"Mirror, Mirror on the wall . . . where did he go, and why doesn't he call?"

Experiences With Sagittarius Male

Sagittarius, the sign of the adventurer. What’s around the next corner no one knows, but Sagittarius is sure to be the first one to go have a look see. These guys can be lots of fun and spending time with one, most likely, you’ll be exposed to new things and generally, you’ll have a great time. However, it’s been my observation that Sagittarius men can fit into two completely different opposite ends of the spectrum. The sign of Scorpio has been known to have three specific phases to its growth and to be honest, I feel much the same about the sign of Sagittarius.

But in reality, it probably breaks down more like this: you have your “progressed” Sagittarius male and then you have your “unprogressed” Sagittarius male. Translation: Some Sagittarius men are enlightened, displaying their best qualities, while others are at the complete opposite end of the spectrum and have their feet stuck in the primordial soup, so-to-speak. One is of the mind, while the other is generally about the experience.

And depending on which one of these guys you’ve encountered, you may find your enjoyment of your time spent with a Sagittarius male to be of two opposite ends of the spectrum as well.

The Sagittarius Male

Here’s a quick example to bring the point home. Here are two Sagittarius men at complete opposite ends of the spectrum – one of the enlightened mind, one of the primordial experience: Nostradamus, the great seer - and Nikki Sixx, the rocker of Motley Crue.

Both are Sagittarius males and each couldn’t be more different that the other. One is displaying the signs higher mind tendencies while the other is displaying the signs love of adventure and unadulterated experience. No real surprise as Sagittarius is one of the “mutable” (i.e. changeable) signs of the Zodiac. They are also ruled by the planet Jupiter, the planet of expansion, they have a love of the color purple, and they are associated with the 9th House, that of the “higher mind.”

Regardless of their status in life, this is an extremely intelligent group and you will find that some Sagittarius men put their intelligence to good use while others tend to use it for nefarious purposes.

An example of a cunning Sagittarius man putting his intelligence to use in nefarious ways would be Ted Bundy, the serial killer. He used his intelligence and charm to disarm women and ultimately turn them into unsuspecting victims that experienced horrific acts of violence and sadism at his hands.

Other Sagittarius men tend to use their intelligence in varied, much more positive ways and you will find that many a Sagittarius man tends to be a jack of all trades, master of none. Sagittarius men in general tend to know a little about everything. Many can repair a vehicle without ever being a mechanic, solve a computer problem without ever studying technology, or remodel a bathroom without ever being a contractor. While others spend, or dare I say waste, their intelligence on experience instead by taking adventurous trips of the mind so-to-speak.

The Sagittarius Darkside

To explain that a bit further, simply take a look at some of those that fall under this sign: Jimi Hendrix, Greg Allman, Keith Richards, Nikki Sixx, Billy Idol, Richard Pryor, Ozzy Osbourne and Jim Morrison. What’s the common thread that’s starting to come to mind as you read through these names? You got it: heavy drug use. Do they enjoy using drugs? Surprisingly, no. But they do enjoy what the drugs have to offer, which is a wild experience. This group o’ fellas likes to jump down the rabbit hole to see what they can see.

And let me tell you, when you've encountered an unprogressed Sagittarius man, you’re in for a real ride so hang on tight – or better yet, jump ship. The depths that these types of Sagittarius males will sink into is generally beyond our realms. They’ll dip into territories that honestly, you don’t want to be in. Don’t believe me? Read Nikki Sixx’s book, “The Heroin Diaries” and then come back and tell me what you think about his adventures. Chances are, these aren't the types of experiences that you bargain for when dating, unless you’re an absolute fool.

Pair up with a Sagittarius man like this and you’ll be like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz – trying to follow the yellow brick road home. All the while, he’ll be trying to pull you down into those depths with him. This type of Sagittarius man loves nothing more than to corrupt. But you see, he does not view exposing you to these experiences as corruption. Rather, he views himself as an honorable tour guide on a wild ride and he’s looking for a partner, a gal pal, to jump on board so he can show you things you've never seen before. You see, Jupiter, his planetary ruler, the planet of expansion, is skewing his view. He thinks he’s expanding your world in a positive manner by introducing you to experiences other guys wouldn't dare and in his mind, this makes him a special kinda guy.

"Stick with me babe and I’ll show you things you've never seen before.”

Run Toto, run.

The drama, the surprises, the sheer shock and pain that this type of Sagittarius male can, and will, bring into your life could honestly change it forever. Much like Alice who, during her trip down the rabbit hole in Wonderland – found that she came back to real life afterwards forever altered.

The unprogressed Sagittarius male motto has to be, “I’ll try anything – TWICE.”

This Sagittarius man isn't necessarily the type to learn from his mistakes as they find the experience in and of itself quite gratifying. It doesn't seem to matter if it all ended up a complete and total disaster as the outcome isn't what was important – the overall experience is what it was all about. This Sagittarius man tends to enjoy having been to places where others fear to tread.

Sagittarius Enlightenment

This brings me to the other end of the spectrum, to the enlightened or progressed Sagittarius male. And ladies, this type of Sagittarius man can be a real catch as he seems to highly value the experience of achievement. There’s nothing this man won’t conquer and win and spending time with this type of Sagittarius male can expose you to some of the most wonderful, enlightening moments of your life.

My father is this type of Sagittarius man. There’s nothing he won’t tackle and beat down into submission. A leaky faucet, a squeaky wheel, a computer problem, a broken electronic – you name it. It doesn’t matter if he’s ever encountered it before. He will research and educate himself, another nod to that higher mind, to no end to achieve success and successful he will be. This type of Sagittarius man is a good provider and a loyal spouse and places value on success.

Here are a few examples of the enlightened Sagittarius male: C.S. Lewis, Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Walt Disney, Harry Chapin and Stephen Spielberg. As you can see, this is a group of great minds – visionaries and writers.

Dating this type of Sagittarius male can be a real joy. They are true gentlemen, they’ll always pick up the tab and they’ll be proud that you’re accompanying them. They open doors, literally and metaphorically, and will lift you up in life. This type of Sagittarius man cares. He cares what you think and he cares about whether or not you’re having a good time. You’ll hear this Sagittarius man asking, “Are you having fun” quite often and checking in with you periodically throughout the date to make sure that you continue to have a good time.

And if you’re not, he’ll quickly change it up (a nod to his mutable, changeable quality) to steer it in a positive direction again.

Sagittarius Male in a Nutshell

You see, when it comes to the Sagittarius male, a lot of it has to do with experiences, good or bad. This sign has a love of adventure and many enjoy a good degree of risk taking. Those nut jobs that you see base jumping off bridges or into deep canyons, many of those men are in the ranks of the Sagittarius.

These are mavericks that can appear reckless at times. A Sagittarius man’s displays of affection are over the top in love and relationships and they will always be the man in the room unafraid to approach the beautiful woman that the other men are intimidated by. Most times, you’ll find this happy go lucky chap leading with humor to win the ladies over and limitations do not exist in the Sagittarius man’s world.

Whether you’ve encountered the unprogressed or the more progressed Sagittarius male, both wish to turn his mate into an equal of himself - it’s a gal pal that this breed seeks. And if a Sagittarius male should happen to encounter a failure, he will harness the energy of the experience and channel it into his driving force. Inflicting an emotional wound on the archer will only cause him to think, “I’ll just have to do it better next time.”

But ladies, be prepared for some antics, especially when dealing with the darker of the two. Disappearing acts and bold faced lies, this one doesn’t like to answer to people. He’s on his own trip here and if you can’t take the heat, get outta the kitchen. And if you’re in the kitchen and the heat is getting to you, don’t bother complaining as it will have no bearing whatsoever on his experience or the path he’s currently on. “What do you mean? You’re not having fun?” They’re horrible liars but they do it anyway because confrontation sends them reeling as does a stagnant situation. And when it comes to dealing with reality – what the hell is that? This one’s always living in his own little utopia and it won't matter if you view it as his own private hell.

And when it comes to dating, if you’re the type of woman that likes doing her own thing, that’ll do just fine as many Sagittarius men need their space to drift off into from time to time. “You do your thing, I’ll do mine and we’ll meet at nine.”

Just make sure that you’re the one they’re circling back to. The unprogressed Sagittarius male can be especially sketchy, so be forewarned, secrets will abound and there won’t be just a few. You’ll find that many of them are quite shocking to be honest.

Imagine the sign of Sagittarius like a tree, with beautiful green lush life thriving above the ground, and a dark, tangled, dank web of roots underneath - the dark and the light. I’ve had some of the most absolutely miserable dating experiences of my life with Sagittarius men who drove me nuts – and I’ve had some of the most wonderful experiences, too.

My advice to you: when faced with a Sagittarius male, do your homework. Don’t dive in head first. Size this one up and figure out which one you’re dealing with first - the dark or the light. Trust me here, ladies. Take your time, ask lots of questions and listen closely to the answers or you could be one of those women on an episode of “Who the Bleep Did I Marry.” You saw the light and you thought you won yourself an awesome catch. Everyone in your family said, “What a great guy!” Then one day, the earth cracked and you found yourself in a quagmire of lies, deceit and shocking secrets. That’s when those around you will be whispering, “But I thought he was such a nice guy!”

You see, the Sagittarius male is dying to experience life to its fullest in every aspect of the word. With these chaps, anything goes and most times - Sagittarius male goes right along with it.

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Anonymous said...

Great Post. I have Sagittarius rising and have dated one of each of these type men. I once had an encounter with one who displayed both qualities and, being the person that I am, decided to let go because I just couldn't trust him - although from the outside he appeared to be this great, intelligent, socially-conscious and successful person - in private he was a perv (kinda liked that part) and very deceptive. Do you have any information on Sag women or those with Sag rising, specifically with Venus, NN and Moon in first house?

Anonymous said...

I have mars (Aries rising) and Neptune in Sag. I'll take a Sagittarius man any day! They are fearless and fun... the best.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE my Sag guy, he makes mefeel like I am the only person in the world hen we are together.

Zodiac Signs said...

According to my opinion,

If you want to be with a Sagittarius guy, make sure you have some tricks to pull up from your sleeves. Sagittarius men look for fun people like them or someone who can understand their love of freedom and share their passion for living life.

Maria Rocelyn

Unknown said...

But still taking any guy doesn't mean that will be beneficial and long lasting relationship. Consulting a good astrologer may help a lot.

Anonymous said...

As a Sagittarius sun sign and ascendant man, I deplore the way we are depicted here. Many ideas are right but presented so negatively! I guess we are very much misunderstood. I do not believe that they are 2 types of Sagittarius. We are one type and can be pretty bad at time as well as pretty good, it just depends on the circumstances. What we are about is TRUTH. Our senses of freedom come from our hunger for truth, which will make us deny any kind of false boundaries. There you have it, the good and the bad of the Sagittarius.

We are very spiritual beings in general, and our perceived adventurer aspect is only to discover where are the real boundaries. We cannot stand falsehood. In that search we develop our spirituality and philosophy. We aim for the best (absolute truth) as much as possible. We need to know! Yes, we can be the best of man for a woman as long as she does not try to imprison us into the society trapping that so many women are so fund of. No societal label for us! We can be in a suit and tie one day, and the next, in a grunge pair of jeans as life requires us to be, with no real preference for any. Only the situation dictates the suit we need to put on. If you ever try to put us in one of those boxes then you can expect behavior like drugs, lies and such more than other signs probably. If a woman wants loyalty and interest from a Sagittarius, she only has to be versatile, and if she cannot then at least she should not try to limit her Sag partner in such limitations. We do push boundaries as long as they crumble. If they do, it is only because they are false and have no reason to be. If someone insists on staying in falsehood then, no problem, we give them exactly what they ask for. Sag do need their partners to be their true friends first. They love and need to share truly. They may go too far but if their partner put in a little sense (true sense) in their head, you’ll be very surprised to see that they will listen and subside with no resistance what so ever. If you are the type of woman that fit in a box like the pretty type, nails always done, hair combed even when you wake up, or the opposite that is always neglected or boyish type all the time, then run away from a Sagittarius. He will get bored with you very quickly. As much as a Sag is spiritual, he is also very much physical. Sag are very sexual beings, and it is probably where they will shock many people stuck in the conventional acts (little boxes). Because of it, they can be exceptional lovers (not for all of course). Unfortunately, it is also what can make them deviants by maybe pushing the boundaries a little too far. The more they will be with a repressed partner, the more they will push. It is that simple. Usually sex is a spiritual act for the Sags, and he will explore all aspects.

So to conclude, the Sagittarius man is usually a very open minded person that can be pretty bad if boxed in falsehood, pretense, but will make you fly to unsuspected heights and will let you hold the reins if you prove to be worthy, and you will probably have to hold them often. If you ever dealt with horses, you would know exactly what I mean! This is just a different point of view of course. Happy Sag dating!

Mirror of Aphrodite said...

You deplore the way Sag is depicted here, but in the next breath, you agree. I'm sorry that you find the presentation negative, however, there ARE dark sides to Sag and you, yourself, are in agreement with that.

We can clean it up all we want, but in the end, it is what it is.

I imagine Sag is misunderstood to an extent, especially the darker half, but what you need to understand is that to others, on the outside looking in, this behavior can come across negatively - if not downright dangerously.

Sag is of the higher mind, no doubt, as discussed here. However, pushing all those boundaries, constantly exploring all areas in all manners, and breaking down walls and fighting conformity constantly - to people on the outside looking in, that behavior can appear reckless, careless and somewhat dangerous.

Especially since Sags, in general, do not take the time to explain their actions to others. They tend to act first - think later. And that's because of the highly impulsive nature of Sag.

And when you refer to the situation dictating which side of Sag you will see, that's actually you displaying the "mutable" (i.e. changable) quality of Sag. So anyone whose with a Sag, many times, has no idea of which side they're going to be dealing with. And this can create a lot of confusion for the individual that's with a Sag.

And you also make lots of mention of breaking through boxes, confinement and conformity, which to others can come across as anarchist behavior of sorts. Fighting against everything - all the time.

As I said, no matter how we clean it up, the overall behavior is what it is. And with those displaying their darker qualities more often than not, it amounts to a lot of risk taking and impulsive behavior.

Of course, Sag may have their reasons for this. But again, it's still a lot of risk taking and impulsive behavior in the end.

You will always have people out there that can appreciate that about Sag - and then you will always have people out there that view it as reckless and dangerous.

Any woman who intends to be with a Sag, particularly one displaying the more impulsive behavior - just needs to be prepared for this is all.

Thanks for coming here and representing the Sag male. I'm sure that reading your explanation of Sag behavior will help women here to better understand why Sag does what Sag does :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you Mirror of Aphrodite.

I would like to add one more thing, breaking down boundaries does not have to be reckless. Because of their spirituality, Sag have wisdom, and surely can break down falsehood without being reckless. Only the false boundaries have to be broken. True boundaries are no problem, on the contrary. A Sag enjoys very much leaving the reins to an honest open minded woman. Remember that Sag love to share, power too! If a person is bad, then I guess their sign won’t matter!

You are right though, Sag are not an easy sign and definitely not for all! If a woman happy in her little box crosses a Sag, she should know that he is only passing by unless willing to follow him. The Sag box is the one that contains all the others sort of saying. Is the glass half empty, or half full? It is your choice to decide.

Please forgive me one last thing! If I have to describe a Sag recklessness for truth then I would say please watch the old movie Brazil. The main character has to be a typical Sag in all its beauty.

Again thank you allowing us to share all these different points of view as this is what is truly important.

Koralus said...

If you think your sign has been portrayed negatively, go ahead an look at the Aries description page. From what read, there isn't a single thing worth loving about them. At least some of you have a positive side - no such thing, apparently, exists when it comes to Aries.

Mirror of Aphrodite said...

If you want "peaches and cream" types of astrological descriptions, then yes, I'd say read elsewhere. Those fluffy descriptions are all over the Internet. When I chose to write my descriptions, I choose to discuss the small nuances of each sign that others don't bother to delve into - but that many people can relate to about the sign. So yes, my descriptions include the good and the bad. And lots of folks really appreciate those small insights in my descriptions.

However, you're incorrect in that they're all negative. Positive Aries traits are hard working, determined and goal oriented traits. Positive Sag traits are a sense of adventure, a higher mind and a love of knowledge.

But we all have the dark and the light, my friend. I'm a Taurus and I've covered Taurus here, too. And yes, I've included negative traits. As a matter of fact, that's admittedly what I chose to discuss in my description because 1.) I chose to differentiate myself from the other "fluff" descriptions on the net and 2.) it's the truth about us.

And if you read the response from our friend the Sag male above, he admits to carrying both the dark and the light himself.

Aries and Sag are both Fire signs. Fire = Intense. As a result, they're both signs that are a bit more dramatic than the rest. On the same token, you can view Taurus and say Virgo as boring because they're Earth signs. Earth = grounded. And Taurus in particular can fall prey to drugs, gambling, promiscuity and the like while Aries and Sag can fall prey to what would be considered reckless behavior by some as well as intensity.

But to assume that they're both unloveable as a result is ridiculous. There are other signs out there that can truly appreciate those qualities about them, such as Leo. And Gemini, who's generally flexible enough to roll with the punches.

You must've missed the portion at the beginning of the Aries piece where I admit that I'm delving deeper into the sign than most, and entering dark waters:

"But first, I'd like to note that I'm going to tread into some murky waters here and before all you Aries that are in denial begin to bash me for it, let me just say that I know plenty of wonderful Aries, men and women both."

You must've also missed this portion:

"And work hard they do. The Aries male is no slouch. They like to enjoy the finer things in life and they aren't afraid to work for them. As a result of this tenacity and determination, the Aries man is generally a successful man."

I could go on, but I'm sure you get the point. And I think you're missing my sarcasm and sense of humor here with regards to these posts, too.

Don't take yourself so seriously. And if you think I'm being unfair, I'm a Taurus - read the Taurus post here and then see what you think.

I can admit to my shortcomings and I think it's healthy for us to all explore them in some manner.

If you want boring, uninsightful, fluffy gobble-dee-gook astrological descriptions that blow smoke up your butt about how wonderful you are -read elsewhere because that's not what we're exploring and discussing here.

But if you're willing to take a walk on the dark side and take a look in the Mirror - stick around and browse a bit.

Anonymous said...

I'm dating both and I think you all are correct and hit the nail on the head. Of course, perception is everything so it depends on how you look at things. I'm an Aquarius and am always very positive but everybody needs to be friends before anything and understand that when anyone tries to control you, it's not fun and exciting anymore... but you cannot be happy with anyone, if you're not happy with yourself. PERIOD

Anonymous said...


We are fire signs and can burn through anything if we so wish to. It is our true strength.

As a typical Sag, I have to tell what I am thinking without being too blunt, and with as much wisdom as I can muster up. I read through the other signs and I cannot help strongly noticing that the sign of the man does not matter so much to Aphrodite as to their mainly attributes. The stronger the man is, the more negative is her appreciation.

Please Aphrodite, understand that this is not a personal attack on you at all. It is only what I got from reading the other male signs you describe. I do respect your opinion and believe that any difference in opinion is good or at worst better than hearing always the same thing as you mentioned. Plus, this is after all your website, and free to say whatever you wish. If we do not like it, we can take a hike! I got no quam with that.

To go back to the man’s man put down, reading the man Taurus description shows how Aphrodite shows more compassion to the more subdued men. Duhhhhhhh… of course… what else can we expect from the goddess Aphrodite, the epitome of woman, and a female Taurus on top!!! Actually, this is probably more a society trend lately. Everything has to be female now a day. Even God is now turned into a female for many. I am not sure if it is all the estrogen caused by all the chemicals in our food production and such but it is truly sad. A total lack of vision and wisdom to my narrow opinion!

God almighty, who is nor male or female has created us as male and female so we can learn what is unity, oneness, what it takes to be one, and ultimately recognize who IT truly is! As long as we refuse to unite into one, we will never know God. We are made for each other. Every sign as a perfect match for partners and it is for us to make the best out of it. Actually, if I understand properly Aries make good partners for Sag. As a matter of personal experience of 15 years relationship, I believe that we are way too threatening to Taurus females… :)

Whatever is your sign and differences with your partner sign, oneness can be achieved and is the goal. Be One!

Mirror of Aphrodite said...

