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Private Q&A Sessions Now Available

Ladies, do you have questions but would rather not publish your personal story online? I understand. And due to high demand, I'm pleased to announce that private Q&A sessions are now available via email.

You can now email me your personal story and receive one in-depth response for a fee of $35. If my response generates more questions in your mind, or you'd simply like the conversation to continue, a second follow-up response will be provided for an additional fee of $25.

It's been a bit of a secret up until now that this service is available. Quite honestly, only those that have attempted to contact me privately via email were extended the offer. But as demand grows and after giving this much thought, I've decided now is the time to make it official.

These days, it's hard to find people to trust. And I understand that sometimes you just need someone to listen. Friends and family mean well, but many times, their words are only geared towards making you feel better. Your friends and family care about you. And what's the best way to make someone you care about feel better?

Tell them what they WANT to hear - and not what they may NEED to hear.

If you browse this site and read through the comments and responses here, you'll soon see that I'm a straight shooter. Some call it tough love, but I like to look at it more like logic. Our emotions tend to blind us to the realities in our lives. As they say, "Love is blind." Well, I'm not in love with the man you may be in love with. I'm not being led by my heart. And I'm not partial to anyone involved in the situation. I read your stories and I cut away the emotion and get down to brass tacks, logic and common sense.

Now please bear in mind that I am not a professional counselor, psychologist, psychotherapist or otherwise. I am not formally trained and the opinions expressed on this site and in private email sessions are my own. They do not stem from any professional training, but rather, my own life experience. The discussions and interactions that take place are meant for purposes of insightful entertainment only. Think of it like sitting down with a close friend, "spilling your guts" in a safe environment, and receiving some thought-provoking insights in return from someone that isn't emotionally involved in the situation. After that, your own free will comes into play and your decisions are your own.

So if you're in need and think a talk will bring you peace of mind, or one step closer to making a wise decision for yourself - shoot me an email. I will respond with a PayPal email address that you can remit payment to. Once I receive a notification from PayPal that payment has been received - we'll get started on that conversation that explores your personal situation.

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Adriana said...

This is great news MOA! Happy to have this option.

Anonymous said...

Having used this option recently, I can say I am amazed by the detailed analysis and quality of the advices provided. It is truly a big help when your emotions regarding your own particular situation are not allowing you to make the right judgement.
Mirror's ability to read people's behaviour is simply amazing!
Thank you. C.

Anonymous said...

This service is invaluable and MOA is a gem. She gave me a thoughtful, very detailed email about my situation. I shared the email with friends and they want to use MOA! I am so grateful to have this service accessible and I will be using it in the future! MOA is a straight shooter. She makes you see think about things you might not have thought of before. Friends and family love you and they can't be objective but MOA is not attached and this allows her to give you an unbiased opinion and advice!

Anonymous said...

Hi MOA -- Even thought I have been happily coupled up for almost a year to a WONDERFUL man, I still enjoy reading and commenting on relationship blogs. Now that you are offering private Q&A sessions, are you still going to be doing regular columns ?

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous November 19, 11:29,
Absolutely, I intend to. However, I am employed full-time outside of this site (this began as a hobby) and unfortunately, I am unable to do so with regularity. Discussions on the site take place daily, however, columns do not :-(

But there certainly will be more :-)

smiles said...

Hi mirror!

I sent you an email yesterday and I'm looking forward to your response. What's the time frame as to when you answer? Thank you!!!

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Hi dear - my apologies, the upcoming holidays caused a bit of delay yesterday - things are getting busy ;-) I responded this morning to your email and provided more information for you.

Thank you for your continued support!

Anonymous said...

Hi, MOA. Thank you for this service! I just sent you an email this evening and as I'm currently practicing the 'NC rule', I'm sort of in a weakened/scared state. Whenever you get a minute to answer would be fabulous. Thanks!

smiles said...

This is the best service I've seen online. Thank you Mirror for your thorough and detailed response to my issue. I've stuck to what you advised and I feel like a new person. No, it's not easy to break contact with someone but at the end of the day I have to take care of myself first. I highly recommend everyone use this.

Anonymous said...

