the moon and he is always at court early in the morning and waits until she gets lunch, and tells people that he thought he had court or waiting on a matter. They look like they are so much in love. The funny thing is, he dumped me shortly after I changed location and started working at the court house they are at. So this could have been going on a lot longer..he dumped me a few weeks afterwards. He has a child with a woman he lives with and cheats on her, and she has 2 kids from another man who left her. So it's kind of a mess but he follows her around like a lost puppy dog. I don't know if she knows about me or not but I really have no animosity or anything against her. She is a woman after all and we all want to be loved, cared for and to feel as if we are the most special in this world and he is doing all that for her. So I can't fault her for feeling happy that he chose her over me. I lost about 60 lbs only because I couldn't eat after seeing them together and used to go to the gym to get them out of my mind..while I have been dating (with no success), it bothers me to see the 2 of them so happy. He makes it a point to try to say hello to me, and often when I'm walking and he's with his other cop buddies, flags me down to say hi...So my feels go up and down. One day I'm mad and walk right by him and the next day he comes over and talks to me...one day we were laughing and joking a lot and he was telling the prosecutor how he will protect me but he talks a lot of nonsense anyway. I thought we were getting closer and sent him an email to work saying how it was nice to laugh and joke after such a long time. He never responded and when he saw me at work he said hi but with this smirk on his face and a cocky attitude. I so regretted sending him that email. I don't know if she knows about us or not but I noticed that she has changed a little towards me. I'm always friendly towards her because in all fairness, she has done nothing wrong to me. Its not her fault for feeling special, wanted over me and the fact that a hot cop wants to be with her, so I will not fault her. I find that when I don't talk to him he makes this effort to talk to me but yet he doesn't want me. It's hard for me to see those two together but I just smile and walk past and do my work. I do go home and start crying a lot because I don't understand why he and her found each other and I didn't. It really hurts and I don't really know what to do as they are in my face almost every day. He brings her in and takes her to lunch every day, whether he has court or not. I am a very quite person and been told that I'm very sweet and respectful. Why am I the one suffering then?

Anonymous said...

I wanna know, is it to late to do this, second time when I see both of them again? cus first time just happend and I was so nervous to approach to them that I just wanna go out of the scene asap... my heart realy start beating to fast :S a few minutes later I realize that I have been facing with jealusy and a litle bit with my ego of expectations and I didt feel proud but at this very moment I realy lose my conscience for a bit so I hope I could finaly deal with it next time

Anonymous said...

There is too much of this out there. You spend however much time reading it, and it's smokescreen tactics to get back or win. You still go home hurting. Not everything is about how you look to your ex.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous December 3, 4:04PM,
"Not everything is about how you look to your ex."

This happens to be about your self-esteem and sense of self-worth. And about how to maintain both -- even when it's challenging to do so.

Unknown said...

Thanks for giving such a great idea my ex gf dump me a week before and she is with her new boyfriend always and it seems me jealousy always but i smile on them today is my birthday and you gave me a such a beautiful gift by you

Unknown said...

Thanks gor giving such a wonderful tips for getting sweet revenge for both of them i didn't went her back again in my life. Since i am in relationship last four years i can't forget her last week she patch up with another guy i didn't want her back because she insult me in front of her new boyfriend. Today is my birthday in these topic is a huge gift for me on my birthday thank you very much

Anonymous said...

hahah ! omy ghad I love you!

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