LOL, interesting take on it all. But what's with all this talk about negativity? I mean really folks, sometimes things are just what they are, ya' know?

Now, of course, these are only my interpretations. And as I've mentioned before in a previous comment, Taurus individuals are not perfect in nature either. We are stubborn, some consider us boring, and we can be "bullish" in nature and Taurus females in particular - have one hell of a temper when enraged.

I am self aware. I accept these truths about myself. But what I'm seeing here, and no disrespect, but I'm seeing two fire signs (Aries and Sag) whining and complaining, like their egos are bruised. You don't see Taurus men complaining about their so-called "negative" description. As a matter of fact, there's a Taurus male over there by the name of JayR who has helped lots of women there, by admitting to his shortcomings and providing insight into the behavior. Now why do you think that is? I mean think about it, why is a Taurus male accepting these truths and helping while Aries and Sag men are doing nothing but complaining, LOL? (Ego comes to mind ;-)

So in the spirit of adult, open communication with a sense of humor - I'll admit to some harsh truths here, okay? You're correct that manly attributes come into play with me. Yep, I admit it. But I can also explain it. And it isn't about male/female, it isn't about manliness, it's about security.

You see, being a Taurus female, I don't like to be controlled. Being the sign of the bull . . you can't make a bull do anything it doesn't want to do. You can't pull it, you can't push it. It moves only when it wants to. And yes, I view signs that do have controlling self assertive tendencies and reckless, impulsive behaviors under a magnyfying glass. Why? Probably because I would fight that energy rather than submit to it as a Taurus. So that's what "jumps out" at me.

Also, you mention Sag is threatening to a Taurus female. Yep, in many ways they are. But not necessarily in a bad way. The threat is more one of:

1.) Lack of real security with the sign of Sag
2.) A complete unappreciation for flying by the seat of your pants, so-to-speak, as a Taurus.

You see, Taurus thrives in secure settings. Taurus likes to have a plan and think things through via all angles before making a move. The energy and atmosphere that Sag lives in, that is their world, is generally one of complete discomfort to a Taurus individual. So if there's any real threat, it's one of no security.

Hell, Jim Morrison, a fellow Sag male, didn't sing "break on through, to the other side" for no reason, LOL. And that's not the energy or lifestyle situation a Taurus female will thrive in is all. And to be brutally honest about myself here, chances are that Sags find Taurus incredibly boring in comparison, LOL, as Taurus tends to plod along through life (doe-dee-doe), rather than breaking down barriers and moving through it like a freight train (zing).

Cont . . .

Mirror of Aphrodite said...

But as I said, to consider any of these signs unloveable as a result is ridiculous. There are Leos and Aries and even Gemini's who can deal with that energy and actually thrive in it. There's someone for everyone.

I dated a Sag male for two years - and I must admit, it was pure hell. Being a Taurus, I am loyal to a fault (another "negative" admission possibly?) So I stayed well beyond the expiraton date of that relationship. And that was my fault, not his. I thought I could save him from himself - wrong. He was at home in that lifestyle, in that energy. It was me that was incredibly uncomfortable in it.

Now on the flip side, my father is a Sag male. But he's more of the higher mind and knowledge side. His lifestyle is secure and his traits of intelligence and knowledge are what he displays. In addition, his fire sign is actually quenched by an over abundance of water sign planetary placements elsewhere in his chart.

But I have to admit . . seeing two of the signs with the largest "bravado" about themselves, here complaining about how they've been "negatively" interpreted is very interesting to me (wink wink), LOL. Rather than taking a look in the Mirror, and possibly indentifying with some of the more "negative" traits about their signs (as our Taurus male, JayR has done) . . . they're here licking their wounds, getting all "fired" up and jumping into action (battle) to defend themselves ;-)

One last observation is that several Aries men HAVE identified with that description of themselves over there and even embraced it in the comments there - not so for the Saggies though. The Archer pulls out his bag of arrows and starts slinging away ;-)

But hey, I love that. And I love the defensive, fighting spirit. But could I date one? Nope, never. Could others that appreciate that about them? Absolutely.

And many thanks for coming here and sharing your thoughts, about me, about the descriptions and about yourself. THAT is what I strive to create here - interesting discussions that explore the deeper depths. So many thanks for contributing.

Oh and one last thought . . you spent 15 years with a Taurus? Truly amazing - on both your parts, LOL ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Aphrodite.

I think you are doing a great job.

I am not wining so much as wanting the TRUTH... It is the Sag thingy!

If we do get aware of some things through your writting good or bad, you have the right to also get some awareness back from us good or bad.

This does not mean that you have to justify yourself in any way. Jugement is one thing, pointing out few things that are not so visible is another.

I think you have proven yourself by your answers and I am not surprised. The Taurus I spoke of is a very important client of mine. We started with an incredible physical attraction when we started business and we decided that the business part was too important to mess with. So we are very very close working partners of 15 years now. I can only say that I have been impressed by her intelligence, open mindedness, and loyalty. She is an exceptional woman. Now said, I honestly do not think it would have worked long as a romantic relationship. :)

Thank you again for allowing us to share and dig back into you too.

Mirror of Aphrodite said...

No worries, I can take some digs back at myself, after all, that IS how we assist one another in self improvement, growth and the development of self awareness. The discussions that these posts provoke can be truly beneficial to all parties involved. And to me, that's really the purpose. (If you read my "About Me" page, that concept is explained there in detail along with some relative symbolism that ties it all together for a better understanding of me, as a Taurus female.)

You know, that's so interesting that you mention the great friendship and appreciation between a Taurus and Sag. It's also something I've noticed and experienced myself between Aries and Taurus as well as Sag and Taurus.

There's something about the Fire and Earth combo. It's like they need each other in some way. Earth grounds fire and Fire can enlighten Earth.

Anywho, I mention this because not only is my father a Sag, my sister is, too, as well as a very close male friend of mine whom I grew up with. (Yes, In my immediate family, I was the only Earth sign, surrounded by Fire, LOL. Dad and sis are Saggies and mom - no shocker here - she's a Leo. Dad and mom - Leo/Sag combo, LOL)

Anywho, that male friend of mine, we are childhood friends and it's been a 36 year relationship, since the first day of kindergarten. We never dated or anything like that, but we're tight as thieves and communicate almost daily.

However, we do have our moments, but over the years, we've developed a certain repore with one another that permits each of us to "jab" at the other, so-to-speak, without hurt feelings.

The best way to explain that would be . . when we're around others, they always note how we're constantly bickering or poking at one another in jest, LOL. He drives me nuts with his freestyle ways and he bitches at me because I'm always too thought out about things. He wants to wing it and I slow him down, LOL.

He's always running full speed for the edge of the cliff and I'm always running right behind him waving my arms and screaming, "Wait! Wait! Just think about this a moment!" ;-)

But during our moments of peace, LOL, we have some great times and an absolute ton of laughs. And it was the same way with the Sag I dated for two years. Lots of laughs and good times, it just didn't work as a romantic relationship is all. And I always tease that Sag male friend of mine that I would never date him because his "winging it" freestyle ways drives me nuts, LOL.

He helps me out quite a bit with taking care of a summer camp I own. Whenever there's a project up there, I make lists. When I show him my lists, he grabs them, crumbles them up and tosses them into the trash. . ."We don't need your damn lists" he says. Then we argue over the list for 15 minutes LOL. So the last time, I forgot my list. We got up there and he's rifling through his pile of unorganized mess and says, "Did we bring the saw? Where's that damn list of yours?" LOL!!!

But the two can, indeed, form a great, lasting bond of friendship with one another. No doubt about that. And oddly enough, the friendship portion can last the test of time. You know, they do say that Saggies seek a "gal pal" of sorts in relationships - an equal, a playmate of sorts. Maybe there's an element of that at play in the friendship aspect of the combo.

Anywho, I just thought I'd share that story with you, because of your Taurus/Sag friendship and also just to let you know that regardless of what my experiences with the Sag male have been, what I've written here - I still do have an appreciation for the sign and welcome them into my life :-)

I'll just never marry one is all, LOL!

Steve said...

Hi Aphrodite,

A fascinating read but do you ever write about women's horoscopes? I would particularly be interested in a woman Sag, Leo and Virgo.

Anonymous said...

True..Sagittarius should go for an Aries girl.. Only an Aries can teach them what cruelty is, so he knows what he is doing:-)

Ronda said...

I'm a female (scorpio) and I am currently intrigued by my male sagittarius bus driver. He is older, very intelligent (love that) humorous, optimistic, adventurous...the list goes on and on. They say that opposites attract one another, if this is true, I've got something special in hand. He is a fire sign and I am a water sign. I am a rare scorpion with many good qualities. Very independent, not clingy, love my space, love people, humorous, honest 90% of the time, blunt when asked a direct question and I am faithful to the right person. Having said that, I feel that he and I complete each other In many ways than one.
Simply put...Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Some people have wrote VERY LONG comments too....
I didn't read 'em.
Not to worry, my grandpa has a lot of spare time and he'll be more than happy to read.

Anonymous said...

i'm a sag, and loved an aries girl for 15 yrs,
we fitted like a glove, it was bliss, everything
went 'by itself' , that's how we 'suited' each other.
she was bright, blunt, funny, sexy and sweet,
it was true love, i never had this with any
other woman, and i didn't believe in astrology,
untill i read a lot about it
(now i believe in basic character traits, of a sign)
but after 14 years, we still lost it, it started
with the intimacy which 'got lost'
and then everything slowly buckled.
now i no longer believe in true love.
i must look out i don't get pulled to the dark
side, hope i can shake this. arch

JustAnotherSag said...

@Karim Gayraud

"I would like to add one more thing, breaking down boundaries does not have to be reckless. "Because of their spirituality, Sag have wisdom, and surely can break down falsehood without being reckless. Only the false boundaries have to be broken. True boundaries are no problem, on the contrary. A Sag enjoys very much leaving the reins to an honest open minded woman. Remember that Sag love to share, power too! If a person is bad, then I guess their sign won’t matter!"

Perfectly said I couldn't said it any better my self, we are who we are I can't change it and I don't want to change it either :).

@mirror of Aphrodite

"chances are that Sags find Taurus incredibly boring in comparison, LOL, as Taurus tends to plod along through life (doe-dee-doe), rather than breaking down barriers and moving through it like a freight train (zing)."

I wouldn't say you guys boring, just different.

As for the pushing boundary, charging through life thing I wouldn't say it reckless if you do it with forethought, planning and persistence at it. Might appear reckless to outside people because for me I don't normally explain to people what my intention are unless I think they relevance to the goal I'm trying to reach and that they actually ask me directly without sugar coating with what they trying to ask.

So pushing boundary is consider reckless I do think is kind over-exaggerating there Aphrodite :).

Anonymous said...

If you met Men Sagi, and ya live long distance,he said he packing up and moving to where you live, should you believe him and no sex involved he say he want to be with me and giving up he job and getting out of buying his house

Anonymous said...

True..Im an Aries & just dumped my Sagittarius boyfriend..he loves playing love game with another women & those women ended up falling for him..

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I've recently discovered your blog and I must say, "WHY DIDN'T I FIND YOU SOONER?!?!!!" Honestly, your articles and responses you get from such insightful and sharing readers have helped me a lot in understanding men and relationships. Particularly a Sag man I'm currently "seeing" or "not seeing". I really don't know what the hell we are :D Whatever you wrote here are downright scary but really insightful. My Sag man I think, is the Hendrix type. We had something going earlier this year, but I couldn't trust him so I left. I'm a Cancerian you see (go figure). But after that, I missed him and wanted him back. We tried, didn't work out and he finally said he doesn't want to be in a relationship (with me) :D So we said our goodbyes in good terms. A couple of weeks after that, HE came back and wanted to give it another shot. I tried, but this time, I was truly over it and left for good. Half a year after that, he texted me out of the blue. Out of randomness, we had the most romantic date I've ever had that very night. Since then we've been in touch. Not long after, we slept together - for the very first time. Just as I suspected, he disappeared. I did the deed and now he's gone. So I went AWOL too. I'm not the type who would bother to suck up to someone so disrespectful. But three days later, he suddenly texted me with a "Hey". I didn't reply. I just don't know what to do with this guy to the point that I'm not doing anything :D Seriously, I need help... I really need help. I mean, what is REALLY going on here??? - Emma Banning

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Well you're dealing with a Saggie is all, LOL. They're the mavericks of the zodiac and sextrology considers them the bachelors of the zodiac. They prefer lots of room to run - off leash.

If you continue on with him, there's a good chance he'll appear, disappear and reappear on a regular basis as this is somewhat normal behavior for many of them, particularly what I call the unprogressed ones.

And if you are dealing with the Hendrix type, tread lightly. You never know where that one will lead you, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aphrodite,
Thank you SO very much for your kind reply! I needed it, I guess. Sigh, I'm tempted to just leave and disappear. I did that once and he ruined it by coming back. This time, I don't know if I can do it again. I'm this close to deciding to go on and have a blast with this guy. But something's telling me that way I'll be playing with fire, literally. I'm so at lost here. Well, again thank you so very very much Aphrodite. In many ways, you've made things much clearer for me than before ;) - Emma

Anonymous said...

Experiences with series on this site has experiences with an Aries, a Virgo and a Sagittarius. Why does the Sagittarius one have 28 comments, the Virgo one 8 and the Aries one 228? Was the Aries one put up months before the other two? Or do women just have confusion with Aries the most?! I wonder if Aries are the best and worst sign rolled into one? e.g. Aries will be the best time of your life whilst it lasts - but, they are the sign that takes the longest to get over and/or you never forget that time and them as see that sign as the perfect Prince Charming, whilst it lasted but then they broke your heart.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

LOL, I think the amount of comments on the Aries male post speaks for itself, wouldn't you say?

Aries have a tendency to . . well . . err . . drive people nuts ;-)

They're the "babies" of the zodiac, the first sign on the wheel. Very "young" in their attitudes and when upset, prone to childlike tantrums. Always gunning for a fight or a good debate, impulsive in nature, egotistical, brave, risk takers.

Translation: lots of drama.

The Aries post went live January 16, 2012.

The Sagittarius post went live on February 1, 2012.

And the Virgo post went live on July 8, 2012.

Anonymous said...

I've just discovered you also have an Experiences with Taurus blog with 450 + comments too, I never clicked on 'older posts' to see that one before. Was that set up at the same time? I always find Taurus very straightforward so no idea why so many posts on that!

Sag women rock I have to say. They are a positive light force and a joy to be around. Part of the sisterhood. I can see how many men would be attracted to an energetic and wise sag sister.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

The Taurus male post has been up since 2007. And the reason there are so many comments on that one is because it delves into their "dark side."

Yes, Taurus is straightforward, I am a Taurus female and if you read many of my responses here, I'm pretty straightforward, LOL. However, Taurus enjoys stimulation of all senses. So when a Taurus taps into their dark side, they like to stimulate their senses via their dark side - i.e drugs, promiscuity, alcohol, gambling, etc.

And Taurus males tend to create a harem of female worshippers that they call "friends." When they tap into this dark side, those so-called friends come into play.

So many of the conversations there are women sharing those experiences they've had with a Taurus man that's exhibiting his darker tendencies.

Each sign has dark tendencies as well as the light.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it scares me just how accurate these things can be. I see both sides in both my dad and boyfriend, though probably because they both have a Virgo moon (lucky me, being a Virgo) and some strong placements in Scorpio and Capricorn.

Anonymous said...

Hey readers I really need some help.. I'm an Aries female with my moon in cancer & my partner of 4 years is a Sagittarius male with moon in Taurus. Both 30 yrs old. The first 3 years amazing, finally believed I'd found 'the one' which was a huge deal for me. BUT My sag guy Is a drug user, all of his friends are drug users & do not appear to have any ambitions in life.. just living day to day. Im at the age I need security & look at the bigger picture. My sag guy doesn't communicate very well verbally & I need to confront issues head on & talk them through which sends him into his shell.

The biggest issue is that I see the issues very Clearly (which are serious) and need to be addresses whereas he does not even appear to realize these outside influences are destroying us. He doesn't like change, adventure or spontaneity, which doesn't fit the sag profile. He is uncomfortable about discussing sex & exploring new things, he can't compromise & there is no initiative at all.

He is a very very hard worker & will help anyone but won't invest any time at all to improve our situation. Example: he is a bad snorer, he knows this keeps me awake & has caused arguments.. but after 4 yrs he doesn't think to book a dr appt or ask at a chemist, even when I've suggested these options. Same for sex, I've tried to be kind in my approach that he has absolutely no idea of sex or 'what women like'. So forr 15 years or whatever he hasn't tried to find out...read magazines, Internet or ask questions. Ive considered all reasons..& he isn't gay, abused, not attracted or sexually deviant.

Anyway I broke up with him but I just cant walk away & either can he. But nothing is changing!!! :( I'm so lost & confused :(

Unknown said...

I need to heart more about a scorpio and g relationship, am a scorpio woman corrently dating a sag male.... I need help on how to deal with him everything is going down hill and I dont know how to deal anymore HELP ... my name is Bunch by the way

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Dec. 26, 7:04PM,
Well, you're dealing with an unprogressed male Sag here. And I will warn you, they're not easy to deal with.

The fact that he has a Taurus moon is what's grounding him a bit, that's an Earth sign, which is why adventure and spontaneity aren't very appealing to him.

However, I believe the other reason for that has nothing to do with his sign and everything to do with his drug use. It's killing his Fire, it's dampening his sexuality and probably his performance and it's destroying his relationships.

And I'll tell you this, there isn't a damn thing you can do for him regarding that. When dealing with addiction, people only get help when THEY are ready to get help. And that doesn't happen until they hit bottom. Meaning, no more lover, no more friends, no job, no home - everything gone. That's a "bottom." And the folks who stick around trying to keep them from hitting bottom, aren't helping, they're hurting. Because the bottom NEEDS to be reached because then, the only way to go is up. But the folks that try to help are actually hurting because they keep the addict from hitting bottom - and in turn, they actually become enablers. They enable the addict to continue doing what they're doing by protecting them from hitting bottom.

Sag males are mavericks and they're considered the sign of the bachelor by Sextrology. They don't like to be tied down to anything and they will constantly "rage against the machine" so-to-speak, by bucking their way out of restraining situations. They're the archer, half man, half horse (half man, half beast).

Did you see the list of male Sags in the piece? Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Nikki Sixx, Greg Alman, Keith Richards . . that's one hell of a list. And each and every one of those men were unprogressed Sags, extremely hard to live with, be around and keep up with.

Here's a quote from Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones about his zodiac sign and himself:

"I'm a Sagittarius, half-man half-horse, with a license to shit in the street."

When dealing with an unprogressed Sag - anything goes, and usually does.

You're better off distancing yourself because you'll never be able to "save" this one :-(

Unknown said...

I need advice on. How to deal with my sag lover, am a scorpio woman... HELP!

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

I can't respond until I know what's going on, what it is specifically that he's doing, saying, etc.

To say that things are going down hill is to vague. I can't elaborate unless I have the details to gain insight from. . .

Unknown said...

He cheated on me, and as a result of what he did, I went of on him. Am a scorpio I hate being lied to. He flew me out to minnesota, 6 days after i left he flew somebody else out there, And i found out about it. He said that me and him are not together thats why he did feel like he had to tell me anything about the other girl. I just want to kno if my spazing out on him, will cause him to leave for good, or its a possiblity he is gonna come back? This the first time I ever spaz out on my sag lover and honestly i dont kno what to do in this case cause, I dont want him too leave. I kno ppl claim sag man are ruthless with there mouth, but this sag man was not arguing back and forth with me, he just had me texting him , he did said anything back at me. The fact that he did argue back with me, is that a good or a bad thing?

Anonymous said...

I was seeing a sag man a year ago. I am an aquarius woman. We dated for a few months, he invited me out with his friends to his birthday, Christmas party, New Years etc. then it just stopped for 7 months. It recently started up again except no dates this time, just meeting up when we are both out. Now it's weird and I don't know what to do! Any advice would be good. Thanks.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@regina lewis,
I wouldn't be worried about whether or not he argued back as much as I would be worried about whether or not things are serious with him and this other woman.

In either event, if he genuinely likes you, he'll seek you out. Don't contact him, let him come to you.