MOA has helped me so much.
Told me the truth and told me what I needed to do! Your guidance helped and I can only hope it works out in my favour!
Thank you so very much!

Anonymous said...

MOA, Thanks so much for your advise. You really helped me see the truth and I was able to move forward in a way which was best for me.
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Your analysis and advices on my last situation were amazing! I will keep it all in order to keep myself in check in the future. Thank you! C.

Anonymous said...

From Huge Fan

To be honest I don't want everyone to know how amazing and to the point your advice is Mirror, because then you would be so inundated with requests I would be lucky if I ever got to speak with you again ;-) ..... But also I wish that every woman could be blessed with having such a wise sister to turn to because although one still has to do the work, live the experience and walk the lesson , having the wisdom that you give to guide me Mirror gives me strength behind me and confirmation that I'm doing it right and that is more valuable than I can put in words. And time has shown what you have said to be absolutely true. Thank-you:-) and may many women find happiness through your wisdom . I feel women are lacking this knowledge nowadays and it's needed now more than ever.
I count my blessings to receive your guidance , I'm lucky to have found you. I can't Thank you enough for all your time and help. Xxxxxx x

Anonymous said...

Mirror, I just wanted to say thank you again for your wisdom, encouragement, and excellent advice. I had a private email consultation with you, and I couldn't be happier now. The advice you gave me was straight to the point, cutting through any BS. I feel stronger and empowered to be someone I've always wanted to be, the one who knows her own beauty, strength, and self-worth. Thank you again! xoxo

Tahui said...

I just wanted to comment on how much MOA's advice has clarified my situation with a man I had trouble deciding on. Anyone who is considering using the private consultation, it is worth every penny! I admit that I still make mistakes when I date BUT after finding MOA's website and reading other women's stories I start to recognize my errors quickly and learn to walk away from bad situations sooner. Dating is like playing sports. You get better with practice but it's also important to have a coach who can show/teach you how to do it right. :-)

GZ said...

I used mirror's consultation service and was very happy with my response. It was clear and concise and helped me pave a way to figuring out my own a were with guidance. I've been more thoughtful in recognizing what I should do thanks to mirror!

Anonymous said...

After asking a few friends for advice on a complicated relationship issue, I was left feeling more confused and upset than ever. I started searching for answers on the internet and stumbled across MOA. After reading her answers to people's public posts, I decided to invest the money for a private consult. MOA has a gift! Hearing her lengthy, well thought out, articulate advice and answers to my dilemma made me do a 180. I felt so much better. Hearing kind but honest words about what to do in my situation lifted a huge weight off my shoulders. MOA is worth every.single.penny.

Unknown said...

MOA has been an integral part in my healing process from a broken heart. MOA gives thoughtful advice and long responses. I am addicted to receiving her emails and look forward to them when I'm having an issue. Best kept secret online IMO!! Her responses are intelligent too! We should all call her Dr. MOA! In fact, I think MOA should be on Ellen and write a book. However, I kind of want to keep her as my little secret :) MOA thank you so much for being a true gem.

Anonymous said...

BEST money I've ever spent on relationship advice, I would truly recommend her private consultation for anybody who is in need. I was with my bf (now ex) for 2 months and he was very sweet and considerate to me at the beginning, but suddenly changed as soon as he got me, started to take me for granted and treated me without care and consideration. Naturally, I was hurt, angry and confused and didn't really know what to do. I turned to MOA for advice and she helped me see the whole situation more clearly and got my power back from a dead-end relationship. I will always be grateful for her advice and will definitely come back for more when challenged with difficult situations in the future.

Again, best relationship advice I've every received. Truly worth every penny. Thank you MOA.

Anonymous said...

I strongly recommend this service! I'm going through a messy-possible-future-relationship-issue, as well as have a long track record of dismissing all potential partners. MOA's sharp, honest and reassuring advice really opened my eyes to my own behavior patterns. Those that me nor my friends have never seen. Now that I'm aware of my own destructive patterns I'm able to change it!

Service was extremely fast, I got reply to all my questions as well as a very thought out analyze and advice of my situation and behavior.