If he doesn't, then he's only half interested and it wasn't meant to be.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Jan. 2 6:30AM,
I don't think there's anything you can do to make it "not weird." You're going to just have to spend time with him to get comfortable again and see where it goes.

Sahrya2012 said...

I just met this Sag guy by chance online through a friend (she doesnt know him that well either)

He does not live in my Island but is not that far away either (approx. 3/4 hr by plane). Anyway we have just hit it off its like we have known each other for years and we just met recently (I am Aries). We were talking ALL DAY yesterday and most of the day today and only stopped because we felt we should go get other stuff done.

I have neva had an online relationship before and not sure if i want to, but find him so intriguing and also quite sexy in his approach. We agree that we have a great vibe and we have talked about meeting up when he is in the island next or when i go to his on business or otherwise. He does not look like my usual type...(a bit short according to pictures) and I am still getting to know him (although i am not sure how I really will coz we live in different islands)but i feel really good about this (weird I know).

However after reading your article above I am a bit confused on how to find out which one of the above he might really be....many articles say that sagitarians are honest and will not express those feelings of love and wanting to be together long-term unless they mean it (we are both in our early 40's). However, I know already he is not adverse to extra-marital affairs because he is still living with his wife and trying to get with me, although he SAYS he plans to change that soon and that he is very unhappy.....blah blah bla.....don't they all say that???? He's probably just saying that to do player!! But somehow a part of me says he seems sincere....But how will I know that.

I advised him to try and work it out with wife as family is important and he agrees that family is important but says he no longer loves his wife and cannot take it much longer and his children are grown pretty much. The youngest is 16 and he and his wife have been together from a very young age.

He has been quite quick to express feelings for me (which sounds alarm bells for me), as well as his desire to meet up and eventually become sexually involved (I am game kinda...but the marriage part goes against my morals)...

Not sure how to deal with this but do not want to push him away as i am VERY attracted to him we spoke for 12hours yesterday and everyday since we met (which has not been that long incidently!).. He seems very creative and intellectual which is what I like but im not sure......

He is very bold and how can he have feelings for me and he more or less just met me? and he hasn't EVEN met me if you think about it.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Honey, I don't mean to burst your bubble here, but I imagine that what I'm about to say may do exactly that. First off, you're not going to know which one you're dealing with until you speak further, ask probing questions and spend time together.

(Which, by the way, I'm not advocating doing because he is married and I do have moral fiber, even if many these days don't. I wouldn't want to create that type of karma for myself so I don't advise people on how to cheat on their spouses or participate in marital affairs.)

Normally, and I don't mean any disrespect, but for the reasons I've mentioned above, I wouldn't even respond to an inquiry about how to catch or deal with a married man. However, I see trouble here for you so I'm going to step in and point a few things out for you:

1) He's already talking sex. A big red flag.
2) These are only WORDS and talk is cheap
3) If he'll cheat WITH you, he'll cheat ON you.
4) I'm inclined to think he's a darkside Sag due to the fact that, in spite of their "truth" tendencies, he's all for cheating.
5) He could be a man that's been claiming to leave his wife for the last 5 years, yet he's still married and taking no ACTION towards divorce. Instead of taking action to do the right thing, he's putting his energy into doing the wrong thing here.
6) If this began online, I'd also be inclined to think he's conducting MANY relationships with women online.

Every married man on the planet wishing to cheat on his wife makes claims of leaving her - yet I just read a statistic yesterday that 70% of divorce proceedings are initiated by women - NOT MEN. Men are inclined to stay married because they benefit more from it. Studies prove married men live longer than single ones and it's because of the stable environment and nurturing and caretaking provided by the wife.

Sags men are big time fantasizers and dreamers. In light of that, they share much of what they're fantasizing about or dreaming about out loud - but again, those are only WORDS and fantasies, not TRUTH and reality.

"He is very bold and how can he have feelings for me and he more or less just met me?"

He doesn't, it's impossible and it's all only talk. Most likely, so he can have his way with you. Which is why he's appealing to your "emotional" side. He knows "logically" this doesn't make any sense.

I know this isn't what you wanted to hear, but before you go and get yourself hurt here or quite possibly, participate in the shameful, regrettable act of conducting an affair with a married man - please think twice about this and pay attention to the facts - not the words.

A married man can never truly make a single woman happy - he's only available to you, at most, for 1/3 of his time and you will just become a big secret that he attempts to flee from or bury under the rug someday.

sahrya2012 said...

Thanks alot. I agree with you totally.....just needed to hear it from someone else. This is a great site.

sahrya2012 said...

Broke 'it' off in true Aries style...straight to the point....but did explain that it wasn't right etc...in minimal words....thanks again!

Anonymous said...

It looks like Aphrodite was dumped big time by a Sagi and she or he, doesn't matter, is up on all of our butts.. lol.. such a shame for this person to be doing. Aphrodite you are just enjoying this attentin, don't ya, you li'l attention seeker. haha

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

What are you . . like 15 years old dude?

First of all, my father is a Sagittarius and so is my sister.

Second of all, I dated a Sag for two years - and I'm the one who ended it. He was a dark side Sag, unlike my father, and frankly his lifestyle was a complete turnoff to me. The fact that I even stuck around for two years is amazing.

And if I were an attention seeker, I wouldn't blog anonymously. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

it's natural for sagg to go to where as they want
because they born to be adventurer, high learner,and truth seeker.

Sagg don't like stuck in one people and one place, they like travel and travel. to search and find something new

And surely if sagg discover a new one, he will leave you for moment , until he statisfied or get answer , he will back to you (that's natural for sagg)

and sagg don't want have deep feeling, so that's reason why sagg always keep smiling in all situation

if you don't want sagg people just keep away, or try not to fall to his/her great charm

Isandre aka dewabodo said...

Old Sagittarius is very wiser people

Anonymous said...

living with a male sagg for six months now, I realize I did all the wrong things want to know how to change things if its not too late. We said moving may bring us closer but it seems like the opposite is happening. Things were okay as long as I tried different substances with him but he knew from the beginning I do not indulge, so when I stoppped he still tried to convince me once in a while I would give in but then gave up on giving in then noticed he spent lots of time with his friends for company indulging not me no matter how many nice things I did for him nothing satisfied him or was reciprocated. i noticed he stopped being intimate with me leaving me to feel neglected bringing it to his attention didnt change things he continued to avoid intimacy with me telling me that Itold him it was over but my actions showed differently they di I would say it out of anger not meaning it and wanting to work things outhe said he would try but things didnt change only him returning to the bedroom but no intimacy and we share no affection,as did before touching kissing just warmth to one another. emotionally he was becoming close but snatched away suddenly becoming rude inconsiderate and doing whatever. I told him we could work things out or part ways. we talk much more but I realize we are nowhere near where we were three months ago. I have told him my needs were not getting met and that he brought very little to the table given that he has two children has feelings for the youngest one's mother whom left him six years ago for another stating she was no longer attracted to him the oldest just brings chaos to his life because they felt he should have been with them over the youngest child's mother
before we came together 2011 he called me out of the blue telling me his three year relationship was over due to his uncensored comment to his then girlfriend about her son. I realized in 2012 when I couldnt understand why he couldnt stay away from her off and on was because the relationship was over for her but not for him although I thoght he should be angry with her for leaving him homeless ,ill-he'd lost 60pounds only to find out he had hyperthyroidism couldnt work lost his vehicle in this process but he went back and forth to her still has his mail going to her home to this day so i tld him that its a sign of unfinished business . so with that I have pulled back completely i feel interested I have given my all emotionally financially just all around and he gives nothing of himself I do not go out of my way to do for him whatsoever I want the relationship but I feel like if he wants it he will have to show me by his actions i felt like I begged in the past to work things out and made efforts for him not to make any efforts so i more or less ignore him do not initate the what about us anymore' nothing I am cordial to him but thats where it end I havent touched him or asked whats going on with us nothing is this the right thing are we going anywhere Ionly noticed that he now sticks around me longer to me its to see what I am doing because Im no longer ranting about the relationship at all were functioning as two people in the home its just us I do not call or text him for anything i do everything for myself I do not bother I feel cold and insensitve for being this way but I see tiny changes in him but Im not bringing it to his attention I see them nor do I acknowledge anything he does for me cleaning somthing in the home cooking nothing those are things I can do for myself I feel i remove myself from his presence unless he says something to me or wants me to see something or I may sit with him briefly just to show Im not angry and have small talk im not angry but a little frustrated at the turning of the once good relationship to this what should i be doing with this sagg He is very hard to read emotionally he mask all of his feelings really well all the time it took him to become angry with me last may for me to see his feelings for me and for him to tell me he had them

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Jan. 15, 1:48PM,
"Things were okay as long as I tried different substances with him . . I stoppped he still tried to convince me."

Leave him immediately. Not only is he masking his emotions with a possible addiction (in which case you're fighting a losing battle), he's also "pushing" drug usage onto you.


Anonymous said...

Hello dear MOA,

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world,how enticing and interesting and enlightening,and I could go on forever :)

I'd love your view on a piece of situation I'm in.3 days ago I initiated the No contact rule on a guy,without having read your articles first.Now I feel more confident and motivated to continue.

Long story short,he's a Sag(nov 30) with loads of Capricorn in his chart,I'm a Taurus(april 20) with loads of Gemini in mine.He pursued me from the beginning.I turned his invitations to meet down several times.I admit I wasn't all that interested in the beginning but the guy slowly won me over through his humour and genuine self.We had been pinging for 2 months daily before we met.I felt the magic when we met,I hope he did too.

He's an athlete and he's 4 years younger than me and a totally different culture than me.We couldn't be more different,yet we just naturally blend.After the sex,he remained himself,I became a typically emotional insecure crazy hormonal woman.Yes,embarrassingly bipolar,he even confronted me about it.I have been nagging him weekly for the last month,do not ask me why.What am I expecting?I probably have ruined it all with my irrational behaviour.

Now we were supposed to meet last week but I had a fit so that didn't come up anymore so I thought I'd be sweet for once and take the initiative myself.He told me "i don't know,its busy now with matches and all"..I BLEW UP...and deleted him.

I dont want to become anyone's option,I dont like this uncertainty from the guy who actually pursued me!So I did what I did.Of course I miss him,we'd never in 3 months gone more than 2 days without speaking to each other and whenever I didn't speak to him,he'd reach out asking me what's wrong.Why must I act like a mediocre woman and push him to change after the sex when he himself didnt!

Alas,I miss him.If he likes me,he'll call text whatever.If he's half interested,like you said MOA,good riddance.


Love and light from another Aphrodite!

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Sista' Taurus,
Well, it appears that you've done a number here, LOL ;-)

Don't beat yourself up for it and don't write him off for good just yet either. It's definitely time for no contact here. Which I might add, has nothing to do with getting him back in this particular case. You need to utilize no contact for yourself. You need time to gather your composure and get yourself standing straight before you ever communicate with him again.

If you do not take this time for yourself, if you do not do this for yourself, you're going to do the same exact thing when/if he returns.

So what you need to do now is practice no contact and practice developing ways to cope with your emotions - without acting on them on impulse and regretting it later.

You need to try to seek out methods for you to turn to in moments of high emotion, so that you don't communicate and take action during those moments. So maybe the next time you're worked up and highly emotional, try leaving the house and going for a long car ride with the radio blasting. Or maybe leave the house and go for a brisk walk or run.

Find constructive ways to release that high level of emotion and anxiety in a healthy manner - as opposed to projecting them onto someone else. Find way to make yourself happy, to provide yourself with your own happiness, as opposed to expecting a man to hand your happiness to you.

If you take a 30 day break here and focus on yourself instead of a man - I guarantee you that 30 days from now, you'll be feeling much better :-)

Anonymous said...


How lovely that you reply so soon not only to my anxious self but everyone.I mean talk about being invested in your work/hobby/passion.Kudos! :)

You are right.I may need the break more than he does.I absolutely did a number 7 on him,bringing in all 10 personalities into the picture haha.

I knew I was projecting my past insecurities on him.I have been single and happy and I value that,especially after 2 hurtful relationships.I do not want to give that away but I also could not help myself liking him.I like my control..and yes I may need to learn to live a little,which is where this guy's spontaneity just rubbed on me I suppose.

We have been taking it easily,naturally..he gives a little,I give back to that,not more not less.The sex just blinded me.What a woman..developing attachment and expecting I love you's?Could it be that,subconsciously,that we do,as gentle creatures? :)

Either way,it's time for him to miss me.He has been altering his behaviour slightly as well..which might be that 'withdrawal' you talk about that men do.It's how they deal,by pulling back a bit for air.I have no problem with that,yet I let myself gooo...n gooo...n goo.

I took that as misbehaving so I'd like for him to step his game up.End of the day,if the man wants you,he'll do his best,regardless of age,education,background bla bla.

So I sit back,I train 5 times a week,do my own thing and let's see how I look at this in a minute.

Thank you for your words.Have you ever had any kind of romantic experience with a Sag?Did you feel that pull/intensity?It's just so palpable and familiar between us,that it blew half of my brain out the skull,apparently.

Sigh :)

Anonymous said...

Hey MOA,it's your Taurus sister here again :)

I need some motivation.I dropped him Wednesday,it's Monday now and nothing!I know it takes longer but still it's driving me a bit crazy,we had never previously not talked for more than 2-3 days.There was attachment created and that's even harder to break.

I sit here missing him and my only consolation so far is that he MUST be going through the same thing.

Awful how I begin to doubt myself now.I'm hanging around your blog every single day,looking for inspiration and motivation to go on.

Funny enough,I had an old douche reappear on me middle of the night after so long.Thank god that chapter is closed for me.

Send me a tide of light please :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a Sag male and my brother is a Taurus. I hate to say it but I sometimes wonder if my brother has even one adventure bone. I often think his brain runs on a 24 hour cycle, just repeating the same thing each and every day. He loves to expand his mind by reading and he learns quickly but has virtually no desire for experience in the physical sense. Almost like he is unaware that time is passing, he is getting older, and soon will pass on. How is it possible to live life like that? Is it fear?

Anonymous said...

I'm a sag teen. I feel I agree with a lot of what was said. Those are some of the few traits to the complex sag. And reffering to the comment debate, I don't understand why people get so worked up about this persons opinion on sag traits. There's much more to your natal chart making you different in comparison to the traits explained. Just because you have sag sun, or rising doesn't mean your like this. And we all know its your Venus and partially mars that predominantly affects how you are in love. So ladies, look more into depth of our natal chart if your going to use it for checking compatibility. And to throw a twist on this, I'm dating a cancer female happily, even tho its such taboo for a sag to date an emotional sign. Its not that bad, really :P

Anonymous said...

I'm a sag and reading the posts here I love everyone doesn't matter what you are. We are not perfect in anyway I believe in order for a relationship to work both parties should be epually yoked. (Seeing eye to eye, on the same page, two peas in a pod)lol you get it! Truth and honesty in any sign makes things less problematic.:-)

Unknown said...

hy anonymous i m a sag watever has been said here is true & false both but u r right v have the worlds best quality truth & honesty...

Unknown said...

you would leave a saggy (the un progressed type) with your life surely altered. ) you'd be careful the next time. I totally agree with you.

Anonymous said...


I met a Sag 2 months ago. Never met a Sag before and we heated off right away.. He is well traveled, opne minded and knows everything about everything..He recently came back from a trip to South Asia and we were both excited to see each other again. As much as i was happy to see him again, I didn't allow myself to be intimate with him: being the virgo that i am, I'm still trying to protect my heart so to speak and get to know him better. However now he seems distant : he hasn't called me since and am confused to say the least.

Can you enlighten me?

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Have you read the article dear? There are two types of Sags and one of them, even more so, will never be on the end of someone's leash.

A genuinely interested man pursues the object of his affection. A half interested or non-interested man will not :-(

Anonymous said...


i seen this blog after searching for answers to my current relationship dillema and i am glad that i came across it. I have an understanding now of how Sags are because of this... thank you.

my situation.... i'm a cancer woman btw

right from the beginning we had a dificult relationship. we argued and fought all the time. just about trivial things. until he got real upset at me and ignored me for 3 weeks. i tried to hold on to him... calling... texting... just to try to get him back and he ignored me for 3 weeks. until i blocked him from all social networks. then lo and behold he msged me telling me that i blocked him and i'm immature for dealing with this situattion like this. In my mind i was like "wtf" you ignored me for weeks so i thought u did not want to be with me or see me any longer... anyway we ended up seeing each other again and eventhough he was back i didnt like that we were casual. So i gave him an ultimatum... i said we shouldnt continue this if we arent going anywhere with this. For the fear of losing me.... he committed to me. Although he did ... he still acted like he wasnt in a relationship. we would have constant fights about respect and calling me and treating me like i'm actually his girl ... not just by title.

Fast forward ... i wasnt happy it was a constant battle ... we would make up to break up. I would threaten to leave and he would act right to keep me. it was my way of control and to tame him. I gave him the freedom and didnt ask for much just respect.

i made a mistake and cheated because i wasnt truly happy and i realize my mistake and no way i justify cheating. but i did although he doesnt know. it was one time and i regret it every day.

fastforward some more.... current situation is ... he posted something on a social network that he was out with some girl. prior to doing this we were ok. no fights no arguments just fine. When i saw it i went off on him cursed him out and told him it was over. i acted out of emotions and hurt and he wont talk to me about this. i realize that i should have played it cool but hindside is 20/20. there's nothing i can do to change my first reaction now. after some thoughts and my own guilt because i made mistakes and i do love him ... i wanted to try to work things out with him and just move forward.... he hasnt really responding back to my texts or calls .. only to say he was busy. but today he told him it was over and not to contact him anymore. ...

i dont know what to do now... i think he may come back as he did before but this just feels so final......

i need help.....

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

You don't need any help dear. You handled it and now you can breath a sigh of relief. Why on earth would you want to win back a man that treated you like crap? What's so great about that, that you absolutely must have it back? What's so great about ten happy minutes and then weeks or months of miserable ones that you simply must have that back?

Don't grieve this, celebrate it. And thank your lucky stars that a man like this is out of your life before he REALLY hurt you - and if you stick around, I can GUARANTEE you that's EXACTLY what he'll do. His actions, attitude and treatment towards you have already signaled this.

And normally, I don't say this type of thing about cheating, but in this case, so what. That's what happens when men act entitled, indifferent and rude to the woman they're with - eventually the woman finds a better man. In this case, it is what it is. Don't experience guilt over it because there's a VERY high likelihood that he was/is/does the same thing to you - again, his actions are indicating this, "he posted something on a social network that he was out with some girl."

If he comes back, I'd never take the call:


Instead, I'd deliver some serious consequences for his poor treatment:


And in the future dear, the situation is PRECISELY the reason women should NOT pursue and chase men. This piece was written by a man:


The only way for a woman to know if a man is GENUINELY interested in her - is to see if HE pursues HER. Not the other way around. If you pursue men, you have no way to gauge what their intentions for you are and you walk right into a situation where you set yourself up to be used, lied to and taken for granted.

Mother Nature ingrains courtship rituals for a reason:


And it's best to listen to Mother Nature ;-)

JustAnotherSag said...

@Anonymous - "i made a mistake and cheated because i wasnt truly happy and i realize my mistake and no way i justify cheating. but i did although he doesnt know. it was one time and i regret it every day."

It still don't justify cheating those, if you not happy with him you should state clear of your intention and move on. Don't try blame it on someone because of astrology sign it more like pot calling kettle black. From the sound of it both of you guy don't deserve each other it be better you guys when your separate way :).

@Aphrodite - "And normally, I don't say this type of thing about cheating, but in this case, so what. That's what happens when men act entitled, indifferent and rude to the woman they're with - eventually the woman finds a better man. In this case, it is what it is. Don't experience guilt over it because there's a VERY high likelihood that he was/is/does the same thing to you - again, his actions are indicating this, "he posted something on a social network that he was out with some girl.""

If a women justify cheating base on the above statement then that women wouldn't deserve a good man imo. Draw a line on where you stand don't just justify the reason just because you sympathies with someone :P

In summary I take your word for it Anonymous base on your version of event that guy is a jerk but let me make it clear don't try to blame it on astrology just because he happen to be a sag otherwise I could also go stereotyping that all cancer are backstabber seeing how you cheated behind someone back ;).

It's my 2 cents on the issue.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

In this particular case, he was out running around with another woman and then announced it to the world on social media. She was unhappy due to his behavior and she found a better man.

It is what it is, and sometimes these things happen. Doesn't make it right, doesn't justify it. But when both parties are guilty of it, there's no reason to beat yourself up over it. It's best to just accept it for what it is and move on.

All of the focus in your comment was placed on the WOMAN and HER behavior. Yet you make no mention whatsoever about the MAN and the fact that "he posted something on a social network that he was out with some girl."

When in a committed relationship, what he did is not acceptable. My view on the matter had nothing to do with sympathizing - it had EVERYTHING to do with the fact that this man was out openly dating other women and then rubbing it in this woman's face by posting about it on social media.

That's a very hurtful, humiliating thing to do and when you behave like that, there are consequences. And in this particular case, the consequence to his actions of OPENLY cheating was that she found another man behind CLOSED doors.

It happens; it is what it is.

JustAnotherSag said...


She did cheat on him first, and for all we know maybe he know about it that why he post it on FB doesn't mean it the right thing to do. I'm not sizing with anyone here but the way she said it like the other person at fault when obviously both parties are at fault and if it didn't work out from the start why still hanging on to it?

I didn't mention about the man because there always two side to a story, plus in term of decision making she is not strong at the start if she clearly outline right at beginning where she stand on the issues and he not follow it then just bloody kick him to the curb why still hold on to it, and if she decide to cheat him on him just to get back at him it not gone solve anything. Two wrongs don't make a right.


"That's a very hurtful, humiliating thing to do and when you behave like that, there are consequences. And in this particular case, the consequence to his actions of OPENLY cheating was that she found another man behind CLOSED doors."

I still disagree with this, it her own prerogative to find another man but have she actually break up with him before she find another man? I'm going back to my previous statement two wrongs don't make a right.

Anyway this is my last post on the issues I won't comment on it any further, there might be people not gone be happy with my comment but I"m a Sag and I say how I see it and just because some one get a bad apple don't go classify the rest of the population into the same category.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mirror,
This guy has been sort of after me for months...he has taken me on a few dates and is always asking to "hang out"..I have been putting him off a lot bc I have been busy with final exams. Anyway, he asked me to go to an event, I couldn't go so I gave him a counter offer (over text) and he responded (I will think about it)!! Well, the day I suggested is tomorrow. What if I get a text at the last minute? (after 5 days of him saying nothing). Should I just ignore him and go into NC...or confront his bs behavior! Thanks! I need advice ASAP

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

At this point, if he contacts you to go, you've already made plans (even if you haven't). And however many days he took to get back to you, you take that many days to respond - mirror his behavior.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mirror,
He didnt contact me at all.
So I guess this is his way of blowing off the "relationship".
Very bizarre behavior and not really consistent with his usual behavior. I doubt he would have the audacity to contact again...but you never know! Thanks for the answer.

Anonymous said...

Full on NC or mirror his behavior if he calls again? Thanks

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

The choice is yours, do whatever you feel is necessary here - but at least by performing one or the other, you're taking steps towards looking out for yourself ;-)

Don't worry about him - worry about YOU.

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks. It isnt a big deal and we werent serious. I just thought he was nicer and classier than this. We are in professional school and this is the action of a pouty middle school boy! Haha. I will just keep studying for the State Bar exam we have to take and hope I dont run into him...Lol
Thanks. Great blog and advice.

Anonymous said...

Hey! You should write a blog about bromances and how they affect men's relationships? I feel like the bromance factor is out of control lately!! Thnaks

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

That's a good topic. Can you elaborate a bit? What affect are you pin pointing? The influence that other men have on other men's behavior you mean?

Anonymous said...

m cancerian .i hav been love sag man since 3 yrs.he is nt commiting dnt reply wen i ask for commitment.m lost, broken.kindly tell me wt to do.

Anonymous said...

helo i m cancerian wmeen ,i hv an affair of true lve with sagitarious man since 3 yrs.unfortunately he is not commiting although he says il marry u.he does nt even reply if i ask for commitment.now m so lost and brken.tell me what should i do?

Anonymous said...

Basically, I have noticed that men have these almost romantic friendships with their best guy friend. Theses men literally discuss everything about their pursuit of a woman with his bromance...and then the bromance friend gives the man very bad dating advice...and basically is almost "jealous" and undermines the pursuit of the woman...I have seen this happen and experienced this...it goes along with the wingman syndrome. There is a "Psych" Episode (TV SHOW) that does a very humorous look at this scenario...but I have found it does mess stuff up in real life. Like the guys will be totally into this woman but once the bromance gets involved it messes up the courtship/pursuit because of bad advice from the bromance friend.

Anonymous said...

@ The Mirror of Aphrodite, it's hilarious how these sags are proving you right & they don't even realize it. Of course, they are never wrong or did anything wrong... lol! They are the "catch" in their eyes! We should all be so lucky & if we truly want em then us dumb fucks have to chase em down after we've been ignored, disrespected & disregarded. Ridiculous

Anonymous said...

Not clumping all sag men into one bowl. I know how some of you get easily offended.

Anonymous said...

tanx for ur answer bt i didnt understand what really i shud do .kindly gv me a simple answer

Anonymous said...

Tell him that if you are not on the same page in the relationship...you need to move on. Then go into strict No Contact and date other men until he proposes or not.

Anonymous said...

tanx i didnt say anything to him and quit contact already

Anonymous said...

Hey Mirror,
That guy who had to "THINK about" my counter-offer to HIS date invitation never called or texted. It has been over a week. So, yeah, what is with men? Literally one minute asking YOU our then within 4 hrs completely going into some sort of retaliatory NC??!! It is amazing! You are right to tell women to be cautious...I can't imagine if he had pulled this after the relationship was more "progressed". WOW. Thanks for all the good tips here. It is still a blow to the ego though...and just disappointing that there are NO nice, normal guys anymore...they are all spoiled babies I swear! xo

Anonymous said...

I'm I guess a woman that had expierienced the unthinkable! I met a sagatarius on a dating web site had great conversation and texting back and forth regularly he even started every morning sending me a good morning text snd checked on me throughout the day.I met him onct when he came to see me at my part time job.it wad only ablout 20 minutes but I felt we had a connection we planed to go to the park tjat comming weekend.but he ended up having to work but he still callef through out the weekend.he seemed so genuine. ....on monday samething good morning........checked ln me through out the day.....things couldn't have been better between us I felt we were building a foundation........tuesday no call all day! So I called him on my lunch break just to check on him because it wss unusual not to have yslk yo him we talked and texted every day!! When I called the numbrr it said....This is not a working number! STILL NOT UNDERSTANDING WHAT HAPPENED????? Went on the dating web site were we met...and discovered his profile was Erased!!!! I knew then his phone wasn't didconnected he had walked out of my life its so strange becsuse we hadnt even had sex yet just a kiss:(aphrodite please help me understand I'm so depressed and confused now that I've passed SHOCK!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mirror!!
As you say in your article "Disappearing Man", my little HAD TO THINK ABOUT IT boy(from June 7, above)...initiated contact on GCHAT (hilarious). It was something to the effect of "Hope you are well/have a great week." There was no question posed. I went offline a few minutes after I saw the message and didn't answer...so I guess the rubber band is starting to get a little too stretched out for him..haha. Well..if he contacts again should I wait the three day rule then respond? THX

Anonymous said...

How can a taurus write about a sag? .. not even close to being what we are about. Please let a sag tell what a sag is about. Im a sag and hate other signs saying how we are! Or how we should be. Dont like us too bad we dont give a shit! Take us or leave us life goes on without you all!

JustAnotherSag said...


"How can a taurus write about a sag? .." Maybe us Sag should start writing about Taurus hey :).

Banter a side, there some truth to what Aphrodite is saying if you look at thing objectively however it part and part of being a Sag. I wouldn't trait our sign characteristic for anything.

The question is we know what we are but do other people know what are we, it always fun to keep them second guessing :)

Anonymous said...

I am a Sagittarius female, currently in a relationship with. Sagittarius male. This situation is a bit different because he's in prison and has been in there for 2 years now. We just got in touch with each other about 3 months ago....He's already telling me he loves me, telling me he wants to be with me and have kids with me. I don't know if its The jail talk or is he being honest. Me being a Sagittarius, I don't say things unless I actually mean it and I live by loyalty, I understand that the males are quite different. It gets real scary sometimes because this man knows when somethings not right, he knows when I'm lying, he knows when I'm feeling down without me even saying anything.. I feel like he is my other half but I'm not sure if he telling me the truth what should I do

Anonymous said...

Just finished reading most of the comments here and all I can say is...Sagittarians are full of sh!t!! lol Been there done that and won't ever do it again (just a complete waste of time). All they do is sit back and prematurely assume how a relationship will turn out before giving it a chance but never think about what if their assumptions back fire on them, which is exactly what happened to my ex Sagg. Now he's got to deal with the consequence of his Mental Actions. Yeah..He missed his Blessing(ME). lol :p

Ms. Taurus (Sun, Moon & Rising). :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say this...but its the truth...I had been with a sag man for almost 5 years...he was one of the "unevolved ones" and this described him to a T....he was a habitual liar...cheater...drug user...alcoholic..he had that ANSWER TO NOBODY attitude...he was horrible at communicating...literally RAN from confrontation of any kind...would just disappear for days, months. He was a master manipulator (until I became HIP to his BS). And when it says "YOU DO YOUR THING and I WILL DO MINE" that's exactly how it was...he wanted to still do what single men do...but he also wanted the added convenience of a girlfriend. He was super secretive...found out he had numerous women and a baby...SMH.. RUN Ladies RUN...lol..I finally did.

Anonymous said...

Hi, would you please comment on female Virgo dating a male Sag. He is the intellectual kind and I also want to know how to get him to notice me and what he likes in a life partner. I am all about freedom so not stereotypically virgo, but do like having a strong bond and love. I have no problem trusting someone who is honest and communicative, and also believe space is healthy for both partners. I am an older female and I know if this sign is okay with this too. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I also would like to hear more from nice Sag men and the types that like being in healthy relationships. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

he's 10-29-53. i'm 5-16-47. we seem to make great companions and partners for each other, although we have differences we are very much the same. both honest, open, independent. is this because we are older?

Anonymous said...

ya they r honest nd blunt.... bt u cannot understand a sag so dont try to....coz u'll fail,nd sag dont care to make sm1 understand wat they r doin for wat reason,unless they r very close to him/her,they'll do anything to make their love happy,smile....
m a scorpian female nd my brother is sag....
i think piscean,taurus,aquarius can never understand sag...
breaking down boundaries does not have to be reckless. Because of their spirituality, Sag have wisdom, and surely can break down falsehood without being reckless. Only the false boundaries have to be broken. True boundaries are no problem, on the contrary. A Sag enjoys very much leaving the reins to an honest open minded woman. Remember that Sag love to share, power too! If a person is bad, then I guess their sign won’t matter!

Karim Gayraud.. VERY well said..

Anonymous said...

Hi I wanted to send a private message to you, I don't know for sure if thisll get to you but....I've been dating a sagittarius man for a year now we work together same job.I guess coworkers aren't supposed to date and work the same shifts so we had to keep our relationship a secret until I had found another job or else I could be fired or my shift would change. in the beginning it was great we never stayed away from each other I lived with him for 8 months because I had some living issues then after 6 or 7 months of dating he started to change he would leave the house a lot and he told me that he just wanted a little freedom so then I started to feel as If he didn't want me around anymore and he would tell me it was not that its just he liked his freedom and I understood that so I would never question why he left the house so much and never stay inside with me (I never left the house because I'm not an outside kind of person I never partyed I were a homebody) after that I noticed he were starting to be in another girls face a lot at work and it was a girl he said liked him when we first started going out so I didn't think anything bad until I noticed that he said he were going out of town valentines day weekend we bought each other gifts and he left friday night all of a sudden this girl puts a post on her twitter saying how lucky and excited she was for valentines weekend after that she put up a photo of her and my boyfriend I asked him about it and he said he didn't know what she were talking about and that it wasn't just them that went on the trip it was other people too. But I were still curious as to why she said what she said and put up the photo.after that I noticed she would put up more photos of him around her and I just brushed it off but I were still curious. Then april comes and my bf tells me he were going out of town to buy a dog for us and I got excited about it

Anonymous said...

(2 of 4) he came back with the dog I called him asked him if I could see the new dog he got and he said not right now "people" are coming over to see the dog and that he would call me tomorrow...that made me suspicious so I drove past his house and I saw the girls car outside his house I drove past again late at night her car was still there but I saw no one elses...I didn't want to panick and think anything crazy so I went home and layed down but I couldn't sleep so I got up and I drove to his house at 3am and I had a key I opened the door and found him in bed with the girl I panicked and started crying he got up and pushed me outside the door and I just started crying right outside the door I tried opening it again and he opened the door and told me to leave and the look on his face was like he was upset and shocked and embarrassed

Anonymous said...

(3 of 4) he called my phone and said why did you come to the house? I told you I would call you tomorrow and I said don't flip this on me why were you in bed with that girl and he said I know I shouldn't have done that and I'm sorry just please don't come to the house do you promise me you won't come there and I didn't say anything and he says I'll call you in the morning ok i love you and again I'm sorry! I went home he texted me again and told me how sorry he was and that hed call me the next morning he called around 8am and swore he never had sex with the girl and that they got drunk and passed out but I was still wondering why her car was the only car at his house and he said another guy was there it but he had left...after that incident my whole entire perception of who he was to me changed even though he apologised and said it was nothing I was still suspicious I didn't want to be at his house anymore If I did go to his house I never stayed long I would always leave...

Anonymous said...

(4 of 6) well I was looking forward to the summer and my birthday and going out of town and to waterparks and whatever else I wanted to do with him I just wanted to have fun I told him everything I wanted to do...well may comes and he goes to miami he said he was going with a group of people....I found out it was only him and her I got mad he tells me its nothing and that I need to stop panicking and chill out my birthday comes and he knows I wanted to go somewhere fun and we didn't do that all we did was go to applebees I wanted to have fun I love excitement and we didn't do any of the things I talked to him about...I was upset because I don't ask him for much I don't ask for anything but for him to spend time with me and do something special for me and all he would say is we will I'm working on it I promise..days go by and this girl was still posting photos of him and her together on her page and what really pissed me off was that she posted a photo of them at a waterpark, then at a drive in movie, then at six flags, (this all wasn't at the same time it was all at different times) but one day I put something on my twitter talking about him and in my bio I had our initials she must have said something or her friend might have said something about it and he went off on me he said I weren't supposed to put anything up because he didn't want to lose his job and get in trouble because coworkers aren't supposed to date I thought it was weird how after that she posted some flowers he had supposd to have bought her and he told me he bought them because a family memeber of hers got sick or died or something and I didn't believe him because she made it seem like he bought them as a romantic gesture to her...

Anonymous said...

(5 of 6) so now I'm all a mess right now I don't know what's true and what isn't anymore I know he's lying but I don't know what to do I stressed to him how important it is to me to be faithful and truthful to one another he talks to me about our future together and how he want us to geta house together and that he wants me to move back in with him but I'm not sure about it...and he hasn't told me when he would like me to move back but I think he was just saying that just to say it...I'm going crazy I'm always thinking about everything and crying all the time he spends no time with meonly on sundays I always ask him if he loves me and cares about me and he says yes we have the same conversation all the time and he always tells me he's tired of going over the same thing everyday and that he tries to reassure me and he doesn't know what else to do but he's not putting himself in my shoes I asked him how would he like it if I did everything he's doing to me now with another guy what would he think? He said he would be suspicious but he told me I just need to stop worrying and panicking so much and just chill out...he doesn't like me hanging around other guys or texting other guys even if there is other girls with me he'll say well it looks like you guys are all double dating I would tell him no and that he was crazy...there is a guy that likes me at work and he knows it and he told me to tell the guy I had a boyfriend he said you don't have to tell them who your boyfriend Is just tell him you got a boyfriend...so now I'm still here with him sticking with him and I don't know what else to do or say the girl still continues to put up a post every now and then with him and photos of him and photos of herself at his house but he tells me the times she does come there is for the dog a dog that I don't get to see oh and when I kept complaining about the dog when he first got it he told me the girl went half on the dog because he didn't have all the money for it I got mad and upset because here I am asking about a dog thet he said HE bought for US and now he's telling me she put money into the dog he said he knew I didn't have the money for it so she put in for it oh and btw (she found the dog for him) so yes my life is one huge mess he would always tell me never did I ever once say I didn't want to be with you but his actions and everything he's doing is telling me otherwise...I thought a man was supposed to do nice things for his girlfriend, have fun with her, and do little things to make her happy... I always do things for him whatever he needs I'm always there but he never is there for me.

Anonymous said...

(6 of 6) He keeps telling me to be patient and that things will get better but I don't know why things changed in the first place it hurts to not feel wanted or loved by someone you love and care about so much...yes I'm insecure and I worry a lot but this situation is making me worse... I want to say something so bad to the girl but he keeps telling me to keep my cool and don't blow up he seems to think people at work are trying to figure out if were dating so they're messing with me but I think he's lying to me. I know this was long but I don't know what else to do I do love and want to be with him but sometimes I just want to leave...he's always telling me thank you for sticking with me through this I know its a lot but thank you for sticking with me...he's said that so many times...and I only talk about the same thing over and over thinking that he would tell me the truth...but he's not...I can't talk to his mom or sisters about it or with anyone else because they know him as being this great guy who's faithful and loving and caring and no one would believe me if I were to tell them all of this...he is a good guy he's funny and caring but I know things that they don't. I told him I didn't want to go through what I've been through with my ex bf and he said he doesn't want to put me through it, he had a bad relationship before me he was with this girl for 7 years and she cheated on him. He said he loves me and cares about me he said he loved how pretty I am and that I look nice and how I'm not cocky about it like other girls would be, he said I don't realize how nice looking I am and he said he understood me because he used to act the same way I do. I'm shy and quiet and insecure and humble he said he used to be the same way. This is just a bunch of craziness...I don't know what to do I want to stick with him but then again I'm not sure what else to do...

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous August 25, 11:31AM,
"I know he's lying but I don't know what to do"

Clearly this man is cheating on you dear :-(

There's only ONE thing TO DO - leave him now.

The more you tolerate this from him and permit him to lie to you, the longer it will continue.

"he talks to me about our future together and how he want us to geta house together and that he wants me to move back in with him but I'm not sure about it"

FORGET HIS WORDS, it's his ACTIONS that matter. And clearly, his ACTION do NOT align with his WORDS - and that's a big red flag.

"He said he would be suspicious but he told me I just need to stop worrying and panicking so much and just chill out"

Honey, do NOT let this man THINK FOR YOU. Of course he's going to tell you to just chill out - that's how he's getting away with what he's doing.

Think for YOURSELF here - and then do what you have to do, which is leave him.

"never did I ever once say I didn't want to be with you but his actions and everything he's doing is telling me otherwise"


"I want to stick with him"

Why? Why would you want MORE OF THIS? Why would you want to be with a man that takes you for granted, cheats on you (caught red handed no less) and treats you poorly?

When a man shares his bed with a woman dear, it's for a reason. If they were drunk and just passed out - there's a sofa and the floor, ya' know?

This guy is treating you deplorably and despicably - and YOU need to TAKE CONTROL of YOUR own HAPPINESS - and end this right now. He needs to experience the consequences of his actions:


JustAnotherSag said...

@Anonymous August 25, 11:21AM,

I read the first and second of your 2 of 6 essay and all I can say why are you letting him have your way with you. I won't even bother reading the rest I can already form a conclusion from it.

I won't say anything else otherwise it might lead into an argument :).

Anonymous said...

(From anonymous August 25th) I'm best friends with his cousin and she told me he's changed so much since he broke up with his last girlfriend I guess she cheated on him he caught her but still that is no reason to treat me this way I've been used and cheated on and disrespected so much and I'm not treating his this way I'm not cheating on him....I dont't understand... When we first got together he said he would treat me right and do things for me that no man has, he said he would never hurt me and he's doing it now and what makes the situation worse he acts as if he's doing nothing wrong.... He's always calling me crazy because I'm so curious and that girl is always posting photos of him and her online he bought her flowers again but he Denyed it to me saying they were his and know him and he told me he doesn't like flowers because they're a waste of money because eventually they die they're hard to take care of..... He always tells me I'm going to push him away but he's also pushing me away with what he's doing....he always tells me he isn't going anywhere and that he hopes I'm not going anywhere....but I'm done I can't do it everybody talks about how much of a nice guy he is but he's not he's a manipulator, he's always trying to make me feel bad about me accusing him, he's a lier, and a cheater.....