This investment was worth every penny! Thank you MOA! :)

Anonymous said...

The advice on this blog is invaluable. I have combed through each and every posting and have recommended it to my friends. As a recent divorced woman out of a 20 year marriage I have found dating to be a huge learning curve...I only wish I had found this site sooner! I was struggling to understand the ins and outs of a new potential relationship and the personal advice I received from MOA was very helpful to me, although difficult to hear. MOA is honest, insightful, straightforward and does not sugar coat. Again, wish I had found her site sooner!

Anonymous said...

Mirror, this is the Anonymous who posted on the No Contact and Insecure Man articles about my clever and crafty ex.

To all Mirror's faithful readers and others who are new to this site, Mirror tells it like it is. What she says is the truth, it is what you need to know, it is what you need to do, and it works. Thanks to Mirror's guidance and the articles here and the recommended literature (all of which I have read - and then some), I was able to navigate my situation with the ex without getting run over. In the process, I regained my confidence and self-esteem, sense of value and self-worth, and grew dignity - all of which resulted in great leaps forward in my personal and professional life. And the icing on the cake is - clever ex now respects me.

I am giving Mirror's advice (via this service) further thought and will take that in when I make my decision. And of course, I will return to update everyone when the time is right.

Anonymous said...

The advice given by Mirror is not only on point and easy to understand, she truly cares about what you are going through and is very meticulous in her responses. When I consult with her, I always leave feeling so empowered. That's the thing ladies, having love without power is a recipe for codependency and unhealthy relationships. Establish healthy boundaries, have a voice, stand up for yourself. Learn to love powerfully.

Unknown said...

I'm floored by the depth and honesty of the advice I was given by MOA. It was just what I needed to understand how to correct my situation. I have spent money on therapy and many self-help books, but this advice was very valuable. My friends now want to check her out.

Anonymous said...

I am blown away by the level of insightfulness MOA provided me in my private
email session with her. She zeroed in on my issue with an uncanny laser
focus and attention to detail that far exceeded my expectations. There were
countless revelations throughout her commentary that I had missed entirely.
What she told me seems so apparent now, and yet how did I not see it
before?! Prior to the consultation my only thought was 'how do I get back
with this man'? But, I feel so empowered now that, at this point, I've lost
all desire to do so. I have to say, this was the best $30 I've ever spent!!
MOA's commentary was so good that I had to go back and read it over and over
again. Mother of Aphrodite, you have an incredible gift!! Thank you from the
bottom of my heart for sharing your gift with the world!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi MOA, are you still giving advice?

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous August 15, 9:16AM,
Yes, I am :-)

If you'd like a private email consultation, please contact me at: http://kontactr.com/user/MirrorAphrodite

I will respond within 24 hours - look forward to speaking with you!

smiler said...

I've lurked on this site for approximately the last three years. Mirror's articles, together with the experiences and personal growth shared by the community regulars (Gem50, Vivian, Hopeful, piscesgirl spring to mind, but there are many others too), really opened my eyes to where I was going wrong in my dating life. So thank you to everyone who has shared their story. You are all helping women around the World :-)

I recently took the plunge to have a private email consultation with Mirror. I'm still digesting her reply. To say she is insightful is a massive understatement. Mirror will drill right down to the pertinent issues and offer the benefit of her wisdom and life experience. Her words are full of kindness and compassion, and she offers practical advice for your situation.
I have no hesitation in recommending a private consultation with Mirror.

Anonymous said...

Can I just take a moment to say WOW?! Normally I would never give a random person on the interwebs money, but I knew from the start that MoA was different. She responded to my long-winded email with candor, compassion, and amazing insight. Having someone completely unrelated to my sutuation listen and respond was exactly what I needed. Friends will mince words, MoA did not. Her intelligent and well-thought-out answer is one that I will continue to reread, especially in moments of weakness because, you know what...? We are all capable of extreme inner strength. MoA just drove that home (and she's cheaper than a therapy session, but far more valuable!). I have a long way to go, but I know I'll get there. I'd recommend her to anyone with no doubts. Thank you Mirror!

Anonymous said...