Dominique Jade Morelis said...

I have never read anything more true ! I am a Sagittarius female , and Sagittarius men will sweap you off of your feet and then BAM! Drop you to the ground. They will disappear without warning for months or years and then suddenly contact you out of the blue and expect you to still want to be with them???? They are the biggest pigs ever !!! I have never met one that's a good person , my advice would be that as soon as a man tells you his star sign is Sagittarius , run for the hills! They also seem to just want to get sex out of you and when you say no , they will do anything to try and presuade you. They are disrespectful , big headed and liars! Stay far away from them.

Anonymous said...

I am doing no contact on a sag man who slacked off from his great courtship of me after we slept together. It was too soon for me, but he was relentless. He has money and he pulled out all the stops. I a angry with him a little for putting pressure on me, but I allowed him to push my boundaries in several ways, which is now a good lesson for me. Can I get the old courtsh back or will it be business as usual. I'm fine not to let him sleep with me after I resume contact, hard work as it might be, but if h wants the big game ill give it to him. But eed to get a few more hobbies and adventure in my life first, because I'm studying so hard as well as working.

Anonymous said...

Dear moa wish I'd read this earlier! I have read "why men love bitches" and did my best to put som of it into practice. I'm naturally aloof, which he's. met a great sag online and he courted me and did his best to win me. Thing is he is only just divorced, and because of financial settlement issues he need timed to process his dark emotions and anger. I picked up on his distancing and emailed him I agreed with him that we should take a break and he responded with a really understanding massage and said he admired my ability to give him space.
The thing is, I couldn't help noticing that he slacked off a bit after we slept together after two months. It was too soon for me, but never have I allowed myself to feel pressure from a man before, but he was just so relentlessly persistent. I regretted it even though he was caring, in fact what went Ruth my mind when we first made love was " he doesn't even love me" ( well he's never said the words, only " I love you lots". St guy has plenty of money. Is very masculine which I love and assures me that he never cheated on his wife. He is the high achiever, even though h did a bit of drugs and fooling around before he got married 25 years ago.

no contact really is for me, I ned to rebalance myself and get some more hobbies and me time. It has been so pressured because i am working and studying, he has been so understanding about that. I am also angry with myself for allowing me to be pressured into sleeping with him sooner at I'd have liked. I a, nary with him a bit too. I want the old courtshi

Anonymous said...

I dated a sag male for 2yrs. He cheated so so many times but did love me. At least as much as he could love anyone. Sad. I now run from this sign whether they are "enlightened" or not! This cancerian girl was burned Badly!

Hector said...

I'm a Sagittarius male and I don't see any wrong-doing as far as the split experiences of a progressed and unprogressed sagittarian male. I can honestly say that I've both traits. I'm currently in college looking to obtain a paralegal degree and eventually a law degree. I also have a desire to read every book that I can get my hands on (philosophical). However, I also felt "stuck" from the ages of 18-26. I experienced a lot of traveling on my own from Florida, Colorado, California and to Mexico. I've also used a lot of different drugs as well and I got into trouble with four DUI's from drinking, but I don't necessarily believe it's something that speaks about the dark side of a sagittarian male. It talks more about his curiosity with life in general and his overall seeking for the "truth" even in bad experiences of DUI's and drugs. A man above the waist and a four-legged horse from the bottom down is typically the curiosity/impulsiveness of his abundance of energy being utilitzed to experience life in general and again seeking TRUTH.

As far as relationships, I've always had the tendency to have the most-noted "commitment issues". I've never cheated on a woman and I never plan too, however "commitment issues" arise from being "caged" (meaning trying to share your emotions/feelings "water signs" or the typical "let's stay the course/routine" the earth signs.) and typically I have found that both Earth and Water signs are my least compatible signs. That's not to say that I haven't had problems with Air signs, I've had my fair share. As for fire signs like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. I choose not to mess around with those signs, since I know myself and knowing them to have the same tendencies. I tend to get along best with Air signs, since they can feed my fire and I look to stay the course and experience woman within the zodiac of this sign.

To further prove my point, My mom (scorpio) and older brother(cancer) are water signs, while my dad (Taurus) and younger brother (Virgo) are both earth signs. The only fire sign is me, yes THE middle child or so-called Black sheep of the family, however in understanding this, they've typically the best advice to give about relationships (mom/older brother) "emotional/feelings", while dad/younger brother both can give me a "grounded/consistent" perspective to the "wildish tendencies of my fire sign".

In the end, it's helped me with all signs of the zodiac, however I plan to keep my intentions of whenever I'm ready to settle down with an Air sign. Nothing against the others "including my own sign", I just feel that Air signs complement my personality and my ambitious drive for exploration.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Very well said my friend. Thank you for truly understanding what's written here and not taking offense. And thank you for sharing with such honesty. I'm sure what you've shared will assist others on their path in life :-)

Anonymous said...

I hv a situation and want your opinion. I am a Libra lady who has met a Sag gentleman. (I am in the midst of a drawn out, divorce mess but I am fine about the divorce. He cheated and emotionally abused me for most of my adult life. I am full of hope & looking forward.) I had been in a self imposed exile but men approached me but I had ZERO interest. I was beginning to be a little concerned myself- until I met this Sag man. OMG! I had never felt the immediate zap of attraction like this. He had me at; "Hello." No, BEFORE "hello." His eyes literally drew me to him. We talked and shared. Started talking on the phone, texting, video chatting constantly He is so smart and witty. Conversation is great:. He told me he doesn't like phone and preferred text/video chat. But he called more and I started video chatting. We also play an online game together constantly. It was a great 3 weeks. Admitted to each other the very strong attraction but he felt being the guy after a serious break up was the worst place to be. I cant be seen out due to my wacky divorce mess and he understood. We ended up seeing each other and boom: FIRE. We only had a mini make out session but the intensity was scary. He backed off a bit and stated he didn't want to get caught out there because he really felt my soon to be ex (speaking it into existence) and I would/should/could work things out for a variety of good reasons. He said he would be a fool to let me go which he feels is why he continues to drag his feet. We kept in contact, though somewhat reduced and continued- even stepped up- our online games together. We continued to acknowledge the attraction and I let him know I was not returning to the ex. Then we agreed to meet. Intense makeout. After this, he almost completely disappeared (still played and initiated new online games.) But no text, call, video. I didn't either. After over a week,I sent a calm text telling him that I was disappointed because we had agreed we would deal in thruth. He responded w/ an apology but that he felt he was getting in too deep w/ such uncertainty w/ my ex and his heart getting involved. That he didnt want to get all in and look around and he was in it alone. I agreed my situation hindered the normal progress but that I am not out to hurt him. I am feeling it too. I am concerned too because I am leaving a long term relationship. So he stated out communication would level off and we have decreased quite a bit but we still communicate. He and I are constantly playing online. We have met privately and the romance and attraction is amazing. We back off of communicating excessively then end up getting really detailed on the phone and decide to see each other. ,But we are basically "hooking up" (just w/o intercourse) but I dont want to be a semi booty call. I think he has been honest but I dont want to totally screw this up by making it more or less than it has potentialto be.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Dec 1, 10:41 AM,
"He responded w/ an apology but that he felt he was getting in too deep w/ such uncertainty w/ my ex and his heart getting involved. That he didnt want to get all in and look around and he was in it alone."

It is what it is dear - he was honest with you so be thankful for that because a lot of men aren't. He's not "relationship ready" right now :-(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding so promptly. I am Libra Lady/Sag Gentleman above. (BTW, please disregard the repeat question. I didn't see where it would be held for review until I hit "Publish" the 2nd time.)

All I can say to your response is: (Sigh.) So, I'm already in the wretched (semi-)Booty Call Territory from which few escape?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mirror!
This guy acted like a jerk and flaked on me while we were dating.
He stopped calling/texting three months ago! Now just yesterday, he tried to
chat with me on gchat! No apology or anything. Our relationship wasn't very "advanced", but
his actions were still completely unjustified. Do I ever respond after NC period? Or just totally
blow him off? I feel like responding (even a month later) will just keep this game going. Thanks!

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous December 11, 10:09AM,
No response from a NC period until the man apologizes and/or signals a desire to "talk" to work out what happened. If he was a jerk and just up and disappeared and now he's resurfaced like nothing's happened and he's offered no apology - then he gets no response.

NEVER reward bad behavior - with your attention.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mirror! I won't say anything. Also, I think I should stay off gchat bc just seeing him there is annoying too :) He was dating me, but then tried to turn things "all casual" and I basically said I would only accept real date invitations...not "hanging out". Then he sort of tried one more time for a last minute "Date" which I couldn't attend...and then acted like a pouty baby and not contacting me for three months! I have known this guy a long time through school. He is a total immature jerk. Thanks....I won't respond to anything unless there is some kind of apology/conversation. He is most likely only looking for an ego-boost/or wants to talk but is too egotistical to admit that he was a total loser/game-player :)

Anonymous said...

He is a Sagittarius too! So hence, lot's of game-playing and commitment problems is my guess :)

Anonymous said...

Been in a long distance relationship with a Sag male for 10 years! Couldn't make the move to stay with him full time... had fun times, but the whole relationship revolves around him, and I can't take it anymore. The relationship has been a huge battle. Can't trust him at all.

I am a Leo, we are suppose to be a good match, but I think dealing with him is ruining me. I can't have friends, he is jealous and then ignores me, and leaves me on my own, while he is off doing his thing with his big ego. And the fights always revolve around sex. When we first meet I was basically obligate to have sex with him 3x a day for months... and if not, fights would erupt. We have a business together, I trusted him and now I end up with a destroyed personality, wasted years, no friends and no money.

People told me he cheated, and I had my own suspicions and evidence, but he would fight to the death before he would admit it, and I wanted to trust him. ha. I was a fool. He broke down my confidence and now I am not the person I use to be. He destroys most friendships he has, probably to cover up all the lies. He seemed great a first, but is now impossible to deal with. He will praise you, but then turn around and destroy you. And hey I am an adventurer too... but this sucks. I always said I feel alone in this relationship.

Stay away... now I am too old to have children and wasted 10 years of my life, with a selfish Sag.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I really want to talk to this DM in my life. Things got all messed up...and he disappeared for 3 months. All I got from him recently is a "Hey, how have you been doing?" a few weeks ago. I didn't respond. He hasn't made any other efforts. :( So...even though I know I shouldn't talk to him...I want to! What should I do? He hasn't made any indication that he wants to talk about what happened/or say he wants to see me, etc. I think I need to stop obsessing and move on. I think I only care bc it is the holidays and I have nothing else going on...haha.
Feeling Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mirror,
I am an Aries Woman, and I find that there is a lot of "Drama" in my relationships...quickly.
It isn't because I make trouble...but I think that my "bluntness" shocks men...but I mostly only get "blunt"
when my feelings (or ego) has been hurt. I think trouble occurs with Aries bc people don't realize how sensitive and easily hurt they are...because Aries seem so tough and egotistical and sociable. Actually, most Aries I have seen are pretty insecure about a lot of things...so in short...I think my "vibrant" Aries personality attracts a lot of men...but they don't realize that I am actually sensitive to their crap...and then they are surprised by the Aries "blowup"...haha. But I do observe that men seem to "obsess" over me even after the breakup...because I made them so freaking mad!! Aries get people obsessed with them in a bad way...because people just don't see the "drama" coming...and then when it hits...they are like...WTF?? It is definitely hard for Aries (man or woman) to find a match...some people say Pisces is good..bc it calms Aries down :)

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Feb 1, 1:00 PM,
"It is definitely hard for Aries (man or woman) to find a match...some people say Pisces is good..bc it calms Aries down"

Interestingly enough, I know a TON of Aries/Gemini matches.

I think the "airy" quality of Gemini and the fact that they sort of have the "two faces" thing going on (not two-faced, two faces - meaning, the ability to flip flop easily between two minds regularly), it keeps Aries engaged and excited, LOL.

The Gemini ability to roll with the punches, and then pull a few of their own (from some flip flopping without warning) seems to really be enticing to the Aries personality. They never know which face Gemini is going to hit them with, and then when they have an Aries temper tantrum, LOL, the Gemini really kinda' finds it humorous and tends not to take it as personally as others...and I think Aries appreciates that.

In otherwords, Gemini can dish out a bit of drama....and Aries kinda' loves lapping it up, LOL ;-)

Anonymous said...

Haha...yes! My mom is a Gemini...but I found that even though we are great friends...I never feel any "chemistry" with Gemini men..I am actually really drawn to Aries and Scorpio men...but that is WAY too much drama and competing egos...haha. Plus, Scorpio men are super controlling and Aries men are total game-players....but at the same time they are so "sensitive" that they never think they are in the wrong...those men are kind of delusional. I also dated a Sag...and totally like him...but he was a typical Sag...big baby when you stand up to him! I will have to keep my eyes peeled for hot Gemini men...or maybe a Leo. Or a Taurus!! I think Aries females are really misunderstood in general...they seem to attract all the men but have a super hard time keeping one.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Feb 1, 1:23 PM,
"I think Aries females are really misunderstood in general...they seem to attract all the men but have a super hard time keeping one."

Well, here's the thing. While Aries in general may all have similar qualities to their personalities and similar traits, the reality is that men and women will "manifest" these traits differently. Let me explain.

You see, an Aries male has a real "warrior" aspect to them - a real "go-getter" type kind of energy so-to-speak. But being that Aries in general, men and woman, are associated with the age range of 0-7 on the Zodiac wheel (being the first in the wheel), this also gives them a child like quality (sensitive). Hence, some of the tantrums at times.

Now, the Aries female also has a "warrior" like quality to her as well. However, she will "manifest" it differently than an Aries male. Instead of manifesting it like a "go-getter," Aries female tends to manifest that energy via a "I can do what you can do, only I can do it better" type kind of energy. It's still a very competitive, go-getter energy that both are exhibiting, but each is manifesting that energy differently is all.

And what can happen with Aries female at times is, yes, that energy can be misunderstood or misinterpreted by others. While it's still competitive and it's meant to show how truly "capable" an Aries female can be - it can intimidate others...particularly weaker, softer men, LOL ;-)

Aries in general is a "masculine" sign. Meaning, the energy of Aries, male or female, is masculine. And Aries female exhibits that masculinity as well (leadership and capability qualities). In her head, many an Aries female thinks "if a man can do it, I can do it too, only maybe better," LOL. Which is great. But it can also be intimidating to others. And when it comes to "softer" men, more emotional signs (water signs), it can be off putting to them. It can make them feel inferior and insecure and it can cause people to retreat.

It's one of the reasons that Aries in general mainly need one of two things in a mate:

1) One that can roll with the punches and see the humor in the antics that may ensue, LOL, and not take it personally.

2) One that is just as confident as they are, one that is just as ambitious, and one that because of the high level of confidence in themselves - will not become insecure or feel inferior in the confidence and capabilities of their Aries mate.

It's a dance of "energy" and it's one that needs a partner that understands the "tempo" of the energy :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you :)

KM said...

Their is alot of generalization going on. I have dated 3 Sagittarius men. And they wasn't the same. This two types buisness. I mean of course they are highly sexual most men are. They cheat, alot men do. Stop judging men by their signs. Their are some decent Sagittarius dudes. I've dated far worst Aquarius and leo were horrible boyfriends (I'm a gemini). Stop bashing the sags. An unevovled, immature man will possess these bad qualities. It's all about maturing and evolving. KM

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

"Their is alot of generalization going on. I have dated 3 Sagittarius men. And they wasn't the same."

Yea, I've addressed that in the article:

"But in reality, it probably breaks down more like this: you have your “progressed” Sagittarius male and then you have your “unprogressed” Sagittarius male. Translation: Some Sagittarius men are enlightened, displaying their best qualities, while others are at the complete opposite end of the spectrum and have their feet stuck in the primordial soup, so-to-speak. One is of the mind, while the other is generally about the experience."

"Stop judging men by their signs. Their are some decent Sagittarius dudes."

Yea, and I've already addressed that as well under the section titled, "Sagittarius Enlightenment" - (and I guess you missed the part where I divulge that my father is a Sag, whom by the way, I very much love and admire.)

And then oddly enough....you turn around and do exactly what you're instructing others here NOT to do, which is JUDGE MEN BY THEIR SIGNS:

"I've dated far worst Aquarius and leo were horrible boyfriends (I'm a gemini)."

"It's all about maturing and evolving."

Yea - those are MY WORDS. You're not telling me something I don't already know, you're simply repeating something I've already written and then acting as if I'm NOT of the same mind as you on the matter. Here it is again in case you missed it (except when I corresponded with your acquaintance on the matter via email, I used the words "evolved" instead of progressed - but you already know that - and so do I, I'm not stupid, that's what brought you here):

"But in reality, it probably breaks down more like this: you have your “progressed” Sagittarius male and then you have your “unprogressed” Sagittarius male. Translation: Some Sagittarius men are enlightened, displaying their best qualities, while others are at the complete opposite end of the spectrum and have their feet stuck in the primordial soup, so-to-speak. One is of the mind, while the other is generally about the experience."

"Stop bashing the sags."

Stop bashing ME - because we're actually in agreement here on some points (and you're even using my own words as given to your acquaintance, so what gives?)

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@The Ladies,
See why it doesn't pay to be nice ladies? (Comment above)

You make an exception, you devote your free time to assist others and you ask absolutely nothing in return, then other people get involved for whatever reason and take your own damn words - and use them against you - when in reality, you're both saying many of the same things anyway.

This is why it doesn't pay to always be "nice" ladies.

[I took some time out of my day for the last two days and made an exception for a very nice woman and devoted some time to her because I felt for her situation, and obviously, some feathers of others in her inner circle were riled in the process - which then brings on a personal attack...sigh.]

JustAnotherSag said...

@KM and @Aphrodite you guys not arguing on the same thing are you :)? My perspective on what written by Aphrodite is just one person opinion or experience it make for a good discussion that it :). I still think it generalizing in a way because there is more than just a Sun sign for example Brad Pitt who have Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon in Capricorn and Sun and Rising in Sagittarius would you still classify him as your typical Sagittarius. Then we have Tiger Wood who have Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Sagittarius, his behavior is more like a Sagittarius considering his philandering. At the end of the day there is more than just a Sun sign and you have to also taken into account once upbringing and culture.

@Aphrodite I know you said that you don't date Sagittarius or something along the line, don't you think you generalizing a bit there? I might as well ask you a hypothesis question, would you date a (Sun and Ascendant in Taurus, while Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars in Sagittarius) vs (Sun and Ascendant in Sagittarius while Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus in Taurus)? Would be interesting to see what your take on it :).

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

"My perspective on what written by Aphrodite is just one person opinion or experience it make for a good discussion that it"

And that's how it should be taken - it's titled "Experiences with Sagittarius Male" - meaning, mine, LOL. It's for discussion, insight and entertainment, it's not gospel and I don't suggest you live your life by it.

"I still think it generalizing in a way"

Of course it is, it's a short Internet article - it's not a lengthy book on the subject.

"At the end of the day there is more than just a Sun sign and you have to also taken into account once upbringing and culture."


"@Aphrodite I know you said that you don't date Sagittarius or something along the line, don't you think you generalizing a bit there?"

Well unfortunately, the Sag dating experiences I've had have all been with rather unprogressed Sags - which is why I chose not to date them. If I were single, would I date a mature man that happened to be a Sag but had his stuff together? Who knows - maybe, maybe not. It would depend on more factors than that, but I do steer clear of the ones displaying their "darker" traits.

As well, I'm a Taurus, an Earth sign. Earth and Fire aren't the greatest match. In the Zodiac, Fire can scorch Earth, and Earth can dampen fire if need be. If the two can forge together, it can become a strong bond, but finding mutual footing and middle ground in the relationship can be challenging, providing an obstacle to that. Taurus is cautious, rigid and stubborn - Sag is carefree, a bit reckless at times and has more of a "fly by the seat of your pants" love of life - the two don't see eye to eye about how to proceed through life...one is cautious and moves slowly (Taurus), the other is carefree and moves at high speed (Sag). The carefree, somewhat careless at times, nature of Sag makes Taurus feel uneasy and the slow, cautious nature of Taurus dumps a bucket of cold water of Sag's fire. If the two can overcome it, great. But it will take lots of work finding mutual ground to stand on in the relationship.

There's a lot of fire here - Sun and Ascendant in Taurus, while Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars in Sagittarius. This is most likely a very vibrant personality, with two planets concerning love and relationships being in Sag. But guess what? I'm a Taurus sun with 4 planets in Aries ;-) So who knows? (But I was married to another Taurus for 8 years, we dated for four and were together a total of 12 - and the term "locking horns" would be an understatement there.)

And the heavy placement of Earth would provide a nice balance to the Fire here, Sun and Ascendant in Sagittarius while Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus in Taurus.

But either way, it depends on what stage in life their in, how progressed they and which traits of their sign their displaying at the current time in life, their dark or their light. Immature signs tend to display their darker traits, much of what is discussed in this piece, and mature signs tend to display more of their "light" - from the wisdom and experience gained.

I don't suggest folks make decisions about others based entirely on sign alone. While it is entertaining and can be sometimes scarily accurate and insightful, the bottom line is that it's only one tool that can be used to glean insights into personality and character - but there are many more that should also be taken into consideration as well, that have nothing to do with astrology.

I think if folks just cease taking themselves so very seriously, learn to laugh about some of your shortcomings and learn from them instead - then astrology can find it's place in the overall picture...which is only one piece of a very large pie. Again, it's not gospel - it's astrology. Keep it all in perspective.

Anonymous said...

Im an Aquarius. Im beginning to fall in love with this Sag male. Somehow Im getting confused. His actions show he likes me. It seems like he does this to other girls, but i haven't seen really, im not so sure. I don't wanna show i like him too. I just let this fun and flirty situation of ours. I wanna end this crap, but i get saddened by the thought of it.

JustAnotherSag said...

@Aphrodite => well said I was just being a devil advocate :P, you should add a like and dislike button to the comment section that way it should save me the trouble of commenting :). @Anonymous Aquarius, in my opinion you be better of just ask him directly in private if they interest they will let you know but then again don't know if my opinion should be classify as an enlighten Sag or the primitive type of Sag depend on which perspective you looking at base on what been said so far :).

JustAnotherSag said...

Quote from Anonymous "We do push boundaries as long as they crumble. If they do, it is only because they are false and have no reason to be. If someone insists on staying in falsehood then, no problem, we give them exactly what they ask for. Sag do need their partners to be their true friends first."

I do agree with this statement, plus I would like to add a few thing well the best way to know a characteristic of a person is by pushing them and depend on how they react should give you a hindsight on what kind of person they are. Not because you want to be a jerk but more so to see what lying beneath the facade.

SoManyTears said...

Secrets? OMG! My perfect Sagittarius husband has many ugly secrets that have torn our 10 year marriage apart. Everything was wonderful until I uncovered a 15 month affair he's been having with the SAME woman he cheated with on his first two wives! Now I'm finding out about so many other horrible things including MORE women and murder for insurance schemes! I was never so happy and now I'm devastated!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Pisces woman who's been seeing a Sag man. He has turned my world upside down & inside out! So hot & cold. The times we spend together are fabulous. The moment he leaves its back to one word texts. I've been waiting forever to meet a man who stimulates me in & out of the bedroom like he does, yet he's turned me into a crazy mess waiting to hear from him! My intentions are pure. Do these men EVER know what they want?! I should probably walk away now, but he's so damned addictive.

Anonymous said...

I'm a dreamy Pisces woman who's been seeing the most frustrating man ever for the past two months! I've never dated a Sag before as I've always preferred the kind, loving Cancer men. This man has me CRAZY!!! I don't know if I should RUN after reading these comments, or hold on tighter for the ride of my life. He's so hot/cold. I just can't figure him out?

Lyds said...

Hi! I came across your well-written site on the disappearing acts of men & I too have a situation I wish to provide, in hope of further suggestions. (I'm not too sure of his horoscope, but it should either be a Libra/Scorpio male). I'm a Taurus female.

A month ago, I knew a guy online and we started communicating via text messages/LINE. Everything was fine with the chemistry we had, that gradually led him to confess his feelings to me. I had the same thoughts as him too.

We had plans of being together in the near future. But, just a week ago, he started replying in a less enthusiastic manner. (He hasn't been in a r/s before, but mentioned he was kinda scared because of a previous failed confession. He last initiated a good morning text on Tuesday, 25/3/2014. I last heard from him on 6/4/2014).

The following describes some of the texts we sent last week (from Saturday-Sunday):

Me: Hey, guess you're somewhat preoccupied the last week. Well, just wanna wish you well for your upcoming polytechnic orientation. (He'd be entering polytechnic soon and having a Freshman Orientation Camp on 14/4/2014- 16/4/2014). :) Thank you for the memories made via texting/quizup in March, it was nice while it lasted.

Him: Ahhh I give up. I don't wanna continue this avoiding method (he was avoiding me so as to forget those feelings he had). I thought I could forget you, but I failed. Can we be together instead?

Me: Hey, I'm curious as to why you suddenly mentioned being together. Can you give me an explanation? :)

Him: Shouldn't people with mutual feelings be together? :)

Me: Yeah, but I don't wanna go too fast. After all, a r/s that starts fast, ends fast.

Him: Yeah! Oh :( I thought we could be together...

That was the last message I got from him (on Sunday, 6/4/2014). The days that followed were me sending texts to him, in hope of an explanation for his sudden disappearance. Could he have decided to completely forget me? Will he ever contact me again? There are some on my mind even as I type this.

This week. I didn't text him at all from Thursday-Saturday. But did so earlier this morning (to send my 'well-wishes' to him for his upcoming orientation. No reply.)

What're your views on this situation? How could a nice guy suddenly vanish completely?

I'm intending to go No Contact again this week, but the pain of not knowing just hurts. All I want is for us to revert to the way we were before...

Thank you so much in advance.

Anonymous said...

Well, since we are sharing experiences, there goes...

I'm a Libra woman and I met this Sag Man through a dating website. At first I wasn't sure whether we had chemistry. He seemed a little geeky but also came off as a good guy, so I decided to give him a chance. He pursued me, damn right. And I gave in because (a) I wanted a nice guy in my life after having crushed on/dated only jerks (Scorpio, Cancer, Aries, Gemini... you name it) and (b) I liked his hugs.

Our natal charts were very positive. Sex was ok though nowhere near sex with my Cancer ex (when he still cared about me, that is). He's selfish, yes. Took me out to dinner once and I have been cooking, bringing him tiny presents and accommodating him ever since. I enjoy it and I hope I am not smothering him but wish he would come up with small things to do for me/together as well.

I trusted him initially. But when I asked if we are still seeing other people, after having slept together, his response was indecisive. So, I wrote to him from another profile and he flirted... When I called him out on it, he said he knew all along it was me and played along. I apologised, knowing that it was not fair play on my side... I know I shouldn't have done that, bearing in mind Sags love for freedom. But I wanted an answer.

Weeks later turns out he lied about not having Facebook. I called him out on it, he denied. Sent him a link to his page - he said he'd forgotten to delete it but hadn't used it in years. Had to tell him the date when his last profile photo was uploaded (a month before) for him to admit it...

We finally talked honestly, he admitted to dating other girls and agreed on discussing 'us' again in a month's time (after our holidays). Back now - he's afraid of discussing exclusivity even though he hinted at 'if we date properly' before... And he's back on the website, chatting to girls. Code word he uses for it "I'm just chillin" :) He goes through 'hot' and 'cold' phases - from texting me from dawn till midnight to sending a random 'you ok?' just to check if I'm still 'game'. Needless, to say I NEVER contact him first.

I'm not in love with him. The problem for me is the lies. I don't believe men can be completely monogamous and I also like my own freedom but, if you care about someone, you should be honest with them. And the games tire me so much...

My intuition is telling me he's not for me... Basically, I don't want to be with him but I feel like all men are disappointing. Scorpios, Sags, Libras and Geminis are players; Pisces, Taurus, Virgos and Capricorns are passive and boring; Aries and Aquarians are too changeable; Leos and Cancers are absolutely nuts! What's a girl to do... I feel lonely.

I realise I sound like a complete brat. It's probably my fault, I'm too picky or something (Venus in Virgo, I know) but it gets really tiring always dating jerks so I'm using this forum to vent out a little... Sorry!

Anonymous said...

To say that someone is unprogressed beacuse that someone use drugs is a delusion. Jimi Hendrix is probably the best and most important guitarist in the history of modern music. For me someone who is unprogresed is someone who is lazy and not using their talents to change the world. People on your list changed world so who cares if most of them were druggies. Hey no pain no gain, or no pain no art!

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous May 26, 6:20AM,
The use of "unprogressed" here is in reference to soul progression and spiritual growth. As you live you learn, and you take the lessons from your mistakes and use them to progress and evolve towards your higher best self - movement towards exhibiting the best possible version of yourself.

And while I agree that those individuals touched our culture in some way, I don't believe that when you're shooting heroin you are exhibiting your best version of yourself or that you are able to make good judgments about how you are treating others. While drug addicts may be able to create artistically in that state, we all know that they bring much pain to those around them that love and care for them.

JustAnotherSag said...


"While drug addicts may be able to create artistically in that state, we all know that they bring much pain to those around them that love and care for them."

It just not pain for those care about them, if he didn't took drug he would have live longer and which in turn would be more benefit to society as a whole or in your term modern music @Anonymous May 26, 6:20AM. So by that definition he didn't make the most of his talents to change the world.

A Sagi agree with a Taurus we should throw the astrology book out of the windows hey :P

Unknown said...

that's all fine but: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVCZ19-E_XU

ChoonGaming said...

LOL western astrology dates are so wrong and everyone still believes it. Nikki sixx is a SCORPIO not a SAG. No wonder this article says he is soo different than Nostadamus. Duh, Scorpio and Sagittarius is of course different.

SAGITTARIUS starts at December 14. If you are born at December 13 and before you are a Scorpio.

Anonymous said...

I been with a sag for 2 yrs im a taurus woman...one day two weeks ago he just stop coming home....he left me for a week I had to find he and ask him whats going on he told me he didnt want to be with me and I ask why he said to me its hard I ask whats hard I guess he mean the relationship but I only been nothing but good to himmm.I did my job as his women paid all the bills took care of him and his kids always the tee for him...im close with his family they love me....he feeling this girl now I seen text message from her like they in a relationship but all his clothes still out our house but hes never there I know he been spending time with that girl...im heart broken dont know what to do im confuse I really want to workm...one min he telling me he wanna be with me next min he want space in he dont next min he loves me one min he acting like he wamna be with somebody I love him I put up with too much with him I don dealt with him and all his way....idk what to any avice

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your insights. However, as you're already aware, this piece is written referencing Western astrology, date ranges November 22 - December 21 - and Nikki Sixx's birthday is December 11, 1958.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Jun 18, 10:22 PM,
Time for some consequences dear:


If he doesn't want to see you or be with you - then YOU HOLD HIM TO THAT. Give him exactly what he wants - lots of space - and no access to you. Time to take a stand for yourself:


JustAnotherSag said...

I can confirm what Aphrodite said is true. As I am a Sagittarius who was born on the 11 of December.

wiseowl said...

Hello im back! I needed a break from dating and went on a solo trip to europe to recharge my sense of self. I so wished I had found someone to go with me but wasnt putting my life on hold any longer. On my return I thought I will just give this net dating thing one more try...and to my amazement on the second night I accepted a request from a SAG man aged 58, one year older than me. I have never been out with a sag before in my life..always avoided them as I thought they were just party animals and yes the dark side as you say....so I did some research on his birthdate...we have a 100%compatibilitywith our venus/love signs and he is the best match for me with numerology...so I went out and met him....WOW...I so like him..been on 2 coffee and talk dates...so I do hope I have learned something from you MoA after all this time...I wont be texting...I will let him lead...he says when can I see you again, and I would like to take you to a little restaurant I know...etc....so I am allowing him to lead. He has lent me a book, he is educated, likes to travel and is interested in the world ...seems we are on the right track...he likes my intelligence, and says im fun, not old like other women he has dated......i read somewhere you need to allow the sag man to GIVE to you 100 times before you give anything to him....early days, but hoping I dont stuff it up. ♡

Unknown said...

I am a pisces dating a sag. He lured me in with all the charm, intelligence, humor and sex a girl could want. He makes me feel like the only woman on the planet but then attention became smothering. I was overly available each time he asked as I was saving for my own home by living at home with my mom and had a slow social life. Before I knew it, we virtually lived together and I was not around him enough. He attempted to control me what I wear and what I do. I began to buck back and now his depression is worse than ever. He gave up trying to treat it. I think he needs meds and therapy. He is a recovering alcoholic 7 years without a drink. I see what he could be but I am so deep. It hasn't been that long but its already been more time than Ive ever spent with a guy. Makes me want to be a complete bitch from now on. No longer do I want to be the nice pretty girl but a bitch. Probably why there are so many bitches. I ultimately want us to grow together but for him to learn trust and address his depression issues so he doesn't feel the need to inflict pain on those closest to him because he is depressed. Its a whirlwind! I want him to respect my space and the fact that i have friends and wear make up and go out and that when we want to see each other we come together as opposed to playing house before were even married! IDK the right answer

Anonymous said...

In my opinion...Of all the fire signs, Sagittarius has to be the most difficult. I'm a triple-Taurus woman (my sun, moon and rising are Taurus) that has only dated fire signs...I think my Mercury in Aries or Mars in Gemini is what attracts them to me. Anyway, from my personal experience, Sags are one of the most unemotional signs. I was in an on again off again situationship with one for over a year. During that entire time, he never showed any emotions...UNTIL one day I decided to start dating another man. When he found out, all hell broke loose. lol Then he had the nerve to tell me that I wasn't loyal. O_o Really? LOL I told him "well what did you expect", you never told me we were in a relationship or showed me how you felt, so now I'm doing what single people do and that's Date! Now, he wants to treat me like I'm the bad person. Please... good riddance!!! **I think the only sign that can deal with them are Aquarius because they are just as unemotional.

Anonymous said...

I (cancer female) have been involved exclusively for 5 1/2 months with a sag male I met online. We live 1 1/2 hours apart. I fully believe he's a "progressed" sag - he works 2 labor-intensive jobs, has his 2 daughters 50% of the time, coaches their sports teams, is involved in their school & discipline, maintains a co-parenting relationship with their mom, is financially responsible (if a bit impulsive) & will give anyone the shirt off his back. He's also very blunt, intelligent, & straightforward. I've never paid for anything with him & he is very respectful & eager to please. We get together as often as we can, which isn't as often as we'd like, but I have been happily patient & understanding of his work & family commitments.
His relationship history is: was married to his kids' mother for 4 years until she cheated & left them, and several years later had a 5-year relationship with another woman that deceived him & broke his trust in a different way. That ended a year ago.
I am 2 years divorced & have 4 kids of my own 97% of the time. I was with their (alcoholic libra) father for 11 years & have had one other dating experience (Capricorn nightmare) since my divorce. We have have both talked about how refreshing this relationship is compared to our past experiences. We adore each other, and talk & text every day.
My confusion is this: we haven't had any serious conversations about our future or involving the kids in the relationship, & we haven't said "I love you". I honestly feel the love between us, & want desperately to say it, but I'm scared to do that or have any serious relationship discussions. I'm scared bc a) everything I've heard about sag & their fear of being "confined" b) it's been a looooong time since I've been in this position & then I didn't have kids, distance, time factoring in the equation, & c) is it even practical to bring up those things right now?
Do I tell him "I love you" first, if I really do love him? Will that freak him out? Do I bring up wanting to involve the kids (very early on he told me he's concerned about involving the kids bc of their past experience, but also mentioned "when you meet the girls & i meet yours")? Is he scared too, unsure, or just not invested enough to take the next step?
We are very happy together, & I would like to move forward, and, from his dedication to our relationship so far, believe he does too, but I am just out of practice with this stuff & don't want to mess it up. Any advice would be welcomed!

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Cancer Female,
"Do I tell him "I love you" first, if I really do love him? Will that freak him out? Do I bring up wanting to involve the kids (very early on he told me he's concerned about involving the kids bc of their past experience, but also mentioned "when you meet the girls & i meet yours")? Is he scared too, unsure, or just not invested enough to take the next step?"

I'd go about this a bit differently, and not through direct confrontation - especially with a Sag, who can bolt and run faster than you can blink.

Confrontation - no. Open discussion about YOU and your boundaries - yes.

Here's what I mean. Instead of confronting HIM about HIS wishes, desires and thoughts, I'd approach this backwards. I'd make the discussion about myself, not him or "us," and I'd state my wishes for my future. I'd work it in that I won't be waiting around forever, but I wouldn't issue a "threat" there. I'd just talk - about myself. I'd share what I want my future to look like, I'd share that I have a plan for that future. I'd share that part of that plan, includes a special person and my children. And then I'd share that the plan includes something permanent, and that I'm not the type who will get caught in a lingering situation. Meaning, you don't intend on casually dating forever.

I'd just make statements about my desires, out loud. Opening the door for a "safe" conversation about the topic. Safe for HIM to share HIS desires with you, without judgment, without confrontation, without pressure. But I would make it a point to share that there's a limit to the amount of time you'll invest into a casual situation, because someday, you intend to settle down into something permanent.

Approaching it like that does a few things:

1) It's non-confrontational, therefore, creating a "safe" environment for both parties to "share" with one another. Instead of being confrontational, and forcing the other to emotionally "shut down" as a natural response.

2) It gives YOU a safe environment to OBSERVE his responses. And those responses to observe also include body language - negative versus positive physical responses.

3) Those observations help you gauge where he's at emotionally. And if he's on the same page, he'll participate in that conversation and he'll "share" with you as well, opening up a healthy dialogue between the two of you that is "safe" and free from negativity and judgment and heightened emotion. (But this also involves you NOT freaking out if you're not getting the responses you expected. If you do that, he will shut down and cease sharing because he won't feel he's in a safe environment. Fight or flight will kick in instead.)

I'd start there dear. You may not receive all the answers you're seeking immediately...but you WILL be opening up healthy dialogue between you two in a "safe" environment for sharing. And chances are, that dialogue will then lead you to the answers you seek :-)

Anonymous said...

I have been dating a sag man for 5 months. he was very causious at first saying that he didn't know if he wanted to come out of his comfort zone ( he's been very hurt before as the 2 ex wives had left him for other men) he eventually did decide that he wanted me and everything was fantastic. texting and ringing all the time so I knew he was enjoying his new more exiting life with me......he really liked me and even talked about me moving in. little things niggled him like I didn't recycle rubbish and didn't have the same outlook on world affairs as he did..........he all of a sudden dumped me like a hot brick one night because of these things , and just said we weren't right for each other.
Was this the real reason do you think ? can you really be dumped for not recycling ?

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Sep 29, 2014 at 4:30 PM,
"Was this the real reason do you think? can you really be dumped for not recycling?"

I doubt that was the singular reason dear. This man wasn't comfortable being in a relationship from the very beginning. He tried, it didn't work for whatever reason - and I think he landed on the recycling/world affairs issue as the issue, because he's unable to look deeply within himself to discover the real issue....which is that his "stuff" - his emotional baggage - probably has not been properly dealt with. And because of that, he is unable to successfully move forward into new, healthy relationships, and he unknowingly sabotages and self-destructs them - and then picks things like recycling as the blame, instead of looking to himself and his "stuff" as the cause.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for this wonderfull blog. I didnt read it all...cause its soo much haha. Im from holland. LEO female, in a relationship with a taurus male for 15 years now.

We are dealing with some problems, my taurus male is jobless for 4 years. At home, and must say he takes very good care of our home. ...but. last year, my fire start to light up and i tried to move the bull. Without success.

I started to have online contact with a sagittarius male. He is married. We dated. We created an affair. Even now, he showed me and moved me to do things i never done before. I got so much energy back from him!