Are still giving advice by private email please?
Thank you x

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous May 2, 6:13AM,
Yes I am, please click the image in the post above to email me.

Talk soon!

Anonymous said...


I want to tell you my story. I am a muslim girl and I started seeing a christian boy for just over two months. i started to develop strong feelings for him and he seemed quite interested and even said we should make us official. But over the course of the two months he started having doubts about the fact that we both had different religions, and he would have to convert to be with me. He said he did not want to change titles right now and said he cannot go on with it because he feels pressure, even though i was not wanting him to rush into anything and wanted to go with the flow. As of now he has broken it off and said he wants to be free. i feel hurt and broken because he did not even want to give it a try, and did not value my feelings. despite all i still like him and hope and pray he comes back. we did the old 'lets be friends', as we have the same social group, but i hardly see him or hear from him. I am thinking of initiating NC, but the situation is so tricky i feel so sad and upset. I cant concentrate on anything. In your experience, in this kind of situation, do people come back? What do you suggest I should do? Thank you, i appreciate all your help.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous June 7, 2018,
"Do people come back?"

Most do - but it all depends on their level of interest.

"What do you suggest I should do?"

I would suggest that you follow no contact, no response for a period of 30 days, so that you can free yourself and your mind to focus clearly without distraction.

When the 30 days are over, you can then "check in with yourself" to see if you're feeling any differently about him and the situation, and proceed accordingly.

Anonymous said...

The confusion mounts every minute.I really need your perspective on this.I am a single mother and totally into spirituality. On one of my such spiritual trips i met this guy who looked spiritual and we hit it of instantly.He is married howeverit what not he who told me about it but his mother who accompanied us to the trip.We hit it of instantly and I was madly in love with him.All was ok for a month after we came back from the trip,however once he got me hooked his behaviour changed.He ghosted me for two months and after that suddenly from nowhere resurfaced saying he cannot live w/o me.I have been very sure that I never wanted him to leave his wife,I never wanted to marry again was ok having a companion.He wanted to have sex with me soon however I couldn't agree as I wanted to test the guy.After a year I got involved as he was not ready to relent.We soon became very close and started a business together.However the business flopped and he put the whole blame on me.After that he ghosted me for 5 months after which he suddenly reappeared again saying he can't forget me.Begged me to take me back,requested since my loved hadn't fade I gave in too soon with an ultimate warning that if he does it again he will never see my face ever,He agreed with a promise of not to ever do it.At that time he was going for a spiritual course for 6 months...I took care of the business like my own child.Things were ok for another year.After a year he called me to see his house as his wife was not around and I stayed with him for a couple of days taking care of his food,physical needs and his house.Things changed suddenly after I came back from his house.He messaged me one early morning saying that he's exhausted and saturated with this relationship and I should get in touch with him via email only if there's something profound to share.I was so angry and upset that I sent him a very nasty message.I actually don't understand what character is this man??Will he resurface again?he had tall talks but actions didn't align.I did most of the work.

Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous August 4, 2018,
"I actually don't understand what character is this man?"

This man showed you his true character on the very first day he met you - he's a liar and a cheat and he's not to be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Hi, is your Q&A service still available? I am unable to open the link.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous November 27, 2:44PM,
Yes, the Q&A service is still available. The form has recently been updated.

Try the "Contact" link again, or access the form directly here: https://kontactr.com/form-page/f520edc03a3411e

Anonymous said...


Is the private consultation still available?


The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous August 9, 2020,

Yes, consultations are still available.

I'm still here, lurking in the shadows :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi MoA

My boyfriend of 7 years had recently gone to his ex girlfriend's house for her house warming party(telling me he will be back in few hrs) and ended up staying for 3 days (smthing which I got to knw from his sister.He had told his sister he had gone to meet his friend)When I tried to contact him ,he told me "Don't contact my son anymore in any form" pretending to be his mother.It was actually he who was messaging it Bcoz his sister told me the mother was out of town and I knew it too.
Post that he has not contacted me even once(it's been 3 months).I know he's a liar and I am getting very angry and restless.He has ghosted me twice in the past but comes back crawling.Can you say something to me that soothes my wounded soul

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