This went on for 1 year. Think we have met 8 times now. Problem now is, leo falls in love.

And this happend to me before. My first lover was a saggitarius guy. My first long relationship was with a taurus.

My second long relationship- again taurus. Its their loyalty. That a leo also likes, but. ..its not worth anything if a leo feels like he or she is trapped.

I am thankfull for both taurus and saggitarius guys. Two signs couldnt be more different. My relationship needs alot of work. I did manage to get my bull move....but he didnt know were i got the power from.

Ps: me as a leo wanted a relationship with a sage., but my mind tells me it wouldnt last. Even if our fires burns the same.

Anonymous said...

So it feels like the perfect fellow would be a combo of a saggitarius and a taurus haha., but for now i give my taurus relationship a second chance. If i need to get out and feel free, i got some other good saggitarius friends that knows how i feel on those times.

Lots of love from Holland

Anonymous said...

I am a capricorn woman ( moon Libra, rising Leo), and have been extremely attracted to this sag person for some time now. He keeps disappearing and then he appears. He's driving me nuts.He's also extremely insecure around me and is going out of his way telling me I know nothing, I am too arrogant, too rigid, etc though I am a career woman with a PhD and he is just finishing his Masters and doesn't even have a job ( though a great potential). His temper can be quick and crazy and I am not the type letting him win his battles in general. I also don't have options to let this go due to my many baggage at the moment and I think my tolerance is very high around him, or it could be the kinky crazy sex..... but I am wondering, should I just get used to this and enjoy the sex when it happens or should I stop bothering?

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Oct 20, 2:28 AM,
"should I just get used to this and enjoy the sex when it happens or should I stop bothering?"

That's a personal decision dear - only you can know what you need from your partner to make you happy. If it's sex that makes you happy and it's sex that's the priority here - then I guess this would do.

But if you want more than that and it's a relationship you truly seek - then this could amount to nothing but a waste of precious time - settling for sex when it's not what you truly want and need. I don't believe "settling" for anything helps us achieve our goals in life, ya' know?

Additionally, he sounds verbally and emotionally abusive:

"He's also extremely insecure around me and is going out of his way telling me I know nothing, I am too arrogant, too rigid, etc though I am a career woman with a PhD and he is just finishing his Masters and doesn't even have a job"

I'm don't think good sex is worth taking knocks and dings and damage to your confidence and self-esteem. He's undermining all of those things for you and it may be what's causing you to think this: "I also don't have options to let this go due to my many baggage at the moment." You DO have options dear, you have free will. You do NOT have to tolerate poor treatment like that and let someone undermine your confidence and self-esteem for some good sex, ya' know?

Think about it. Is it better to have good sex while experiencing verbal and emotional abuse that can do permanent damage? Or is it better to just be alone and protect yourself from that type of damage until someone more appreciative of you comes along?

To me, no man and no amount of great sex is worth that high price, ya' know?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mirror! ;) love this blog, hope you make a book!
What are your thoughts on taurus (me) dating a Sag guy? He's cool & fun & u know what Taurus is like. Am I wasting my time?


The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Nov 17, 1:16 AM,
I can't say what your experience will be, and I don't know if you're dealing with a progressed Sag (displaying his best qualities), or an unprogressed Sag (displaying his worst qualities).

But I'm a Taurus and I dated an unprogressed Sag - and I found him to be careless and reckless. Being a grounded Earth sign, that type of unstabilized "energy" simply wasn't for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mirror! Thanks for your response
It looks to me like his best qualities are there, however he does the no contact thing for days, I have learned to stop initiating contact now.

Although he is acting slight different now before he would contact much more often.Now I WILL FOCUS on myself ;) third date coming soon and I wish you could tell me what's the darker of the two? Should I be worried? And if he is the unprogressed sag how do I see it, & what should I do, run?? Well stroll away ;))) ?

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous November 17, 8:23PM,
The explanations in the article explain the differences best dear :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mirror...wrote to you on oct 20th, .I wish I had listened to my own brain....I just saw your reply unfortunately....he dumped me last week after an amazing sex session.....he went from telling me how much I am grown on him and how much he is enjoying my company around 4 pm to dumping me around 10 pm, all in one night. I am a reck, crying non-stop, never been abused by anyone like this. He got me to accept sex positions and stuff I would have never accepted with any other man and never had and I am 32 and quite experienced in life. I am also always on top of my relationships, I am sexy, pretty, confident, and smart and men are attracted to me like crazy. I am still not sure what was it with him that drove me crazy mad, but maybe it is something sag people have??! Never been with a sag before and WILL NEVER EVER EVER TRY a sag NEVER!

Anonymous said...

Girls, seriously....as a sceintist who never even believed in signs and astrology, I am SOOOOOOO converted now it's unbelievable....JUST HAVE SEX WITH THE SAG MEN AND DUMB THEM ASAP.....they all deserve it...I live in Australia, my only sag experience was from New Zeland, let's face it. We are from everywhere and we are all kinds of women. Smart, experienced, educated, pretty, or otherwise. NONE OF US have been able to have a normal relationship with these men. SAG MEN deserve to be USED and ABUSED. End of story. And guess what, I am sure they won't even mind it. This is what they actually want the most. One night stands and nothing else. At least they are really worth the sex.

JustAnotherSag said...

@Anonymous November 18, 7:53PM,

Are you sure you a scientist? aka "sceintist" lol. I just have to ask are you sleeping with a Sag or with a male that you mistaken for a Sag lol? I guess they don't make "sceintist" like they uses too :).


From another Sag who happened to live in Australia.

Anonymous said...

SAGS JUST NEED TO STICK WITH OTHER FIRE SIGNS! That's all.. Leos, Aries, and Sags are all signs that like freedom and we're all insanely intense, passionate and exciting and can each fall out of love just as fast as we fall in love. Sags can't really walk away from other fire signs.

I'm a Leo who has only been in committed relationships with only Sags, no other sign..and no it wasn't on purpose. Yes, they can get a little annoying but when you're a confident woman, their little antics really don't bother you that much. I know that I am a well-rounded, smart, super fun, and amazing woman!! It's going to be hard for any man to replace me! So whenever I had a Saggie who thought he could go roam the Earth to find another, I never fret. I knew he would come back, empty handed...every single time! This is why all of my Sags came back to me and committed to me! And once we were in a relationship, they were perfect! Yes, it took them longer than usual to commit with little disappearing acts in between, but eventually they did and it was worth it each time.

I'm human so sometimes I do get a little nervous when they "disappear" but then I remind myself how awesome I am and I just keep it moving to the next adventure or prospect. Leos always have admirers so its not hard for us to get our attention elsewhere until our main guy comes around.

My current Sag is the love of my life! He is amazing in every single way but he's been pumping the breaks and pulling away a lot. I don't really post a lot of pics or status updates on FB but I was feeling a little down because he was withdrawing from me so as a confidence booster, I posted a ton of pics. I'm a very active woman, always busy, always having fun so it wasn't like I was pretending to have a great life! I really do have a great life! I am also somewhat attractive so I get lots of attention. And naturally when I posted the pics of my self doing my normal day to day routine (not slutty pics, Im too classy for that!), my guy friends immediately made comments about my beauty and how amazing I was. My Sag definitely noticed this! And I got great pleasure out of knowing that he knows that other men, and women think I'm fantastic! So while he's pulling away thinking about what ever he's thinking about, just know that I am a desirable woman who wont wait around for you to make a decision. That's the message that I wanted to send, and no it wasn't fake, it was 100% sincere! I AM a desirable woman who won't wait around for any man who treats me poorly, even if he is the love of my life, I will always find another.

I learned that this attitude goes a long way with all men, but especially with Sag men. Other signs tend to be turned off by my confidence, passion and high energy. They want a woman whose a bit more reserved, placid, earthy, sensitive, and timid. I am not any of those things and Sags are the men that seem to love this about me. I have come to the conclusion that the love of my life is a fellow fire sign. Other signs just don't get us...they can't really handle all our fire!!

Unknown said...

Sags suck!!! I am in love with one and he is breaking my heart each time. He tells me he loves me that he wants to start a family with me .. things i never mentioned ... he does all the time... once when i got mad and didnt want to talk to him he said if u come to my city i will propose without doubt.. im older than him im 36 and he is 30 so I think he is playing wiht mi mind since i have no kids never married.... i dont know wha tto think... one day he loves me the next he is an iceberg and ignores me ... then while senidng me a message he says sorry if i cant answer fast but im watching a movie when its finished ill write you then he wont write me... i cant help it but cry... why is he like this... i already told him he hurts me whenever he does this to me... i told him i wasnt going to bother him anymore... that the only thing he does is hurt me.. he has not written me or anything and IT HURTS!! because that means he never really cared about me... :( i dont understand him...and i love him :(

Fire&Water said...

I noticed a lot of comments here asking for posts about women Sag's and it got me thinking - as I re-read MOA's description - that what she says here about Sag men, I think applies equally to Sag women. I see a lot of myself in her descriptions of her father/enlightened Sag's - the problem-solving/research (that's so me), the creativity, the leading with humor, desire for a guy pal/gal pal as a partner, the do-it-better-next-time, the caring if you're having a good time: I'm reading it all going "yep - that sounds like me" :-). Based on myself, I would add that the enlightened Sag's have that "expansive-daredevil-take you with me" quality, but they apply it to more positive things. For example, drug use has no appeal to me; I don't enjoy feeling like I am out of control. But I do ride and jump horses (aside: it amazes me how many guys are scared of horses!). A lot of people see that as a risky sport..but almost any sport has risks (I suppose tennis would be a bit safer, though lol). Also, I love a massive variety of music styles and I will consciously "drag" people into listening to things they would never try on their own - there's my dark side :-). Lastly, I like making people acquainted with ideas and concepts they may not have considered before, so again, that's an expression of that expansiveness and bringing people into new territory. So I think MOA has it pretty much spot on and that most female, as well as male, Sag's are a combo of both light and dark/man and horse. And you have to figure out what ways/modalities they use to express those sides and whether you can be happy around those types of things.

Anonymous said...

My first ever sag experience was in Nov. I am a capricorn, and I am pretty sexy, career woman, successful, no issues getting men...somehow, now that I am out of a long relationship with a Virgo and a longer one w a Capricorn ( not many issues with either one at all), at 32, I am finding myself left and right being hit on by SAG men....I mean, it's crazy, SAG men are hitting on me and are after me as if I were a magnet for SAG men. I was a virgin until 21, so I barely had relationships in my youth, so I am pretty clueless about signs and men ( plus, I was always into LONG TERM relationships and had 2 successful ones that just amicably ended as I am NOT ready for marriage and children, indeed have no interest). Anyways, the first Sag I met in Nov, fell in love, gave me the BEST sex of my life, then disappeared and appeared multiple times and then I dumped him, then he came back and I felt bad, then he dumped me, on and on. It's now ended but pretty sure he'll come back, he really did have a thing for me, I know that, I also know that I did have a serious crush on him, like never before. The second serious crush happened with ANOTHER sag men, after a series of tinder dating and good amount of casual sex with all kinds of signs, including Scorpio which is my most favorite, and this other SAG won my heart like never. He proposed to marry me, take me to a tour around the world, talked about me being the best sexiest smartest prettiest thing ever happening to him, to disappearing for 2 weeks, appearing at 8 pm on a fri night, asking me whether I want to see him, etc. IN the meantime, met another SAG man on tinder and out of fear I stopped asking men what their signs were bc I wanted to be unbiased about that. Out of 15 dates or so, I felt a crazy attraction to this guy and had the third most amazing sex with him....unbelievable how amazing sex was, after it ended, asked him his sign and my heart stopped, he was another SAG. I left his place knowing he won't contact me again, and sure, he has sent me one tinder text of hey what's up after 2 weeks but keeps liking my pretty pictures and moments. Acting strangely. The second Sag sent me another message 2 nights ago, I have ignored. To be honest I am so sick of these SAG men....they really really really are psycho but that sex is something....I mean how could a woman lure me into his place and fall in love and not let me go for like 12 hrs, almost crying as I am leaving his place to disappearing all in a few hours? This can't even make it to a Hollywood movie script. It's too unbelievable. Really. Well, I am just speechless, but a lot less shocked and hurt, In fact, I will have sex with Sag men again, but I'll make sure I don't give them my info, numbers, etc, Just can't take the psycho behavior. It's best I use them as a piece of meat....like a free high class hooker ( couldn't get better than that!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mirror,

There's a 25 year old Sag guy who messaged me before I changed my mail filter to 31-37 years old.

I didn't check his profile until we started having a really good conversation - and found out he's way younger.

But he's so persistent and funny that I gave him my number.

Soon after - when my response times were about an hour or longer, he replied that he thought we would have faster conversations by changing from the dating website to text.

After his comment, I felt pretty angry that he was indirectly trying to control me. I was very busy over the weekend, so I wasn't even checking my phone much.

I vaguely recall a story you wrote about a guy who do this to you...and you poked fun at how he was waiting by the phone like a woman, but I can't find it in the comments. It made me laugh so hard.

How do you respond a guy who whines about your "slow" response times?

- Vivian

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

"How do you respond a guy who whines about your "slow" response times?"

When it comes to online dating - or any type of dating for that matter - I wouldn't bother explaining myself at all LOL. You're under no obligation to this man whatsoever, and if he's unhappy with your response times or the amount of time you can devote to him at all. . .then he's free to move on ;-)

Complaining about it only makes him appear as if he's desperately waiting by the phone anyway, so I'm not sure this is even a man I'd continue speaking with quite honestly. If he's complaining already, imagine what type of demands and "rules" he'd have if you dated him, ya' know? I've noticed that men who start this type of thing, particularly early on, are always a bit insecure and controlling later on down the line, demanding and expecting a LOT of your time.

"he replied that he thought we would have faster conversations by changing from the dating website to text"

If I were genuinely interested in getting to know him better, my response to that would most likely be along the lines of "What's even faster is just picking up the phone and calling. I don't particularly like texting and I don't check my phone constantly anyway."

Anonymous said...

I have met and dated a few Sagittarian men over the years. I am a Libra woman. First Saggie I met was when I was 6 years old and I could tell he liked me. The next one was when I was 25 years old and he was a really big flirt; he never did anything with me except dance. The next Saggie was a football player and he was infatuated with me; I even caught him masturbating while staring at me while I was sleeping nude right next to him. The next Saggie was the same one I had met when I was 6 years old and he still said he never forgot about me and he said he wanted to be with me. Now, I met this new Saggie and we have been seeing each other for 6 and a half months. I am frustrated most of the time. He just has so much baggage from his previous relationship (ended 4 years ago) and he has all this animousity towards his Mom (Taurus). She left him out of his Dad's will and gave everything to his little brother and his two sisters. He is works all the time and never has any time for anything; except for work or sleeping. I listen to his gripes all the time; I get tired of listening, cos it is the same complaining all the time, he never changes what he has to complain about. He says he is an easy-going guy. He loves his peace and quiet. He is an ultimate animal lover. : ) When I first met him, I gave him a hug; and you know what he said, "that was forward" I was surprised he said that. I would like to do things with him; but he is always tired or working and I want to do things and go out. I know I probably sound needy; however, the only thing we have actually done is gone out twice in all these months to do something different, other than sit at home and watch tv or a movie. I am getting bored and so frustrated. The only time we ever have sex is when he says he wants to come over to my home or when he invites me over to his home. He is the 'boss' of sex times. By the way, sex is incredible and so sensual with him; I love him as a lover...he knows my body so well. and he is such an awesome kisser. I decided to say goodbye, I feel like I am a doormat for him, most of the time and I don't think I deserve this. He tried to get back with me; but I said no, go find yourself another Libra woman and he said "I will" ... anyway....

Unknown said...

I am an Aquarius female who has been with a sag man for 13 years we have a child together. I must say this post is true. Sag men are the worst. I am currently no longer with him as the beginning of April. He called it off said he needed something different. So he decided to involve himself with a female that has just turned 23 mind you he's 30 with two kids in, one child he conceived with another woman two years ago who was also 21 than of course he came back running to me. This man is so confused and lost. I am tired of hurting and his sick games. He's so insecure yet he's the one that cheats and ventures off into new relationships when literally just calling it off with me. I just wish he would grow up but at this point I am done!!

Anonymous said...

It's that arrow ,leads to nowhere land .They don't know where they're going & don't know what they want .It has nothing to do with you ladies .He could have a Victoria Secret model & it wouldn't be good enough .And it's ok if you still love them ,you can't help that .But don't be jealous of any other girls b/c he'll treat them the exact same way .If anything feel pity .They are very dark .It takes a good 5months to figure that out .And "we" girls are not needy or clingy at all .It starts out as a normal relationship with 2equal ppl giving all the time .Then "they" decide to back off ,making you look clingy ,when in fact you're just acting normal .Its very confusing with them &they will never admit they're wrong .This is the first time ever dating a Sag & I spend most of my time in a fog .Will he talk to me today ? Is he in a good mood ? It's something everyday .Its very dark & the drugs & alcohol don't help the moods .i never know who I'm dealing with .Im a Pisces & he couldn't have found anyone to understand him more & give him freedom .I never ever question him on what he does or who he talks to .But what to do with all the alone time .Its like they get you were they want you ,then put you on a pedestal &take you down when they want to play ..When does it ever end ?

Anonymous said...

As a Sag male... I can say my eyes are open to why I'm avoided now... even though I feel like the loyal and grounded type- it still gives me a bit of self loathing.

I had a pretty good run with a Leo lady (18 years) until her new friends told her how much better she could do- Maybe they were right, and I know she might find more successful, and GQ men out there, but I don't feel like anyone could love and support her more than I tried to.
(I never cheated out of respect, and because it would be an awful feeling to have to go through myself)

Oh, well- Some things have no fix.
Thanks for the information!

Anonymous said...

I'm married to a sag man and now after more than a year married. His dark side is starting to show and like your article says: "Who the Hell did I marry?" I ask my self time and time each time we get into an argument. He tries to be very manipulative, condensending, demeaning, directive, authorative and he's not even at the top of the pole. I just don't understand!!! This last incident has left me feeling numb! I don't know what else to say or do at this point. I completely went blank before I say or do something that I will regret.

The bills came in the mail. We had both agreed to split some of the house bills since he is out of work right now. So I've covered my part of the bills. I paid them in full and no fuss about it. But on his part, the bills that he has agreed to pay are 1-2 months pass due. I am afraid because I don't pay late fees. He gets a check every week so I don't know where his money is going. We have a joint account that we had agreed to put money in for the house and keep our original accounts. After months and months, I have been the only one contributing to my agreed upon amount to be deposited in the bank to pay the house bills. I don't know what he is doing with his money. He gets upset when I ask. Especially when he ask if I can help him pay a bill....

Today, the bills came in and I started to open one that I did not have to pay. However, I think I have the right to see all of the bills that are coming and going in our house, RIGHT??? Well, as I began to open the bill, he was so full of rage and anger, directing me not to open the mail. Said that he TOLD ME NOT TO OPEN IT. I mean I am not his child so I mentioned that to him. I let him know that I have the right to view the bills also if I live here and help pay the bills. He told me NO THE FUCK I DON'T. I felt so disrespected that he would talk to me like that. During his rage, he snatched the bill out of my hand and put it in his back pocket and told me very aggressively that if I don't listen to him. That He will break all the boundaries in our marriage and I won't be happy.... Time out!!! Now I'm starting to see a dark side of him that I have never seen. I don't know where all of these anger and aggressive stuff is coming from. He tells me over and over again that I don't listen to him. Ummm, he talks to me like I'm his child and I have to tell him to talk to me like I am a human and his wife. I feel that he's trying to maniuplate but he tries to say that I'm trying to boss him around. I dont demean him or disrespect him its like i married a different person. I really feel like every since we have been married that he has totally changed for the worse. Always blaming me to be at wrong for EVERYTHING. It hurts that I get blamed for everything. It hurts that I feel this way. I've told him time and time again that he needs to get his act together or he won't have a wife. He told me well he'll throw my shit out on the street. I would never talk to him that way. I've asked him if something's wrong. Is there something he wants to share with me. And is there something I should know but its always a NO. I'm good.

MOA...cann you please help with suggestions or tips on how to handle this? Thanks in advance for your information

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Aug 6, 7:22 PM,
"can you please help with suggestions or tips on how to handle this?"

I'd suggest that you enlist the help of a marriage counselor. The issues here are WAY to large to address with only a few small suggestions. The issues need talked out, with a mediator such as a counselor, for an extended period of time before any type of consistency can be reached. The issues here run way to deep and need to be addressed, one at a time, over the course of several months with professional assistance before any type of agreement can be reached.

Anonymous said...

Have just experienced the weirdest non-relationship EVER with a sagittarius male. Thankfully, it only lasted eight weeks and I can now look back on it as the most ridiculous episode of hot and cold mind games you could possibly imagine. Nice enough guy with a great sense of humour, which is important to a Capricorn female. He pursued me but very quickly controlled the when/where in regard to his availability, which rang some alarm bells and naturally made it very hard to get to know him but nevertheless, as a Capricorn, I admired his control. Anyway, after a few fun dates I mentioned that "I really like you" ... and he immediately withdrew ... not completely but enough to know there was something not quite right. He wanted to keep stringing me along but nothing made sense, it became all too hard and I'd had enough. Will not make the same mistake again.

Anonymous said...

I have a Sag man who has been in and out of my life for 3 decades... this man has had an effect on me all this time, no matter how much I have tried to ignore it. He pursued me with phone calls, letters, poetry and I did not give in, I was scared to. So he got no where with me, we both moved on, I married, he married but we kept in touch occasionally... we both divorced. As soon as he found out, he contacted me and travelled across the country to see me and tell me "this is where I should have been 15 yrs ago, I have always had feelings for you". Well knock me down with a feather! He had me this time. I was his forever... well that lasted 3 days and he disappeared for about a year, I was a mess the whole time, could not go out on dates as I felt my heart was his (crazy I know). So when he re-appears he travels across the countryside again to visit... me... as work is crazy for him and I am the only person who gets him apparently... we have a great 5 days... yep he disappears... a couple of yrs go by, we meet up again, just for lunch. He is blah about life but I still feel drawn to him (I cant explain it, crazy I know). So I feel like I need to get on with my life, so i do move on and I did meet someone, fall in love and yes marriage followed. (continued)

Anonymous said...

Not long after my marriage he calls and I tell him I'm married... he responds - annoyed or bewildered or both. But we know and express to each other (him first) that we know we have some special kind of bond that will last forever.
So 9 years go by... my Aquarius husband goes of the rails and although perfectly happy with our life and being with and loving me and says I am the perfect balance of everything he wants and loves, starts acting like he needs to be on his own, marriage is not for him!! So we (I instigated it out of self protection, sanity and health) are now divorced. Funny thing a few months before Aquarius flips out... Sag man reappeared (on the phone and email as he lives on other side of the country) (after 8 yrs of NC) and said he picked up on something being not right, was I ok. I didnt tell him what I was going through but I suspect he heard it in the back of my voice, as he started to call me every week or 2 to ask of I was ok... and he said "you know if things were different we would be together". Talk about bad timing... he tells me this, I keep quiet and pretend everything is ok with Aquarius so as not to make him think I want him... aahhhh such a confusing time, as I have always wanted him but thought he was the un-obtainable Sag man and that maybe we will just always be friends with a great bond. But I did finally break and tell him my marriage was over 1 month after it ended... and my Sag man tells me he wants me in his life, has always had feelings for me, has always wanted me, never stops thinking about me, wants to commit to me, I am his soulmate... "I will be there for you when you come out of this". There was much more said and the phone conversation ended (thank goodness he prefers phone calls to email, although we both confess to being strongly effected when we hear each others voice, let alone actually see and can even just hold hands) as though we would be together as soon as he can get on a plane and come see me. Well it appears that confessing his true feelings and me now being 100% available and ready has sent him running into the forest... for 9 very long painful months now! (continued)

Anonymous said...

I have spoken with many psychics, I tell them nothing about him, they pick up on all of this and I ask if there will be someone else in my life... all have said "Nope, categorically he is the one, he will come back to you but you have to keep your emotions hidden/controlled and let him lead and let him apologise and you will be happy together for a very long time". aagghhh... So I am ruined and cursed by this Sag man! lol
But I love this page and all the knowledge and experiences shared - it has helped to ease my mind a lot.
IF or more probably when he reappears I truly believe I will be a much stronger woman because of what I have learned here...

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous Aug 10, 2015 @ 9.38PM - you have practically described my ex-husband and how he behaved in our marriage from day one of our marriage... he was (is) not a Sag man but an Aquarian!! I saw the 'not quite right' before we married but thought it would all be ok and his other good qualities were what got me. I did not expect him to become someone else from the day we married. So I am grateful for the opportunity to read and share our experiences here, but I am not so sure it is a Sag man thing after all... who knows, really!

kesar said...

I feel like im being described in both. I used to be real honest and loyal but with life i changed my ways to dark n felt the cold bite of it feeling alone made me change back to light. I almost feel normal again. It's a fucking roller coaster ride -_-)

Anonymous said...

The truth is that Sagittarius men should be banned from earth. They are selfish stone cold unhuman beings who will abandon anyone to run away from any responsability. Even their own children.

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous October 19, 1:16PM,
Funny you mention children in particular. I know many well-rounded, extremely responsible Sag men. However, I believe their are two forms of just about all signs:

progressed (exhibiting their lighter more positive traits)
unprogressed (exhibiting their darker traits)

And I DO indeed know a Sag man who willingly gave parental rights to his son over to his ex wife's new husband - for no other reason than solely to get out of paying child support. This guy was a union contractor making almost $30 an hour - and after he did that, he never looked back at his child again :-(

Needless to say - I've never spoken to him again either.

Andrew Budiawan said...

i am sagg, i don't know why, but i like staying in home than go around, or hang out party. if i go around my heart always say you belong in home and stay, watch tv, do routine in home, sit, and start reading book one by one and stay calm until night. Stay together with family is great things.

why sagg is unfaithful because they want to explore many new things until they reach it, and looking for new knowlegde and experience. i know it sacrifice our dear, and it hurts, we don't want cry, but our deep heart is cry, and that's why we go without word. we must move on, and go look outside.

sagg in age 40 maybe more calm and stay because already enough knowlegde and already tired to go anywhere, sagg will spent more time with only dear family until the end.

and my girlfriend is virgo. 3 years together, and part because i must finish my master degree theses, so i need more concertation.. but really virgo is very faithful and amazing, she shy, calm, and wait. she prefer in home than go around, that's why i like her, we same does'nt like hang out and she likes me because i am careless, funny. if something happen she will help me out. our life is very peaceful. we rare talk in home, it's ordinary. we only need live peace and enjoy life that's all. after work we eat together, and read e-book she too, or watch tv, then sleep. everyday like that.

but, sometimes if i look she happy with his clients -man- in working, my hearts slice, i only can silent, and night i only hug her. and still silent. but virgo is really sharp, she knows... well for all, sagg is very caring, he never forget you...but sagg have own unique method

Anonymous said...

I'm a down to earth, practical, intelligent, attractive, funny, kind and loyal Taurus girl. I also have a knack for smelling bullshit....I dated a Sag guy aged 44 (thought at 44 he'd be mature, ha!), never ever again will I date sag guy. Without boring you with the details, these guys think it's your job to entertain them, neurotic and obsessed with how sexy they think they look (he actually believed that because he was so good looking it was a burden, ladies harassing him, oh my god), they can't talk about their feelings, perhaps because they don't feel much, except in their penis region. They require a lot from you, always look good, always accept their fantastic honesty which they pride themselves on even when its unnecessary and just plain cruel and bitchy. Watch your weight girls, he's obsessed with that, be funny and light all the time, don't kill his buzz by having a bad day and trying to tell him about it - yawn! how boring, never be boring, even if he is, its your job to keep HIM interested, remember? Never take it personally when he flirts with strangers when you are out on a date, he needs to share his sexiness with the world, just be supportive of that! Never expect a long term relationship, don't traumatise him by suggesting that, how could you? Tell him constantly how gorgeous he is but don't expect a compliment back just a thank you because he has impeccable manners. He requires an intelligent gal so try your best but don't show him up by being more intelligent than him, his ego can't cope with that, just massage his ego but even then, he's a quitter. This Irish Taurus girl is moving on, p.s. to my sag/sad man, do you know you have a bald spot getting bigger at the back of your head? Sag men are great in bed but thats it, a one trick pony, its all they've got and they know it which is why when they know you've figured them out they run away. Love to you all.x

Anonymous said...

Hi Mirror,

Because these guys are longing for a gal pal, how do do you know if they're truly in love? Since companionship is a part of love, how do you determine if there's possibility for romantic potential from being a platonic buddy that they want to be around, flirt with and talk to all the time?

I know generally women are advised to watch a man's actions, but with this Sag, he does some of those actions that would suggest he's falling/emotionally investing - regular calls, spending time together, treating for meals, helping with any issues I'm having. But part of me feels that I should keep myself emotionally distant from him because we want two different things - he seems to be fine with a 24/7 gal pal companion, with some emotional closeness that is almost similar to a gf but without that title/commitment, and I want a committed relationship with someone I have great companionship with. And neither of us are dating other people and I do think that if one of us were, there would be some jealousy on his end (have had those types of remarks come up before).

I know not to "do, do, do" anything here - but do you have any advice on what flips the mind of a Sag man from reliable, consistent companionship to relationship? I feel like we're both at an impasse where we partially want the same things, but aren't fully aligned. We each ended up taking new jobs and moving to different cities. He still calls me every day after work and is always asking when I'm going to come visit him and says I should fly down regularly every few weeks. I've let him know that as we're just friends, I don't think it makes sense to commit to something like that - but he seems to see nothing wrong with suggesting this because we're such close friends and this is how things used to be when we were in the same city, while I'm just like ???

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

@Anonymous Wed, Feb 24, 7:40 PM,
"Because these guys are longing for a gal pal, how do do you know if they're truly in love? . . .how do you determine if there's possibility for romantic potential from being a platonic buddy that they want to be around, flirt with and talk to all the time?"

Regardless of the Sun sign, the only way a woman can know if a man is genuinely interested in her is to see if HE pursues HER. And if he does, and he's romantically interested, he will lead that pursuit towards a romantic connection.

"we want two different things - he seems to be fine with a 24/7 gal pal companion, but without commitment, and I want a committed relationship."

If you want a committed relationship and a man tells you that he does not - believe him. Do not assume that any intimacy between you will change that because it won't.

Instead, acknowledge and accept that you are on two completely different paths in life and because of that the relationship will never progress in the direction you're going. Free yourself from it to make space in your life for someone who wants the same things you want so that you can find your happiness.

And if he gets jealous, oh well. It's your life - it's your happiness. Do not put your happiness and your life on hold for some man who wants a commitment FROM you - yet will not GIVE YOU ONE in return.

If he gets jealous and doesn't like the idea of you seeing other men. . .there's a solution for that - he can commit to you. If he does that, then you can commit to him and not see other men. Otherwise, all bets are off.

"do you have any advice on what flips the mind of a Sag man from reliable, consistent companionship to relationship?"

You can't control others. You can only control your reaction to them.

"He still calls me every day after work and is always asking when I'm going to come visit him and says I should fly down regularly every few weeks."

NEVER let a man order you up like a pizza being delivered to his front door.

If he wants to see you - then HE should put some EFFORT into making that happen. That's how you know if a man is genuinely interested - his ACTIONS show it. If he's not taking any action, then you have your answer :-(

"he seems to see nothing wrong with suggesting this because we're such close friends and this is how things used to be when we were in the same city, while I'm just like ???"

If he can get away with stringing you along dear, then that's exactly what he'll do. Of course he thinks there's nothing wrong with it because it's all working to his advantage that way - and he doesn't have to lift a finger for you. He gets his cake, and he gets to eat it, too. So naturally, that sounds just fine to him.

Remember - a genuinely interested man will PURSUE a woman.

A man that hangs back, is emotionally unavailable, is non-committal, doesn't lift a finger for you, expects you to do all the work and put forth all the effort, invests nothing of himself, and makes no efforts on your behalf. . .is simply an entitled man using some emotional manipulation tactics to get his way :-(

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mirror - this is really helpful.

I definitely agree with everything you've written. My gut has been saying this but I've gone against the other advice you've given about not listening to bad advice from friends. And many of them saw nothing wrong with this because of the friendship title. But it shouldn't be up for debate; I knew it sounded off....just needed to come and get a reality check :)

Anonymous said...

Sag man r full of shit telling you they like you while there phoning/ texting other girls late at night but expect you not to be doing that with other guys. Constantly staring but not saying anything,but want their ego stroked with compliments they love to play mind games then when they think they upset u they go and start kissing your ass just be real

Purpleprincelove said...

I'm an Aries woman, I spent 18 years in a relationship with a Sagittarius man. We have 3 children; Libra daughter & TWIN Sagittarius boys. Although I finally ended the 18 years of drama, over the top gestures of love & countless affairs, I am happily raising my Sagittarius boys! Having 2 Sag son's born within 2 minutes of each other, I can tell you, there are several types of Sagittarius guys. They will NOT fit into your mold. They will lie to you but they genuinely do so to protect you or to protect their image that YOU have of them.
All of the Sagittarius men I have known (I have known many) have been the first men to help someone when they need it. My boys included. They're the first to shake off the nonsense of daily routine & they will not entertain societies standards. They're out of the box- big picture thinkers.
Sagittarius men & boys are living THEIR lives, not yours, not mine, not by the rules unless the rules have been thoroughly broken down understood & accepted as ok to their Sag ideals.
Sagittarius men are FUN! Not necessarily to entertain you or anyone else. But fun because they NEED it. Surround them with acceptance, kindness & love. Don't place rules without discussion. Don't be cruel to anyone weaker than you, this will repulse them! Don't give them time limits, they have their own concept of time & it has absolutely nothing to do with a clock.
Be prepared for lively discussion, debate, flat out arguing, weird out of place statements, long hours, late nights, loud & entertaining displays of love effecting & flat out jolly laughter:)

Purpleprincelove said...

I just have to add one more thing, if a Sagittarius man loves you, you WILL know! Your friends will know, your family will know, his friends & family will know, the whole world will know. If you can't tell if he loves you, he probably doesn't. These men will proudly shout it from the rooftops letting the world know they found the most beautiful woman they've ever met & how much you mean to them.

Sarah said...

This is a great post. thanks.

Anonymous said...

I guess you need to be quite selfish yourself to successfully connect with an unprogressed Sagittarius male because the sheer audacity of their selfishness is off the charts.

Anonymous said...

Sagittarius are the most manipulating males I have come across. Even if they are at fault they will somehow find a way to put the blame on you. overconfident in nature they will boast about their not so polished talents as if they are the best
Piece of advice run as far as you can from any Sag male you come across. Because for a little bit of happiness you will bear a lifetime of pain.

Anonymous said...

Hi mirror!

Popping in for yet another exciting dating question...

So, I've been talking to this Sag for about a week.

After not replying for about a few days (I was out of town), he sent me a message saying - "well I guess that's a bye then? I thought you were pretty cute, I wish you luck in meeting someone great!"

It reeked of neediness, but I continued and sent a funny message to lighten him up. He replied saying that usually if someone doesn't reply in a couple of days, it's likely that they are not interested... but .

Sounds promising and he even asked me out to coffee (he asked on a Tuesday, and wanted to see me Saturday). All good, except I had plans already so I asked if next week would work for him (the Sat or Sun).

He said Saturday would be lovely.

So now it's Thursday - and we are supposed to meet Saturday. HOWEVER some things bug me:

1) He hasn't asked for my name!!
2) He has not asked for my number or tried to move things in that direction
3) We have NO concrete plans - nothing like what time we're meeting, or any discussion of where.

My question is - should he have made concrete plans with me yesterday (Wednesday), even though we had sort of decided to meet on Saturday?

If he doesn't mention anything about our date today, should I just pretend it's not going to happen and not logon to the dating site until after the weekend?

I feel like an asshole, but I don't want to be the one to lead and ask what the heck are we doing.

- Vivian

The Mirror of Aphrodite said...

"My question is - should he have made concrete plans with me yesterday (Wednesday), even though we had sort of decided to meet on Saturday?"

If a man does not firm up a date by 3 days PRIOR to the date -- there is no date.

Your time is valuable. If he is going to take it (you) for granted, and assume you have no life and that you'll be sitting there waiting on him - before he even knows your name or meets you - it's not a good sign.

It's actually a sign that he expects you to chase. Because if he isn't leading, he's taking the submissive feminine role and expecting you to be the man and take the masculine lead role.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for clarifying the 3 days rule, mirror! I've never been in a situation where a date was sort of set and nothing was confirmed, causing me to wait and see what we would do.

The interesting thing is, on his profile he talks about how he's a bit of a romantic, and hopes to meet someone he can introduce things to and spend a lot of quality time with. It sounded genuine to me.

So I haven't logged onto the website since Thursday. I got a notification that he sent me a message on Friday afternoon, but can't see the full message unless I logon. He sent another message today, and the excerpt said "Did I just get stood up? :-0"

Can't really tell if he's a charmer who wants someone to chase, or he's just plain clueless and needs to be guided/trained.

But considering I've been courted properly all the way through to exclusivity throughout my entire relationship history, it does make me lose patience for men who haven't figured that part out.

Mirror in your opinion, is it EVER worth taking the time to guide a guy towards what you want? Or simply let those ones go, and choose a gentleman who knows what he's doing?

- Vivian

Anonymous said...

Im dating a Sag man who is 3 years younger then me. He likes to drink,smoke pot
he is not very ambitious and not financially secure. Not sure what he has been doing most of his adult life. No kids and never married! he should have money in the bank. He is very affectionate and makes me feel like im the only woman in the world. In the long term where will this go???, most of his girlfriends have been about 20 years younger then him!

Unknown said...

Hi Mirror! I am currently dating a Sag man. I am a 44 y/o cancer woman. I have known him since the 4th grade. We had no contact with each other over the years.Then one day out of the blue 2009 he called me said he got my number from a mutual friend. He told me he thought about me all those years. I was in a noncommittal relationship at the time so I agreed to go out with him.I must say it was very hot and steamy. We did not have sex but almost and we were outside at a waterfall.Anyway everyday after he would text me every morning "Good morning Sunshine" I was very smitten by him. Until one day a friend of mine realized that the amazing guy I was raving about was the same guy that was texting her "good morning sunshine". Literally all the sweet things he was saying to me he was saying to her. Since we were not in a relationship me and my friend laughed it off and decided to play with him. We started to deliberately say the exact same thing whenever the other talked to him.This lasted until I got bored and decided to tell him the Jig was up. Also I found out that he had a live in girlfriend. He was astounded when he found out what we were up to even took us both out for drinks and we all laughed about it, but after that because I am a cancer I decided never to talk to him again because I thought he was sweet and sincere and that was a lie. I got married in 2010 and once a month for 4 years he would inbox me on Facebook and check up on me.In 2014 I got divorced and I told him, he told me that he felt sorry how our last encounter ended and wanted a chance to make it up. I was in Nursing School and didn't have time nor did I believe him,but he was very consistent. In 2016 I finally decided to take him up on his offer and went out on a date with him and from that day on he has been very consistent. He shows and tells me he loves me and that I am his future.He just had a birthday and I didn't have money, but I did a lot to make his body special and he teared up at the effort I gave. He doesn't really have a lot of time I complain a little. Sometimes he breaks dates, but he always calls and gives me a good enough explanation. He texts me every morning for the past 9 months. He checks on me throughout the day and always let's me know he makes it to work. If I need anything he gets it for me and he doesn't make a lot of money. I'm a cancer so I need time and affection. But I think because of maturity and experience I know you can't get what you want always. Sometimes he can be a little distant... Just a little. He told me that if he is ever doing any thing that bothers me to talk to him about it and not just go silent because he might not know and so I do always very calm. We talk things out. I really never call him only because I want to know that his pursuit and feelings are real and he never fails to call sometimes its 3 or 4 times a day and sometimes just once on the days its just once I always feel neglected but I never tell him that.Because of our finances we don't get to spend a lot of time together, but I definitely feel the love. Only thing is reading these comments I'm scared he's going to get bored and drop me like a bad habit.lately I've been feeling the need to step back a little. Need a little advice...Thanks in advance

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